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Hey, before the game, I just want to clear up something, because I think I might have been a little hard on Drury yesterday. In a certain role, I think he can help Team USA. And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he A) is named captain or B) scores a clutch goal or two in the tournament.

And he will probably be better off with that team than with the Rangers because there will be more offensive guys, and so they won’t rely on him so much.

I was just floored by the idea that, as Brian Burke said, he was chosen because “he’s Chris Drury.” I didn’t think that type of entitlement is the way to go when picking an Olympic team (or for that matter, an NHL team). We’ve all seen how that works around here, for more than a decade. How, when you put somebody on the team because of who he is, and not because of what he does or can do, it blows up in your face more often than not.

I didn’t think Drury earned his way onto the team. That’s all I was saying.


Here are today’s pregame notes.

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  1. Are these “New post” posts today a tribute to Captain USA (i.e. they are only visible to us mortals in an intangible sense)?

  2. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets see how Captain “MonotoneChewtoythatsonanAmbienIV” Drury plays today.

  3. ok, lets have a great game at home. I love afternoongames :)
    wow guys, read through last game post, very funny! U guys rock!

  4. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    Bravo Rick !!!

    For saying what you said. I posted that Brooks article and was floored when I read it. But they can leave Gomez off of Team USA because he hasnt played well? Makes no sense. I think they are trying to jump start his career again because WE AND THEY know he has sucked it up in NY for the past 2 1/2 years. Everyone knows it…. He cant carry the team like Messier or even like Jagr did when the team needed their Captain for a HUGE game.

  5. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    I meant good that he stuck up for MDZ

    Great start to the game. They have good jump….

  6. finally!!!!!!!!!

    i am still pissed that i cant sign on to hockeystreams, i did give them money damnit

  7. if you read the rest of Burke’s comments he said it was a matter of a player’s career and that they weren’t penalized for a slow start.

    when you look at the Canadian team the thinking was just the opposite. i guess we’ll see in February which way works better.

  8. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    another reason why Cally is on the team! still waiting for verification on why drury is… OH YEA THAT’S RIGHT, HE’S CHRIS DRURY!!!

  9. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on


    Again, I’ll say it. They said Gomez was left off the the US team because of his recent “bad play” So I call BS! And in terms of career. Gomez has one more cup that Drury. Again BS!

  10. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    jpg… slow start??? lmao,his past 2 years has been a continuous slow start!!!!!!

  11. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao ilb!

    wow, MDZ is a wrecking ball today! He’s gotten a lot of ‘jam’ in his game today! Must have been all that pasta, eh mako?

  12. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lets count how many times they say Higgins Just Missed today!!

    i feel sorry for his girlfriend! LMAO @ HE WENT WIDE!! i’m peein my pants!!! Good thing I have some seagrams left!

  13. Higgins should be waived for missing that wide open net. I could score that [with my foot, of course].

  14. I think they should start covering Higins’ eyes during the practice shots. He may be able to get some in

  15. If he is getting paid to have glorious chances, then Higgy Bear is not making enough. If he is getting paid to blow perfect opportunities, again, he is not making enough. If he is getting paid to be a good player, he is making way too much. Damn!

  16. Man, Higgins is awful. He couldn’t hit the net to save his life. If we moved all the nets 3 feet to the left, he’d be leading the league in scoring.

  17. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    It went from being pathetic to comical how many fantastic opportunities Higgins has had that he could have at least 15 goals by now.

    Higgins is Higgins is because he’s HIGGINS!




  19. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao Pimp!!! He’s taken bush league to new, unlandscaped levels!

  20. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao @ being the best staal on the ice this period!

    i love the lines these guys come up with, ALMOST close to the sheer comedy that is Rangers Report

  21. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    i hope they stop saying his name soon, my eyes are starting to hurt from all the rolling!!

  22. For the sixth year in a row all I am asking for on my birthday is for Glen Sather to resign or to be fired. One of these years, it’s gonna happen!!!!

  23. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    one day, Glennie will be outdoors and frozen refuse from an overhead plane will fall on his head, he will recover, and sign the refuse to a 6 year 40 million dollar contract

  24. >>lmao @ being the best staal on the ice this period!

    Those announcers are hilarious, aren’t they?

  25. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    why in the name of all that is good and holy does HIGGINS get pp time??????

  26. HIGGINS, YOU MORON … should have shot that puck instead of passing it to Dubinksy … people were crashing the net.

  27. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    “Drury with a nice move to get to the puck” STFU Sam the puck his his skates and he kicked it.

    Great period! Would love to see more of this passion to play

  28. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    thank GOD, higgins is finally OFF the ice!!! I wonder if he can throw a piece of paper into a dumpster!!!! HOLY CARP HE’S GETTING WORSE!!

  29. If Higgins tried to miss the goal by a foot, do you think that would mean all his shots actually hit the net or would he just be missing by two feet instead?

  30. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    ok i am not very computer savvy so i need some help

    Hockeystreams just emailed me back and said it sounds like my browser is not saving cookies. I did run windows defender this morning. What do I do to get IE to hold on to that cookie??

  31. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao @ MAN MUSCLE!!! MDZ should hit the gym with my man during the offseason!

  32. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    ok, this ‘playing simpler’ on the road is just an excuse for a poor home record. You should be killin it at home with the way the fans get behind this team.

  33. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Wifey comes up with some great nicknames for the players.

    If you have ever seen Major Payne you will get this. She called Dubi Ass-eyes.. LOL

  34. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    I run on a mac

    But where you have explorer clear all of your cookies and click accept all from known sites. I think that should work.

  35. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    why in the firetruckin world does higgins lead forwards in icetime inthe first?? OMG IS TORTS ABSOLUTELY MAD???

  36. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    LMFAO @ that commercial!!!!!!! I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr… Yes I’d love one!

  37. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    thanks mako, i’ll try that later, dont wanna screw up anything while i finally have the game on lmao!

    Ok, enough with higgins chances! If he can’t finish, he should not be gettin all this ice! 104 sog from him are you kiddin me! GET A FREAKIN HAIR CUT AND GO TO AN EYE DOCTOR! He could hit the hudson with a an aircraft carrier

  38. Debate the merits of the make-up of the teams all you want, but I cannot WAIT for the Olympics.

  39. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    and here comes the lovefest for drury for actually doing something

  40. Miami, very funny.

    ilb, it’s kind of quiet. It’s kids day or something.

    Laurel? I must have missed something. Save up for what?

  41. paulieplatypus on

    If every Ranger on the team got mad instead of being scared, like DelZotto did when he got hit hard by Ruutu at the start the game… No one would be able to question the Blueshirts ability to compete!

  42. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    sorry brian burke, you know what he USED to be able to do, he doesnt do it anymore!!!!!! LMAO @ HE’S A BIG GAME PLAYER!! ARE YOU FIRETRUCKIN KIDDIN ME????????????????

  43. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Aves needs to stop gettin it on with Sanchez’ sloppy seconds and start puttin the puck in the net!!!

  44. Definitely the first time I’ve seen “sperm” and “clutch” used in a sentence on this message board. LOVE IT!

  45. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    well fIREHOSE, we know HE can rest on his past laurels for the rest of his NHL career. ya know why????

    all together now:

    HE’S CHRIS DRURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. What has happened to Sean Avery’s game?? Poor guy can’t make a play, offensively or defensively. Tough to watch.

  47. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    I wonder this, if Cally really wanted to,could he take away the Mouthguard Chewing Gold from Drury!

  48. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Of course they cut into when they were announcing Drury and not Cally and Drury!

  49. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    OMG I AM GONNA VOMIT! HOW DO YOU MISS THEM SAYING HANK, GABBY, and CALLY, but we hear freakin DRURY?????????????????????? they are trying to freakin brainwash us! FIGHT THE POWER

  50. ThisYearsModel on

    IMO, Drury is a good pick for the olympics, the hammering he is taking on this and some other boards.

  51. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    heard that too Chris. They come back and the crowd is going crazy and Cally’s on the screen, and the dude announces drury and everyones like… UGH

  52. Team USA is looking sort of weak…

    and How about our Rangers hanging tough against the mighty Carolina Hurricanes???

  53. FFS! does any1 know a site where i can watch the game without having to be a friggin Proaccount member, JUSTIN.TV seems to be the only 1 working and i get a pop-up after 1 minute that theyve reached the maximum streams to my country!??!

  54. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    yes for Girardi and his thin blood!! wooo hoo 4 minutes, and effin HIGGINS is on the pp? HOLY FREAKIN CARP!!!!!!!

    how many times are they gonna try and get this guy going before they realize the experiment is done?????

  55. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    You guys sure it was BOOOOOOOO’s in stead of DRUUUUUUUUUUU’s LOL

  56. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    oh thats right, he has all those intangibles. I must be gettin grumpy inmy old age, i wanna see the guys who are supposed to score actually put the puck in the net and not stick check all over the place

  57. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Carp, were you posting that seriously, or was there a bit of sarcasm there???

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM. Higgins needs to touch cam ward

  58. “Here’s Roszival … that shot goes wide” … can someone please tell me how many times we’ve already heard that this game?

  59. This is flat out ugly. Its saying something when Drury has been one of our best players all day.

  60. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    ILB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! and reminding me of that family guy episode when i used to watch it, where peter was breastfeeding stewie… DISTURBING

  61. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    HENRIK!!!!!!!!!! HENRIK!!!!!!!!!!!!! HENRIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. after those two bad dump-ins plus crappy play on pp
    not surprised we’re down by one.

  63. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on


    LMAO Chris! 4.5% MSG announcers will tell you he’s from long island!

    Comedy gold!

  64. Rozsival SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. So the “Voros wins fight, opponent scores goal” theory really does hold true. Just a delayed reaction this time around.

    Can it be arranged for Voros to

  66. >>“These indoor games are never going to make it.”

    That’s clutch comedy right there!

  67. I believe the chances of the Ranges scoring a tying goal are about as good as me finding the pyramidal tracks as a housing development outside of Cairo

  68. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    The funny thing is, I’m thinking if there is any Ranger who could win in fight vs. Everlast! Dubi may last the longest!

  69. The only way to get some point(s) out of this one is to put some sustained pressure and someone in front of the net. Are they capable?

  70. Gaborik hasn’t had a “just give me the damn puck, I’ll do it myself” kinda 3rd period in awhile…is this gonna be it??

  71. Clutch 2nd intermission interview right there.

    Canes announcer: “Are you happy with the offense your team has generated so far?”

    Drury: “Yeah…”

  72. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Hey Carp. troutface stole your “you could see that goal coming” line. They he asked the dude if this was his destiny? I guess he’s gettin ready for his dramatic Olympic skating interviews

  73. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    You’re right… in fact he’s been missing alot. Does Higgins sit next to him in the lockerroom?

  74. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    ilb, he clutchlly pumps it before leaving home so Mrs.Clutch just has to warm it up

  75. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    higgins needs a special seat, just off the bench, so he doesnt continue to infect the rest of the team. Maybe he needs to spend a few days in the HOUSE OF CLUTCH.

  76. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    wonder if once a day, Mrs. Clutch just raises on leg slightly at the knee, puts her hand on her hip and thinks


  77. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    DONT YOU DARE INFECT MY CALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES, Cally with the lil smile! I LOVE THIS KID

  78. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    OH STOP IT!!!! when you’re clutch like that, and msg plays your clutch life story once a day, you DO NO forget that you’re clutch. They are makin me ill,and i’m having my lunch damnit!

  79. This is the type of game this is:
    Somebody in the pressroom just asked me, why do they have braille on the keyboard at the drive-through ATM?

  80. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    LMFAOPIMP MAKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are some Maralike beards on those guys!!

  81. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Priceless Linda!!! Absolutely Priceless!!!!

    Does Mrs. Clutch chew a mouthpiece too?

  82. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Carp, i freakin cackled when they showed that guy! I was almost waiting to see drury next to him

  83. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    obviously Mrs.Clutch chews………
    oh forget it , not going there!

  84. Nice stop Henrik.

    Rangers are getting loose with the puck. A few times this period they have had pucks stripped from their blades.

  85. Cam Ward is playing like the goalie in NHL10 when they CPU decides they’re not going to let you score. And the posts and crossbars hit is comical.

  86. I’ll leave it to Capt Clutch to pick up the tab at establishments where “loose” and “stripped” are part of the commonly spoken phrases.

  87. hey MAKO

    i commend your major musical taste
    by recommending Clutch.
    GREAT band for a long time.
    too bad our team doesn’t play with the
    intensity and in sync as those four guys.

  88. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    I see the physical play has completely disappeared


  89. Baby Clutch teeths on official Captain Daddy game-used mouth pieces.

    Really ringing in the New Year eh?

  90. have laptop with me for a change for today’s game. so i’m able to blab in real time for a change.


  91. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


  92. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on


  93. see Linda
    no higginsitis on his part. apparently, it’s not contagious.
    it’s more like a self-inflicted wound.

  94. This team really need to trade for some QUALITY OFFENSIVE player who can lift some weight of Gabbys shoulders..

  95. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao jpg. I think Gabby asked Torts to move higgins away from him on the bench! He’s been rescued from the Stoner Flu!

  96. Gilroy is like that kid playing basketball with his head down that dribbles by everybody but ends up going out of bounds

    Nice job Gabby. What kind of idiot give-away by Dubinsky was that? Lucky he got the puck back.

  97. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Carp, I was just thinking, that goal brought to you by Aaron Voros 2nd minute on the ice!

  98. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Gabby scored 25% of the NY Rangers goals this year. Nice….

  99. Gaborik scores from impossible angles/in tight spaces.

    Higgins misses open nets.

    Gaborik should get 80% of Higgins salary on top of his own.

  100. burke is an idiot for those comments. looking at that roster there are maybe only 2 or 3 players (with miller one of them) who would even have a chance to make the canadian/russian teams. while this doesn’t mean the us won’t necessarily be awful, the difference in the level of talent is pretty big

  101. talk about timing
    Dave Maloney saying about “taking a good look”
    just as the hurricane player is checking out
    what came out of his nose.

  102. Anisimov has quietly played a strong game. Lots of good defensive plays good plays on offense too.

  103. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    higgins just stepped on the long before


    is vocalized?

  104. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    i was wondering…

    someone here mentioned a few topics back about why they havent asked Leetch to work with the defensemen.

    Rick, do you know if he’s ever been asked and possibly turned it down, or if it has not been asked of him??

  105. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    I was wondering that about Leetch. But Im sure someone else said it before me…

  106. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    i think higgins is going for the Scott “Pennywise” Hartnell look. He should just straighten it out and change his name to Shaggy

  107. Nothin for nothin but the way Higgins is playing, he couldn’t get any action in a house of ill repute with a fist full of fifty’s…

  108. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    LMAO laserman! like i’ve been sayin for weeks, he couldnt score on lohan or hilton, that’s how bad he is!

  109. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Mako,someone mentioned it a few topics back, and I thought that was a great question. Did they ask him and he declined because he didnt want Rozsival and Redden to feel as if he was stepping on their toes?

  110. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    LMAO! Thank you Linda. I rather pluck out my eyeballs with BBQ skewars than look at that outfit again. But there are some good news “items” on that page LOL

  111. Looks like left shoulder for LQ. He was flexing a leg before the Carolina goal earlier.

    Might want to get a backup goalie.

  112. We haven’t been good in OT. C’mon boys, get another point here. I don’t have a good feeling :(

  113. Well…I guess 3 out of 4 points in a home and home isn’t bad…right?? Sure would’ve been nice to have all 4 to make up for some of the clunkers though

  114. Dear Vinny, I know it is not that huge of a lift, but please get better and come back soon.

    Nasty 1

  115. They have been really letting up late in periods. Whether it is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or late in OT.

    What’s up with that?

    There should NEVER be comfort or laid back play at any point in a game.

  116. Tank The Season on

    Higgins needs to be shipped out for a 7th D or put on waivers tomorrow.

    Sorry, there’s no reason for playing him anymore.

    This team stinks.

  117. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    Tank, higgins does so many other things well! It’s all aboot the intangibles with him!!! ;-)

  118. i thought it was a good game between two teams who wont make the playoffs.
    Higgins stinks he couldnt hit a soccer net on a penalty shot.
    I hate how many games there have been where they hit at least 3 posts. If any one of those go in they win in regulation and no need for ot.

  119. pathetic game. duby was good. dz was good. staal was good except he has no ofensive game whatsoever. hes about as good as higgins on offense. btw, how is our boy higgins doin? did u see that missed open net to start the game? teh guy needs to find a new line of work. he is not a hockey player. his dad must have naked pics of dolan and sather in the bathtub. the rubber ducky was nowheer to be found but sather butt was making quack quack noises as he ran to get his snuggie on

  120. Tank The Season on

    There is NO secondary scoring on this team. NONE. What a joke. Here we thought we were gonna get it with Higgins, Lisin, Kotalik, Anisimov, Avery, Callahan, etc. NOPE.

    The Blues fired Andy Murrray BTW.

  121. “Higgins for Prucha!”

    I would make that trade in a heartbeat MAKO. In fact I would trade Dawes, Sjostrom, Betts, Prucha or even Korpedo for Higgins

  122. If someone else was in Gaborik’s spot when he scored, what would they have done? Would they have done the same move but missed the net? Would they try for a forehand shot and lose the puck? One thing is for sure, nobody would’ve scored but Gaborik on that play, as simple as it looked

  123. Re: Maloney

    They competed Dave because the Canes are a bad team and the Flyers have talent that when they’re not sleeping with each other’s wives can produce some decent results.

    They don’t have the finish or the shut down capabilities to grind out wins. 3 goals in the last 4 games says it all.

    Oy, Trautwig saying “the Hurricanes still have the heart of a champion”. Please, stop trying to sweeten this $^%&^%-sandwich.

  124. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    I’d take any of those players over a select few of players on this team this year.

  125. When is Torts going to understand Del Zotto and Girardi are terrible together…both of them on the ice for the GW goal…just keep Staal/Girardi together and cross your fingers with everyone else.

  126. What pisses me off the most is Higgins being out there on Power Plays and in OT? Come on Torts. If that was Zherdev what would have happened? Torts=xenophobe

  127. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    That -18 is very deceptive. Its not all of his fault. He was -5 in one game a few weeks ago and whom ever he’s paired with at the time is at fault too. So again, its not a true of an indication of how he’s played.

  128. WTF is up with those poll results. 60% of people think Sean Avery will be the Rangers MVP in 2010????

  129. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    The poll just went up probably. It will even it out and Gabby & LQ will be neck & neck at the end of it LOL

    Did Linda finish the seagrams????

  130. The last 3 Rangers home wins…

    Florida on December 23rd
    Columbus on November 23rd
    Boston on November 1st

  131. tank- there is secondary scoring on teh team. guys like higgins,avery,drury,cally,duby,lisin,AA,prospal,kots are all capable of producing. higgins scored 27 goals in mon 2 years ago. got 12 last year and played 50 games. kots can get 20. hes gotten 20 in every damn year hes played. cally and duby are 15 goal guys, but they provide jam and energy. avery is a 15-20 goal guy but none of these guys are doing jack. avery and higgins have 4 goals in 41 games!!! kots has 6, AA has 6, lisin has 5, duby has 7, drury has 5!! u know who also has 4 and 5 goals? mdz and girardi n staal. this team is playing a 2-1-2 deep forecheck and they cannot score more than 1-2 a game. they all didnt just start sucking when they got here for no reason. its the lazy and soft mindset from dolan,sather on down. torts may be telling us what we wanna here, but has he gotten anything out of these guys? no

  132. The last 3 Rangers home wins…
    Florida on December 23rd
    Columbus on November 23rd
    Boston on November 1st


    I know…change back to the white unis at home.

  133. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    They better find a back up for LQ and quick. Im praying that DeePee comes back so they can pick up Biron (provided they drop someone to clear space)

  134. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    not yet Mako, still trying to figure out this hockeystreams problem

  135. HAHAHAHA Christensen said Atlanta doesn’t care about hockey, that was priceless…he is really talking WAY too much lol

  136. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on


    UH YEAH. That’s crazy what he said… I was thinking the same thing.

    Then he makes a comment about Higgins – “Its not like he means to miss… he just misses”

  137. bring renny back? lol jk, hmmmm but what if? u think renny could do any better? i mean, they cant score in a “safe is death” or whatever the hell torts retarted style is, but maybe rennys “safe is smart” would get a few more wins out of them? granted, gabby would have as many goals as drury probably, ohhh god help the ny rangers!! we need a new gm, a new coach, a new team!!!! but dont step on the logo!!!!! but yea, go out and suck it up for 60 minutes on home ice!! yea man!!

  138. Well we go to Atlanta Thursday, so thanks for the bulletin board material Christensen! IDIOT

  139. i think that interview with christensen was priceless. The guy has been here for 2 weeks and played in 3 home games how is gionone going to ask that question.

  140. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    i’ll be there thursday! guess I’ll be seeing Kovy get several goals after that bulletin board material!

  141. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    CRIMENY!!!!!!!!! Why dont they show the entire presser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    Christensen said “we hear the fans, we know they are frustrated…. I came from ATL and know they dont care about hockey down there, but here the fans are ruthless” something along those lines

  143. MAKO says "Dru is Dru is DRUAPALOOZA!!" on

    They John asked him what they can do to change their bad home recored. He said “I havent been here that long so I dont know”

    John is an idiot

  144. Christensen went on this whole rambling answer and basically said they hear the crowd….he played in Atlanta it’s not like Atlanta where nobody cares about hockey, it’s pretty ruthless here. It’s not like Higgins means to miss, he just misses, etc…

  145. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    this dude keeps saying Mike Modano’s name as in BOOK EM DANO. never heard it said that way

    mo bookem DANO

  146. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    that AND this problem with my computer and hockeystreams ruined my day!

  147. Answering machine message:

    “Carp it’s James. Sather’s not leaving, the Rangers are dead, call me back.”

  148. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    lmao Mako…freakin technology! I should have just found a picture of the King of Clutch,rubbed it on the computer, and it would’ve worked and saved me a ton of frustration!

  149. Linda : CALLY'S AN OLYMPIAN!! on

    uh, Mako, sounds like you have a bit of Cuban bandleader in ya! hehehe

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