Good loss? Bad loss?


Is there ever a differentiation? Is every loss the end of the world: trade everybody, fire everybody, shoot/stab/tattoo/scalp everybody?

I appreciate the emotional attachment you guys have, and the investment you make in these games, but seriously, that last night was not a loss. It was a tie. And not a terrible tie.

Now, onto my favorite subject, the skills competition (oh, tell me you weren’t expecting this).

1) If Atlanta makes the playoffs in the eighth seed, one point ahead of the Rangers, are you skills competiton fans still going to like the shootout?

2) It seems to me, somebody who played a little hockey and watched thousands of games in person, that the Rangers’ skills competition participants, no matter who they are, go at a different pace than the skills competitors from the opposition. You watch Kovalchuk and Kozlov and some of the other Thrashers last night and they go at a slow pace, taking it wide, then gradually picking up a little speed, but not so much where they’re out of control, or where pucks are going to slide off their sticks, or where they shoot wide or miss the net high. The Rangers, even the specialists like Kotalik and Christensen, go full-speed ahead, leaving them no time to adjust to what the goalie does, no time to pick one of the known five holes and hit it, no time to contemplate their next move.

The reason I bring this up is that these silly, stupid skills competitions — put in place to please those non-hockey cities’ fans disguised as chairs — really make a difference in the standings. If you don’t win your fair share of them, you can lose playoff spots, millions in revenues; people can be fired, traded, not re-signed, whatever, based on the results of this  idiotic tie-breaking scheme.

Onto another topic: Dos Nueve.

Chad Johnson certainly was terrific in his first start, and he deserves another look, and soon — he shouldn’t sit so long where he has to go to Hartford and play a few games to get ready when needed. He looked calm, sounded calm afterward, and really should be proud of the way he played. But let’s not quite hand him a string of Vezina Trophies and heat up the talks of trading Lundqvist just yet, OK? It’s one game. Hockey history is littered with goalies of varying pedigrees who came into the league with a giant splash, some of whom even had magnificent full seasons, only to settle back into relative mediocrity or worse. It’s a tough position to judge, even after a full year or more. So let’s hold off on judging Ocho.


Because I know some of you guys are also baseball fans, I want to notify you of the Baseball Writers Association of America’s annual dinner, which is open to the public (Jan. 23 at the New York Hilton). The price is steep ($225) but if you really are a baseball fan, this is a legit star-studded affair. Here are the awards being given out that night:

BABE RUTH Postseason MVP — Alex Rodriguez
SID MERCER/DICK YOUNG Player of the Year — Joe Mauer
JOAN PAYSON — Carlos Beltran
WILLIAM J. SLOCUM/JACK LANG Long and Meritorious Service — Don Zimmer
CASEY STENGEL You Could Look It Up — Ron Darling
WILLIE, MICKEY AND THE DUKE — Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte
JOE DiMAGGIO Toast of the Town — Derek Jeter
MILTON RICHMAN You Gotta Have Heart — Aaron Boone.

For info or tickets, contact Phil Pepe at either or 201-871-5924.

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  1. Hey, computer-savvy Boneheads, I need some help. My PC suddenly will no longer burn an audio disc for me. I go to ITunes as always, set up the play list, insert a blank disc and get this message when I hit “burn”: Disc recording not found.

    Any ideas? I last burned a CD in September or October and it worked fine.

  2. Carp – couldn’t agree with you more about the shoot-out. Terrible way to determine a winner and award another point in the standings. Not sure what the problem was with ties in the first place…

  3. Sorry probably can’t help Carp… will it read discs to play them? If so maybe the disc you are using has been formatted and is not compatible… if not I fear for your cd drive…

  4. Carp, you need to “repair” the iTunes installation”.

    Go to add/remove programs, click on your version of iTunes and click Change. the next box should have an option to repair.

  5. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Stuart and bull dog said trading Hank for ‘top line’ offensive talent is an option because drury’s not the problem, its the lack of top liners that is.

    And with a team that’s 500k shy of the cap, why do they lack top line talent? Hmmm… Its not a jeapordy final question so don’t take too long.

    Great to see johnson solid in a real debut.

  6. Yeah that place was horribly empty last night, maybe thats why it was played like an AHL game. Hank needs to be on his game for the Bruins and Devils, but then its Sens at home, Blues on the road, and Habs and Lighting at home so give Dos Nueve at least two of those games. And please practice the shootouts…with the “skill position” players on the team just making through the 5 min should be an automatic W.

  7. Jason, my laptop is a Mac. not a big fan. Anyway, buying a new computer at this point relly isn’t an option.

    Thanks, Ag and JayL. I’ll try those.

  8. Carp,

    Two questions:

    1 – Why does the NHL insist on using the 1-for-35 style of PP stat? Why isn’t there something more precise (half of those 35 could be 15 seconds long), like goals per 2 minutes of pp?

    2 – Do you think if Matsui could speak better English or, dare I say it, were “white” or “white”-ish, he would be a bigger star or get more respect? For someone as incredible in the clutch and as professionally good as he is, he doesn’t seem to get treated with the deference/reverence so many others do. He certainly blows Captain Clutch out of the water, though I do acknowledge the difference in sport.


  9. ya true blue make up a lie that i said to trade lundqvist.

    you are a loser….

    all i am saying is things are not quite as bad as losers like you think………..

  10. When I saw Chad Johnson play in the pre-season, I thought to my self not only does he have skill and poise that is well beyond his years but it would be an absolute crime if he didn’t make the team out of training.

  11. I personally don’t mind the shootout. I understand it’s effect on the standings and that it has nothing to do with the actual team dynamic of hockey. However, a team’s performance in the shootout is a reflection of two of the three basic components of a team, offense and goaltending. Creative and skilled players will thrive in a shootout and solid, athletic goalies will stand their ground.

    Maybe it’s because I grew up with the Mighty Ducks: D2, but I find the shootout a perfectly acceptable alternative to the tie.

    However, what do you guys think about this:

    First off, go to a 3 point system. 3 for reg win, 2 for OT/skills, 1 for OT/skills loss.
    As for the skills competition. Same set of rules…players can only participate once. Best of 3. Instead of a clean breakaway, its a 2 on 1. Throws defense into the equation and teams need more than 3 stud players. Also incorporates more offensive skill.

  12. Carp,
    I totally agree with you on the skills competition. Its so lame. I could have skipped over the 2 hours of game time and just watched the 5 mins at the end. As far as I’m concerned the game was a tie.
    It’s also just like the Rangers to get on a decent playing streak, beat solid teams like Boston and Dallas then tie the Thrashers who are hurting of late.
    Oh and was anyone else surprised Gabby scored in the shootout?

  13. StaalWart –

    I was surprised considering I knew he would go through Hedberg’s legs. Joke was on me though: Instead of a snapshot, or as Joe reminds us every time he’s on the ice, his “quick release,” he slipped in a backhander.

  14. True fans bleed RW&B on

    You are clearly Glenn Sather or a cog of the system. Thanks for your work on the team this year, you’ve done great.


  15. I frakking hate the skills competition!! Why not just have a couple of guys go out thete in figure skating outfits and see who can do the best triple lutz or whatever the hell it is called and give the extra point to that team. I really do not like the four on four. I think it should be five on five for one 20 minute period during the regular season! Just to hsow how hokey the dills competition is, the guy that scores the winning goal doesn’t even get an official goal for it……JOKE!!!!

    Fixing the overtime is simple, 2 points for regulation win, and 1 point for overtime win…loser gets zippo!!!

    might be your drive boss! If the above repair doesn’t fix it……………

    How the heck am I supposed to keep up with all the boneheads..we’ve got here, twitter, now facebook…you guys are killing me!!!!

    lastly, “good loses” pretty much rank up there woth “positionally sound” d men in my book!

    have a hard hitting crease clearing physical d man day to all!!!

  16. The picture of a grown man in a hockey sweater doing a triple lutz = hahahahaha. I kinda like that 2 on 1 idea.

  17. Carp, try deactivating your disk drive, then wait a few seconds and reactivate it. That option is usually in the control panel under disk drives or hardware, but I’m not sure if it’s called deactivate, but if not it’s something similar. Works like a charm for my crappy drive.

    I don’t think they played well last night save Johnson. And not sure if anyone mentioned this last night (Micheletti sure didn’t), but where was Girardi on the goal? He was way out of position, on the same side as his partner and that’s why Slater cruised in past the just-off-the-bench Boyle.

  18. apparently my typing skills are also a JOKE after reading my last post again!!!

    BTW, for those of you trying to help me with nhl10 on 360, i won 6 and lost 37 face offs last night in one game and won 4 and lost 26 in the next game scoring a total of 1 (drury) goal in both games while allowing 7 total between the two. Oh, and 19 fights and and total of 186 PIMs from the two games for me!! That faceoff thing is killing me!

  19. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Thank goodness someone singled out girardi! I don’t think one defensmen has been single handedly more responsible for goals against the past 4-5 games then he has. Losing coverage, changing coverage, going for stick lifts and shot blocks (while screening Hank) instead of hitting the opposing forward. Where’s the hitter and safe player he use to be?

  20. Carp

    Do you know from talking to players, whether they like the shootout? It would be interesting to know their take (both the goalies and the position players). I understand the dislike of it, but can see the other side too. I admit that part of me likes having a resolution to the game, rather than a tie.

    Very much agree on Chad Johnson. I very solid debut – did not look out of place or uncomfortable. At the same time, we need to see him over many games to be able to judge his ability at this level.

  21. Good morning, everyone.

    One point on back-to-back with the back up young goalie- I’ll take it. They are playing better as a group. They looked tired in the third. We did finally got ourselves a back up goalie, but anything beyond that- the jury is still out.

    17 out of 21 points- nothing to complain about.

    And for those two ..uhm.. visitors last night, who only come in when we lose to taunt us- people here know hockey. We don’t need your “insightful” evaluation of our team or what we know or don’t. We know what we have. But thanks for stopping by.

    And relax, nobody is trafing Staal, Hank or any other young talent. Say whatever you want about Slats, and most of that is well deserved, but looks like those days are behind us.

    Was nice to see Linda representing the heads last night. Come back here, though, we miss you. Will send you some DD if that’s what it takes.

    Let me ask you again: do you really think Kovalchuk wants to play in that Funeral Home for the rest of his career?

  22. True fans bleed RW&B on

    If that funeral home makes him a much greater percentage of their cap than any other funeral home, yes he’ll stay. Its all about the benjamin’s.

  23. MD, I think they enjoy it, but really dislike “losing” a game that way. If a resolution to the game is so important, then keep playing until somebody wins. You may as well have a spitting contest, or play tiddly-winks as slow-motion breakaways.

    And I’d like to see two points for a win. No points for a loss.

  24. True fans bleed RW&B on

    …which begs the question; which team(s) are more competitive and have similar cap space?

  25. Ag
    7, 2 with voros, two with prospal….yes prospal, one with volchenkov, one with valabik, and one with avery..lost the rest!!

    I think i am just flicking it…man that sounds bad!!!

    that is what i’m saying 2 pts if you win it in reg, 1 point if you win in OT and zippo points no matter wen you lose!!

  26. It seems that are arguing over the validity of the shoot-out is a moot point. SOs are a part of the game now, same as double minors and curved sticks. But, as Carp points out, they have a huge impact on the standings. All that says is management better begin taking SO performance into account as readily as they do blocked shots, hits, etc. Let’s face it, better to have a player who can finish in a shootout than a guy whose stats are padded with secondary assists.

  27. Carp and a few other people who bring up ridiculous ways to end the game…how do you feel about shootouts in soccer? Granted I don’t care much for soccer, but they decide the World Cup.

    I really don’t see what’s wrong with it. They played an even game in the regular season. They’re rewarded for it with a point. Then they turn to a different system to dole out the remaining point. Change the point system and you won’t hear any complaints from me.

  28. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I stand somewhere in the middle on the SO. I think the NHL added it to help market the individual talent of players (which has been a draw to new fans) but that concept alienates long time fans who see hockey as a team sport, at least more significantly team based than a sport like baseball or even basketball. I like the shootout but I think 3 shooters is too few a sample size, like carp said, you’re basically flipping a coin most nights. I also think the points system, while it encourages more risky (offensive) OT play is now dulling the last 10-20 regulation minutes of tie games because coaches will play for a point and then worry about the second after 60.

    I will say this, I don’t care so much what happens when I’m watching from home but when I went to a game that ended in a tie I left very dissatisfied, sometimes more dissatisfied than seeing a decision either way and I sure as heck would rather watch another NHL team win or lose, rather than tie.

  29. I have to admit I have been watching Johnson in Hartford, and while he was impressive, he moves well and he plays the puck quite well, I really didn’t think he was ready for the big league. Now after watching last night I have to say he looks very hopeful, could be he will be real good.

  30. Because you can still have a tie. Aside from the obvious appeal, the shootout is a way to bring an end to the game without wearing down players.

    I’ll give you that 5 extra minutes ain’t that much longer. But what if no one scores? I personally don’t like games that end in a tie.

    When it comes down to it, the Rangers games go to shootouts because they can’t score. All our games that have gone to shootouts have been 1-1 or 2-2. So lets just score more goals and then we won’t need to worry about shootouts.

  31. I requested to be a member through my wife’s facebook account. Her name is Alison. The pic is of her and me. I have a shahved head in it.

  32. Carp
    CD players/burners need to have lens cleaners to clean the laser lens. You can also clean your DVD player.
    I like the shootout because it’s fun and that’s what it’s all about.
    IT/Rangers Specialist

  33. Interesting that the players like the shootout, but don’t like losing that way. It typifies the schizophrenic view of the shootout. I would like a 10 minute OT. If you think about it, if you get a penalty in OT, it takes us such a chunk of OT that if you kill it, you are basically forced into the shootout to earn the second point. If OT were 10 minutes, you could recover from the kill and have the chance to earn the added point outside of a shootout. Going beyond 10 minutes seems tough on the players, especially in this Olympic year with compressed schedules.

  34. Carp,
    the problem is the Itunes program. It sounds like it got corrupted. To fix Itunes go to “control Panel”, than ‘add remove programs, find itunes and than choose it and than choose the “repair function” run the “repair function” and that should fix the problem of not able to burn a disc.

  35. As far as Chad Johnson goes, I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited to see him play so well. The jury IS still out on him, but it’s encouraging to think that maybe Hank will finally be able to get some much needed rest to conserve his energy for the second half of the season.

    Staal- I hope you weren’t serious about skipping through the game so you wouldn’t waste your time. If that’s the case, then you don’t really love the game. I have to tape the games and watch them later because of my work hours, but even if I find out that the Rangers lost before I watch it, I still watch.

  36. Nasty yea I checked the member list and no Alison shows up… they must not have gotten around to approving them all just yet… or your wife’s account is private and she doesn’t show up in the list (if thats possible)

  37. Nasty do you have any parents, former or current, on your FB? Or is it against the rules? Just a curious question.

  38. Yea its in the settings wicky, but unless you put real info (like name and such) there really is no need

    My cousin teaches at Fordham University and she has students friend requesting her all the time (I suppose you would have to worry more about parents, seeing as how I don’t think any of your students are of legal age to use facebook)

  39. Rick,

    i don’t know if anyone helped you yet. I have a mac & get the same message. Apparently, when that happens to me I already have the blank cd in… I get that message. So taking it out, re-inserting it & then hit “burn” works just fine. Don’t know why that happens…

    I hate the SO too!!! Ugh I haven’t read through all the posts but why did Torts put Cally & MDZ in the SO?

  40. Bad loss.

    Our defense is inept and lets by too many quality scoring chances.

    Our offense has absolutely 0 consistency (except Gabo).

  41. my question is why the hell doesn’t avery get OT playing time and why does Higgy get so much??

  42. I like the skills competition. i did not mind ties and did not think the system needed to be changed but now i like the shootouts. Lets not forget that up until this year we had a good record in the shoot outs which im sure helped us reach the playoffs, so I cant get mad if it costs us the playoffs this year.

    What is the Facebook fan page of the boneheads?

  43. in NHL 10 how the hell do you fake the wrist shot when they pump the leg? somebody please enlighten me

  44. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Good Loss

    Hard fought game the night before, tough travel time, back up goaltender. Not excuses, but reasons.

    And Im not a huge fan of the shootout, would much rather have a sudden death 10 minute OT

  45. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And this just in:

    DiPietro starting in goal tongiht against Dallas at home

    Lets see if he makes through an entire game

  46. winthrop hospital im sure hopes he will be hurt real soon againh. dipi practially owns half that hospital w/ how much $ and time hes spent there.

  47. I have said it before and it hurts me as well,Hank and either Rosi or Redden for Hedberg and Kolvy, cut bait with the other one of them in Hartford. End of the year retire Brash let Higgins,Boyle,and see if we can find a suitor for Drury and or Kotalik. That’s will give our new GM much needed cap room for a hard hitting D-man and maybe a young hitter up front.
    As good upfront as anybody in the league with Kolvy,Gabby,Dubi,Vinnie,Cally Lisin,Avery,Artie and added missing peices. The D-men will be young but more than OK Staal-DanG-MDZ-Gillroy-Sangs and a big banger.

  48. I actually like the shootout. Comparing it to playing tiddly winks or a spitting contest?? Really? To me it’s just a distillation of essence of the game. Just a shooter and the goalie. I may be in the minority but I think ties are just very anti-climactic. The shootout is admittedly gimmicky but I for one think it is damn exciting/nerve-wracking. And if Atlanta beats us into eighth seed by one point then so be it. Then we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Ultimately, you win in the shootout if you have players that can score and goalies that can stop pucks. Don’t like it? Then win the games in regulation.

  49. Thrashers ticket office: Good afternoon, how can I help you?
    Thrashers fan: Is there a game tonight?
    Ticket office: Yea, they’re playing Carolina tonight.
    Fan: Great, what time does it start?
    Office: Ummm…what time can you get here?

  50. OT- 5 min 4 on 4, plus 5 min 3 on 3, if nobody scores, neither team gets an extra point. No SO. Both teams will go for it.

    Nasty, and however is awaiting a FB approval, Linda is probably on her way back, and Sally is busy. It’ll take a bit longer.

  51. Wheher fans, players and coaches like it or not, points obtained in shootouts count. That’s why it’s irritating when teams either don’t seem to take it seriously or don’t prepare for them.

    Whether Torts does or not, I don’t know, but I took it as a bad sign when earlier in the year he didn’t even seem aware that PAP might have had some decent shootout experience in the AHL. And yesterday, for all of Kotalik’s time in the doghouse (and acknowledging the fact he still missed), the man has one of the best career shootout records in the league, so why pick Cally (for all he is, a breakaway machine he isn’t) ahead of him?

  52. And while I’m OK with the shootout (surprisingly, as I thought I’d hate it), I’ve never understood the North American problem with ties, so have no problem with going back to that or 10 minute OT.

    I’d still say that 3-on-3 is just as, if not more, gimmicky than a shootout though. That pretty much never happens in “regular” play either.

  53. Well said Forever26. I’m with you.

    Hedberg…so many of the hypotheticals you posed either can’t/won’t happen (for instance both Kotalik and Drury have no-trade clauses) that I don’t see the point in making these sort of what if scenarios. A few days back, I forget who it was, but they spelled out very realistic, and very good, changes that need to be made.

    The biggest change can only come with some freeing up cap space and a serious commitment to developing our young guys. Getting some of our “toxic assets” off our books will help big time. My free-agent wishlist for the next two years would include a number 1 playmaking center, a solid big d-man, and another goal-scorer. Outside of that, develop the youngsters.

  54. Get me a box of jujy fruits, a box of junior mints and another box of jujy fruits…and this here Nasty is going to pay for them.

  55. OK, talk to you all later, it is time for the geography bee. HAHA, and no I am not joking.

  56. Anyone going to any up coming games? My gf didn’t know which games I wanted to go to & bought me these $ certificates so I can pick the games I want to go to. All the ones I looked up are sold out grrrrrrrrr….

  57. we’re probably gonna have to wait until they come back to calgary or if we end up going to the world jrs in Buff, then maybe!!!

    anyone going to casino night??

  58. I was supposed to be in CT on business from the 20th through the 4th… just got canceled… dangit I thought that I was going to get to meet some folks.. There will be a next time.

  59. I’m tentatively planning on going to the game feb 6th against the Devils.. also waiting for Stubhub prices to come down

  60. I’m going to the Pitt game. Usually if you can wait until last minute people on Craigslist will get desperate and sell them and less inflated prices.

  61. Rangers caught a break tomorrow as Boston will be without Savard, Bergeron and Ferrence. Look for B’s to try and win a low scoring game before they begin a 3-game Western trip.

    They might go with Rask again as Thomas has been struggling.

  62. i’ve seen better ideas. the one below is a recipe for hank to get injured since he would not be warmed up

    Great White Grabachev In Ia
    January 8th, 2010 at 9:28 am
    it is possible to put hank in just for the shootout i think, which couldve gotten them the win. but that wouldve been bad for the kids confidence and he played good enough to dserve finishing out the game. if we were out of a playoff spot by the last week of teh season they couldve done that right? just play hank in teh shootout?

  63. I don’t know what would make anyone think Hank would do any better. It seems to me the last shoot out ended the same way with Hank between the pipes.

  64. Hey carp, Todat I talked to one of your predecessors as far as Ranger/Sport beat writers go. Jerry Eskenazi formerly of the New York Times. I am going to have him on the show

    You are right the shootout is a joke. I will take it one step further 4 on 4 in OT ia another joke. It’s not more wide open at all.

    Sean Avery “I Get Paid By Two Teams” Interview Four Points vs. Dallas Video

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Johnson deserved the shootout simply because he deserved to Win, can’t let him play that way and give Hank a chance to Win (or lose). Also recall we had/have little idea how he’ll perform in the shootout and so it was a chance to test him too. It’s done. Maybe Torts will play Hank after 65 minutes next time because points may *seem* more important whenever that is.

  66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You are right the shootout is a joke. I will take it one step further 4 on 4 in OT ia another joke. It’s not more wide open at all.

    I don’t know about that mouth, 4 on 4 OT is the only time I’ve seen two Rangers defensmen take a chance at scoring (either while the forwards were changing or seemed out of the play). All of the Rangers take more chances 4 on 4, thus, stretching the ice and creating more open space for talented players.

  67. CCCP, that video was grooooooooss! LOL!

    Nasty & AFLY, you’re in the group now! Yay!

    Whoever Paul and Anthony are, you’re requests to join are still pending til we can confirm you are not robots.

  68. CARP –

    I had a similar problem with iTunes not too long ago. It had to do with the iTunes update that suddenly made me unable to upload from a disc or burn one. It would start to burn the disc and get stuck on song one or two.

    What I would recommend, if this is the problem, is find a way to download an older version of iTunes. One just before the update.

    I did the same thing and haven’t had a problem since. I just refuse to update the iTunes software from now on.

    FYI, I have an HP laptop. If that matters.

  69. MD Ranger Fan on

    I like the 4 on 4. With the size of the players increasing so much over the past 20 years and no increase in rink size (i.e., not moving to the Olympic surface), it is nice to see the game less clogged up than it now is 5 on 5.

  70. The Shootout and why I Don’t Like It…

    It is not reflective of the game that was just played- at ALL. If you have a team that it strictly a defensive-minded team who has a lot of role players and defensive forwards and they wind up tying a team after 3 periods 0-0, that team is at a handicap come the shootout. Then they lose a game in which they completely shut down the other team’s offense because of a breakaway goal. Something that they didn’t give up all game because of their stellar defensive play. I mean, you could make it whatever you wanted. Make it 2 on 1’s. 3 on 0’s. It doesn’t matter. You’re taking ONE facet of the game and making it so that it reflects the whole. That’s not right. It IS a skills competition and it should not be used to decide a hockey game. I’d much rather they just both get a point after the 5 minutes of 4 on 4 hockey.

    If you are going to use something to decide a match, it has to be something that represents the game as a whole. A breakaway is just one silly little aspect of the game that rarely even happens- especially to a good team.

  71. if they don’t do it in the playoffs, then it shouldn’t be done….. sudden death, the rest is bs ……win or lose…..

  72. I think it would be terrible for Johnson’s morale and the team’s morale, who seemed to really appreciate Johnson’s hard work and good performance. And, on top of the morale issue, I don’t know whether it’s good to put a guy who’s been cold on the bench the whole game into a situation where he has to stop breakaways by the opponent’s three best players. I think Johnson was “in the zone” and that alone gives him an advantage over a cold goaltender.

  73. So, Torts can’t use any bad words now? Who is going to coach the team then?

    I wonder if Torts rule T-shirt will be available by tomorrow noon ET.

  74. I played hockey back in the day when a tie was just that. You took your point and moved on. In a playoff situation we played five on five for twenty min. periods until someone scored. Rarely did you play more that one overtime period. The odd time though the game became two games. It happened in the NHL a few times, I guess they went to the modern day format to avoid the marathons. I agree that the shootout has nothing to do with the game just played. A coin toss would amount to the same thing.

  75. AFLY I have posted to just keep playing the youngsters and let’s get a tough d-man and getting rid of the toxic contracts, but you have to put a huge sweetener in there to move either Rosi or Redden. If either guy is on the big league roster we will never win. 2 reason they are not capable of getting better and the vast amount of cap space they take up. As far as the no-trade clauses if the player agrees to go he goes, not saying it will happen with Drury but maybe to a contender @ the end of the year with some draft choices I don’t know. I also know the hypothetical trades won’t happen, but the only way out is move as much cap space with a asset to be able to compete when the youngers grow into there own in a couple of years. The alternative is 7-11 place every year and pretending we are ok with a mid season hot streak.

  76. A Torts rule! What a load of crap. Torts will just refuse to talk to the press when he cranky after a loss. Is that a good idea. They will likely just put out carefully worded press releases, like the goverment. I don’t advocate the use of profanity, but what the guy says he says. The stuff is never printed word for word, and the its bleeped on TV and radio. The only ones who hear it are the press guys and I think most of them would not be that put out by it. Could the NHL get any more unreal?

  77. Carp
    as far as the shootout. not a big fan, even when we were winning getting by in the standings last year by winning them.

    other than Christensen, some odd choices by Tortorella. for example, why didn’t Kotalik just take a slapshot?!?!? probably would have done just as well.

    as far as your comment “much where they’re out of control, or where pucks are going to slide off their sticks”
    wasn’t it the Thrashers second player who lost control (peverly?)
    my guess is that a couple of their guys just felt sorry for Johnson and at the last second just couldn’t go through with it.

  78. felt sorry for johnson? thats ridiculous, peverly went 4th and the puck just slid off his stick, as it did to kotalik a few weeks ago, kovalchuk nearly roofed his shot but johnson made a great save, so im preeeeetty sure he was trying, and kozlov definitely didnt feel bad for him bc his shot went in

  79. Awesome! So the NHL continues to nuder players and coaches based on what they say but still isn’t doing anything about head shots. Glad to know Bettman.

    Cursing has been a long standing tradition in the NHL. Even such classy cats as Bryan Trottier and Kevin Stevens got caught in the act:

  80. muzzle talkerella, there are kids watching and listening to those sloppy speeches. send him to rehab, and put a leash on him.

  81. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Any chance this NHL Torts Reform was caused by the Crow vs. Torts showdown?

  82. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    Ok, first off, hellllllllllllllllllllo boys and girls!!

    I MUST MUST MUST get one of the TORTS RULES shirts, thats just awesome, but you gotta use the Torts Dio photo for it!(i will post it on the Boneheads fb)

    MikeA, excellent point about the league rushing to clean up ‘language’ yet again, but doing the bare minimum on the issue of shots to the head.

    Still waiting to hear from Paul and Anthony to see if they are true boneheads or not, that is why you guys have yet to be confirmed. We take our society very seriously ;-)

  83. Linda, haha the Torts Dio photo! That’s a great way to describe it.

    I hope Mr. Ronnie James Dio is doing well now. Guy is going through chemo therapy. A local Bronx boy who has been singing his derrier off for decades.


    Welcome back, Linda. You were missed last night. Oh and, fyi, my hockeystreams connection was pretty bad! I had stills on the screen with audio play by play. What carp!

  85. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    Puck, that is absolutely ridiculous! I’m sure they tell you to just ‘refresh’ the page. Sometimes I have to totally sign off and reconnect. Still better than the service I had last season from Gamecenter Live!

    I didnt know that about Dio! Man, I hope he gets well! A true godfather of metal! Isn’t he seriously about 64 now? That’s pretty incredible.

  86. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    my ‘brotha’ is not gonna be happy with me after he sees my comments on his photos! hehehe

  87. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    holy carp, my cat’s got her AVERY on right now, sittin on the new couch when she knows she’s not allowed!! Thats right Laurel, pics for paws and claws coming soon!

    I’ve been trying to find out what the attendance was at the game last night, to no avail. Funny thing is, they NEVER announced it. I thought attendance was always announced! Well, we know there were at least 302 people there, me, my man, and the other 300 Rangers fans.

  88. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    My wife is a riot, you guys are gonaa love the pic she used on our FB profile!!! Actualy it is one ugly goon!!!!

  89. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    how do I add you and mrs nasty to my friends list if you are privatized??

  90. TFBRWB, I am sure the Torts Reform is a direct result of all his F- and S-bombs on the postgame shows. The other night he said, “I call bull****” about people who say he has a leash on Avery. This was after a win. And obviously he had that classic after the Islanders game. The NHL no doubt sees that he’s becoming a YouTube sensation, not to mention that we tend to go word-for-word in the new blogworld.

    So they put a leash on him. They Avery’d, Prucha’d, and Carp’d him.

  91. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    Thanks Puck, i told my man it was between 8500 and 9g
    sad, but i wonder if the weather had anything to do with it.


    I doubt it unless folks get tickets at the door. Can you imagine going to the Garden on game night and getting tickets like that? Uncle Glen and Don Dolan would have breakdowns if our ticket sales were like that.

  93. Orr

    accept me bro… I have pics of the wife on my profile LOL Im gonna add more and Im sure I’ll get smacked in the head for it. Its worth it though…

    And to my “sistah” its all good….. Little bro forgives ya ;) CCCP is a FUNNY GUY! LOL

  94. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    this league is becoming very very vanilla! Kids hear WORSE from their parents, and ON THE PLAYGROUND! countbettmansaurus

  95. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    hulkish! too freakinfunny. your password is probably ” insert action here……..FOX”

  96. Ranger Prospect Chris Kreider playing for Boston College in this game and Kevin Gilroy(brother of Matt Gilroy) playing for Boston University. Brian Leetch & Mike Eruzione were the honored guests for each team and Matt Gilroy along with Brian Boyle were the 1st period intermission guests.

  97. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    LW, are there more chairs there than last night?? HEHE

    how many devils fans does it take to turn on the lights?

  98. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    DDE where are you, you gotta join the boneheads fb group~

  99. Orr – hulkish nice one LOL
    I’ll add a few more ;)

    LMAO Linda “insert action here LOLOLOLOL” I was drinking when I read that THANKS!

  100. Linda has returned from icelandic Atlanta! on

    anthing I can do to help ya Mako!

    awesome answer LW!!! and appropriate too.. red light…hehe

  101. Fans were actually relieved to sit through 40 minutes with absolutely no action of any interest on the ice whatsoever. Usually they get 60 minutes.

  102. I hope this changes the whole season around for the Debbies. I see it as some sort of Karmic justice from going from 16W to 15E-just short of victory, just shy of the electricity.

  103. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    ok, so everyone knows (and linda laughed about) I/we are Da on facebook friend requests, as in Da Wickys. I think I have tried to be a friend with everyone that is a member of the group, so if I missed anyone please request us.

    send us a request!!

    where are you on this fb thing??

  104. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    he’s here all week with two shows on sunday….please don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses!!!!

  105. just hear this one on fox news.
    there may have been a “lightning strike” @ the rock last night…

  106. ESPN

    More on Cogliano to NY
    PM ETAndrew Cogliano | Oilers Top Email A trade between the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers might be close to being done, and it might involve sending Oilers C Andrew Cogliano to New York.

    But the Edmonton Journal writes today that Cogliano shouldn’t be traded: “Trading Cogliano now, just as he’s ready to take a noticeable step up as an NHLer, would be a big mistake, akin to the ill-advised attempt to trade Dustin Penner last summer.”

    This rumor was first seen on Hendricks Hockey. The site attributed a source that said Rangers are talking to a handful of other teams, as well.

    The website talked to Oilers coach Pat Quinn, who said the team isn’t mortgaging its future, but they aren’t ready to give up on this season. In short, they want young players for a low price.

    Hendricks Hockey also adds that a handful of Oilers players might be moved, including Patrick O’Sullivan, Steve Staios, and Ethan Moreau. They Oilers have been rumored to be trying to move Shawn Horcoff, as well, but league GMs may feel he is overpriced. We wrote earlier today that all of those players may be hard to move for various reasons.

  107. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    were they playing tampa bay??

    thanks for the post!

    good night peggy sue!!!!

  108. And we’d give up what for Cogliano? No way we part with anyone in our top 6, that’s for sure…so I can’t see what Edmonton would want

  109. There has been a lot of talk about Kovulchuk moving to a new team. But this $11 mil. per year talk is crazy. He isn’t as good as Gaborik. He isn’t as good as Iginla. He isn’t OV or Malkin even. I hope (know) the NYR will not get him, but really, who the hell would? I think he is giving a big FU to Atlanta.

  110. bull dog line on

    who is in our top 6? i didn’t know we had a top 6. I know we have a top 1( Gaborik), thats it.

  111. This’ll almost certainly get Carped, but with reference to the talk way up there ^^ about changing goalie before the shootout, it’s definitely been done 2-3 times by other teams (I think Cujo came in for Toskala in a Leafs game last year for one, Edmonton did it at least once a few years ago). Got a feeling that the team that changed lost every time too.

  112. So the Post said Tortorella benched Gaborik in the second period on Thursday. Another example of Tortorella’s bench management — apparently it’s Gaborik’s fault that when he passes the puck onto the blade of his linemates, they can’t score. And if he is in a slump, he gets punished. Do Ovechkin or Crosby get benched if they have a bad game or two? So sick of this punishment garbage and power trip head games of Tortorella.

  113. kc you keep it up and the coach will give you fan detention, to write “Mr. Tortorella is always right”, 1000 times. He’s like a mad dog, he’ll bite the hand that feeds him. Too bad his boss doesn’t sky box him, they can have popcorn together.

  114. Carp absolutely, but was Gaborik the worst player ? Would he do it to The Captain? When does the coach become accountable for riding Gaborik and Lundqvist into the ice? What his fault or responsibility? And did he do what’s best for the NYR by not even putting him out on the PP. So who cost them the point? Who gave Atlanta 2 points? Is it always the player or the players? The coach and the gm like to point fingers, and make like they are infallible in their cya mentality. They created this roster. And the coach makes the lineup and the icetimes. But with the NYR the players lose games , and the coach win games .

  115. Waddap, people. Long time reader (from the good ol Weinman days), first time poster.

    Here goes: Rick, stop complaining about the shoot out. We’re all heavily clued in to your opinion. Stop whining.

    The shootout if phenomenal. Are you really telling me that when you’re watching a game and those last minutes are wearing down in ot, you’re not a little excited to see what a player like Ilya’s going to throw at the rookie goaltender? That doesn’t spark your interest one iota? If you say no, you’re either lying or on prozac. The shoot out is good for the sport. It makes the game attractive to would-be fans.

    Get off your high horse, dude. Spare us the highbrow “I’m a real hockey fan so poo-poo to the ‘skills competition'” crap. You’re acting like a frenchman.

  116. TheGill- your opinion counts. As well as Carp’s. However, I think you should continue reading.

    Carp- Kovalchuk vs Gaaborik is somewhat apples and oranges.

  117. Good hockey morning everyone!!!

    I’m in the mountains today it’s 11 degrees and there’s snow all around me. I’m in a hockey mood!!!
    Really looking for this afternoon game, just hope we get it up here.

    I don’t know about that rumor. Cogs is small isn’t he? I wouldn’t mind Souray though.

    Agreed Rick – Kovy over Gabby. As great as Gaborik is, he’s not that great of a puck handler… Isn’t as strong along the boards like Jags… But damn he’s in the top 5 of recent pure goal scorers.

  118. MAKO- which mountain, bud? And skiing or snowboarding? Somehow, I know the answer…lol. Privet nachalnitze!

  119. Waddap Gill

    Would you like your coat checked? If not, go get your shine box.

    Have a nice day :)

  120. Ilb

    I’m up in the Poconos. Lol neither. I’m a tad, um, apprehensive to snowboard. I already dislocated my right shoulder… Don’t want another one lol

    She isn’t with me lol Had to drive my father up here so he can recharge his batteries & check on the house :)

  121. Hello Good morning from overseas late afternoon over here !

    From the Bruins website Bishs blog its reported that Bruins center Marc Savard will miss 3-4 weeks with a Grade 2 partial MCL tear in his right knee. He will not require surgery.

    Dont kill me for that when I say something positve about the Bruins but this Bish is a nice guy and doing a good job in blocking direct from the Team..I have emailed him for some questions in the past, and he answered right away..Nothing against Carp, but I would really wish the Rangers would provide the same kind of service to their fans, because Bish is very close to the team..

    Anyway Savard and Bergeron out for the Bruins, Prospal missing for the Rangers and its nice for me to have a 1pm local time start..(despite knowing the Rangers doing not so good in afternoon games :)

    2 hours and ten minutes until Puck drop….

  122. crap long day at work for me, so dvr time…..guess I’ll chat/comment later tonight.

    enjoy the game al….LGR

    anyone hear rumblings from edmonton???

  123. I will be curious to see which feed I will get for the game either the NESN feed with Kathryn Tappen and Jack Edwards or either Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti from MSG….

    NESN isn´t doing a bad job either if they dont have Mike Milbury in their crew….

  124. Devils really trying everything to bring the opposition out of their rhytm as it was reported that the Lightning had the momentum right in the game as the lights went out..:)

    I would not be surprised when the Devils would turn around the score when the game will be restarted next time :)

    its curious to see that Prudential Center is the newest of all NHL arenas..Usually you hear something like this, from games in southern parts of the world that the lights are failing :)

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