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From the Rangers:

January 7, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Atlanta Thrashers 2 SO (Game #44, Road #21)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the Atlanta Thrashers, 2-1, in the shootout tonight at Philips Arena.
• The Rangers are now 21-17-6 (48 pts.) overall, including an 11-7-3 (25 pts.) mark on the road; New York have recorded a point in 10 of their last 11 games (7-1-3).
• Goaltender Chad Johnson made 31 saves through regulation/overtime, stopped three of five shots in the shootout, and registered an assist in his first career NHL start.
• After a scoreless first period, Enver Lisin opened the game’s scoring early in the second with an even strength goal at 2:49; the goal was Lisin’s first in 10 games, and his first point in the last six.
• Defenseman Marc Staal recorded one assist and led all team defensemen with 24:37 of icetime; he now has two points (one goal and one assist) in the last three road games.
• Rangers Captain Chris Drury led all skaters with 14 faceoff wins in 23 chances (61%), and a season-high seven blocked shots to improve his league-leading total among NHL forwards to 61 on the season; New York registered a total of 18 blocked shots, compared to 11 for Atlanta.
• Ryan Callahan led all skaters with a season-high 25:09 of icetime, and Brandon Dubinsky registered a game-high six shots on net.
• Marian Gaborik converted on his shootout attempt to improve to 1-4 (25.0%) on the season.
• The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, January 8, is 1:00 p.m. at Agganis Arena at Boston University in Boston.
• The Rangers return to action on Saturday, January 9, when they will face-off against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden (1:00 p.m.), in an Original Six matinee matchup; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 970 The Apple.

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  1. Sather's WrapUp on

    I’ve been Perched! No wait, what’s the name of that fish?

    Hello from Atlanta, Ranger Fans!

    I am working like a DOG (I just lay around licking my balls all day) trying to get a deal done for Kovalchuk. I guess Redden and Rozival aren’t enough. Wardell doesn’t take his job seriously like I do. All he did was laugh when I proposed the trade. It’s no wonder that idiot hasn’t won a Cup in the last ten years… I may have to add Brashear to the trade. But don’t tell him, I’d hate to spoil his birthday.

    (singing)”You’re, my Funny Valentine…” Ooops, that’s my new cell phone ringtone for Dolan. He just loves Barbra! Or he’s got the brains of a barbell…

    Hiya, Big Guy! Did you see all those empty seats? No, it’s NOT “just like New York”! Yours are paid for… We took Atlanta to a shootout. No, not the Hawks, the Thrashers. No, I don’t know what a “thrasher” is… Maybe it’s like a guy that thrashes other people. Kinda like Brashear used to do until we got him. Who’d the Knicks play tonight? The Bobcats? Never heard of them- are they even in the NBA? Well, at least your guys aren’t pulling guns on each other. Oh, Geez. He’s started blubbering again… (Click)

    Where’s my protégé? Mess! Messier! Here, run down front and get a dozen beers, would ya? Get a couple for yourself too. But none of that “lite” stuff! People that drink that stuff don’t like beer, they just like to pee a lot. Let Muckler drink it. He pees every 5 minutes anyway. And he doesn’t even get out of the seat anymore-just sits there and grins…

    I’m going to have a talk with Torts again. The Rangers need to get more grit. I saw the team at breakfast and there were no grits anywhere! Just home fries. And we are on the road, too!

    Well, Mess is giving me the stink-eye, he says we gotta hurry up and get back to the Garden for a Saturday Kids Matinee. The place will be full of those little nose pickers. Drink up, boys…

    See you then,
    G.S.- Master of My Domain

    (I liked that title so much I had it put on my office door)

  2. hate to say it but i saw the game ending that way.

    we sure played as if we didn’t much care to be there. i guess it was all that snow that dampened the team’s spirits and passion.
    sheesh………the power play is worse than “dreadful.”
    it’s pretty simple guys……receive the puck and MOVE IT to another one of your players. make the opponent chase you…
    watching Rozy hold on to it until the thrasher skated up to him before he made a decision was worse than “dreadful.”

    while Ocho Cinco did a good job overall and didn’t deserve to having to save the team’s a##
    there’s still something about that worries about how he plays. he just seems awkward………not as flailing as Valley or Weekes or other past backups but just the way that he’s goes down to like he’s going to smother the puck when he’s trying to block a shot or has one leg ready to go into butterfly while the other leg wants to stay standing.

  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys!! Are you even hockey fans? Atlanta has been playing well and played well tonight. Rangers held them to a shootout. This was a game where the defense was perceft. The offense was not bad at all. It was a defensive game for Atlanta. At the end of the 3rd they were clearly protecting the tie. Even in the OT they were stalling for time. Hedberg stood on his head as did CJ. With a great performance by a back up, it only will spark the team and spark Henrik. That’s how it goes. This loss is considered a “good loss” Of you guys can’t see these last few games as hope than you know squat about hockey. However, whoever writes those Sather Wrap Ups, should be writting for SNL. They’re comedically perfect.

  4. There is no such thing as a good road point to a team not even in a playoff spot and hadn’t won in 9 games.

    How long do we have to accept mediocrity from this organization?

    With the money and resources this organization has, we should seeing a much better product on the ice than what we have seen in recent years.

    I will not accept my team playing like this.

    Heck after watching Messier, Nedved, York, Fluery, Graves, Richter and Leetch skate around on the top Brian Leetch games, I’ll take that team.

    At least they had some b@lls, this team gets pushed around all the time. When is enough enough with this group?

  5. ricky the crowd hear are proffessional whiners.

    they think the rangers out to go 82 and 0. drury the guy they hate only clocked 7 shots tonight, he iws such a woosie just ask all the tough guys on the site………

    this team is young and not tremendously talented so they are not winning every game. maybe they can totally totally suck for about 8 years like the blackhawks and accumulate numerous top 5 picks……..many of the real whiners dream of that scenario on a nightly basis.

    staal does look overrated they should trade him for a couple of fringe + 30 forwards, many of our talent evaluators on this site would love a move like it. may as well give up on staal he is 22 and cigar man picked him with the 18th pick that year. the callahan, dubinsky, and henrik picks also look terrible. dz is a non factor they should trade him after all he is almost 20 and missed the net on the shootout……….

  6. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I must have missed the clutch goal drury scored Stuart! Go back to your house and watch more llws hilights and MSG propaganda which include the words ‘clutch’, ‘winner’, and ‘intangibles’ more often than the words ‘goals’ and ‘points.’

    Amazes me some people still don’t get it.

  7. stuart


    such the drama queen. Who mentioned Staal? Who mentioned Cally, Dubi or Hank?


    go to bed

  8. This is professional hockey. Maybe you guys would be better off following The Harlem Globe Trotters. That’s what you seem to expect. I like the comedy I see from the site here, but you can’t cry after every loss. I’d the Devils lose or win a game and are flat, we complain. But if we lose a game where they played hard, and well, we don’t complain. If any of u bothered to notice, torts is back to playing high caliber offense instead of trying to find other systems. There is a clear difference in the last few games, Dallas NOT included. Dallas handed that game away.

  9. I am so tired of watching Drury’s line get pinned in their end each and every game? Every effin game they get pinned in their end!!

    I can not believe this guy takes up 1/5th of our cap space!

  10. yea true fans blled rw and b you are a real shrewd hockey evaluator..

    sather is a dick and has made many a mistake but i know he is smarter then most of the delinquents like you who just contantly whine no matter what. the team as soft and as inept as they are has made the playoffs 4 years in a row. they are one of the youngest teams in the nhl, and have some good pieces but ya whine. they do not have talent like the black hawks nor do any other team in the league. they also do not have an ovechkin, crosby, or malkin because over the last 10 yrs they did not have the luck of being the worst team in the league.

    i got an idea, go to the next home game, yell your ass off, get drunk as usual, and then whine your self to sleep as you play staratomatic hockey with some of your other tough guy know it all, morons.

  11. ya he takes up 1/5th of the cap you didn’t know he makes over $10 mill a yr. just ask Vogs the actuary another real einstein……

  12. True Fans, you’re clearly NOT a real hockey fan. Clutch goal? You want that every game? As if the entire NHL is stupid and can’t find a way to cover him or Gabby. Big players draw the best defensemen. That clears up the 2nd line to score. I barely watch any rangers games and I can see drury and gabby getting xtra attention. As if drury can score at will. So what he’s over paid. He had a good agent. Doesn’t make him the Jordan of hockey.


    I missed you guys so much that I actually paid $10 for internet connection!!!

    Big ups to the 200-300 plus Rangers fans there! Ran into some AWESOME GUYS!!!

    Our boy Ocho looked pretty damned good, except for those shoot out goals!! Got tons of catching up to do on here, which will take a few hours on this little computer.

    Did get 6 group requests, and I have no idea who they are from, so please, if you requested admittance to the bonehead blog and Sally hasnt already approved ya, just let me know ‘who’ you are, real name and blog name and I’ll hook you up. we are very discriminating!

  14. You have SOME great players and a good coach. Not enough to compete every night as far as line combos. You have one scoring line that had it’s play maker on IR. The fact that u win a few games is a good thing. Sather is the reason you won’t see a cup for a while. But it’s fans like u guys that add pressure on him to make big signings to shut your writters up. When Lou signed Zubrus and Rolston to big contracts it was because he was pressured to react to the media. That will never happen again.

  15. by the way I have a bone to pick with the team tonight! I know they played last night and traveled to atlanta, but wow, they looked pretty unenergetic! Like they were skating in a fog at some points. Even my man mentioned it. And I saw Cally acting more like a captain at one point than Drury was. Lotsa falling down with not a thrasher in sight also. Am I too demanding of them?

    If you’re ever in Atlanta, by all means stay at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center!! TOP NOTCH, and you dont have to go outside to get to the arena!!

  16. Ten years stuart the guy’s been here. How many coaches has he gone through?

    Drury makes $7 million, you wanna split hairs over the percentage of the cap space Drury takes, then have fun, either way it’s ANOTHER example of the Rangers paying too much for a player and because of it we get middle first round picks because these signings are just enough for us to make it through the mediocre east, or the ones we do get, like Montoya, Malhotra or Jessiman are no longer with the team. And either are our later round picks like Dawes, Prucha, Korpikoski, etc. etc. etc.

    so you want to see the glass is half full have at it, I’ve been doing that since Sather got here.

    The best team Sather had was because of Jagr, and the ONLY reason we even had him was because we were the only team willing to take HALF of his salary off Washington’s hands, without that Sather has NADA!

    Give it a rest. I’ll complain all day long till the cows come home about how this team has NO TEAM TOUGHNESS!

  17. Chad made a couple of really great saves, even the two guys who were sitting in front of me commented on it, when they werent talking about vampires and zombies…very odd

    Gabby is awesome to watch, and FIM had some pretty nifty moves. Every time he was on the ice, the fans yelled out YOU SUCK. Redden AND Rozsival did make some decent plays. Sometimes my man was asking me questions and diverted my attention so if they did something really ridiculous, i may have missed it!

    Stuart, I know the team is young and all the pieces are not in place yet, and that there will be growing pains and what not. YEA, we are a pretty demanding bunch, hell, its a NY thing, but I’m sure most everyone here will be as patient as possible with the young guys learning, its the vets and their sometimes nonchalance that gets their ire.

    We all have opinions on things, and everyone likes to play GM and all, but guys, is it really necessary to rip each other apart because of differences of opinion? I mean, arent MOST of us on here Rangers fans anyway?

  18. Complain about draft positions all u want. Every year there are 25 teams who miss out on the top picks. Gabby, Drury, and Prospal were high draft picks. You have them now, so what’s your excuse? Oh and your boy Hank was a 7th rounder!!! So much for that argument. Sather isn’t the problem you fools, it’s the man who signes his check. Dolan is your problem. But in this case you have to remember the golden rule. The one with the gold makes the rules. So keep buying those jerseys and hats. Keep supporting the greedy dolans. It makes no difference to me how the rags do. if they didn’t make the playoffs for the next 300 years, that would be 100 years too soon for me. A lot of you guys here are just as much a fan of the game as dolan. You pretty much are mostly like Philly fans.

  19. “but just the way that he’s goes down to like he’s going to smother the puck when he’s trying to block a shot or has one leg ready to go into butterfly while the other leg wants to stay standing.?”

    I don’t mean to be insulting, I rarely post on here, but read all the comments… But this is actually one of the best signs to see out of a goalie. The reason it seems “odd” to you is because you’re used to seeing Hank play. He, in fact, is a very unusual goaltender (why do you think he went so late in the draft?) He plays back in the net and he goes down very early. Also, he terrible at bad angle shots. Now, don’t take this as hating on Hank. I like him, but I think it’s time he starts really working on these types of things, because the longer he’s in the league the more he’ll be challenged on those spots. Look at “fatass” as you guys call him, Johnson actually plays close to his style. It’s one of the best styles to have. It’s a hybrid and causes a lot of frustration from shooters because they don’t know what you’re going to do.

  20. I’m not saying you are lowlife scum, like Philly fans. Just that you know as much about the rags as they do about all their teams. Huge difference

  21. btw, I thought that this was a great sign for the Rangers, in his first start ever, Chad Johnson, played at an NHL level. Whether the rest of the team did, I suppose, is up to debate, but he certainly did. If the team played a bit better than this is a win. I’m very happy with a point here. Atlanta definitely had more chances, and we were very lucky to get the point. I thought it was a decent game by the Rangers, but what the hell happened in the shootout??? First off, putting Cally in there was retarded. Secondly, when the coach puts that type of trust in you, hit the net!!! At least get it close to the net. That was disgusting. Could have been a real nice back to back victory…

  22. Hank can’t win a cup. Won’t happen. Like u said. He’s way too deep in the crease. He’s a street hockey goalie. He’s fantastic, but by now they have his number. He responds by playing faster and harder. But his time will expire in 2 years. If u wanna see a real hockey fan. Look at that last poster. He’s spot on about Hank vs Chad. I can see Chad going further in a post season. In a year Hank will be Hank The Tank.

  23. BTW. In the end of the 3rd. Atlanta was playing trap hockey. They wanted the 1 pt. That’s why they stalled with 20 secs in regulation. Rags played decent. Better than they did in a while. Kind of like they did in the first 10 games of the season

  24. Ricky

    Bite your tongue already with “rags” comments you silly devils fan

    As for the game… i thought Hedberg stole another game from the Rangers…though we could’ve played better and try to get a win for the kid in net who had a decent first NHL start.

  25. i hate when any team wastes time behind the net in the final minute of a tie game GO FOR THE WIN! I was so pissed that thrashers were doing that I was booing but the seat in front of my starting flapping his assholder!!!

    OK so i DID yell out FIRE SATHER at one of the quieter points of the game (lmao) and when they announced the goal I screamed like a nut, then when they said Ocho got the assist, I yelled as loud as I could. Hope ya heard me!

    We were actually sitting in section 310, row s (last row) seats 19 and 20…i took 20 in honor of Fankist, my man thinks I am insane. He’s STILL talkin about that save Chad made in the first!

    OMG I was at Brastraps birthday game! I shoulda brought him some cookies!

    The next Rangers game I take the man to HAS to be at MSG, so he can hear how loud it gets. Met a really cool older gentleman at the hotel bar who is from NY and a big Rangers fan! And whoever said about the head nod, 100% correct!!! Also had some hilarious dude in an Avery jersey approach us as we were walking in the arena talkin about last nights game! Rangers fans in other teams arenas, awesomely friendly and funny!

  26. hey Linda!!

    glad to know you had a good time despite the loss
    and staying in the lap of 24 Hour News luxury…or something like that.

    and i agree that the team seemed to be in a “fog”
    for all the talk of Avery about intensity, he showed very little of it tonight.

    and as for those on here complaining that we’re too demanding, well, i don’t expect to go 82-0 but i do expect a decent amount of intensity brought to each game by the players. yes, a player or two may have an off night and that happens……….but for a solid professional that’s a rarity.
    watch some of the other teams play — from those at the top of the conference to those who are in the middle to bottom of the pack like us and you’ll see A LOT more intensity brought to each shift.

    if we would have been even slightly interested in playing tonight then we wouldn’t have had a rookie goalie in his first NHL start have to pretty much save us
    and we would have either scored a power play goal or
    at the very least made it look as if we had one more player on the ice during the power play and did a better job of passing and shooting ON NET NOT WIDE.

  27. well…we didn’t play Dallas tonight so there was no reason for Avery to be as intense as he was the previous night…after all he was getting paid by just one team!


    i heard you screaming! :P Glad you had a good time…

  28. Hey jpg! gotta agree, the power play was flat. And how do Cally and MDZ get in the shoot out before Forearms, Lisin or even Higgins! The scary thing is, i told my man that Christensen and Gabby would be 2 of the first 3 out there, tellin him how gabs is NOT successful in the skills comp, and boom, he bangs it home! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, and that is NOT a knock on THE MIRACLE that is Marian!

    at one point they were on the pk and I actually heard sam in my head saying, RANGER PENALTY KILLERS GETTING TIRED. and joe saying they’d been out there for a long time. thats pretty bad!

  29. lmao CCCP!! niters guys, i forget i’m back on eastern time and its freakin 20 after 1!!!!!!!!

  30. Linda,
    i live in Houston and when i go to Aeros ( AHL/Wild farm team) I see a good amount of Rangers jerseys too

  31. *Great job, Glennie. Now where in Holy Hell is the captain?*


    Carp: “Captain Clutch” is on vacation…like you, I don’t get paid extra for this gig :)

    I’ll be back by Jan. 17th, the Sunday game vs. Montreal

    oh, and don’t believe any of the “Chris Drury” impostors that will probably show up between now and then

    PS: Linda, I know you saw my other post, so if Carp keeps asking for the Captain, I know I can count on you to let him know

  32. the guy behind “Chris Drury”

    why does this name sound kind of wrong? lol :P

    Come back soon Captain Clutch! We miss your wisdom!

  33. i understand we lost and we sucked, but why is every single time we lose, we start talking about how bad drury is? after 1 ot loss, its fire sather, waive drury. i cant understand the obsession with him. just stop talkin about him or even thinking about him. we all know what hes capable of at this point, is it really any surprise anymore? im not defending the guy but its almost sickening seeing drury every freakin post!

  34. aves was on fire last night and it was one of if not his best game since i can remember. but for 4 million, thank god we only play half. maybe lisin gets moved up to 2nd line or something. he can add some offense in place of higgins.

  35. The Rangers pretty much had the game. The goaltending was three but the team couldn’t score that extra goal to seal the deal. As far as the whole “hockey fans” goes…well, this was a good game..Rangers should have won, Johnson was at no fault.

  36. Be happy with the road point. It would have been nice to get two, but Johnson did his job and gave Henrik a much needed rest.

    Hedberg has always played well against the Rangers kinda like how Vally would always play well against the Flyers. Remember in the 2007 playoffs when the two games Hedberg started the Rangers won 2-1 and 4-2 (with an empty netter)? The two against Lethonnen were 5-4 and 7-0.

    I think it’s Torts’ mission to give everyone a shoot out chance. I can’t wait to see Brashear and Voros with the dekes :)P

  37. bull dog line on

    most of you here fail to see what the real issue is with this team. you complain about Drury, Roszival, and Redden. make fun of Brashere, and Voros, but you can’ see the forrest from the trees. the real problem on this team is a complete lack of top end talent, especially at center. you can either wait for, and hope that Kreider, and Stepan become that, or be aggressive in the trade market. and that means seeing what you can get for Staal and Lunqvist.

  38. Stuart

    Did you really just say Staal looks overrated? Did you watch the game and not notice Kovy had 1 SOG? Defense first…offense second, that’s exactly what he’s doing and it showed last night shutting him down

  39. Bull Dog, while I agree with some of what you say, I disagree about trading Hank. That is filling one hole by creating another. Hank may not be the best goalie in the league, but he is one of the best. Great goalies don’t just come along. We need to hang on to him. Now, would I trade anyone else on the team. If the right deal came along, absolutely!

  40. These next two games won’t be easy. Boston in Boston and NJ anywhere is tough. Boston should be an easier game of the two, while the Devils game is going to be hard no matter what.


    Wish we had won, because it would have solidified TWO starts per month for Johnson, now he is back down to ONE start per month. Why give Hank any rest when we can burn him out, and still lose most of the time? That’s the “strategy,” right Torts?

    By the way, anyone miss seeing Parenteau in the shootout? I sure did. But, hey, Hartford can win more than its share of shootouts, and that counts for a lot in New York, apparently. (Aparenteautly.) Christ, how we love to punish success, around here.

  42. Funny thing about Lisin scoring last night. I was playing 2K10 last night during the game and he got a goal from about the same spot he scored from last night, plus an assist. I found it funny.

  43. we really have no #1 center even prospal is made better by gabby who if wasnt on teh team, half of his points wouldnt be there. duby is good sometimes. he is good because of his size and reach and he got stronger so he can create a forecheck, but he cannot most of the time, do anything with it. aa is too slow but when he does get in a chance to make a play, he rarely does. ven with stepan coming in a yaqr maybe, we still need a better top line center. if teh plan is to work around the talents of hank and gabby to win teh cup anytime in th next few years, then the youth will be sacrificed by sather. not anybody like grachev or stepan kreider right now, but all the stockpiled d men we have. its weird cuz on teh one hand u wanna wait for some of our high end picks to mature into nhl caliber players, but you cant wait forever with hank being in his prime now and gabby too. theyre about 28. now, if sather had gotten say parise instead of jessiman, we could be a cup contender right now. the mistakes hes made the past 10 years is definitely killing us right now. hes done fairly well recently but we may not come by a goalie like hank for a long time and id liek to see him given a shot to win teh cup. before hes traded in 4-5 years and goes on to win with a better team. we have the d prospects to build around hank. we may need some bigger tough d man mercenary to give wicky his biggest wish, but we really have little offense besides krieder,stepan,grachev and locke whos a midget. krog 2.0. this season wouldve been the perfect one to tank and get hall or kabanov, whoever to really get the team that 1 elite talent to help gabby. who knows what the future holds for gabby. drury will be gone as will roy. n redden. oes anyone think we will have a shot after those 3 are gone? or will slats just get more washed up players? but last nights game which i didnt watch but half of it, was exactly teh type of game a team who comes off one of the most emotional wins of teh season which shouldv been enough for us to go there and just rip apart the thrashers. but 1 goal against them?? where was aves? where was dru besides blocking shots? where was the pp? it looked as bad as it ever was. i will take this road point and shove it drurys and torts ass.

  44. Carp,

    What do you think of Johnson? I liked him a lot and Rangers twice play back-to-back this month. He should play once during each of those. 7 games in 11 days tomorrow. Hopefully Torts has the team well-conditioned. Drury was great defensively. I know he catches a lot of criticism for his contract and lack of scoring, but he was great on D.

    Any of you bonheads going up to Boston tomorrow?

  45. it is possible to put hank in just for the shootout i think, which couldve gotten them the win. but that wouldve been bad for the kids confidence and he played good enough to dserve finishing out the game. if we were out of a playoff spot by the last week of teh season they couldve done that right? just play hank in teh shootout? but he hasnt been that great as he used top be anyway. theyve all learned how to score on him.

  46. I had great seats to the Rangers vs. Stars game on Thursday, close enough to hear and see the constant chatter on the ice. It made me wonder what happened to the Mic’ed up feature on MSG? Does Torts not allow it?

  47. Bulldog – Trading Lunqvist or Staal is being incredibly short-sighted. Trading two players who still have plenty of upside to their game (Hank for at least 3 or 4 more years and Staal for 8) sets us back a TON. Do you really think this team can win a cup this year or the next? Pittsburgh and the Hawks have that locked down for a while.

    Patience. Play hard. Everyone enjoy watching our young guys come of age. Lock up the good kids, show the dying vets the door. In 3 years when Redden is outta here, Drury is donezo and Roszival is nowhere to be found in North America, we will be looking at a Cup Competitor.

  48. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Wah Wah Wah

    Jesus some times I even wonder about some of our supposed Ranger “Fans” on this blog

    A Rookie Goaltender,straight out of college , let in ONE GOAL on 31 shots in his first full NHl game and got us a point on the shootout? And you still bitch and cry?

    Not to mention, Anisimov cracking one of the post, and losing another one at the goal mouth in a scramble that would have made the final score 3-1 had they gone in.

    Kovalchuck had ONE SHOT ON GOAL the entire night, Thank you Mr. Marc Staal who played a great game

    Some of you really do just like to bitch to hear yourselves type.

    Good Road game, got a point, Back -up was solid, end of story.

    And to all the nay sayers, I’ve been saying since the draft day that Johnson is goign to be our back-up, and WILL be a starter in this league. Vally’s staying in HArtford and good riddance.

    And whoever said they wanted to see Johnson flailing around like Weekes or Vally is a total moron and knows absolutely nothing.

    Points in 10 of the last 11 games and people are still crying? PLEEEAAAASSSSSEE.

    The only true negative last night was the PP and lack of putting one in with the man advantage


  49. afly,
    the fact that this team is not winning the cup in the next few years is a good reason to consider trading Hank. Hank without question is one of the top goalies in the NHL, and he is ready to win now. By the time the Rangers are built to win, it may be to late for Hank. the Rangers are quite a few pieces away from being a contender. do they get those pieces by waiting for all the young players to show up, and hope they are as good as they need them to be, or be aggressive in trades, and turn the team over faster.

  50. Let’s stop putting blame on Boyle on that tying goal. He was dealt a bad hand. He tried to get on the ice but that shooter had a full lead on him as he came over the boards and you could see that he was off balance. The real fault lies in that stinking business of throwing the puck over to the other team constantly, and especially using that long “pass”

    But then again – you don’t expect most of these guys to exert themselves and really skate do you?.

    But what a refreshing reality..the Rangers planted an acorn on the farm and they grew a burgeoning Oak! That kid is a throwback to the old days of Glen Hall, Terry Sawchuk and Johnny Bower. HIs weakness is notably the skate and deke, where in he opens his 5 hole. ( Some intelligent goaltending coaching could help there.) Rangers don’t have any. How did you like that beautiful example of the stacked pads sideways slide? If Lundqvist could learn that and the stand and face the shooters style of goal tending a bit more than knee flopping before the shooter shoots, he’d be a sure bet for the hall of fame.

  51. Johnson played well enough that he will get lots more starts. I don’t think Hank would have fared better last night. I didn’t think the effort was there, they just couldn’t get it going. In the shootout Kotalik and Christesen both did basically the same move and both were weak attempts. I would have liked to see Anisimov, or lisin have a go, but I guess torts get to see the entire team every day, so I suppose he knows who might be more likely to pot one in the shoot out. It also might be pure guess work.

  52. i’ve seen better ideas. the one below is a recipe for hank to get injured since he would not be warmed up

    Great White Grabachev In Ia
    January 8th, 2010 at 9:28 am
    it is possible to put hank in just for the shootout i think, which couldve gotten them the win. but that wouldve been bad for the kids confidence and he played good enough to dserve finishing out the game. if we were out of a playoff spot by the last week of teh season they couldve done that right? just play hank in teh shootout?

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