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From the Rangers:

January 4, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, Boston Bruins 2 (Game #42, Home #22)
The Rangers defeated the Boston Bruins, 3-2, tonight at Madison Square Garden to improve to 20-17-5 (45 pts.) on the season, including a 9-10-3 mark at home; New York have recorded points in eight of their last nine games (6-1-2).
The Blueshirts are now 35-17-10 (80 pts.) against Original Six opponents since 2005-06, and 13-3-2 (28 pts.) vs. Boston over the span; the Rangers have now posted a record of 7-1-1 (15 pts.) against the Northeast Division, and have out-scored their opponents, 30-17, in nine games this season.
Brandon Dubinsky recorded two assists, including his 100th career NHL point on Kotalik’s first period power play goal, and led all Rangers with 24:16 of icetime; he has now tallied nine points (four goals and five assists) in the last seven games.
Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 26 shots while making his 16th straight start, his longest streak since he started 19 straight during the 2006-07 season; he has now held opponents to two or fewer goals in 12 of the last 15 games.
Christopher Higgins tallied the game-winning goal at 1:29 of the third period; he now has six goals and 15 career regular season points vs. Boston.
Ryan Callahan notched two assists and delivered a team-high five hits along with a game-high four blocked shots in 20:15 of icetime; he has now recorded four goals and 12 points in the last 12 games.
Erik Christensen tallied one goal in 17:56 of icetime; he has now recorded four points (two goals and two assists) in the last three games.
Ales Kotalik notched one power play goal in 14:35 of icetime; Michael Del Zotto and Chris Drury recorded one assist apiece.
The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, Jan. 5, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
The Rangers return to action on Jan. 6, when they will face-off against the Dallas Stars at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back set. The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “We come back and get a point after being down in the third period the other night.  I think we did it against the Islanders, we came back.  I thought we played really well in all facets of the game.”
Henrik Lundqvist on other guys scoring tonight … “Other guys stepping up now is huge for us.  It is a big month.  We need a lot of guys to step up and score for us.”
Brandon Dubinsky on tonight’s game… “The bottom line is we found a way to get two points here tonight.  I thought we played a solid game.  They’re a good team too, they pressured us and they had two opportunities and they found a way to score in the third.  But there was a great play by Higgy (Christopher Higgins) to put the puck in the net and two points is two points, especially here at home where we have been struggling.”

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  1. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Rick, i DID put a disclaimer and warning for the guys to NOT click on it!!!!!!!!! I tried to protect all of you, but sheesh you guys are just too curious!

  2. I was reading assessment of players every night, for fantasy purposes of course…and they said this under LQ which I couldn’t believe, because usually I agree with most things they say…

    Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 26 of the 28 shots he faced in the Rangers’ 3-2 victory over the Bruins Monday evening.
    Lundqvist has been playing well lately but hasn’t been picking up the victory. That’s not because of his play, he hasn’t had the help from the offense. The Rangers offense is too good to be cold too much longer. Expect Lundqvist to pick up a lot more wins down the road.

  3. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao @ made you look at! wait, are you talkin about the Jlo onezie photo???? heehee


    ugh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease linda you’re killing me with that pic. LOLOLOLOL My manly powers FAIL ME and then Mrs. Guppy will be mad LOL

  5. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    sorry Mako, don’t wanna upset Mrs. Guppy!!!

    lmao @ MattR for the 2nd or 3rd time today… good job!

  6. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    NYRGuy, it would be awesome if everyone else would pick up the pace and started chipping in some goals. It would take some pressure off of both Hank AND Gabby. This month is gonna be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, and we need everyone else to step up and contribute.

  7. If everyone on their roster finishes the season with their usual amount of goals, we should have a pretty successful second half.

  8. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    that’d be nice! they really need to roll together some strong efforts and bag every 2 points they can. I’m looking forward to the game thursday. Funny how I’ve seen em twice in the 3 years I’ve been down south, and could never afford to see em when I lived on the Island! grrrrr
    Just wish they were playin in Nashville cuz its better than Atlanta!

  9. Thank you Linda

    tonight was the off the schnied game.

    im a big fan of christensen. only nyr picks up a guy a third of the way through and hes on the top line.

  10. Glad to win this one, and in general I thought they looked pretty good, until the collapse..which really just leaves a terrible taste in my mouth because of the shorthandedness.

    Thought Dubinsky had some good moments, and I know this has been a topic for a while… but seriously… where’s Avery?

  11. I need a new name. I hate NYRGuy…I just couldn’t think of anything and this was the first thing I wrote down

  12. Salty…my theory is he didn’t wanna do anything stupid before the game with Dallas and from here out he will go nuts…but that’s just wishful thinking…he’s probably gonna be like this all year

  13. avery is doing what he does. that is passing when he should shoot, shooting when he should pass, going back in his zone when he should go north, etc.

    my point is avery is a better jon sims…he is not anything but a hard working wise guy with no skill….he can skate, he cannot shoot, receive a pass, pr have any offensive vision, in other words he is a 10 goal a year player best case scenario…

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just won ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nice to see someone other than Gabby score but when Gaborik doesn’t score …I think it sucks. Im really cheering for Gaborik to lead the league in scoring and maybe we’ll see Jagr’s record come to an end. I’d just like to see a Ranger score atleast 60 goals in a year…hard to believe it has never happened.

    Tomorow Canada VS USA …beuty. I win both ways cuz if our guys on team USA win , we could have even a brighter future.
    The crowd in Saskatoon will be loud and proud!!! A friend of mine was drinkin with Ray Bourque in the bar the other night…hes really happy his son is doing really well.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just won ,baby !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo NYRguy…try using a name with delzotto in it as yer new name. Delzotto will be around for ahwhile so you’ll get alot of good use outta it…who knows ya may get a few chicks too!!??

  16. Greg I don’t think I can use another man’s name in my name, that’s just weird lol. I was gonna go with my first name or first name/last initial but unfortunately it’s already taken.

    Flynn, not sure about Shaky lol

  17. nasty- i just finished reading the comments from the hacklund post and im speechless. some of those nuck fans want higgins!! they even think higgins, rozy for demitra and bieksa!! they must not follow this team very much. i mean, everyone elses garbage always looks better than your own, but cmon!! i could see demitra here though to play with gabby but hes a rw? we still need a better center. and demitra is still not off his injury. id honestly rather keep higgins at this point. he is playing better and id like to see his stock higher. but he still a 1 yr guy. so besides a pick for him just as a rental, i doubt its anything major. higgins and rozy for a piece of averys soul back. cuz it got lost somewhere during that northwest trip.

  18. I would take Bieksa in a second. He is a solid player and has a nasty attitude to him, something this team is lacking. He has Brent Sutter face. Brent Sutter face is a combination of the Scream mask and just plain misery. HAHA

  19. or first name/in/where u live!! its the coolest way to go.i change mine al the time. i go from jerkins perkins, to morpheus to grabachev, to mikey iowa(that one only on zips site). just whenever u have a little identity crisis goin on like me, change it!! be free youngblood!!

  20. I thought they 100% deserved the win last night. They played hard throughout the game, except for 3 mins of brainfarts.

    People were finishing checks. D men were actually clearing the crease a bit. Outlet passes were crisp and with purpose.

    Except for the one stinker against the Flygirls last week, the team is starting to play some good hockey.

    In the next few weeks we play some games that will be real tests (Boston away, NJ, Ottawa, Pittsburgh) but there are also a lot of winnable games that we need to fare well in. I will say, the last 9 games have proved that when they are playing, they can beat the teams they should beat.

    If this team gelled, the could legitimately be in the 5th slot in the East. If they lose their heart and lose their grit, they could easily be 8th or 9th or lower.


    P.S. I can’t for the life of me figure out what Brashear is doing in the lineup.

  21. lmao nasty. sutter face!! brent kinda looks like a depressed/miserable, jiggly joweles version of dougs father in law from the hangover

  22. HAHAHA, MIKE, EXACTLY! He always looks like he wants to kick an old lady down the stairs, or that he just watched someone sleep with his wife or something.

  23. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao @ sutter face! you have to toss in ‘constipation’ to go along with scream mask and misery! That guy looks like he hasnt smile since he was bout 5!!!

  24. newman i agree. i had just mentioned how good defensively they had been playin until boston scored. but yea, i mean hank didnt have to play outta his mind the last few games. i mean theyve held opponenst to fewer shots and chances the last few games and are playing much harder without the puck. forcing the play and hitting!! i actually saw rozy and staal clear a little crease(key word little) but they are starting to be more fiesty. hank hasnt been needed as much as before and thats good for him. he really needs a break. i know torts wants to get as many points as possible, but hank isnt staying home for the olympic break. if we do get to the PO, he could very easily do what he did to the caps last year only to fart out in game 5 and on.

    hey nasty, maybe the trade is for a decent backup for hank. never know, i mean hes probably the most important player for us besides gabby and few prospects so to get him either scoring help or a decent backup would be the way to go. of course if they could land bieksa or his type of dman then hell yea do it, but our d seems to be a little tougher to play against lately. maybe guys are told to start playin hard and help hank out or your sitting. cuz ive never seen rozy hit someone hard ever until last night.

  25. linda!! early riser to be at carps place!! its teh place to be whether youre eating breakfast or barkin at the moon at 3 am!! i am addictyed to this place. admit it, so areyou! haha

  26. linda- he hasnt taken a crapo since he was 5. hes got backed up lasagna and cheeseburgers and birthday cake from his 5th birthday stuck inhim waiting to shoot out of one of his jiggly jowels. hes gonna burst his vega nerve and have teh dumper of death like elvis. he could be on serious painkillers cuz they constipate you. he needs to e on some happy pills cuz hes just a big pile of piss n vinegar. get the man a coke, a percocet, and a smile and tell him to lighten up!

  27. New Newman, I was asking myself the same question. I don’t think Voros played that bad the other game…why not leave him in? Brashear is just so worthless it raises my BP just watching him skate on the ice!

  28. Kevin Bieksa C-It hasn’t been all bad but it there hasn’t been much good especially with 79 penalty minutes, many of them unnecessary. As mentioned above his game is not there the way we expect- let’s hope for a rebound after another unfortunate injury. It’s a shame to lose the one trade-able asset on the blue line too!

    This was Bieksa’s rating on a Nucks blog.

  29. I thought it was a pretty good game. It was hard hitting and a good pace. However, that SHG really upset me. 5 min left in the game and you let them get away with THAT???

    It was pure surprise that Higgy scored. I’m so used to him missing that it actually made me laugh when it went in.

    So what is this picture that made everyone blind???

  30. Good morning, Carp!

    Linda, I just now saw that picture you posted. Oh my! We have really different tastes… My dream man is Motel the tailor from Fiddler on the Roof.

    MAKO, you’re going down this week, buddy!

  31. nasty- i get that way driving to work when im runnin late and ome old bastage and his wife are drivin 5 mphs to he diner for breakfast. i can understand everythings slower in iowa and midwest/south, but i get sutter face about 15 minutes a day. i’ll be cruisin doin 30 in a 25(i always feel ok doin 5 over but teh cops will pull you over if are oin faster than 30. and i mean 7-8 miles over and bam, 90 dollar ticket, and they love givin them to me!1 a ny’er. one time i told the cop i just moved here from ny and i wasnt used to the slow traffic and speed limits and he said, no i pulled u over 3 years ago and u told me the u just moved here!! i mean its about 15,000 people in town and this prick remembers me!!! lol. i have to admit, im from long island, but my fam is from brooklyn so my accent is pretty heavy. i guess i do stick out still!!. i actually found an italian guy from jersey here the other day and we started talkina nd man it was a good feelin hearin that accent!. i asked soebody how come theres no jewish people here, and the guy says, im jewish! hes one of the only jewish people in town no less. all german,irish,swedish,dutch and english. no diversity here. its kinda like the body snatchers movies. everyones a happy hick, and they all know each other and im just totally out of place wearin my leather jacket and nice clothes. of course i do wear my yankee hat and damn if everyone doesnt kow the yankees symbol. its international man! i need a ranger hat.

    ilb- that was for you buddy, and for carp, i had to get my morning ramble out before i go to work

  32. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on


    ONCE AGAIN: BOYS DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do click on it, you’re all numbnuts!

    “Linda : CALLY’S AN OLYMPIAN!!
    January 4th, 2010 at 6:31 pm
    Sally, Laurel, Krisy this link is for you girls only!!! guys I implore you, do not click on it!!!

    Grady Sizemore – Not a hockey player, but still, give the man his props!!!

    Rick, totally understand if you gotta take it down, and no, it’s not a nudie shot.


  33. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    sally, i thought DUBINSKY was your dream man!!!! Motel from the broadway version of the film version? :-)

  34. Good morning, all!

    Solid, solid game. Boston didn’t play that well, but the Rangers were physical, they won most of the battles and they finally beat a back-up goalie.

  35. sally- go get ’em girl!1harpoon the shark!! keep me in first place!! im at 100 wins, 42loses and a 627 win pct!! and of course higgins had to get that 3rfd goal on rask!! i bet your kickin yourself for waiving rask after i basically gave u a huge gift with him and stafford for valley and bufyglien. oh well, if u want, i will help u take down sharkbait. i’ll lend u ovie and kopitar for this week. lol no i wouldnt do that to ya mako, but please sally, drop orr and parros and get at least stempniak, dawes, prucha, gagner, voracek, anybody other than those 2 tards

  36. Linda, no way! Dubinsky’s like a little puppy! I’m all, “awwwwww!”

    Film version. “Even a poor tailor is entitled to a little happiness!” I’m all, “aaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!”

  37. The SHG wasn’t as bad as the tying goal. Wheeler shot it, Henrik reacted it’s just that the initial shot hit his own man and Henrik wasn’t in position to deal with the follow up. The tying goal was worse because as people have mentioned Rozi was lying down in the crease and somewhat impeded Henrik’s lateral mobility. However it was still high gloveside and I’m not sure had Henrik had the crease clear that he’d been able to stop it given it was another “kryptonite goal”.

  38. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    on a night where scooby higgins scores the game winning goal at home, you COULD be led to believe things are starting to look up!!

    i think rozsival needs ‘life alert’ he’s fallen (into the goal) and he can’t get up for an hour! Sheesh, dude has dipietros hips!

  39. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    pedialyte, isnt that for kids? LMAO! I wonder what Joe and Al would think of that photo!!

    kryptonite goal, very good CT.

    mike, i am surprised you would collude like that in fantasy hockey!!

  40. Btw, don’t blame Hank or Rozy on that goal. Rozy fell in the crease, pushed Hank and couldn’t get up. Rozy did have a couple of brainfarts, but I thought he played a solid game otherwise. Do I sound like Mike Sullivan?

  41. mike, yeah my Byfuglien goalies! Parros was already off the Nosens and his mustache is sorely missed. I just traded Orr for Prucha. MAKO better be shakin in his boots!

  42. Yeah, Linda, Pedialyte is used for oral hydration in kids after severe vomiting and

    You and MAKO really had it last night..Too bad I couldn’t blog during the game, I was an hour behind.

  43. Anyone going to the game tomorrow? I am going, and all I have to do is buy my buddy some ranch 1.

  44. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Good idea Carp, i don’t kid around when i post warnings about a link! I’m thinking of you guys first and foremost when I link some hot dude for the ladies to feast their eyes upon. It still did NOT come close to that horror show of a photo of rozy that krisy linked to a few weeks ago! Hell I’m still having nightmares over that one.

  45. If I’m not mistaken, Staal made the bad play on that goal, and Avery was without a stick. It didn’t help, or make it look any prettier that Rozsival was falling into the net, but I don’t think that was the cause of the goal.

    And Christensen said that, about the set play, with the fake chick on Versus.

  46. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Solid game for 55 minutes, agree with all that was said above

    Rosi and Redden both took some pretty big hits last night that I noticed they both got up from right away, which is good, but I never get to excited for either of them

    Did anyone else love Staal getting all [issy in the crease alst night? Actualy cross checked the B player who wacked at Hank.

    And Hank Skated out of his crease to tell Savard he’s a douche, LOVE IT. Show some balls boys

    still hoping and sticking with my precition that we win 9-10 games this month


    And has anyone seen Sean Avery? Where’s all those great behind the net passes he used to dish out? I do like him and Artie together, they jsut need a little more ice tim IMO

  47. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    FIM (christensen) talked about that during the intermission ilb, how they work on the play during practice.

    DAMNIT, snow Thursday and Friday, the one time I leave Alabama in the winter, its freakin gonna snow here AND in atlanta. Thank God our hotel is connected to the Philips Arena!!

  48. Linda, no matter how many warnings you post, everyone will still open it….Well, maybe I’ll be careful next time.
    I hope Orr gets us all even sometime soon..

    I liked Rodent’s take on the game and his interpretation of a “limos” issue.

  49. Well, I missed that. Since I was an hour behind, I skiped the intermission stuff. All your fault, ’cause I’m trying to catch up with you, guys

  50. Good morning all! In truth, I have no idea what to say about the end of that game….my Boston-born cousin was texting me and telling me how Rangers smell like butt (I swear, very mature) then when Higgy scored I’m like “eff ya!”
    But still, it was so bizzaro (Higgins! Hero?!)….I guess it proves that anything realy can happen.

  51. Carp, look at the goal again. By the time Hank got up he was too far to the right, and Rozy was still trying to move from the crease. Could be wrong.

  52. Higgins on that goal just decided to give that puck to the goalie to have a face-off in their zone. He figured, I’m not scoring anyway, let’s create a stoppage:)

  53. Good win. I haven’t been around here for a few days, but was anyone just as impressed with Christensen’s goal last night? I mean he made the move to go to the slot then tricked Rask by shooting with one hand through the legs. Dude has talent, always had, just had a bad injury and was demoted after playing top 6 minutes in Pittsburgh. I’m not saying he’s going to keep lighting up the scoresheet, but we should keep giving this guy a chance. He plays very similar to Gaborik, just he’s more physical.

    Also not to hate on Staal too much since he was decent last night, but on that 2nd Bruins goal, what the hell was he thinking? Rozsival is clearly on the right side and its a 2 on 2 with a 3rd man coming back to help, so he steps up on Rozsival’s man and doesn’t even get all of hime and in the process takes Rozy out and sends him into the crease. Then with Rozy just getting up, Wheeler snipes one. Another goal people blamed on Rozy when it was Staal who started the whole mess. I’m happy to see him step up in most situations, but not there when he leaves his side to throw a hit when he should just stick with his man. That baffled me and I immediately knew they were going to score as soon as I saw him pivot to step up.

  54. ilb, I tend to analyze goals by what happened to create the scoring chance. You may be right … if not for Rozsival in the crease, Lundvist may have stopped it. But the chance was created way before that.

  55. Carp – didn’t see your post but you are right. As I said, I have no idea why Staal decided to step up in that situation. In the process he took Rozy out and thats why Rozy was in the crease. Had Staal stayed in position, that play never develops and Henke makes a simple save or the puck gets pushed to the boards.

    Also with 2:30 left as we’re sitting in our section, my brother is like “watch, Higgins is going to score the game winner, I know it”. Sure enough 45 seconds later, it was Higgins scoring. It was funny because as soon as I saw Drury not fan on the puck, I was like “oh crap, he’s right” and I meant that in a good way. Nice job by Cally to go to the slot so Rask had to think about the pass. Then Higgy Bear faked to go behind the net then when he came up front with the stick, Rask thought it would be a pass to Callahan, and sure enough it wasn’t.

  56. Oh, I agree Carp, it was a defensive blunder by Staal, but Hank had very little chance to stop it. Not his or Rozy’s fault

  57. that chick on versus has her septum pierced

    next time she does an on ice interview sneak a peak @ her nose when she turns to the side. youll be able to see the ice thru the hole in it.

    learn somethin new every night

  58. The way the things are going, Christensen may become a second leading goal scorer on this team. I smell Rich Peverley. I’m dreaming, aren’t I?

  59. Christensen could be one of those guys that just needs superior talent around him to produce. He is fast enough and has good enough hands. Playing with Gabby and Dubi has been great for him. I say leave him there even when Vinny comes back.

    Maybe then it could be

    Gabby EC Vinny
    Cally Dubi Avery
    Lisin AA Higgybear
    Voros Boyle Kotalik

  60. I like Gabby EC and Dubi together, and Dubi has looked great on the wing, but I would also like to see a line of Cally Dubi Avery.

  61. Yup, thanks Carp. Hank wasn’t fully set up and Staal had a brain cramp. Higgins was more surprised on that GWG than Rask was lol

  62. Laurel, my dude says I should get another cat and name it MICHAEL DEL GATO. If I ever get a bigger apartment I might just do it…

  63. Gilbert at the Jason Bay presser? I know he’s Canadian and I’m a Mets fan but most of the Mets fanbase is LI-centric and pre-disposed to the Isles. They had Tavares throw out an opening pitch last year.

  64. What a bunch of wussies. Hank gets hit in the face and no one gets a major for fighting. What ajoke from this bunch of balless players.Can only imagine what would have happened if this was done to lets say 28 other teams goalies. Disgusting.Torts needs to go just for not making a stand and sending a message about not hitting only 1 of 2 players keeping this team even close.This is just not acceptable!!!

  65. Carp pretty darn good,a little high on Boyle and a little low on Cally, way off on Sather even this year. D or lower we are capped out and nowhere near a Cup,all of his own making

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