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Here are a few more quotes from tonight’s post-game:
Sean Avery:
“Certainly I’m happy with the game and the way that I played, but If I start doing this on a consistent basis, then it’s something to get happy about.”
What was different for you:
“I was getting paid by two teams.”
Then the third-person reference:
“It’s the way that Sean Avery needs to play. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and that’s just the way it has to happen for me to be effective. I’ve got to stay consistent with it.”
“I can take a lot of good things out of tonight, but it doesn’t really mean anything unless I come back and play that way tomorrow night. That’s what I have to do to help this team.”
I asked him if he understood what wasn’t happening before:
“I don’t know. I don’t know.
“I think maybe it had to do with some bounces tonight that I haven’t gotten. Maybe that’s the wave that’s changing here, that I’m going to get a couple of those. I think I’ve been working hard. I just hope that it keeps going. That’s what has to happen.”
Tortorella post-game (for those just joining us, Tortorella spoke about Avery at length before the game, and it’s in an earlier post).
“I think he has struggled as of late. … I’m happy for him. He’s given us some good minutes. I wish he hadn’t taken the misconduct because it took him out of the game a little bit, but I’m happy for the guy. He gets this game done with and he obviously was a big part of us winning it.
“I don’t know where this leash and handcuffs all started because there has been no leash or handcuffs on Sean Avery. We have really tried to push him the past couple of months into trying to get his game back and play this way. And I’ve stated right from the get-go, I want Sean Avery on edge. There have been no handcuffs, no leash. When he crosses the line, it’s my job to try to bring him back. That’s the deal Sean and I have. We talked after the misconduct and the cross-checking penalty — I didn’t see the cross-check; I’m not sure if he deserved it. But we talked and I said, ‘Sean, now play. Now play.’ I think we have good communication. I think he understands what we’re saying. So I call bull(excrement) on the leash and handcuffs and stuff like that. That has never been brought up with Sean Avery.”

“It’s a situation where, I don’t consider Sean Avery different than anybody else. But there needs to be a two-way street there.” 
On the calls Avery gets, or doesn’t get:
“I still dont think he has shed all the stuff that comes around him within the game itself. I think the officials are doing a much better job. I don’t htink he got a break when he first came back into the league (after his suspension). I think that’s come a long way here.”
An aside:
“I thought our power play was brutal tonight.”
Apparently, Tortorella and Marc Crawford had some words after the game. Not sure if it was in anger or not, or if the TV cameras caught it.
“That’s between Crow and me,” was all Tortorella would say.

Sorry for the spacing issue. That sometimes happens when I cut and paste.

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  1. Yup, that’s Carp’s definition of magic carpet ride. I’d call it Carp’s hattrick: get carped twice, first once.

  2. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    not me jpg got carped there ilb. we’re in a steel cage match of carping!

    jpg the person you asked about is cwgatti on here.

  3. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    you’re never sloppy bklyn!

    have we had a clutch wrap up yet?

  4. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    where in the hell IS everyone? big win, and poof, everyones gone… sheeeesh!

  5. yes,
    i see that Clutch got 2 assists tonight.
    one for the other squad
    but hey
    he’s just trying to get a lot of practice in there
    for the Olympics.

  6. Did anybody catch Marty Turco’s quote tonight?

    here it is- haha

    “I would have loved to have seen that delinquent do that for us last year,” Stars goalie Marty Turco(notes) said. “I didn’t think (four points) was possible. He has a good shot and he always has worked hard. His intelligence on the ice has always been an issue, and was with us when he was here.”

  7. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    dont these guys realize how absolutely idiotic they sound? SORE FREAKIN LOSER!!!!!!!

  8. that was the thing that was blowing my mind all night long.
    i could see Avery getting into someone’s head but the whole team was after him and it made no sense.

    then again, this team is coached by Marc Crawford who basically told bertuzzi to go neanderthal the Avs’ Moore and ended up breaking the guy’s neck.

  9. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    yea, another mental case still welcomed in the loving arms of bettmans nhl! ( and i mean bertuzzi AND crawford!) how do people forget this stuff???

  10. yes!!
    because physically assaulting and making someone
    a paraplegic is okay in the manly world of the NHL
    but some stupid comment to get under the skin
    of an opponent during an interview with the media
    is SHOCKING!!!!!

  11. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    its funny, i’d have thought the same way about the whole avery situation if he wasnt a Ranger. Its just the height of hypocrisy!

    heatley kills someone in a drunk driving accident and all is ok. bertuzzi ends someones career and all is ok. It’s almost like McSorely got the short end of the stick ;-)

  12. Sather's Wrapup on

    Carped? Me? Wait until the next time you want to go on the air with Dave Maloney! Dave is the good one! Not Don!


    Happy New Year, Ranger fans!!!!!

    I’ve been out of town lately on a super secret scouting mission, trying to land one of the Sharks- somewhere off the Florida Keys. Izzy is here with me. He says he’s looking for some Cubans. We did get some Marlins, but I didn’t see any Carp out there, he must have been working.

    Boy! You’d think Dallas would treat Avery a little better. They’re paying half his salary… Henrik played well, but he let in 2 goals, so he had a couple sloppy seconds out there… (Geez, I hope Bettman wasn’t listening…)

    Mother Sather sent me a package of Muskrat jerky for Xmas. Muskrat makes the best jerky, you know, ‘cause the logging trucks have already flattened it for you. It sure is good! I’m just waiting now for my lower intestines to unclench. Mess!, Hey Messier! You gotta try this… It’s homemade pal, how can it hurt you?

    Riiiiiing!!!! You Raaaanng? No Jimmy, I was just practicing my Lurch imitation. No, it wasn’t SUPPOSED to be Muckler. I KNOW he look just like him. We just don’t say it in front of him.

    Well, we did it again, Big Guy! Another sellout, Jimbo! The fans love us! What’s that? You want to buy the Giants? Why, aren’t they doing bad enough on their own? Where are they going to play? Well, I suppose…. If they can play HOCKEY in a FOOTBALL stadium… Why not?
    Gotta go Jimmy, the cat’s throwing up again… (click)

    Speaking of football, I’m trying to trade for Michael Vick. I can use a guy like that… The neighbor’s dogs keep yapping all night long. It’s driving me nuts!

    I also hired that amputee lady in the stop smoking commercial. She’s gonna signal to me how many game points the Rangers get each night. She only needs to count up to three, fer cryin’ out loud! Hire the handicapped. Guess I’ll have to put in a smoking lounge though…

    Enjoy the win Ranger fans, remember who traded for Avery…
    Uncle Glennie

  13. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    Carp, captain clutch’s wrap up is non existent! whats up with that. the author must be on vacation!

  14. Yeah, the captain better not think about leaving us in the dark during the Olympics.

    Speaking of dark, I’m dead-stopped on a train somewhere in the Bronx, pitch-black outside, and no sign of going anywhere anytime soon.

    Hey, Linda, not to make fun of your situation, but I think our traffic numbers have really skyrocketed since you’ve been off.

  15. What a good game for Avery! I didn’t even mind the ten-minute misconduct since it didn’t result in a loss of manpower. I was hoping to go to the game, but connections didn’t come through, nor did I win the Twitter contests. :(

    I found the Facebook group and friended a few people. Don’t reject me! Linda knows I’m good people. ;)

  16. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on


    Rick,I’d never be insulted by anything you say. If people can’t laugh at themselves, they better not make jokes at others expense! You guys have actually proven a lot to me in the past couple of weeks!

    Stuck in the Bronx, that is NOT healthy!

  17. Just finished watching….awesome game…Avery has to pretend he’s playing Dallas every night!

  18. turco played bad tonight. besides a few good passes from him he played terrible..

    avery had a good game, good for him.

  19. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    I can vouch for the validity of spiders claims!

    NYRGuy, we need to hypnotize him that the opponent is always the Stars of Brodiva

  20. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    hey Rick, if the life of the blog depends upon the hits, it will be my FULL TIME job to provide those hits!

  21. John Giannone asks the worst questions…”Is it important now that you are winning at home”

    “NO, We don’t need to win at home…if we win all 41 road games, we’re in the playoffs!”


  22. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    no worries NYR…

    its boneheads,just look for the picture of Dubinsky picking his nose! thats us!

  23. It sure doesn’t seam like we are 7-2-1 in the last 10 games…but it is nice to see that…it seems like the team is starting to gel a little and it’s pretty cool to see some secondary scoring also

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t care what we did in the last 10 games- Fire Sather!!!

    It’s the last 10 years that count.

  25. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    i was thinking that earlier! they’ve quietly put together a decent couple of weeks and really need to nail it down this month with the amount of games! maybe we’ll stop bitchin and moaning all the time….oh wait, what fun would that be?

  26. Wow…I don’t think Fischler knew that Avery was laughing at his laugh and not what he said lol..why do they let this guy still ask questions?

  27. May have been mentioned, I haven’t had a chance to go through everything, but Ribiero is staying in NY overnight in the hopsital but should fly back to Dallas tomorrow

  28. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    one day he is absolutely gonna go bonkers!!!
    oops, you’re approved NYR!

  29. Thanks…I didn’t stand you up this time I sware! But now I am because I have to wake up in 6 hours…have fun representin the Blueshirts tomorrow Linda

  30. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    holy carp! i gotta get up at 6:30, have a date with an evil machine in the morning before we get on the road for Blue Land and the Rangers @ Thrushers!

    you guys have a great night and I’ll see ya on Friday!!!!
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Olga Folkyerself on

    “My luck. I don’t talk to a soul on the subway for thirty-five years. I get the best man at a lesbian wedding.”

  32. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    Thanks Rick!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!
    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  33. actually we are 7-1-2

    that one loss was to Filthys 6-0

    and yes…it definitely doesnt feel that way… we are so used to be down on this team that we just forget the simple thing like actually follow the team!

  34. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    so ust got done with the dvr’d game and post game, so a few comments/questions and off to bed (i’ll check the responses in the morning).

    Does anyone else get the feeling that a lot of the players don’t like giannone? I do, during his interviews with them.

    I like the fact that torts sent out the 4th line at the end of a game finally…say what you will but boyle sticks his nose in scrums and sticks up for guys. I was impressed with brash tonight at the end, and a lot of guys still don’t want to fight him (count ott in that group) and that is the reason a lot of his fights are hugging matches, no one wants to let him go to wail on them!

    I liked richards game, I’m beginning to think we should go after him (they could send grossman along as well if they wanted), and his huge frakking salary for another couple of years!!

    speaking of sloppy seconds, wouldn’t it be funny if the rumour of the flames wanting to trade phanuef are true (i do not think they are), and he ended up with avery on the rangers…HA!!

    What is this facebook thing??

    Night all!!

  35. Carp, Linda, etc: yes, “Captain Clutch” is on vacation…I’ll be back by Jan. 17th, the Sunday game vs. Montreal

    and “Captain Clutch” already announced that he’ll be posting here during the Olympics…of course, that’s if the Clutchmobile makes it through customs, and if Captain Clutch/Torts/Cally don’t get into any hijinks during their road trip on the way to Vancouver :)

    oh, and don’t believe any of the “Chris Drury” impostors that will probably show up between now and Jan. 17th

  36. Carp = i was thinking the same thing as your post above. many more posts from linda ALL DAY and of course that leads to many responses. she has taken over as queen of the blog

    January 7th, 2010 at 12:08 am

    Hey, Linda, not to make fun of your situation, but I think our traffic numbers have really skyrocketed since you’ve been off.

  37. In the Rock’s tone of voice: “FINALLYYYYYY, Sean Avery has COME BACK to Madison Square Garden!!!!!!!”

  38. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    hey i’m just doing my part to keep the blog numbers up so Rick can keep on keeping on for all of us!!

    Guys, Sally and I need to know who you are before we confirm your group requests! We do NOT want to Inadvertently allow in any fans of the Isles, Devils or Flyers etc!! Thanks in advance!!!

  39. Finally a great all round effort. They must have been shocked when some pucks went in. They have had game after game of brick walls to shoot at. It’s amazing how much a good Shawn Avery can effect this team. I know it was not all Avery, but he can make a differance when he playes well. The penalty kill was top notch, but the power play was not.

  40. I was at the game last night, and what a game it was. I really hope Sean can play like that in 8 out of 10 games. Maybe not expect 4 points a game, but if he plays like that, it makes us much harder to play against.

    Good time at the Garden last night. I bought my daughter this little hockey stick/puck/ball set and put it in her bed when I got home. When I heard he get up this morning I heard her scream, “OH MY GOODNESS, DADDY!!, MOMMY LOOK WHAT DADDY GOT ME, DADDY THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!”

    It was so adorable. Ha.

  41. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    great job Nasty!!!! i just pray your daughter does not date or marry an Islander fan and gets brainwashed…siiiiiigh!

    Banj, you ARE approved!
    just need to know who artie and ronald are!

  42. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    the guy behind Chris Drury:

    enjoy your well deserved CLUTCHCATION!!!

  43. linda- i wanna join your group!! i’ll get a new account today and request to join later. what exactly is it though? is it like 1 huge profile where we al can talk to each other there and post pics? anyway 00
    (–) (its my froggy face)

    great game last night. was on h streams last night chattin with some fans. linda, u never show up there anymore! or tomb. avery can be such a force for this team its a shame it took so long to get him goin. even the penalties he took got them off their game so much, and dont discount the pk work of dru n cally. i mean, they are both gonna be great for teh 4th line on team USA and pk. and dru needs to keep goin right in front of teh net. hes gonna bang in alot more goals that way. he has a decent shot too. anything to get our captain to score. i really felt that that game could be the turning point of the season for us. that was one of the best defensive tight checking games ive seen from them all year. and i really thought they were stickin up for each other and playing as a team for once. even rozy made soem good plays in his own end taking hits, winning puck battles, no bad giveaways i can recall. only one i thought needs to play better is AA. he is a bug dude and has awesome hands and if he would just use his size and played like cally hes gonna be awesome. lisin too. AA had a great shot but he made a badd pass and ended up blowing a scoring chance from it. hes still one of m,y fave prospects and hope he plays liek he did in teh preseason even if they werent icing full rosters. all in all, i think aves performance alone will jumpstart this team and will maybe give them to confidence to start winning more games and playing much tougher. the physical aspect of teh game is contagious. aves can keep this up, the team will start to rally and actually become a TEAM!!!

  44. ohh jeez, i give up!! anyway, see ya guys after work. keep the wins comin rangers!!!!1 i’ll be here later to join in the fun. i think dos nueve should start tonight. thrashers are struggling bigtime and he has to get some playing time sooner or later. hank needs a break. if they dont truist jhim enough to play the trashers then get a new backup up here

  45. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    actually Sassy Sally is the creator of the group, I’m her wingman, or henchman,whichever your prefer!

  46. Thanks Linda, enjoy the game tonite. Go to The Varsity for hotdogs. I saw that place on the Travel channel. Looked good.

  47. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    gave up hot dogs since we decided they look like Crosbys lips, but thanks for the recommendation!!!

  48. Linda, HAHAHAHAHA. That is hilarious. There was a guy at the game that sat near us last night, and he was talking so loud the whole time, and I got annoyed and said, “Hey Crosby lips, tone it down.” People around me was hysterical!

  49. Sorry, I forgot to mention that he had big fat franky ball park crosby lips. The kind that spit connects to in the middle of the top and bottom lip, and makes that spit connection like Mumra from Thundercats. HAHAHA.

  50. From

    According to Andrew Gross, of The Record, Yankee Stadium will not be an option for next season’s Winter Classic.

    Gross says that ESPN will televise the Yankee Stadium bowl game on December 30th and that won’t leave enough time to create and build the rink and adjustments to the Stadium.

    Gross also says that there is no interest from the NHL in having the Islanders or Devils in the Winter Classic, only the Rangers.

    …Well that could rule out Citi Field. It just seems like Citi Field has to have the Islanders and Rangers involved in it.

    Gross also notes that the new Meadowlands Stadium is also not high on the list.

    …As I wrote yesterday, easy solution to having the Meadowlands Stadium work, INVOLVE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. This would easily sell out the game, and you work in the post-game performance into the NBC deal and suddenly it works for everyone.

    At least it works for me and my dad then.

  51. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    MUMRA!!!!!!!!! omg i think we’ve seen it ALL in this blog at one point or another! Another excellent story Nasty!! Hey Crosby lips, that is too funny!!

  52. Re: Future Winter Classic sites:

    30. Citi Field (New York, NY)
    If Yankee Stadium. Giants Stadium, Central Park the stadium at Rutgers, all the minor league baseball stadiums, Liberty State Park, a barge on the Hudson and most of the front lawns in North Jersey are booked, there’s always the new home of the New York Mets.

  53. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    we just got a call that the ARAB ( pronounced like ahab from moby dick) schools are closed! First, that’s about 20 miles from us, 2nd, i dont have a kid in school in alabama! DUUUUUUUUUUH

  54. Let’s face the facts… Avery is a delinquent BUT he is OUR delinquent and that is all that matters!

  55. So apparently that free wifi at the Garden is only for twenty minutes and then they shut you down… :( I didn’t mean to rudely leave without saying bye at least…

  56. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    and they said Green Acres is the place to be. PSSSHHHHAW

    RANGERS REPORT IS THE PLACE TO BE!! Hockey lovin is the life for we!

  57. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Great all around game
    Avery was a beast
    Hank woudl have had a shutout if nto for the two deflections from our own guys
    Two in a row at home, love it.

    I’m really hoping Johnson starts tonight
    ITas freaking time already, 17 straight games for Hank, he needs a night off

    And Gaborik is jsut unreal. He didnt even have any room to flick that backhand on Turc and he gets it in the net.

    LETS GO RANGERS!! Three in a row!!

    And NAsty what a good Ranger Daddy you are

  58. Linda is enjoying the MAGIC that is Sean Avery tonight! on

    AG, i am sure Dolan will send you a bill for that!

  59. Linda the funny thing is I had just been commenting on how much it stunk it was and then it cut me off… I was wondering if they heard me…

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