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Christopher Higgins (who couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a snow shovel):

“I thought we outplayed them for the better part of the game, but (if) you let a team hang around and hang around they’re more likely to find their game.”

“I don’t think there’s any satisfaction (in playing well). We’ve had a little difficulty playing at home and putting wins together.”

Marian Gaborik (who now has 27 of their 108 goals, 25 percent):

“We just have to do a better job with that (the power play). … I think overall we played hard, we were physical. We definitely outplayed them, I think. Too bad, the outcome.”

Henrik Lundqvist (who said the left-arm injury was just a stinger that went from his neck and down the arm):

“Nobody really cares about that (playing well). It’s the win you’re after.”

on all the posts: “It’s a fast game and the difference between winning and losing and the difference between the puck going in or not is so small. Today, with some luck, we would have killed this game. But we didn’t. It’s definitely frustrating to not win a game like this.”

on one win last nine  at home:

“It’s that bad? I think a lot of games we played well. We played with energy and create chances. But in the end, if you dont’ put the puck in the net you won’t win. That’s pretty simple.”

“You have to show up every night. I think we all have to be more consistent. This is the way we have to play every night. You won’t win any other way. You have to get to a level where we can expect the job getting done by everybody, starting with me.

“We’re all looking for that consistency of coming out every night and play your system and play with energy. It’s not something that should be there just once in a while. It should be there every night.

“I think in a game like this, if you score two or three goal in the second period, I think everybody would sit here and say, ‘Well, we played a great game.’ Instead you look at the few mistakes we made tonight, and that was enough to cost us the game.”

“I’ve seen the guys score in practice, so I know they can do it.”

I asked him about the mounting mental toll, playing all these games with no room for error:

“That game against Florida, we scored four goals and it’sa great feeling to play with a couple goals lead, and you can afford a mistake. But it’s definitely been a lot of tight games where we can’t afford any mistakes.”

“As long as you win, it feels great. But I think everybody feels it’s tough when you’re not winning. But two nights ago, the same game and we score a late goal to win it, so you can’t expect to have the right bounce every night. But in a game like this, I thought we were the better team and deserved to win. That makes it a little frustrating.”

John Tortorella:

“Again, you always try to judge your team on how you play. I thought we generated offense. I thought some of our best chances were ones we shot wide, let along the four or five posts we hit. But we can’t be satisfied just generating scoring chances. We have to start scoring goals. We defend again and we hold them to single digits chances against, it’s something we’ve worked on in our game, we generate some chances again, but we simply don’t score. You try to stay patient, you try to stay patient. But the bottom line is we have to start scoring goals in these type of games. We lose a point because we simply don’t bury a couple of our chances. It shouldn’t be that. It shouldn’t be going into overtime.”

“It’s just finishing the chance, and it can’t just come from one guy. I can’t sit here and tell you what we’re going to do. We just have to get somebody to step up here and score a goal, other than (Gaborik) because I think we’re playing well. But it’s still, we’re 1-0 going into the third period. I thought we battled back and got our point, but to me it shouldn’t even be there. We should have two points at the end of regulation.”

On the power plays in the second period:

“It wasn’t good (today). But our power play’s been pretty good. When you’re not scoring 5-on-5, it has to be good all the time. And it puts a lot of pressure on that special team … The biggest thing that hurt our power play tonight was we didn’t win a faceoff. We didn’t have the puck enough to get to a setup. But I’ll tell you, the power play’s going to come and go as you go through a long season. But there’s so much pressure on that because of us not burying our even-strength chances. I’m not trying to add more pressure to our players. That’s the last thing I want to do. But I can stand up here and say ‘we played well, we played well,’ and coaches have to look at that, but there has to be some(thing) within themselves that ‘We have to get that done.’ To get it done at a key time. 

“We have to keep defending well and hopefully something clicks and someone gains some confidence and scores one or two. We’re right down to a fine line of a mistake, it’s in the back of our net, and we lose the hockey game, where I don’t think we should even go to an overtime. I’m not whining. I’m frustrated for the players, because I think they’re trying their asses off, but we simply have to get it done offensively somehow.”

I asked him about Lundqvist’s mental health:

“I think Hank’s a mentally tough guy. I think he understands. Obviously a goaltender would like a little bit of breathing room along the way. But this is part of it, and Hank has to fight through it just like everybody else does. And as far as Hank’s minutes, I was looking at it the other day, and he’s right there with six or seven of the other top goalies as far as minutes. I just don’t want you guys to talk him into being tired. I’m not truying to be sarcastic.

“He can handle it. He’s going to have to. He’s going to have to until we get into some sort of groove and somebody comes through (offensively). And I don’t think it’s going to be one guy. I think it has to be two or three guys. And the power play, until it does come at even strength, has to be that much better.”

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  1. Just came back from early dinner with mrs. ilb, opened the RR and bang: MandELbaum. That’s by the way the right spelling. What did I miss?

  2. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    It was LQ’s arm? He was flexing & shaking out his right leg a few times….

  3. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    You have lots of reading buddy ;) The Drury love fest aka Druapalooza was in FULL EFFECT today.

  4. Yeah, he’s been doing that for a while. I think his hamstring is still bothering him, too. But late in the game, it was definitely left-shoulder/arm.

    I will link to my column tomorrow … I wrote about the mounting pressure on him, and how they have to get this guy a mental-health break.

  5. MAKO, I haven’t been following the thread. Don’t give me a heart attack. What happened to Hank’s arm?

  6. I saw the arm during the game. And the leg. He needs a brake. Zaba can’t catch a virus. 16 games to go in January, do they have a plan?

  7. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I know the worlds weight is on his shoulders and I know he enjoys playing all that he can…but when his team doesnt contribute to alleviate some pressure on him…that’s has to hurt mentally. Now, this is a tough month for them. I cant imagine what’s going to happen if Team Sweden goes far and he has MORE pressure on him. Jeeeze I think I can all speak for us & say he’s sure to get burnt out.

    Dont know what happened to his arm… But a few times during the game he was slow to get up and shaking out his right leg… Its the first time I’ve seen that twice in one game.

  8. I’m not sure if anyone else got the feeling in trots press conference that there team is now looking outside the organization for scoring help. He stopped himself a few times from saying anything that would imply that but I def think he knows this team can’t win as currently assembled!!

  9. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    The ranger post game show with maloney, Trau and Micheletti were doom and gloom about the rangers, good for them,they weren’t kissing dolan’s backside with rosie optimism.

    Torts is dying..
    Injuries are part of the game.. they were injury free last year, if hank goes down they’ll have to trade.

  10. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Well… other teams seem to be making moves to fill some holes. This team is screwed…

    Boston just signed Satan… for how much I dont know. But when you lose your second highest point getter for a few weeks and you’re team doesnt have a back up with your #1 playing through some black & blues and needs a break… I dont know what they are thinking or waiting for. Dont even get me started on Brashear….

  11. Caught up.. I was afraid something else was discussed about his arm….

    From his interview, it sounds like Torts is using the word “hope” way too often. Hope, bro, isn’t a strategy.

    ORR, if you’re around, my dinner almost came out from LMAO at Voros having a good game and baby steps..

  12. no sense of us getting a star in his prime(kolvy)and God forbid we overpay, because we wouldn’t want to start a trend of overpaying

  13. Oh, so he wants a stable city to raise his kids? For $11 mil for 10 years. I heard Papua New Guinea was nice.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby....or atleast take the point !!! " … says Greg L. on

    GOOOOOOO RANGERSS…oooops I’m late .

  15. I think Nicky Z’s agent, and Dubi’s agent should get together and mate. They’re both tools.

    Ilb, sorry aboot that. I hope the dinner was worth coming up. I had some ham before that wasn’t good, and it came up. It looked like Paris Hilton’s vagina, all pink, soggy, wet, with too much juices. Not healthy.

    Then again i could have had Turkey, which would have been like old lady vagina.

    Lose-lose situation.

  16. yea we are not getting kovy. he would be perfect here, but glen screwed that when he prepared for our cup run in the future when he signd drury. ya know, when we make the cup finals, thats when his playing clause goes into effect. didnt you guys know that drury wasnt actually signed to play until the cup finals? hes just helpin out the pk for awhile until we get to the playoffs. and higgins is untradeable really. i mean unless we package him with staal hes about as tradeable as drury. hed be a great 4th liner on any team but for way too much money. and thank god glen only gave hima 1 yr deal. i dont think torts was holding back anything as far as sather trying to make deals for scoring help. i think hes just worried about his job.

  17. it may work to trade for kovalchuck and sign him for 5 years at 9 million, only if one of the regrettable 3 ( drury, redden, roszival) are included in deal.

  18. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Can ANYONE on this team (besides Gaborik) finish? Of course not.

    And Higgins? If Kotalik had the game Higgins did (missed open net, penalties), he’d been on a slow boat back to the Czech Republic. Why is he still playing? At this point, I miss Marcel “Fourth Line” Hossa, who leads the KHL in goals and at least had a clue in the skills competition.

    And I’m thrilled MSG and TLC are in pre-production for the newest hybrid reality series — Chris Drury’s “Baby Story Meets Olympic Dream”. I’m kidding. Disgusted, but kidding.

    Another crappy overtime loss to another crappy team. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  19. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    technically we are not screwed with the three bad contracts….they can be dealt with, it is just a question of will they. I honestly believe one will be gone by the deadline. The problem is whether or not the deal will free up cap space. That answer is no, unless they are just relegated to the pressbox or htfd depending on the contract/player. Any deal made in the salary cap era will bring money back this way!!

  20. send all future 1st rounder for him, we don’t use them that often something good and young and Rosi or Deadend. Fire Sather and promote a hockey guy like schoeldfield.

  21. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Im gonna be heartless here and say take off the salary caps and let the teams who cant afford to be in the NHL fold. There are too many teams anyway….

    I heard that was on Lifetime “Baby Story Meets Olympic Dream”.

  22. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    And I’m thrilled MSG and TLC are in pre-production for the newest hybrid reality series—Chris Drury’s “Baby Story Meets Olympic Dream”. I’m kidding. Disgusted, but kidding.

    Bravo #2!! thats just funny! And you bring up a great point, how does higgins NEVER sit. Give him a game or 3 in the stands! PLEAAAAAAAAASE!

  23. Doesn’t matter who we trade for him. If he wants $11mln a year, the only first line center to supplement him and Gaborik we could afford, would be Matt Macarrone without the stache.

  24. Callahan For Captain on

    NOTHING is more useless than the cherry vanilla public quotes of professional athletes, coaches/managers, and GM’s. They could not be more guarded NOT to say something incendiary to anger their opposition, and certainly not to divulge something which unwittingly reveals injury, compromises strategy, or jeopardizes a deal in the works.

    That is why a fan forum, such as this one, has real value, people call it as they see it, with no regard for “P.R” or confidentiality considerations. I get more value reading the opinions and getting the obsevation of hard-core fans, than anything I could ever get from a distorted two minutes with a tired, distracted athlete.

    Of course interviewing these people and trying to read something meaningful into their obfuscations and all too often deliberately misleading “quotes” is a heck of a lot easier than taking the time to objectively and statistically evaluate what is really happening before our eyes. To me, interviews with public figures in all fields are just so much trash and garbage, and you can’t make an Orange Julius out of yesterday’s rotten orange peels, unless of course, you like flies and maggots.

  25. not if we trade Hank and Rosi or Deadend for Hedbeg and Kovly. Demote to other slug they don’t want and we will actually have room to move, and btw fire Sather

  26. Higgins is tradeable at the deadline. Some contender who wants help on the PK and 3rd line would love him. They’d probably fetch a 3rd rounder or 2nd tier prosepct, but that’s it.

    As far as a backup is concerned; Johnson has potential but isn’t ready. He needs to keep developing. Dan Cloutier is still floating out there or some other veteran. They’re not great, but at least would be a competent warm body.

  27. higgins no matter how many times he misses the net is not the contract problem.Capt,Rosi,Redden are plain and simple.We can’t tinker around the edges with this talent on this team, it needs a blockbuster and broken hearts to have a chance of turning this around. The one bright spot is that the young guys we have are better then most years for us.MDZ,Cally Dubi,Gilroy,Sangs,Staal,Artie and Henrick(little older)would be welcome in other places but we have to send one of the slugs contracts with them.

  28. the problem is grachev, anismov, kreider, stepan etc are not ready to contribute in any real way.. the ranger scoring porblems have been gone on for 4 years or more… if they had cherapanov that would have helped a ton. that is a 1st round pick who did nothing. add that 1st round pick to huge jessiman and you have a shortage of top line offensive talent. obviously sather cannot be faulted for cherapanov but if really hurts. dubi, cally, and anismov can play and especially anisimov will improve but difference makers!!!!

    they need to move some excess young D talent for forwards or torts needs to change his strategy. lisin played 4 minutes today, he is not voros.. he was playing well and has some upside and needs to play more, give the guy 10 minutes a game…. when you have limited scoring you cannot waste a spot on a voros or a brashear or a boyle who cannot score ever…

  29. hiigins is not a big deal he makes peanuts and is done at the end of the year, he sucking obviously is the issue but he is gone in 40 games or less…

    the brashear and kotalik contracts are bad not redden, drury, and roszival bad but bad.. roszivals contract is not as bad as drury or reddens not even close…

  30. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Callahan for Captain, I absolutely loved your post!

    These guys, in ALL sports, say the same exact things! The only time you get them at the spur of the moment or in unguarded times, is when they’ve won the championship. In that instant, 85 % of the guys are gonna give you real emotion, and interesting interviews. The other 15%, the ‘stars’ will probably give you the same run of the mill platitudes. Its nice to see the intermission interviews, just to look at these guys and read their eyes, their faces. Sometimes you can pick up stuff there.

  31. carolina is getting the first pick. the rangers will finish anywhere from 12th to 25th… and what that gets you unless you have talent evaluatrs like the red wings or devils is more of the same.

    dubinsky is a good player and his contract is quite fair for all parties but presently he is our 2nd best offensive player!!!!!he handles the puck well especially down low, has good speed, but shoots like higgins and the rest of the gang….

  32. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    Very true. I really like LQ’s interviews the best… He has emotion all over his face doesnt cover it well…. I think most of the elite players do. Jagr & Mess were pretty easy to read too. Leetch hid his very well…

  33. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    ORR, you could not make it through a year with those conditions!!!!!!!

  34. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    I said it earlier this year. I like Dubi on the wing better than at center….

    He is a power skater with some decent puck handling skill. He doesnt really make much room to create but is very strong along the boards. I WAS hoping he could be the next Adam Graves… If he stays in front of the net like he has… he will surely make that a possibility…

  35. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    thanks Mako, i’ve thought that about Dubi in the past too. They need to use the guys they do have CORRECTLY so they can reach their full potential. Keep some lines together for more than a game or two and lets see what happens.

  36. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    You are correct. Im sure Sathers heart was is in the right place in signing the players he has the last 4 years. And throwing the money he did, just so no other team matched them is what happened. When your ego makes the decisions over what you think is best for your team, its never a good thing. Now every player is supposed to fill a role, but the role players HAVE NOT fulfilled what they are supposed to do. WHat you think, what I think and everyone else is thinking – ARE these players playing to their absolute FULL potential????

  37. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    my daughter and son in law are at the Isles game. She texts me aboot an hour ago 2-0!!! i was like, wait for it. She just texts me cursing that its 5-4 and that afinegenov is a beast! lmao!!!

  38. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    The only sites I have are for live games. Caps game is over….

  39. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    ORR, WE wouldnt want you to do that!!

    she just texted me again:

    nedved didnt make the olympic team :(

    she’s a riot!

    Like I said in the past, when he was with the oilers and railing against the Rangers and their free spending ways, he said if he had that kind of money, he’d win the Cup every year. Well asshat slats, YOU HAVE THE MONEY, NOW WHERES THE CUP!!! freakin asshat!

  40. Damn i missed it. Im using, but the only games i see are Stars vs some team, and Leafs vs Flames. Hanson bro’s were at the game.


    Good, cause i need to spread the Fox Gospel every now and then. Cant take breaks !

  41. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    you’re her #1 acolyte, we wouldnt want it any other way.

    Pavel,I dont think they have the guts to do that~

  42. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    cracking me up!!!

    Orr saying he could go a yr without fox for the 1st overall pick reminds me of dramer saying he wanted in the “contest” and jerry saying you’ll be out before we get the check!!!

  43. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I do not understand why higgy is still on the 2nd line. At the minimum he should be on the 3rd or 4th and avery on the 2nd for sure! I would have him on his way to atl for hedberg and valabik or on his way to the sens for carkner (hey damn it, it’s my post so I can make up what I want as far as trades go no matter how unrealistic they are)!!

  44. Callahan For Captain on

    Before the season started, it was written here, and about unamiously agreed upon that Lundqvist would get more rest this season, do to the condensed scheduling in an Olympic year. Fact is, whether this had turned out to be a great team, a mediocre team, or a bottom-feeder nowhere team, it is now obvious that HL is penciled in to start 19 of every 20 games, regardless of the team’s overall performance, and regardless of his physical condition. Rangers management just cannot let go of the fantasy that this team has a shot at making the playoffs, and taking a deep ride, therein, and, frankly, it is holding up solidifying a serious contending run in future years. This year is deader than Napolean for the New York Rangers.

    If management had any grip on reality, it would not burn out key players who have future value, like our #1 goaltender, in a dreadful season none of us can get through fast enough, nor forget, once it is over, soon enough.

    This team is now a long shot to make the playoffs, and if, by some back door voodoo magic, this team does limp into the first round, it will be lucky to win one game, before getting the gate. This being the reality, all dead-beat veterans who can be demoted or given away in a yard sale, or forced, behind closed doors, to “retire,” starting with the enforcer who cannot skate to so much as a waltz, anymore, should be moved to make room for the Sanguinetti’s and Grachev’s of the world, right now. And Parenteau and perhaps even Locke, too. And Sauer, all of them with an NHL future, some quite bright. And to hell with those who whine “The D is too young.” Damn right the D would be too young on a Cup contender, but that is not us, so it is high time to put the future pieces into the puzzle, without delay or pretense that this team has any kind of destiny beyond not embarrassing itself three games out of every five if it should show some improvement in the second half.

  45. I heard a rumor that Sather is in negotiatons to hire Bill Sheridan to coach the defense strategy

  46. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    PFFT Sather you an AHOLE!!!

    Satan signed for $700,000 for the remainder of the season!!!!!!!!!!

  47. DAMN !!! Bruins signed Satan…

    Every since Prospal got hurt I’ve been saying we should sign him to help with our scoring problem and now the Bruins got him for a pro-rated 700k contract.

  48. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    This is what I do not understand. The majority of the people here complain about wanting this team to be better (myself included) but replacing vets with guys in our system makes no sense to me and will not make this team any better at all!

    Please someone name one #1 (NHL) center in our system that will be playing for the rangers within three years?? Or name me one mean rough crease clearing d man that will be a mainstay on our blueline within three years??

    Hell, we arguably do not even have a back up goalie in our system for hank!

    The answer lies OUTSIDE the organization at this point for this team to be better. It is going to take trades and signings to fill the major holes this roster has, that is just the ugly truth!! That is the only way this club will improve within the next three years! The whole thing is we have to sign the RIGHT free agents or trade for the RIGHT players and not overpay 3rd line/pair players for first line/pair dollars!!

    Nothing in our system will help our club out, so why keep whining about bringing up youth, it is just ridiculous!!

  49. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    You are right to a point… but there has to be a good balance of vet and home ground rookies to put a good club together. Detroit has that down to a science, as do the Devils (Ugh I hated to write that)… but its true… But like you said, the RIGHT players. Who knows man, its a crap shoot. You never know what you’re gonna get when players come here. VERY FEW have worked out, among the marquee signings and “role” players who were signed. Sad… All we want is this team to compete and play hard like the give a damn… be it in every night…

  50. “Please someone name one #1 (NHL) center in our system that will be playing for the rangers within three years?? Or name me one mean rough crease clearing d man that will be a mainstay on our blueline within three years??”

    Stepan/McDonaugh as of now. Also when you bottom out as a team leading to high draft picks you pick up your needs in the draft. IF they got into the lottery and ever got Hall or Seguin their need for a number 1 Center is solved.

  51. Two questions:

    1. Can someone tell me why Michelletti has had such a love affair with captain clueless, for 2plus years?

    2. Why is Higgins a professional? I dont think I have ever seen a player miss so many empty net and easy goals. Better yet, why is he on the powerplay?

  52. >>The ranger post game show with maloney, Trau and Micheletti were doom and gloom >>about the rangers, good for them,they weren’t kissing dolan’s backside with rosie >>optimism.

    Maybe not so good for them. The last MSG guy who was overly critical of the organisation was unceremoniously escorted out of Two Penn Plaza. Remember Bob Page? I believe that’s his name.

  53. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I’m not saying teams in the NHL cannot have vets and youth successfully together on a roster, the teams you named are perfect examples that do it. We just do not have the right players on our roster or youth in the system to fill our glaring needs, so currently for the needs of this organization to be filled, it must come form outside the organization!!

    stepan and mcdonaugh?? At this point stepan is a #2 center at best and mcdonaugh is not anywhere close to being an everyday mean edgy physical crease clearing big d man. From what I understand he is like girardi!

  54. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    I completely agree with you. The rooks they have now are doing a pretty darn good job. But the vet D needs to go and replaced with… well you know… you say it every day. PLUS a #1 play making center…

  55. >>BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO devils win over minn 5-3

    And that stinking team just keeps on winning. Un-BLOODY-believable!!! One can only hope Martine Brodoor burns out comes playoffs time.

  56. Strange thing is, the Devils played like they had tennis shoes on instead of skates. Tons of turnovers, dropped passes. Minny shot pucks at Marty like they had Uzi’s. But, with a good system, its possible to win, even on a bad night.

  57. I feel bad for Torts…Sather has so killed this team…I am dumbfounded as to how this guy is still employed.

  58. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    You saw how long it took for Dolan & the MSG wrecking crew to fire Isiah Thomas… LOL Its friggen pathetic.

  59. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    what they need is a good old fashioned sexual harrassment suit, which led to the downfall of isiah!

  60. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Yes Linda

    Does anyone have any promiscuous photos of Dolan & Sather? =P

  61. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao ilb! problem is ITS STILL DOLAN!!! we gotta cut the head off the snake!!!

    Mako, i mentioned the situation the other night and it made someone sick! lmao

  62. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    OOOOH that’s right. We dont need to know what they look like…. as long as someone has them… its all good.

    Did you get my email Linda? LOL

  63. WOW !

    I wonder how much money Silva was paid to throw that fight. He’s losing the fight with one round left, and he catches Evans on the jaw, and does nothing and wastes time.

    He’s either retarded, or he threw the fight.

  64. full no movement clause on

    people just post without reading others comments. drury can’t be moved – with his full no movement clause. that means waivers OR trade.

  65. “people just post without reading others comments. drury can’t be moved – with his full no movement clause. that means waivers OR trade”

    Mr. Drury’s Agent, when will you quit reminding us ?? Let some people dream, it’s healthy.

    Sleep time, see ya knuckleheads.

  66. rough ranger game today but i just got home from a great night out and……


  67. Orr…Silva really pissed me off tonight…instead of taunting how about you freakin pick up the pace..he could’ve knocked him out if he kept on him

  68. They didn’t play well. What nonsense. They call sitting back and just dumping the puck from their zone out to the Canes ( sometimes passing directly to a Cane player) is playing well?

    The PP is a joke..the incessant ( what they laughingly call
    passing) and just a couple of soft goal shots over four minutes goes right back to the Jagr days under Renney. Still looking for the perfect opening. There isn’t any! Take a tip from the Isles, and watch THEIR passing game. Light years ahead of the softy Rangers, and Rangers constant long range dumps that pass for “home run” passes….saves skating you know. Many teams use it, but sparingly, when they see an opening for it….Rangers use it constantly,because it is easier than skating the puck up the ice. This kid Ericksen has sat on the bench while some of these other dopes keep getting ice time? Yeah this is a well coached team.
    Yeah this is a well coached team all right.

  69. who is Ericksen? if you want the team changed quick, and you want the holes filled, the only logical thing to do is consider trading Staal or Hank. no other player( that i would be willing to trade) has the kind of value these 2 have. knock on Chicago door, see what they would be willing to give for Hank. Knock on Tampa’s door, see if Staal can get them Vinnie L. other wise it will be the same thing every season, fighting for 8th, and one and out.

  70. “…I know these guys can score, I’ve seen them do it in practice.”

    This just proves that the Rangers are the only team capable of beating themselves.

  71. Mandelbaum!!!-100 first. That’s a 100 better than number one.

    Wake up gang before we trade Hank. Again.


    Carp, loved your article on the game. You’re dead on!

    On another note, the Rangers must not be selling out at home any more. I don’t see the stat in the post game notes. Maybe that will get their attention? Not.


    The Brooks’ article about the Classic at CitiField – Rangers vs. Fishsticks….. there would be zero interest in it on a national level. NBC won’t want it. Maybe Rangers vs. Detroit or Chicago and bill it as an Orig Six game. Still, I doubt it’s going to happen at CitiField.

  74. watched Rangers in 60 , the defensive coverage bothered me more than the no goals (except for Gabby)..

    way to many times someone all alone in front of our net !!

  75. It’s sad to see a professional hockey team not caring one bit. The only ones who care on your team are DelZotto, Lundqvist, Avery and Torts. Look at the bench on the OT goal. They showed the entire bench not flinch except torts. I’m no ranger fan at all, I’m a devils fan, but also a hockey fan. But I feel bad for you guys cause your getting ripped off. If they cared, it’s one thing, but when it’s “ho hum, shucks, another loss” it’s theft. Even though you guys had a decent effort, giving up 20 shots, and delivering 35 (if u count the posts) plus a ton of missed shots. The offense is there, the defense was there, but you can’t win if your heart isn’t in it. Can’t blame sather if the players he signed don’t care about losing.

  76. Well if Tortorella wants to improve these guys he’d better start a PASSING clinic! These guys know how to play this game…they just don’t. They always seem to take the path of least resistance…those looooonnng passes from their end zone to the other teams blue line? Hmmm how many of those work out? Oh…hardly any? You’d find this hard to believe if you watched how often the Rangers try this. It’s called “icing lite'” Of course some of them go directly to the opposition for a quick start on a return to Ranger territory, but we won’t dwell on that…too embarrassing…until the next time they get the puck and try it again.

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