Rangers’ World juniors update


From the Rangers:

New York, January 4, 2010 – All four Rangers prospects participating in the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships were in action yesterday.
Team USA Captain Derek Stepan recorded a shorthanded assist to help lead the United States to a 5-2 victory over Sweden in their Semi Final matchup.  Stepan currently leads all tournament skaters in scoring with 12 points, ranks first overall with nine assists and tied for fourth with a plus-eight rating.  Teammate Chris Kreider is tied for the team lead and third in the tournament overall with five goals, and has six points in six games.  Ryan Bourque has collected two assists in six games for Team USA.
Roman Horak was also in action yesterday as the Czech Republic defeated Latvia, 10-2, to advance in the relegation round.  Horak has two points (one goal and one assist) in five tournament contests.
The United States next plays Canada in the Gold Medal game on tomorrow, January 5, while the Czech Republic next plays Slovakia today to close out their tournament schedule.


I was hoping to have my mid-season report card done last night. Didn’t happen. Maybe this afternoon. Or it may have to wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Carped, naturally. Nice way to start the week.


    Larry Brooks gets most of his ideas by visiting this blog, I’m telling you. He just has much better writing skills than most of us (perhaps with the exception of Carp, and maybe Mike in IA ), but for how long have we all been saying:”Torts, unleash Avery!”?


  2. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So 1 game into January and we already lost a point we should have had.

    So here’s my question to everyone, WE all know the problems, WE all know who’s trying and earning there paychecks, BUT:

    What does Old Man Sather do between now and the Olympic Break?
    And Im asking for SERIOUS and REALISTIC chages, trades, demotions etc that can be made, not fantasy ones.

    Me Personally, If I were Sather and Torts and with our Cap nightmare, this is what I would do for right now:

    1.) Waive or demote Brashear – Does nothing, completely useless, eating up cap space.

    2.) Bring up Dane Byers- Put him on the 4th line, problem solved, cap space saved, better player with scoring ability and who WILL ACTUALLY FIGHT.

    3.) Decide SERIOUSLY who your going to try and get rid of and remove them permanently from the locker room: Rosival or Redden. The time has come and a decision MUST be made. Egg on your face, looks bad, who cares. FOR THE GOOD OF THE TEAM must be in there mindset.

    4.) Bring Heikinen back up: was solid on D, will only get better, has a nasty slap shot and likes hitting people. Cap hit small, cap space made, second problem solved. Again we cant afford to go shopping for anyone

    5.) Give Chad Johnson two back to back games to judge his ability to be Hanks backup – He’ll succeed and surprise everyone. Hank, no matter what he says, needs a break. The team in front of him doesnt deserve his stellar play as of late so this really puts it on the players to start scoring

    6.) Chris Drury – WHY was he ever removed from the 4th line? Back you go, do not pass go, do not collect 7.5 million dollars. Use on PK and 2nd PP unit. He’s not getting moved so this is our only option. MAYBE he scores again and makes the 4th line a threat?

    I’ve said this all season long so far, but if by the end of this month were out of the playoff picture we are done.

    It’s all on Sather and Torts now to make the right moves to try and get this team consistenet.

    But of course the likelihood of that happening, is about the same chance of Sather resigning.

    Lets Go Rangers!

  3. Tonight’s game should be a tough one. The Bruins look pretty good lately. We really need to get some points here. There are so many games this month. Teams near us in the standings are playing mediocre hockey right now, so we need to play better than them. Seems like a tall order with this team, but it is a must.

  4. I don’t think we can get rid of Brashear’s cap hit unless we trade him. Even if we send him down we’re on the hook for his salary because of his age.

  5. Well done Mikey. Most people around here have a list that looks more like – Waive Redden, Roszival, Brashear, then trade Drury and then go after Kovalchuk. While in a perfect world that would happen, we need to make some realistic changes and those are all very realistic and for the most part necessary.
    The only one I can’t 100% agree with you is on Ocho Cinco. He’s still a kid and he definitely could use more time developing. He does have poise and though he looks like a child, demonstrated in the preseason that he is unphased playing with the big boys. Still, its not a lock that he can back up Hank. Vally was pretty steady for two years and then went off the deep end. Who knows whats going to happen with Ocho.

  6. Rozsival becomes very tradeable after this season. His salary falls to an average of $3.5mn for the final two years of his contract although his cap hit is $5mn.

    When just asked to play defense, surprisingly the stats show Rozsival playing well. He’s giving up an even strength goal every 28.5 minutes of ice time. That compares with Staal (24min), Redden (30min), Girardi (18min), Lidstrom (31min), Chara (27.5min), White (28min), Myers (26min) to name a few comps.

    Obviously the Rangers would love to have Rozsival do more than play defense for what they’re paying him this year and his cap hit. I can’t imagine there isn’t some team out there with cap space next year who wouldn’t want a guy who is playing top pairing defense for a cost to the organization of $3.5mn with the possibility that his offensive game comes back, hence Rozsival is tradeable.

  7. I have to agree with JJP and Mikey. I would demote Wade Redden and Brashear now. I would try very hard to trade Rozsival this Summer. We have to eat Drury’s contract for the next few years. Getting rid of the Radden, Rozsival and Brashear contracts frees up room for us to resign expiring contracts of good young players… and for Sather to make more boneheaded veteran signings…

  8. Per Zip: Torts say he doesn’t want Brashear to sit for five games (it’s been two) and will begin alternating the two more regularly.

  9. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao Nasty, but sitting Voros for a month while brastrap got what, ONE shot on goal was ok? Really, who is running this ship? Batship brings absolutely NOTHING. After the lil drama with Carcillo, is ANYONE actually intimidated by him anymore?

    MikeyNJ, great post! Only thing is, we still get the cap hit on Brastrap because he’s a fossil. I guess if he was traded outright, would that free UP his cap space? Guys?

  10. MikeyNJ:

    You make some good points, but the one and only thing that will really improve the Rangers is if Sather gets fired, and somebody else gets to decide what moves are to be made.

    He’s been here a decade now and we have 3 playoff series wins! This from a guy who was always critical of the NY Rangers organization for spending too much, and who said he’d win the Cup every year if he had Cablevision’s cash.

    Sather is the rotten apple that must be weeded out before the team can ever be a contender again.

  11. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    i guess if bratship sits for more than 3 games, he actually fossilizes more.

  12. mistake sitting voros. If you have to put brash back in the lin eup sit freaking higgins or lisin!!

  13. Hockeyman Rangers on

    As far as our young prospects playing in juniors I have been impressed so far. Stepan is the leading scorer in the entire tourny??? And Krieder is not to far behind??? WOW what’s going on with our drafting lately??? Del Zotto??? And now these guys, what changed why do we seem to be doing better??? Now I undertand they are not playing for the big club yet but it looks promising. What is Sather not doing the drafting lately???

  14. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Hey Rick, do we have any recourse against Brooksie actually stealing word for word what a bunch of us have been posting in here? Wow, at one point I thought I was reading my own post about putting the guys in the best position to succeed!

    He really needs to write an article going after assclown Dolan and asshat Sather. THEY are the main reason this team continues to spin its wheels after all this time. I mean CRIPES, you had Jagr AND Shanahan!! Sure,Shanny may have been slowed down by the ravages of Father Time, but he STILL played with more will to win than just about anyone currently on the team (and LOADS more than captain excellent!) Who cares who the dude slept with 15 years ago, or even last week, he came prepare and stood up for his teammates.

    And I agree with Nasty, putting batsheep in is a stupid move. Mike posted the other day about us being fickle in who our whipping boy is at any time. Ya know I ripped Voros tons last season, but you can actually see a difference when he’s on the ice and when its brastrap getting to play. Voros may NOT be the fastest, swiftest skater, he may have stone hands when it comes to offense, but he does stick up for his guys and will take the usual beating. Brashear does NONE of that.

  15. in regards to our young players, I think we should be cautiously optimistic. None of them will be any help to the big club for the next few yrs and none are overly large in stature. The glaring holes we have now still need to be addressed from outside the organization!

  16. Brashear makes the odd good play, and he has not taken a bad penalty lately. You have to ask yourself is the odd good play worth it? The guy is as close to useless when he on the ice as anyone could be. I guess Torts thinks having him in the line up is enough to keep the other team honest, but really is it? Brashear avoids fights when ever he can, and really he can’t play. The guy is a talentless, often injured, close to forty year old. How much is he going to help this team. At least Voros might deflect one in off his rear end.

  17. You go Linda! I agree with you 1 000 000%!

    Btw, thank you and everyone else very much for warm New Years wishes! Sorry i couldn’t reply before to any of the emails. Bonehead-land is the best place in the world! And boneheadians are the best bunch of boneheads ever!

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thanks Blogomama, Nasty, Maven and all.

    And of Course after I write this Torts puts Brashear back in the line-up! Unreal.

    Seriously, and I am no Voros fan, why sit Voros?
    At least he can sakte better than Brashit and he WILL fight instead of pretending to fight.

    Im really starting to think Torts doesnt even know what he has on this team.

    AFLY: I can agree with your asessment of Johnson.
    BUT, Like I said, if Torts gave or gives him two back to backs, I think everyone, even the coaching staff, will be shocked at how well and NHl ready his game will be.

    He is 23, so he’s not that young

    Vally should stay in Hartford and then bye bye in the offseason. I jsut never liked that he’s so comfortable being a backup. Hank needs to be challenged too

  19. And I will add this, Voros has looked pretty good in fights this year. Unike last year where he always good tossed around and dropped.

  20. What’s with Larry Brooks stealing my comments from yesterday?? Although I went the Drury Route and he took the Avery route, My whole argument was that Torts needs to start putting these players in their respective positions to be successful.

    Example: Drury in front on the PP, Kotalik at the Point on the PP, Dubinsky on the Wing to split up our Playmakers and feed our scorers

    Until another player steals their job, our highest paid players should be able to succeed where they have built their careers (especially on a team struggling to score goals)

  21. I hope he gets the chance…if not just for Hank’s sake. I’m hoping the game before the Olympics, Hank tweaks his hammy and has to sit out 2-3 weeks.

  22. I remember that fight he had against Janssen in StL where he got dropped and then Janssen picked him back up so he could punch him some more. Janssen was probably thinking “I beat up people like you on the way to fights”.

  23. @Hockeyman Rangers

    The credit for the Rangers’ improvement in drafting goes primarily to 2 people. The first, believe it or not, is Tom Renney – prior to when he was named head coach. The second is their top scout-type guy – Gord Clark. Lesser credit – perhaps by omission(?) – goes to Sather for listening to Clark.

    Kreider was panned by many when the Rangers selected him 1st this past year – but so far he’s showing that he can adapt to the increased level of competition. Stepan, pure and simple, is a gem and if he continues to develop may well be a top-six center. Bourque is doing well – but it remains to be seen if a guy of his size will be able to adapt at each of the next higher levels (e.g. AHL and eventually NHL) – he’s probably the longshot of the three.

  24. It seems like some days Avery is the old Avery and other days he is just calm, collected and not much of a factor. Can the inconsistency be attributed to what Torts tells him? Who gives him his gameplan every game?

  25. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Here’s some sobering facts:

    Oct Record: 8-5-1
    November Record: 5-8-0
    December Record: 6-2-3
    January Record: 0-0-1
    43 points

    January games: 16 games Total
    8 home/8 away

    Except for November, it doesnt look that bad in those terms, but we all know better

    If we don’t come out of this month with AT LEAST 16 points, we gonna be in trouble.

    Ok so I was negative the whole end of 2009. Here’s to a New Year and being positive.

    I predict the Rangers go on a tear and by Jan 31st our record will be 10-4-2

    Pipe dream, maybe.


  26. I bet Voros could beat bra strap right now. That is how this should be decided. I can see it now. After morning skate, the light bamboo on fire around center ice. Bra strap and voros both come out with war paint on, and just square off. Winner gets the spot in the line up.

  27. I was willing to give brashear a fair shake here to start the season. Half a season is gone and what has he done for us?

    1. Not scored a goal.
    2. Been hurt.
    3. Turned down fights.
    4. Made me miss Orr.
    5. Prove that Voros deserves his spot.

  28. I don’t care who scores the goal, I just want to see some Ranger goals. Preferably at least one more than the Bruins. Tall order right?

  29. The last two guys Voros beat up both scored a goal pretty soon after, so maybe a Voros-Brashear fight (well, not “fight” but “five minutes of hugging and noogies before Voros loses his balance”) would get the Donald’s dormant offense going too.

  30. Hockeyman Rangers on


    Thanks for the info and the link. The good thing might be that Torts will let them play for the big club if they can continue to produce, I know now anytime soon but. Unlike the Renny system he just did not give them a chance. The next couple of years should be interesting. Now if we can put Sather to rest and get someone in there that can pay players what they are really worth.

  31. Mouth, wow, that sure did bring back memories, especially of how much I loved Beezer and how much I hated Hatcher….good times! (until, of course, we lost….)

  32. Not sure if this was already posted before but…

    Chris Drury hasn’t exactly played up to the five-year, $35 million contract he signed with the Rangers in the summer of 2007, especially this season.

    But the Blueshirts captain, who was demoted briefly to the fourth line in December, certainly isn’t about to apologize for being named to the 2010 U.S. Olympic team on Jan. 1, his third straight designation.

    “Obviously, experience and leadership are important ingredients of what not only I can bring, but (fellow veterans) Jamie Langenbrunner and Brian Rafalski, too. But I also know I can play,” Drury told the New York Post. “I don’t think I’m on the team to be a *cheerleader*.”


  33. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    SHENANIGANS ON DRURY!!! Ya know, Bill Guering woulda been a better choice! SHEESH this guy believes his own press, He is CHRIS “JIM JONES KARESH” DRURY! Welcome to the Cult of Clutch!! Here’s your kool-aid Torts and Brian Burke.

  34. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    CCCP two things wrong with that picture.

    No C on his jersey (which SHOULD BE CORRECT)and
    NO MOUTHGUARD! Drury without the mouthguard would be like a day without sunshine, DREARY!

  35. Has anyone noticed the remarkably proffesional passing game of the Jrs? They make the
    rangers resemble a bunch of stray cats over a fish head’

    They play a fast hard hitting and great skating (and opportunistic) game, and in my opinion the Rangers should be forced to watch these kids game over and over again until they finally GET it. Their passing game alone would be a revelation to the dumpers and wafters on the Rangers. Not once in that Jrs game did I see anyone try that long home run pass ( which is like you would see in the beer leagues).

  36. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    LMAO CCCP!!! Disturbing! Find a picture of someone in a snuggie, holding a dixie cup, and superimpose his head there! CULT LEADER PHOTO!

  37. welcome back with a bang, CCCP.

    CT and hockeymon, you guys cracked me up with the Brashear/Voros/Janssen stuff.

    RealMikey, I don’t disagree with your suggestions, except there is no relief from Brashear’s cap hit unless he’s traded. And good luck with that.

  38. hello and good morning/afternoon all
    been a bit since i commented

    dont understand why voros isnt playing.
    hope we get 2 points tonight!

  39. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thanks Carp. I agree no one is goign to pick him up, and I bet after his Rangers stinit is over he’ll be forced to retire

    But at this point, even without losing his cap hit, I’d rather have in the press box for the next 41 games of the season and have Byers up and taking his spot.

    Why do you think he keeps putting him in there to play?

    How can we as fans see he has and does ntohing, yet The coach puts him out there. And Even if he plays onyl one shift tonight, its too much

  40. Thank you, Carp! I missed this place! And i missed last two Rangers games too, so tonight I’m going to the game!! YEAH!


    whoa!! wtf happened to J.Lo’s butt?? That was her only talent and now its gone! I am sad :(

  41. Flynn.. Granted the jrs. have been passing well, and the Rangers seem to have a bit of problem in that department most games. I hate to go to the Rangers defence on this because I am always complaining about their passing and recieving passes, but although the junior game looks fast it is not even close to the speed of the average NHL game. The ice in the gardens is nothing to write home about, and the coverage is real close, there isn’t much time. That said I enjoy watching the juniors play. They pass and recieve passes well, and they finish their checks, and they all seem to have great work ethics all the time. I don’t know what happens but it seems to me they lose some of this when they turn pro. Maybe it’s the speed of the game , maybe its the money.

  42. wow, all of a sudden we are overwhelmed with nasties!!!!

    Crap, this is a versus game isn’t it….no direct tv dvr for me!!!!

  43. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    CCCP, J Lo’s butt has left the building….10 minutes after she did!! YIKES

    Ok boys, which stellar VERSUS crew do we get tonight?

  44. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    CCCP, that’s the dictionary photo for ‘dragging ass’ :-)

    wicky, i’m sure the technologically superior dudes here will find a link later ;-)

  45. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton! gotta love the falling apple on google!

  46. I have comcast so no worries about not having it on the TV but meh I hate Versus with a fiery passion like no other.. probably Beninati tonight too

  47. RealMikey, probably because Tortorella was involved in signing him and he and Sather don’t want to admit that it was a horrible idea right from the start. Not to mention the 1.4 million other reasons.

  48. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    LMAO SHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why was the horrible ovie impersonator talking lik AHHHHHHHHHNOLD? “how many guins could ovie eat if ovie could eat guins?”


  49. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Carp, why is it so hard for these guys to admit to their mistakes and rectify the situation?! They whined and bitched and moaned about how hard the fans were gonna be on him, and he’s done ABSOFREAKINLUTELY NOTHING! They kept saying give him a chance, he’s got this skill and that skill and yadda yadda yadda. They gave this fossil 2.8 million bucks for the next two years, and he hasnt done 25 cents of work!!!!!!! SHENANIGANS!

  50. “I was hoping to have my mid-season report card done last night. Didn’t happen. Maybe this afternoon. Or it may have to wait until tomorrow.”

    Carp you have missed your profession or determination :) You would have the talent for a good politician…
    Everything is possible but nothing is sure :):):)

  51. silly capitals! funny caps rap… but why does “ovechkin” sings with German accent?? Russia or Germany…whats the difference? right Washington?

  52. bull dog line on

    those moves you suggest are just band aids in gaping wounds. replacing Brashere? what’s to replace? and you missed the Drury love fest that was here yesterday. people want to put him on the top PP unit. I would like to see Heikennen as well, but when did he do any of the things you gave him credit for? he was playing 9 minutes a game when he was up.
    this team needs major changes, heikkenen, and byers are not going to suddenly make the Rangers contenders.

  53. koala, I hate politicians more than H1N1.

    You know what they say about politicians: 99 percent of them give the rest a bad name.

  54. Hi Linda !

    What is better now ? Watching the Rangers at Madison Squarden with -17 degrees or sitting at the beach of koalaland and feeding my friends the cangaroos with 38 Celsius 117 Fahrenheit ?:)

    Oh please let the sun comes out and give me a little light and the Rangers the ability to put the round rubber over a line to get a red light on :)

  55. You know Brashear is bad when people are clamoring to put Voros in the lineup.

    But our 4th line really doesn’t matter. It’s our top 2 lines and top 2 D pairs that are the real issue. 4th line should be an afterthought (with any production they provide being merely a bonus, or just putting you over the top).

  56. Linda –
    I’ve been paying attention!!!! That was a nightmare & scarred me for the night! Ugh, I rather throw PS3 game innuendos at Orr than look at that hideous pic OR performance again! LMAO!!!

  57. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    someone mentioned yesterday that the 4th line and 3rd defensive pairing should make COMBINED what they signed brashear for.

    2.8 million dollars this season and next that could have been better spent elsewhere…OH YEA, we dont have the guy in charge to spend it correctly, no matter how many times he claimed (20 years ago) that he could win the Cup every year with “Ranger money”.

  58. Haven’t been around the last couple days or so, so apologies if this has been discussed, but has anyone here seen that kid Nino Niederreiter from Switzerland at the World Juniors? Think he’d be around by the time we pick in June? I like his style, go to the net, take some hits, he can shoot and he’s got some size too.

  59. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao Mako!! I’ll let Ms.Guppy know that if you ever act up, all she’s gotta do is pull up that photo!!!

    Koala, i’d take watchin the Rangers in warm weather, and with the temps here today, 35 would be warm!!

  60. mrs tr-808 stole my vote… so now ill have to walk over to my other pc and vote…

    who does she think she is??

  61. oh man, Carp..I would really select all five !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is really not one to favor…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Higgins is a goner next season…so he’s not so bad… Rozi as mentioned before is very tredable next season when his paycheck goes down..BroQueer cap hit is the best compare to all of the players on poll list, though BroQueer is still useless… and Drury…well “Drury is Drury”

    so my vote went to Redden because no matter how much we love to hate on drury, rozi, brashear, and higgins…redden is the only player who is impossible to get rid off even if we gave him away for free! NOBODY WANTS HIM BESIDES SATHER!

  63. CCCP- where have you been?
    They will resign Higgins next year. You need to have someone on the team who can hit the post lol

  64. ilb2001

    v mestax nestol’ otdalenix! j/k!

    i went to Florida again for New Years! But now im back and ready to rumble! :)

  65. Shoryuken – I haven’t seen any of the WJC at all, but Bob McKenzie of TSN reckons Niederreiter could be taken higher than any previous Swiss player, which would mean top-13. Can’t find the link to his comments…

  66. I voted Drury just because he’s like the 5th highest paid player in the league. For that money, you could’ve gotten a Kovalchuk, Heatley, Iginla, Hossa, etc.

    Oh, and since when is our $8m team captain a part of “secondary scoring?” He should be PRIMARY scoring! That’s the problem to begin with!

  67. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    SCX, i also voted for Drury. Like many have said, it’s not his fault Sather overpaid for him, BUT, when you make that kind of money,and you are the CAPTAIN, you better be able to lead by example and by words! There is just no enthusiasm shown by this guy at any point during the game, and his dealings with the press are mindnumbingly sleep inducing! I swear I wish one of us was privvy to what the hell he does during practice and in the locker room. To look at the rest of the team, NONE of them look like they’d take a bullet for him, go through a wall for him, or even follow him into a carnival! He was never a top flight goal scorer, like the guys you mentioned, but he USED to come up with the much needed goals in his previous stops. The Rangers, yet again, overpaid for guys who’s best days are behind them(in drury and redden) and Sather outbid himself on Rozsival. Unfortunately, our GM’s ‘best days’ are behind him also.

  68. Linda – Agreed, it’s Sather’s fault for overpaying, not Drury’s fault for taking it.

    But, if we had to dump 1 guy, it would be him simply because it clears up the most money, which would be better spent on a 2nd elite scorer to compliment Gaborik, which, in my opinion, is our #1 need.

  69. Has “Chris Drury is Chris Drury” become the Rangers equivalent of “Manny being Manny”?

    Zero offense and minimal leadership from your $7m captain? Ah, it doesn’t matter, it’s just Chris Drury being Chris Drury…

  70. don’t forget guys that Drury’s salary goes down to 5mil after next year which is also his last contract year with us…whereas Redden’s salary goes down to 6.5 mil after next year and then TWO more years at 5 mil each! Redden will be here for TWO more years than Drury! And as we already know Redden does not come with all the little things and intangibles that Drury comes with…those little things and intangibles could work in our favor if we decide to move Drury…which brings me back to my original point…NOBODY WILL TAKE REDDEN EVEN FOR FREE!

  71. Enhanced or not, Manny was just a quirky player that could kill the ball when it counted.

    Drury is just a soft spoken, medoicre, overpaid player with deteriorating skills.

  72. Speaking of softspoken. Stepan spoke with more insight last night during the intermission than Drury ever did.

  73. I voted for rozy, sad to say he brings the least to the table of the 5 (not saying much), but i do think he is tradeable and will be traded at some point this season!

  74. wicky- but can you bring intangibles? And it’s ok, I heard they live long in Montana..

  75. I’ll tell you, Sweden has some great players. And guess what, two of them are in Devils’ system.

  76. Heading to the Garden……

    Can I get a:

    “LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  77. Redden is an easy answer…the length and cost of that contract are insane…at least Drury can kill penalties very well and be a very good 3rd line center with good wingers around him. Plus, Drury has more trade value for the future.


  78. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Bull Dog Line: Heikinen did all of the thing i said in my previosu post with ONLY 9 minutes. He hit, he took shots that got ON GOAL. He’s got my vote to come up and play over either of the R & R boys.

    And Drury I didnt mention becasue its jsut retarded to dream that dream anymore. The staff lvoe him, Mangament loves him, blah blah blah, so he’s unmvoeable with his no movement clause so no sense in dreaming.

    And all the moves I mentioned are pretty much the ONLY ones we can make since our Genius of a cigar faced GM has handcuffed with $50.00 in caps space manuverability

    Ok I promised no mreo negativity in the new year

    LETS GO RANGERS, beat the bruins and get those two points!!!!

  79. NYRGuy- yes, a decent third line center. For about $1.75 mil per year.

    Nasty1, I almost forgot. Go to sisterblog, see if you like the hat my dog is wearing. I might be able to talk him into giving one up for you..

  80. Ilb…that is true lol, even 1.75 might be pushing it lol. I just think that since both Redden/Drury are equally harmful/useless, it all comes down to the worse contract.

  81. TR, i saw it. scary stuff. Been hearing it for years. I was surprised at first that they would put that on tv but then realized most of the population would think it was crazy and not do any further research and assume it was all bs.

  82. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Rick, when do we get to see the birth certificate of Josh Thomson, 26?

  83. umm. Jesse Ventura did a show on one world government and the ppl that really one the world. you’d have to research it to believe it].

  84. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    damn when was that on? That woulda been pretty interesting to see!!

  85. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    hell i’m gonna watch all the back episodes, pretty interesting and entertaining topics from the website! thanks for the heads up, always looking for stuff to watch outside of ‘regular tv’.

  86. just received my iso7x in the mail. depending on whether it works, let the muscle building begin!!! brashear needs some iso7x.

  87. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Good luck with that 909. Brashear needs to recover about 8 years, never mind muscle building!

  88. To the Rangers: Ilya Kovalchuk and potentially low round draft choices
    To the Thrashers: Brandon Dubinsky, Michal Rozsival, Ryan McDonaugh OR Bobby Sanquinetti, Christopher Higgins, 2010 1st Round Draft Pick, 2011 1st Round Draft Pick, 2011 2nd Round Draft Pick.


    Rumor from NHLsnipers.com

  89. Too much for a guy who might jet after this season. Too many draft choices given up as well. Hell to the no!

  90. nasty, idk if id do it. on the negative side, you lose another center, as well as not solving the salary problem since kovy wants like 11 mil a year. also too many high draft picks. if we let this go on and get a top 10 draft pick and assuming we are still handcuffed next season and still suck, get another top 10 pick, i might rather have that.

  91. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    “positively steroidal results” LMAO!!!!!!!! i love these commercials!!!

  92. Higgins is gone anyway after the year and getting rid of Rozi would be great. So it really comes down to Dubi/Sanguinetti/2 1sts and a 2nd for Kovi and low round picks.

    If it’s Sanguinetti than I wouldn’t mind it, I don’t really like Dubi that much, but again, we would be short on a center. I’d take my chances and hope that he is a FA after the year and we can sign him

  93. i had the first perfect pushup. it worked decently. nothing that noticable. just got more defined triceps

  94. Linda Omg, i didnt see your warnings. I saw a link and just clicked it. kinda gross. blinded although he has great muscle definition. lol.

  95. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    like the commercial said 909 ‘absolutely steroidal results” i wish my fiancee was here to see/hear that!

  96. Linda, OMG!!! Hummana Hummana! If Carp takes that down, I’m putting it back up (and also bookmarking it!) Ha Orr! Hayden Panitierre that!

  97. Where's Pavelich? on

    I think Kovi is great – and would be sucessful, but would be rough on the salary cap…I think the team would be better off if we were able to get some grinder players – REAL solid 2nd/3rd liners who can score –

    ..even if we overextend in a trade – someone like Dustin Brown, Rene Bourque, Ryan Clowe – to do the things that Higgins, Avery, Boyle are suppose to do… dont know if those types are avilable

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