Final games of the year


After all this silly downtime that is sure to catch up with them, the Rangers go back-to-back to close out 2009 and to begin a stretch of 21 games in the next 39 days, with only two breaks of two days each. In other words, for the next six weeks, they’re playing just about every other night.

To say this is make or break might be accurate. This will also be a time when the Rangers need to find and use a backup goalie, whether that’s Chad (Dos Nueve) Johnson or somebody else. I think Johnson gets the New Year’s Eve game in Raleigh, especially if the Rangers can win tonight.

Henrik Lundqvist cannot play 21 games in 39 days, then go to the Olympics, and be expected to have anything left down the stretch. John Tortorella talked about that, among other things, yesterday. Here’s Tortorella’s press conference after Tuesday’s practice.


We know most of the Olympic rosters already. Today Canada announces its team. Friday, during the Winter Classic telecast, Team USA is announced.You can supposedly watch Canada’s announcement live here, starting at noon.

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  1. From Torts presser, it sounds like Vali is never coming back to the big leagues with the Rangers anyway.

    Keep the Flyers in the basement tonight!!!

    I was thinking of trying to score tickets for tonight but people are asking $80-$100 to sit in the 400’s. Nah-uh. Strong chance I end up at W77 to watch the game. Anyone else headed there?

  2. any mid season report card coming out? The coach is throwing against the wall. Guess he didn’t get a Ouija board or crystal ball for Christmas.

  3. Gabby = A+
    Prospal, MDZ = A
    Cally = A-
    Hank = B (very slow start, but been great lately)

    Brashear, Higgins, Kotalik, Rozi = F

    Everyone else = D

    I think that’s about it.

  4. Didn’t things start to go real bad about this time last season. They had a bad streach that eventually got Renny canned, and Torts hired. This could be an interesting few weeks.

  5. CT, excellent idea. any volunteers?

    hockeymon, it also coincided with Sam leaving and me coming out of the bullpen. Late January.

  6. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Goign to Saturdays afternoon game

    Torts says Johnson is NOT starting in Carolina tomorrow, so I’m hoping I get to see him make his pro debut at MSG.

    I’ve seen him play in college, and he’s a very calm goalie.
    Good rebound control.

    Either way Torts HAS to play him at some point to see what he has and “IF” he can be coutned on to be Hanks back up

  7. Who else is happy that Rozsival didn’t make the Czech Olympic team? I mean we’re really going to need his solid defensive game down the stretch…

  8. CT, yes, that’s what I mean. A report card on the Boneheads. Any volunteers?

    Good morning, Sally! I’m wishing for the usual: World peace, an end to hunger and the Powerball numbers.

  9. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I think a report card on the boneheads would be absolutely hilarious!!

    My new years’s wish is for a poster that has really “sassy” boots!!

  10. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    well, and two crease clearing hard hitting physical d men for our boys! May you all have that kind of day!

  11. I dont get why Torts wont start Johnson in 1 of these 2 games?? Both teams are playing Crappy right now and we have back to back games coming up.

    2 weeks ago the Flyers lose Emery and they go and acquire Leighton off Waivers and John Gramhme (from God knows where).

    If the Rangers dont trust Johnson, then they should try and grab an unsigned goalie from somewhere in Europe or something … Manny Fernandez maybe ??? He doesnt seem to be playing for any club right now

  12. I don’t know if I could give out grades, how about year end prizes/awards? Let me get started…

    Sally – another pair of sassy boots and a change of diets for her new beau

    Linda – someone else to bake cookies and a new job

    Orr – Megan Fox’s car to break down in his neighborhood

    Nasty – the elusive Mitchell & Ness 80’s style Rangers hat that I’m convinced if he can’t find he might buy me excessive rounds at W77 and then take mine

    Wicky – the softest, poke-checking, perimeter playing D-man in the league

    GregL – a dixshunary

    CCCP – a universal coatcheck claim check

    Olga – incriminating photos of Sather so he “may” get fired

  13. A report card?

    Izzy-(W)orld’s greatest, which is better than #1
    Mike- (P)aragrah
    GregL-(G)rammar school
    Nasty1-(H)at addict
    Linda-(C)lutch or (C)ookies
    MAKO-(R)ussian gfriend
    Wicky-(B)utt kicking dman(or two)
    Olga-(F)ire the schmuck

    Got busy at work, someone please take over…

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