OMG, it’s Drury (and Callahan)!


A few months ago I wrote that Chris Drury was a lock to make Team USA’s Olympic roster. I was mocked. And then I read all the analysis and speculation and saw Drury’s name nowhere.

So I figured he was out.

The reason I thought he had a shot was because of the name, and the resume (you all know about the resume) and mostly because John Tortorella loves the guy and Tortorella is an assistant coach for the U.S. team.

But I still cannot believe that USA hockey and Brian Burke and head coach Ron Wilson chose Drury because we have all seen, the guy can barely play anymore. If he’s a third or fourth liner and a penalty killer, he’s OK. But surely there are better, no?

Apparently not.

I thought Ryan Callahan had a legit shot with or without Tortorella’s influence, and he made the team, and I have no problem with that. But Drury? I hope he finds something between now and Feb. 15. Hard to imagine he will.


Here’s the announcement from (I was going to link you to USA Hockey, but the site is being bombarded apparently, and terribly slow).

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  1. CARPED!!!

    January 1st, 2010 at 4:31 pm
    I couldnt agree more. But, its not up to us unfortunately. I much rather College kids & Ammies…. Its not fair to the team who dont have professional players playing for their country.

  2. CAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY = OLYMPIAN!! its just so great! but gloom ‘n dreary? oy vey, you should only get by on your name so far

  3. But he’ll be used just as you said, probably will be the 3rd or 4th line center and kill penalties.. and he wont be counted on to score so he probably will do well for team USA in the olympics… unfortunately for the rangers they need him to be more than that obviously, especially with that paycheck hes getting

  4. i agree also, as much as i love it that my boy made it, it really should be the college kids, for the spirit of it.

  5. Reggie Dunlop on

    Congrats to Cally! He’ll definitely bring heart & soul. Drury I’m not too thrilled with. I think a good argument can be made that Dubinsky would have been a wiser choice. Do these guys still see some clutch left in him? They may as well have picked Ted.
    That being said I will obviously be routing for the team. I’d say this team doesn’t have the talent to match up against Canada & Russia but i also said that back in 1980!
    Let’s just hope Drury’s apathy doesn’t infect the rest of the locker room like it has in NY.

  6. January 1 is kinda like a hockey holiday now with the game Rick, besides, it’s more fun spending the day with you guys!! These alabama people have no clue, and if you’re not a lifelonger, you’re an outsider and they dont take kindly to outsiders, even this area.

  7. Chris

    Canada is picked to win. But I think they will have a hell of a time getting by Russia. Are the groups set?

  8. Reg, I mentioned that in the previous thread! I swear it’ll be the death knell if they name him captain!!!!!! Captain Monotone

  9. MAKO, here’s my first repost comment to your repost:

    No, Boooo to all. Who said it earlier, and I totally agree, Olympics should not be pros (any sport)….mama doesn’t like that at all….go for ammies/juniors….that’s what makes it cool….sorry, long time ago but that’s what made the miracle on ice a miracle……

    Seriously, pro players in Olympics does not make mama happy.

    As Hank said in interview, what would he rather have…gold medal or cup? he said cup. yes, it was at a ranger fans event, but the point still holds…

  10. Carp, I’m feeling much better, thanks for askin! Just finishing off the leftover champagne.

    Laurel, Dubi and Gomez say hi! They’ve been suuuper silly lately.

    I’m really happy Cally, and three Rosen’s Nosens made it on Team USA, but I’m still rooting for Belarus.

  11. I wonder if this means Capt. Clutch will be giving us his take after all the Olympic games, too. Hope so.

    Hi Reg.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  12. lmao Carp!

    Reg, I swear, Drury would be a great freakin cult leader because he’s got Torts brainwashed!!! Oy vey! Its sad because I’m sure theres some poor deserving YOUNGER forward out there who deserved a spot. Ya know whats gonna happen?

    CaptainMonotoneAmbienChewToy is gonna score a firetruckin CLUTCH goal, and his legend will expand!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yeah will the line up. Im looking at it on I dont think they will name anyone other than Drury to wear the “C”. Jeeze in playing in NY is too much pressure for him… how will he play now?

  14. Is it my imagination or is everyone copying the Rangers stick salute and using “Sweet Carolina?” Just asking.

  15. “didnt even have to finish with the ester!!! I was screamin! Then they said Trumbull , and the black cloud appeared”


    Haha, you said it best. When i heard “Roc” my hands went in the air, like Fox just touched me “inappropriately”, then once i heard “Tru”, time stood still, almost like Fox turned into Michael Jackson, and i went from luckiest guy in the world, to Cory Feldman from the 80’s, getting touched by a guy with a playd nose that ant stay on his face.

    Why !!!!

    This team is garbage. So many better options. Burke really fugged up. Why Komisarek ? That’s a joke.


    “Haha, you said it best. When i heard “Roc” my hands went in the air, like Fox just touched me “inappropriately”, then once i heard “Tru”, time stood still, almost like Fox turned into Michael Jackson, and i went from luckiest guy in the world, to Cory Feldman from the 80’s, getting touched by a guy with a playd nose that ant stay on his face.”

  17. “Haha, you said it best. When i heard “Roc” my hands went in the air, like Fox just touched me “inappropriately”, then once i heard “Tru”, time stood still, almost like Fox turned into Michael Jackson, and i went from luckiest guy in the world, to Cory Feldman from the 80’s, getting touched by a guy with a playd nose that ant stay on his face.”

    this is why i am adopting ORR!!! and to also get him awesome Christmas presents!

    Did everyone feel the same? Once they said Trumbull, i bet every Rangers fan who was watchin that vomited in their mouths a little……..or a lot!

  18. Ah, give Milbury a break. He’s damn certain there’s somebody on the Bruins who’s won a Norris and who he traded away for worse than nothing. So he just got the name wrong…

  19. i think there was some kinda toxic waste on that guys shoe that Milbury got in his blood stream!

  20. what a disgrace for drury to make this team. secretly i was hoping him and cally stay home. rather them healthy for post olympics

  21. Reggie Dunlop on

    Team USA looks like Team Ireland – tons of Ryans! Hope there’s plenty of Irish luck to go around.
    Carp – don’t see anybody resembling the Jersey Shore cast on the team!

  22. OK this is attempt #3 at this post LOL

    LMFAO Linda!!! “CaptainMonotoneAmbienChewToy”

    CAPTAIN AMBIEN!!!!!!!!!

  23. MAKO, great minds thinking alike..

    fanof,i love the stick salute, and unless i’m wrong (rare :) that’s ours!

    I’m so late to go, but you all keep me in!….Saturday will be ours (she says praying with Stanley and Cup before heading out)..LGR!

  24. i can hear all the “CLUTCH” drury stories at the olympics!

    Eric, I’m with you on that, I’d rather Cally not run the risk of gettin hurt, but he made it and Imma proud of my boy there!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome that he gets to rep our Country, and if he plays hard like he typically does, you just have to be more proud of him being a Ranger.

  25. mako, outside of the FIRE SATHER t shirts, which I unfortunately cannot get now due to NO JOB, we need a Fankist t shirt! If we can get em going, we should all wear em to Warren in May! That’d be hilarious

  26. when i go to it, its the same dubi/redden pic from last night. are you going to the roster section for his team pic, or am i not getting the screen shots you are?

  27. if you cant see it… I’ll send you a screen shot. LOL Should I leave the Megan Fox wall paper in the shot ;)

  28. polar opposite photos! cally looks like he’s got some spunk, some personality, some pride. Drury looks like ( in best robotic voice) ‘it does not compute, danger danger will robinson…..’

  29. I wonder how Dreary looks when he’s getting it on with Mrs Dreary. He probably has that stone cold dead look in his eyes.

    I also wonder what he looks like when he’s sleeping.

    He just has such an odd look in his eyes. It puts me to sleep.

  30. Reggie Dunlop on

    Eli Drury & Chris Manning….uh I mean the other way around. Two emotionless aw-schucks deer in the headlights team leaders. And you wonder why these teams don’t make the playoffs!

  31. Orr:

    he’s got sharks eyes!!

    “Sometimes that shark he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living..”

  32. LMAO @ REG!!!!! Eli DID win a super bowl though! and drury has won the LLWS AND the Stanley Cup, AND an olympic silver medal… he’s just clutch i tell ya!

  33. brb, got some stuff to take care of, please keep the awesome comdey going, i’ll catch up!!!

  34. Carp is so right…my niece’s middle name is Caroline for a couple of reasons, one is related to the song when they play it in Boston…too long a story….

  35. ThisYearsModel on

    I like the picks except for Ryan Malone and Komisarek. I would have taken Oshie and Whitney instead of those two. It is really comical to see the Devil and Islander fans whining about Cally and Drury being picked.

  36. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    why do hockey players love neil diamond?
    US olympic team?? I think sather picked half the sqd.

  37. Not sure why Devil fans would be upset considering they have three guys on the USA team…when only one really deserved it (Parise).

  38. Drury, are you kidding ! I’m sure they could have a better USA born center, if they had gone to the college ranks

  39. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    WOW, my first carping of the year (it’s going to be a long year)!!!!

    I agree with mama about the non-pro guys being in the olympics!

    repost from last thread:
    the myth lives on…..Boy I’d take orpik and komisarek as a shutdown physical pair anytime!!! Got to admit, thomas seemed really sincere and humbled by his selection.

  40. I think that even Kyle Okposo woulda been a better selection than Chris Drury….(ouch, that hurt me to type)

  41. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Damn, I just remembered..cormier was drafted by the frakking devils!!!SHIITE!!!

  42. Well I guess the USA is out of it before it started. . . .
    Have any of these selectors SEEN Drury play the last 2 years?
    Dubinsky would have been a better choice for Damn sure. . . and he sucks too.

  43. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    not a fan of the dru selection, but certainly not a advocate of dubi being selected, he has done NOTHING to warrant a selection!!

  44. i am telling you, the legend will continue. To spite us, he is going to score 2 or 3 freakin clutch goals, and then come back to the Rangers and the thrill will be gone. ARGH

  45. MD Ranger Fan on

    I think Glen Sather was pressed into the service of his country by acting as a stealth GM for the US team and having Drury put on the roster. Well done, Canada.

  46. duh,the truth of the matter is, if he DOES score clutch goals for Team USA, that will be a GOOD THING!!! what a freakin pickle, conundrum, farce, hell i cant even think of the word i wanna use, i guess pickle was the best

  47. We can argue till death, the truth is two of our own are on the team. Torts is the reason for Drury, Callahan did it himself.

  48. MD Ranger Fan on


    You are right and we will root for them as part of team USA. Looking at the rosters, though, it is going to take some big efforts from the USA players to medal – lots more talent on other squads. That sounds like a common assessment around these parts. Sigh.

  49. ilb

    Told ya that if the US gets bouced (which Im sure they will) Its Sweden or Russia for me. =P

  50. mako, i cant believe NBC doesnt have a bowl game on right now! Brian Boitano and Chicago….wow

  51. dont forget, Team USA has the magical Clutchness of the Clutchinator himself!!! Pish posh on you guys, you KNOW he’s gonna outclutch even himself on Team USA!

  52. so 3 days later I find out per Zipay Drury missed pratice because he became a new papa on Tuesday now thats personal

  53. lmao @ “rose couldnt keep a rock garden alive”
    lmao @ ‘fasten your seatbelt slutpuppy”

    yes, I am watching Golden Girls!

  54. “Gomez of the Montreal Canadiens, played for Team USA at the 2006 Olympics and was thought to be a core player this time around, but he has struggled for the past two seasons and did not impress this season either.”

    So now we really know that Drury made it on his name & Torts only. Because the two of them have been horrible the last few years…

  55. Happy new year to everyone.

    Carp, sorry if posting something from another blog is a no-no here, but Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has an interesting quote from Brian Burke:

    “We picked Chris Drury because he’s Chris Drury,” Burke said. “We know what he can do. We think he provides essential leadership. We think he’s as good as another coach in the dressing room. He’s one of the first players we reached out to when we put this team together. He’s been involved from the get-go. I don’t have to say anything else about Chris Drury except he’s Chris Drury. He represents a lot of things we need to be successful there.”

    While Drury is lacking on the ice and in interviews, he MUST be good behind the scenes and in the locker room…I can’t imagine how he has gotten his reputation and kept it for so long if there weren’t at least some truth to it. Then again, unless a teammate/former teammate speaks out, we may never know the truth.

  56. Me thinks Rodent is a frequent visitor to this blog. Everything we’ve said about Dubinski (comparing him to Knuble, courtesy of Carp), Avery (most of us), Staal(some of us) is right there. I think we should bring about a litigation. Anyone is up for paperwork?

  57. Apparently Brian Burke is a huge Drury fan. Any chance Drury will allow a trade to Toronto and finally rid himself this team. Will take Komisarek in return without hesitation. Any chace? All I want for xmas…..or for the new year. Lets start it off right 2010 = Drury to Burke’s Leafs. Nice!

  58. Nessier

    if Drury is so great behind the scenes and like another coach, then why hasnt that turned into ANY production on the ice for himself and his teammates in NY for the last 2 1/2 years? I call BS.

  59. ilb, I respectfully disagree. 1. Canada. 2. Russia 3. Sweden/Czech tossup. … USA not in the mix at all.

    Nessier, you can post anything you want here as long as it doesn’t violate terms of service below, and you give credit when you steal something from another blog.

  60. if he’s like another coach, then the NY Rangers have TOO many coaches because the rest of the guys on the team do NOT know who to listen to!

  61. /a clutch tear rolls down Captain Clutch’s cheek

    /thinks back to the ’89 Little League World Series, when a Lil’ Cap’n Clutch beat Taiwan and single-handily ended Communism


    ROAD TRIP TO VANCOUVER IN THE CLUTCHMOBILE WITH TORTS AND CALLY!!! Is the Clutchmobile too clutch to make it past customs??? Will they stop Captain Clutch at the border??? Maybe if Captain Clutch learns the native Canadian language, they won’t even stop us!

    “What’s this aboot???”

    “That was clutch, eh!”


    Message to Carp and all the Clutchamanics: Yes, Captain AMERICA will be blogging during the Olympics! Best New Years Day ever!!!

    /peels off in Clutchmobile

  62. Carp, I didn’t say who would win, it’s my wish list. Of course Canada is a favorite.

  63. *so 3 days later I find out per Zipay Drury missed pratice because he became a new papa on Tuesday now thats personal*


    Yup, Captain Clutch is a new daddy! Mrs. Drury had Clutchtuplets!!! 7.7 kids! “Captain Clutch’s boys can swim!!!” Ha-Ha!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  64. I don’t know if the leafs have the cap space, but if they do I think Burke just might do a deal after the olympics. Drury will play a big part on the US team I bet. I really think the Rangers would miss him. I have always been a Drury fan. I know he is over paid, and he has not been the player he once was, but he does a lot of good things pretty much every game.

  65. They missed the stick salute and almost bypassed the handshake at center ice while showing replays.

    NBC hockey broadcasters are the worst of the worst.

    Did Eddie O say he’d seen a baseball game once and it was exciting? I hope he was referring to a game he maybe saw at Fenway…

    The shadows on ice reminded me of Chicago Stadium….

  66. MAKO it may be BS, I’m not sure. It just seems unfathomable that his reputation in such a competitive league is all smoke and mirrors. It could be though.

  67. i’m tellin you Nessier, he’s a master of mind control! Once he’s in his snuggie and CLUTCHMOBILE, there is no stopping the evil genius of Drury!

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Happy New Year !!! " … says Greg L. on

    CHRIS DRURY ,The Legend .

    This is the best thing to ever happen to us Ranger fans!!!!( regarding Drury that is)

    Chris Drury has made Captain of the Rangers and has avoided being sent down,traded (NTC),and scratched for his play recently. Sure his concussion gave him ample reasons to be a little off so…Is /Was chris Drury really off his game or is it FICKLE ,SPOILED,WHINNING Ranger fans who grasp at straws when thier team (My team) isnt winnning?

    Chris Drury is overpaid and is too small and is not fiesty enough to be our Captain but yet he is on TEAM USA ..he is in and maybe the Captain!?? So the question is , Will this elevate Drury’s game play and we will finnaly see his “clutch” spring into action after the olympics? This could be the greatest thing to happen to us cuz if Drury stinks it up on team USA then I do see his stock decline to waiver wire material. OR he does awsome ,wins gold and comes back to New York and wins the Cup ..stranger things have happened. Wait and see ,this could be the big break Ranger fans have been hoping for.

  69. Linda, if that’s the case, then he’s a genius in his own right lol. I wish I could take his lead and find a way to show up to work late, take long lunches, leave early and still someday make partner.

  70. Greg, every single person on this blog would love to see that. Except some trolls, perhaps

  71. I know you can do it Nessier, just travel in a snuggie, and give monotone lifeless platitudes as answers to questions!

    Greg, I think the no movement clause (which I keep forgetting about) would prohibit a stint on the waiver wire.

  72. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I have to agree with nessier and the others, no way in three previous stops in the NHL and international competition that the hype is just hype. He IS still overpaid though!!

  73. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    the only way he doesn’t play is if he is in the pressbox nightly, I think that is basically the only way he is not on the ice for the rangers….unless he waives his NTC (to LA cough cough for snyth please)!!

  74. One phrase says it all. Actions speak louder than words. I dont care what anyone says…. We arent in the lockeroom so we cant hear what Drury says, we arent his friends so we cant see or experience what kind of man he is. What we ARE privy to is his continued declined play on the ice which we see every single game. For the handful of games he’s actually played well, there are PLENTY of which he was a no-show. A no-show leader as well. Hell, Prospal shows more emotion on the ice and leads more than he does. I know Im always down on him because he has this “reputation” and I really liked him as a player when he was playing for Colorado. But that player from Colorado & Buffalo has all but disappeared…

    No one can say “Oh well if me made less money we wouldnt mind so much” Look at Brashear…

  75. i hear what you’re saying carp, but seriously, i feel like everytime i come to this blog your just down talking/ sh***ing on any and every ranger. yes, the team is up and down and difficult to watch at times, and drury hasnt been the drury he has been in the past, but i feel like your a Devils fan writing about the Rangers and I find myself asking where is Sam Weinman for some optimistic and possibly pro-ranger discussions, not individual “roasts” on each ranger…c’mon carp, you’re better than that

  76. just came across this trade proposal.

    To New York:
    – Brad Stuart
    – Valtteri Filppula

    To Detroit:
    – Wade Redden
    – Enver Lisin
    – Evgeny Grachev
    – Ryan McDonagh

    Why for New York:
    – They shed Redden’s contract while replacing him with someone signed much cheaper for less term, who will probably be as effective if not more
    – Flip is a good, young, versatile forward signed at a fair rate for a few years

    Why for Detroit:
    – I think in Detroit’s system, Redden can get back on track and even if he can’t, the team can better hide his deficiencies than the Rangers can.
    – Lisin seems like one of those guys who could breakout in DET (by that I mean maybe be a 25G winger) and he’s cheap
    – They get two high quality prospects, a big D with great all around skill and a current blue-chipper in Grachev as the compensation for Redden’s contract.


  77. reg dunlap compared Drury to Eli. let me help Reg, Eli 4 straight playoffs in the NFL( only 1 other team made playoffs 4 years in a row) 2 NFC east titles, and 1 super bowl championship. Drury, not much to speak of. Leave Eli out of any comparision to Drury. Eli has produced, and Drury hasn’t.

  78. paulieplatypus on

    Just finished up reading all the many great comments on this post. I usually don’t here comment too often, but I have to complement Linda for bringing her A-material tonight – lmao! I must admit willingly that you had me at Captain Monotone Ambien Chew Toy… But then you also threw in the Jaws quote to describe Drury’s eyes! As well as a few golden girls quotes, because I don’t care what anyone else thinks… Maud’s a babe!!! Thank you Linda – you made my night.

  79. TR,
    that would be a brutal trade for the Rangers. even if they got rid of Redden, it would be brutal.

  80. TR- maybe we should throw in Hank into this one?

    Ry Mac- if coming here frustrates you that much, maybe you should wait a little longer before you come in next time?

  81. I am so proud of the USA Juniors they lott a tough one new years Eve. Our Boy Chris Kreider is a diamond in the rough.

    Candid Camera Pictures Of Sean Avery and Girlfriend Hilary Rhoda Skating At Central Park Rink :

  82. paulie, thank you so much and happy i was able to make you laugh! I’ll keep that in mind for future postings! gotta give credit though because i did steal the ambien and chew toy comments from others, i just put it all together and added the monotone. I think Mako mentioned the ambien, and someone mentioned Captain ChewToy a few threads ago. Funny bunch here paulie, you should comment more!

    i am suprised the Jaws thing went this far before a comment!

  83. Maybe coaches like Drury and his “reputation” because he doesn’t say anything and that’s a lot easier for coaches. Most coaches don’t seem to enjoy players with strong personalities. Coaches prefer to be the main ego in the room. And they like players who nod their heads and say “yes sir”, which is Drury in a nutshell. Has there ever been a real story about Drury mentoring or leading? No one seems to be able to detail exactly what Drury does. “Chris Drury because he is Chris Drury” said Burke. What does that mean exactly? He must have the same press agent as Sather, who keeps talking about what a genius Sather is. Even though we can all see that Sather is not a genius and Drury is not a leader.

  84. paulieplatypus on

    Agree 100% Mouth!!! Awesome watching Team-USA in this tourny. Doesn’t hurt either that there always seems to be at least one Rangers prospect on the ice (one prospect on each of the top three lines) making great plays.

  85. And by the way, if Burke is considering pure leadership, how about Bill Guerin? He actually won the Cup last year, and has 12 goals this season and is a plus player. And has size. Drury? Really?

  86. Linda

    Why thank you for the mention. Somehow, someway – I think we can use Captain Lunesta too LOL

    And shame on me for not commenting on Jaws quote. Was I sleepy or something? Jeeeze that’s one of my all-time favorite movies ;)


    Well Said!

  87. nice post kc. i’m sure Drury’s a great guy, great family man, awesome best friend, brother, son, uncle,dad. I’m sure he cares about his legacy, and cares about his teammates. even if he was making brashear money, it’d still be too much. I know it must be really hard, when athletes skills start to leave them, and it just so happens that our GM overpaid for someone who scored a goal on us in a playoff game with 7.7 seconds to go, and thinking he was gonna catch lightning in a bottle. I want to see the guy be as ‘clutch’ as his reputation states, but as a Ranger, he’s been so-so.

  88. paulieplatypus on

    I don’t believe they should trade away their youth Mr. Whalerpack. Yall could say what you want about Sather’s poor free agent signings… But one has to complement him for not trading away any of the Rangers young tallent, while still making the playoffs each and every season since the lockout ended. The Rangers are still rebuilding… Not one Ranger remains on the roster from the prelockout era and only Lundqvist and Rozsival remain from the playoff roster the first year after the lockout.

  89. paulie, many of us think only Hank should be remaining from then! heehee

    ya know, we all sit here and bitch and moan when they suck, we go insane when they play well, but I think we all just want them to give a good, solid, consistent effort night in and night out. That’s all anyone wants from their teams(well, and championships) We all KNEW they were not gonna be top flight this season, but when they are out there looking as if they are a million miles away, that they just couldnt give a flyin rats arse, that’s just a slap in the face to the fans.

    we all want drury to perform well. we want to see him make smart plays, make great passes, put up SOME points and score a timely goal here and there.

    Everyone and their great grandmother knows this team needs a #1 center and a hard hitting, crease clearing, physical dman. I know I’ve been praying for at least ONE of those 2 things for at least the past 4 years. I know they dont grow on trees….

    lol dont ask me where this is going. I’m trying to finish off the bottle of seagrams before the night ends and i start sugar busters tomorrow. DDE, I HOPE YOU’RE HERE!

  90. Shoot Linda If I knew you were drinking I would have announced I was & “drank to your leg” in my quest to find the end of my Ketel One bottle =P

    Maybe Orr is still up and looking for a parter in some playtime LOL I dont know how good I’ll be Im tired and half in the bag.

  91. Mako, you may want to rethink you last sentence there again!

    lmao @ drank to your leg! outstanding!

  92. LOL Linda jeeeze you think that asking another guy to play some video games with ya would be an innocent thing LOL

    Yes subtle “jaws” quote =P
    oopsie – Should have been Drink.

  93. nothing wrong with it sharkie, its just the way you worded it that was a bit…hmmm, interesting!

    ok, i’m gonna go snuggle with the man before passing out from all this seagrams! catch you boneheads lates!

  94. paulieplatypus on

    Yeah, know what you mean Linda. That game against the Flyers was unwatchable! Every time I turned back to MSG to catch the score, the Blueshirts were down by yet another goal. As for that “hard hitting crease clearing D-man” the Rangers have not had a good day in that regard since I could remember? If Orpick only signed with the Rangers instead of taking less money to stay with Pittsburgh???

    As for that playmaking center, Gomez should have been that guy. When Slats signed him he was an assist machine with the Devils. I suppose we all know now that his assists came from the Devils system of play rather than his passing skills. Anyway, good luck with that sugar busters thing… I would think their a really tough crowd to deal with first thing in the morning. :)

  95. sorry Ry Mac, but I’m not a Rangers fan. And if I wasn’t honest, then this would be a worthless site. You want homers, go to the Rangers site or the MSG Network site.

    Or you could just come here when things are going great … which is about a few weeks every couple of months the last 10 years.

  96. paulieplatypus on

    I’ll drink to all your legs!!! And I’ll even drink to Marry Moffit, who gave me that scar on my chest when she broke my heart. Good night yall!

  97. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Sorry I missed out on the blogging for a while, was watching pond hockey and doing some work around the house. If, IF that trade was legit with the wings….It was nice knowing you grachev! rico fata, I mean lisin, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! To get rid of redden’s contract and get a banger on d back…I would trade about anyone. I am afraid that is the only way we are going to get rid of the albatross contracts (too bad someone cough cough slatipuss won’t bury 2 of the 3 in htfd…..sorry htfd) is by giving up serious youth for someone to take them and/or by getting a fattie contract back as well (richards or lecav type hypothetical situation)

    Night all and one last Happy New Year!

    you are drinking from a shoe??


  98. To all PS3 NHL10-ers

    I’ve had major breakthroughs and have stepped up my game.

    Bring the pain

    PSN ID: TenderSituation

  99. winners don't belong with losers on

    All chris drury has done his whole career is win. I guess he doesn’t belong on the rangers cause all we do is lose. Actually it makes a lot of sense now, playing for this team and this management makes mush out of guys careers.

  100. HOw many noticed that early goal by Carolina, when the shooter went down Roz side,, and instead of stepping into him, as most would have done, he delicately put out his stick, which the guy blew by like it was a feather. I believe it was Rosen who said, “and Roszival put his stick out.” One might think that he was describing the Berlin wall.

  101. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    Carp. I disagree wihh what you said about drury not being able to play anymore and should be a 3 -4 th liner.
    He can’t play in NY, that’s all.
    Maybe Torts picked him for the olympics to showcase him for a trade,or maybe he’ll play better in the olympics.
    But he doesn’t have a future in NY.

  102. Drury is washed up. And forget any hope that Burke has any interest in a Drury for Komiserak deal. Drury just had a baby. You think he is gonna waive his NTC?!?!?! Not on your life. BUT, Hartford may be a little closer to his Connecticut home. . . .

  103. The fact that we have NO defencemen on any of the Olympic rosters is very telling of our defence.

  104. Brian Burke: “I don’t have to say anything else about Chris Drury except that he’s Chris Drury. . . . We picked Chris Drury because he’s Chris Drury.”

    CHRIS DRURY: “Obviously experience and leadership are important ingredients of what not only I can bring, but Jamie Langenbrunner and Brian Rafalski, too, but I also know I can play.

    JOHN TORTORELLA: “Dru is a guy who you look to for a huge play at a key time,”


    My stomach turned reading those quotes, especially Drury having the BALLS to say he brings “Leadership”…LEADERSHIP???

    Chris Drury isn’t fit to lead the Hakawi Tribe in F-Troop…let alone a hockey team.

    Ugh…Now I’m nauseous… “Because he’s Chris Drury” “I bring leadership” “Huge play at a big time”

    Tortorella obviously isn’t nearly as smart as he makes himself out to be. Two and a half years in a Rangers jersey and Drury hasn’t ONCE come through in a big spot. Hell, he doesn’t even come through in a little spot.

    And as for these mysterious “behind the scenes” things we don’t know about…how he must be so great in the locker room that us mere fans can never know…I call bullshit.


  105. We heard a lot about Shanahan and Jagr’s leadership and we could see what they were doing on the ice. We heard about Lundqvist and Avery holding meetings and talking about the importance of pride in representing New York and watched them back it up on the ice. We have never heard or seen real examples of Drury’s leadership, yet the Rangers PR machine expects us to gullibly believe that he is a leader because they say so. Or because he “cares”. Meaningless drivel, just like the meaningless cliches he spouts after every game.

  106. Hey winners by defending Capt clutch are you talking about this current team or the Rangers in general ? Are you talking about winning games , playing like winners for the Rangers or winning the Stanley cup ?

    I have a few responses for ya

    Current team winners: Prospal and Gaborik

    How come Jagr had 54 goals as a Ranger ?

    Dont get me started with Messier and 1/2 the 94 team.

  107. Leetchhalloffame on

    Brian Burke obviously still drunk from holiday partying when he picked Drury. Give that man a sobriety test!

  108. burke and sather perfect together. how about a trade? Take out tired and weary and a liberty jersey. Let’s start with Brashrear for Orr, and go from there. Drury & Deadden are vets with experience.

  109. Good Hockey Morning to you all


    “And as for these mysterious “behind the scenes” things we don’t know about…how he must be so great in the locker room that us mere fans can never know…I call bullshit.”

    THANK YOU!!!! Scroll up a little bit and you’ll say we said the SAME exact thing.

    Again, I like the guy when he played for Colorado & Buffalo. But he is el stinko & zero here. Hasnt accomplished a damn thing hasnt really shown how a true leader leads. He’s played 2 1/2 season and there maybe a handful of time where he actually carried the team to win a game where he was VERY noticeable and LEAD like a Captain should. Those Brian Burke quotes… “We picked him because he’s Chris Drury” WTF Gomez wasnt picked because his decline in play. Why doesnt the same hold for Drury? Meanwhile, I think Gomez achieved more in his professional hockey careers than Drury has. I think Drury has one more medal – but Gomez has one more cup LOL

  110. Good morning. Saw that article from Larry, he is clearly staying away from comments.

    The way I look at it, four of our own will represent their countries in Olympics. Two of them will be the main players on their respective teams. Good for them! Wish them luck and come back healthy.


    Good Morning gentlemen! 2 hours until the dreaded afternoon start time! Wonder which version of the Rangers will show up today!

    LMAO @ paulies Mary Moffet line!

    It’s mind boggling how guys with decent, or awesome careers come here and just disappear!!! I’d swear they just do it to get their retirement bonus for the Bank of Dolan! I would LOVE to have real hockey people owning this team. Dolan is just a collector of things, and a destroyer! DOLAN THE DESTROYER!!! He should just sell and work on his music career and taking the food network away from cablevision subscribers.

    It’s like government officials, or anyone in leadership positions, they’ll piss on your back and tell you how hard it’s raining. They think we’re stupid enough to NOT believe what our own eyes see. Sorry, I’m not that easily swayed. PROVE IT PRETZEL BOY!!! You’re some kinda supernatural leader? FREAKIN PROVE IT ON THE ICE instead of gliding around for 3/4 of the game.


  112. lmao @ one of the posters on brooks article saying how that guy on the islanders blog is going crazy that Cally was chosen before that scary lookin okbozo! Ya know dude, obviously the islanders coach, who is an assitant along with Torts for Team USA, didnt put the bug in burkes ear enough. I read some of the espn comments about the team, and there were several people who mentioned Cally and that you just can’t have stars but grinders also on the team. A few of them were happy with the selection, also mentioning Herb Brooks’ philosophy of not choosing the best guys at the position, but the guys that would fit in best for the team.

    I can only imagine the festival of comments when Drury gets that C on his Team USA jersey.

  113. Yes Linda – I woke up fired up!!!!

    YES!!!! Dolan the Destroyer!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right Linda we arent “Sheep” ;)

    TESTIFY SISTER!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  114. LMAO@ supernatural leader..

    Dolan will not give a damn until his pockets are affected. As of now- 18,200 every night, remember?

  115. LOL ilb

    today it was before the morning coffee :) Each day brings something new and different.


  116. We need this game bad. It gets interesting after. Good news-none of the teams in that pack is smoking.

  117. Oh and I stayed up playing PS3 – I think I had the super duper mode on LOL I lost all 3 games only scoring 2 goals LOL

  118. LOL I know right…They possessed my game play. No actually, I was waiting for him to invite me…. Im still new to PS3 and wouldnt know what to do LOL

  119. Btw, Langenbrunner is a better choice for C on US team, than Drury, I hate to say it. He never stops skating, always in the middle of things. I have no idea what he is like in the lockerroom, but on the ice he leads.

  120. ok, heres a personal question guys:

    for the dreaded afternoon games, do you ‘prepare yourself’ for your day BEFORE the game, or do you wait until after, so you can wash the stench of another horrible afternoon fiasco off?

  121. well then by ALL means ilb, Drury gets the C!! Hehehe. Do they have the cojones to give the C to Langenbrunner when Captain Clutch America is standing right there? We see, on a nightly basis, how he leads the Rangers (into NO MANS LAND), i mean, you DO know that he’s a leader doncha?

  122. I get peed off in the morning. That way, if they lose I could say: “I knew it” and move on. If they win- the whole evening is ahead of me.

  123. And another thing-if they’re looking for pure leadership-Guerin(who could still put a few pucks in) and Modano( still has some speed) would be better choices in my book. Mystery US! I truly hope it doesn’t turn into Mysery US…

  124. Despite the “dreaded afternoon game thing”, the Rangers are actually 4-0 in afternoon starts this season (if you include the 5pm start against the Ducks) and have only conceded two goals in those four games.

  125. LMAO ilb totally….. You have to see his avatar LOL Its an actual fox giving a thumbs up and it says “Megan Fox + NY Rangers = Magic” LMAO He’s too funny

    What’s ironic is my last name in Italian means fox ;)

    Hmmmm As for rituals. Im really superstitious – when they were on that 7 game winning streak I wore the same damn thing every game. But I did laundry and everything was clean & they lost… Or last year it was a particular hat I’d wear…

    If its a weekend afternoon game… I’ll have a good work out at the gym. But Im not going before the game because they usually lose.

    Have we been Carped?

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