Yikes! That was horrible


Can I just say that Brandon Dubinsky should be embarrassed for his defensive play? And that Marian Gaborik should be embarrassed for his defensive play? And that Dan Girardi should be embarrassed for his defensive play? And Michael Del Zotto should be embarrassed for his defensive play? And that Christopher Higgins should be embarrassed for his defensive play? And ________ (you fill in the name) should be embarrassed for his defensive play?rick christmas

Before I begin my analysis, yes, that’s me over there on the right at a family Christmas party. No, I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink anymore. Just happy to be away from the laptop for a couple of hours. Maybe it was the sugar I shouldn’t have had.

Now …

1) I agree with Tortorella that he can’t just go nutso after every game like this, and maybe he’s already played that card too many times, but where is the accountability? How does the Gaborik-Dubinsky line keep going out there, especially with another game the next night? As useless as I think Brashear the the fourth line are, if there’s ever a time for them to eat minutes, it was the third period of this game.

2) Along the same lines, I don’t have any idea, none whatsoever, what a coach or a staff can do to stop the pathetic, weak, sorry stick-checking around the net. I don’t know what can be said or done to stop players from doing the worst thing you can do to your goalie (or goalies in this case).

3) I know they all say Higgins is a good guy and that he does a lot of things well, and that he plays hard and straight ahead, and with a conscience in his own end, and for being on the right side of the puck. But I’m starting to think it was a miracle that this guy actually used to score goals.

4) Somebody on MSG Network said that it’s hard to figure out this Rangers team. Really, it isn’t. This team at its best is mediocre. At its worst it’s dreadful. So when this team plays without effort or smarts, it is going to get its shorts kicked.

5) That guy on the new Geico commercials — the ones with Too Tall Jones and Charlie Daniels — he looks just like Mike Sullivan, doesn’t he? Only he smiles.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. Im guessing he will run the team till he dies. Keep smoking them cigars Glen.

    Then again, he did help the rangers win their cup in 94, inadvertantly. I cant hate him too much. Im a knicks and jets fan too. The rangers cup is my only non baseball championship (baseball is my least favorite sport)

  2. wow
    cant believe w/ the bad service here i got in first.
    well that game was horrible. im glad they have a game tomorrow.
    great write up as usual carp.
    goodnight all.

  3. *We want captain clutch*


    Right here Dino! Posting from my Clutchberry in North Carolina! Captain Clutch doesn’t duck his blog-posting duties after a loss! What a leader!

    Carp, I’ve posted this before, but don’t forget to DVR my all-time favorite Three Stooges episode: “Pardon My Clutch”!


    PS: That hat is NOT clutch!

  4. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    This time next year who will be coaching this team?

  5. Carp, you look like the legendary Grand Wizard who was a WWF Manager in the 70s-80s in that picture.

  6. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    The rangers still can’t rebuild with draft picks and F/A, can’t get a suitable coach and seem to get worse each year.
    F dolan and sather FFFFF them

  7. onecup-They expect too much out of these streaky UFAs.

    The drafting has gotten better since 04. There’s still Carl Hagelin playing for Michigan who Rangers fans kinda forgot about, and Team USA led by Rangers picks is doing pretty well in the Juniors. There is hope.

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all. Be safe and have fun and enjoy the Rangers/Canes and USA/Canada in the Juniors tomorrow night.

  8. Tortorella has to go before it’s too late. The team is not responding to him or any of his so called systems. I really miss Blair Betts and Tom Renney. This is crap.

  9. Hey guys…serious question…

    How much does it cost to take out an ad in a newspaper, such as the New York Post, or Times, something along those lines?

    I would not be against all of us pitching in to create an ad requesting Sather gets fired. It would certainly raise some eyebrows dont you think? AND we can sign it Ranger Report, so it would increase hits here!

  10. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    your point #1 sounds a whole lot like what i was saying a couple of threads ago about giving 4th liners ALOT of ice time in a game like this….great minds think alike (scary for you)???

    good night jim bob!!!

  11. REPOST – That was embarrassing. They were all so clearly hungover from partying too much over the break. I have no problem with going out and having a good time, but you still have a job to do. Only 4 people played well (Boyle, Lisin, Christensen, and Del Zotto) and no surprise those 4 were all Even players tonight.

    Seriously, its unacceptable that these guys can show up like this. It was so obvious they clearly partied too much. Guys were sluggish, falling down, not focused, all that stuff. Everyone looked like Redden tonight. They better get their act together and not go out too hard on New Years because they clearly aren’t mature enough to handle living and working in NYC.

  12. Wicky you know anything about ad prices for papers if we wanted to take one out in the paper about firing sather? I think it would be great.

    Didn’t they do that in Oakland about Al Davis hiring a GM?

  13. Nice game tonight. Don’t get down on your blueshirts. There’s a silver lining. #1-Devils only scored 2 more goals than the blueshirts
    #2 you guys defenately beat the Devils in the Goals Against column. Devils didn’t get any. You guys got 6!!
    All kidding aside, you guys have a load of talent on that team. Once they get in sync as a team, you’ll start seeing a winning streak. I watched the game, it’s obvious that none of the players know what their roles are. That’s a coaching issue. Then they get confused out there, then yelled at in the locker room. The result is they get thick skin. They stop caring when they see there is no pilot flying the plane. Then the infighting will start. Torts has to stick to his high offense game and let it click. It’s not a great system, but it’s at least a plan. Most teams are big offensively, then make defensive tweaks in the playoffs. Pens do that. Hang in there, you’ll probably make the playoffs. You can count the islanders out in February. No way they can keep this up.

  14. Coaching is lacking bad in so many areas. Team has no clue how to play defense. Too many changes in the line combinations, need set lines. Need to roll (4) set lines, need a fourth line like Reney had with Betts, Orr & shoestring. Renney got far more out of a lesser team than this last year, particularly on defense. Tortorella doesn’t have a clue how to play good defensive Hockey. I’m disturbed with his demeanor during post game remarks. Tort’s got to go. New Trifector and it’s not too late. Schoenfeld, Messier & Graves. This is is the wrong team for Tortorella.

  15. New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that center Chris Drury has been named the 25th Captain in team history.

    “Chris Drury is a natural leader who possesses all of the qualities and characteristics we desire from our Captain,” Sather said. “He has always been known as a clutch performer and a winner. Chris leads by example with his tireless work ethic on and off the ice, and is extremely deserving of this honor.”

    P.S. carp…that hat is hilarious! Is that the one that helps you read people’s mind?! :)

  16. Like RickYM2 said, they should get to playing Tort’s high octane system. They seemed to play it well early in the season, not that they would repeat that kind of success, but its a change up from what we are playing now (which can’t seem to get worse than it is, chalk up the 4 game win streak to playing vs poor teams), and its a hell of a lot more fun to watch than this. I would rather this team lose playing under an identity and a system than play blah like blah each night.

  17. As I’ve mentioned at least a dozen times in this space…this team does not know how to pass. Period. NOne of them do. They also don’t shoot hard. Hardly any of them. They do not skate hard..they do not struggle for the puck one on one and come up with it. because they are so soft they give it up easily in a clash. They spend their time mulling around the baords..seldom in open ice.

    But most of all…they shamed themselves last night. For a group of players wearing an NHL uniform to go out there and put on such a disgraceful performance hearkens back to the last team before the big let down, with the Anson Carters, the Tom Potis, and all that entire miserable and forgettable crew ( with the sole exsception of Matthew

    Words actually escape me. And again, the team captain mumbling some gibberish to the interviewer afterward..a pose that we have seen so tiresomely often this season.

  18. The entire team should be embarassed and donate this weeks paychecks to charity. This was a culmination of everything this team does wrong at the same time. I turned on the game and it was 1-0 I missed 1 minute. My wife went out and when she came back asked how’s the game. I repied 3-0 but watch after 30 seconds she said “omg they didn’t show up”. Carp I must compliment you on your hat. The night would have been a total loss without it. Better than any Ranger hat. If the Honeymooners Rangers conflict happens again Honeymooners hands down.

  19. I keep hearing the Rangers use the term “unacceptable” when describing their play. How “unacceptable” can it be for them if they continue to play this way over and over again? Somehow, I get the feeling that they don’t really mean it.

  20. There is a bright side to all of this:

    At some point soon, the product on the ice will be so bad, that the Rangers have no choice but to call up Grachev & Sangs, scratch Rozi/Redden/Drury, and fire the GM. Now I have supported Sather in the past. I think his track record is good and bad like any other GM’s. But he is the ultimate leader of this org. He has to be accountable. I would get on the phone to Neil Smith, and beg him to come back.

    Dolan has to put his guitar and the hookers down, and start writing checks to deadbeats like Redden, Rozi, and Drury.

    Let’s start over.

  21. P.S. The Rangers have some very promising youth right now. Let’s add to it and be the Penguins of the 2010’s.

  22. You can’t fire the players … so the coach gets canned.

    As much as Renney frustrated me, I think it’s clear that he wasn’t the main problem. The leadership in the lockerroom has tuned out yet another coach, and there’s no excuse for that. The new coach wants them to play a high octane offensive game, which should have improved their stats (and thus their negotiating chip for their next contract), but the team has once again quit.

    I mentioned this in an earlier thread, and I think it was MAKO who said they have also asked – do the Rangers employ a sports psychologist? These guys have ZERO confidence in their own game and you can see how one little thing goes wrong and they mentally shut it down.

    I remember the 94 team had amazing resiliency. When they got scored on, the next shift was almost always great. It was like they got pissed that someone actually beat them for a goal. They also had a killer instinct, and I think they only lost 2 or 3 games in the regular season when leading after 2 periods.

    Someone get these guys a head and heart transplant stat!

  23. Fans on facebook join my new groups, Ranger Fans tired of mediocrity and Ranger Fans rooting for 1st pick overall

  24. Two things:

    1) Leadership on the ice is invisible. I blame Drury 100%. No one has balls and that starts from #23 down. Horrible.

    2) My wife works at the Daily News. If you guys are serious about taking an ad out that says “Fire Sather” I would 100% be up for it and happy to inquire. Let me know.

  25. Newman, I am serious about putting out an ad, I’ll chip in, someone put together a paypal account

  26. Pregame the coach spoke of the Rangers having to “dig deeper” in Prospal’s absence. Well, watching this game from my Garden perch I say the Rangers “dug” themselves a “deeper” hole in the standings by their absolutely dreadful effort. At a certain point a player’s effort has to be considered part of his skill set. According to this standard, the Rangers 0f 2009-10 are one of the least skilled team the Garden has iced in the last 50 years!

  27. Carp the question is how do NYR fans help to get Sather not to be GM anymore ? The guy is over the hill, done, finute, kaput ……

  28. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp and fellow trueblueboneheads:
    The coaching is not the problem, and certainly if we still had Renney we would be far worse off. His team in Edmonton plays brutal. They are ranked something like second worst team, third worse PK, bad PP, third worse GA/G, bad Sh/G, etc. At least the NYR and top 8 in both PP and PK, and have opened up the offensive game. Much more exciting, even we suck and get killed, than prior years. How soon you all forget how bad it was.
    The Rangers will bounce back from last night’s bad game, and get back on track.
    The Rangers will make some moves to tweak the lineup for our late season playoff run.
    I wish you all a Happy New Year, please be safe. Do not drink and drive, respect the weather conditions, and Lets Go Rangers in the new year.

  29. i doubt that ad will do anything to get sather fired. but it would be funny and maybe the fire sather chants, the ads in the paper(lol ok), and the best one of all, is just stop going to games!! just boycott the team until he is gone. maybe in your ad, let this be known. as long as sather is employed, we will not attend games. i honestly think this could beone of sathers last years here anyway. i think sathr bringing mess into the fold to teach him the ropes, was the first step. he is in his mid 60’s late 60’s? i think hes gone soon anyway. shoney will probably take over and mess be the asst. gm. 2 more years tops for sather. i cant se him being 70 years runnin the team. so, at the least he’ll be here another what 2-3 more years? it seems like alot but its not. mess is being groomed for the job. then we’ll really be biting our nails wondering what happens next. can u see messier as gm? i cant. its too funny. hopefully shoney steps in for the interim position until another gm is hired or whatever. mess would e good as a scout. thats all i can see him as, but this is the rangers lol.

  30. Gaborik is not to blame. He is obviously exhausted from being expected to carry the team offensively and to play defense as well. He is not able to skate at practices, so he is probably breaking down. Great job getting him some support, Slats — just what we expect from our genius of a GM.

  31. Tank The Season on

    What’s sad is that this team will JUST miss the playoffs and thus we’ll be stuck picking around 14th overall.

  32. Larry Brook’s article states that there is something rotten at MSG. Yea, his name is Glenn Sather. Tat’s the stench that Larry Brook’s is smelling with Dolan right behind Sather. I didn’t watch last nights game and haven’t watch a game in a while because this team stinks. Hopefully the idiots (scouts, management)at least do a good job in drafting in 2010 because the rangers will get a good draft pick because there are not making the playoffs.

  33. Torts hasn’t been a miracle worker, but really, a coach can only do so much with this roster. There’s only 1 guy who can score (and you need at least 2 legit elite guys to contend for a Cup). There’s nobody who can really play D. There’s a bunch of 4th-liners out there on the 2nd and 3rd lines. There’s a captain who has no heart and scores fewer goals than Blair Betts (yet is like the 5th highest paid player in the league). FIRE SATHER. IT IS ALL HIS FAULT!

  34. First off in regards to the Oilers, Renney isn’t the head coach. He’s the associate coach/assistant. That is Pat Quinn’s team. Plus they were and still are missing half of their lineup, so a team that wasn’t all that good to begin with is not filled with AHL players that shouldn’t be up in the NHL yet. So you can’t blame Renney for that. The team wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t drop like flies and they didn’t have Quinn and 2 other head coaches all trying to work together.

    Second, whoever said bring back Neil Smith, you’ve got to be kidding me. I love Neil and the fact he brought us a Stanley Cup, but there is a reason why nobody has hired him. The guy completely ruined the Rangers and set us back almost a decade.

    Sather didn’t help the cause in 2000, but Neil completely depleted the farm team and traded away solid young players for garbage. Marc Savard has been one of the best centers in the game, but what did genius Neil do? Trade him (and the pick which ended up being Oleg Saprykin) to the Flames for the unforgettable Jamie Lundmark (1st round draft), Jan Hlavac, and another draft pick (which ended up being Craig Anderson, who we could use btw) because Savard didn’t play good enough “defense”. Because at 19 and 20, you can’t help the kid improve. Great job Neil.

  35. Linda is unemployed on

    Morning men. I’m a bit behind but did torts actually say ‘we start over’ and gabby actually say “we weren’t ready”? That is just bad all around. How many times can you start over with the same pieces that don’t work together??? Isn’t it a sign of insanity to be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? And for professionals,who just had 2 days off, playing a division rival, how are you NOT READY??? Sheesh!!!

    Carp, your Merlin hat was wondrous!

  36. yes! mama’s back…..

    I don’t know whether I’m bummed or thrilled that last night didn’t work out for me. Holy hell.

    Carp, bravo for your bravery in posting this pic.

    Happy New Year all!

  37. Hey, all, first I’m glad you liked the hat, but it was actually just wrapping paper from a gift I had just unwrapped. A perfect fit, though.

    Second, if you take up a collection to run an ad, please get enough to run an ad in The Journal News and LoHud.com. We need the money.

  38. A team that’s made a habit of “not being ready” and putting forth “unacceptable” efforts is a team not worth rooting for.

    Avery said it best when he said “We have to remember the PRIVILEGE of wearing a Rangers sweater and playing in front of these fans”

    THAT sounds like a leader speaking…

    Then there’s Mumbles Drury “Uh…Can’t dwell on it…uh…thank god we play tomorrow…Uh…I dunno what happened”

    Tortorella is clueless in many regards, and he has to take the blame for not making his team accountable…as well as take the blame in apparently not having a single, solitary strategy on the ice of how to play defense.

    But Tortorella is also coaching a team that might be, collectively, the worst in the NHL.

    Take away Gaborik and Henrik and you’ve got a team that couldn’t beat an AHL team. And would probably get shutout by an AHL team.

    Overpaid, aging mercenaries…overrated young players…

    And a GM who has put it all together.

    That little streak was an aberration…THIS is the New York Rangers of ’09-’10.

    Maybe things will improve by 2015

    And not to single out anybody in particular, because the whole team sucked…but I’m starting to get tired of watching Staal play weak defense. Is it possible we got the least talented Staal brother?

    Yeah, he’s young. Yeah, defense is the hardest position to learn…But why is he SO DAMN SOFT?

    Then again, if the mentors on your team are Redden and Rozi…how else are you gonna play??

  39. “pathetic, weak, sorry stick-checking around the net.”

    took the words right out of my mouth. any adept stick handler could skate circles around the net with the puck w/o getting touched with anything but a stick.

  40. Wow! It was so sad…it was almost comical. That was sooo pathetic. There really needs to be accountability. They look like the Latvia team out there.

  41. Let me tell you something about the drivers in NY. People can’t drive for carp! That’s snow? Sheesh… Two birds with diarrhea cause multiple accidents on SI expressway for crying out loud..

  42. the ad should be on the msg scoreboard, and on on the glass on tv. IO sure owes NYR fans big-time.

  43. CJP – I actually just said the same thing to my friends about Avery. It’s funny because “Avery” and “leader” I never thought would be in the same sentence, but he’s actually done a great job this year. He’s one of the few on the team that cares. Him, Henke, and Prospal should be the captains of the team. Notice the first game without Vinny (the only guy who rips people apart on the bench outside of the coaches) and the team slacks off.

    And I don’t believe its on Torts. How many times does he have to “make them accountable”? I mean he’s done it at least 5 already so you would think the guys would’ve picked it up already. But no, most of them are too worried about what their buying with their overpriced contracts instead of playing hockey. The only two I can’t include in that group are Gaborik (for obvious reasons) and Rozsival, only because despite the fact that he sucks, you can’t say he doesn’t at least try.

  44. True fans bleed RW&B on

    There was an NHL game last night? Reminded me of the shooting practice you see at the Olympics or all star games.

  45. i couldn’t stop watching the game last night! it was was so bad it was entertaining the watch in a comedic sense.

    where do they go from here? it can’t get worse…can it? we will know after tonight’s game what kinda stones these players have.

  46. Linda is unemployed on

    welcome back from the land of 1980 Laurel! thankfully your computer access is back so you can lament another heartless, gutless effort from these guys tonight. And if they, by some miracle, win tonight, does that really change anything? Other than the fact that this is the most jekyl and hyde team ever??? We should just call them the New York Sybils from now on, cuz you never know exactly what personality is gonna show up!!

    But i refuse to let them ruin the end of my year and the beginning of a new one lmao! Got my lil collection of tasty adult beverages lined up, with some tasty vittles and the man, and whichever of you nutjobs are gonna be around later, what more could i ask for?!

  47. Early half time grades
    Gabby A
    Vinny B
    Hank B-
    Staal B-
    MDZ C+
    Cally C+
    Dan G C
    Torts C+
    Sather F All the rest who cares either a D or F. Sathers “F” is for the cap mess and our screwed fututer years from a Cup.

  48. If you wanna see a hard working hockey team try watching the US female team,it has more balls than the Rangers. Those girls skate harder ,hit harder than the rangers and are non stopskating to go with that. Maybe we can give them all ranger jerseys because it would be an improvement. Asshole dolan and his butt buddy sather what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Whoever said they want REnney back are total morons.

    Yeah let shave that hack back here losing even more games than we are already. PLEEAAAAASSSSSE

    Torts isn’t getting fired, period.

    The game was absolutely pathetic, I actually started laughing after that 4th goal.

    Only two good things that came out of last ngihts game:

    Fire Sather chants loude enough that Sam ROsen even said “Mock cheer” and acknowledged it

    Johnson got his first gameout of the way. He WILL be replacing Vally permanently.

    Here’s a question for everyone:
    IF you could keep players from thsi years roster who would you keep?

    Mine would ONLY be:
    Gabby, Hank, Dubi, Cally, Del Z, Gilroy, AA, Avery, Staal and Johnson = less than half the team.

    And BRashear, MY GOD!! What’s it gonna take for Torts to jsut stop playing him? Scoring a goal on Hank?

    This months record: 5-4-3 with one game left.

  50. CJP and Linda,

    I’m with you! Avery said all the right things last night… but how many times a season do we have to hear how they weren’t ready?

    It’s ridiculous and I’m getting close to not caring. I got home from work… it was 1-0… started diner… 2-0, then 3-0 and my attitude didn’t change. I’m not surprised or upset when they come out and get shelled. That’s the saddest part of all. I’m turning into one of them!

  51. mikey,

    i agree with all you keepers. but, as we all know, you can’t get rid of the bums we all want to let go! so thanks to uncle glen we are screwed for next year too!

    redden is playing a little bit better (better isn’t good for 6 million though). roszival is getting worse!

    maybe we can dump drury on a team like the avs…he might rekindle his spark with the team he played the best for…maybe they are dumb enough to do it. they have the cap space. hey, we wouldn’t even want anything i return, the extra $7million would be enough.

  52. You know I was like nyr13 last night I also caught myself laughing out loud, then I would wonder what the hell am I laughing at, I should be so Pissed off. What can you do? I have pretty well given up on the idea if this team winning very much this season or for a few seasons as far as that goes. Sather has put this outfit in such a deep hole it will be years recovering. On another note though, I realise this team does not have a great deal of fire power, and the defence is young, but there are no excuses for the soft, lack luster,

  53. These slow starts to games have been happening quite a bit (the timeout 1-minute in, that Isles game, then last night).

    When Joba Chamberlain was having struggles pitching in the 1st inning, they changed his routine and had him pitch a simulated inning in the bullpen, so that when he came out, he was on the “2nd inning.”

    Torts needs to change the pre-game routine so they don’t come out of the gate so flat.

  54. Avery sounds like a real captain to me.

    Here’s a novel concept: MAKE AVERY THE CAPTAIN!!! This team has ZERO personality. No “Jam”. What better leader by example. This team has no passion. Handcuffed like they are, seems like a no brainer to shake up this team. . . . .

  55. Glen's short stubby stogie on


    I’ll tell ya what’s unacceptable! It’s unacceptable that that’s the best anyone can come up with! And it’s the 10th time we’ve heard it so far, and we’re not even halfway thru!

    It’s unacceptable to have a lameduck GM, and an owner who either doesn’t care, or doesn’t know better. Pick one, doesn’t matter.

    It’s unacceptable that we were promised a coach that preaches accountability (and offense). So far, we’ve gotten neither. And there’s no signs that it will change either.

    It’s unacceptable that this is the product that the fans receive and pay near the top of the league for tickets to hot dogs.

  56. Redden was god awful last night. He hasn’t gotten better. Maybe to start the season yes, but he’s been terrible. Rosy has outplayed him the last few games. Gilroy was pretty awful last night too, then again everyone was. The centers on every line had no idea what the hell was going on. On the 2nd goal, Briere was wide open because Dubinsky was up at the blue line. Joe tried to blame it on Staal and Rozsival, but they both had guys tied up. The center (Dubinsky) was dicking around instead of being where he was supposed to be.

    On the 3rd goal, Brashear wasn’t even covering who he was supposed to be. He came back to help out because Drury went spinning into the corner and completely missed and overskated the puck, leaving a guy wide open in the slot.

    The only goal last night that was a bad goal was the 1st one. DZ made the right play by picking up the man and letting Henke see the shot from a bad angle. It was a hard shot, but Henke just swatted at it and didn’t catch it or knock it to the corner. Instead it bounced right back to the shooter, got chipped to the crease, and absolutely nobody cleared out Betts from the front. Henke I thought should’ve played it better, but Betts had all day to swipe at it too. Outside of that, can’t blame the goalies for getting 0 help.

    Johnson stood on his head for most of the 2nd period. The first goal he did his job and made the guy shoot far post, but Gilroy wasn’t there because Dubinsky made possibly the worst turnover and lack of effort to get the puck back I’ve ever seen.

    And how is nobody talking about the amazing save he made on Gagne. I know it was a terrible game, but Johnson did a couple things that I liked. he was calm for the most part, and when he goes down, he takes up the top of the net too. On that play Gagne had a wide open net and Johnson made a Richter like save to keep the puck out. Gagne couldn’t believe it.

  57. johnny D,

    the briere goal was staal and roszy’s fault more than dubi. staal made weak backhand clearing attempt that failed and roszy left his side early and on the wrong side before the puck got to the dot! dubi was out of position too, but the NHL caliber dmen dont make those types of mistakes so you can see why dubi thought the puck would be moved forward

  58. Michal Rozsival on

    Hi Guys!

    It’s just after practice here in Raleigh … and I AM BEAT. Practice was tough … Coach Torts rode us really hard this morning (like he did to me last night).

    I just hope that I can recover to have a good game tonight … like I have every night. Where would this team without me?

    I find it kind of mean that everyone here is being so critical of my friend Drury. You guys really don’t have any idea of how great of a leader he is: After last nights game, for example, he stayed in and taught me to do a crossover … I can now skate so much faster! I’ll be unstoppable now.

    He was also nice enough to drive a bunch of us back to the bar where we had been doing a bit of pre-NYE-celebration prior to last night’s game. What a great guy.

    As for my buddy Redden, I find it disgusting that some of you claim he’s trying to sniff the ice … I have never seen him use drugs. He has a lovely wife. Lovely kids. And a lovely home … in fact, for his Christmas Party, he even had the tables decorated with lines of shaved ice … for an authentic feel.

    Wish us luck tonight. I believe we can get to the shootout.

  59. Carp – How do you stop the stick check? Call up the four biggest guys from Hartford, put the shooter tutor between the pipes with a pair of defensemen and then have all four crash the net repeatedly and as fast as they can, with instructions to take the body once they lose the puck. Do that drill for an hour and they’ll learn. Either that or they’ll go off with concussions…

  60. My colleague here in the office came up with a novel idea:

    Put Staal and Girardi back together and play them 26 minutes a night and play against the other team’s top line. Let the other D-men figure their sh*t out. He went as far as to say put Dredden and Blowszival together and put MDZ and Gilroy together. If nothing else, the O will realize that they have 1 stable pair of D and two other crapshoots and will have to start backchecking.

    I think it’s a novel idea.

    Also, when Sean Avery is your spiritual leader you know you are in trouble. Where Cally was last night and the abomination of a game that Dubi put forth both are majorly frustrating talking points.

    Chris Drury needs to go. Redden needs to be banished to the minors and Rosy needs to be traded to any team who will take him.

    Still 40 games or so left and the thing the Rangers have going for them is parity. But it won’t be a fun filled season at this point.

    When do pitchers and catchers report?

  61. …then again, he was playing with the likes of Ray Bourque, Joe Sakic, and Peter Forsberg, just to name a few…

  62. Good thing I had a liquid lunch and a bunch more at W77 to surround last night’s memories with a thick haze. And to think I was trying to purchase last minute tickets.

    I’m making a pot roast for tonight and plan to enjoy a relatively quiet evening with Mrs CTB in our new (relatively) house. The Rangers better not ruin what should otherwise be a pleasant end of the decade.

  63. Carp
    i know you’re probably glued to the tv
    or showing off your Xmas hat to the neighbors
    but if you’re able to come back here
    i’d like to counter your thought:

    “This team at its best is mediocre. At its worst it’s dreadful. So when this team plays without effort or smarts, it is going to get its shorts kicked.”

    on paper at the beginning of the season we expected a team that would be in the bottom half of the playoff contending teams. there seemed to be the idea of actually spreading around of goal scoring.
    but, at the very very least, we should expect the team to be able to fulfill the fundamentals such as being able to pass to one another or shooting from a decent angle or doing something more than blindly shooting the back around their zone and find it goes to the opponent or covering players in their zone or showing some degree of effort that is found on EVERY other team and every other player in the NHL!!!

  64. “very impressed with how SOFT STALL was last night. he reached a new level of Softness”

    What aboot your boy Brashit ? Funny how we get ass raped 6-0, and the guy doesn’t even attempt to throw a hit, let alone start a fight.

    All he did was talk to Carcillo, and im sure Carcillo was just trying to piss him off. But that goofy mudder fugger doesn’t have the balls to do anything.

    This team is so sickening.

    To be honest, if Renney was here, i think it might be the same, but i don’t know. We would give up less goals, cause Hank would see less shots, but we wouldn’t be able to score, so the record would be the same. So i don’t know.

    Torts isn’t the problem. He just doesn’t have much to work with, and he wont for a long time.

    All this team has is Gabby. Cally can be good for a couple of games, but he’s nothing more than a 20 goal scorer. Dublowski is a borderline 2nd line center, and everyone else sucks.

    Too bad there are no Supermodel Rangers fans. Just watching this team can keep them skinny. Eat all you want baby, cause it’s coming right back up, whether you want it or not.

  65. Linda is unemployed on

    Shor, I am sooooo excited to have won the hat! I’m gonna get the magic 8 ball, and become a phone psychic, that’ll be my new job! But only hockey players and fans of the New York Rangers will be allowed to call!! I am gonna feel like Carnac the Magnificent!!

  66. Linda is unemployed on

    the answer is: 2012

    the question is:

    when does Chris Drurys agent stop chomping Sathers ceegar??

    thats right all you end of the world fans!!! the end of drurys contract is the same year the world is supposed to end! we better resign him if we want to prevent the annihilation of earth!

  67. Carp…do you know how much a half or full page at for The Journal News would cost?

    Newman, I am definitely down for an ad. I think it would be hilarious

  68. Linda is unemployed on

    ya know that drurys spending some of his ill gotten gains on the CSS (aka clutch space shuttle), to save him from impending doom!

  69. Linda is unemployed on

    guys, just let me know where to send the check, i DEFINITELY want in on this ad business!!!

  70. this might have been linked to earlier but Larry Brooks article today gets it spot on in its opening:

    “It is not one thing not to be big enough or fast enough or skilled enough. It is quite another thing not to care enough.
    And it is even something else altogether not to care at all, which is the impression the Rangers left with anyone and everyone who had the misfortune of watching last night’s 6-0 defeat to the Flyers.
    Something is rotten at the Garden.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/rangers/flyers_dismantle_rotten_rangers_1rosBzxfqQj4XSf1dXMQoM#ixzz0bI4ySnPz

  71. Anyone good at graphic design that could make an eye-catching ad? I want it to say something like:

    Dear Dolan (he doesn’t deserve a first name or Mr.)



    The Boneheads at Ranger Report

    If we get everyone in on this, it will be cheap for everyone I hope!

  72. “So who’s on waivers today following last night’s Rangers’ debacle? Why, nobody. Hey, why ruin the boys’ New Year’s party?????”

    Larry Brooks’ tweet from today.

  73. Just email Larry Brooks and ask him when he is writing an article on Sather’s failings. He is the most influential writer in town. Then move on to the Newsday guy, then the Daily News guy, etc. . . .

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you’re serious about the ad in the paper make it a full sheet that should read “FIRE SATHER” sideways in the largest font that will fit. In fine print recommend that the ad should be taken to MSG each and every game to be used as a ready-made sign to show Dolan what needs to be done.

    Can you imagine the effect of an arena full of signs saying



  75. I just sent Brooks the following e-mail:

    Mr. Brooks,

    Ranger fans are sick and tired of seeing the name “Glen Sather” next to the title GM. You are the most influential Rangers reporter in the are and we are just waiting for one of your articles to call for the firing of this fraud. Us Ranger fans at the Ranger Report Blog are considering taking ads out in multiple papers (depending on the price) calling for the firing of this poor excuse for a General Manager.


    One of the many Boneheads at the Ranger Report

  76. Olga…genius lol…fine print needs to be big enough though where people see it! We need to get prices!

  77. nyr13 – thats true too. I forgot to mention Staal with the terrible clear. But at the same time Dubi was deep at first, then shot up to the blue line before Higgins and Gaborik went anywhere. Rozy left early because Staal gave the puck away and there was a guy in the slot wide open. So he had to pick, get the guy in the slot, or get the guy who was further away and had a worse angle (Briere). Higgins could’ve dropped back too, but I still think if Dubi doesn’t rush out of the zone like he did, then they don’t get that goal.

    At the end of the day its on all 5 guys for somehow letting a guy deke for 5 seconds about 5 feet from their own crease. That should never happen.

  78. okay.
    i’ve go to step away from here and get some work done
    i still need to repeat the idea that something is wrong
    at MSG. it’s an attitude and approach that has been going on for quite some time and it includes the fact that a number of players do better on other teams. i could understand the occasional “change of scenery” idea but there’s nearly a dozen playing in the nhl right now.
    despite all this

    HAPPY NEW YEAR’S TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. holy crap. aves i s a leader. i wanted drury to curse his head off in the postgame. instead he looks like a pre-schooler who lost a game of rock paper scissors. It takes avery in a newspaper to say that the team didnt give a crap and hes pissed. good for him. thats what a leader does. calls people out. thats what prospal does and thats what avery does. drury needs to get his head out of his backside and acknowledge that he sucks and then yell at everybody else. it starts there.

  80. Linda is unemployed on

    sigh, i just filed for unemployment, i feel like such a bum, but i got the bums rush! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I don’t even think i want to do this type of work anymore! Maybe I will just bombard anyone I can with the FIRE SATHER mantra and maybe, just maybe, do some good!

  81. Linda that would definitely be rewarding work! What kind of work do you do, if you don’t mind me asking

  82. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Johnson was fine last night.

    I keep telling everyone, I saw him play in college when he was in Alaska and once for Hartford this year. He’s solid, calm, controls rebounds really well, and CAN STICK HANDLE!! Plus he’s a big kid, and will only keep getting better.

    After Gabby, he was the ONLY trade I was really excited about on draft day this year. Sather must have snorted a line and had some sense for a few minutes.

    Give him three starts and I guarantee he’s winning at least 2 of them. (As long as he doesnt get that tudr of a team that played in front of him last night.)

    Seriously, Johnson is another Hank in the rough. Only reason Shittsburgh traded him was due to Fleury being so young, so good, and locked in for so many years.

    Vally’s contract is done after this year and he’s nto getting resigned. And as painful as it is to watch our beloved team suck it lately, it’s going ot be good for him, get some games in this year, show what he can do, then next year we have two solid goalie’s and we don’t have to run Hank down by playing 70 games a season.

    And seriously if I were Torts, I would play Johnson tonight. The team that came out last night doesnt deserve Hank in goal after that fiasco. So let them all eat shit and play in front of the back up and show some support for the kid.

  83. Carp mention the ad idea in the next post so we can get it going! And if you the price of an ad for LOHUD/Journal News, let us know!

  84. It says this on the Garden Website:

    With a solid mix of star power and promising youth on the roster, Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather continues to illustrate why he is one of the great architects in the history of hockey management. With 30 years of hockey experience on his Hall of Fame resume, which includes five Stanley Cup Championships, he is the league’s longest tenured general manager, serving the past seven seasons with New York and before that, 21 years in Edmonton.

    During his term in New York, Sather has laid the foundation for long-term success by stockpiling talented prospects and adding significant pieces via trades and free agency. Over the last two seasons, the Blueshirts have totaled 86 wins, marking the first time in 23 years the club has achieved 40-or-more wins in back-to-back seasons. The Rangers enter the 2007-08 season led by 2006 Jack Adams Award finalist Tom Renney with significant veteran additions, including proven Stanley Cup Champions, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez.

  85. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And why did Torts change his plan that was working with the demotions/benchings?

    Why is Drury off the 4th line?
    Why is BRashear Playing?
    Why is Redden playing?

    Captain Douche back to 4th line and PK
    Brashit sits
    Heikinen back up
    Redden and or this time Rosi sits.

    And that post game interview made me sick. Like Drury could care less. I was waiting for him to show he even gave a shit. Nope, nothing, typical clutch douche

  86. Linda is unemployed on

    NYRGuy, that is totally disturbing!!! Talk about living on the laurels (not LAUREL!!) of the past, this guy is the poster boy for it! It’s amazing that the New York Rangers are stuck with such mindless owners and management! It’s a travesty and a disgrace! I’m not a yankee fan, but you gotta give it up to Steinbrenner. The guy wants to win every year and does whatever is necessary to have the best people in the front office, in management and on the field. Would be nice to have an owner who gives a carp about the franchise, the history, and the fans!!!!!

    I am an optician. But I think as far as Alabama is concerned, this is the 2nd eye dr. i’ve worked for here. I’m think I’m done with it until we move! I just might go see if Sam’s is hiring, just a little change. We’ll see what happens after next week.

    Thanks guys for all the luck and wishes! Once I get back to the world of the employed, email me your addresses and cookies come your way!

  87. New Newman… you’re stuck with those three … as you know.

    jpg, somebody said it best earlier. Take Gaborik off this team, and it’s the worst in the league.

    NYR, I have no idea about the ads, and I can’t really get involved. The phone number at The Journal News is 914-694-9300 and you can ask for advertising.

    Linda, that’s NOT the ass-hat.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  88. Ah…sounds like cool work though, my eyes suck, I can’t see far away, so glasses come in handy driving at night and being at Ranger games. Not that I would want to see it right now lol. Good luck!

  89. Leetchhalloffame on

    I love Avery but it’s a joke that he’s telling everyone what an honor it is to wear the Rangers sweater. He’d still be in Dallas where he took the money and ran if not for his “sloppy seconds” remark.

  90. I think the Rangers are rubbing off on video game Rangers. My team in NHL just played like crap, every pass would never connect lol


    Carp, I’m a couple of days behind but I have to interject my two cents about Honeymooners vs. Winter Classic.

    Pick the Honeymooners.

    Here’s why:

    1) In your case, watching hockey smells like work, doncha think?

    2) NBC’s hockey game coverage is pathetic.

    3) If people boycott the game, maybe Butthead with get the message that he’s ruining the league.

    4) I hope both teams lose.

    Happy New Year to all boneheads, Carp, Blogmama and Josh, who will turn 26 in 2010.

  92. Hey, boneheads. Can’t catch up with you at all. Not today.
    My life: the sickest patient comes on holidays, just before it’s time to go home or on a half-day. Hoping to make it for tonight’s family dinner with everybody. Doubt I’ll be able to post till tomorrow. It’s been a true pleasure spending the year with you, and I mean it.

    Anyway, I do hate those effers today as much as you do, but can’t help it: LGR!!!

  93. Linda is unemployed on

    ilb, i hope you get to make it home for your family dinner also! Have a safe and FUN New Years Eve celebration!!!


    Linda, are you really unemployed? I have to look back to your first post saying that….

  95. Mikey:

    Staal is trade bait on my team. He is a soft defenseman and has no offensive upside. Maybe try and trade him to Carolina or Pittsburgh to play with his brothers. He has no emotion and can’t hit, I can’t stand that in a hockey player.

    The only defenseman I would keep would be DZ, Girardi and Gilroy, and even Girardi doesn’t hit enough for me and he’s too slow.

    And I think Bobby Sangs is soft also, I think he would be another Tom Poti.

    I would keep Cally, Dubi, Avery, Gabby, Hank, Vinny, Boyle up front.

    I think many of this teams’ problems could be solved by getting rid of Drury. I think he really drags this team down.

  96. I’ve said this for a while now. I don’t think there is any chemistry behind closed doors in the locker room. Getting along and being buddies with your teammates means a lot to how a team performs.

    Those of you who play ice hockey have an idea what it means to a team’s performance. I bet the locker room is very cliquey and the players have little to no association with each other.

    These guys definitely looked hung over against Philly.

  97. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    as long as you’re watching the Honeymooners,

    “Ales…to the moon”

    “Gabby, you’re the greatest”

    “I’ve got a BIG MOUTH”…Sean Avery

    Redden: “Mind if I smoke?”
    Torts: “I don’t care if you burn”

  98. Washington traded their Captain not because he was a shitty one. He was a good leader, its just he was a 3rd and 4th line player that was expendable. Drury isn’t going anywhere because of his contract. I don’t think he’s a great leader and similar to Clark, he kind of got it by default, except Clark wasn’t making the same money.

  99. Plus it was a move to free up cap space so they could keep Backstrom and had more to do with getting rid of Jurcina’s contract (who is a garbage defenseman). The Jackets wanted a veteran presence who could play the wing, Clark was the only one they could deal. Completely different situation than with Drury.

  100. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Greg, this is a little late but thanks for the B. Have to admit I was surprised you didn’t fail me for missing your birthday.

    Oy vey. I’m real happy I missed the game last night.

  101. avery should have a letter since he is contributing so much.. the guy cannot receive a pass on hist stick, he goes backwards instead of forward but all the bill torreys on this website think he is a player since he gets in a wrestling match on occassion.

    yea trade marc staal for a bag of pucks is is done he is 22 after all..

    the stupity in talent evaluation on this site is head shaking. keep boyle… really, the guy cannot even get the puck out of the zone, his redeeming value is?????????i forgot he is tall, my bad…

  102. Linda is unemployed on

    stuart, not only is he tall, but he loves cool ranch doritos.

    I think whalerpack is right, there is just something pretty off with this team. They all TRY hard to say the right things (aka not let their real feelings out), but it just seems there’s some kind of pent up emotion, whether its anger, hostility, dislike, distrust etc between the guys on this ‘team’. With Fankist out, who is there to give em a ‘nice chat’ on the bench or between periods. Hank shouldnt have to worry about doing that, he needs to focus on his duties. This is the (MADE UP WORD COMING) lamestly lead team i think i’ve ever seen! I think they need to have a total ‘airing of grievances’, every single one needs to get up in the middle of the room and just get all their carp out. It was great that Hank and Aves called a team meeting, and that lasted what, all of 3 – 4 games? They need to unburden all the trash they are holding in about each other and go forward from there.

  103. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    Sather should fire torts , takeover the bench and show the world how great he really is, the dolan should fire his ass.

  104. All, before you head off to your celebrations (Linda, have fun with the “family”) I just want to say Happy New Year and thanks to all you heads, bone and knuckle, who have embraced me so warmly this year as I joined the blog in an “official” capacity :)

    I got to meet some of you in person, and know others personally thanks to the blog, and it was truly a highlight of my year (Hmmmm. That may not say much for my year :).

    Seriously, everyone please have a safe night so we can continue our insane, bizzaro, frustrating and wonderful fun in 2010….and LGR!!! Warm wishes to all….mama.

  105. no movement clause on


    Chris Says Waive Drury+Rosival+Redden
    December 31st, 2009 at 2:55 pm
    Avery should have a letter.

    Drury should be canned, the Washington Capitals who have a chance at the cup canned their captain and the rangers in the shitter keep protecting their captain who does nothing

  106. And separately, of course, a special shout out to the blogfather for letting me step all over the place here and generally make my own fun…..Thanks Carp.

  107. Linda is unemployed on

    Thanks Laurel, and you have a wonderful, safe, and FUN celebration tonight also! My “family” send their regards to all of ya!!

    The past few days, I’ve truly come to realize i have no friends in freakin Alabama, and I’m kinda depressed today, but then I think about my man, my daughter (the evil turncoat) and son in law, my cat and my crazy Ranger family here, and it makes me realize 2 things: I’m pretty lucky for all the blessings I do have; and two, I need to move closer to NY!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS! Show some testicular fortitude tonight (thanks Mick Foley) and end the year with a nice win for your loyal fan base!

  108. Even worse, Glen Sather has a no movement clause, so we’re stuck with him for another 3 years.

    Like i said yesterday. The best thing for this team is for Gabby, and Hank to burn out after the Olympics, and then the team tanks, and we pick up a top 3 draft pick.

    But if Gabby, and Hank are perfectly fine all year long, then we’re screwed. Those two can carry us to 8th place, but wont get us past the 1st round.

    Tank !!!! Im willing to wait 2-3 years for a more competitive team full of players who want to play. Not overpaid vets, and greedy youth. Build the team around Gabby, Hank, and Del Z !

  109. Linda is unemployed on

    The only movement in Glens cause is retirement or death. GM for life, who DOES that, besides freakin poop for brains dolan???

  110. OneCup-Remember when Sather tried to coach and did a crap job? Then he stepped down himself. LOL. What a fool.

    The problem with this team is that Torts makes ridiculous line combos based on who is going, not what the players need to succeed. You put Cally with Drury, it’s gonna hurt Cally’s game because Drury can’t playmake, you put Gaborik with Higgins it’s gonna hurt his game, Brashear with any of the skill players etc.

  111. let’s try to be honest but look at the brightside of things.

    the rangers are very young, have a lot of D talent that is young. they have 1 world class scorer and a world calss goalie.

    there biggest problem is there forwards are totally inept.

    higgins contract is up at the end of this year. so is boyle and we will only have 1 yr left of breashear, roszival, and 2 of kotalik after this year. they should look to move prospal near the deadline unless things look better.

    man they could have used cherapanov and grachev to develop faster which appears to not be happening yet. they really have no game breaking forwards in the system at the present time………….

  112. If anyone there actually thinks the New York Rangers would ever consider pinning an C or an A on Shawn Avery is as crazy as the Rangers would have to be to even entertain the thought. Granted in a lot of games Avery is the only Ranger showing any signs of physical play, and hard work ethics. The fact is though he is a third or forth liner, that plays his heart out probably sixty percent of the time. He is also a loose canon, that can be very hard to control, on or off the ice. You never know what he will say or do. The Rangers org. would never take that chance, although I wonder why not the whole team embarasses the organisation and themselves to often through the season.

  113. I would bet that if when Vinny gets back, we take the number of games that he misses and cut it in half and then subtract 1 and that will be our record. Like if he misses 8 games, we will go 3-5. BARF! Sad van to frown town for all of us. Who’s driving?

  114. “Does anyone else hope that it rains tomorrow during the Winter Classic?”

    Yeah me. lol I hate both fan bases. Rain and snow and 45+ degrees, couldn’t happen to 2 better teams and fan bases.

  115. “Does anyone else hope that it rains tomorrow during the Winter Classic?”

    Yeah me. lol I hate both city’s fan bases. Rain and snow and 45+ degrees, couldn’t happen to 2 better teams and fan bases.

    Supposedly we get the Classic next year.

  116. philly did not even play well last night except getting in the shooting lanes to block shots but i assume that was the ranger incompetence not the flyers skill…

    7 pm eastern usa canada iihl, kreider and stepan…..stepan looks like a keeper and kreider has upside but we will see if he will be a stud or a dud….

  117. Stuart Why do you say Philly did not play well. I thought they played a game, as near perfect as you could get. The Rangers were terrible, but Philly were good, they totally shut down the Rangers offence, and applied pressure to the defence big time. They won ninty percent of the puck battles, They were just the better team by far.

  118. Weird, my comments didn’t get posted from earlier.

    Good afternoon, Carp!

    Greg, thanks for the B! I have to admit, I was a little surprised you didn’t fail me for missing your birthday.

  119. Good afternoon, Sally! I fixed it … but I think your comment went up in the 3:28 slot way up there, which is when you posted it.

  120. And this one … those are hilarious. Maybe Mr. Tortorella would like to meet Mrs. Manicotti.

    Chris Drury: “Get the bag … I’m rich.”

    Charles Dolan to Jim Dolan: “To such a man, and only such a man, would I entrust my fortune.”

  121. Hey carp my favorite honeymooner line “I catch the fish you cook the fish the only time were together is when we eat the fish”Happy New Year Boneheads.LGR.

  122. Stuart:

    As far as Staal goes, that’s what they said about Poti, “he’s young, he’ll get better”, yet never did.

    or Malhotra, or Montoya, etc. all first round picks.

    I’m not saying Staal is a bad player, just I would like to have a banger on defense and Staal doesn’t fit the bill. At least Staal could fetch something in return. And we have offensive defenseman in DZ, Gilroy and Sanguetti.

    At least throw a body check once in a while.

    Nobody said trade Staal for a bag of pucks, lets not put words in someone’s mouth.

  123. Well now its official 2010 here! Happy new year!!!
    And Lets Go Rangers! one can hope…:)
    See u in a couple of hours….

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