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This sure is a confusing time in Rangersland. John Tortorella was saying the other day that he’s looking at the positives, and didn’t really get the negatives, about this little streak. And, well, that’s his job. But it also is at least partially reality.

Since that debacle against the Islanders on home-ice, and the meeting called by Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist, and the airing-out by Lundqvist, they are 7-1-2, with points in nine of the 10 games, and a total of 16 out of a possible 20 points, which is a huge run in the ultra-tight Leastern Conference playoff race.

If more positives than that were needed, the Rangers have now won two in a row at home after winning one of their previous nine at (sold out) MSG.

And in the last two games, they have gotten goals from the worst-striken drought-dwellers: Christopher Higgins, Ales Kotalik, Sean Avery and Chris Drury. Oh, my.

But we, of course, like to look at reality.

So I give you the 10-game streak, which aims at 11 tonight in Atlanta:

12/17: At Islanders, 5-2 win. Not terribly convincing, great performance by Lundqvist.
12/19: At Philly, 2-1 win. Stolen by Lundqvist.
12/21: At Carolina, 3-1 win. Pretty solid, against bad team.
12/23: Vs. Florida, 4-1 win. As complete a win as they’ve had all year.
12/26: Vs. Islanders, 3-2 OT loss. Not great by any means, but much better than the last Islanders visit.
12/30: Vs. Flyers, 6-0 loss. The worst overall performance of the season, start the panic.
12/31: At Carolina, 2-1 win. Solid again, still not enough offense.
1/2: Vs. Carolina, 2-1 OT loss. Lundqvist is right. They did everything well but score (four posts).
1/4: Vs. Boston, 3-2 win. Aside from late third-period collapse, an excellent effort.
1/6: Vs. Dallas, 5-2 win. Not as good, but still a one-sided win against a struggling opponent and goalie, and certainly not bad.

Again, as always, there are the yeah …. buts when you analyze this run. What happens after it will determine how we look back on this. If they keep on going, it will just look like a nice 7-1-2 run. If they don’t, we can point to all the faults in this run in hindsight. Or we might forget all about it completely.


Here is my column from The Journal News and today.


Forgot to mention this yesterday. WPIX Channel 11 will broadcast two Rangers games on over-the-air television: at St. Louis on Saturday, Jan. 16 at 8 p.m., and at Montreal, Saturday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m.

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  1. CT, there is a new Mitchell and Ness hat at the NHL store and it is sooooooooo cool. I saw some guy with it last night, and he said there was a ton. I don’t know when I am going to be able to get back in there to grab it, but check it out if you are there again. It has a white mesh back, the front is blue, and the Rangers logo looks awesome. I can’t find it online yet. Grrrrrrrrrr.

  2. Neil, by the way did you see the cowboy on the ice when they did the “bull race” he had to be thinking what he did to land him there…

    on a side note I actually have watched PBR and found it pretty cool… but then again I want to move to Nashville so that could just be the little bit of south in me…

    Did you find better seats? There is one guy four rows ahead of us that we absolutely can’t stand but other than that we really like our section :)

  3. Where’d you sit last night Nasty? I was in section 318, had a great view of Avery’s spin move then dish to Captain America.

    I’ll have to check out the hat, maybe it will be my backup if I’m ever at a game where Gaborik finally scores his first Rangers hat trick.

  4. Carp………”There’s a perception out there that we’re holding him back,” Tortorella said. “That’s the furthest thing (from what) we’re doing. I think that’s speculation and perception, but we have asked him to get to the edge. I’ll put it to you this way: The deal Sean and I have is, you get to that edge and if I feel you’re going over that edge, I’ll bring you back.

    “He hasn’t come close enough to getting to where we need him to be for me to even thinking about talking to him about coming back.”
    ………….sorry I don’t think the coach understands it. And he is not being honest with himself nor anyone else on Avery. It’s becoming his MO on things gone wrong or right. CYA is his way, in denial of responsibility.

  5. CT, section 341, seat 1 I think. Against a wall. It sucked something fierce. Ag, no NHL 10 for wii huh? Do you mean 2k10 or 2010 EA?

    I just called the NHL store and I am ordering this hat from them on the phone.

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Avery is referring to himself in the third person now?! Oh no, this may be the best and worst thing to happen to the NHL and the Rangers.

  7. Jason – MSG is usually a sell-out, despite the empty seats you see. If all the tickets are sold, the organization considers it a sell-out regardless of whether or not the seats are filled…

  8. The Rangers one I have is an adjustable hat.

    The Nordiques one I got is S/M actually. I wear a 7 1/4 hat for the New Era baseball hats if that reference helps.

    I told my friend Sanchez the other day, “Hey Sanchez, goony-googy”.

  9. I just called back and the girl who helped me had me talk to the guy who works with her, who wears a 7 1/4 new era and he tried the hat on and said that is felt too tight on his head. The talked me in to keeping the L/XL. It better not be too big. Ha.

  10. It’s a pretty snug fit but since the material is softer than say an authentic baseball hat it stretches a little bit more.

    Plus my hair is a little longer than I’d normally keep it and I think that tightens the fit a little too.

  11. Yeah, for those of us that wear the 7 1/4, a Med/Lrg would have been the best fit. I like my hats more on the snug side though, otherwise I feel the hat sits too low and will make my ears stick out.

  12. Hmmmm, well I guess I will see. If anything I can always send or bring it back. I hope it fits though. I know what you mean about ears sticking out. I hate when that happens. But I also get bad headaches when my hat is too tight.

  13. I usually think my bad headaches are caused by drinking too much beer. Our seats last night were new a stand that sold Newcastle, I might have to get those seats again.

    But if it is because of hats, maybe I’ll have to move up a size.

  14. Yeah I tried the L/XL, just felt a little on the big side, but maybe it depends on the shape of your head?

    I wonder why M&N makes some adjustable and some fitted.

  15. Oh for crying out loud you’re driving me hat batty!
    Can we go back to talking about the splendalicous Aves! Mama is in such a good mood today.

  16. I went to Local before the game. I had to Heini lights on the train, two Molsons at Local, and the bar tender girl bought me a glass of the 3 Olives Rootbeer vodka. It was so good. I stopped after that though. Teaching hung over is the worst thing in the world.

  17. I went to Blarney Rock on 33rd before the game and then Stout afterwards. Newcastle and Yuenlings.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    January 7th, 2010 at 11:33 am
    I’m gonna start talking about dresses, or pedicures…..

    Two nights ago a few of the gals and lads were dicussing who was hotter, Lundqvist or the Staal’s. I left before it got too weird, but they may have touched on that topic already.

  19. I like Molly Wee Pub and Smithwick’s is my beer of choice :)

    NHL 10 EA sports, but they don’t seem to be releasing it for the wii although I thought commercials said it was :(

    Actually if you have a headache/migraine (although I suppose one not caused by wearing a tight hat) supposedly tying something snuggly around your head can lessen the pain… supposedly.

  20. I used to like Roses in Penn before they redid the beer stand and raised the prices. Also used to go to Blarney till the beer prices skyrocketed. When I get in early enough, Off The Wagon on MacDougal Street, great beer deals. Homo Larry goes to Molly Wee and I might check it out as he said he’ll hook me up. It’s all about the beer!

  21. Thankfully the Rangers Veinte Nueve isn’t Twittering about his “love life” like the one in Cincy.

  22. Yea I met up with Larry when we were going into the Garden last night. He goes to Molly Wee before games every time.

    My sister and I went there to watch games when we didn’t have tickets. I love the place. The prices are comparable to just about any other bar I think. The food is good and during the postseason they put the sound on the tv’s so you can hear the commentary. They are all good people in there to, the staff I mean.

    Its to crowded before games so we always waited for Larry and the crowd to clear out before going in.

  23. Yeah well, what if you had Megan Fox waiting for you at home Orr? Wouldn’t you want to survive to make it back?

  24. The blogfather just stopped by and gave me a 2010 team calendar! Mama loves the blogfather!

    I have to wait until August for Aves, and April will be terrible cause Basher’s on that month. Oh well. And funny, they have Rozi and Redden on same month.
    Clutch starts the year and Gabby ends it….fascinating stuff!
    Thanks Carp!

  25. Oh yeah I got that calender too last night. It has R&R in July, a cruel reminder that July is usually the worst month for Ranger (GMs).

  26. anyone read the postgame comment where turco called avery a “delinquent” and said things like “why couldn’t he do that for us last year” and he “didn’t think it was possible avery could get 4 points”

    strong words for a goalie that has been terrible for 2 seasons

  27. CT – Where did you get a Newcastle inside MSG?

    Stout only has it in bottles now.


  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    January 7th, 2010 at 1:08 pm
    beth, one of the benefits of being a Ranger fan is that the team is usually one of the better-looking ones in the league :)

    Perhaps that’s how Sather decides which UFA’s to sign?

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    As clutch a post as the Captain shooting from 150 feet with 45 seconds left and reaming it off the iron, Tony.

  30. Blog mama,
    Maybe Sather just wants good looking people around him. Could be thats been the problem, he’s been picking up players by looks first and talent second.

  31. Good MSG Story from last night-

    So I am sitting in my usual seats in 402 with my son. 3 minutes in an MSG employee comes over to me, shows his badge and ask if my son and I would like to join him and his co-worker downstairs. I said sure, why not….next thing we are in section behind Stars bench. My son’s seat was right where Rangers come in and out. So he was getting high fives and a stick tap from Cap’n Clutch himself…..

    To top it all off…I almost bump into a guy on way out who looked familiar. None other than Carp….once I recognized the man, he was heading down towards the locker, so sorry for not saying hello….

    So great seats, a thrill for my son and a good win….

    Nice change!

  32. hey Carp
    nice column on Avery.
    just curious if you or anyone else
    asked Tortorella his opinion on some
    of the penalties that were called on Avery

    whether he was getting near that edge….

  33. HOMER thats awesome!!

    If Sather picked up players by looks we wouldn’t have had Malik or Hollweg and wouldn’t have Rozi now… unless Sather is as bad with figuring looks as he can be with talent… that could be part of the problem… no Gomez either…

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Didnt Avery remind anyone of Jimmy from Seinfeld?

    The one with Mell Tormet?

    “I think thats the tops!”

    “Jimmy broke his ankle becasue of Kramer”
    Now JImmy Can’t work”
    Jimmy’s gonna get some payback!!”

    “Sean Avery needs to play this way to be effective”

    I seriously thought I saw Sean smile and laugh at himself when he said tha tin the interview

    You know he’s seen that episode

  35. George is getting angry!!

    jpg, Carp addressed that in the previous thread.

    Tony, speaking for my fabulous self, I couldn’t agree more. Then again, there is CCCP :)
    (if you saw his photo from the beard contest you’d understand :)


  36. As entertaining a game i’ve seen this season. I LOVE the face that Avery was in the Stars’ heads all night and got them chasing him all over the rink.

    Glad to see #16 back in form, hopefully a stepping stone for Aves.

    RIDICULOUS spin move/assist. That guy is still looking for his jock, and Turco is still having Avery flashbacks!

  37. Damn you Higgins!!! Ribeiro is out 4-6 weeks with a throat contusion…and my fantasy hockey season just keeps getting worse and worse…

  38. Lastly, Rodents’ reminder to some visitors on this blog who want to trade Hank. Also, Rodent really talks well about a different flow of that game which gets lost after such an impresssive win.

  39. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    WPIX- I watched many games on The official station of the NYR during the 60’s .
    Winn Elliot did the games, without a sidekick. I think he had 9 or 11 kids.

  40. ilb2001 , now I’m really scared.
    I’m really enjoying the pictures everybody is posting there. But where’s Carp ? Not a facebook kind of a guy ? I think Josh should sign up too

  41. LOL Tony!

    i strike fear into people! Maybe Rangers should sign me as a hard hitting freak striking crease clearing D?!

  42. I’d like to know who the 2 people are who voted for Chris Higgins in the poll at the top of the page. They are either insane or related to every other player in the poll.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I would like to know who DIDN’T vote for Chris Drury?

    Redden can actually play some defense, (to may dismay) Rozsival occasionally plays his position too. Brashear is 1.4 million cap hit… meaning the “Captain” does NOTHING for 7.05million and I still don’t get how he’s not #1 on all of your lists?!

  44. If given the choice Redden has to be the one to go. He has 4 years left while Drury has only 2. Plus Redden never won a little league World Series so he’s out.

  45. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    Speaking of looks, that wicky guy is just creepy looking I mean…………..ummm nevermind!!

    So if I can pull everyone away from the hat and rangers have the cutest guys calendar (sheeesh) for a serious question…on nhl10 for 360, how the hell do you take faceoffs? I just got the thing and played my first game after a few roster adjustments last night and my center would not even move on the draws?!?!?!

    Ok, back to work and thanks!!

  46. I had a terrible nightmare last night. Malik’s kids were after me. I was running down the street and they were jumping from tree to tree, and lamp post to lamp post. It was horrific.

    Almost as scary as the nightmare i had of Max Afinegenov chasing after me in skin tight leather pants.

  47. wicky. u gotta use the right stick. when the puck hits the floor is the best time to go for it.

  48. oh and all you have to do is pull the stick down. unless you change camera views when the period ends. then you’d have to pull up

  49. wicky229 (gabby, just get 27 more!!) on

    thanks, I got shutout by the pens 3-0, lost freaking every draw (5 fights though). I just use classic view, so I just pull down on right stick….trying it tonight after I watch the dvr’d game, Thanks again!!

  50. Wicky talking like Avery now?

    Re: face offs, try pulling to the backhand of the center you’re using (back and left for lefties, back and right for righties). And you got to be quick right off the drop of the puck.

  51. you have to have a facebook first. search boneheads on facebook. its the group with a pic of dubi pickin his nose

  52. wicky. the board play in that game is sick. and players catch pucks and stuff and hit it out of the air. its the best sports game out their in my opinion.

  53. wow! just read this at Andrew Gross Rangers Rant.
    sorry to hear that Ribeiro wasn’t just emphasizing for the refs. good luck to him in recovering.

    “Finally, the Stars Mike Ribeiro will miss 4-6 weeks after taking Christopher Higgins’ stick blade to his throat last night. Ribeiro underwent a procedure last night that included a tracheotomy.”

  54. January 7th, 2010 at 4:16 pm
    I would like to know who DIDN’T vote for Chris Drury?

    because redden’s contract lasts 4 more years and drurys only lasts 2 more

  55. I just requested to join through my wife’s account. Her name is Alison. Whoever is running it, just giving you the heads up.

  56. I’m pretty sure he underwent tracheostomy, not tracheotomy but it’s just semantics. Wow, that means the internal swelling was getting bad enough that they were worried about his breathing. Scary stuff..

  57. jpg, wow, I had no idea Ribeiro’s injury was so bad…..not that it changes anything, but thank heavens it was just the result of an honest accident….shite, can you imagine if it had been Aves’ stick?? I shudder at the thought…

    TR, got the e-mail, e-mailed back.

  58. Good Nasty, then we can create a group dedicated to discussing the search for the perfect Rangers hat. Since obviously that sort of talk is not welcome here.

  59. Carp, I really like the “So I give you the 10-game streak, which aims at 11 tonight in Atlanta” piece. Maybe you could do that every ten games so we have a quick retrospective of what’s going on?

  60. Kardashian ?

    Im not really an ass guy. I like a nicely shaped ass, im more of a boobs guy, and i even love a smooth pair of stems over the ass, but she’s hot. Id take a dip in that pool, but there’s a lot of other girls id rather swim in.

  61. Orr you ever see Survivor Island? It’s also called Three I think, with Kelly Brook and Billy Zane? The whole movie is just Brook walking around in a bikini and you’re just waiting and waiting and waiting and hoping and hoping to see something…it’s great

  62. nyrguy- lmao i saw that dumbass movie!! i was hopin for zane to pounce on the other chick but he went zane freakin crazy!! and the guy who was a dick at first, ended up stealin zanes wife. it was almost like a really mild soft porn almost!!

  63. Check out this link of Ribeiro…what a tool lol

    And Grab…it had the feeling of a soft core porn like it was going to just break loose at any moment, then the guy basically raped her on the beach but she liked it lol

  64. i like some extra cushion on my girls. i also like thin ones with little hineys too. dont matter to me. not too fat, not too skinny. im not picky. orrs gonna have to settle for an avg chick. poor guy has built up foix and others in his head and he might have to lower his standards. be careful orr, looks arent everything. but your young, enjoy your youth!! i sure did lo

  65. NYRGuy

    Lol, hell yeah ive seen that. I was bored one night and i was flipping through some channels and saw her riding Zane like Seabiscuit, and i waited to see those juggs for almost an hour, and then they came out to say “hi”. Great rack, it made me happy.

  66. i know guy. it was one of those flicks where the whole concept,plot, acting, pretty much everything sucked, but the whole thing u just mentioned had me pitchin a tent and i got so crazy, i had tantric you know what with the wifey. ohh geez here we go. lets get back to hockey. from hats, to lq’s and staal, to pedicures, to fantasy sports to orr’s fantasies!!

  67. orr, guy, and i all have seen that movie?? lol we mustve watched it all at the same time. i did what orr did. was bored, flipped thru channels and found that one, havent found it since. it was on one of the hbo or showtime channels

  68. Haha I saw it last week on Cinemax or Showtime…I actually only got about 5 hours of sleep on a worknight that night because I just kept on watching lol

  69. Mike, i have a doctor appt at 7:15 but i hopefully will be back by 2nd period. then the fun starts.

  70. doctor appt at 7:15?? damn i never knew docs were open that late. its a freakin blizzard over here. i had a doc appt today too. had to get my blood pressure meds renewed and some happy pills. just in time too cuz he was leavin early today to go to vegas. i said “hey doc, dont do what they did in the hangover”!! he laughed cuz he actually saw the movie, and the guys like 60 somethin!!

  71. Grabby, I’ll take that as a compliment, but for future reference, people don’t want to hear “You look like my dad.” And it’s nothing against your dad.

    Just kidding.

    New post.

  72. Carp writes, “Since that debacle against the Islanders on home-ice, and the meeting called by Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist, and the airing-out by Lundqvist”. Can someone provide a link to an article, somewhere, that describes these events? I can’t even find a reference to them in the archives of this blog.


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