The fine line of Avery


With Dallas in town, there’s a lot of attention on Sean Avery tonight. So here are some comments from John Tortorella’s pregame press conference, regarding Avery: 

On whether tonight’s opponent could affect Avery’s play:

“That’s so far gone, and it should be gone. I think Sean’s done so much due diligence in this league to gain some respect back. I think that’s so far in the past. This is about playing another game, with Sean playing on the edge, because that’s how he is an effective player, is playing on the edge. I don’t think he’s done that consistently. So it doesn’t matter if it’s Dallas or whoever it may be. We need to get him there.”

“We certainly haven’t gotten enough out of Sean … he’s certainly been inconsistent with that for the past two or three weeks. We’re trying to help him through it. But, again, for him to be an effective player and be an effective player for this team, he needs to get there, or get there closer than he’s been.”

I asked Tortorella if he knows why Avery’s stuck in the middle.

“No, no. I’ve had many discussions on what we expect out of him. He seems — and this has gone on for two months in our direction as far as how we want him to play — I just don’t think he’s gotten there consistently. I know there’s a lot of speculation — he’s confused, he’s this, he’s that. There should be no confusion because the meetings two months ago, up until (another meeting) prior to our last game, it’s been very specific how we want him to play. I think Sean’s trying to get there. I just don’t think he’s been that effective doing it.”

So I asked, how do you want him to play?

“On the edge,” Tortorella said. “Straight ahead. I think with Sean we’ve seen a little bit where it’s a lot of circling back from the end zone, in the neutral zone, circling back. We want him to be a North-South player. We want him to finish his checks. We want him to be the agitator that he is, that he is as an effective player. And the goals will come. I think Sean wants to help the team. This isn’t a matter of not wanting to do it. He wants desperately to help this team. The most important thing is, don’t worry about the numbers, the results as far as goals. It’s A before B. It’s playing the way he needs to play, and I think the goals will come in behind that. So the best definition I can give you is: North-South, finish your checks, and be in the areas where you’re effective, and that’s in front of the net, in the corners and forechecking.”

Finally, I asked, if Avery is going to play that way and be an agitator, he’s going to take penalties, so is some of that acceptable?

“There’s a perception out there that we’re holding him back. That’s the furthest thing (from what) we’re doing. I think that’s speculation and perception, but we have asked him to get to the edge. I’ll put it to you this way. The deal Sean and I have is, you get to that edge and if I feel you’re going over that edge, I’ll bring you back. And this is how we talked about during the playoffs. He hasn’t come close enough to getting to where we need him to be for me to even thinking about talking to him about coming back. So I know there’s a perception out there that the leashes are on him. That’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

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  1. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    excellent questions carp! Avery just needs to go all avery on everyone like they are all fatso!!!

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    Laurel, “blogsisters” I love it!

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  4. Check out the Boneheads’ Facebook page. Loads of fun.

    Avery is gonna get rolling soon.

  5. hey linda, hows the weather down in bama? its been below 0 for a week now. wind chill -30 2 days ago. i got an 09 chevy cobalt. got it cuz i drive 75 miles to work everyday round trip for good gas mileage, the damn thing wouldnt start after sitting in teh cold overnight!! i couldnt believe it. i winterized it and everything. the weather is changing. global freezing is goin on. el nino? forget about it, its el giganto over here. hows it in ny guys?

  6. Ok Linda

    u got me, I’ll have to make another fb page lol i’ll email ya when I get home.

  7. LMAO MAKO, and get one for Mrs.Guppy too!!! She’s gotta get in on all the shenanigans!!!

  8. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    Maybe Avery just doesn’t give a F_ _ _?
    What can they do, trade him?
    I wanted to buy myself a new hockey stick today,checked out the Easton Zetterberg, Heatley, sakic , and right there was a drury , I didn’t even touch it.

  9. did you remember your facebook password grabby??
    and dude, holy crap the weather down here is freakin insane! Its colder here than in New York! Damn Algore and his global warming! :-)

  10. i think you’d just have to make a new page GWGInIA. oh man, Tony’s gonna shoot me for that one…. and I know exactly what ORR’s gonna say… that it almost looks like something else. hehe

  11. Sheesh, how many posts a day? Who can follow that, Carp? You know, some people work. Mike- good one, thanks. i’ll give you my email, bro, I’ll take my chances..

  12. Avery seems to have a good game then a string of not so good ones. I didn’t think he was effective at all the last game they played. He spent a lot of the time on his rear end. He can be a very smart effective player, but he really has not got it going much this season. I hope Avery really gets his freak on tonight. He really does make a differance when he gets it going, when he doesn’t he is average or below.

  13. MON,

    i hope he gets going tonight also, and then kicks into another gear tomorrow! I also hope Brastrap is scratched tomorrow, and that Prospal is gettin his tan on!

  14. I agree Linda if he gets it going they have a good chance to win. The guy can do no doubt about it.

  15. ehh, i think aves may be livin it up too much. he looks almost out of it sometimes, and has made some pretty weak plays lately. he has been involved in some scrums but nothin close to what he used to do. they use to plan strategys around him just as much as jagr, and at times, was the reason we had any jam to our game and big reason we won in past years. maybe him and tots really dont get along and aves feels like he is being held back even if torts hasnt come out and specifically told him to tone it down. in the words of tony,roflmao, imho,ihdk y he has played this bad. its almot like hes been lobotomized like the dude from clockwork orange.

  16. we’ve seen what he can do. It just makes you wonder, with Torts saying they are NOT holding him back, why is he holding himself back? I know he’s the league whipping boy, although he didnt kill anyone or end someones career…. ahem ahem. He just needs to relax and play his game and the goals/assists will come. COME BACK TO US AVES!

  17. lmao grabby, if you look really fast, it kinda does, and you know ORR’s mind is always on that when it’s not on hockey!

  18. oooh i am awaiting moderation!

    thats just awesome!! drink in moderation, post in moderation! LOVE YA JOSH THOMSON,26!

  19. im befuddled. and be-frigged. guys im so tired from work idk if i can make it for th game. somebody help! i need to watch and blog wit my homeys. i gotta hear a 909 rap, an orr pic of fox or amurri. i could use a clutch update too btw. even a good ole fashion carping will do!1

  20. I think Avery is not liked by the refs because of all the complaining he does, that and the history he carries with him. I really think he should go out there and give it like he can, and forget all the bull. That said I think he gets a lot of dirt done to him that does not get called, and thats got to get to him.

  21. MON,

    i’d agree. I know its gotta be frustrating for him, and in all honestly, when you look at it from another angle, it really makes the league and the officials look hypocritical when guys are out there seriously hurting other guys and no penalties are called and so on. You’re right, he’s got to block out all the crap and just get back on his game. We know, and HE knows, as a Ranger, he’s pretty effective when he works within his area of expertise!

  22. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    Oh please Mike LOL

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks for posting that. Fantastic that the team is rallying around him….

    I have to open it under a new email….I used my gmail for the old one. I’ll come up with something creative… LOL

  23. i dont doubt you will sharkie!!!

    wow, i am still awaiting moderation. i think its because I put both mine and sallys email inthe post.

  24. “I wanted to buy myself a new hockey stick today,checked out the Easton Zetterberg, Heatley, sakic , and right there was a drury , I didn’t even touch it.”


  25. I’m starting to get the feeling that the team is overcoached.
    Let them just go out and play…an over the edge Avery is better than the one we have. I think back to the glory days…Avery and Brodeur…priceless and worth every penny of 3 million dollars.

  26. the issue isn’t Avery. even when he is inconsistent, not being as edgy as normal, the team is still better with him in the lineup. Take out Avery and the team is even blander/ weaker.
    a vanilla avery is better than rangers without

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  28. just want to put it out there that I HATE the Sabres for constantly being shown on MSG in place of the Rangers…I really just don’t get it. I have center ice so I still get to see the Rangers, but not in HD. And here’s the kicker…the Sabres are shown in SD on the MSGHD channel…WHY?!?!?!

  29. lmao@ roxonfox!

    grabby,did you just hear that commercial on the radio station hockeystreams plays before the stream starts?

  30. CCCP
    I’ve been so busy lately. The crazy carpy economy has forced me back to school.
    I am working towards 4 more degrees on top of my Chiropractic Doctorate.
    I am reading but not commenting much. I hope that changes as I get my schedule nailed down.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " NYR VS Dallas , Avery's sloppy second meeting !!! " … says Greg L. on


    Wake up Mike!!! Geezee Rangers are almost on!!!

  32. how do you locate the fb boneheads page? I searched boneheads and there is about 7 different groups that in no way seem Rangers related

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " NYR VS Dallas , Avery's sloppy second meeting !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I might have to get a GQ picture of myself and face book it up too!!! HAHAHA well..maybe not.

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