Rangers’ World Juniors update


From the Rangers:


New York, January 3, 2010 – Three of the four Rangers prospects participating in the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championship were in action last night, as the United States defeated Finland, 6-2, in the Quarterfinals to advance to the Semifinals.
Team Captain Derek Stepan notched two assists and Chris Kreider tallied a goal in the victory.  Stepan currently ranks as the tournament leader in both assists (8) and points (11) and is tied for the tournament lead in plus-minus (+8).  Kreider is tied for the team lead in goals (5) and is tied for fourth in the tournament.  Ryan Bourque has notched two assists in the tournament.
All four prospects are in action today as Team USA will take on Sweden in the Semifinals at 9 p.m. (ET), and the Czech Republic, featuring Roman Horak, will face Latvia at 1 p.m. (ET) in the Relegation Round.

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  1. Drury on the team is all marketing. All it does is show that they are not serious about winning and dont consider themselves a real competitor in the tournament.

  2. Here’s more on a topic we started on the previous thread, after my assertion that +/- is the worst stat in sports:
    1) Many fans think it somehow is a defensive stat, when in fact the Gretzkys and Lemieuxs and Crosbys of the world are more likely to have great +/- than great defensive forwards.
    2) It doesn’t take into account your opponent. Brian Leetch was on the ice against the best players in the league all the time. Donald Brashear is on the ice against Colton Orr.
    3) A great player on a bad even-strength team will have a worse +/- than a bad player on a great even-strength team. That’s why Leetch’s career ended with all those minuses. The Rangers stunk at even strength all those years, and he was out there against the Jagrs and Sakics.
    And he was on the ice for every single empty-net goal they allowed. Each one a minus. And he was on the ice for every single power-play goal they scored, none of them a plus.

  3. You can still rant about it tomorrow Carp…it’s Monday after a long weekend, there won’t be any shortage of bloggers at work lol

  4. SUI is doing the very same things that the Rangers do when a player comes streaking in along the boards. All stick check, no bodied stapled against the boards.

    Canada up 4 – 1

  5. The Pens can’t hold the lead. Up 2-0, they are down 3-2 in the third against the Florida. No Gonchar. Can’t wait to see USA- Sweden at 9.
    Still on +\- topic?

  6. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    brophy said it best between periods of the ott/phi game, feather duster stick checking in front of your own net!!!

  7. Carp.. It seems to me you picked the Swedes to win the gold in the world juniors. I could be wrong though.

  8. Right on Carp plus minus mean very little in a lot of cases. Its not a stat that means much, I wonder why they keep them. I’m sure they come up when contracts are negotated one way or the other.

  9. ilb

    Yeah I’ve been clicking in and out of the Pens game and Canada vs SUI.

    Good game FLA & PENS.

  10. Canada may have lost one of their best d men, a hit from brhind with a few seconds left. Should be a good game later U.S. and Sweden.


    Congratz to the Pathers winning 6 – 2!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ilb

    LOL yeah. Even though the Cats are one point behind the Rangers, I love seeing the Pens lose.

  13. If Burke likes Dreary so much then maybe he(dreary)will wave his no trade clause to go to Toronto,,,,Well I can dream can’t I?

  14. pens lost 4 or 5 in a row..

    rangers do not need any marketing, they are a money making machine. imagine if the team actually was good!!!!!!!

    make a move shake this team up. trade some young d men, please……..

  15. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    onlu good news on an off day for the rangers is shittsburhg blows 2 goal lead and loses its fith in a row

    Eat Cindy you little bitch

    AND they have the worst Powerplay in the NHl now, HAHAHA

  16. LOLOL I know… I was hoping that he would come on!!

    Now SHUT DOWN OCHOCINCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh shoot he hurt himself in pre-game

  17. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    Carp, God Bless You for your patience putting up with this crappy organization.
    I’m sure you have a life and better things to do.

  18. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    for one half….


    my fiancee is sooooooooo pissed!!!!!!

  19. Sweden 2, USA 1, late second period. Both Stepan and Kreider have been invisible thus far. Bourque is skating hard, but he doesn’t seem to be much of an offensive threat.

  20. stepan is very poised with the puck. he will start next year in manhattan or in hartford…….

  21. Ha! They just showed the Mandelbaum episode again after the football game.

    That’s what puts the magic in Magic Pan.

    Good night, Sally!

  22. Stepan’s played a very mature tournament and made an impact. It’s gonna be a few years before he gets to NY as he’s a collegiate player. DON’T rush him and Kreider. Patience will pay dividends with these guys.

    Ditto for Carl Hagelin the Rodney Dangrfield of Rangers prospects.

  23. What a treat..to watch a team that skated hard,made superior passes, took the body, and played the entire game with gusto, and never once resorted to the besotted rink length “home run pass”

    I’m referring to the Jrs…not the Rangers.

  24. Sather has got to do something about these guys that are overpaid. Suck up your pride and send them down to the minors, open up some cap space you retard.

  25. All three prospects look very, very good. Sweden has more skills, speed and the best goalie in the tournament. USA showed more will. Bourque has speed and he has heart. Kreider has speed and excellent hockey sense. Stepan is a real deal, folks. He reminds me Mike Richards. We need to let them grow.

  26. Gross did his mid-season grades in the Record…he had a nice comment about Sather doing nothing in the past 10 years and that Gaborik is the only thing saving him from an F.

  27. Larry Brooks gets most of his ideas by visiting this blog, I’m telling you. He just has much better writing skills than most of us (perhaps with the exception of Carp, and maybe Mike in IA ), but for how long have we all been saying:”Torts, unleash Avery!”?


  28. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So 1 game into January and we already lost a point we should have had.

    So here’s my question to everyone, WE all know the problems, WE all know who’s trying and earning there paychecks, BUT:

    What does Old Man Sather do between now and the Olympic Break?
    And Im asking for SERIOUS and REALISTIC chages, trades, demotions etc that can be made, not fantasy ones.

    Me Personally, If I were Sather and Torts and with our Cap nightmare, this is what I would do for right now:

    1.) Waive or demote Brashear – Does nothing, completely useless, eating up cap space.

    2.) Bring up Dane Byers- Put him on the 4th line, problem solved, cap space saved, better player with scoring ability and who WILL ACTUALLY FIGHT.

    3.) Decide SERIOUSLY who your going to try and get rid of and remove them permanently from the locker room: Rosival or Redden. The time has come and a decision MUST be made. Egg on your face, looks bad, who cares. FOR THE GOOD OF THE TEAM must be in there mindset.

    4.) Bring Heikinen back up: was solid on D, will only get better, has a nasty slap shot and likes hitting people. Cap hit small, cap space made, second problem solved. Again we cant afford to go shopping for anyone

    5.) Give Chad Johnson two back to back games to judge his ability to be Hanks backup – He’ll succeed and surprise everyone. Hank, no matter what he says, needs a break. The team in front of him doesnt deserve his stellar play as of late so this really puts it on the players to start scoring

    6.) Chris Drury – WHY was he ever removed from the 4th line? Back you go, do not pass go, do not collect 7.5 million dollars. Use on PK and 2nd PP unit. He’s not getting moved so this is our only option. MAYBE he scores again and makes the 4th line a threat?

    I’ve said this all season long so far, but if by the end of this month were out of the playoff picture we are done.

    It’s all on Sather and Torts now to make the right moves to try and get this team consistenet.

    But of course the likelihood of that happening, is about the same chance of Sather resigning.

    Lets Go Rangers!

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