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Same lineup today. Wasn’t announced last night, but Chad Johnson went back to Hartford to get some playing time before he gets a start or two here. Matt Zaba is up to back up Lundqvist today. John Tortorella wants them both to play, so they’ll “get a lot of miles” this month, he said.


I asked Tortorella about the troubles at home — obviously two of them were the stinkers against the Islanders and the Flyers.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I know what I see on the ice. We just lack energy and, I think, competing in our own building. It’s very frustrating. We’re 7-2-1 in our last 10 road games and usually it’s ass-backwards going the other way. And we’ve had many discussions as far as how we can get them more focused. Our starts have been a real struggle and then we just kind of melt. I think it comes into a little bit of mental toughness and fighting through a tough few minutes and getting back to your game. It’s something we obviously need to get better at.

“But to be able to stick a pin into something about while we haven’t played well at home, I can’t do that. I think it’s a number of things. The No. 1 thing is our focus and we’ve had a lot of discussions on how we’re going to try to change a few things in preparing for our home games.”

He was also asked about how convenient the organization makes it on the team.

“Sometimes too good,” he said. “That’s part of the problem. Sometimes too good. That’s something in the short time I’ve been here … I think we take too good care of them sometimes. I’ll leave it at that. 

“We’re changing our travel into the Island and Jersey, where it’s not going to be 10 freakin’ limos flying in from all over the place and coming in for a morning skate. We’re leaving the night before the game, on a bus, and going as a team to New Jersey and to the Island from now on. There are so many different things that come into play with people spread out all over the city and Westchester County, that I’m just beginning to understand and trying to get a better handle on it to be more team-conducive in the travel that we have here.”

He said they were also having discussions on changes in pre-game skates and things before home games, for better focus. 

“And listen, they care. Larry (Brooks) asked me the other night, ‘do they care?’ And I said, ‘No, it looked like they didn’t.’ But they care. We all know that they do. It’s just a matter of readiness. You know what? The (Garden fans) are knowledgeable and they come down pretty hard on you. You’ve got to be able to handle that too. You make your own bed with this stuff. You’ve got to be able to handle some of the stuff that goes on in this building. That’s where I think we fluctuate a little bit and get even further in the hole. We’ve got to fight through this part of it.

“I look at our record and if we just took care of a little bit of business here at home, we’re in a pretty good spot.”

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  1. paul g in sunrise on

    good morning. hate the afternon games. but wife is at the spa so no tivo today. I get to witness it live. sort of like the fast forward option though that tivo gives, especially for the rangers games of late.

  2. i dont like that 10 different limos thing. team should travel AS a team when they go to homes #2 and #3. Guys gotta get over themselves and realize its the New York RANGERSSSSSSSSS and not Ranger!

  3. hey Rick, is Josh Thomson,26, with you today???? No pterodactyl albinos in THIS game, but we DO have the Father of the Zombies, Brind A’mour!!!

  4. ilb, would NOT have been disappointed if Guerin was named. As you said, he can still put some pucks in the net, and he can still hit. I’d have been happier with him over CaptainMACT!!

  5. Congrats to Calli he works his butt off and earned his spot.Drury should be embarrised to accept this honor.But since he isn’t embarrised to collect his large check from the Rangers why would he.It’s ajoke that he was picked. US hockey is in trouble if he is one of our best to send to the Olympics. Sad just sad.

  6. paul g in sunrise on

    I wish Torts would just leave the lineup the same for once – let them skate 60 minutes this way – no in-game changes.

    Anyone notice for the first time that Gabby got a double shift and played on the 4th line in the 3rd period. More of that should occur rather than cycle out a tired line every other shift – especially in an olympic year. Gabby should double shift for brashear/voros every game. Gives guys like boyle/lisin/kotalik/anisimov or whomever on the 4th line a chance to play with a skilled player instead of an old former fighter to injured to fight or skate

  7. ya know Model, if they ALL cared as much as WE do, the team would be freakin awesome! Sometimes I think I care too much and wonder why I let these guys affect MY moods! It’s always a better day when they are winning, and when they are losing, it just takes my mood down a notch or two. but after 31 years of it, its just in the dna now.

  8. Repost after silent Carping:

    Despite the “dreaded afternoon game” thing, the Rangers are actually 4-0 in afternoon starts this season (if you include the 5pm start against the Ducks) and have only conceded two goals in those four games.

  9. CARPED!!!


    January 2nd, 2010 at 11:57 am
    LMAO ilb totally….. You have to see his avatar LOL Its an actual fox giving a thumbs up and it says “Megan Fox + NY Rangers = Magic” LMAO He’s too funny
    What’s ironic is my last name in Italian means fox ;)
    Hmmmm As for rituals. Im really superstitious – when they were on that 7 game winning streak I wore the same damn thing every game. But I did laundry and everything was clean & they lost… Or last year it was a particular hat I’d wear…
    If its a weekend afternoon game… I’ll have a good work out at the gym. But Im not going before the game because they usually lose.
    Have we been Carped?

  10. Carp’s carping without any warning. Ruthless!

    Don’t you think it’s coach’s responsibility to make sure there is no slow starts? Give them extra salt to smell, darn it…

  11. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Heading out for the dropping of three bills at the grocery store, so LGR!!!! and let’s go DVR!!!!

  12. EXACTLY! They need to travel as a team, and do things as a TEAM! They team is probably divided like a high school lunch room. This team needs to stay in some hotels together for home games, and do some kind of bonding stuff. No excuses. Torts is the coach and he can demand it. I don’t care if the players don’t like it, or have a problem with it. Get it done Torts!

  13. I love the MSG commercial that plays the goal song and says “This song never gets old!”

    Considering it barely plays at home this season, I can agree with that.

  14. Sure, they care. They just aren’t very good. Like Carp said, when they do everything right and play a perfect game then they are mediocre.

    I was at the game New Year’s Eve and though they dominated puck possession and shots, I don’t think they really dominated in getting good scoring chances. The Hurricanes are really, really bad. They had some plays set up nicely where they fanned on a one-timer or something or else that game would have been lost.

    When you put a guy like Christensen on the top line how good can your team really be? Yeah, he got two points the other night, but he’s nothing better than a warm body out there (if that!). On his assist, he only got that because he was one of the last players to touch the puck. He actually had a great scoring chance and couldn’t even get a decent shot on goal.

    And don’t get me started about some of the others like Higgins and Kotalik.


  15. Yay, i got my new laptop ! Sony Viao !!

    Anyway, to bad Andy Murray got fired in St Louis today. JD’s probably not happy that it had to come to that.

    And Satan signing with the B’s, not that bad of a signing.

    As far as the games go, im on the fence. If they win, then yeah that’s good. If they lose, eh, id love a 1st overall pick in the draft, or at least top 3.

    I cant wait to see how Dreary plays. He’ll probably chew his mouth piece even harder today, and being the clutch guy he is, he probably wont have as much drool as the rest of the players. What a guy.

  16. As a “Roch” native i’m very pleased at the respect western NY got with Brown, Kane and Cally making the team. I don’t have the highest of hopes for the team when you look at the other rosters, but you never know. 40 min til game time, get two points rags.

  17. so Talkerella just figured out this is a country club team? give me as break, I call BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… your job………even though your loser boss doesn’t insist on it…………

  18. well we all know this:

    Captain MACT would get a gold medal EVERY year in mouthguard chewing!!!!!!!!

  19. That’s some pretty cool information Torts let out there lol. I thought it was a given they took the team bus, didn’t think they were really allowed to do anything else. I doubt changes by Torts will have any affect on anything though

  20. Good afternoon all…..I am going to try and stay in a positive frame of mind for now. Carp’s at the game and that’s a good thing!

  21. Sorry, Linda. forgot to answer. No. Josh, 26, isn’t here. I’m still trying to get him to guest blog one of these days and maybe actually get involved in some of the coverage/blogging regularly. But he’s busier than I am at work.

  22. lmao @ country club team! I’d love to know who exactly are in those 10 limos! Nasty’s right, it’s more like a bunch of high school kids, ok, the hero (that would be dru) has his lil table of accolytes, the stoner (that’d be higgins) has his own, and so on and so on. would there be a special table for guys with big forearms and OMG JEFFERSON from fast times at ridgemont high! He looked like he was 30 in that movie, that’d be Brashear!! Too old!

  23. I hope after that run in with Carcillo, all Brash does is dtives one of those limos. In a hat!

  24. LOL everyone is surprised.

    “Still a good penalty killer & Still good on faceoffs” LOL yep $7.5 million dollars to do what Betts did. Thanks Glenn

  25. *Quote of the day!!!*

    January 2nd, 2010 at 12:41 pm
    I hope after that run in with Carcillo, all Brash does is dtives one of those limos. In a hat!

  26. Sather is a moron for giving Drury that much money … but did ANY of US think that Drury would fall to these depths?

  27. lmao @ IN A HAT!!!

    are you firetruckin kiddin me! Hockeystreams won’t allow me to sign in. anyone have a link???

  28. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    Hmmmm maybe they’ll show it when the game actually starts…

    MSG is showing the best moments of the decade.

  29. Maybe Drury will pick it up now that his kid was born. In all honesty, that must have been tough for him to go through that concussion stuff while his wife was 7 or 8 months pregnant

  30. MAKO says "Dru is Dru" on

    God Bless Mess, Leetchie, Gravy and Ricky (and the rest of the team) for brining us the Cup in 94!

  31. I am going to open up my Golden Draak then. Anyone ever have it? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. If you like dark beers.

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