Goodbye 2009


Sorry, CR9, but the streak with the headlines such as “Rangers at Hurricanes” is long over.

Anyway, you can check the math for me, because mine is always fuzzy, but I have the Rangers at 38-34-10 for the calendar year 2009. Which is really hard to believe, because for most of the calendar year they were pretty pathetic and you guys were pretty angry. Justifiably so.nwyr01

Speaking of angry, that’s what I will be if any of you boys and girls plan to go out partying tonight and aren’t arranging transportation home. DO NOT GET BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A BYFUGLIEN CAR IF YOU DRINK!

Carp’s gettin’ upset. I’m also already sick and tired of this: 2K10. Please. Golf Channel, for example, is beating the heck out of 2K10. How is it easier to say 2K10 than 2010?! How?!

Going back to that 2009 record (this season only), it’s also hard to believe a team can be 18-17-4 with a seven-game winning streak and a four-game winning streak. Isn’t it?

Here are tonight’s pregame notes. Don’t forget it’s an 8 p.m. start.

Me and Mrs. Carp are going out for an early dinner; that’s why the game thread is going up a little early. Hope to be back in the chair at HQ, and online with youse guys, by faceoff. PS, I’m going to the game Saturday and at least one of the games early next week, if not both. Sounds like the new boss wants to cover more hockey in 2010! He’s a Rangers fan.

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  1. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Happy New YEar to you Carp

    I’ll be at the gam eon Saturday too

    Section 63, if you hear someone yelling boneheads, its me and the wife

    see you all next year

  2. Happy New Year Carp. enjoy dinner and before you order just remember- Carp likes his chicken spicy.

  3. NYRGuy
    December 31st, 2009 at 5:30 pm

    Check out this reckless hit on Kopitar by Avery’s best friend. Also, check out how the whole LA team jumps to his defense. Any chance that happens with us? NOPE!!
    NYRGUy, That is what a REAL team does when one of their guys gets run. Oh, how I wish we had a team with balls like that.

    By the way, Happy New Year to everyone in here and Carp, too.

  4. Early Happy New Years everyone. It’s been a challenging year as a Rangers fan (what else is new?). But we’re all still around, healthy even if some of us are going through tough times with jobs and other situations. I’ll be staying in the new house with Mrs CTB and my dad. I have a pot roast in the oven and mashed butternut squash and these tasty kettle potato chips with melted gorgonzola.

    Anyway, we’ll watch the game and if they start to lose and I lose my patience my wife will probably tell me to turn it off. Won’t let Chris Drury ruin my New Year’s.

  5. Orr, you see my prizes/awards list yesterday? If yours ever comes true you’d mark it down as the greatest year ever.

  6. I just realize there are some boneheads with health issues or family members with health issues, may 2010 bring you (or loved ones) good health.

  7. Linda is unemployed on

    first 7 & 7 (7 & ginger ale) down the hatch at ten to 5! WOOOOOOOOO!! one of the benefits of drinking in your own home, ya don’t have to drive anywhere!

  8. Linda is unemployed on

    Happy and Healthy New Year to your and yours CTB! Congrats on the new house! The pot roast, butternut squash and kettle chips with gorgonzola sound amazing!

  9. I’m likin this true blue-NY Rangers Fans thing on MSG right now lol, although Gomez, Shanny and Orr are doing most of the talking

  10. Linda is unemployed on

    damnit i’m missing that now too NYRGuy!! grrrr look on the bright side, at least you dont have to listen to Captain Mumbles ChewToy!

  11. Haha that is true Linda.

    I won’t be on here tonight, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch most of the game. So everyone have a safe and happy new year!

  12. Well now its official 2010 here! Happy new year!!!
    And Lets Go Rangers! one can hope…:)
    See u in a couple of hours….

  13. Good Hockey Evening Everyone and Happy New Year!!!!!!! I know its not that time yet, and Linda Im responding to your email right after this. Thank you Rick for all of your hard work (And MAMA too) to keep us disgruntled Rangers fans happy and all together. Im hoping that 2010 (WOW can you believe its 2010) everyone who had to overcome certain issues in their lives work out. I wish and pray for everyone that they have a fantastic, Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year and making 2010 better than the last. I hope our beloved team gives us something to celebrate, so that we can end the year on a “HIGH NOTE”

    “I liked it better with a sock in it”
    “I like you better with a sock in ya”

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOO RANGERS!!! And Orr Im gonna be up most of the night if ya wanna play.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA I knew I should have changed the wording on that ;)

    *clearing throat deepening voice*
    Orr, broheim, I’ll be awake if you wanna catch a few games on PS3 – hit me up my main man. We can talk about the FOX!

    LOL Better?

  15. Linda is unemployed on

    phwew! i was worried there for a bit! i almost spit out my new glass of 7 & ginger ale! too damned funny

  16. Now I’m mad at Sloppy Seconds for hitting my favorite non-Ranger! He’s just an emo brat because poor baby didn’t make the Canadian Olympic Squad.

    2010? I actually liked the movie better than 2001; A Space Odyssey. It had a plot. (was on all the time on old school channel 11). So I’m hoping the year will be like the movie for me. :)P

  17. From Brooks via twitter:
    Brashear, who wanted nothing to do with Carcillo last night, is out. Petr Prucha–oops, no, I mean Aaron Voros in Rangers’ lineup at Canes tonight for first time since Nov. 30 after 12 straight scratches.

  18. Hey I didnt see the Betts goal last night. Did anyone cheer when he scored or when they announced his name after he scored? I would have LOL

  19. Linda is unemployed on

    909 great news! we get to see everlast in the last game of the year!! AWESOME!!!!

    Sharkie, that was much better, and I’m sure Mrs. Guppy would like that better also!!!

  20. Linda is unemployed on

    i wish he’d turn down his paycheck the way he turns down a lil bit o fisticuffs! man, sather can just send me 1.4 million a year, I’d get my arse kicked but hell i’d protect Hank and the rest of my teammates with everything I had!!!

  21. LOL I think I would get the *side eye* more over the Fox comment than my “pick up line” to Orr LMAO

    jk she doesnt care…

  22. Hey Kids!! I finally got a free minute for myself and i want to spend that minute with you guys! My friends…I want to wish you the best year yet! Personally, financially and spiritually! Let all your worries be left behind in 2009! I love you all!!Happy New Year!

    Let’s (sigh) Go (sigh) Rangers (sigh)!

  23. CCCP!!!

    Thank you for the New Years Wishes!!!! Wishing you more of the same buddy!!!!
    S Novym Godom!

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2010 space odyssey !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad game. There I said it!!

    Your welcome Sally , just hope Mike didn’t see his …

    Go Rangerssssss pleaseee ….Goooooooo!!

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2010 space odyssey !!! " … says Greg L. on


  26. Johnny, you will show me the stooges?

    James (G) I had chicken Scarpariello (which means spicy chicken) and sounds like my name.

  27. Linda is unemployed on

    That was a wonderful minute CCCP! May all the blessings come back on you also my friend! Have a wonderful celebration and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  28. Happy New Years to all of you. I will be checking in during the game. I was supposed to be having a party, but my 2 year old is sick with a fever and throwing up :(

    I am taking the sad van to frown town no matter what tonight.

  29. Linda is unemployed on

    sorry to hear about your little one nasty! hope the fever and throwing up passes quickly!!

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2010 space odyssey !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers or World Jrs?…Rangers or World Jrs….hmmmm ….May have to channel surf tonight!!!! With #1 going to The Rangers.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2010 space odyssey !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Boooooooooo I hate when babies are sick!!!!!

    1 cheer for the baby!!! GO BABY GOOO!!!!

    Now a cheer for Canada …Go Canada eh go or something stuiped like that…

    Now go Rangerss Gooooooooooo!!!!!

  32. Christensen centering top line. We are going to kick some serio……haha, I am just kidding. Thank you for the well wishes Linda.

    CT or anyone, I went to look at the pics from Warren again the other night, and I couldn’t find the Warren Facebook page. Is it still there?

    I don’t have Facebook, but I could still look for it right?

  33. Hey Carp, if you’re not careful come midnight you’ll find yourself caught between the moon and New York City.

  34. And remember everyone, buzzed driving is drunk driving. I am being serious. Take public transportation or have a DD. And no Orr, I don’t be the size of Eva Amurri’s chest, I mean designated driver. We don’t need to lose any boneheads to stupidity.

  35. someone told me that the moon will be blue tonight…it happens something like once every 40 years… if its true…that could be kind of cool…so look out for blue moon!

  36. Larry: There’s good hunting around here.
    Curly: How do you know?
    Larry: I just saw a sign, “Fine for Hunting”

  37. Linda is unemployed on

    great post Nasty! he’s right of course, all you boneheads who are traveling to and from parties or bars or gatherings tonight, DESIGNATED DRIVER or just fall asleep where you are! We want everyone back here tomorrow in one piece!!!

  38. hey guys, whats everyone doin tonight? shirley not watching the ranger game. in for more punishment are we? linda, im stayin home till about 11. then im tearin iowa a new one!!

  39. Nasty1 – good luck with your 2 year old, I know how it feels when your kid is sick – I have one too, same age.

  40. Linda is unemployed on

    captain mumbles chewtoy, clutchingly claws his way back to the 2nd line!! OH JOY, OH RAPTURE!!!

  41. Surely I am watching the game. I have no other choice now. I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

  42. haha nasty. thats one awesome movie. i nreally hope we win tonight. i dont wanna go out in a bad mood. i’ll end up beating some rednecks ass and go to county. iowa has mostly docile civilians but when they drink tehy drink. they really love their alchy here. i might just sleep where i fall down tonight. i wont drive i promise guys

  43. Linda is unemployed on

    nasty, you’re on fire tonight!!!! and OMG not only is Jerkins back, but the clutchanese was outstanding

  44. Linda is unemployed on

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcom to the culture of Clutch and their worldwide, world renowned leader CHRIS DRURY!!!!!!!!

  45. mike u should see how many drinks it takes you to be as lazy and out of it looking as drury. cheers to hoping you wake up the next day if u do that though.

  46. happy new year, everyone.

    anyone else find it interesting/sad that henrik lundqvist was voted as the rangers player of the decade? nothing against henrik, but he’s only played like 4 seasons.

  47. linda, and all my clutch boneheads, i am off to hockeystreams. thank u cccp for thae hook-up. i will report during intermission, if im still in a coherent state.

  48. Quick funny story. It was New Years Eve in 99 and we were at my wife’s(then just girlfriend) friend’s house. When the clock struck midnight I had snuck in the basement and turned off the circuit breaker. The whole house shut down, and I could hear people screaming upstairs, “OH NO Y2K!!!!!” HA, I really fooled some of them. It helped that they were drunk.


  49. Ranger909, gotta keep giving redden them lines, keep sippin red wine, everybody looking fine. now its sublime, cha-cha-check it out. its Drury time. Clutch your purses cuz its highway robbery, brashs face is slobbery. Lets hope tonight wont be a mockery, have a feeling ima need dackery cuz the yetti keeps slappin me.

  50. 909- im half in the bag already, and i have to work tommorow morning. how lucky can one guy get/> especially if we lose tonight!! i’ll be one grumpy bastage tomrw

  51. mike,i’m all about fairness. if drury doesnt get fired for showing up hungover to work, then neither should u man. cheers

  52. oh Linda thanks for the idea ready. hope u guys no some parts of nervous system

    Raps are superstylin,sather’s probly missin some myelin
    He’s slow as hell, watching the rangers is like chillin in the NY stock exchange with no bell, it never ends, madness encloses, i gotta split, gotta be like moses, keep them posers, them foldgers in ur cup, u keep tellin me u’ll fix it, but the world is not enough.

  53. Chuck

    Lundqvist being player of the decade tells you:
    (a) how many times Sather has turned over the roster
    (b) how bad the Rangers were pre-lockout

    I can only think of Jagr as anyone being close to Lundqvist in that period and he was only there for 3+ years.

  54. they just said that Tort’s had a meeting with the team and then a meeting with the leadership. who exactly is the leadership

  55. onecupin69yearsandcounting.....and counting.....and counting..... on

    Oy , Sam Rosen and Joe M are so boring,maybe its the trying to broadcast a dreadful team, sam and Joe go off on these Tangents whilst the play is going on, even they are bored to death a real snorefest.

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