Rangers’ World Jrs. update


From the Rangers:

New York, December 29, 2009 – All four Rangers prospects participating in the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships were in action today.
In the United States’ 12-1 victory over Latvia, Chris Kreider led all skaters with three goals, completing his hat trick on a penalty shot with 1:14 remaining in regulation.  Team USA Captain Derek Stepan tied for the game-high with four points, notching two third period goals and assisting on two of Kreider’s goals.  Ryan Bourque recorded the primary assist on the game-winning goal, and now has an assist in each of the last two games.  Through three games, Stepan leads the team with eight points (three goals and five assists), Kreider has notched a team-high four goals to go along with five points and Bourque has registered two points (two assists) as Team USA improved to 3-0-0 in the tournament.  Stepan is currently tied for the tournament lead in points, while Kreider is tied for first among all skaters in goals.
Roman Horak was also in action as Czech Republic defeated Austria, 7-1, to improve to 1-2-0 in the tournament.
The United States next plays Canada and the Czech Repbulic next plays Russia as both teams close out their preliminary round schedule on Thursday, December 31st.

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  1. I was Carped on Tuesday Night! LOL

    Repost for Mr. M3

    LOL I was hosed on draft day… started 12th lost miserably the first 2 weeks and climbed up the bonehead ladder ;) Now Im nipping at your ankles. I smell blood….. MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAH I wish I could get Gaborik from my other team onto this one LOL

    Hurry up and get PS3!!!!!!!

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Move it, move it! Get those knees up! Come on, kick it, kick it!

    Get up boy, get up! We got a problem here! Tough it up. This is for real, you’ve got to want it…

  3. Chris from Buffalo on

    Cindy and the Pens with an epic choke-job in Buffalo. Up 3-0 against Miller and now trailing 4-3 with about 9 minutes left.

  4. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    you keep saying viking brethren….I thought you were all minnesota fans!!

    Of course I got frakking carped…so let me try again…I love the way cormier plays!!!

  5. Izzy Mandlebaum
    December 29th, 2009 at 8:13 pm
    Blackhawks on Versus. A team that’s going somewhere for a change, after old man Wirtz finally died…

    Drop dead Sather. Help the Rangers.


  6. Chris from Buffalo on


    Yeah Huet has played terrible. I don’t know why the don’t start Niemi. He has like 4 shutouts in like 10 starts.

  7. Izzy, I’m watching the game too. Chicago is the most dynamic team in the league. But if they come out of the West, I’ll be very surpsrised. Goaltending. And there is no way for them to get anyone. Very few in the league.

  8. ilb

    they are going to have a great team for years to come. Like Chris said. I dont know why they dont start Niemi more. The kid is really good….

  9. LOL Chicago actually plays with an all around team effort and with urgency… you know like they want to win LOL

    It was a great game….

  10. Chris, you should have Versus. Which reminds me, why the eff are they showing the Rangers on MSG2 and the Devils on MSG+?

  11. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The game is quite different when I’m not carrying all the Ranger emotional baggage. I didn’t have much invested in the win or loss, so I could watch with more objectivity. Still have the same sarcasm for NY, even though they aren’t even playing.

  12. Rick

    Great for the kid!!! Im happy he’s getting to play…

    Um 15 regular players dont have 8 goals LOL The Rodent must be kicking he legs up in the air LOL

    *COUGH COUGH* Dawes 10g 10a

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    What did we get for Dawes and Prucha?

    Derek Morris. Yes, thats right. NOTHING!

    Sather, you’re a dildo with gray hair…

  14. Most players play better when they are dealt away or signed with other teams after the Rangers….

    Roloson with another big game for the Islanders…

  15. yea dont get me wrong i liked morris but i wasnt happy about giving up dawes, and now im not happy that we gave up prucha also, dawes was one of few guys we had that had some good hands

  16. Rob M

    They both have good hands. Piss poor player management from their coaches…i would like to see Prucha get himself another 10 goals and build his trade value and go to a really good team…Say the Kings or Buffalo

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    So, is it coaching? How they treat young players? Lousy development of talent? Can’t recognize talent? Too impatient with players? Less pressure once they leave NY? Blue Flu? Veteran preference? Salary disparity?

    Everybody says how great it is to play in New York. From Gretzky on down to lowly free agents that never got drafted. If it so great to play here, why don’t they play better?

  18. Izzy

    I that is the mystery we will never know… Im sure the organization is world class itself but seriously, how much pressure can there be? All media outlets barely pay any attention to hockey. And Izzy its all of the above probably….
    Players like Gretzky, Messier and Jagr thrive under pressure… Captain ChewToy – not so much…

    If they really wanted to mold Gilroy, MDZ & Staal – they should have Leetch at least coach them a little bit or maybe he turned it down? Who knows. But for the love of all that is good & holy you DONT want the only two vet Dmen teaching these kids. Or at the very least find a solid Dman to come in and teach them. Im pissed they let Mara walk. He was a great team guy and took a pay cut to stay in NY.

  19. The other mystery is that tomorrow at 7 pm we will all be here biting our nails, rooting for them, hating them and loving them again. Guess what, the same will happen the day after. Except it will be at 8. Some mysteries are better off staying unsolved. Night, everyone.

  20. prucha is already on a good team.. we are halfway thru the season already, the coyotes and avalanche and kings are officially not flukes anymore, theyre good teams

  21. Night ilb

    Im not saying that they arent good teams. And look they are way up in the standing. Hope they stay there. But I’d like to see the kid around really good players. Doan’s great player, but somewhere like Buffalo where he can have Vanek to play with…

  22. How the hell does Huet have a 2.01 GAA?


    Tonight was the 3rd time all season Huet gave up more than 3 goals in regulation. It also helps playing behind D like Seabrook/Keith/Barker and a team that is great at puck possession.

  23. Chris from Buffalo on


    It must be me then. I thought he was worse. Your right though, D like that definitely doesn’t hurt.

  24. half a season does not mean phx, the kings, and whomeever will be there at the end. 40 + games to go. all we know is carolina is not making the playoffs and; sj, nj, chicago, are real good. that is all that has been decided in the first half of theseason….

  25. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “Are you sure this work will be in? competent hands?”

    Soitenly, we’re all incompetent!”

  26. Dawes is a good player. They misused him last year.

    They gave up too much in the Morris deal. Never liked Morris. He’s supposed to be this solid vet but why is it that he’s only been in two playoff series his entire career?

    Jeez, Laurie Korpikoski has played nearly as many playoff games as him already…Simeon Varlamov actually has more playoff experience than Morris.

  27. But Morris did get swapped for a younger but still somewhat clutch Capt Clutch. Overall he’s been a disappointment compared to the expectations that were placed on in him when he was drafted.

    Last year the Rangers had a ridiculous amount of former first round draft picks, off the top of my head they had: Gomez, Morris, Antropov, Mara, Korpi, Sjo, Staal. Some years a team can hit the jackpot other times they get less than was anticipated.

    The Rangers have gotten hurt by their inability to make the right picks in the deepest talent pools in a few drafts this decade namely 03/04/06 and 07 had unfortunate circumstances befall them. Thus it is encouraging to see a few glimmers of hope for the future at the WJC.

  28. Myself and Jim Schmiedeberg will be interviewing Chris Krieder at 1:30 PM today.

    As you know, Chris had the hat trick against Latvia yesterday and was the Rangers first round pick in the 2009 draft.

    Hope the beloved boneheads show their presence.

    to listen live or archived:


  29. yea but how does a guy that scored 30 goals just 2 years before he got traded plus a decent 3rd liner who was small but has good hands and scored what 14 goals? for a guy they were never gonna keep anyway. its not like morris was that great when he came here. prucha scored 30 goals and then 22 the next year but they wait until his value is so low, that hes actually considered a sweetener in the deal. the guy had crazy pp points here and even in the few games he played last year he showed some heart goin to the net and was a fave around here. hearin the prucha chants were really to piss renny off, but still, you put him in the right situations with the right players and he becomes a valuable asset. yea, that has its drawbacks as well, seeing how he is not versatile, and also his d play sucked, but when u need goals, throw him out there. dawes is/was playing with iginla so imnot so surprised he got 10 goals. no biggie there but both of them and kalinin for a little better d man? he wasnt even teh physical d man we thought he was. duby hasnt even broke the 14 goal mark playing with jagr and now gabby. i doubt he gets to 20. hes good for another 10 goals. another 3rd liner but cuz of his size and better than average work ethic, hes considered more valuable. he will be gone in a year or 2 after his contract runs out. just like prucha. it seems like glen is looking for parise’s and carter’s with these kids and it aint happenin. he was smart to not give up staal and duby for heatley, but now its do or die time for duby and at 6 goals 40 games in, hes on pace for the same hes always had. 14-15 goals. if we couldve gotten that consistenly with prucha, we couldve gotten much better player than morris for him. hes gonna do the same with duby or whoevcer. when duby scortes his career high 15th goal this year on the last game ofthe season its gonna be just one more thing for the rest of the gm’s to laugh about. sather is such a turd. a big wet one

  30. Good morning, Mike. Nice flow of thoughts, as usual.
    May I ask- whoevcer and scortes, are those names Jewish or Spanish? :0)

  31. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I really really really LOVE when Shittsburgh loses

    ESPECIALLY after having a 3 goal lead

    Watching them and Washington lose are two of my favorite things

    and we need to break PHilly’s winning streak tonight, LETS GO RANGERS!!

  32. Good game morning! Not much reading to go with your coffee at the moment.
    Maybe this one. Three former Rangers star in one game:


    4 if you count Mikael Samuelsson.

  33. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I am not sure if this has been said yet, but in the world juniors tourny USA plays Canada Thursday night at 8:00 pm est on NHL Network. We can all get a look at Kreider, Bourqe and Stepan. I know we have a game that night as well but that’s why we have remotes. And for you lucky ones that have season tiks youo can Tivo it. Cheers all. I should be around tonight for the game.

  34. Morpheus,

    All those guys were impending RFAs and at the time the Rangers needed more stability on the blueline, especially with how atrocious Redden and Rozi were playing (not that either has changed substantially).

    And some guys are simply a flash in the pan, look at Cheechoo. I’m glad to see Prucha is getting a chance to log some quality minutes out there and won’t feel too bad if he turns into another 20-25 goal scorer but the Rangers had a surplus of 3rd liners and needed to open up the roster spaces as well.

    When it comes down to it Dubi is bigger, more physical and plays a more important position. Will he ever score 30? I don’t know, maybe if the team becomes better offensively overall and he works on his shot. But he’s good at face offs and can play in all 3 situations.

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