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According to Andrew Gross, Chris Drury may not play tonight. He missed practice yesterday for personal reasons, and is ill today. So Aaron Voros, who was prucha’d for the entire month of December, might get a shot.

Gross also reports that Tortorella said Chad Johnson will not start tomorrow in Raleigh.

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  1. Other reports from Zipay and Gross –
    Dubinsky replaces Prospal on 1st PP unit.
    Christensen definitely in.

    Lines will probably be fluid (is that even “news”?) especially if Drury is out.

    I’d bet that Christensen will center the 3rd line and AA will be on the 2nd, reversed from yesterday’s practice. So:

    Higgins – Dubinsky – Gaborik
    Avery – Anisimov – Callahan
    Kotalik – Christensen – Lisin
    Brashear – Boyle – Voros


  2. Repost:

    December 30th, 2009 at 11:52 am
    I don’t know if I could give out grades, how about year end prizes/awards? Let me get started…
    Sally – another pair of sassy boots and a change of diets for her new beau
    Linda – someone else to bake cookies and a new job
    Orr – Megan Fox’s car to break down in his neighborhood
    Nasty – the elusive Mitchell & Ness 80’s style Rangers hat that I’m convinced if he can’t find he might buy me excessive rounds at W77 and then take mine
    Wicky – the softest, poke-checking, perimeter playing D-man in the league
    GregL – a dixshunary
    CCCP – a universal coatcheck claim check
    Olga – incriminating photos of Sather so he “may” get fired

  3. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I guess torts is hoping they still have something to play for down the stretch.

    Perhaps Drury is showing Team USA his clutch LLWS hilights? Lord knows that’s the only thing MSG seems to remember about the guy…and the ‘intangibles’ of course.

  4. So this means Johnson will most likely start at home against Carolina on Saturday. Great, the first and probably only game I’m going to all year and Torts decides to sit Hank. How about sitting Drury or Redden you dope!!

  5. CTB, haha thanks! The first one might be a possibility, but as for the other… he’s got a jar of vegenaise tattooed on his leg so…

  6. I dont get why Torts wont start Johnson in 1 of these 2 games?? Both teams are playing Crappy right now and we have back to back games coming up.

    2 weeks ago the Flyers lose Emery and they go and acquire Leighton off Waivers and John Gramhme (from God knows where).

    If the Rangers dont trust Johnson, then they should try and grab an unsigned goalie from somewhere in Europe or something … Manny Fernandez maybe ??? He doesnt seem to be playing for any club right now

    My lines for tonight:
    Higgins – Dubinsky – Gaborik
    Avery – Christensen – Callahan
    Kotalik – AA – Lisin (All-Russian Line-Could be interesting)
    Brashear – Boyle – Voros

  7. ilb2001
    A report card?

    Izzy-(W)orld’s greatest, which is better than #1
    Mike- (P)aragrah
    GregL-(G)rammar school
    Nasty1-(H)at addict
    Linda-(C)lutch or©ookies
    MAKO-(R)ussian gfriend
    Wicky-(B)utt kicking dman(or two)
    Olga-(F)ire the schmuck

    Got busy at work, someone please take over…

  8. AFLY – just saw the same thing….shocking.

    They also have “Rangers Shopping Higgins” on their NHL Insider pg.

    Think “dumping” might be a better word.

  9. I don’t get Torts. He must think Ocho Cinco cant play since he’s dealing with his teammates death…oh wait, wrong Chad Johnson. So why isn’t this guy getting a game ? Better to start him off slowly, against a garbage team like the Carolina Staals.

    Anyway, as horribly pathetic as this team looks tonight, and despite the fact that, even if they make the playoffs, i will continue to root for them, even though i know that in the end, they will end up breaking my heart as the always do.

  10. MAKO

    Lol, Are you avoiding me ?? Every time you accept my challenge, you disappear. That’s like, three times now.

    It’s just a game, it will be like Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang. Forget the first fight, the 2nd match will be more important. But, instead of dealing with a death of a close friend, you’ll probably be dealing with a Rangers loss, so you can use that anger in our rematch.

  11. I made the Olympic team ! I made the Olympic team ! OH MY GOD, yeah, yeah ! This is the bestest greatest day of my liiiiiife, i love you, and you, and i……….

    (*falls down the stairs*)

  12. Orr

    No bro… Not at all. I messaged you AND sent you a pic of THE FOX! I was around but was ummmm beckoned to sleep early ;)

    I’m still getting used to where things are & where I go to pick up messages. Question… When I get the message alert, do I have to stop the game & exit out of it so u can see your message?

    Lol I love being rated “R” lol

  13. GRRRRRR I hope we can come up with some points. Losing Prospal is gonna hurt! So whats wrong with this Chad guy? Torts hate him or something?

  14. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Wow everyone is going to have to step it up tonight, This not the time to be loosing players. Voros is going to have to be the clutch man tonight. LOL

  15. how could they leave Rozival off, he makes $5 million per year. That’s a slap in Sather’s face, He deserves more than that!

  16. MAKO – No, just hit the PS button in the middle of the controller and the regular Playstation menu will pop up. Press PS again to return to the game.

  17. I love this team but with the depletion of forwards tonight and Philly riding a 3 game winning streak, the Rangers get their as*es handed to them 5-1. The boo birds will be out at the garden as usual.

  18. Well… i’ll be down there tonight… No Drury, No Prospal… Voros will be un-prucha’d…. not quite sure what to expect tonight… Maybe Gabby will get a Hat-trick and Aves will score as well…..

    sounds good to me!

  19. Oh and for all those clowns that keep screaming “shoot the puck” when a defender is standing 2 feet away from the guy; your doing no good as a fan. Play the game then see if you can get a shot off with a defender that close without him blocking it.

  20. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    if prospal and dru were back in and lisin and kots were sitting, i’d be happy considering what we have to work with….but not the case sooooo!

  21. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    jarrko immonen made the finnish roster (don’t think I spelled it correctly, sorry jarrko)

  22. MAKO

    If you want to play a game later, just give me a time and I’ll be there. I’m sick, so I’m gonna be in front of my TV all day, watching cartoons, listening to music, and playing NHL. Being sick can be so fun.

    I’m looming forward to seeing USA’s lineup. Pretty cool that Canada chose Doughty. Only 20 years old. Steve Yzerman chose him over Mike Green.

  23. Speaking of Prucha’d – Petr notched his 8th goal last night. If he were still on the Rangers he’d be tied for 3rd in scoring with Prospal (behind Gaborik and Cally).

    And, Korpikoski scored the shootout winner. :)

  24. So who did Patrice Bergeron “Go Down On” to get selected to the Canadian Team??

    Prucha has 8 goals & 11 points, Dawes has 10 goals & 20 points, and Korpi has 2 goals & 4 points.

    At least the Lisin/Korpi trade worked out in our favor

  25. PEDRO BORBON…oops sorry wrong sport

    LMAO @ the awards and letter grades, and who gets vegannaise tattooed on their body??!!!

    “you can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnny”

    Wow, looks like another season of poor Hank being burnt out!!

    Feel better Orr!!

    found out the “real reason” I was let go… so he could rehire this one person for the 6th time!!!! wow, with no optical experience!! business decision my ass!

  26. Can’t wait to hear the melodious voice of Pierre McNugget on New Year’s Day … what a way to ring in 2010 …

    The only question remains: Will he yield … in time? (to Milbury’s oral needs)

  27. Linda – that sucks… I was let go for “business decisions” last year, too. It’s such BS….

  28. Henrik, BS is exactly what it is, especially when the next day the car of someone who’s worked there and left 5 times is in your spot! I hope you are still not out of work!!!

    Damnit Pimp, why’d ya have to remind me about circumsized head and asshat milbury. I’ll be watchin the game on the big tv with the sound off!!!!!

  29. absolutely LOVED this post:

    December 30th, 2009 at 1:17 pm
    Asham vs. Voros 2: Electric Boogaloo


    good job Pavel!

    Shor, I’m going to apply for the GM position for the NY Rangers. Couldn’t do any worse than that freakin fossil in there now!

  30. thanks sally!!! are rents cheap up there in the USA’s great white north??

    Tomorrow is shaping up to be a nifty lil liquor bonanza for me, I have Uncle Jack, Sister Seagram and Auntie Absolut! MMMMMMMM MMMMMMM GOOD!!!

  31. Linda – “…circumsized head and asshat…” LMAO; that’s priceless!!!

    It’s amazing that they cannot find better commentators for this event (which most certainly deserves better than those two morons).

    Job market sucks; am working, but not permanent. Thanks for asking, though. Good luck to you in finding a new job.

    Sally – my daughter is graduating from UB – what’s the employment situation ~Buffalo / Rochester?

  32. Kris – thank you for pointing that out. I’m so sick and tired of fans screaming shoot when the player has A) no angle or B) their is a guy in the lane.

    Hopefully everything is ok with Drury. Say what you want about his play (which I’ve done several times), but you don’t want anything bad to happen to him, except maybe him getting benched when he is 100% healthy.

  33. Linda, everything happens for a reason….
    Except I would’ve had cookies this weekend:)

    Sally- nothing is like NY and you know it!

  34. Thanks, Sally. I love visiting UB; really like the area around Amherst. And, yeah, it is amazing how everyone seems to know hockey, and not just casually…

  35. lol you guys are the best! Always funny as hell! I love the boneheads report cards! i will come up with one later…very busy day today! Which is good for me! :)


    whats your PS3 name?

  36. Hey guys,

    Just found out and wanted to pass on to those of you who go out in the city to bars for Rangers games that Bar Coastal (78 st & 1 ave) has $3 Molson drafts for the rest of the season.

  37. I go away for 24 hours and miss so much damn lol. Anyway…

    I was in AC last night and was playing video roulette. I would put chips on certain numbers (30, 24, 10, 16, 18, 42, etc..)

    As the wheel is spinning I’m shouting out “C’MON HANK” “LETS GO CALLY” “AVERY!”

    And I’m doing this out loud…whether it was just me being crazy or all the beer in me…has anyone else done this or am I just that crazy?

  38. Shoryuken…you know the really crazy part about that? Number 6 came up 3 times in 7 spins and I didn’t put a chip on there once lol

  39. NYR, I think you know the answer to that :)

    TR, THEY ARRIVED TODAY!!!! One is now on the board above my computer desk so I can gaze at home, and one’s coming to work tomorrow…Thanks again!
    Just one question, how come they don’t say, “To my beloved….?”

  40. And BTW…can anyone else not wait to see Jagr play for the Czechs? I’m countin down the days to the Olympics

  41. I don’t know if you guys talked about this yet, but Hartford will be at the Rock against the Lowell Devils Jan 6 and Feb 3!

  42. Somethings a foot with Drury, just a guess but he misses practise for personal reasons, then he’s sick for a game? He will be missed, hopefully its only a game. we have seen how well they play without him in the line up. He does a lot of good things. On another note I don’t think they will ever sit Hank. Johnson is not ready for the NHL yet, and Torts has to suit up a team that at least has a chance to win. It shouldn’t be a problem for Hank, he’s a pro, and he should be physically and mentally ready for a few extra games.

  43. Blogmama apppearing under real name cause something is amiss and three comments of mine haven’t gone thru on two different computers, so I’m trying a back door….Carp, have I been banned???

  44. I expect to see jagr back in the NHL next year. His contract will be up, and I bet there have been teams talking to him.

  45. Jagr promised his dad he would play for his team in his hometown right? He still has to do that I think…

    But I would love to see Jagr come back…hell, I’d love to see him come back on a 1 year deal to play on the 2nd line for the Rangers if we could clear some cap space…Avery Dubi Jagr on the 2nd line…I like it haha

  46. i’d take jagr back on nyr in a heartbeat. wouldn’t even have to think about it.

    shit, i’d give him the captaincy back too. anyone’s better than captain crap.

  47. Patrice Bergeron is a great player who has been slowed down by concussions. Good for him if he did in fact make Team Canada.

    People gotta stop complaining about Korpikoski/Lisin already. Korpi came as advertised; a solid checker with great speed and at best a 15-20 goal guy. Like Malholtra he was not a big scorer in juniors, he is what he thought he is. Not the second coming of Kurri or Selanne.

    Stevie Wonder is a musical genius. Underrated drummer too.

  48. Patrice Bergeron was the only player that made the team, that was not invited to the original team Canada camp. I think it was a very wise choice.

  49. Wow, Mike Green, Sloppy Seconds, and Bowmeester all got snubbed. Doughty was a surprise choice.

    Hopefully Carter doesn’t take his anger out on NYC tonight.

    Is Slovenia gonna be playing? I’d love to see if Anze Kopitar can carry them and knock someone favored out.

  50. If Korp’s a 15-20 goal guy he has a funny way of showing it haha. It was a solid trade, Korp for Lisin. I think Lisin certainly has more potential, but will it be tapped? Who knows

  51. MikeA…I don’t think Sloppy got snubbed…this is his 2nd underwhelming year in a row…don’t know what’s up with that. Team Canada is loaded, anything less than Gold should be a disappointment for them

  52. NYRguy, dont konw if ive ever been chanting HANK, or CALLY or whoever at a roulette table, but when Im pickin my numbers I have the few that are numbers that i pick for birthdays and whatever, and then i will play numbers of some of my favorite players like 2 Leetch, 30 Hank, 9 Graves, etc.. same type of idea

  53. Doughty was picked because he has been playing well. He deserved to be on the team, the other guys just haven’t been that good.

  54. Doughty deserved it…and there are enough veterans on that team to help him out with nerves and such…who knows, he might not even play, he might just be used as their extra and brought along for experience so in 2014 he won’t be a first timer

  55. surprised doan was left off the team just for his character and leadership, but everybody cant make it, and they are trying to get a little younger

  56. I would be surprised if he doesn’t play. He’s is a very solid D man. He is young but he never seems to get rattled.

  57. I’m surprised more at St. Louis, but yeah, no one made that team that should not have, so there were going to be snubs regardless. And it’s hard to argue leaving players off that were apart of the disappointing 2006 team

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Im a profesional blogger!!! … says Greg L. on

    Alright Bloggers and bloggies , here’s Grade time!!!!
    This grade represents you blog entries and ideas. All in all , you as a blogger to me :

    Laurel B+
    Carp A+
    Josh D+
    Izzy B-
    Sally B
    Jason C
    Mike in ia A-
    GregL A
    Nasty1 B+
    TR A-
    Linda A
    Beth B-
    MAKO B
    Wicky A-
    Olga C-
    ORR B+
    Pavel B
    Truefans C-
    Vinney B-
    nyrcc C
    Kris C
    Miami pimp C+
    AFLY C
    Ranger909 B-
    shorey B
    MikeA B
    CTblueshirt B+
    Ilb2001 A-
    CCCP A
    NYRguy C+
    Hockeymon B-

    There you have it guys N Gals!!!

  59. Linda is becoming addicted to the ipod touch! on

    you guys are the absolutely most hilarious bunch ever… TV LISTING, that was freakin hysterical!!!

    Carp, I forgot that assCLOWN is for Milbury, a thousand apologies! I’ll be in ‘full type’ (and full throat, and dont you guys get naughty about that) once these genetic abominations at NBC start broadcasting the horrendous Sunday afternoon games!

  60. Linda is unemployed on

    ilb, i swear once i get the finances good, I will send you the cookies!!! that’s my promise!

    oh craps, looks like i’m stuck with the flyers guys and double crap, freakin bill ’tilt’ clement…this has NOT been a good week for me!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!

  61. I got a “C+”!

    That means I passed!! Awwwwesome

    But, wait, shouldn’t I get an honorary “B” for “Bush-league”?

  62. You certainly are a pro. ZzZz. I on the other hand am not even close, so I am happy with a B-, and I will work harder for next year.

  63. Linda is unemployed on

    thanks Greg, that’s very sweet of ya, but there are people here way more knowledgeable than I. You must like the comedy element!

    Lmao @ Mike-(P)aragraph

  64. haha B-. I didnt even have to bribe anybody this time. giggidy. everlast is gna fight if dru isnt in this game. i want christensen to put one in the frickin net

  65. I must up the ante … and honor my duty to put the term “bush-league” into each and every entry in 2010 … only then will I be a star poster and attain by “A+”

  66. Orr
    Perhaps between periods or after the game. I’m down… Drink some nyquil before hand LOL

    Im so sorry to hear about that BS excuse they gave you. You want me to come down there and bust some heads Ala McSorley style?


    Cant wait to see Jagr either…. come on wicky… you know you do too ;)

  67. Linda is unemployed on

    Between you and my fiancee, this city would be in turmoil for YEARS!!!!!!!!! If you’re ever in Huntsville and see people walkin around with Brashears mug pasted on the backs of their heads, have at it my friend!!!

    Pimp, you’re A+ to me!

  68. Linda is unemployed on

    lmao @ tellin ORR to drink some nyquil. they changed the formula on that stuff a few years ago, it is nowhere near as awesome as it was! Damn kids!

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