Flyers at Rangers


In case you missed it, Canada unveiled its powerhouse Olympic team roster. Wow.

Also, in case you missed it, at this point there are only two Rangers — Gaborik and Lundqvist — on any of the Olympic teams. Ryan Callahan has a shot at being on the US team that will be announced Friday during the Winter Classic telecast — perhaps aided by Tortorella being an assistant coach.

What does that tell you about the fine roster put together at the World’s Most Famous?


To repeat, Christensen is in tonight for Prospal, and if Capt. Drury can’t play, then Voros will be de-prucha’d for the first time in December. Lundqvist in goal tonight and tomorrow.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes. See youse during the game.

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  1. frick. i got carped. repost
    haha B-. I didnt even have to bribe anybody this time. giggidy. everlast is gna fight if dru isnt in this game. i want christensen to put one in the frickin net

  2. Linda is unemployed on

    lmao @ gettin carped!

    thanks Greg, that’s very sweet of ya, but there are people here way more knowledgeable than I. You must like the comedy element!

    Lmao @ Mike-(P)aragraph

  3. Shoryuken…I’ll let you know as soon as it comes back from commercial, I’ve been watching the pre-game on MSG

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Im a profesional blogger!!! … says Greg L. on

    Mayswell Repost it with Tony and other I missed:

    Alright Bloggers and bloggies , here’s Grade time!!!!
    This grade represents you blog entries and ideas. All in all , you as a blogger to me :

    Laurel B+
    Carp A+
    Josh D+
    Izzy B-
    Sally B
    Jason C
    Mike in ia A-
    GregL A
    Nasty1 B+
    TR A-
    Linda A
    Beth B-
    MAKO B
    Wicky A-
    Olga C-
    ORR B+
    Pavel B
    Truefans C-
    Vinney B-
    nyrcc C
    Kris C
    Miami pimp C+
    AFLY C
    Ranger909 B-
    shorey B
    MikeA B
    CTblueshirt B+
    Ilb2001 A-
    CCCP A
    NYRguy C+
    Hockeymon B-
    Tony C
    Kaspar F
    Jane H (Hot)

    There you have it guys N Gals!!!

    Go Rangerssss!! I can’t wait!!

  5. OK heads. Just got this email from Mama. Bummer. Caro, can you look into this?

    “All, mama is having serious tech problems. No comments will go through on any computer, work or home, even if I use the back admin door. I’ve been prucha’d!! Until I get the problem fixed, don’t want you to think I’ve abandoned the Report on such a night. I’ll be reading, but can’t chime in :(
    Send good thoughts my way, and to the boys…LGR! And thanks to ilb for helping me send this message.”

  6. I am happy with my B+

    When you start the year off with an A you have to maintain, with a B+ you can mess around a bit, and then work your way up.

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Which Flyer will run Gaborik tonight, and which impotent wimps will be on ice for the Rangers and fail to retaliate?

  8. REPOST:

    December 30th, 2009 at 6:52 pm
    Perhaps between periods or after the game. I’m down… Drink some nyquil before hand LOL
    Im so sorry to hear about that BS excuse they gave you. You want me to come down there and bust some heads Ala McSorley style?
    Cant wait to see Jagr either…. come on wicky… you know you do too ;)

  9. No Rangers on Team Canada, plus they have Brodeur, Pronger and Crosby. It looks like they have a nice little team for me to cheer AGAINST.

    Let’s Go Russia [or whoever can bounce that bunch].

  10. I wonder if we are going to see a little Dubi/Richards tonight? There is a little history there.

  11. Nasty, possibly.

    Maybe Richards won’t be so chippy since he’s in a good mood he won the Olympics. I think Carcillo tries to run Gaborik and Avery runs after him once he’s put back onto that line halfway through the game

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Im a profesional blogger!!! … says Greg L. on

    Haha Olga , come on , I spell good , just me gramar is a bit off. Yeah Nasty1 , great attitude. CCCP , Um Toney got a “C” . NYRguy ..ahh wha? No prob Mako , ya earned it!!


    Gametime is ..NOW!!!

  13. Linda is unemployed on

    i’d have given Nasty an A also, but if he’s happy with the B+, who am I to differ. And it looks like you forgot Doodie.

    damnit, did not get to see Wife of Yetiasshat! Sheesh, I wish MSG would stream the games so I could get all that. I guess I can find it on the website.

  14. K. One more from Mama:

    ARGH! I can’t believe I can’t comment. Can I ask one last favor…..tell greg mama says “B+? B+! What in holy hell!”

    I have no efffing clue what she is talking about, haven’t seen any recent comments. I’m effffing driving trying to make it for the game.

  15. what a joke that we cant watch this in HD… i know there are alot of other more important problems in this great world but damnnn how do they name all these channels MSG’s and the team that is currently going to be playing in the arena known as MSG MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, is on the EXTRA channel, so weak

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Will Higgins score tonight!!??!!! … says Greg L. on

    GO BOYS , long break so legs should be fresh!!! I wanna see philthy Filly get bounced and pounced on!!!

    Btw , Ranger 909 you got a higher grade cuz ya did some great rappin last game.

  17. Linda is unemployed on

    this flyers dude is lovin on Hank! and also sayin good things aboot our GABBY!!

    Man, I hope Laurels computer fart clears up and she can post. Watch Aves have a freakin huge night and she’s not able to celebrate with us! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  18. Screw Dolan…I hate him so friend is at the game and just text me and said “I have a feeling 94 really is going to have to last a lifetime”

    That just put a damper on the game!

  19. Linda is unemployed on

    NYRGuy, that’s a total bummer! Here’s hoping he turns out to be wrong!!

    I don’t think my fiancee would be able to control me if they won again while i was still young enough to jump up and down like an 8 year old!!

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Will Higgins score tonight!!??!!! … says Greg L. on

    Doodie is a C- , Mamma liked B+??? or did she not. She could of made “A” but some of her blogs got deleted and other reasons I should name later…goto watch Rangerss!!!!

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Will Higgins score tonight!!??!!! … says Greg L. on

    COME ON HANK!!!!!! Looking around and ….ooops there it is.

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! ty Olga , I know :)

  22. Linda is unemployed on

    that is freakin hilarous and horrendous at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Linda is unemployed on

    Lev, you do know that Drury is soooooooooooo clutch that he’s wearing a depends to play tonight.

  24. Well, I’m glad that if someone had to score against us that it was Blair Betts, and he got a few cheers, but they could have been from Flyers fans anyway. Terrible coverage, but Lundqvist didn’t know where the puck went.

  25. Greg Z, he’s a tough guy, i call him Mista T
    What goes through is mind, its a mystery, Rangers team causin misery keeps temptin me, my tanks runnin on empty. Greg Z I need ya to get me a nestea.
    u da man GREG

  26. Linda is unemployed on

    909 i’m nursing some Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. Gotta save the tasties for tomorrow!

  27. Linda is unemployed on

    JBytes, the crowd is almost as dead as they were the last time they played.

    oooooooooooooooooooooooy vey!

  28. omg, hate thoose early goal against. But did u see the refs hugging (not the way Laurel would have;)Avery allredy. The refs followed Avery to the bench.

  29. LOL glad you that like Linda. Im trying to impress Greg maybe he’ll bump me up to B+ with my razor sharp wit LOL

    I miss the Flyers goal. wonderful….

    Why is Drury out again? Too tired from cashing checks from his 4 goals?

  30. Lundqvist should switch his current glove for the boxing variety because he’s definitely fighting the puck tonight.

  31. Linda, around here shes a celebrity,
    tougher than wade and rosy,Glen’s gotta get that girl on D
    damn yetti, his pocket full o’ posies, his pits are sweaty
    Sign Linda, she’ll play steady, hit heavy, stay ready
    Glen, drop that cash in her pocket like confetti

  32. Linda is unemployed on

    mako, your rapier wit is unsurpassed!

    I miss Fankist! lmao, I had to explain to the man why i kept saying Fankist the other night. He just does NOT understand me where hockey is concerned. I tell him, just consider it MY physics!

  33. Linda is unemployed on

    holy carp I have my own rap!!!!!!!!! outstanding 909!!

    omg this game is disgusting right now. Are they even awake???

    guys, this is from Laurel:

    “NYR, I’m with you., thanks…Greg, upgrade please, and I helped get you through July! ilb, awesome job, thanks. CT, wish I was there. All, I’m dying that I can’t play tonight…thanks Linda for helping with last friend post….Catch up with you all tomorrow. Mama is upset and sad…..”

  34. OLGA that was F’N hilarious

    And yeah it is not fair to leave Hank in for this BS, just take him out so he can play tomorrow

  35. hey Carp, if you’re at this game think twice before u ask torts any questions. we all love ya, and dont want torts to kill ya. thanx. keep up the good work.

  36. At least the Rangers are #1 in the league for shooting the puck into opposing players’ skates.

  37. I think Cablevision/MSG turned up the hue during the Tortorella TimeOut Tirade to make his face look more red.

    Christ, I waited how many days to watch this team play like garbage?

    When does Torts stop “teaching” and start “punishing”, and punishing the right people.

    It’s safe to say that Brashear has been a total waste of cap space and roster position.

  38. Linda is unemployed on

    i’m with you Olga and NYR, take out Hank. This is disturbing. I hope he does the vulcan neck pinch on someone!

    glad you liked my fancy word sharkie! btw, hows big daddy?

  39. Dubinsky playing lazy again.
    Opposing coaches don’t have much to do against this Rangers team. They cover Gaborik and that’s about the only strategy they need.

  40. if this was renneys team, i probly woulda stopped watching. not b/c we would have less of a chance of coming back but b/c i like seeing torts angry and think he might actually send redden to hartford and start the full rebuild of this team for the better. renney was always calm. torts is pure entertainment.

  41. Anismiov

    They are the only Rangers to not be on the ice for a goal

  42. Linda is unemployed on

    MattL i have the flyers feed and torts outrageously red face gave me a prospal tan through the computer!!!!

  43. Let’s seE if our “tough guy” decides to grow a pair of salty testicles and start something. It would be better than watching us get molested in every way possible.

    Actually I hope Brashitb starts a fight and gets the piss kicked out of him.

  44. s do u think we need a new coach or what? does this guy do anything but yell, curse and scream? he obviously didnt get them ready tonight. its always after the fact when he blows up. but i feel for torts though. the team couldnt be any softer. nobody has any balls to clear the freakin crease.

  45. I would love to be a fly on the wall during intermission…

    and here we are, back to where we were two weeks ago!

  46. At least our brilliant GM knows he doesn’t have to make changes. He picked up Christensen after all. And Drury played mediocre for 2 games, so let’s move him up to the second line, especially since he’s sick. Genius.

  47. Linda is unemployed on

    great to see Mako! give him my best.. yea, the weird chick from the computer lmao

    those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it eh

  48. LOL @ Linda and her Prospal tan!

    If this poor play keeps up, we’ll start hearing cheers for staying onsides.

    This is a continuing trend where the Rangers simply don’t look prepared to start a game. It might not be fair, but I feel that’s on the coach.

    So, with Betts scoring, do he and Drury have similar numbers?

  49. Linda is unemployed on

    in honor of pimp… that period was a bush league effort!!!!

    i feel as if i need to take my eyeballs out of the socket and rinse them with everclear to remove that horror show that was period number 1.

  50. alright. I have supported higgins but i’m hearing them say he missed the net too many times now. the guy needs to get the **** outta here. its ridiculous. i understand being snake bitten but he looks like he was swallowed hole by a friggin anaconda and spit back out. someone with an iron lung would have more goals than him. jeez.

  51. Maybe they thought Betts was still on the Rangers and that’s why no one picked him up in front of the net?

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    How long before Gaborik gets Rangeritis and doesn’t give a crap anymore?

    I give it until after the All-Star break when he’s had a chance to play with some good hockey players again.

  53. Linda is unemployed on

    kern he couldnt score if he was tiger woods, the puck was lindsay lohan and the back of the net was paris hilton

  54. Jeffrey Harharwood on

    I believe I could hit the net more than that Higgins fellow, even without my spectacles.

  55. Betts has 4 goals. Good thing Sather picked up Higgins to replace him. Oh wait, wasn’t Higgins supposed to score a lot of goals?

  56. Linda is unemployed on

    LMFAO so much that i almost choked. 909 that post was comedy GOLD!!!!!!!!!!! swallowed and spit out by an anaconda and the iron lung…..such imagery!!!

  57. This game is not over. Torts will give them a good stern talking to, and they will respond with a bunch of goals this period.

  58. Drury 33 games, 5 G, 9 A, -6, 2 PPP…$7.05 million
    Betts 19 games, 4 G, 1 A, +4, 1 PPP…$550,000

  59. I see we are all in rare form tonight LOL Maybe if we’re all drunk it wont hurt so much LOL

    I saw a great ad in that NYC metro paper on the subway this morning. Its LQ making a glove save – quoted underneath it “wanted for robbery in 3 cities”

  60. Lisin will make a bad pass and get benched for the rest of the game, but Drury will be on the ice for 3 more goals against and never rest. Money well spent.

  61. Linda is unemployed on

    mako, do you tell your dad about the insanely hilarious comments that come up on here? he should join us when he’s bored!

    guess i’ll start the drinkin early tomorrow night!

    Does Hank come out for the 2nd or does he get a rest for the remainder of this ‘game’?

  62. guys, we need to all get really good makeup artists and choose a ranger for them to make us look like. then we need to commit a crime. take the make up off. suddently news headline. -Brashear wanted in 3 states for stealing fatcakes-.

  63. @NYRGuy – thanks for the stats lookup. Even though Drury has more assists, he’s also costing us 7million a year more. Be curious to see what their ice time comparison is through the season. My guess is Drury has those totals while logging significantly more ice team for the season.

    @Mako – that sounds like a good poster. I should make one that has with Drury, Brashear, and Higgins on it that says “Three wanted for robbery in NYC. Not armed and definitely not dangerous”

  64. Guys… you worry too much! Learn from us…we don’t give a carp! You wait for us to play, counting every minute till the game time, anticipate a good effort and hard work… but you are all wrong cause we don’t give a Fock!

  65. LOL Yeah I do. He gets a kick out of it – He’s been a Rangers fan since he was a kid. Hates what Bettman did to the game – thinks the the SO’s are a joke and hates Sather. So he’s a bonehead at heart LOL

  66. mko- actually, higgins is a rich bastage. thats whats aggravating. i can see brash missin wide open nets all the time but higgins? our 2.5 million dollar supposed top 6 fwd?? i guess he works hard, but cmon the guy cannot play hockey. blair betts has as many goals as him!!! why does every player that comes here suck??? i thought with renny, he was too lenient on them, but how many times does torts have to call a freakin TO the first few minutes of the game??? its still a country club whether its torts, renny, any good player that comes here ruins their careers until they leave. i have a feeling sather and torts doo not get along and one of them will be gone soon if this trend continues. guess who it will be? olgas hero? nooo way. torts will be gone and keenan will inherit the mess. this ones for u olga-

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. I don’t think they will rest Hank, unless it gets real bad then he might take himself out, it wouldn’t be the first time he did that.

  68. okay. a couple quick comments before i head back to the tv and watch….okay, yell at the screen……again.

    blair betts scored?!?!?!?!?!
    blair betts has scored 4 goals this year!?!?!?!?!?
    isn’t that how many he scored in his entire Blueshirt CAREER!!!!
    sheesh, maybe if he actually headed to the net like he just did tonight….oh, to dream.

    watching Staal make that blind pass that went to a flyer looks like one of the reasons why he’s going to watch the olympics. waaaaaaaaaaaay too much of that sort of thing going on.

    i thought we were supposed have some sort of system in play to get out of our zone other than panic-and-chip-the-puck-on-the-boards-and-hope-it-reaches-our-guy-first!!

    ….and finally, can some Ranger take a shot at an angle other than one that makes any goalie look like an all-star. with all those shots from the other side of the face off circle, I could even come out of MSG tonight with shutout.

    hope things change over the next two…….yeesh!! ug-lee!

  69. Linda is unemployed on

    maybe these guys shouldnt get paid until the end of the season! I wish ALL contracts were performance based, some of these guys would be on the welfare! holy carp HAVE SOME PRIDE

  70. Redden’s in chatteu bow wow again. looks like it at least. Before coming back from commercials there should be an extra at that says “this kick to the groin, brought to you by glen sather and the new york rangers”

  71. Matt

    Drury has also played double the games, so multpily Betts stats by like 1.5 and they’re close to identical…and Betts is +4 on the 4th line.

    How about they put a 1st line out of Avery, Christensen, Gaborik…why the Carp not

    Hell, put Gaborik with Staal and Girardi

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    Put 5 Hour Energy in the Rangers water bottles. Or put it in Torts’ and then wait for the explosion…

  73. Who can think of hockey when its almost new year?! definitely not the professional hockey players..they got better sh!t to do than come prepared to work.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ALL HELL'S BREAKING LOOSE!!!!! … says Greg L. on

    Wow , umm ….games is ….ugh , oh ..

    I can see Sather now , texting Torts…If I hear Fire Sather tonight ,yer gone!!

    Awsome Rap Ranger90210 , loved it!! Psssstt None tell Mike what his grade was …his head may swell.

  75. CT, I am sooooo sure that we are not coming back in this one, that if we do, I will pay your tab at Warren and you can keep your hat next time we go there.

  76. Betts, Dawes, Prucha, Korpikoski are all playing better than their replacements this year. And cheaper too.

  77. Linda is unemployed on

    the more things change the more they stay the same! WTF IS GOING ON HERE, and why does this guy keep saying tastycakes after the flyers score????????

  78. Mike

    Yeah… rich bastage LOL

    WOW that was almost 5 – 0. Dont this effin guys want to win? What is going on in their heads?!?!

  79. Callahan For Captain on

    What do we have here, John “Tom Renney Never Give The Goalie A Rest” Tortorella? You wait, Hank will now get ONE game off, the next one, and then be right back in there straigh to the break. Just burn out your best asset before the playoffs are even in sight. Really smart. For once something idiotic around here cannot be blamed on the GM.

  80. The Rangers look like crap and Lundqvist should not have been replaced by Ocho Cinco. good thing, there’s a Devils game on tonight, but I can’t bring myself away from this game just yet.

  81. What’s the saying – Baptism by fire?

    I can’t blame Ocho Cinco – he’s probably been practicing with the big club too long and is used to 2-on-1’s where the shooter misses the net by a foot.

  82. If they are playing like this tonight then what are they gonna play like tomorrow looking ahead to their New Years Eve plans??

    I hope after the game tomorrow Torts makes em skate while it turns to midnight

  83. Why is the Rangers HOME game on MSG2, while the Knicks AWAY game is on MSG???

    I’m guessing Dolan didn’t know the Rangers were playing tonight.

  84. Callahan For Captain on

    “Let’s get Valley back up here?” How about Valley cannot even back up in Charlotte, without embarrassing himself. The NHL is in trouble if Valley ever claws his way back from the sticks where he belongs.

  85. were still here watching lol. ohh boy. rangers rangers rangers. at least johnson looks better now. think starting him before this game wouldve been smart right? no, torts the hot head idiot. why cant we get a coach who is normal? we had mr softy renny and mr psycho torts. if i remeber, the lightning never really had such great records until 04. and after they werent that great either. oh well, hes got a cup right? so does drury.

  86. NYRGuy

    Yep. I was really looking forward to the game tonight too. I hate this crap.

    GD quick whistle!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Orr…you know what’s gonna happen:

    Gaborik is healthy all year while we suck and then next year, we’re a great team and he gets hurt, and there goes that season too

  88. Hey everyone, hope you had a great Christmas!

    I know I did, it was a white Christmas for me. Not white powder on my lawn, but white powder lines on my table.

    Chris picked me up in the Clutch Mobile, we had to go find me a new vehicle because the sky is the limit here with our $14 Million combined!

    Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year Ranger Fans!!

  89. did higgins seriously pass that. christensen wouldnt have a chance to put that in. he was basically almost pass the goal line.

  90. It wasn’t a quick whistle, but Higgins had the puck so the ref just thought, “I’ll blow the whistle and put this guy out of his misery”.

  91. Rangers vs. Hurricanes tomorrow. They couldn’t beat Ralph Kramden’s Hurricanes bowling team.

  92. salty- this is their worst i think. at home against a rival. giving up 4 goals in 21 minutes. missing every damn glorious oppurtunity we get on leighton??? yup, if chicago was the worst effort and road game, this would be the home game equivalent. but at least im hungry for tasycakes!!

  93. Linda is unemployed on

    has ANYONE taken the body at all?

    great intermission talkin to Torts, they look just as crappy now as in the first! So when does it get chippy and fight filled???

  94. Watched TSN interview with Wings and he talked about players that are committed to win. That is always missing here. Pathetic!

  95. Joe’s words of wisdom — forecheck and take some shots. Why couldn’t the coaching staff thought of that?

  96. Should the Rangers be forgot,
    and never brought to mind ?
    Should the Rangers be forgot,
    and old lang syne ?

    And surely you’ll buy your Stanley Cup !
    and surely I’ll buy mine !
    And we’ll take the Cup o’ kindness yet,
    for auld lang syne.

  97. Shor

    I was JUST thinking the same thing. But Im sure he hasnt seen the ice… so he cant start anything. But you would think he’d say something to Torts or be vocal on the bench. He’s a bump on a log. Useless at boobs on a bull. No offense to the ladies…. you know I love you all ;)

  98. Hahaha… Micheletti was joking that Sam is in the Rangers 2010 calendar in a bathing suit.

    Not to sound gay, but I’d rather see that than the Rangers right now. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  99. The New York Rangers have one player, yes one player, who has any confidence around the net. ONE PLAYER WITH THE ABILITY TO FINISH ON A CONSISTENT BASIS!!!

  100. Del Zotto is now -16…only Aaron Ward and Brendan Witt are worse…I know the kid is young, but maybe they should re-think playing him over 20 a game?

  101. Using Blackberry to comment til battery dies.
    C’mon cover that Johnson.

    Looks like this is going to turn out to be Night 8 of Drinking My Way To 2010.

  102. MDZ -16
    Girardi -11

    And they are out 2nd defensive pairing playing over 20 a game? Don’t ya think maybe he should break them up??

  103. so guys, what do u think of Johnson so far? he seems to be going down too early but maybe its just nerves

  104. Gaborik is being wasted. Now Gaborik has to worry about playing defense too. Go Slovakia in the Olympics! Jarko Ruutu will probably go after Gaborik in Vancouver.

  105. not for nothin but i really believe renny would have this team in a better position in teh standings if he was still here. i really do. he got more out of a less skilled team last year and we are not scoring any more goals than we did last year. besides gaborik. if gabby wasnt on this team, do u think torts would still have a job?

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    “FYI its the man behind the Flyers Bench who I wanted last year not so much Torts.”

    You mean the guy with a beer in each hand, wearing the T-shirt that says

    I’m With Stupid ->

  107. been busy. did I miss anything?

    Just kidding. Nice job by the new enforcer on the third goal. Nice job by Dubinsky on the fourth. really, really bad move throwing the kid in there under those circumstances. totally not fair to him.

  108. I really don’t have a big problem with Torts…but I like coaches who adjust the teams’ game based on the players they have…not one who lives and dies with one system regardless of who he has and how they perform

  109. WOW that was not Johnsons fault! Nobody even told him the puck was going to the other side. He never moved!!!

  110. Linda is unemployed on

    lmao @ blair witch betts, very clever

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES~!

  111. RAN

    To bad her sex tape is pretty much her douchebag ex bfs ass the whole time. Not just that, when they get it on, he leaves her bra on.

    What world are we living in ??? Unleash those bombs and let the gonzaga explosives do their work.

  112. Linda is unemployed on

    lmfao @ ilb!

    they need to sustain that FIRE SATHER chant… do it throughout the intermission and as soon as the 3rd starts,and dont end it until the game is over and they turn out the lights!

  113. Johnsons not doing anything different than lundqvist. None of these goals are the goalies fault

  114. Linda is unemployed on

    guys what would be better, a 20 minute long FIRE SATHER explosion from the fans… or…….


  115. Don’t most teams just fight the other team when they are getting beat like this??

    ALA Calgary vs Edmonton the other night

  116. You’d think they’d put us on a channel that works, MSG2 has THE SAME AUDIO PROBLEMS EVERY TIME. I haven’t heard announcers all night. But it is kinda nice not to hear Joe making excuses for them.

  117. I’m gonna wrap myself in tin foil and run out into a thunderstorm and pray I get struck by lightning so I never have to watch the rangers again

  118. Johnny Larue
    There’s a better chance that Michael Jackson will tour in 2010 than the Rangers coming back in this game

  119. no idk hes not a bad coach hes just working with some downright bad players. theres only 1 goal scorer on the team and 1 dman that can play d. but he makes some weird decisions during the game. doesnt make sense what he does. i like his personality, i think he would be great on a team that has a d that is capable of playing up tempo and able to transition well to get back into position and the forwards are mostly bricklayers on this team so i cant really fault him for that, but hes gotta be able to get these guys ready to play, and so many games they come out and look like they dont know theres a game goin on.

  120. Linda is unemployed on

    NYRGuy, that would be too much to ask!! it would be incredible though. And crackhead dolan would be upset that they lost all those 3rd period hot dog and beer sales!

  121. Nasty

    Sorry didnt see your comment. LOL well some nun’s CAN give up the “habit” convert back to the civilian lifestyle LOL Then they wouldnt be so useless =P

  122. This one is not over yet. Torts will really give it to them this time. They are bound to respond to that. Seriously I feel sorry for the Ranger fans who paid good bucks to see this. I feel sorry for Ranger fans everywhere. I wonder who will get benched now.

  123. Linda is unemployed on



  124. It’s not Torts’ fault.

    Our top point producers:

    Marian Gaborik 26 23 49
    Vaclav Prospal 8 24 32
    Michael Del Zotto 5 15 20
    Ales Kotalik 6 13 19
    Ryan Callahan 9 10 19
    Brandon Dubinsky 6 10 16
    Artem Anisimov 7 8 15


  125. alright forget this game…i’m gonna go play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 i think i can play better hockey and kick ass at the same time on multiplayer

  126. Hockeymom are you being serious or sarcastic at this point lol

    Linda…Brashear’s entire contract is still on the books for this year and next whether he is waived or not because its a veterans contract

  127. The Knicks are losing to the Nets. How appropriate would it be to have a Ranger blowout loss and the Knicks lose to one of the worst teams in history on the same night. The Dolan double whammy.

  128. Please, if wade or somebody gets sent to hartford, i need one of you guys to get a pic of them getting on the bus. it would be epic. Linda, i have a job idea. If you were a professional hitwoman, there would be a lot of ranger fans paying you to take some players out.

  129. This is clerarly the worst Rangers game I have watched all year, probably because I missed the long losing streak. Hopefully, it’s just an aberration, but they have played games like this earlier in the season. What happened to that four-game winning streak?

  130. Linda…Briere was being interviewed by Al and he asked about looking ahead to the New Years game and he talked about how it was a good question and the Rangers beat us last time, we couldn’t look ahead and they are a very tough team to play against so we have to be on our game

  131. Blair Witch Betts on

    I don’t think you boneheads are getting it. The fact that I scored against the rangers is as sad as my own face. The goal I have scored put a curse on the franchise that didn’t even bother bringing back the best PKer in all the land. Even your piece of **** captain can’t match my potential. I hope you all enjoy watching this type of gameplay fron the rangers because it won’t end until I retire or beheaded.

  132. The leafs and the Rangers, the two top money making teams in the NHL, and both teams play terrible almost every home game to a packed house. Everyone should just get up and walk out, that would shake things up a bit.

  133. Ilb…I think it would be great if Hank went into the room and said screw you guys, I’m not playing if you are gonna give that kinda of half-carped effort to the rink every night

  134. Linda, Briere talked about all the open space they had and that doesn’t happen that often. And that they knew the Rangers would get yelled at during the first intermission, so they tried to stay aggressive. Once again, the opposing team is outcoaching the Rangers.

  135. Linda is unemployed on

    909, i’d take that job!

    i wish i could’ve seen that briere interview! thanks for the highlights NYRGuy!

  136. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROCK-BOTTOM IS NOW!!!!! … says Greg L. on


    Oh yeah , couple other on da list …

    Spiderpig C
    Eric D
    Salty D-

  137. LOL what else is he going to say. “Hey you know they arent playing well, they are letting us do whatever we want. Their defense sucks.”

    Which is another reason why I like Ovechkin… last season he called out the team when they gave up that 4 of 5 goal lead & they won. He said “their coach stopped coaching and their players stop playing, we took over the game.” something along those lines.

  138. If Ranger fans stayed away for a few games, I think it really would shake things up. Hit them where it hurts.

  139. So what’s the draft pool for next year look like? We have a shot at a good 1st rounder. Though Sather, if he’s still here, would fudge it up and pick the next Jessiman.

  140. Imagine if Sather traded our 1st rd pick to get Betts back because of the game he’s having tonight and because he fit under the cap…what would you guys do??

  141. wors effort of the season.

    totally inept and soft beyond belief.

    avery stinks BTW. he cannot score if the net was empty.

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROCK-BOTTOM IS NOW!!!!! … says Greg L. on

    Yeah I responded dude , didnt ya see!?? I thought it was awsome …loved it.

    Thing game is outta hand ..we need a Captain or something.

  143. I can’t wait to watch Torts on the post game. I hope Maloney rips in to the team too. Then it is either watch the Hangover or play nhl 10 on x box until my eyes burn.

  144. hockeymon- i said this awhile ago. u want sather fired, dont go to games. just boycott till hes gone. bring fire sather signs and picket outside the garden till dolan gets the message. just look at how soft this team is. theres no one on the team that has any leadership to get the team motivated after being embarrassed. hank has to do drurys job. avery too, even though hes seen better days and i havent seen that stupid, avery record lately/. so whats the record with him in the lineup this season? u sure it wasnt jagr and lundqvist? well, avery did provide spark and life to this team but not since torts took over. wonder why?

  145. Michal Rozsival on

    Hi Guys,

    I managed to sneak out for a couple … boy, my man Torts is really giving it to the guys in the locker … I hope he’s rough on me like that after the game too.

    Anyhow, I wouldn’t worry too much, we can get right back in this game … especially if we get an early power-play. Then I can rip one of my 20mph zingers right into Bobby Boucher … that’ll leave the rebound for Higgins, who will surely put it in the net. Guaranteed.

    Ok, gotta go, I’m going to give it my all … just like I’ve been doing it all season, trust me …

    Ps. Do you guys know what they’re chanting in the crowd? Is it “Admire Sather, Admire Sather”?

  146. And of course the Devils have a 1-0 lead over the CINDY CROSBY AND THE PENGUINS in the 3rd period.

  147. Turned it off after the 1st. Only good part of tonight was seeing Aaron Voros’ girlfriend on Rangers pre-game.

  148. Remember when Isbister was one of the least skilled guys on the team? On this team he would be a first liner.

  149. Guys, I miss the net on purpose so I can give my linemates an oppurtunity to score off the hard rebound. I just can’t find that right angle and I do it everytime!

  150. Frankly, the Rangers always play crappy this time of year. They don’t pick it up until Feb when they realize they are against the wall. Then they play good enough to eek into the playoffs and go nowhere. Par for the course.

  151. After embarrassing “performance” like this, can we finally expect that Sather gets fired??? This is not pro-hockey for sure and one of the worst Rangers games I’ve ever seen (in 10 years)…

  152. jonny- but this is a whole different team and coach? lol is it sather? its always the same year in year out no matter who is here. the only constant in this depressing equation is sather!!! he puts the same soft serve diahrrea on the ice every year!!

  153. To the QUIT SMOKING commercial woman –

    Of course you don’t smoke anymore… you don’t have any appendages left to hold the cigarette!

    I was creeped out as she was counting the number of operations on her nubs…

  154. Nasty 1

    Assassin’s creed? That game isn’t bad at all. Do you like tennis? I find tennis games pretty interesting…

  155. Chad OchoCinco on

    Did you hear that I plan on doing my fireman ed impression after I burn darelle revis on Sunday night?

  156. if we thought that postgame with torts cursing was bad the last time…. boy this ones def. not gna be PG rated.

  157. Briere said his team plays a system. What is this system he speaks of? What is a system? Like a gaming system? Like the X Box 360 or the PS3?

  158. ranger…i think he’s actually going to be very calm and just not really say anything…not sure why, just a feeling

  159. Linda is unemployed on

    nope mako, was makin some shrimp fried rice! forgot to have dinner. but watching this game while dining could prove to be, ah, not wise!

  160. too bad Nasty 1 you dong have PS3… “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” is an absolute masterpiece! There’s no better game out there! After you beat the game you open up a multiplayer level online…same game play as in “Call of Duty” with many mini games!

  161. Linda is unemployed on

    holy carp NYRGuy, torts NOT saying a word would be more frightening than his laser beam red face when he freaks out!!!!!! They’d think he’s gone norman bates and be freakin scared carpless tomorrow!!!!! BAG SKATE BAG SKATE

  162. Hey everyone, I’m in the penalty box again.. Can you believe these officials? They just won’t give me a break. Just letting everyone know, to make up for this loss, I’m gonna take a swipe at cam wards jugular with my blade skate, no harm intended though. See everyone at the post game reactions!

  163. My friend said MSG is still packed, no joke…that’s amazing…sounds like you could hear a pin drop

  164. Linda is unemployed on

    is anyone concerned that Mess is being GROOMED by YETI???

    will they get to 8???

    that’s 6 tastycakes!!!!!! wooooooooo

  165. @Nasty1 – I LOL’d at the sad van to frown town – good one! Too bad it’s so true. This team has quit on the coaching staff

  166. @NYRGuy – No one is leaving because it’s cold out and after-game dinner reservations can’t be moved up.

  167. Funny thing that happened to me, couple of relatives visited with no clue what hockey is, watched the rangers and devils games tonight, and said the rangers look like they don’t care.

  168. my god.. its 6-0…get in someone’s face!! hit somebody!! Get focking physical you bunch of overpaid unprofessional bags of carp!

  169. How are these Philly Fag Frogs line totally dominating this team, though I really like French men dominating me often at the East Side Club at 237 e 56 st.

  170. The Rangers goaltending has not been the problem in this game. Michael Leighton(!!!!!!!!!!) is pitching a shutout against us. That’s all you need to know.

  171. Sather is telling the fans that he can put a pile of crap on the ice and tough s*it if you don’t like it. People need to boycott this abomination of a team to get Dolans attention. The arrogance of Sather is sickening he wont even speak to the media.The fans can make a difference if they can organize an en masse exit at a game. Maybe that will get Dolans attention.

  172. Gotta love when someone tries to imitate you. Nothing but love man. If I wasn’t me, I would want to be too. Keep up the good work.

  173. This is not the first lousy game this season, but even last year didn’t have this many boring, poorly played games.

  174. This was a really lame effort. What can the coaching staff say after this one? I can just hear it This is unacceptable.

  175. Linda is unemployed on

    hell i’d have been screamin FIRE SATHER all night long! this is yet another disgraceful game this year.

  176. Thank goodness we didn’t get picked for the winter classic this year – nothing like being totally embarassed on national TV

  177. Linda is unemployed on

    hell they shouldnt even turn in their tickets! then they couldnt announce a sell out! lmao!!!!!!!

    wow, what an absolute DISGRACE to the sweater!

  178. So…lets ask the boneheads!!

    If you’re Torts, who are your two scratches tomorrow night?? And is Sanguinetti still up?

  179. I really don’t think Torts is going to have an angry, emotional rant. He looked beaten standing behind the bench.

  180. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROCK-BOTTOM IS NOW!!!!! … says Greg L. on

    Bad goaltending, bad defense,bad Coaching,bad offense ,Bad commentary ,Bad GM,Bad ownership,Bad Ice , and guys like Hank,Gaborik and Delzotto can’t do anything what is good about the rangers???

    #1 Original 6 team

    #2 Uniforms are the best.

    #3 Ranger report Blog

    Thats it folks…what else can I say. oh yeah , Spiderpig …ya got alot more in ya ..I see it.

  181. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " ROCK-BOTTOM IS NOW!!!!! … says Greg L. on

    Other notibles on da list :

    Scx C-
    Messiah94 C
    Jonny Larue C+
    Chuck woolery B-
    Jbytes C+
    Stuart C

    and Laurel…you have an A in you…I see it as well.

  182. At this stage, it’s time to embarrass people … sit these clowns down …

    The tough thing is: Which clowns do you sit? They’re all morons.

  183. This like the Islander game last week. Came out and decided not to compete. Only difference is the Flyers have more talent then the Islanders. Enough to embarrass the Rangers.

  184. LOL @ Al Trautwig on the post game… how about “serve notice that the Rangers are two easy points!”

    I’m getting the feeling that Joe Micheletti wants to try his hand at coaching the Rangers. The last few weeks he has become very vocal about what he considers poor coaching decisions.

    I know this may be traitorous, but since Torts doesn’t have the horses to run his system and REFUSES to play to the (if any) strengths of the players he currently has, well, it might be time to bring in Iron Mike from the studio – who is really the last Rangers coach who didn’t care what the name on the back of the jersey or the amount of the check.

    Oh great – Captain Clutch is being interviewed. This team definitey has his personality, which is none.

  185. I can’t see where he could blame any one or two guys after this one. No one played very good at all, it was the worst I’ve seen in a while.

  186. Drury:

    It’s over, can’t change it, thank god we play tomorrow.

    I think from the first Islander game last week, we have to come back like we did then.

    Just weren’t playing sharp enough.

    We just werent getting pucks to the net, not winning battles, etc.

  187. Wow Drury thinks they weren’t playing hard enough. They keep forgetting that!
    This team has gone straight downhill since the arrival of Drury. After listening to him drone and mumble, it’s easy to understand how uninspirational a leader he is.

  188. Does it really mean that the only team that I can watch right now in New York is the Knicks??? Unbelievable.

  189. I’d like to see Dale Weisse get a shot to bang some bodies around and maybe are favorite Finn Ilkka too.

    Interesting note: the Anisimov/Lisin/Kotalik line was even in this debacle. They had a decent forecheck going.

  190. Sather's WrapUp on

    Happy New Year’s Eve Eve Ranger Fans! Whew! This is the worst day I’ve had since… well, since yesterday.

    For a while there, after it was 6-0, I thought we were in trouble. Well, we certainly have some work to do on this team. After everything we told them, I still saw half the team skating across the logo on center ice.

    I’ve got to talk to Torts about Ice time. I hardly saw Lindros out there at all. I hope he’s not pretending to have those headaches again. We are paying him to play, aren’t we? What? We aren’t? Well where did he go?

    Oh, never mind…

    Those Fire Sather chants are really uncalled for. I wish Messier wouldn’t keep starting them! Hey Muck! Muckler! Go tell Mess to shut the hell up. He can have the team when I’m through with it. No way. You had your chance…

    Riiiiiing! Hi de ho ho ho Jimmy! We did it again big guy! Another sellout. Not like the Knicks, eh? No, these Ranger fans will never smarten up. They keep going and going… just like that cute pink bunny. So how did the Knicks do tonight? Lost to the Nets? Aren’t they the worst team in the NBA? Well. I guess the jury is still out on that one. Oh, stop crying, you’ll ruin another cell phone. Bye. (click)

    Boy, the flyers sure put some rubber on our Johnson, didn’t they? I bet he saw more shots coming at him than Bonnie and Clyde did.

    Well, gotta go fans, I’m going to be out at Rockefeller Center doing some scouting for the Rangers. Gonna see if I can pick up the next Blair Betts.


    Not to worry, that’s just Torts post game conference.

    Sleep tight Ranger fans. After all that Crown Royal, I know I will.

    The Glenster

  191. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Ok, so I dvr’d the game and am at the start of the 3rd…I am sooo frakking pissed and embarrassed right now I can’t even explain it.

    There is zero reason ZERO that voros is scratched and lisin, higgins, kots are not. At the current time voros offers the same amount of out put on the ice as they do point wise and will actually stand up for people and fight. He does it for LESS money than 2 of the 3. But i guess torts would rather have a slick skating gutless heartless squad as opposed to one that cared and stood up for teammates even if it skates a bit slower. That slick skating sure does produce a lot of wins and goals doesn’t it!!!!!!

    Don’t even get me started on over paid holdout Dubi (sorry sally) or mr tough d man staal who lets hartnell justshove him into the back of the net and have hartnell just giving him the business and not fight back so avery has to come all the way back behind the net to save him.

    For those of you who keep saying staal and others on this roster are tough and gritty enough…get a clue, that kind of gritty attitude is something some have and some don’t and other than avery, boyle, voros, mdz and cally at times….this roster doesn’t.

    Last thing before I drink another beer/wisers and try to stomach the 3rd, this game is one that brashear needs to be getting a regular shift on the 1st or 2nd line…then we find out with ice time whether he is worth anything at all as an enforcer….but torts probably isn’t bright enough to figure that out…he still thinks he has a line of st louis lecavalier richards to give the lions share of the ice time to…well he has gabby………..

  192. Canada and the U.S. play tomorrow night. I think I might watch the juniors play. That should be a good game. Go Canada!!!

  193. what can torts really do? he cant bench anybody but the 4th liners or redden again. mayeb rozy. but the team has trouble even establishing a forecheck on the pp. they barely keep the puck in. if holik was on teh team, i think he would take back his statement in 04 and apply it to this years team. there are some young kids out there but holy carp, even dz and gilroy are gettin bad. i cant believe i get excited to watch this teambut tommorow i will be here again with hope that it turns around.

  194. Hank is certainly not protecting his defenseman…saying it looked like nobody wanted to get dirty or protect the net…not those exact words, don’t feel like rewinding lol

  195. I’m not a big fan of Joe because he seems to play favorites… I personally hate homer announcers. I prefer it when they call it like it happens – if it’s an awful play, say so! I don’t care that the guy is wearing my team’s jersey. That being said, he does seem willing to take the coaching staff to task on some questionable moves – like overplaying certain guys, not giving other guys ice time, etc.

  196. Wicky don’t even bother watching the rest, nothing happens. No fights, no hits, no chants, nothing.

  197. Hank was good there, and he definitely took some shots at the team. Good. He threw himself in there, which is the right thing to do, but he has every right to call out his team. Watching that from the bench probably made him want to throw up all over himself.

  198. Dubi…

    I don’t sit here and have all the answers for it. I don’t want to sit here and talk about how the team played. I was awful and had turnovers that cost goals and that’s unacceptable, I have to be better. The team relies on me to be one of those go to guys and I let them down tonight.

  199. I would love for a player to just kick the media out and just give his team a complete tongue lashing (cough: Drury: cough)

  200. Linda is unemployed on

    i agree Nasty, Hank has earned the right to call out the team. Noone else seems to freakin care. I seriously wonder if he’s going to bolt when he gets the chance. These guys should be embarrassed by themselves and each other! When your captain seems as if he’s had the life drained out of him since he signed that sugar daddy contract and doesn’t have one ounce of freakin oomph, and your GOALIE is callin you out, you know its bad! And Torts really needs a game plan that incorporates whatever these guys CAN do, because they cannot successfully play his system continuously.

  201. Captain Clutch isn’t gonna let this loss ruin the rest of my Kwanzaa!

    Cheer up guys! Let’s talk about Christmas presents instead! Captain Clutch got the new iPod Touch! The iPod Clutch!!! With a Captain Clutch app that shows a clutch highlight every 7.7 seconds!

    And now with my new iPod Touch, no matter where I’m at, I can watch my favorite Three Stooges episode all the time: “Pardon My Clutch”!

    Captain Clutch stayed home from practice and spent all day watching it today! Uhhhhhhhhh…….I mean, I missed practice because of “personal reasons”!

    Anyway Rangers fans, you guys are in for a treat!!! Captain Clutch is about to go on another goal-scoring hot streak! Blair Betts scored his 4th goal tonight, so he’s only 1 behind Captain Clutch’s 5 goals! Captain Clutch has gotta stay ahead of Bettsie to keep my title as “Best 4th Line Center In The NHL”! What a steal at only $7 million per year!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  202. No matter how bad Dubi thinks he was, he was no where near the worst guy out there tonight. There was plenty of blame to go around.

  203. @KC – regarding Keenan – yes, his better days have passed, but these guys don’t have any respect for the coaching staff.

    When we fire Sather, who do you think we should bring in as GM? I do not think Mess would be a good choice.

  204. Repost:

    Hey everyone, hope you had a great Christmas!

    I know I did, it was a white Christmas for me. Not white powder on my lawn, but white powder lines on my table.

    Chris picked me up in the Clutch Mobile, we had to go find me a new vehicle because the sky is the limit here with our $14 Million combined!

    Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year Ranger Fans!!

  205. LMAO the iPod Clutch!!!!!!!!!! I swear who ever you are thank you for these post. They make my night.

    Chris was was their pedialyte behind you during your clutch interview?

  206. He seems calm…not talking much…

    I think I have a good undestanding of locker room, but I’m stumped at how we played that game.

    We’re always trying to figure things out, but after the first period, it was a period I couldn’t understand. Soft passes, turn aways, turnovers, coverages, right on through

    If we have to go with a coach losing his mind and mkaing an idiot out of himself every 5 games, we’re beating our heads against a wall. We can’t do that. Need to find consistency.

    I don’t have an answer as to why we played the game we did. Practiced well, good spirits, etc. Don’t know why

  207. “Im stumped at how they played that game.” “after the first period, it wasnt a period that I didnt understand”

    “Guys I dont have an answer as to why they play the game like this. I dont know why” “we have to start over” “Best thing for us is to play another game right away”

    WOW 2 min of presser

  208. Linda is unemployed on

    lmao @ his kids might read this! If he HAS kids, nothing here could come close to what they’d hear AT games!

    lmao @ pedialyte! are you sure it wasnt ENSURE????

  209. Ok, totally serious question:

    Do the Rangers employ a sports psychologist? According to Torts, the guys practiced well, etc. It seems to me that their psyche is VERY fragile, and one bad bounce really steamrolls on them. These guys have no confidence whatsoever. No swagger – and perhaps this starts with the captain.

    Someone needs to get in their heads in a positive way!!!

    @KC – I can’t see Dave Maloney as GM – maybe DON who has done a very good job with the coyotes…

  210. Matt L.

    I think I asked this question 4 times since I’ve been blogging on here. And never really got an answer I think. But I really want to know do or should some of these players see someone? It of course starts with their Captain….

  211. Linda is unemployed on

    mike, i’m sure the sens fans posted worse stuff about him. Hell, imagine (insert bad actresses name here) future kids watchin moms sex tapes. Nothing’s sacred anymore.

    LMAO@ misses Fankist! HOLY HELL I KNOW I DO! This is not a good sign for the next 3 weeks! GET WELL SOON FANKIST!!! Your public misses you!

    MattL if they DO employ a sports psychologist, he’s as bad as the goalie coach! ;-)

  212. Dave Maloney seems pretty knowledgeable, not to mention passionate. Plus he worked in investment banking, so has some money smarts. What real job has Sather ever had? JD seems to be doing pretty well in St. Louis. Why not? Would he be a worse judge of talent than Sather?

  213. mako- i think torts mightve just been told to calm down or somethin cuz im sure he wouldve really called people out and said things that could make him lose his job. i can understand him yelling during teh game and cursing at players but when hes being grilled like that, hes gotta choose his words more carefully. all i know is, the whole team stunk and they will hear about it. hopefully they get a win tommorow and get back on track here. idk y they play so bad at hoem though. they party too much. look at higgins he can barely shoot the puck in teh direction of the net let alone in the net. redden,rozy,gilroy,and now staal are all soft and getting softer. mdz is kinda crappy defensively too. what is he a -16? just a bunch of players with limited skill sets and no chemistry or leadership at all. but they get paid obscene amounts of money and they get to party in the best city in the world. they need to reward the fans who come out every night to watch them. i do feel bad for the people who pay to see them. i would personally boycott the garden until they got rid of sather. i wont go to a game if hes still the gm. im no giving my money to him and dolan and drury. unless they start playin like a team that gives a carp.

  214. There is no leadership on this team. Prospal is pretty good, but everyone else is quiet. Avery has been muzzled, and Lundqvist can’t do it all. The young defensemen are deteriorating because there is not a strong veteran leader on defense. And after Gaborik and Prospal, who is supposed to be teaching the young players, either by example or mentoring? There is no one. No one.
    Sather created this team.

  215. Mike

    I think he was just dumbfounded at how his team couldnt give a carp about. All of us on here could have laced them up and played better. They were awful, just awful. It goes back to – what domino effect is going on in their minds for them to play this way???? For me I FORCE myself to progress and once you see some return on your progress it builds like a snowball down a mountain. I dont know WTF they are going. They ARE very fragile mentally. Not LQ or Gabby…

  216. Linda-I really don’t think you can fault Benoit Allaire too much. I think you stick almost any other goalie behind that team tonight you would have gotten a similar result.

  217. Linda is unemployed on

    Jarret, should have explained my comment better, for it was not meant towards tonights game. We’ve discussed here the propensity (uh MAKO) for Hank to get beat high on the glove side, which has been going on for years but has, for reasons unbeknownst (MAKO) to us, does not seem as if its been worked on. So, the lack of attention to that ignited my lil comedic jab at the goalie coach. Lets call it, uh, creative license ;-)

  218. there is something WRONG in the Ranger locker room……
    for years!!!

    except for the occasional Orr fight, there wasn’t much fight in the team when Jagr would get doubleteamed. no one to play to take the pressure off of him.
    same thing is happening to Gaborick who seems to be losing interest and/or getting frustrated.

    it is just sooooooo strange to see a group of professional players player with so little passion and grit
    and, as i mentioned earlier, they panic constantly in their own zone whether or not an opponent is nearby. they just toss the puck away and it usually ends up with the other team getting it.

    i mean it’s little things like that that is driving me crazy.

    i think i’m outta here.
    back to Night 8 of Drinking My Way To 2010.

  219. yup mako. they are human after all. sometimes we forget that. but yea, somewhere someway somehow this team and its staff have to do something because every year its the same thing. its getting so damn frustrating and i can just see how the people who pay top dollar to go see a game like this must feel. at least play like you care at your own arena. have some pride.

  220. btw,
    Linda, what happened???

    are you really unemployed???

    if so, i’m really sorry to hear that.
    worse situation than a bad hockey game
    of course a decent hockey game would have taken
    a degree or two of the sting.

  221. Linda is unemployed on

    sure am jpg. got let go monday night supposedly a business decision, but he rehired this one person for the 6th time, and this person has absolutely NO clue how to do the job. Good luck to the poor patients, having to deal with someone learning on the fly.

    This game was just ugly from start to finish, nothing decent about it except for some saves by Hank and Ocho.

  222. Linda is unemployed on

    i’d be up for that mike! cookies, cupcakes, Lasagna and Baked ziti!

    ok kids, try to have a restful night, put this hideous calamity of putridness out of your minds and sleep! If anyones gonna be around tomorrow night, it’ll be an honor to ring in the new year with the boneheads and my man! but i hope all of ya have somewhere fun to be!!!!!!!!!

  223. Linda is unemployed on

    mako you still here??? if so, i just read they rushed Rush to the hospital for chest pains.

  224. Lol….Did anybody hear aboot that College Football coach getting fired for locking his player in a dark shed when he had a concussion ? If Torts gets fired, we have to hire this guy. He would lock up Blowzy, Dredden, and Dreary and any other loser on this team pretty much every night.

  225. Linda,
    sorry to hear that.

    i’m dealing with a balancing act here. just got my hours cut by more than half at one job.

    one place i work for is working out bankruptcy proceedings
    while the other place i work at is being touted as possibly going under in 2010.

  226. poor linda. we should all take up a collection and send her a care package. now greg, u cant send in old belly button lint!! orr, idont even wanna know what your gonna send and what crusty substance thats covering it. tr- no molson ice ok,mako, nasty- u can send a watch but no hats. jpg- nsend booze!!. i’ll send u some fresh picked corn. salty will send u something sweet, cccp will send something salty. olga will send u his autographed picture of sather. miamipimp will send u a baby bush ready to be planted

  227. How can a team not be ready to play from the first puck drop? They looked horrible. Hockey players learn frm 10 years old how to play defense. How do they forget when they are in their 20s and 30s and make millions?

    Sather has put together another bunch of losers. Can we ever have one season when we have more than one scorer on the team and the rest know how to play in their own zone?

  228. MikeV

    i agree completely!! i understand the idea of chemistry when players are on the same line for some time
    we’re talking fundamentals here!!!!

    it has to be panic a sinking IQ. even when we’ve won games there were numerous times where the team’s method of getting out of the zone would be to try to go around the boards in a blind pass…….that usually ends up on an opponent’s stick.

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