First-half (plus one game) report cards


A day late, and (as usual, or as always) several dollars short. Here’s the mid-season report card after 42 games (or you can ignore last night’s game and say 41 games).

4-Michael Del Zotto: A … The coaches are living with his growing pains, and they should. Can you remember the last player like this drafted and developed by the Rangers?
5-Dan Girardi: C … Much better lately, but  had an awful start to the season. Still not sure if he and Staal are better together or apart.
6-Wade Redden: C- … Looked to be bouncing back after last season’s debacle, but has slipped noticably.
10-Marian Gaborik: A … Maybe the best free-agent signing in Rangers history. And he’s still standing.
12-Ales Kotalik: D … Has had his moments, and when he does, the PP is better. But how about some even-strength goals?
16-Sean Avery: C- … Sometimes looks like Avery, sometimes looks scared to make a mistake, often lost in defensive zone.
17-Brandon Dubinsky: C+ … Broken hand healing, starting to look like the Dubinsky of two years ago. Finally.
18-Marc Staal: B- … Too much was expected too soon, offensively at least, in a new system. Still tremendous upside.
20-Vinny Prospal: B+ … Journeyman to first-line center and alternate captain. Not bad, huh?
21-Christopher Higgins: D … The coaches will tell you all the good things he does, but he needs to score a lot more. Simple as that.
22-Brian Boyle: C+ … A surprise, perhaps. Good penalty killer. Showing some toughness, getting better.
23-Chris Drury: D … $7M can’t turn a 30-goal scorer into a 40-goal scorer; but for $7M you can’t become a 10-goal scorer, either.
24-Ryan Callahan: C+ … Scoring touch disappeared for a while. Otherwise, always plays the same way. I mean that in a good way.
26-Erik Christensen: Inc. … Let’s withhold judgment on a waiver pickup turned first-liner. Does have skills.
29-Chad Johnson: Inc. … The Rangers need to find out if this guy can play in the NHL, and soon.
30-Henrik Lundqvist: B … Had a bout with some softies earlier, been really, really good lately, and has become the de-facto captain.
33-Michal Rozsival: C- … Probably not as bad as we tend to make him out to be, but not nearly good enough, either.
34-Aaron Voros: C … Tortorella’s Prucha, for some reason. Deserves better for the hard work he’s put in.
42-Artem Anisimov: C+ … It’s a process for a young center playing limited minutes. He’s not out of place in the NHL.
81-Enver Lisin: C- … Rico Fata. How many guys would kill for that kind of speed? And how many would do more with it?
87-Donald Brashear: D … Useless so far, in part due to probable hand injury. Can’t play at all. (Last night was his best game?).
97-Matt Gilroy: C … Seems to have shelved a lot of his skill after demotion to Hartford. Needs to skate with the puck.

John Tortorella: C– … The accountability issue still remains. Redden and Kotalik have felt it, but few others have. Avery doesn’t seem to know what is expected of him. The system has been tweaked. The goalie is getting worn out. The Brashear-over-Voros decision is puzzling. Still, what can a coach do with limited resources?

Glen Sather: C- … How can doing nothing result in a lower grade (than the first-quarter mark)? Well, because most of his major signings (Redden, Drury, Rozsival, Brashear, Kotalik) have been busts, outweighing the great Gaborik/Prospal gets. Christensen was a nice pickup, so far. But mostly the roster is incapable of scoring enough goals, and there is no backup goalie, or overall toughness, or size. Or depth. Need I go on? Deserves credit for some of the young guys, though.



AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:27 P.M.: The Rangers made it official, that Chad Johnson is back up, Matt Zaba back down to Hartford. Johnson was here last night. Zaba backed up Lundqvist.

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  1. That was a sweet one by Christensen.

    Still wish they would tank. But it wont happen. Unless the Olympics burns out our two Superstars.

    And i like how Dubi is playing great. It’s the perfect time to package him, and send him out.

    Hopefully not to Edmonton, or Phoenix. Same old teams, and it has yet to work out.

  2. i didn’t do Fs. A, B, C, D. … D being a failing grade. Otherwise, the Captain and the Donald would have been Fs, along with a few others.

  3. Nah, if F’s were handed out, you’d have to give Dreary a “C”. If he was overpaid, didn’t live up to the contract both offensively and defensively, then it’s an F. Brashit is an obvious F. No offense, no defense, and he doesn’t do his job, which is to fight.

    F !

  4. Brash would be an F too. That Carcillo incident ruined it for me. I know he was/is hurt, but it has been too long. LTIR him, and find another goon or let Voros play/ get punched.

  5. Brashear should have been the only player with an F!

    Boyle has been surprisingly good. Makes few mistakes and is pretty good on the PK.

    Pretty spot on there Rick. LQ has been amazing the last handful of games. Well the exception of Philly, but when your team doesn’t show up to play???

  6. Exactly! If Charmin is hurt then sit him!!! What sense does it make for him
    to play (I mean that on every level) if he’s hurt. Play Voros!!!

  7. I disagree with a couple…

    There is no way Boyle is an equal with Dubinsky and Callahan.

    In terms of how they are playing…this is how I rate this year DISREGARDING SALARY CAP

    #1 Gaborik
    #2 Prospal
    #3 Dubinsky
    #4 Callahan
    #5 Chistensen
    #6 Avery
    #7 Drury
    #8 Lisin
    #9 Kotalik
    #10 Voros
    #11 Higgins
    #12 Boyle
    #13 Brashear

    #1 Staal
    #2 Del Zotto
    #3 Girardi
    #4 Gilroy
    #5 Rozival
    #6 Redden

    Avery #6

  8. I think the grade for Del Zotto was a bit high. He is a definite A for his upside and his work on the power play, but I think he has some work to do in the defensive zone. I would give him a B+ or an A-. His play and that of Gaborik have been the best parts of the first half. Very good call on Cally, as the tendency would be to mark him high for his energy, hustle, and hitting, but more is needed from him (and he should have more).

  9. What the heck, I am not saying Boyle is equal to Dubinsky. I’m saying, based on expectations-to-performance, this is what I think he deserves. Which I think is more than Drury and Brashear deserve, based on expectations-to-performance.

  10. I’d give Higgins a C just because of his work ethic the last month or so. The guy should be scoring a ton more (needs to pick his head up when he shoots), but at least he’s giving an effort and doing other things away from the puck that free up chances for his linemates. His hitting on the forecheck forces turnovers. I agree he needs to score, but a D is a bit harsh.

    I also agree Brashear gets a D, but you can’t say that he can’t play. He wasn’t that good last night and has definitely had better games. He’s not the best skater, but his hands are solid for a 4th line fighter with a constant hand injury. Colton Orr couldn’t stickhandle worth anything. Brash has soft hands on the puck, I just wish he would make more plays at times like he did earlier in the season.

  11. Also with Lisin, definitely a C-, but he’s 10x better than Rico Fata. Rico played with 1st liners and didn’t produce. Lisin is playing on the 4th line. While Boyle has offensive upside, he hasn’t reached that yet and we’ve already established Brash isn’t going to net many goals.

    When Lisin was playing top line minutes, he was putting up points. Then he broke his foot and hasn’t been back there since. He’s got talent, he just needs a better supporting cast and the numbers will come. Kind of like another 81 who finally broke out once he got minutes (Marcel Hossa).

  12. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Orr: Why are you obsessed with Trading Dubi?

    What exactly would we be hoping to get back? An equal or worse center making the same money?

    And no one will trade with us except Phoenix or Edmonton so it ainthappening

    No thanks, Keep Dubi in Blue

    Carp: if ANYONE deserved a D (or F) It’s Sather.

  13. I missed Anisimov on the last one. Put him in between Kotalik and Voros.

    In terms of how they are playing…this is how I rate this year WITH SALARY CAP

    #1 Prospal
    #2 Christensen
    #3 Dubinsky
    #4 Gaborik
    #5 Lisin
    #6 Callahan
    #7 Avery
    #8 Boyle
    #9 Anisimov
    #10 Voros
    #11 Kotalik
    #12 Higgins
    #13 Drury
    #14 Brashear

    #1 Staal
    #2 Del Zotto
    #3 Girardi
    #4 Gilroy
    $5 Roszival
    #6 Redden

  14. Carp,

    Ah…I get it now. You’re grading skill against expectations. I thought you were basing it solely on skill and salary cap. Thats my bad.

  15. Wow, good work Carp. A bit stingy at times, but fair in general. Will not get into any debates who deserves more or less. And I agree, it’s not based on comparison of one player to another, but on expectations.

    Anisimov, Carp, is not just “not out of place in NHL”, IMHO. He is concentrating on the defensive part, knowing that if he makes mistakes, he may have to use the bus instead of a limo. From time to time he’s shown what is ahead to look for.
    Girardi and Staal should be split, Torts knows that. But at the moment he doesn’t want to take chances with his shut down pair.

  16. Very fair review!
    Some contracts would automatically give some player(s) an F.

    Losing the prospect ( May he rest in peace) was a factor.

  17. avery has done nothing. he cannot score and is a liability in there own zone..

    he is all style but no results… he is a bad bad darcy tucker……..

  18. Carp- on Sather. Gomez trade with Mcdonagh coming back and the three kids playing tonight at WJC…

  19. Johnny D

    agree about Lisin… He was great in preseason & beginning of season with the top line. If he is 100% then he should get another whiff when VP gets back :)

  20. As far as signing Gaborik and Prospal goes I don’t think Sather deserves the credit for that. We needed one of the biggest scoring threats in the league. Gabby was the only free agent available and most likely will be the only one for years to come unless Kovy doesn’t resign in Atl. Gaborik wanted to play here. Sather handed him a pen. Way to go Glenny.

    Tampa Bay bought out Prospal making him available for a pittance. I am more than confident in saying Tortorella had everything to do with bringing Vinny to NY. That, and he wanted to be closer to the tanning salons and Abercrombie & Fitch’s he manages in Long Island.

    You get the point. Sather doesn’t get any credit as far as I am concerned for those signings. At least he wasn’t dumb enough not to make those moves. So for that, here’s a little pat on the back Glenneth.

  21. Good point though ILB. Gabby doesn’t happen if Sather doesn’t make that trade. I take it back…Sather made it happen from that standpoint. Still, my point stands that Gaborik was a no brainer.

  22. AFLY – Gaborik wasn’t definitely signing here. He had legitimate offers to get elsewhere, but chose the rangers because we took the risk in giving him the long term deal he wanted.

    Prospal was definitely all Torts. Also Carp, while I guess you are right in saying Brashear can’t play haha, what do you mean by Prospal being an NHL journeyman? Like he’s been a decent hockey player that is now a vet and surprisingly playing 1st line minutes?

    The guy was 1st line in Tampa and Philly. He’s had seasons where he’s been a PPG player. He actually reminds me a lot of what happened with Straka’s career. Like he was always a solid player and did better in certain situations. Straka was always was a solid hockey player but played noticably better when he was surrounded by good players. Same goes with Prospal.

  23. Good show, Carp. I would say those are some pretty fair and correct grades. Every season for Dubinsky has looked like this, aside from the injury he had this season. He always has these dry spells but has usually looked good without scoring points. I would have bumped Staal up to a B+ because I don’t see as many problems with him as others have.

  24. On a scale where there is no F (so D = fail), I can see Sather getting a C- for THIS year. Many of his biggest follies (Drury, Redden, Rozi, some blown drafts, etc) are carryovers from prior years.

    This year, he blew it with Brashear, Kotalik, and Higgins (though that trade otherwise worked). But did well with Gabby, Prospal (though due to Torts), MDZ, and Gilroy.

    So, while I give Sather a big fat F overall(even in a world where D is the lowest you can go), he’s just slightly above failing just for this year. Basically has us treading water.

  25. stuart – I agree that Avery has been overrated, but thats from the fans expectations. People may have hated it, but the smartest thing Glen Sather did was to let Avery walk and let another team overpay for him.

    If we signed Avery at 4 million, we’d really be screwed in regards to cap space. So getting him at half price is a much better deal. I love Avery, but he’s very overrated by all the fans. He gets caught watching the puck all the time. Plus while he has speed, he never hits the net and loses the puck a decent amount. He does bring plenty of good at times when he’s on his game and does help the Rangers out, but he’s not as good as he was built up to be.

  26. I could be the GM and Gaborik still would’ve signed. I don’t give him credit for that. And I give credit to the scouts for MDZ and the kids.

    Sather could hand me a check for $100 million and I would thank the bank, not Sather.

  27. One additional piece of info – Renney’s team was 24-14-3 at the midpoint last year, Tortorella’s 19-17-5 this year. Renney was fired less than two months later. Would anyone disagree that on paper this is a better team??

  28. JJP, I’d argue that this team is the same offensively, worse defensively, better on the PP, same in goal. Let’s not forget the skills competition results last season.

    Thank you and good afternoon, Sally!

  29. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    23-Chris Drury: D … $7M can’t turn a 30-goal scorer into a 40-goal scorer; but for $7M you can’t become a 10-goal scorer, either.


    I haven’t heard it put any better than that!!!

  30. JJP, the team last year at this pont started to fall apart. Unless there is an unexpected injury (shuddup, ilb), the current team may do better.

  31. It’s ok, Sally, I figured you’d find better stuff to do during the break. Would be nice to have the Ts before May..

  32. Anisimov is definitely better than a C+, if he was playing more he could have some more points, and he should be getting more time on the PP, or should i say he should be getting time on the PP, bc he wasnt on the ice for any PP last night
    I give him a B at the very worst

  33. Pavel, me too. I resisted for so long and now I’ve watched pretty much all 5 seasons in two weeks. It rules. Too bad we can’t have dorky Lost parties and drink DI beer together.

  34. Hartford, he has more value at the defense. He has enough speed to come back and pivots very well. He needs some NHL mileage.

  35. have graded Girardi, Staal and Rosi at least one grade lower..they have played awful..I am more disappointed in Girardi’s lack of physical presence as well as his disappearing act regarding defense than I am with Redden.

  36. If we should move any of our d-men to forward, its Sanguinetti. He gets lost in the defensive end, but his offensive vision is great. Plus he’s got some size. Gilroy is fine playing defense. Sanguinetti scares me.

  37. Can I ask what the expectation is of Drury- besides the ridiculously inflated salary that SATHER gave him??

    Look at his career NHL stats. In ten seasons (with the avalanche, flames, sabres and rangers) he is averaging 24 goals, 34 assists and 59 points per season and that includes the 2 inflated seasons he had with the sabres (which skew the numbers upward).

    Are you all expecting Jagr numbers? Maybe Gaborik numbers? Perhaps Messier numbers? If so, get real folks – it aint gonna happen.

    There’s no doubt he’s gotten off to an offensively abysmal first half to this year, but if he has a good second half (15 goals, 20 assists)- which i think he will- he will be right on par with his career figures (which i’m sure sather had access to when he gave him that contract and all of you have access to when you set expectations)

  38. ctrain, if he does that, it’s acceptable. If not, it’s not. Either way, he never lives up to the contract.

    Hartford, bless you.

  39. Byfuglien!!!!

    Whatever that is. . . .

    The Gilroy to forward move has some merit. He can actually play forward. It amazes me that more NHL teams don’t have a guy that can play both D/F. In the playoffs, if you could have a legit 3rd pair Dman, that could play on the 4th line, you would be stupid not to do it. Bench Brashear/Voros, let Gilrot play forward and god forbid a Dman goes down, you are covered.

    Cant believe EVERY team doesn’t have a guy like that.

  40. The Rangers made it official, that Chad Johnson is back up, Matt Zaba back down to Hartford. Johnson was here last night. Zaba backed up Lundqvist.

  41. From Twitter:


    Roenick doesnt think Drury deserves an Olympic spot ahead of Gomez, Modano and Oshie on team USA. listen to the chat on

  42. Of course Gaborik wanted to play here. European guys love living in NYC. Every year Sather tries to buy a top free agent that he has heard of before — name recognition seems to be the extent of the scouting. Hence, Drury, Gomez, Redden. Shanahan called Sather himself.
    Sather has a long history here of not paying the players he already has (Nylander, Jagr, Shanahan, Avery) but will happily overpay for some other team’s rejects. Remember how Drury was insulted that Buffalo lowballed him on salary? Looks like Buffalo was the smart one — what a surprise. He shouldn’t get credit for getting rid of his own disaster with Gomez after 2 dreadful seasons. Sather has to be rated at best a D.

  43. RE: Drury,

    It’s not just the points to salary ratio that disappoints, he is playing poorly away from the puck. How many games early in the year did we see Drury standing around watching guys score right in front of him? Where is the leadership? He is not comfortable with the puck (which by the way was the first sign I saw of Shanny getting to the point of retirement).

    Yes Virginia, Drury sucks.

  44. To repeat a quote from famous Seinfeld episode:” I don’t know how official any of those rankings really are..”

  45. Carpy – agreed. Sather set him up to fail in NY. Actually, everyone who is overpaid and comes to NY fails (All sports). Exceptions to the rule are Gaborik.

    Is that the players fault? Or is that mismanagement from above?

  46. 24-34-58 for Drury would be outstanding given that he’s currently on pace for 10-20-30. It’s one thing to overpay for a guy’s average career production (such as the last 2 seasons).

    It’s another thing for him to only produce half his career average.

  47. Give Dru a break, I just found out that he is blind in both eyes and gets around by his hearing, like a bat, except that he is deaf in one ear, so I guess that kind of explains it.

  48. How about Drury not being ready for the faceoff last night? Good thing it was against Boston on an off night. Do that against Pittsburgh, and it’s in the net. Not too impressive for a “defensive specialist” or whatever they’re trying to sell him as now.

  49. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    LMAO@ Nasty and ilb!

    ilb i am gonna email you a picture of drury, check your email in a few minutes!

  50. I hate to say this but Eklund is saying SLats is seriously talking to a few teams and he uses pictures of Roszi (twice) – coincidence? I can only really hope for once that the one-man rumour machine is right!

    I hope Drury can hit his average this year as 43 pts would be awesome for 2nd 1/2 of the season – what puzzles me is that Avery and Anisimov have scored the same points as Dru in 2/3 of Drury’s avg time on ice but Torts seems reluctant to increase their playing time and responsibility.

  51. SCX – u really think drury is gonna go 5-10-15 for the second half of the season??? Lets say he did do that (highly unlikely do to law of averages) this season would then be what yo u call an anomaly..

  52. No rush, Linda. I’m sitting next to my computer solid. Hate being sick. Can’t get anyone on Yahoo games to play chess against me for the last half hour either..

  53. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    bravo five foot zero!!! if so, that’s a damned clutch stack o money!!

  54. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    get well soon my friend! Damn I just realized…I’m gonna miss blogging with you guys thursday!!!!!!!!! Maybe one of these days, when I’m employed again, I’ll get a decent cellphone, hehehe

  55. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    I think that was taken RIGHT before he signed redden for 6 years at 6 mill per!!

  56. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Mako,i love FIM, he’s a freakin quote machine! Forget FIM, he’s now QUOTEOMATIC

  57. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    i hope they DO read the blog! A nice lil slap in the face every now and then helps to keep people grounded hehehe. So when do we all line up to slap FIMQOM

  58. Mako, if any of the players read this blog and then took a look at some of the deficiencies the blog posters have themselves based on blog get-together-photos, they would go blind laughing.

    Nasty1 = irrational = majority of this blogs posts (although does make for surplus traffic to Carps blog)
    Linda = marry Callahan already (hope he signs a prenup)

  59. These guys might be a lot better if there was an actual game plan and team philosophy instead of winging it every night and hope for the best.

  60. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    sorry, too old for cally, sheesh, he’s only 2 years older than my kid!


    Ive said it a million times, after what he pulled in the off-season, i don’t want him on the team. I wish he would have been packaged for Heatley. That being said, he’s gonna do what he did once his contract is up in two years. He’s blinded by cash, so we need to trade him while he’s playing good hockey.

    He needs to be part of a package. I don’t know for who though.

    I just don’t like the kid at all after that BS. It’s one thing for an overrated Vet to pull that, like Blowmez, Dreary, Dredden etc, but this kid has been in the NHL for two years, and he got a lucky break playing with a Hall of Famer.

    Id love to see what Dubi can do on his own, and not playing with Superstars. You think Vinny Prospal would have this kind of season playing without Gabby ? Did Nylander have a good career after playing with Jagr ? NO !

    People b*tch and moan aboot Prucha “riding Jags’ coattails” or what ever. This is the same deal.

    Trade him now, before it’s too late.

    And it’s nice to see a player call out Dreary. Of course it’s JR. JR’s the man, minus his Flyers years.

  62. Nasty I just laughed my carp off at work and the two people in my office started looking at me weird…

    By the way Drury looks sometimes, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  63. Rick, last night we christened CHRISTENSEN ‘foot in mouth’ for a quote he made about the fans in NY and Atlanta.
    Today, he’s quoteomatic, so we just combined the 2.

    ilb and mako, you have mail :-)

  64. bull dog line on

    pretty good with the grades. one thing though, Staal’s b- is accurate for the way he has played, but not accurate for meeting his expectations. he has failed to do that.

  65. ok you computer geniuses, i need help

    whenever I save a picture, it saves it to paint…how do i change that??

  66. These grades are way too negative. Our friends Joe M and Joe B see things in a much better light…

    4 Michael Del Zotto: A … Impressive ladling of the biscuit across the center stripe from the freshman rearguard from Stouffville, Italy.

    5 Dan Girardi: A … This native of Welland, Italy has been a stout buccaneer of the blueline for this Ranger club, right here with the NHL on Versus.

    6 Wade Redden: A … He has a huge contract, Sam.

    10 Marian Gaborik: A … BULLSEYE!

    12 Ales Kotalik: A … He has such thick forearms, Sam.

    16 Sean Avery: A … This shift-disturber can lay the baseboard with the very best.

    17 Brandon Dubinsky: A … He’s still growing, Sam!

    18 Marc Staal: A … He’s a biiig, strong boy, Sam.

    20 Vinny Prospal: A … This crafty Czech often dishes helpers around the cage.

    21 Christopher Higgins: A … Repeated bids to find the twine have led to few markers, but always a yeoman along the dasher.

    22 Brian Boyle: A … He’s so BIG, Sam. 6’7″, muscles…

    23 Chris Drury: A … Can we give anything higher than an “A”, Sam? I usually like big things, Sam, but look how he does all the little things.

    24 Ryan Callahan: A … Always among the NHL on Versus leaders in pancaking and explosions.

    26 Erik Christensen: A … Some important powerplay strikes from the waiver-wire middle-iceman.

    29 Chad Johnson: A … Nice job by the pine-riding twine-minder.

    30 Henrik Lundqvist: A … Known as “The Prince”, this custodian of the crease continues to repel rubber at a .900+ clip.

    33 Michal Rozsival: A … Object of the MSG patrons’ affections. Rarely locks, loads or fires anymore.

    34 Aaron Voros: A … He looks great in a suit, Sam.

    42 Artem Anisimov: A … They make them big in Russia, Sam.

    81 Enver Lisin: A … Knifes through the center zone with occasional launching of bids and bombs.

    87 Donald Brashear: A … Sure, he can’t skate, play or fight, but he’s got biiig hands, Sam.

    97 Matt Gilroy: A … Former Heisman Trophy winner learning quickly to play at the NHL on Versus level.

    John Tortorella / Glen Sather: ? … Coming right up following the next 19:30 of this opening stanza, Bill Patrick, Keith Jones, Brian Engblom, Eddie Olczyk, Coach Mike Keenan, Coach Peter Laviolette, Darren McCarty and special guest Junior Seau grade the Blueshirts’ coach and general manager in our feature “Plus/Minus”. PLUS! A rare, exclusive interview with Sidney Crosby!

  67. how is jeremy roenick the man? dude never shuts his mouth, he blew up chelios’ spot last year, and is always makin stupid comments.. this is an exception though because you cant blame him for saying that about drury, but “JR is the man” is going overboard.. guy talks in the third person too “Jeremy’s gona hav a good game tonight, Jeremy might score a hat trick tonight” – Jeremy Roenick

  68. Linda – you need to associate certain file extensions (e.g., .jpg) with the application that you want to use to open that type of file. If you right-click on any .jpg file and select ‘Properties’. In the dialog window that is displayed, there is a section for ‘Type of File’ and ‘Opens with:’. If you click on the ‘Change’ button, you can pick the application that you want to use to open those types of files, like PhotoShop, or Picture Manager or whatever. Think this will do what you want…


    Exellent evaluation of Sather, and the team’s deficiencies and weaknesses because of him, Carp. I would just add to your overview that Sather’s RELUCTANCE to admit his mistakes and move on from player’s who are not producing, is inexcusable, as well as prideful and arrogant.

    Brashear cannot be axed, demoted, or “retired,” right now, and Parenteau promoted? Neither Redden nor Roszival can be discarded so that one of the young Hartford D’s can be inserted, with another filling in as the seventh D on the parent roster? This reluctance to make long overdue moves relegates Sather to a bottom of the barrel GM, if his FA pothole signings doesn’t already do it.

  70. thanks a bunch LI!!

    LW i hear that versus is looking to replace MIMI on the benches. after reading your review, i think you would be perfect!!!!!


    Exellent evaluation of Sather, and the team’s deficiencies and weaknesses because of him, Carp. I would just add to your overview that Sather’s RELUCTANCE to admit his mistakes and move on from player’s who are not producing, is inexcusable, as well as prideful and arrogant.

    So well put and perfect, it brought tears to mine eyes!

  71. lmao @ Former Heisman Trophy winner! also :ladling, stout, shift disturber, middle iceman, bids and bombs, pine-riding twine-minder and HE LOOKS GOOD IN A SUIT! I think I am going to actually print that out and put it on my fridge! honestly, that is soooooo Versus

  72. Good job, LW3H, funny.

    LI, I’m sure it was helpful and Linda appreciated, but it gave me palpitations lol

  73. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    as far as a player that can play both D and F goes, the best one in recent memory was dandenault for the wings then the canadiens. Too bad we do not have a guy like that in our system!!

  74. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    the funniest thing ever (and I like JR btw) was Roy saying he couldn’t hear him because he had his two stanley cup rings in his ears!!

  75. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    being a computer genius, I recommend buying a new computer!!

  76. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    Who or what is FIM? I thought it was the European motocross organization…obviously it is something else here! I miss so much at work!!

  77. Linda

    That is fantastic!!!! There is a pic of the real “sharkie” on my yahoo fantasy hockey team! Giving the don’t carp with me evil side eye =P

  78. Rick

    Christensen basically bashed the Atlanta fans by saying “no one cares about hockey in Atlanta” and after that went on to say “fans here are ruthless” during an interview after the Carolina loss. So I called him foot in mouth… Linda shortened it & named him FIM LOL

  79. we explained it earlier!!!!!! wow! carp have you been hittin the bottle today???

    Here’s a lovely thingie from

    Chris Drury — Drury, who wears the “C” for the New York Rangers, happened to be a lock on this team from the very beginning, according to Brian Burke. His experience is undeniable — he’ll be making his third appearance for the United States in the Olympics and has competed in the World Championships in 1997, ’98 and ’04. Drury is the type of player who’ll do anything if it means benefitting his team — he never complained when relegated to a fourth-line role with the Rangers this season.

    “There’s no bigger clutch player in the NHL,” Langenbrunner said of Drury. “He’s had a ton of OT winners and game winners, won a Stanley Cup and an Olympic silver medal (in 2002). He’s done a lot of things. He’s a great clutch player and this tournament is going to be about that. Every game is going to be like playing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final when you reach the medal rounds. You have to have guys who are able to come through in those situations.”

  80. The QOM part comes from us calling him Quote O Matic, for what he said in brooksies article today. hence FIMQOM

  81. I don’t get it, nobody speaks english anymore.
    LOL, LMAO,IMO,now FIM, yada, yada, yada.
    Must be a age thing.
    How about WGAS – Who gives a _____

  82. ilb, i’m shocked AND appalled that he did not mention the HUUUUUUUUUUUGE LLWS win!!! how can you forget that! That is when the legend of Clutch was born! for shame!

    Carp, you are feisty today!!

  83. Del Zotto is by far their best hitter and first passer he deserves the A

    I also would up Anisimov’s grade to a B- he’s adjusted well to the NHL despite playing a small amount of minutes and being shuffled around like it was 5 card monte (sp) next Artem will be centering a line of me and Carp.

    John Ogrodnick Tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio at 8PM Plus Wolfpack’s Devin DiDiomete

  84. I knew what FIM meant all along, truly I did. Didn’t need anyone else to ask or explain for me, oh no…..and I sure didn’t read that story looking for someone’s initials like FIM. No, that would be dumb……

  85. Does anyone else think of beer when they hear or see Langenbrunner’s name? I don’t even really like beer and it sticks in my head…..anyone want a tall cold glass of Langenbrunner??

  86. I’ll pass on that tall cold glass of langenbrunner, i heard its a devil of a time on your stomach

  87. Linda, have you noticed there is no FTS on that list? I use it every time when I comment on any politics.. lol

  88. Higgins goal was by far the biggest of the season,wow did we need not to blow that @ home, maybe saved the season. Now trade him.

  89. didn’t notice that… all those number ones at the beginning were making my head spin. it was like chemistry or physics to me!

    dyin over “shik my pants”!!!!!

  90. Wicky, you hear what Russell did this time??

    Skipped the season-ending meeting for personal reasons, then checked into the Palms hotel in Vegas

  91. i guess mako and i will have to put together an official NICKNAME list so people know who we’re talkin aboot

    hedberg, lmao @ now trade him

  92. Linda

    I HOPE my email goes through ok & all the pics are where they are supposed to be!!!

    You have mail =P

  93. nah its not personal its just truth, i just stated my opinion like everyone does on here then he had to say somethin bout it, like whatever he says is fact apparently, its all good though

  94. What I find interesting is the fact that no one knows if the Rangers have a legit NHL backup goalie. Johnson is still unproven. I think they are quite sure Zaba is not. Torts will have to start playing Johnson soon. I am sure he does not like the situation he’s in, but he has to take the risk. Hank is going to need the rest. I have been watching Johnson play in Hartford, and he didn’t look ready to me, but what do I know. I sure hope he is.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Great report card Carp , love the grades!!!

    Team USA just walked in the credit union centre right past team Canada. Team USA is pumped and its gonna be a ring a ding dong dandy!!!

    Rob ,Orr just wants us to tank so we get better like Pittsburgh has. I know he means no harm , I think Orr is trying to realistic for the first time in his life. Give ’em a break eh.

  96. Aw kittens, let’s all get along. I’d like a glass of Avestel….and I just got used to LMAOing….don’t go all acronym crazy on me, I’ll never catch up!

    Boy, when ilb has time on his hands he’s like the blogson here.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA Tony , yer just too old school to understand . I know it seems silly and stuiped (lol,Lmao ect..) Its just an easy way to laugh I guess. I dont use “LOL” I use hahahaa , or HAHAHA and thats it, Tony dont hate the playa hate da game!! hahaa!!

  98. Mama, I was just thinking the same: I can actually be useful, unless I’m at work:) Is that what are you trying to say?

  99. I thought Dubinsky should of gotten a B. He has 20 points in 29 games and is a plus 7. Since his return he has been the best forward on the ice besides Gaborik.

  100. Um, hadn’t thought of it that way exactly :) but since I’m feeling “charitable” lately, sure, yeah, that’s exactly what I meant!

    wicky, you have competition as chief head monitor!

  101. interesting post from Jan Levine over at Hockeybuzz…. cites a rumored trade for Kovalchuk involving Dubi, Rozsival, Higgins, a boat load of picks and either Sangs or some other prospect….

    Given Sather’s past i can’t totally laugh it off but that seems STEEP no? Is Kovalchuk worth emptying the vault? Him and Gabby would be great, but do you want to part with that much young talent??

  102. Gab, I agree, way to much (even forgetting Rozi)…..I say no.

    All, I gotta go, but here’s my last two thoughts, on how to help achieve world peace.
    • If you’ve just moved in to a new apartment, hang and hammer your shite during the day when most people aren’t home.
    • If you live in a building and share laundry facilities, empty the effing lint screen in the dryer. Is it really sofa king hard?

    Nope, nothing like that has happened to me tonight. ARH!

  103. RobM
    “how is jeremy roenick the man? dude never shuts his mouth, he blew up chelios’ spot last year, and is always makin stupid comments.. this is an exception though because you cant blame him for saying that about drury, but “JR is the man” is going overboard”

    Didn’t Chelios just get arrested??

  104. you got it Tony, noone goes Bertuzzi on ya while i’m on the beat!!!

    Vinny, unless the Rangers can SIGN Kovy, that is way too much for 3 1/2 months!

  105. Lint screen sound a bit too complex, though

    On Kovalchuk- read the story I posted before

  106. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    WOOHOO ilb USA USA USA!!!!!!!!

    Im sorry… this line was pretty funny….

    “Get a life, you need one like Dreary needs a goal.”

  107. aw come on guys. we’re all Rangers fans, and we all have differing opinions on players and who’s responsible for whatever. lets not fight amongst each other, its bad enough we gotta deal with trolls.

  108. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    Linda, Vinny

    Erasing those 3 salaries is around $9mm :) he would fit nicely :)

  109. Linda
    sorry, i really thought it was Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme.

    real funny, the french comment!!!

    that guy really needs to just go away!!

  110. dont get me wrong Mako, that would be asbolutely SICK if the Rangers got Kovy, but I’d want them to be able to sign him. Losing all those guys for what just may be 3 1/2 months, and then he’s gonna go somewhere else, maybe even the KHL? (there was a NY Times article i came across yesterday because, hey, I’m trying to find a job that’ll pay me to be on the net! anyway, it did mention the possibility of the KHL, but why would such a supreme talent waste himself?) Man, Kovy and Gabby …. hmmmmmmmmm

  111. wicky, you are freakin hysterical!! i had no idea there was any kind of federation with those letters!

  112. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    I would only want him too if he wanted to sign here. But I know its not possible. Sather is a moron and there would be some holes to fill.

    If he entertains the KHL that would mean he’s only after one thing. MONEY. He would probably fetch around $11-15mm out there.

  113. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!! To Alex Ovechkin for being named Caps 14th Captain!!!!!

    Cant think of a better player to have the “C” for the Caps! Wear it well AO!!!

  114. Kovalchuk wont sign with the KHL. He’s falling in love with the plastic American woman. I think he’ll give up a nut, and take a discount to sign with the Kings.

    Nothing but plastic over there. Plus the Kings don’t have an actual identity, even though Kopitar, Doughty, and Brown are all great players. That’s how the West is for some reason.

    He probably loves the idea of going there. Who wouldn’t, nothing but champagne, caviar, and knob jobs over in Cali.

  115. kovi and gabby would be a fun team to watch but like linda said…only if we can sign him for a few years…to do that somebody has to go beside roszy dubi and higgins. redden would have to be moved some how

  116. What a waste, they should have given the “C” to Matt Bradley !!!

    Actually, after getting the carp kicked out of him by Voros, he deserves a “D” for Dunce. But then again, he did score the GW in that game. But how do you get beat up by Voros ?!?!

    He has a nice fight streak going. Go Voros !!

  117. wait, so Gabby, that deal is basically Dubinsky, Sanguinetti and picks for Kovalchuk? And you don’t think the Rangers would do that faster than you could say Byfuglien?

    I wouldn’t hesitate for a second … as long as I could sign him first.

  118. hey if they wanted to do Redden and Rozsi straight up, I’m in!! LMAO (thats for you Tony!!)

    Could you imagine the uproar if they DID trade for him, and then he decided to go elsewhere when the season ended?? He’ll take his nut and go for the plastic women… hey, arent they the same ones on ORR’s link????

  119. thats what i was thinking carp. hey go back and look what the thrashers got in the marian hossa trade…not much. kinda the same situation here, no?

  120. hossa was traded to Pittsburgh by Atlanta with Pascal Dupuis for Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Angelo Esposito and Pittsburgh’s 1st round choice (Daulton Leveille) in 2008 Entry Draft , February 26, 2008.

  121. Carp,

    agreed there would have to be a long term deal in place for it to make it even remotely palatable. But to lose Dubi, Sangs, and 3 years worth of draft picks seems like a bit much… Higgins and Roszival i won’t shed tears for…. plus your trading 3+ guys salary for 1. Drury, Gabby, Hank, Kovalchuk = 30+ Million… probably closer to 32. You have to have room for the rest of the team too…

  122. Carp,

    agreed there would have to be a long term deal in place for it to make it even remotely palatable. But to lose Dubi, Sangs, and 3 years worth of draft picks seems like a bit much… Higgins and Roszival i won’t shed tears for…. plus your trading 3+ guys salary for 1. Drury, Gabby, Hank, Kovalchuk = 30+ Million… probably closer to 32. You have to have room for the rest of the team too…

  123. aaaaaaaah greasy silicone lips chicks? these guys are outta control!! Hey Orr, did you see that daily news slide show with celebrity look alikes? You’re girl was in there.

  124. From Jan Levine, posts the following rumor:
    To the Rangers: Ilya Kovalchuk and potentially low round draft choices
    To the Thrashers: Brandon Dubinsky, Michal Rozsival, Ryan McDonaugh OR Bobby Sanquinetti, Christopher Higgins, 2010 1st Round Draft Pick, 2011 1st Round Draft Pick, 2011 2nd Round Draft Pick.

    While the SNYRangersBlog also weighs in on the possibly of Ilya being available. Though they say: “couldn’t you just see the Rangers being three points out the eighth spot, and calling Atlanta and offering Evgeny Grachev, Derek Stepan, Ethan Werek, Brodie Dupont and the some crazy amount of picks to get Kovalchuk and add him to the playoff rush.”

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    EH O CANADA GO!! Bahhhhh I hate that slogan and everyone I know does too..Oh well…time to see Team Canada win another championship. Im soooo happy it’s USA thats playing Canada. Team USA has a few Rangers on there and I’d love to see them do good. I get more pumped watching Rangers and I’d trade a few Gold medals for another chance to see the Rangers lift lord Stanley’s mug. In 1994 , I cried with Messier as we all cheered and celebrated…there is NOTHING like winning it all , Nothing.

  126. The fact is…would we rather have Kovy for 9 million or two players that are worth (and plays like) $4 mil and 5 mil respectively

  127. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way that tranny looking thing couldnt shine my future ex wife’s stilettos !!!!!!!!!! That is a horrible pic of the FOX!!!!

  128. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on


    That look-alike picture slide show you were talking about from the Daily News.

  129. sorry about the double there, weird activity on the computer. you dont think that other girl is pretty?

  130. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on


    My Top 5
    Megan Fox
    Kate Beckinsale
    Charlize Theron
    DIna Meyer
    Mila Kunis

    Honorable Mention – Jessica Biel

    USA SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 – 1

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    WOW Great shot Krieder!!

    Awsome game , croud is into it!!!

  132. Beckinsale is a flat out milf.

    I didn’t see that look alike thing, and i don’t want to see it since they clearly disrespected the Fox.

    Damn them !

    Also, can someone explain to me why the Devils are so good ? This is heartbreaking.

  133. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG ..PULL LUNQV…..I mean Jake Allen!!

  134. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    Well so much for Dallas making this a game. The are going to be pissed off and looking to kick some arse. Losing 4 – 0

  135. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    Unfortunately, Canada tied it up soon after & now they are on a PP.

  136. Don’t you think that this game is much more entertaining than some of the games we watched this year? Some?

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Easy Pavel ….This is my home , yeah annoying and loud!!!

  138. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG, My future Rangers are killing my present.

  140. GregL, sorry bro, but you’re going down. Right in your home. And the Rangers are bringing it!!

  141. excellent coaching for USA this tourney, so far the goalie switch is the play of the game.

    krieder is so good and really fun to watch.

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on


  143. I dont know, I called it a penalty before the refs did. the US standing around at the end hurt them more.

    come on boys!

  144. Whoa! on the replay, that was a BS call! kinda like that icing.

    Canaduh ought to be shipped to Antartica for that

  145. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ilb , me?? Maybe!!! WOW , unbelievable , I could of swore Canada lost.

  146. I forgot to say… Shoryuken you are right. I was wrong. But the refs were may more wrong. I’m watching this on a little computer window I forgive myself.

  147. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    This game could be all over in the first 5 minutes. May the best team win. Sakatoon is FIRED UP TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BTW , I love my Rangers !! go Captain Clutch!!!!

  148. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Derak Stepan is awsome!!!! Kreider is the fastest!!!! Gotta love it guys N Gals . Our future looks good ,very good.

  149. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Going 4 gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    NO SHOOT OUT !!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO shoot out sucks!!!!

  150. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    that’s crazy. if they are going to use the 20 min. … Let them play 5 on 5

  151. what really got me was the fact that Canada got away with a bad high sticking penalty. But, our guy gets pushed and bumps the goalie and he gets called for a pernalty. That was total hogwash!!


  153. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on


    I know grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA USA USA!!!!!!!



  156. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on



  158. Best hockey news us Ranger fans have had in a long time. Awesome showing USA and I am glad we stuck it to them!!!!!

    Even the refs can’t help them out. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Do you know what I would die for now? To see Don Cherry’s swollen face. At this particular moment. Wearing his red Xmas napkin outfit!

  160. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    LOL ilb

    I would pay a good amount of money to see that too. Thanksgiving floral arrangement all thrown up on his suit LOL

  161. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Lost gold in Saskatoon !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Better team won , Great goaltending and alot of good grit on team USA. My hats off to them and as much as I didn’t want them to win ..they pulled it off. Congrats you guys.

  162. McGuire is one of the reasons I stopped cheering for Canada. He’s such a blowhard! MONSTER WIN!

  163. Guess who’s going to get the trophy, heads. Our future!! The leading scorer on the tournament. Damn it, Slats, if you trade him, I hope you suffer from unrelenting, noncurable hemorrhoids.

  164. per Zipay:

    Doug Risebrough, the former Wild GM who was hired as a consultant by old friend Glen Sather and has been scouting teams in the West (loves Chicago, who doesn’t?), was here for a private summit with the boss. Slats ushered him into his office halfway thru practice.

  165. MAKO says "AMERICA EFF YEAH!" on

    “Doug Risebrough, former Wild GM who was hired as a consultant by old friend Glen Sather and has been scouting teams in the West… Was here for a private summit with the Boss. Slats ushered him into his office half way through practice”

    Maybe 3 way deal between Chi-NYR-Atl?

  166. Olga Folkyerself on

    Watch out for Sather’s “old friends”. Ron Low and Muckler are his other old friends he hired.

  167. I’m really happy for these US young men. That was a “MONSTER WIN”, a big confident booster.

  168. I dont pay. if you click on the link to his blog, you can read it. I just can’t copy and paste the info here. doug risebrough is a friend of sather. He was the former wild gm. and hes been scouting games in the west. Sather ushered him into his office during practice. I think somethings gonna go down

  169. its so funny you can hear the kid going WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all over the place!

  170. damn. 3 people beat me responding to my question. Byfuglien distractions.
    Kovalchuk, clickity cluck, gotta get him so our team doesnt suck, when glen sather cast his eyes on you, you a sittin duck
    If you wanna win big, u gon need a lil bit o’ luck. Glen needs to stop it, quit actin like a schmuck. Peace out. Gotta go give drury his new clutch truck.

  171. USA!

    congrats young (and hopefully future) Rangers prospects
    and the entire U.S. Junior team
    in winning the Gold.

    14 hours of work today. i’m toast.
    thoughts on the grades possibly tomorrow.
    i think Carp was a bit nice in a few spots.

  172. From Zipay:
    ” No caveman sightings, but the stack of bills with the googly eyes was atop the net and focused on Marian Gaborik today as he filmed a post-practice commercial for Geico.”

    I KNOW Carp is looking forward to seeing that commercial spot.

  173. Congrats to Team USA! This was the beat hockey game I’ve seen in years.

    There’s a crazy rumor on Eklund about a Roszival-Higgins for Bieska-Demetria although both of those guys are injured.

    Probably bogus but who knows.

  174. that commercial will be hilarious! hate the googely eye ones, but its GABBY!! Just one of the benefits of playin in NY….you payin attention Kovy???

  175. those eyes are TOO big to be drurys!!!!!!!!

    Have a good one Sharkie, and if I find any other worthy blind bat pics, i’ll send em!

    CONGRATS TEAM USA!!!!!! The Olympic team should brush shoulders with these kids for luck!

  176. Yeah, Kovy, pay attention. Maybe I should translate that in Russian for him:
    Druzhok, ety glasastye dengy vse tvoy v etom gorode!

    Good night heads, what a win!

  177. re: zip’s blog on newsday…

    I just found out tonight that I can still scroll down on the blog and basically read the blog as it passes behind the window that asks you to sign in. A bit frustrating and probably not worth the effort…just saying.

    congrats to team usa jr’s!!

  178. lol linda. speaking of starwars, how much better would chubacka be on defense than redden. at least he’d roar!

  179. chebacca, drubacca, that’d get too confusing hehehe

    ANYWAY.. Chewie on d would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!! can you imagine that!!! Boba Fett and Greedo woulda been decent also, until their untimely demises

  180. nite heads! have an enjoyable rest of the evening, hopefully crazy yeti doesnt do something stupid!


  181. CHRIS

    It’s just funny that nobody really appreciated the effort, and heart of Prucha, and how the organization replaced him with guys they thought would be better, like Kotalgeek, Piggins, etc.

    It’s nice to see both Pruchs, and Dawes having solid years.

  182. Anybody read this from ESPN

    Demitra trade possible?
    AM ETTop Email Last month, there was buzz that the New York Rangers may acquire Pavol Demitra to solve their offensive woes.

    But at the time, Demitra was hurt and there was no telling what kind of shape he would come back in. Now, Demitra is back and preparing to play — for the Canucks and the Slovakian Olympic team — so it may give Rangers GM Glen Sather enough time to decide whether he wants him or not.

    Sather couldn’t agree to a trade with the Coyotes for Peter Mueller, which would’ve made a Demitra trade unlikely. Since that trade has fallen through, a Demitra deal seems more plausuble.

    The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch previously wrote that Sather is mulling over the possibility. Demitra, who is a $4 million cap hit, is a free agent at the end of the season. This may be one of many possibilities the Rangers are exploring to boost their offense.

    “They want to do something,” a league executive told Garrioch. “They are talking to everybody right now.”

    Demitra might be the secondary scoring option the Rangers are looking for to complement Marian Gaborik. Garrioch writes that the two would play on the same line.

    Puck Prospectus
    Second liner Demitra

    “Pavol Demitra consistently contributes between 2.1 and 2.4 even-strength points per 60 minutes, which would put him second to Gaborik among Ranger forwards. The 35-year-old Slovakian can also be reliable defensively, so he may be better used on the second line to ignite the Rangers’ ample supply of secondary scorers much as Gaborik does on the first.” -Robert Vollman

  183. USA!! USA!!


    You guys are insane!

    This thread is P R I C E L E S S!! LOL

    Every time I’m away from the blog great things happen! UNFAIR!


    P.S. I’d take Demitra with wide open hands! The question is…who are we trading?

  184. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    no demitra until we get a hard hitting crease clearing physical d man or two.

    I am there next season… me a seat!

  185. If its Demitra or anyone else…Sather will give out players for free in return for a rented player who wont resign with us next season.

    Prucha…Dawes…Tyutin…Korpedo… just to name a few.

  186. If Anaheim starts selling, I wouldn’t mind having Wisniewski. FA after the year and the cap hit won’t be alot at all, since it will also be pro-rated from the middle of the year.

  187. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I wasn’t on here last night but that game last night WJC was awesome. That was incrediable hockey to watch very passionate teams on both sides. The come back by Canada for the second time against USA was just outstanding, and then to have USA come back with the winning goal was great, Carlson did a no look shot and got it by Canadas goal WOW great stuff, if the NHL cold play with that much passion we would have a whole different game.

  188. Carp,

    Why all this bizarre love for Voros? He proved last year that he can’t skate worth a damn. He’s just as much a waste of cap space as Brashear.

    Good morning! Damn, that game was good. Keep Gaby, Hank, MDZ and sign that whole young USA team. Cup in two years.

  190. loneranger,

    in the link you provided, its hysterical how EVERY single person in the background looks miserable! and the only one smiling is Stepan! They all look like their dog died, or they had a bad mooseburger, especially that dude with the white hair!

    Hockeyman, we have bettman to thank for that. The only passion he has is crosby

  191. carp, please dont carp on me!! but i just seen the fotage from teh usa canada game. let me tell ya, that stepan kid is somethin else. kreider is a good goal scorer and even if it was a flukey goal hes got 6 in 7 games. he shold be up in a year or 2 and hopefully stepan is here around the same time or sooner. i realize they are attnding college so it will be longer than we want, but when they get here watch out. gabby should still be here, cally and duby should be here, especially cally. kots will be gone, tanquist will be gone, somebody will throw a dart at higgins and he’ll pop, so he’ll be gone next month, all the bad contracts will be gone somehow. imagine stepan, kreider and gabby for a top line, duby,AA and grachev for a 2nd?? awesome future. maybe bourque, locke,cally for a 3rd. or weise and have bourque on the 4th. lisin might be here. i hope they can get his hands to work cuz this has the makings of 1 very fast, young hungry team. i know if sather is here in 3 years or more, theres gonna be other players and vets to fill out the roster and not all these kids will be here, but maybe by then the kids we have now can be those vets. guys like duby,cally,staal, dz and even AA and gilroy should be well seasoned and in their primes. hopefully sather really is gonna stick to this rebuilding with youth. and if those rumours are true about demitra im gonna cry. why?? i can see bieksa. the guy isnt scoring much points and is hurt now but is really good. demitra i can handle only if he resigns cheap like prospal to play with gabby his buddy. i just wish one year sather wouldnt make any trades or more importantly short sighted trades to get help now while sacrificing youth. even sanguinetti i want to keep. hes a 1st rounder and if he can be half as good as dz offensively and be solid defensively, then keep him. everyone says we have some ofthe top d prospects and it looks like we have some good surprises on offense too. gotta give rangers scouts some credit even with the bust jessiman. imagine if cherry was still aive? also the kid werek was our compensation for him. i hear hes pretty good too. im not sayin we have all future all stars but watchin our 3 prospects play so good and win the gold sure makes the future look bright from here. finally, when the captaincyis passed from drury to cally we will all remmber all those clutch dump-ins, clutch blocks,clears,etc… and when the final shredded mouthpiece falls to the ice, there will be a tear in all ours eyes. the tears of joy that no other sports fan has ever had(besides the 94 cup), and we’ll do the 1 finger salute as him and slatipuss drive off into the sunset

  192. Yeah, Linda, they all look like Stepan just skated ino the Funeral Home by mistake. No worries, this background will look much better next year in Buffalo! Perhaps even with Sally in her boots:)

  193. Good morning, Mike. My headache was almost gone until I had to go through your post.. Sigh..

  194. I can’t believe how good that game was last night.. i sure hope to see some exciting hockey like that tonight.

  195. hey beth,did you ever get to view the photo?

    MIKE, holy carp all those letters game me a headache!! You’re too much. ILB, sally and her sassy boots better be in the background next year, with a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE grin on her lil face!

  196. “we will all remmber all those clutch dump-ins, clutch blocks,clears,etc… and when the final shredded mouthpiece falls to the ice, there will be a tear in all ours eyes. the tears of joy that no other sports fan has ever had(besides the 94 cup), and we’ll do the 1 finger salute as him and slatipuss drive off into the sunset”

    AAAAW MIKE, so poignant!

  197. Nice win last night by TEAM USA in WJC, hope this Stepan kid is the real deal. What’s the scouting report on him? He was tourney MVP. I know Montoya had a good run one year too so can’t get hopes up too much I guess.

    +As far as Drury/Cally getting picked for Olympics, I think Cally helped Drury’s selection only because they pair together on the penalty kill and a line together, have some chemistry. In a tourney that starts so quick this will be key to have some familiarity. I can see them both on the 4th line and being a top PK unit.

  198. Good morning all! Could I hate Brodeur even more than I already do? Sounds like I missed an awesome game last night. Why I always say pros should play Olympics….let the kids have it.
    Carp, I think yesterday was the first time we ever disagreed. Where’s my diary?

  199. espn rumor mill has us acquiring andrew cogliano from edm real soon. hes young which is nice but hes also 5’9. the only players i really want on this team or ones that can be a major upgrade.

  200. Cogs is so overrated its not even funny. I want nothing to do with him. Such a disappointment from a guy as highly touted as him.

    Also Carp, I thought about Lisin and who we traded him for (Korpedo) and I’d have to say that C- is pretty harsh. Maybe a C would be better considering Lauri cost about 600k more than Lisin did, and to be honest I don’t think most people knew who Lisin was until midway through the 1st half (I think I’m the only one that watches the Coyotes and was excited about him) so only a few of us had expectations.

    But anyway so far, Lauri has a whopping 4 points (2g, 2a) in 35 games and is -6 on a team that is in a playoff spot. Lisin has 10 points (4g, 6a) in 37 games and is -1 on a team that has struggled for much of the season. Considering he’s cheaper and his production is more than that of Korpedo, he should at least get a C.

  201. After seeing the WJC highlights, I’m seriously pissed i didn’t watch the game. Looked like EVERYONE there was playing their hearts out. USA!!!!!

  202. Hiya! Quick question that’s entirely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to resolve this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. Thanks!

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