Hey, for the second game in a row, they scored


So if you’re looking for positives … the Rangers snapped that home-ice scoreless streak that spanned almost two full games.

Some thoughts:

1) I agree with Lundqvist. If the Rangers played that exact same game and scored one or two more goals, we’d all be sitting here saying how well they played and what a good, solid win it was.

2) And it would have been, because they were prepared (for a change for a home game) and they were physical and they stuck up for one another and they kept attacking.

3) That said, Carolina is pretty much a mirror image team. It has one line, and a few good players, a good goalie (now that Cam Ward is back) and a lot of third-liners. Oh, and both teams’ captains do absolutely zero offensively.

4) Michael Del Zotto is going through some rookie hiccups lately, but man the kid is adding some nasty to his game, and you can only imagine if he puts on 10 or 15 pounds and continues to progress skill-wise. We could be saying “Del Zotto = monster.”

5) Unrelated, but how the byfuglien did Byfuglien = monster not make Team USA?

6) Aaron Voros challenged Kotsopolous to a fight after a hit on MDZ (Kotsy declined) and had a terrific shift that set the momentum for Gaborik’s goal. He gives energy and courage (and the occasional stupid penalty). So play the guy all the time! (My mistake, sorry. It was Boyle who challenged Kostopoulos; and I spelled his name wrong).

7) Unrelated again, but does any team make more stupid comments than the Jets? And this clown Braylon Edwards guaranteeing victory? Well, that’s easy to do when the other team is expected to lay down and give you a second consecutive gift victory. But the media should not be comparing this to Messier and Namath. The guaranteer-giver should be able to be the difference maker in the guaranteed game. I mean, if Glenn Healy had guaranteed Game 6 instead of Messier, would we even remember it?

8) The MSG Network guys keep saying there’s 17 games in January. I keep counting 16.

9) In my column (link below) I did some other math: Rangers record for the 2000s decade: 335-310-32-59. The way I look at that is, there are no more ties, and since OT/skills competiton wins count as wins, I’m counting OT/skills competition losses as losses, which makes the record 335-369. And all but the first 17-23-6 came under the current managerial regime.

10) One of my buddies in the pressbox said during that snooze-fest: “These indoor games are never going to make it.”

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

And here is my column from The Journal News and LoHud.com today, mostly about the toll this offense takes on the goalie.

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    Good morning. I agree that Voros, with all his warts, is more useful than Brashear. Donald should never see the Garden ice again in a Rangers uniform. Hid sogning was a huge error.

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    And, due to Brashear’s age, we are stuck with his cap hit. Another nice move Slats. CARP–when are we going to see that LOHUD column evaluating the Rangers and garden management screwing this all up? Brooks took his shot. Zip works for Cablevision, so he is in a tough spot. Time to drop the sizeable Carp hammer on Slats and Dolan! Everyone north of the border knows Slats is an empty suit. I am amazed that he gets such a pass in the NY media.

  3. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    depressing! not that you’re first Pavel,but that in 10 years, this franchise has honestly not improved. Wonder what that says about the GM, AND the owner!

  4. I don’t understand some Rangers fans. And im not trying to call out anybody particular on this blog, but just the fanbase in general. Everyone hates Sather, and hates Dolan, but they continue to put money in their pocket.

    It seems like the only way for Sather to get fired is for us to just stop going to the games. Stop paying a fortune just to see this garbage team play in the worlds most famous arena. Maybe if barely any fans show up, Dolan will get the message and fire Slats.

    Decrease in ticket sales, and a losing year is EXACTLY what this team needs to send this cigar chomper out of NY.

    Fire Sather, and draft a top 3 pick, please !

  5. guys, we still have guys like cally,duby duby doo doo doo,grabachev,stepan,mcdonut,scrappy doo zotto,staalsy no ballsy, and other bundles of joy waiting to join the ranks up at the worlds most famously crappy arena.

  6. One more positive to start the year- Carp finally carped the right person- a Devils’ fan!:)

    ORR, the decrease in tickets sale isn’t going to happen as long as they remain at least a mediocre team. Too many corporate byers, too big a fan base.

  7. Well Carp, you can write what you want…

    but I feel the Rangers simply need to score…:):):)

    Prost Neujahr :)

  8. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I agree with orr about don’t go to the games if you want to show your true displeasure! I know the majority of MSG is probably corporate, but that is the only way to get to dolan……his wallet.

    Was it voros or boyle that challenged kostopolous??? Either way, I agree that voros should stay in the lineup.

  9. Koala, where you been?

    Sorry, Wicky, my mistake … it was Boyle, not Voros. But Voros had a solid game, and fought Kostopoulos last game.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  10. I honestly did not think Del Zotto would have any snarl after watching his first handful of games but at this point in the season, he is probably our most physical D-man (also our smallest). He pretty much set the tone for the 1st period after taking a big hit and then dishing out 3-4 of his own and getting the Hurricanes all riled up.

    Who is more snake-bitten right now: Higgins or Avery? I’d say Higgins since he’s been missing open nets for 40 games.

  11. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    no worries my friend the fact that we are confusing anyone with voros for standing up for a teammate might not be a good thing. You are 100% right about his heart and courage, he is one of the few ranger skaters that has both!!

  12. and isnt it funny how voros is just loved this year because he won a fight or 2, but hasnt gotten but 1 lousy assist all season. last year he scored goals at least to start the season and i guess his expectations were much higher. thats all we gotta do guys is lower our expectations and we will all start to love guys named chris,wade and michal, or whatever his name is. mikael, michelli,michalangelo, michileeti, roszival.

  13. Carp – One of Larry Brook’s article a few days ago had some quotes from Sean Avery talking about how the teams seems to be lacking pride, and too many guys don’t seem honored to be Rangers. Larry also wrote about how this has turned back into a team of mercenaries. One question I had for someone who gets to spend some time in the locker room: Is Tort’s still holding the guys to the “No one walks on the crest” rule? Do you get the feeling in that room that more and more of these guys (Redden, mostly) are just there to collect their checks?

  14. mike, i agree with your “lower standards” theory. But the point remains, on a team that has so many third- and fourth-liners who contribute nothing, there is one fourth-liner who does what a fourth-liner is supposed to do. And he can’t get into the lineup for a whole month?

  15. I was traveling for three weeks looking for a warmer temperatures in Spain but to no avail…

    problaby should have gone to koalaland, where it is summer now:)

    And Carp..once you have so lot of posts, you have overseen me (:

  16. no voros did almost the same thing last year but wqas out of shap. i think he did alot of work to stay in the lineup in the offseason, but i also think his buddy gabby has had an influence on him to be better. he is at least doing something. but look how easy it is for people to turn on players and then love them from one single action like throwing a punch and landing it. after his first win people started to like him. hes still pretty freakin useless though. its sad that we have to stoop all the way down praising voros for hitting aguy because thats the only good thing we saw all game. or the only entertaining thing. watching voros play hockey is pretty funny, but at least he gives a crap

  17. truth to be told its boring right now to watch the Rangers..
    low scoring results and basically a one man team…
    If they dont find someone outside to help in scoring, I dont believe that they will go to the playoffs..

    But I dont have a lot of confidence in the GM to make a change…

  18. yea carp. its all money. voros makes very little. so hes not expected to do much, and when he does its a nice surprise. but at teh same time you have drury, who is not a bad guy, not a bad player, but is not worth half of his salary, and its almost like watching a co worker get a huge raise for doin nothin while you work hard at your jkob and the boss doesnt notice anything good so u you stay at the bottom of teh corporate ladder. its basically having a new employee whos dad is friends with the boss, and can get away with callin in sick or whatever. hes a merc who showed up after having 1 real good offensive season and is just thrown all this money without provng anything to us. we couldnt carte less about his past accomplishments. sather paid for old and damaged goods.

  19. JohnnyB, still no walking on the logo allowed.

    I agree there are mercenaries, but there are only a few. I think most of the guys in there care a lot, and try a lot. Unfortunately, some of those who don’t care as much as the others also make a lot of money.

    Bottom line: There is enough care or heart or whatever you want to call it. But there’s not nearly enough talent.

  20. I watched Blues-Hawks game last night. Was great to hear from JD explaining the firing of the coach and such. Miss JD… The game was exciting. Hits, fights, goals, speed, emotions. I’m surprised Blues are not in the playoff run…Too bad neither team has a real goalie. But that was REAL hockey, not what miami usually refers to.

  21. Yup, highlights only.

    Carp, I wonder how much some of them care about their personal pride instead of our team’s. That’s the difference between a home grown talent and UFA signing. Messier, Graves and the likes do not come along too often.

  22. JD lost more hair and more hair color. I wonder what he would give to have a goalie like Hank. He has a very good, young team. He cares. Too bad he isn’t in NY anymore

  23. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—Yeah, that one. I still have my copy of your book chronicling the mess after the cup. I guess you started in 1995.

  24. Guys…I know it sounds like a good idea to not buy tickets so they think something is wrong. But the fact is, if I don’t buy them, somebody else will. So I’m going to continue to support them and enjoy going to the Worlds Most Famous Arena and see the team that I love more than anything.

  25. “nearly enough talent.!”

    That is really a harmless understatement..When Higgins tries to hit the goal, you guys in the media box need to pay attention of deep flying objects in order to avoid an accident ….:)

  26. This team isn’t really mercenaries, the teams in the the early 2000s were mercenaries. Those teams had no youth or homegrowns.

    It’s a mismatched roster where the players who should compliment each other are not put together because Torts is stubborn. A 2nd line of Drury/Cally/Higgins is going to cancel each other out because they all play the same way ad have the same skills, Kotalik drags down Anisimov and Avery/Lisin because he can’t play at even strength.

    I’ve been saying this all year but Voros does make a lot of money. Him and Brashaer make $2.4 million. That money should be the cost of the entire 4th line (Boyle with Weisse, Byers, Owens, etc.) AND enough for a 7th D-Man.

  27. MikeA…that is exactly what the 4th line should be, and they would provide much more energy, especially knowing that they have no choice in order to keep their job. And they can mold Byers/Weise/Owens into PKers so we don’t have to send out Gabby, Prospal, etc. for them.

  28. And the thing is NYR Guy-Weisse has 3 SH goals this season and Owens is very fast as shown in training camp.

    You have a young 4th line trying to make a name for themselves and they’ll always play hungry and you have enough money to get a little more scoring help.

    And I don’t care about experience. This team did just fine with an inexperienced Hollweg-Moore-Ortmeyer line in 05-06.

  29. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    Does anyone get espn insider?? There was a headline form the past 24 hours that said something like rangers trying to add size…DUH! I was curious what it said!!

  30. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Good Afternoon everyone!!!

    I have been impressed with Voros this year. He came to play and earn a spot on the current roster. Big heart, sticks up for players and has a small offensive upside. Effin Brashear.

    And even though he doesnt really score. Boyle has been a great 4th line center. He rarely makes mistakes, takes the body when he can and is great on the PK.

  31. And yeah MDZ is gonna be a beast. His +/- isnt really his fault…. so its not a good indication of how he plays. Yes he’s made some mistakes, but he’s learning and WOW he’s going to be great.

  32. TheFourthperiod.com says that Redden/Rozi wouldn’t even clear re-entry waivers at this point and the only option would be to just buy them out. If they are banished to Hartford, how does it work for their money against the cap?

  33. wick

    i was wondering the same thing. They had some trade rumors in there too and something about the next winter classic.

  34. ESPN Insider said Phanuef requested a trade…we can trade Rozi/Draft Pick/Prospects and Higgins for him lol…Imagine that-Avery and Phanuef haha

  35. THe headline also says would the Rangers trade Drury? Nah

    Why nah?? I’m sure Toronto will take him…I mean…he’s Chris Drury

  36. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    I don’t want them on re entry waivers, if you send them down they stay down there unless traded, the last thing I want is paying half of their freaking salaries forever!

  37. For the record, I was one of the fans who had positive comments after Brashear was signed. But so far he only had one spirited fight all year, against Orr. I’m pretty sure he broke his hand during that one, so I was willing to give him benefit of the doubt for some time. But after him turning away from Carcillo, the punk who embarassed Dubi last year, no way. I’d understand if we were up 3-0. But the team was down 3-0, and you turn down that fight? Like I said, the pu.. with $1.4 mil tag!

  38. NYRguy
    If Redden or Rozy go to Hartford, no cap hit at all. If Brash goes or even retires, his full salary is against the cap.

  39. WTF Kovalev…I’m gonna lose again in fantasy, man my team is really stinkin it up this year.

    So, if Redden and Rozi won’t go against the cap, then why aren’t they in Hartford? And honestly, I think Rozi has been much better of late and forgetting about the money, he’s fine on the 3rd pair.

    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but there are dates before the season where guys can be send back and forth without clearing waivers right? Like two days before opening day or something?

  40. delzotto is a -17 , almost as high as his age. Wade Redden (you know the guy that got benched) is a -1. Rosival (you know the guy who is the reason why sather should be fired) is a +2. Chris Drury (the 6 million dollar man) is a -8 which means that he is getting paid $750,000 for every goal he stands on the ice and watches. Gillroy (you know, the guy the sent to the minors to find his game) is a +3…Girardi is a -13….

    thought this was worth mentioning….

  41. I think +/- can be misleading also, such as the case of Rod Brind’Amour…he was -23 last year and is already -23 this year…if he was really that bad he wouldn’t be playing

  42. again MDZ had a -5 in a game where EVERYONE was horrible. Someone even brought his +/- up in a presser. It didnt bother him, its his first year and clearly not an indication on how this kid has played.

    And um something disturbing in PS3 .. Gary Thorne and Bill Clement talking about how good looking LQ is? LOL

  43. MAKO

    They have some really weird comments in that game lol. Much better commentary than in most games though

  44. Apparently there is a 5 veteran maximum for AHL teams, because Manitoba might not be able to activate Schneider if he reports..how many are on the Rangers? Vali, Rissmiller, um…

  45. The players may care but it has translated into reverting back to prevent defense mode. They lost yesterday because they were playing not to lose.

    I have never seen another team play defense like the Rangers are doing. They collapse around the net like it’s a power play not challenging anybody or else they chase the puck around. They drop down to their knees with their sticks on the ice to block passes and shots. Where did they come up with this stuff? They look like a bunch of idiots.

  46. I disagree that +/- is worthless…misleading sure, but It says something about a player who is on the ice for a lot of goal against no?

  47. koala- we really just need the players we do have to start doing what they are paid to do. as soon as we trade one of these bums,they’ll start producing. like what torts said about how easy the team is on its players. its like a country club atmosphere and not competitive enough, and its almost like a signing bonus that when u get here, u can be the princes of nyc!! torts wants to change the whole attitude and start acting like a military unit. get your ass up and do what your epaid to do, and everything will be cool. but the one thing they need to do, they

  48. damn that last post i had written out 2 hours ago. forgot to post it but koala, it was in response to your propsed idea of getting help from outside the organization, which could very well help but its real hard when up against teh cap to have any leverage in a trade and when u do, its usually a wash with salaries or prospects.

  49. mightymatt- and it doesn’t say anyhting about the same player when the team scores goal during PP.

  50. How about this: If you could go back and trade Dubinsky and Stall for Heatley, do you take that trade having seen 1/2 of this season?
    (note if you wouldn’t take this trade, then there’s no complaining about the way this season is going, as this whole season should be about developing talent…)

    Should sather have waived Redden and tried to pick up phil kessel in the off season?

    If you can make some sort of miracle trade for a goal scorer, would you be okay taking this defense as is for the rest of the season?

    Corey Locke: why haven’t we seen him in the lineup?

  51. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    +/- worst stat in sports?

    Carp…quite a bit of an exaggeration there.

    Football = time of possession (more worthless)
    Baseball = saves (more worthless)
    Hockey = save percentage/saves/hits (all more worthless)

  52. mikeinla…
    I have to agree.. i think the reason why our team is the way it is, has to due with trading away younger players instead of just letting them grow…
    Last years Prucha-Dawes-Kalinin for morris sticks out in my head…

    dawes and prucha would be the number 3 and 4 goal scorers if they were on the rangers with 8 and 10 goals…

  53. mightymatt…Corey Locke wouldn’t do any better than Christensen…he is way too small, I don’t think he is really an option. As far as +/-…it does say something about the player sometimes, but if Drury is taking the puck up the ice, turns it over and the other team scores, the other wingers or defenseman not around him aren’t at fault but they still get a –

    Same goes for Rozsival…he could be a plus right now because he’s on the ice with Gaborik

  54. The Derek Morris trade was a joke…I couldn’t believe that’s all we could get for them.

  55. You know Mike you bring up something that I think we letting fall by the waist side. Lets just say that Torts gave us a small glimpse into what he has to deal with… This whole separation as a “team” 10 different limos, country club atmosphere etc. I have been saying it… there is distention within this team… and with Torts saying that a few days ago. I completely believe it now…

  56. Im still pissed that Cigarpuss didnt think to pick up Satan since VP had surgery. Could have been great with Gabby for $700,000….

  57. Avery talks to Brooks, and if he is talking about lack of respect for the uniform, as he spoke about last year’s problems in the locker room, there must be something going on.
    As far as “spoiled athletes”, well it seems like the most guaranteed spoiled member of the Rangers organization is Glen Sather. He doesn’t have to do anything right, yet still has total job security. How many limos does he drive around in?

  58. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    I disagree, they would be 3 and 4 scores on on team with stats from another team. Who says they would have those stats if they played on the rangers in a different system than the one they play on their current teams.

  59. Although the Rangers traded Prucha, Dawes and Kalinin for ONLY Morris, you have to take into consideration they had to make room for Antropov as well.

    I know I’m gonna catch Sh*t for this but I’m starting to really hate Torts. His “tough talk” only resonates with push-over players like Drury. Meanwhile he benches Redden (Redden throws a hissy-fit) and he is back in the lineup in 2 days.

    Torts has to start playing these players in a position for them to succeed and play to their strengths.

    Although Drury has had a crappy season, his numbers are down solely because lack of PP time. The guy consistently puts in 20 goals a year and most of them are from around the net on the PP in years past, There should be NO REASON why he is not on the 1st PP unit to bang in the garbage goals because NO ONE BESIDES GABBY is getting it done

  60. bull dog line on

    why would you Satan? he would just be an over the hill bum. come to think of it, he would fit right in.

  61. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    I think that dubi is part of the faction problem, just a guess, but I really do!

  62. And in Redden’s defense (his benching) he is the ONLY player left over from last year who’s play has noticeably improved. So, I can imagine him getting pissed off and saying “ME? What about some of your OTHER players” – and Im sure insinuated Drury & Roszi…

  63. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    your post is pretty dead on! Higgy shoudn’t even see any powerplay time, dru and avery should be getting his time!!

  64. bull dog line on

    how or why would Drury or Avery deserve PP time? they have done nothing to deserve it. Avery has done nothing the entire season, and Drury, well less than that. want to try something different, try Boyle in front of the net, and put MDZ and Gilroy on the points together.

  65. Good afternoon all!

    MAKO, fall by the “waist side?” That almost makes sense but still made me LMAO.

    I’m late to this discussion, but ORR (and NYRGuy answered this pretty well) let me add my two cents….Your idea will never happen…it’s part of the sickness of being a Rangers fan, and they know it.
    It’s why this blog exists after all….we mourn, we rage, we love, we hate, but we keep coming back. It’s the sport itself and the indefinable thing that makes being a Rangers fan a Rangers fan.
    I, for one, will never quit. The good thing about being a girl is I can dye my grays and still look fabulous, not like a hair club for men member :) Stick salute!

  66. Bull Dog

    Why not? He won a cup last year and could have some great chemistry with Gaborik. They are both Slovak… This team’s offense sucks as it is now. Why not help out… He’s a steal at $700k AND it could inject some life into this team and step on some toes that need to get stomped on. ANYTHING is better than what they have right now.

    He played 65 games for the Pens. 17g 19a & 5 points in 9 playoff games. Hell I’d take that for the second half of the season.

  67. I think the biggest problem was Scott Gomez, and now he’s gone. You could just tell with his attitude he wasn’t going to make it with Torts.

    If there is dissention in the locker room, then it is 1 persons responsibility to make sure it is solved, that’s the captain Chris Drury.

    Let me ask this also…do you guys think there would be any of this limo, team dissention crap if Shanahan was playing on the 4th line instead of Brashear. You know he would’ve taken the same amount of money and actually stick up for his teammates! And talk about veteran leadership!

  68. MAMA

    Im not right in the head today LOL so whatever grammatical mistake I made, I apologize….

  69. And to add to what Mama said…it’s not like were sitting here rooting on the Yankees or Giants with millions of other people. It’s freakin hockey which for some reason nobody likes around here…that brings us closer together as Ranger fans, makes it a much tighter group. The atmosphere at a Ranger game with their fans is so much different than the Giants, Yankees, etc. You don’t give a head nod to someone if you’re a Yankees fan or Giants fan and they are wearing one of their hats, but if its the Rangers? Damn right they get a head nod

  70. MAKO, you know I love ya, but I respectfully disagree. Redden’s public comments – public no less! – were atrocious and speaks to the problems this team has in the locker room.

    And anyone can say what they want about Aves (well, not really, you know that makes mama upset) but off ice it seems he’s trying to do the right thing and is acting like what a Ranger should act like (oh please, though, tell me he takes the bus, not a limo…)

    OK, mama lecturing over….hey, go see Stanley on sister blog!

  71. I agree, no offense to Cally, he works hard sure, but I’d rather see Drury in his spot on the top PP unit… He knows how to screen, redirect shots, and bang in garbage goals.

  72. NYRGuy

    Yep…. Shanny, Jagr & LQ kept the players in check. And Im sorry I get the feeling Dubi is an arrogant punk. We can all speculate – but I dont think it helps with Drury or Brashear either. Drury because he’s a piss poor leader making a TON of money and Brashear well I dont need to elaborate on that….

    I think Avery wants to be a leader too… but with his reputation I can see some players tuning him out.

  73. Nobody will take Avery seriously, but Shanny is like his best friend…I can’t believe Sather would rather have Brashear than Shanahan? There is no way players wouldn’t have respect for Shanahan when he’s on the ice. And with all these young kids…F Sather…seriously…OK I’m going to go for now I’m gettin too angry lol

  74. Mama

    You know I love ya too ;) I know you guys have a tremendous advantage on us about what you hear and you are privy to information that we will never know. But if it really was a prima-donna hissy fit then yes he deserves all the criticism he deserves. But, if it was “why are you making an example out of me when other players should ride pine too” then I can understand how frustrated his was & how it made it to the media. I know that doesnt make it right, but I CAN understand where he’s coming from…. There are 3 sides to every story, we just dont know…

  75. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    because avery probably handles the puck and passes better than anyone else on this team from behind the net and drury gets about 40% of his goals on the powerplay and has double digit powerplay goals in his last 4 seasons!!

  76. Drury has done PLENTY to deserve time on the PP, when you consider who has been getting more time than him in front of the net on the PP. He is constantly getting his coaches praise because of his hard work on the PK and his faceoff ability, and work ethic. The only thing missing from Drury’s game is his stats and that is because he has not been allowed to do what he has built his career on doing … PLAYING ON THE PP.

    The same goes for Kotalik on the Point of the PP. Although, he has played Crappy this season, there is NO ONE ELSE that has the ability to take his job from him.

    *I dont care if Drury or Kotalik play 6 minutes a game on the 4th line, they are PP specialists and should ALWAYS play there especially on a team struggling to score goals, or at least until someone else steps in and takes their job from them*

  77. MAKO, there are usually five sides to every story. But know this: I am privy to nothing, and get my news just like you do (from Carp hopefully!). And Redden’s comments didn’t “make it” to the media…he made them to the media. Which is why they got such attention….mama still loves ya, but she is right on this one!

  78. MAKO is right. What Torts was trying to say has been going on for years- the Rangers’ players are being spoiled by the organization. And now it seems there is very little togetherness in the locker room. Nothing new. By the way, the more I watch the season, the more I feel that Avery is more proud wearing this jersey than most of our clowns.

  79. bull dog line on

    I don’t buy it guys. Drury is done, it doesn’t matter what he has done in the past, and Avery is full of crap, he has everybody convinced he can play. what has he ever done?

  80. ilb, LMAO….fyi, it should be by the way side, but you know that I’m sure :)

    wicky, mama is loving you, too, today…..lord, it’s time to stop punishing the man for past sins. I am thrilled we took him back and am happy he’s on this team now. Aves, you know mama loves you! (P.S. My real name is Laurel…call me!) hee hee hee….

  81. bull dog line on

    now if you want to tell me there is nobody else worthy of the PP, thats different, just don’t say they deserve it.

  82. You’re kidding about Drury on the power play, right? The Rangers were top ten in power plays until Drury arrived, and they plummeted to the bottom. His PP success in Buffalo was probably more due to Briere, who continues to be a solid power play performer. Drury’s career lives on his reputation, and it’s sad that his coach and GM can’t see beyond that. His hard work is a myth as well — he skates up after the play is over, and his pk skill is no better than Betts. He makes a lot of mistakes, but he keeps his mouth shut. Does that count as a skill?

  83. Brashear over Orr, and not resigning Betts could be contributing to the attitude in the locker room imo.. One thing that the Rangers had in tact last year was a fourth line.. Betts Sjoustrom and Orr made a great fourth line, and were 3 guys that were great in the locker room..
    also, going with some of the torts hating:
    Paul Marra was imo one of the Rangers best defensemen, added much needed hitting, and is gone now b/c of torts…
    I hate the way that torts breaks up the ice time…he doesn’t use a fourth line at all….
    why did we sign brashear again? The guy barely plays…

  84. The powerplay is not the problem. It’s even strength, no noe goes in the dirty places and no one ever is in front of the net! We don’t draw enough penalities for that reason and the other major problem is we let teams ever game go thru strecthes of walking right out of their zone thru the nuetral zone and in our zone with no one laying a finger on them.

  85. bull dog line on

    A good 4th line would make all the difference, is that what you are saying mightymatt?

  86. i think shanny would be in there pimpin on all the young guys gf’s. the shanny-saurus rex will be showin these young kids how to play, and how to be smooth operators!! the team would come together like the youngbloods song. shanny is the man and id take his slow old a$$ and his slapper from the slot anyday over higgins,drury,brash or kots. nah i really think shanny is way old and would only help in teh lockerroom but hed be great as an asst coach here.

    ok, idk about duby and his attitude but he is damn good at creating chances down low and keepin the puck ala jagr. hes been real good lately. i attribute his lack of scoring on his hand injury. its still probably healing. dru is comin off his 4th concussion, and no matter if he plays pp or not, hes not nearly what he used to be. he will prob help the pp a little more if he was used in front, but i remember seeing him on the pp sometimes and he wouldnt move. he would stay in 1 spot and he cant play point, he is too small to stay in front of the net too long. id rather see boyle or even voros in front of the net than him. only a few times has dru made a nice screen on the goalie, or a deflection. and too often he gets pushed out of the way too easily

  87. wicky229 (gabby, just get 28 more!!) on

    amen sister!!! He is a core player and leader on this team whether you like him or not…i still think he should have an A.

    they deserve the time waaaaaaayyy more than higgy does!

    you got that right!!!

  88. MAMA

    I thought between Rick & yourself – you would know more than we did about the inner workings of the team… Again, my apologies. Whichever scenario it was and by him going to the media about it, if it was asked or if he just volunteered the information. As a player myself (not professionally) I can understand his frustration in him being made an example of when others on the team are not playing up to the coaches expected standards.

    You’re right too. The guys from the 94 team used to be together all of the time. Have dinner together, go to practice together etc. There arent any strong player personalities to set the boat on the right path. MOST NHL teams have that in their team leaders or Captain.

  89. We are 8th in the league in the PP. We are 22 or 23 in the league in PP attempts. Let’s try to fix what’s wrong first. Even though I hate the officials it’s not their fault, we do not make other teams take penalities against us. Would you if you we coaching against us?

  90. Ooops. I have to laurel for wicky :)

    mama is always right :)…..if the world only appreciated that more, it would be a better place.

  91. This team needs a Playmaking Winger. I feel like our Centers are all Scorers by trade and no one on the wing has the ability to set them up.

    Thats why i really like Dubinsky on the wing. Plus with a few more games I think Christensen could be really be putting up some major numbers consistently. He has speed and a good shot, it just seems like he doesnt have his legs yet.

    When Prospal comes back i think, maybe he should play on the wing with Drury or AA in order to get the other lines scoring.

    Our best Playmakers are Prospal and Dubinsky and there is No Reason for them both to be playing with Gabby who doesnt really need a Playmaker in the First place.

    I’d like to see a line of Prospal – Drury – Kotalik, so that maybe Prospal could get those 2 scoring

  92. bulldogline yepp i think that if torts wants to explain the lack of “jam” he can just look to the fact that he deconstructed a fourth line that was responsible for a lot of the hitting…
    I agree that “your top guys must be your top guys” but playing without a fourth line is dumb in my humble opinion…

  93. somerset

    Glad you agree. It makes perfect sense on every level. Im sure even though they are both right wingers they would have been great on the PP together.

  94. our problems on the pp are from aggressive pk’ing from the other team. they know we cant pass for crap and we dump it in and usually dump it either in a spot where they cant retrieve it or the players go in too slow. most of the time, they send 3 guys in against 2 opposing players and they end up losing the puck!! they need a puck moving, playmaking center badly. i can only think of how great it would be to get to draft hall. i mean, so what if we have to watch them lose the rest of the way. i dont wanna hear nanan nana nanana nana na coldplay song anymore anyway. gimme some metallica or pearl jam. gimme some damn voodoo child slight return from hendrix. coldplay??? no effin way. i bet thats drurys fave song. dont let hank pick it. hed pick abba dancing queen or somethin. let avery pick the song. or torts. hear some uncle ted stranglehold baby!! that’ll pump the garden up!!

  95. Someone implied above that it was busch league to bench Redden and I some what agree, I mean if you compare to Drury and Rosival his play hasnt been nearly as bad. I mean yeah he hasnt put in the 20 on the PP we all thought he would, but there is zero accountability for Drury and Rosival. Rosival is the only player still on the team since the lockout year and he should be setting an example. Drury should have been waived a long time ago (I know about no movement) but there has to be something that can allow them to get him from his contract, convince him to go somewhere, hell even forefit a few picks with him getting traded to another team.

    In response to how much worse would this team be if we traded dubi and someone else for Heatly? Well if you count the cap number we probably would have had to waive a player like Voros and his 1mill and we would have not picked up Kotalik at 3.5million. So if you do the math and include players that could still be here you would have a team with a 1st PP that looks something like:

    Callahan-Prospal-Gaborik-Heatly-Del Zotto

    I like that more than what we have now.

  96. laurel’ing again, for the last time….MAKO, no apologies needed…let’s just agree to disagree (and Carp does know stuff, just not me. I wish! But thanks for thinking of me as so informed!)

    Anyway, frustration or whatever, I just think what he said for the world was wrong….doesn’t help the locker room, but he should have kept it there at least.

    So, let’s agree that mama is right on this one :) xoxo

  97. somerset- exactly. we need some playmakers for higgins and druyry to finish those chances!! stinkin cally passed the puck to higins feet!! no wonder he cant score hes got cally passin to him. no, but really, we do need a nylander type thats north-south and quicker. like savard, lol

  98. I watched the last couple games of the WJC on the Hockey Network and Derek Stepan is going to be REALLY, REALLY, GOOD.

    He is the Future Playmaking Center for this team. Plus he is very good defensively. He didnt look out of place trying to contain Hall and the rest of Team Canada

  99. damnit somerset youre catchin up with me on points!!! ur 1 point behind now!! horton and neidermayer are my only hope for oem points tonight!!!. or were gonna be tied!! anyway were the 2 best. or is mako in 2nd?

  100. bull dog line on

    the Ranger problem isn’t the lack of a 4th line. they have to many 4th lines. the problem is the lack of skill players, and a physical D. when your number 1 Dman is not physical or mean, your D gets pushed around, and the Rangers D gets pushed around. When your top center’s career high is 14 goals and 41 pts, you have a big problem. when your number 2 center is stuck on 4 goals, and we think he should be on the power play, you have big problems.

  101. somerset

    I said last night that I think Dubi is a better fit on the wing. I had high hopes for this kid to be like another Adam Graves. His last few goals around the paint are sure reminders of Graves like goals. I hope he is….

  102. Mike

    Im in 2nd but having a horrible week. So Im sure I’ll wind up in 3rd or 4th tomorrow.

  103. Mike in IA …

    Yeah, I’m in 3rd but leading my week 11-0 against Gatti’s Guppies so that should put me somewhere in the top 2 spots

  104. I am not saying lack of a fourth line is their only problem. it’s that the rangers keep going through this process of addition by subtraction..
    Get gaborik lose gomez.
    lose your entire fourth line, add some new fourth liners and call them 3’d liners..
    lose 2 talented young players to get morris and antropov, and then lose them both because of the cap…
    get a new coach but lose marra (who was their only tough defenseman, and a team guy in the loker room)
    it seems to me that this team hasn’t really taken a forward step since jagr… and it seems to me that unless we clear up contract space, there is no way out for this team…

  105. MAKO…next year I gotta get in a league with you guys…I’m in another league every year that’s really deep, I usually finish in the top but for some reason this year, my team is really stinkin it up

  106. “If the Rangers played that exact same game and scored one or two more goals, we’d all be sitting here saying how well they played and what a good, solid win it was.”

    And if they won the Stanley Cup last year then we’d call them the defending champs. It’s a nice sound bite but it means nothing.

  107. bull dog line on

    everything you just said is correct. how would you go about fixing it?

  108. Hedberg:

    You hit it right on the head!

    As far as +/- is concerned it’s important as a reminder to players, and particularly the Rangers, of a hockey fundamental: When you are on the ice, your job is to help your team score, and to prevent the other team from scoring.

    Far too often, the Rangers don’t seem to be able to grasp this simple concept.

  109. captain dreary on

    Drury being on Team USA is a joke and a farce. picked on reputation from years ago. he has done nothing in the past 16 months,which Burke said was his window of analysis

    guys like Tim Connolly and David Legwand are far superior in skills. and guys like Paul Gaustad are better if you want faceoff ability and size and toughness and pk work

    Drury is not even the best American center on his own average team. but Torts, who is an asst coach on team USA, obviously pulled strings for him because he also, like Sather, apparently is being blackmailed by photos that Drury has on him. how else to explain the fascination with a little league pitcher who is now a little league center

  110. IMO moving forward the Rangers have an All-Star Scorer and Goaltender which is a GREAT BUILDING BLOCK.

    Our Future Defense Corps is one of the most coveted in the league and the main reason http://www.hockeysfuture.com has us ranked 3rd in the league.

    Honestly, The Rangers are looking good in the very near future and may have to unfortunately miss this year’s playoffs, unload a few contracts (while acquiring some additional Draft Picks), and stock up on some Forward and Goaltending Depth.

    A future forward lineup of: Gaborik, Callahan, Dubinsky, AA, Grachev, Stepan, Byers, Locke, and Weise

    A Blueline of: Staal, Girardi, MDZ, Gilroy, McDonagh, Heikkinen, Sauer, and Sanguenetti

    and Lundqvist are not too many years away

  111. NYRGuy

    Yeah too bad you werent in on this one. it would have been great to have ya in the BONEHEAD league ;) Next season definitely. We have 16 teams but I really think 12-14 is better….

    Im in another league with 20 teams. Its horrible… Fortunately, I have Gaborik & LQ on the team LOL

  112. Hey Carp “They ” meaning the Rangers didnt score …the Gaboriks did…

    your headline would have made sense if it was someone else ..

  113. how are they ever going to deal with the drury contract long term? he is not doing a naslund and retiring, never ever ever happen.

    i cannot believe sather will not send down redden whom is not as good as roszivaland has a much worse contract.

    if they send him down do they get 1/2 his salary attached to the cap? there high end talent is; grachev, anisimov, kreider and maybe stepan. these guys are 19 yrs old and will never be crosby/malkin like… these guys are a good 3 yrs away or so………

  114. evitageN

    Hell yeah! But they dont have a chance. Taylor Hall just made it 3 – 0 midway through the 2nd.

  115. Drury on the team is all marketing. All it does is show that they are not serious about winning and dont consider themselves a real competitor in the tournament.

  116. SUI is doing the very same things that the Rangers do when a player comes streaking in along the boards. All stick check, no bodied stapled against the boards.

    Canada up 4 – 1

  117. bluedogline First Fire Sather…seriously, we all say it but he is a horrible gm…
    The way you fix it in my opinion is by dumping some big contracts and waiting for the big player to hit free agency, while at the same time suffering through some young fowards that are brought up from the minors… it’s really that simple.. our blueline looks promising in the next few years, but i think we need some fowards who can…what do fowards do again… or right score goals!!!

  118. Team Russia’s coach Slava Bykov said this:

    “I wouldn’t guarantee a place on the Olympic team to anyone,” Bykov was quoted as saying at the time. “If my players can’t perform up to the standards playing for their respective clubs, then how can I rely on them in Vancouver?”

    How about applying that philosophy with Drury?

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