It’s go time (Hot ‘lanta style)!


Rookie goalie Chad Johnson gets his first NHL start tonight, after Henrik Lundqvist started 17 in a row and 24 of the last 25. In an Olympic year, you can only say, “It’s about time.” Johnson got two NHL periods in relief of Lundqvist in the 6-0 loss to Philly Dec. 30, then went to Hartford for two starts before being recalled.

Looks like Voros gets prucha’d again. Vinny Prospal was supposed to take a few twirls on the ice to test his post-surgical knee, but isn’t close to returning.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes. Have fun.

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    carp, u look like my dad. its pretty weird. guys look pretty similar. same hairstyle, both italian. dads probably around teh same age. do you have any family with the last name girardi?

    Great White Grabachev In Ia
    January 7th, 2010 at 6:51 pm
    doctor appt at 7:15?? damn i never knew docs were open that late. its a freakin blizzard over here. i had a doc appt today too. had to get my blood pressure meds renewed and some happy pills. just in time too cuz he was leavin early today to go to vegas. i said “hey doc, dont do what they did in the hangover”!! he laughed cuz he actually saw the movie, and the guys like 60 somethin!!

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    Monica Bellucci

  3. >>Great White Grabachev In Ia
    >>January 7th, 2010 at 6:53 pm
    >>*’rped’* twice without even a warning!!

    Did you mean *’raped’*, Grabachev?

  4. ohhh monica belluci is hot too cccp. shes one smokin italian beauty. for her age she can keep up with these young bimbos.

    oh and carp, u wouldnt have any girardi’s in your family right? cuz if u do, then that makes us family!! haha j/k girardis a pretty common name. how bout russo?

  5. i might as well have been jbytes. carped,raped, hurts just as much!!! im still cryin from the latest carping i recieved as well as my fellow comrades 909,orr,nyrguy. hey nyrguy, how bout changing your name to just “Guy”. lol

  6. Monica Belluchi is pretty good but Marisa Tomei…man…Before The Devil Knows Your Dead, The Wrestler…good stuff

  7. HAHA it would definitely make it easier for everyone else.

    I might just make it Freburg…same sound as my last name, just easier spelling haha…its my name on PS3 too, I’ll get around to it eventuall

  8. damn!!
    looks like Center Ice is only offering
    the thrashers broadcast.
    no MSG!!!!!!!!!!

    go LINDA!!! shout it out!!

  9. Me too…no blogging mid-game unless blowout or unthinkable event (e.g. Chris Simon chopping Ryan Hollweg’s head off)…be back in 40 minutes!

  10. Good Hockey Evening all!!!!

    Rick getting down HOTlanta style.

    OH and CCCP BRAVO with Monica!!! I completely forgot about her!!!!!!!! DUH!

  11. This is sad. Where are the fans? Did the thrashers forget to tell the people of Atlanta that they still play there?!

  12. I agree, LW3H. But you wouldn’t notice them as much if they weren’t standing out against those empty seats.

  13. “nobody cares aboot hockey in Atlanta”

    that is exactly why Kovalchuk wont resign with Atlanta next year. We better clear cap space for Ilya.

  14. You have to wonder if Kovy is thinking at some point this club is going to go bankrupt and that will heavily weigh on his decision to resign even though he said he wants to “retire as a thrasher”

  15. Beth. that makes alot of sense. Hell, I went to the Rangers flyers game in december in philly and we got a foot here and 8,000 people showed up. And that’s from a northern city. Yeah, Atlanta, they are probably locked in their basements praying that the snow won’t kill them.

  16. How many “that’s what she said” jokes can we make regarding our goalie’s last name tonight?

  17. Brashear is 38 today!

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear USELESS Donald!! Happy Birthday to you!

  18. Winston, I think he meant they are not a team that cannot go right up against the cap…they set their own cap (below the maximum)….could be wrong..


    Lol, i see that movie on all the time. It’s on one of the 5 or 6 showtime channels. Im sure there’s a website where you can download it. Or if you want pics, they’re definitely online.

    Anyway. This team needs to come together and form a condom, and protect their Johnson. This kid had to make some serious saves that period.

  20. Ocho Cinco looks pretty calm in his first start.
    much better than floppy around seen by some of our previous backup goalies.

    btw, where’s Linda sitting? i saw someone with a Ranger jersey in the row behind one of the benches.

  21. Orr, have you ever seen The Further adventures of Tennessee Buck? Google for some awesome oily pics,

  22. Good evening, Carp!

    Sorry to everyone that requested to join. I drove to Ithaca today and Linda went to Atlanta to eat donuts and watch some hockey. We’ll get to ya.


  23. christensen is right,,,no one cares about hockey in ATL
    look at all those empty seats,…it looks like an islanders game

  24. Has anyone noticed that Torts is wearing the same tie from last night? This one worked… I hate to say it, but I’m afraid he is wearing the same shirt too…

  25. Oh jeeeeze did I miss Christensen’s FIM moment? What did he say this time? I had to grab something to eat….

  26. Good evening Sally! the heads will be happy you’re back…they were worried it would be too quiet without you and Linda…ain’t the riot! the gals gotta keep it going!

    I think ilb is filling Linda’s shoes tonight though.

    Atlanta. Hockey….yeah, I think of those two things together as a natural. Stupid expansion….

  27. Nobody likes any sports in Atlanta…even the Braves don’t get fans…move em back up North…oh, right…Bettman thinks Canada is the devil…I’ll be back later

  28. anyone see redden bump the ref? that was the first time i’ve seen him hit anybody this season

  29. Orr, yoou have to see the scene where the tribe leader beheads the husband and then 2 or 3 chicks rub her with oil. Then the tribe leader shows her who’s boss. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  30. wow!!! just saw Staal going down the wing
    and thought
    i hope he passes because he’ll probably shoot wide.
    whether it was a pass or his usual wide shot, i’ll take it!

  31. Sally, for a laugh, go back and read the start of the previous thread for bit…then stop. In a word, no :)

    I think it’s slow tonight cause everyone is still recovering from the Aveliciousness from yesterday.

  32. Anyone that hasn’t been approved to the boneheads group, send me an email letting me know who you are ( We are not robots and want to make sure you’re not either.

  33. Oh shoot Raider you’re right. OMG I was just saying to myself …. feels like something’s missing….

  34. I just logged into the blog to see if anyone knew, but is Torts benching Gaborik ala Mike Keenan???

  35. All Joe Mich does is say things like, “They sure are great. Aren’t they?” Always follows it up with a question. Always!!!!

  36. ilb

    St. Vincents is a few blocks away from me. Im pretty sure Avery had his lacerated spleen surgery there too. Im surprised that the players go there. I would think that the trainers would take them to Lenox Hill…

  37. MAKO, it’s been a long, long, long time, but if Lenox Hill is still anything like my one experience, I’m not surprised they don’t go there at all….(shudder)

  38. Mama

    Im not a fan of St. Vincents (even though I was born there) though… personal reasons… two family members went in and they never came out. But who knows…

    Im sorry you had a bad experience there….

  39. ilb….I ever tell you my mom was a nurse? started out in pediatric oncology in fact….you do not want to get her started on hospitals or anything health-care related at all….

  40. MAKO, not St. Vincent’s….Lenox Hill….and it was the ER so I can’t really speak for the whole place.

    Seriously! Is this game so sad (thrilled we’re winning of course, and yay Chad,) that we’re talking about everything but??

  41. do you think the place is empty because of the flurries in Atlanta … or because the NHL puts hockey teams in cities that are big TV markets but have no other reason to have hockey? Yeah, hockey in the South will work?

  42. Mama

    I knew what you meant. Im saying I lost two family members at St. Vincents. So Im not a fan of them. Again, Im sorry you had a bad experience with Lenox Hill.

  43. Mama, you didn’t. We need to talk about it.

    LMAO at ESPN. I thought our goalie was..uhm..thinner lol
    Thry really should be embarassed

  44. Carp, you’re always allowed to ignore all my posts in your e-mail, there are enough of them, except for when I’ve already commented on a similar thought :)

    (sorry, sorry! please let me still have your break!)

  45. boy, take linda out of the mix and it really does get quiet in here. no more live games for that girl.

    Good evening, Sally!

  46. ilb, thought so :)….maybe we should have that chat as fleshy people one day!

    NYR…I know, and I love ya for it! Odd night…and btw, I like your name!

  47. Negative on all 3 haha…I was thinking just making it my Playstation Name…Freburg…its my last name not spelled correctly that everyone calls me…but again…too lazy to actually change it lol

    Be back at the end guys

  48. sorry, laurel. been busy writing about a harness racing driver.

    Johnny Lester and his Toy Piano.

    Isham Jones.

    The Sons of Italy Hall.

  49. Carp, LOL, as I told the heads earlier, how wonderfully hysterical that it takes a babe to keep things going!! (no offense NYR…and Olga, of course :)

  50. Carp, my calendar cat, you are of course forgiven. I heard about that story this afternoon, and based on our conversation earlier today, I kinda had to laugh :) It’ll be a great read though, I know….

  51. Yeah, just surveying. Let Boulton run around bowling over two of your guys, and then get a good distance away and say something. Don’t fight, god forbid.

  52. Before the ESPN lawyers get hold of me, I should probably confess (if it wasn’t obvious) that I might have doctored that image somewhat…

  53. Let’s be honest: do you really think Kovalchuk wants to play forever in that Funeral Home?

  54. haha carp. the fans look just as stationary as chairs. wait a minute.. they are chairs

  55. Carp, my ribs just broke laughing at that one.

    OK, seriously, I didn’t get the whole LW joke….online I mean, not in my brain…

  56. ilb

    That’s what Im talking about. Especially if they lose money every year or there is some possibility of them going bankrupt.

    And WOW that slow motion reaction of the play Girardi sure took his time getting over to Slater.

  57. The tying goal is Drury’s fault for changing at the wrong time. Let’s see how he does now as our expert penalty killer.

  58. I gots me a bad feeling about this one. Kovy or Kozlov with a bomb coming up. Next stop Frown Town, all aboard the Sad Van.


    don’t tell me Chad has to start out with the skills competition. Give the kid a break, guys. Get one in regulation!


    This kid deserves far better after the way he’s played. Welcome to the Rangers, Chad.

  61. MAKO, I know! If we lose this I’m gonna be sofa king mad….and after last night?! Oh Carp, can’t wait to read your thoughts tomorrow….

  62. LMAO the guy in the background was farggen hysterical. Has to zip his jacket to show the ATL player his “RANGERS”

  63. i’m drinking the druryade tonight. He has been a warrior this game. too bad he gets 7 mil to do it but nonetheless hes going his hardest

  64. So if we wanted to take Kovy out of the game, all we had to do was jump him from behind and shove our hands in his face and he’d get 4 minutes??


  65. Can someone please teach Drury how to block shots? Why is he writhing in agony every single game?

  66. i am almost positive that to score you have to shoot at the net. But apparently around the net works for the Rangers too… well, they got a point. amazingly we are tied for 6 and with a win against boston on saturday we are in fifth. Jesus this conference sucks.

  67. Oh well, Atlanta just has our number for some reason. Good showing by Johnson. Kid deserved a win.

  68. Shoot out loss, the kid played a real good game though. I think they should have given Artie or enver a go. They would have likely fared better in a shoot out.

  69. Losers. The kid plays out of his mind, and they cant help him out. To bad they got a point out of it, i prefer zero.

    That being said, Johnson needs to work on that five-hole on a one on one. Three goals in a row.

    Waste of a night.

  70. I mean he could have put Anisimov, Lisin I mean jeezze even Higgins!?!?!?!?

    not taking anything away from Cally or MDZ but you dont put them out there before the rest of the guys who can score in the SO

  71. That was definitely the hardest game for me to watch all year…I love watching every game regardless of how it’s played…sometimes I see you guys sayin it’s hard to watch, but I never feel that way…but tonight…eh…

  72. Nothing to be ashamed of. Rangers played a tight game and Atlanta didn’t suck. If your team plays like this from now on, you’ll make the playoffs. This is a result of that collapse vs Boston. They learned how important 60 mins is.

  73. Will the media ask Tortorella why he always throws in these weird choices in the shootout? Didn’t he say he was always going to play his skilled players in the shootout? Unfair to do that to Johnson, who played great.

  74. Yeah I’m beat…I need to stop going to work on 5 hours of sleep every night…I’ll probably not be back later so cya guys haha..sorry Carp!

  75. Even Avery since he’s been on a hot streak Those two pick he should really be questioned for.

  76. Wow, everyone calling it a night. I guess it’s not just the team whose tired…don’t blame ya all. Mama signing off too. Tomorrow (and Saturday) is another day!

  77. Im gonna bounce out of here and get to bed early. Good watching the same with you all. See youse tomorrow … Cant WAIT to read tomorrows paper.

    Later Guys & Gals

  78. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello from Atlanta, Ranger Fans!

    I am working like a DOG (I just lay around licking my balls all day) trying to get a deal done for Kovalchuk. I guess Redden and Rozival aren’t enough. Wardell doesn’t take his job seriously like I do. All he did was laugh when I proposed the trade. It’s no wonder that idiot hasn’t won a Cup in the last ten years… I may have to add Brashear to the trade. But don’t tell him, I’d hate to spoil his birthday.

    (singing)”You’re, my Funny Valentine…” Ooops, that’s my new cell phone ringtone for Dolan. He just loves Barbra! Or he’s got the brains of a barbell…

    Hiya, Big Guy! Did you see all those empty seats? No, it’s NOT “just like New York”! Yours are paid for… We took Atlanta to a shootout. No, not the Hawks, the Thrashers. No, I don’t know what a “thrasher” is… Maybe it’s like a guy that thrashes other people. Kinda like Brashear used to do until we got him. Who’d the Knicks play tonight? The Bobcats? Never heard of them- are they even in the NBA? Well, at least your guys aren’t pulling guns on each other. Oh, Geez. He’s started blubbering again… (Click)

    Where’s my protégé? Mess! Messier! Here, run down front and get a dozen beers, would ya? Get a couple for yourself too. But none of that “lite” stuff! People that drink that stuff don’t like beer, they just like to pee a lot. Let Muckler drink it. He pees every 5 minutes anyway. And he doesn’t even get out of the seat anymore-just sits there and grins…

    I’m going to have a talk with Torts again. The Rangers need to get more grit. I saw the team at breakfast and there were no grits anywhere! Just home fries. And we are on the road, too!

    Well, Mess is giving me the stink-eye, he says we gotta hurry up and get back to the Garden for a Saturday Kids Matinee. The place will be full of those little nose pickers. Drink up, boys…

    See you then,
    G.S.- Master of His Domain

  79. I try to watch these games online at work ( I work for a newspaper in Texas) and tonight i was actually begging for more work rather watching this game. absolute snore

  80. Another game where the Rangers get pushed around… I think we’ll have to get used to it this.

    At least Colton Orr would fight someone. When was the last time Brashears even fought? What’s he getting paid to do?

    I wish Chris Drury would retire. I honestly can no stand watching him play defense the whole game while earning $7 million a season.

  81. ” what a “thrasher” is… Maybe it’s like a guy that thrashes other people. Kinda like Brashear used to do until we got him. “-


  82. It figures that Gabby finally scores in the shootout and we lose, ha. I think this is only the second time he has scored in the shootout this year.

  83. Everyone is indeed tired. It was a grueling end to the year and then for anyone who watched all of the World Juniors; that was intense. It’s been hockey ever ynight this week but that’s a good thing!

    Very happy that Johnson played well. Shoulda got two but one is fine.

    Savard got hurt tonight for Boston so there’s a chance the Bruins don’t have him, definitely not Bergeron, and maybe not Lucic? Gotta capitalize.

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