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Not 2K10. Not Two-Oh-10. Twenty-10.

Taking a short break from my Stooges/Honeymooners overdose …

Well, that was certainly better last night. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better. It couldn’t have been worse. But what the Rangers did in Raleigh further enforced my opinion of them. When they play their best, when the effort is good and the attention to detail is excellent, they are mediocre. They dominated a bad team. If they play that same game against Pittsburgh, they lose 3-2. Maybe 3-1. OK, some nights they will even beat really good teams. That’s pro sports. But over the course of 82, this team’s around .500 (maybe over .500 because of OTLs and skills competitions lost). It is a member of the considerable slop in the Leastern Conference, with a chance to make the playoffs, nothing more.

As many of you noted earlier, Larry Brooks took Sather to task, and challenged him to admit his mistakes and make some sweeping changes by sending Redden, Rozsival and Brashear to Hartford. I’ll say this. The Rangers wouldn’t be any worse without those guys. They probably wouldn’t be better, but for the good of the organization, for the example to the young players, Brooks is absolutely correct (again). Time for Sather to step up to the plate.


So, do you think Team USA still likes the skills competition as a way of deciding championship-tournament games?


Here are last night’s game summary and event summary. We’ll check in later at some point to discuss the Winter Classic and the selection of the US Olympic roster.

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    Carp when you were the Rangers beat writer you used to have a weekly Sunday column about the NHL. I loved to read them. Good stuff. As a columnist you were doing a monthy summary column about pro sports. I don’t see that any more. Did you stop it?

    Great news about the new sports editor being a Rangers fan. Things are looking up.

  2. getting ready to watch THE BRIDGESTONE WINTER CLASSIC on NBC with the ever so beloved Pierre CircumsizedHeadMcNugget and Mike ASSCLOWN Milbury, for whom it totally ok to attack a guy with his own shoe, but God forbid you call a ho a ho!!! Milbury, hypocrite of mythic proportions

  3. bulldog, I agree on that Staal play (and I am one who thinks you don’t dare trade a young defenseman like him). That was a brutal play. If you go down like that to take away the pass, you better be sure to take away the pass. He didn’t come close.

    Linda (I think it was you who mentioned it) I am not Captain Clutch. I wish I were that clever. I don’t know his true identity. How’s the hangover today?

  4. time for sather to pick up the plate and head back into the canadian wild where he belongs! He has demolished this franchise, which was his intent all along, we just have an owner who has no firetruckin clue!!

  5. The puck, yes, I stopped doing my month-enders. Wasn’t my decision. It seems every time I or we do something well or popular, somebody else puts a stop to it.

    bklyn, that’s not happening.

  6. no hangover! i have tricks!!

    The bonehead who posts as Drury said in the previous post, when Drury was gone he’d reveal his identity, and we’d have a Retirement Ceremony, and that’d he’d reveal his identity to you first. It almost makes me want the posts to NEVER end because that guy is comedy gold!

  7. carp, maybe with the new boss, that column will return! I enjoyed when you linked us to your column.

  8. Leetchhalloffame on

    Happy New Year Carp and all Ranger fans. Larry Brooks couldn’t be any more on the money. FIRE SATHER!

  9. Rick

    Great New Years post! I thought they played very well in the third. That last goal was alllll Gaborik. Man he is something to watch…

    That Brooks article was missing one piece. I was disappointed that he didnt mention Drury.


    Right before I turned off the computer – I checked one more time to see if anyone posted. I saw that post and thought it was absolutely brilliant. Who ever it is…. He is – COMEDY GOLD! Keep em’ coming pal….

  10. i’d be so proud if Cally made the team, but i’m sure after all the politicking by the canes announcers during the game last night, that gleason guy will make it LMAO!!!

    Nasty, that pic of Dubi scared me! I went there before coming here to see if they had the January schedule wallpaper up yet and i was like HOLY CARP, dubi wants to be in the next twilight movie! How’s the lil one?

  11. Yes, Linda, just made it! Spent the celebration with my big family, came home at 3am and watched the game. Mrs. ilb told me I was totally crazy, but she already knew it anyway. So in my book, they started the year with the win!

  12. Isn’t it funny and sad that waiver pick up looked decent as a first line center?


    Dubinsky should go to the net all the time, that’s how he will get most of his goals. Btw, did you notice that Aaron Ward was the one not to cover the crease when Dubi scored? I suppose he got infected with rangeritis during his short stay with us.

  13. ilb!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!! Or should I say S Novym Godom!

    Is everyone ready for the WINTER CLASSIC???!?

  14. MAKO
    S novym godom tebya y tvoyu nachalnitzu!
    I’m surprised you weren’t with her family last night, it’s a pretty big holiday for Russians.

    Linda, are you sure there is no Russian blood in your veins?
    You sounded pretty coherent last night for the amount of alcohol you’ve taken. I went through last night’s thread…I have no life, I know.

  15. Roszival had a GREAT game last night … he’s really coming around … All-Star form, really

  16. ilb

    Oh I know LOL but she said after what my father went through….we’d stay with my family this New Years. Her’s are up in Monroe, NY… We’ll go there tomorrow.

    Yes TWC. I guess they’ll switch over when the game starts…

  17. Michal Roszival on

    Thanks Miami Pimp!

    I’ve been working on my crossover and stick-checking with DZ … I’ve been in the league for almost a decade now and didn’t think I needed to learn those extra set of skills … but I’ve been really playing better now that 19 year-old DZ has shown me the ways …

  18. We need players like LaPerriere. Ya know, a guy that’s tough, will fight and can actually do something offensively

  19. ORR, I was thinking the same thing….

    If I have to watch LaPerriere, can he at least put his teeth in?

    Since I won’t get my wished for 0-0, I have to (but hate to say) I’d rather have Boston take it (1-0?) after the killing we got this week….

  20. Wait until next year Orr when its Ovie vs us at Yankee Stadium. It will be called “The Ovie Show”

  21. Wow…ESPN has a report that if bad weather to affect the Winter Classic, they would play 2 periods and it would be an official game

  22. Yessssss! It’s time for the NBC Cockfest between Pierre McNugget and Mike Buryme!

    I’m so pumped for their insightful commentaries

  23. You can’t see anything from more than half the seats lol I won’t be spending hundreds of dollars for it next year that’s for sure

  24. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I agree, lappy is great!!

    I liked the brooks article somewhat, the problem I have with it isn’t what he said, it’s what he didn’t say!! There are some “vets” on this team that are not home grown that actually seem like they really care about the rangers and the sweater…avery (anyone else see his quotes about pride in being a ranger before last nights game??), voros, boyle, vinny (hank of course is a homegrown vet that obviously cares). Not ALL homegrown players are just awesome and always care…..sometimes there is waaaay to much “homegrown” homerism around this team!

  25. I’d never wear one of those team’s hats. Rangers have some pretty cool winter hats this year though.

  26. Wicky, this is for you: I find it pathetic that Avery had to stick up for Redden when he was confronted by Kostopoulos. Darn it, Wade looked like he needs his diaper changed, lol.

  27. Arterial monochromia.

    Good afternoon, Sally!
    Happy New Year, Sally!
    How you feelin’, Sally?

    I don’t see Pierre on the NBC pregame.

  28. bull dog line on

    as a fan of Avery, this hurts to say, but I am not sure what his purpose on this team is anymore. his game has really slowed down, not agitating as much,and does not score. would love to see Dubi make the American team, he would bring a lot to the table.

  29. Watching McNugget and Buryme on this broadcast will be worse than watching the Sherlock Holmes atrocity I saw last night.

  30. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    bro, I agree and I felt the same way about him having to do it for staal in the flyer game as well!!

  31. Carp if that is the case, then Tortorella is toast, and the NYR are doomed to mediocrity until he retires.

  32. I think the only way Drury makes it is if Tortorella is in Brian Burke’s ear. And Burke and Ron Wilson aren’t paying attention to what’s happening with the NYR.

    Dr. Norton, from PS 31, Oyster Bay, and Oxford … in England.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t mind a few pictures, Ralph.”

  33. Anybody ever been up Pike’s Peak?

    I’m on my way now … 14,110 feet … should be impressive.

    They should play next year’s NHL Winter Classic up there …

  34. Bull Dog-It’s funny you mention that about Avery, he’s not that good. 3rd liner at best, 4th liner on a Cup contender. He scored 18 goals and played one full season and everyone around the league thinks he’s the second coming of Tikannen or Claude LeMeiux. No.

    If the NHL wants to get ratings, get some new announcers. Milbury and Macguire are annoying.

    Larry’s article is great but it’s nothing new. What’s that Motley Crew song, Same Old Situation or something?

  35. I tuned in to watch Winter Classic hockey and all I’m getting are baseball history lessons from Bob Costas. That guy just loves hearing his own voice, doesn’t he?

    I’m very disappointed that Captain Chewy didn’t make Brooks’ Hartford list.

  36. Can we all give a shout out to Mrs. Carp, who lets her hubby spend all day watching Honeymooners, Stooges and hockey, and play here with us. What a woman!

  37. Yup, thanks Mrs. Carp! I’m sure he ain’t walk in the park without the hockey and the Stooges either….

  38. I should’ve just played video games for the past hour lol so much for 1:00pm lol..this won’t be over till 5

  39. NYR, I have no idea, but I’m gonna guess maybe not so much :) Carp??

    I’ll give the fans out there credit, but the only way I’d watch this game live under these circumstances is from a box with a TV…..

  40. Miami- shuddup, don’t rub it in. I hope you are advanced and didn’t drink too much last night.

  41. First of all, can’t they get somebody better than this ass-clown to do the anthem. Second, take your hat off, ass-clown.

  42. I’m just asking if anyone’s been there!

    Nope, did not drink a lick. I’m on a family vacation … haven’t had a drink in three weeks …

    God, I miss my Black Label …

  43. omg, Mako, when I saw Recchis goatee at the top of his head, i almost pissed myself!!! Either get hair in the can or just get rid of it! How does his wife let him go out in freakin public like that????

  44. The Rangers should be playing outdoors all the time. It’s so cold, they would have no choice but skate hard..

  45. lmao I loved that dude stickin his head outta the green monster!

    so are we hoping Cally makes Team USA or not? I’d be proud if he did, but that’d just be another guy we gotta worry about getting hurt. Kinda torn here.

  46. Mako, i was just thinking how nice it is to see guys finish their checks, all the time! AND how the hell do the Jets Bengals rate the Sunday night game? I dont mind, I like the Jets,the man is a Bengals fan so we’ll watch,but everyone’s (ahem, steelers fans)expecting the Bengals to lay down so the Jets win and the Steelers are out. lmao boy drama!!

  47. bull dog line on

    old time hockey! I love it.
    Orr it is time for you to go to your room, the adults are talking hockey.

  48. Happy New Year everyone. Carp, love the ass clown, add that to firetruck and sofa king.

    Re: Larry brooks: AMEN! Too bad it will only be words and not action.

    Any chance of a winter classic next year in the Bronx?

  49. I saw that the other day NYRGuy, guess they dont want drunks ripping out seats to take home eh???

    Mako, whats the over under on the playing of Count Bettmans lovers commercial???

  50. the dreaded afternoon game! wonder if that means another dead crowd at the Garden. it’d be awesome if the first time they are on NBC this year is when the fans stage their much needed walk out!!!!!!!! National TV and noone in the stands! That’d get Dolans attention

  51. no movement clause on

    drury was not mentioned by brooks because he has a full no movement clause and can’t be waived or traded

  52. ilb my daughter met Lucic at a bone marrow drive she was working at. He thought it was hilarious because she was the ONLY person who recognized him

  53. wicky, I shall send you down to the river….

    nyr, I think everyone :)….just kidding. as mama has stated many times, she hates afternoon weekend games. kills the whole day.

    Is it very wrong for me to say I’m actually enjoying this game? Sigh.

  54. he just ask him if that fight was different from an indoor fight!? wow, LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!

  55. O-O!!!

    Hey Linda, is your daughter coming with you here in spring? I would love to meet her, but I’m a tad afraid of being with her surrounded by heads…:) If she’s anything like her mama!!!

  56. no, unfortunately she won’t be able to come to NY, even though she’s only in MA. I’m going up to visit her and my son in law hopefully in September. Besides, you’ll get to meet my man. I wonder what he’s gonna do, he doesn’t drink and is not a sports fan, but he knows you guys mean a ton to me and wants to meet yas too!

  57. That basketball story is a testament to which direction some of our sports are going. Very sad. Over the gambling debt?

  58. sheesh, just take care of it like men, with fists, not guns. Freakin millionaires arguing about what, a few grand?? STUPID

  59. From ESPN.COM…

    For the first time, next year’s Winter Classic will be decided via an official bidding process. NHL teams have until the end of February to submit their bids.

    One rumored matchup has the Caps and Penguins playing in Pittsburgh, the dream Ovechkin-Sidney Crosby matchup the league would drool over.

  60. Linda, has your man ever been to NYC? hey, he put up with your “family” and Rangers on new year’s eve, so he obviously loves you!

    You have to send me your dates when you book….I may need to take a “personal day”…..

    ORR, you know how much I hate saying this to your posts :) but LMAO!

  61. NYRGuy

    How fair is that? The Pens played already….

    Who would you all want the Rangers to play if they played next year?

  62. do you think he’ll do that Rick? I mean, Bettman was his protege, so it may not happend cuz neither disparraged some actress aka league bicycle.

    Laurel, he moved up to NY (long island) when he got out of the Army and lived up there for a little over 2 years before we moved here.

  63. MAKO…personally the Islanders, but that would never happen. I think Rangers-Montreal/Toronto would be awesome. Original 6…USA vs Canada in New York

  64. MAKO, ideally, an original 6 (and it won’t be Boston after this year, and I doubt they’d choose a Canadian team), so that leaves Detroit or Chicago, which could draw more viewers from mid-West…but, as much as I hate to say it, I would enjoy it against the debbies….but maybe too much east-coast in a row…gee, I’ve given this some good, quick thought….all?

  65. MAKO- if they play it in the Bronx, that would have the highest rankings hands down. Even people who do not know how the puck looks would watch the game. The NHL is just outright dumb!

  66. I say no way Devils-Rangers…definitely not big enough of a market…I think the only logical thing if they are choosing teams that have not done it before would be Rangers-Capitals.

  67. someone said when the Rangers get it they should play it in Central Park. That’d be something

  68. they were talking about doing 2 games, one the the US and one in Canada. Rangers and either the Habs or Leafs would be great, but you’re right, it’d probably be the Caps.

  69. Mama, Ilb

    Yep. THAT would be a fantastic game. Avery / Fatso, The King vs Fatso…

    Only bad thing about the Original 6. Only 2 teams left havent played. I dont think NY & To would be that good of a match up. I mean , I’d love to see it…. But I think Devils and Rangers would be a much better game for an all around match up, viewership, rivalry etc….

  70. yes mama, he’s been to NYC. but not to my hometown, we never went to Coney Island,where i was born, or to East 31st street where I lived until moving to the wretched LI

  71. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    hartnell just avery’d thomas/fatso!!!

    Does anyone konw if cormier from the canadian wj roster has been drafted and by who??

  72. I think the NHL should have a mini tournament with four candidate teams to decide which two will play in the Winter Classic.

    Also, how great would it be if we had an Original Six Cup tournament every two year or so?

  73. All…hmmmm. hadn’t thought Caps….maybe?

    I’ll give ORR a pass on anything he says here if they actually do it at Yankee Stadium….I say no way that’ll happen.

    RE: Central Park…my choice, but someone also talked about what they’d have to build to make it happen….but you never know in NYC….budget be damned. That, I would pay money to see….

  74. LMAO Orr

    That’s ok…. Yankee Stadium will be filled with all Rangers fans anyway.

    NY vs LA would be kinda interesting….

  75. Rangers-Toronto. Two biggest markets. Yankees Stadium. Too smart for NHL from business perspective.

  76. Wow, lots of chatter on the blog today! Happy New Year!

    Does anybody else think that there should/will be an outdoor All-Star Game? That game needs some more hype, since it is being outwatched by the Winter Classic. Next year’s Classic will probably be two Western Conference teams again, and likely one from Canada.

  77. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    it’s ok I’m/we’re enjoying the game as well. We might Drive All Night for the next one!!!

    I think it should be rangers mtl in quebec somewhere!!!

  78. Jbytes, the closest thing, I guess, to a cool original 6 tourney is the college Beanpot (sorry, I can hate the Bruins but still love the Terriers! I’m a BU grad, and the dogs rule!….can we all say, Eruzione!)

  79. THE NHL would never let a Rangers-Toronto matchup in the Winter Classic. This regime makes it clear that they don’t like either city.

    Is anyone else tired of this Boston love fest. I don’t need to see Curt Schilling during an intermission report and hear about Fred Lynn, Johnny Pesky, etc..

  80. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I think all original six teams should do hame and home every season at the least!!!

  81. Carp, typical buttman, but there has been talk about doing one in Canada and one in the US. Does anyone else here do the NHL Fan Faceoff Panel surveys?

  82. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    bettman is a putz!!! You can tell he came from a basketball background!!!

    They should put the winter classic in NHL11 for ps3 and 360!

  83. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    if I do get stopped by one I bet he was Born In The U.S.A.

  84. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Too bad jagr ruined chara coming here, dude is one helluva hockey player!

  85. Linda,

    i know… I got a little teary eyed when I saw that. Had to take a “man-moment” a get a tissue.

    LMAO ilb

    Sorry bro. The name on the front of the Jersey is more important than the name on the back ;) I was only 5 when it happened. But it was a phenomenal moment when the country was in such turmoil. We know you guys are STRONG LIKE BULL!!!

  86. Carp and brooks – You guys couldn’t run a hot dog stand let alone a professional hockey team,
    Don’t have a lot of time on this – but Carp on great signings said -A slam dunk signing Gaborik -best since Graves. Well you missed some great Sather signings ,some potential Hall of Famers -Jagr,Lindros and Bure. Graves in the same league. Doubt it. Gaborik may end his career with an an injury too. But the previous signings were worth it .
    Brooks-He is the dumb sportswriterter who wanted to dump Jagr before they made their run,sign a 3rd line player in Avery for 4 1/2 million over 4yrs, get rid of Patrick Elias (yes get out your past papers) . And keep that defensive minded Renney who nobody wanted to watch or felt confident enough in to give another head coaching job to.
    And for Redden and Rosy- they belong in the NHL. They just simply are overpaid. Period.
    I hope these fledging newspapers CRAP out before SATHER. He has does more for the game of hockey than you guys ever will.
    You guys are after the fact bull artists trying to get a readership or blog followers selling stuff like this.

    Remember before Sather came,Rangers had no organization period. Now they have a decent farm org as well as a well structured organization in all the essential areas. Scouting,goal tending coaches and more.
    If you want to fault Sather, fault him on his loyalty. He kept some bad coaches around far too long.

  87. ilb

    AND if it makes you feel any better. Although I AM Italian through and through, I swear I was Russian in a past life LOL I was supposed to go there for the “People to People” Student Ambassadorship program in 91 but they cancelled it bc of the Cold War… I would have lived with a Russian family in Moscow for 4 months. Such a shame. I would have loved to have experienced that.

  88. yea me too Mako. if i still dont have a job when the man starts up school for spring sememster, I’m watchin the dvds my daughter and son in law sent for Christmas just to get that emotion back!

  89. rcm-can you keep yourself busy and don’t spend your precious time posting? May I suggest picking your butt? You sound like you’d be great at running that business

  90. so rcm’s “signings” are pretty much myths since all those guys were acquired in trades. hmmmmmmmph. disgruntled intern under carp or brooks with an axe to grind mebbe??

  91. Linda, as per post from a while ago….Carp and I have no interns, no staff….it is just the blog father and mama….I weep for us!

  92. Recchi lost his glove. What an effort!
    Have you noticed that his hand had more hair than his head?

  93. Signings?? Sather is a HORSETRADER. Pretty good at that also.
    Ask Gomez.
    Jagr – who said they had to be signed??? How about Lindros ??
    Who did they get for him ? You spend too much time watching the Honeymooners to know the answer to any hockey questions !!

  94. I really hope Drury doesn’t get selected for USA…maybe he’ll get pissed and actually play like it

  95. rcm, this is straight from your post:

    but Carp on great signings said -A slam dunk signing Gaborik -best since Graves. Well you missed some great Sather signings ,some potential Hall of Famers -Jagr,Lindros and Bure.


    sorry,no honeymooners on here.

  96. If the Flyers can get a #1 goalie who almost has 2 shutouts in a row off of waivers, I guess the Rangers can get their #1 center off of waivers.

  97. Linda, s’alright….you’re still one of my faves!

    All, the classic is not going mama’s way, and she has to leave and be somewhere…Oy. See you all tomorrow afternoon! LGR!!!!!

  98. NYRGuy, could you even imagine drury playing with any emotion while on this team??? he gave all his emotion to the avs and sabres and came here for the retirement bonus

  99. Speaking of commercials…

    Ian Lapierre would look good in that “Fixodent and forget it” commercial.

  100. rcm say hello to your buddy sather and cash that check he gave you …..get off the delusion…….hold your breathe for The Cup hold sather’s too…….call 911………

  101. lmao Mako, that was certainly a very womanly looking fur!!!

    how is it possible we share the same thoughts at the same time???

  102. lmao @ little things and intangibles

    should we have the glassy eyed look now, and the depressive vocal monotone?

  103. “she has a big powerful skater” after he was talking about her shot? Oy vey!!

    I’d take her on the Rangers any day! I bet her forearms are not as big as Kotaliks but she knows how to put the puck on the net

  104. Well, the 1-0 is going the wrong way…but I’ll tell you this…Boston cops are gonna be nuts this afternoon after this game…I know Beantown….Oy.

  105. Who cares if Boston gets a point, it’s not like we are anywhere near them or will be at the end of the year lol

  106. do they do that stupid WOOOOOOOOOO thing at MSG? i heard it first at an Islanders game and it seems to have permeated!

  107. Would you guys agree that was the best of the Winter Classic games so far? It was quite physical and intense.

  108. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALLY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Did I just hear that correctly? Chris Drury is the best this country has to offer?

    Christ sakes – that’s embarassing.

  110. i just hope drearys dreariness does NOT affect the team!

    OMG, I need a Team USA Callahan jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how they did the announcement!

  111. No, Boooo to all. Who said it earlier, and I totally agree, Olympics should not be pros (any sport)….mama doesn’t like that at all….go for ammies/juniors….that’s what makes it cool….sorry, long time ago but that’s what made the miracle on ice a miracle……

    Good afternoon all….!

  112. didnt even have to finish with the ester!!! I was screamin! Then they said Trumbull , and the black cloud appeared

  113. MAMA

    I couldnt agree more. But, its not up to us unfortunately. I much rather College kids & Ammies…. Its not fair to the team who dont have professional players playing for their country.

  114. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    the myth lives on…..Boy I’d take orpik and komisarek as a shutdown physical pair anytime!!! Got to admit, thomas seemed really sincere and humbled by his selection.

  115. Graves was trade- Gaborik was a signing. You mixed apples and oranges. Even Art Carney would have figured that one out. It didn’t matter that put in signing when trade was the proper word. Saying trade would have made it most understandable to Crappy Carp.

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