Ralph & Ed, or Flyers & Bruins?


I am so wrapped up in year-end and decade-end stories right now that I haven’t even considered what Mrs. Carp and I will do New Year’s Eve.

But I have a dilemma New Year’s Day. The Winter Classic (are you allowed to say that without including the sponsor’s title, or will the NHL come after me?). I think it’s a pretty cool idea and a very cool game to watch, and it might be even cooler — literally and figuratively — if it snows that day, as expected.

Which makes me wonder, what if we get a blizzard? Or worse, what if it rains?

Anyway, the NHL has bombarded us with ads for this game, and so has NBC. Obviously trying to jack ratings as high as possible, rope in casual fans, etc. We hockey fans are well aware of it already, thank you.

My problem is this: The Honeymooners marathon starts at midnight New Year’s Eve and goes all day — 39 episodes — on Channel 11. Any of you guys with me on this? Can you possibly turn away from The Honeymooners if it’s on?

Depending on the episode, I can turn away from time to time to see what’s going on at Fenway.

Will you guys be glued to either one?

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  1. DVR, Tivo, whatever you may have. Have it on multiple TVs?

    It is two underachieving teams that looked good to market earlier in the year when they still each had last year’s shine of success.

  2. Jesus Carp don’t start out with jokes and then tell us Prospal had surgery and is out during a playoff push. Shame on you. You should know better.

  3. Btw, I watched Boston-Tampa last night. Boston looked very shaky and Vinny is starting to play well.

  4. My good friend Teddy Overman gave me all 39 episides on DVD a few years ago. I’ll watch The Classic, then watch the missed episodes after the game.

  5. The NHL website just posted Team Slovakia Roster and Miro Satan is on it. It also says that he currently plays with “No Club”. With Prospal getting hurt, I think the Rangers should try and sign him to a super cheap deal (especially if he plays well with Gabby) during the Olympics.

    Plus, he is an Ex-Sabre so that might help Drury and Kotalik play a little better

  6. Carp you’ve got to be kidding. The Winter Classic is the hockey event of the season. Why would you even consider watching reruns of shows that you have seen over and over again?

  7. Leetchhalloffame on

    Personally until the Bettmans allow the Rangers to play an outdoor classic I’ll be watching Ralph & Ed.

  8. i don’t like dvr or tivo because i find that i never watch what I record. but if it’s on live, i watch it. Do it with Honeymooners, Seinfelds, Godfather, stuff like that. I can watch it whenever I want, but I never do unless it’s on live. why do you suppose that is?

    Official space helmet on, Oh Captain Video.

  9. got to be hockey carp, unless it is a marathon of coupling or mystery science theatre!!

    did you hear that avery has a new………watch?!

  10. After the Rangers squandered their hot start and given the parity of the 5-13 slots in the Eastern Conf, yeah the rest of the season will be one long playoff push.

  11. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    The outdoor game has lost its novelty.. its just another game.

    NBC kills the game.
    Twilight zone is great , honeymonners are great.

  12. It’s the strangest thing but if it’s New Years Eve I find myself glued to the Honeymooners marathon. I have all the episodes on DVD but for some reason it just makes me feel better to watch the marathon. I guess it goes back to my Pop and watching it,with him, every night at 11:00 on WPIX, it just brings back some really good memories.

  13. i would actually enjoy it if it rained or “blizzarded.” all that work and money spent for nothing. ha.

  14. OneCup – agree that NBC is an absolutely awful network to air this game, but there is still something special about the game itself. The initial novelty is gone, for sure, but each venue adds its own element that still makes it a unique event. IMHO…

  15. I would enjoy it to see Hartnell repeatedly hit, because his Ronald McDonald hair will be the only thing you can see in a blizzard.

  16. It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping.

    wicky….don’t push your luck mon ami….

    Carp, I’m with you. I have Wizard of Oz on video (old) but must always watch it live on TV. It’s just different somehow….

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    a little Ed Norton Sewer Philosophy…

    “When the tides of life turn against you
    And the current upsets your boat
    Don’t waste those tears on what might have been;
    Just lay on your back and float.”

  18. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Anybody under the illusion that Domino’s or Pizza Hut is real pizza should have their tongue cut out. You’ll get more flavor eating the cardboard box it came in.

  19. I think the NHL needs to get a little more creative than using baseball stadiums as their choice of venue. First off, unless they build seating near the rink itself, even the best views in the stadium are much further away from the action than in an arena. This doesn’t even touch on the views from the upper deck seats at a large stadium.

    Instead of Yankee Stadium (or doubtfully Citi Field), how about they do a Winter Classic in Central Park? But if they can construct a rink in the middle of Wrigley or Fenway then they can do it in the middle of Sheeps Meadow or some other open field. And if the NHL really wanted to get great exposure, host the game for free (while still charging for concessions and merchandise). Put seats closer to the rink and just make it a more public event. I think the game is a great idea, just needs a little extra thought put into it.

  20. if it was a “battle for _________ (insert canadian province here)” or an original 6 matchup (boston vs montreal) then i might watch.

    instead ill be sleeping… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  21. Love the Winter Classic. Hate the 2 teams. I will catch up when NHL Network runs their 5 day marathon replay of the game some night when I can’t sleep. This game is losing its novelty. I will be interested when the game is at Yankee Stadium and the Rangers are in it.

  22. How aboot the new stadium in the Meadowlands. Rangers vs Debbies. The sight lines would be better than Yankme Stadium or Citifield. I would also like Central Park, Rangers vs that team on Long Island that shall not be named. But the logistics would be crazy, they would have to build HUGE bleachers, and locker rooms etc.

  23. i absolutely HATE Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns pizza!! The only thing i ever buy is Papa Johns’ chicken wings and Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks!

    If you ever in Brooklyn and around avenue X and west 3rd…try “Knapp Pizza II” or “Di Fara Pizzeria” on ave J corner of east 15th i think. Di Fara is definitely one of the old and best pizza places in New York. :)

  24. Thanks for the info CCCP!

    Carp, why don’t you watch Honeymooners…then when the game comes on, watch the game, then after, go back to Honeymooners. You will only miss 5 or 6 episodes!

  25. CCCP

    Ewwwww !!! You eat Papa Johns ???? They’re gross, and they always throw a cup if buttery garlicy grease in the pizza box.

    The Hut is the best between the 3, but I prefer real pizza. I like their side dishes though, and they have a mean salad bar. It’s like the Van Damme and Steven Segal of salad bars.

    Anyway, I’ll watch the winter classic, but I hope everyone gets hurt and Pronger throws cheap shots at everyone, including his teammates. I hate both teams.

  26. Is that wine on the table or did someone just get stabbed upstairs!!!

    The Honeymooners are absolutely classic!!! One of the best comedies, among the Odd Couple, Seinfeld & I don’t know if any of you watch Fraiser – but that is a brilliantly written show too.

    Bettman is an a-hole. He’s worried about ratings. How about you NOT schedule the game when there aren’t any Bowl games playing at the same time.

  27. depends

    like the diaper? for old people? depends?
    how about this… start your own blog. blog. do google ad campaigns. come back when alexa actually ranks your website.


  28. Papa John’s got me through some tough times in college. And by tough I mean they were the only place that delivered at like 1:30 AM. But since that was the only late night choice I was faced with hunger or subpar pizza, stale breadsticks and garlic butter that must have been an offshoot of movie theatre popcorn butter.

    My first meals when I would come back to NY for breaks during the year was usually either Chinese food or pizza. One time I brought back a dozen bagels for my apartment-mates and they were devoured by the 2nd day.

  29. ORR

    i said “The only thing i ever buy is Papa Johns’ chicken wings and Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks!” i never buy pizza from any of those corporate places!

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I love the Winter Classic. It’s just such a fun thing to watch. I can miss a few Honeymooner episodes.

  31. Pizza Hut is like White Castle to me…it’s only good when I’ve drank too much and it’s 3am.

  32. Carp You’re spot on with your TV viewing. Watch only live and you have no obligation to go back and watch all the warehoused Tivoed shows. I, on the other hand, have about 3 mos. worth of tivoed programs that I’ll probably never watch. You’re far more efficient.

  33. CT

    since papa johns helped get through your college days… we forgive you!

    Those places (papa john, domino’s and such) are only good when your fridge is empty, you have mad munchies and it is pass midnight and you don’t have a car! lol

  34. Orr

    yeah those two were great… Not too memorable quotes that anyone would get on here… Unless


    Oh & get ready this weekend if we’re both around. I’m
    feeling the game. Do you have Gilroy or MDZ?? I’m
    still playing with Mara & Morris. I kept Zherdev too lol but picked up Lisin & Anisimov…

  35. Doodie Machetto on


    My roommate in college ordered so much Domino’s that he used to have the delivery guy stop at a deli and get him beer and cigarettes too.

  36. Yeah, mama, I feel bad for bringing Rodent and his pizza masterpiece up…Sheesh. I hope we don’t totally lose it cuase it’s more than 24 hr before gametime.

  37. MAKO

    If we verse online we use the updated rosters, so you wouldn’t have Nicky Z. I hope you’ve been practicing, cause I’m in a bad video game mood, the club I’m with has been taking some beat downs, so I’m really grumpy. Plus I lost connection in my last game aganst FIRE when I was close to getting back in it.

    An don’t forget aboot those “Toaster Leave Ins”.

    So many classic Bundyisms. There’s a whole site dedicated to them.

  38. mako. thats what ross said on friends.funny scene. orr i wached two van damme movies last night. hellz yea

  39. orr, i saw death warrant and nowhere to run. 2 sweet nude scenes that ud like in nowhere to run.

  40. Hello Ball…


    (Asked where “Dr. Norton” practices medicine): Oh, I don’t have to practice it, I know it.

    Anyway, if there is ever a Winter Classic at Yankee Stadium, I’ll watch it. Live and in-person!

  41. Doodie

    lol that’s classic! your roommate should’ve asked the delivery guy to throw away garbage on his way out! lol

  42. I think the NHL should go all mystery alaska on the winter classic….take it to the frozin ponds of canada or minnesota or something!! Grassroots baby!! I see pond hockey is going to be on the NHL network this week!!

  43. Re: Depends,
    …it always amazed me how many angry people with irrelevant opinions are floating, like wildebeest manure in Zambezi river around internet blogs…

  44. wicky…the annual US pond hockey championships are going on at the end of January in Minnesota. They have 25 rinks set up on Lake Nokomis. Teams from around the world come to play. Unfortunately I’ve never played but I know guys who have and they say it’s a great time.


  45. Per Gross:

    The trickle-up process, for now, will work like this: Christopher Higgins will take Prospal’s spot on the top line’s left wing with Brandon Dubinsky and Marian Gaborik, Ales Kotalik will again join the top nine forwards and Erik Christensen will rejoin the lineup. Christensen, in fact, may also see some power play time, now.

  46. Pizza and Wings definitely got me through college too. That, along with Ramen noodles and cereal. If you had meal plan at my school, they had this late night snack time that opened at midnight, and they would just bring out all these pizzas and wings. It looked like zombies waiting to get in to the mall full of people when the clock struck 12. I blame the “Midnight feeding” as I called it, for me gaining a crap load of weight my sophomore and junior year of school. The only good that came of that was when I played intramural hockey, although it slowed me down, nobody could clear me from the crease, ha.

  47. Anyone else hope that vinnny’s injury will make torts rethink his horrible ice time distribution??

  48. If we trade Kotalik just a few months into his 3-year deal… So yet another case where we sign a guy, then Sather has to immediately double-back to cover his mistake (ie. Rissmiller). Ugh. He has to go.

  49. Anyone have any suggestions on a good game for me to get for the 360? Right now I only have NHL 10. I barely have time to play because of my kids occupying the TV, but I think I need another cool game to play.

  50. Orr

    I have been. Been running those tutorials. Trying to get in as much time in as I can, I have to move the gf in & work this week. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO what I would do to be 20 again lol

    loved friends & yes I’ll admit that I was happy to see Ross & Rachel together again. My Aniston lust was in full effect then lol

  51. Redden is just awful. If he doesn’t make a mistake, MSG shills praise him.

    Rosival works HARD at avoiding a check. He will flail the puck (Malik the puck) instantly in order to avoid being hit.

    Kotalik doesn’t seem to want to play hockey.

    Brashear is slow, cumbersome, and is no longer even a fighting threat.

    We’ve got a few tickets to Hartford ready.

    Higgins didn’t like his father and brother living so close to him. Torts warned about guys partying in NYC. Higgins looks lost and needs to go North.

    We’ve got some tremendous dead weight on our team.

  52. wicky229
    December 29th, 2009 at 2:43 pm
    Anyone else hope that vinnny’s injury will make torts rethink his horrible ice time distribution??

    I see it as an opportunity for others to step up; perhaps some forced changes….
    I think it is good. Prospal was so hot to start the season but has simmmered down quite a bit.

  53. My gamer tag is Mr G Money

    Don’t ask, I know it is a dumb name.

    Is Modern Warfare 2 cool and a fun game to play alone?

  54. Cool, I’ll add you when I get home tonight. Can’t let all the PS3’ers have all the fun.

    Had a nice epic best of 3 series with an Isles friend last night. They make Captain Clutch so good in the NHL games.

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    Who got us all this dead weight in the first place? The largest dead weight is ol’ Stogypuss himself. And if by some miracle we get rid of some of these guys, what new, different and more expensive dead weights will the Lion For A Day hang around the neck of this team?

    Fire Sather, Everyone!

  56. Ya got the Twilight zone marathon on scifi.That beats the Honeymooners.Then there”s the Three Stooges marathon on Spike TV,they also beat the Honeymooners.So no Carp I’ll easily pass on the Honeymooners.Not to mention the bowl game’s.

  57. CT, you are damn right they do. Clutch is simply amazing in nhl 10. Sometimes I take penalties just to get Boyle and Dru out there. They score shorthanded for me almost every game, and sometimes twice a game. They give Boyle a heavy accurate shot. If you launch one and crash net with dru for a rebound, you are almost always sure to get a goal or a great scoring chance.

  58. Olga, I know, I know.

    I just don’t see it happening. I don’t know why; I just don’t.

    The announcers shill for him. Redden doesn’t make a mistake and Micheletti is all about praising him, and Sam joins in.

    Remember the famous line where Al insulted 15,000 Ranger fans?

    “I have no idea why Ranger fans are boo’ing Malik!”

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  59. I played 09 on the PS3 last night at my bros for the first time. The controls are almost exactly the same, except for when you shoot. In the ps3 one, how you shoot changes from when you are skating down or skating up. I am not sure that you can make it that way on xbox. It messed me up for a bit, but I scored two in the 3rd to tie, and then won in the shootout because nobody else knew what they were doing. HA

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Carp: This is my guide to wathcing the WInter classic

    Every time that douche Pierre “I annoy everyone” McGuire speaks, I flip to the honeymooners.

    “Now address the ball. HELLOOO ball!”

    IT sucks Vinny is hurt, but what better barometer to have then to play the guys you’ve been benching and see what they can provide?

    I hope Christensen uses his scond line ice time and possible PP time to his advantage, and ours.

    Hell even Voros, who Im always screaming about demoting or trading, if he plays good and fights maybe then we can jsut sit old man Brashear? He is definitely been absolutely useless this entore season so far.

    And is Drury definitely out for tomorrow nights game? Personal reasons?

    I’m going to the afternoon game on Saturday (wife got us tickets) Section 63 which is the cloest I have ever been in the garden to the ice. (She got them from one of her bosses at work)

    Anyone else gonna be at that game?

    Very excited!!

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t see any end in sight either. Chicago fans had to wait until Wirtz dropped dead to get a good team.


  62. *4everanger*

    dude! i knew you’d be back!

    rad tebya videt’ bratan! ne teryaisya bol’she! s nastupayushemi tebya prazdnikami!

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    Schneider- one of Sather’s first mistakes. Let him go for nothing…

    Why do I torture myself like this?

  64. MikeyNJ – hahaha, I can’t stand Pierre McGuire. last year during the Wrigley game I muted the television; it is too annoying listening to these announcers…

  65. Nasty – MW2 looks awesome, watched the fiance (ooooh first time I’ve said that) play it over the weekend. I started Arkham Asylum last night and played for 2 hours, also Left 4 Dead 2 is pretty awesome

  66. $1.55M in salary and $1.2M in games played bonuses. about $775K left right now.

    As per hockey central: he was unhappy with his ice time and he’s been waived.

  67. I always liked Schneider. Would he be worth a chance? Ha. Probably better than Rozy and Redden at a fraction of the cost.

  68. The easy answer to clear cap space is to send that bush-league piece-of-garbage Roszival up I-91 … and leave him there.

  69. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    MW2 is good alone as well!

    anyone else remember when schneider bloddied alfredson in that fight when he was with the rangers?

    we might grab him on reentry….still need to dump rozy in hfd!!!

  70. Three Stooges with Curly is tough competition for the Honeymooners. If it’s a Shemp, it’s Honeymooners all the way.

  71. reginald dunlop on

    Rangers in the winter classic??? in the biggest media city in the world???? the most exposure possible???? nah makes too much sense for the suits

  72. onecupin69years on

    So when do the NYR ice fairies play again?
    All this time off , they should go on a big winning streak.

  73. Two questions…

    Does anyone have any tickets they are looking to sell to tomorrows game?

    If not, does anyone know the best bar to watch the Rangers game, either in NJ or in the city? The Warren 77? Somewhere else?

    My buddy (who I convereted to be a Rangers fan) is in from Chicago and wants to have the best Rangers experience possible.

    Thanks a lot guys.

  74. what the….i totally vote for warren. it’s not the biggest or most raucous sports bar in the city, but it only plays the game on every tv and you’ll be surrounded by fans. and come on, it’s aves’….i think you’ll both have fun…and say hi to TR!

  75. CCCP,
    Just “enjoyed” my 2nd hard attack (this time with open heart surgery- 3-le bypass) and lost my job in a same time. Rangers loosing strike before didn’t help either. Nice holiday pakage.Got all hockey and some blog news from my kids. Just started watch and read again. THANK you so much for even remembering me (become too sensitive). To all fellow blogers, except depends and “youknowwho” one post happy hannukah/mery Christmas/kwanza/and Happy Healthy and Lucky New Year. CCCP and ilb2001 Zdorovja i glavnoe Udachi.Spasibo, bratva!

  76. to bad it wasn’t the bruins of cherry,cheevers,middleton,park,terry o,jonathan,wensick,cashman vs shero,baber,clarke,kelly,leach,mcleach,dupont,bridgeman.Now that would be good hangover hockey and btw no bettman. Memories.

  77. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    The heck with the honeymooners…AMC has a Three Stoogies marathon on! Stoogies, ha!

  78. Sorry to hear that, 4ever. Hope you’re feeling better. Glad you’re back on here.

    TR, good job on that blog traffic research … except for some reason Alexa doesn’t include Lohud’s mammoth Yankees blog (which does about 10 times the traffic as we do here at Festivus). Maybe because it’s listed as lhblogs.com, not lohudblogs.com like the others. But pile that one in there, and lohud’s doing pretty well. Too bad we can’t find a way to make money off it.

    As Ralph said, “Get the bag … I’m rich.”

    reg, didn’t the Yankees balk at the stadium idea?

  79. Wow. Stooges now in the mix. Makes the choices much more difficult …

    Curly: “So, mister, are you married or are you happy?”

  80. Carp, TR is a computer wizard, as I’ve learned….

    4ever, did not know that….welcome back and have a speedy recovery…was it the losing streak that did it? take care of yourself.

  81. blogmama
    definitely contributed, – too passionate and no visible sign of calming down after all.
    They better start winning on permanent base..

  82. 4everranger
    sorry, buddy. Nice to see you back in good spirit after that ordeal.
    Derzhys’ druzhok y vyzdoravlivay! Gde vam operatzyu delaly?

  83. 4everanger
    Whoa, chuvak..nu ti daesh! Derjis’…gde nasha ne propadala!!

    Glad to have you back! You didn’t miss much…it is the same ol’ team…same ol’ story… Again…good to have you back.

  84. BANG!! ZOOM!!

    I don’t see what’s so special about playing the game outdoors. Didn’t they start playing the game indoors because it was better?

    Yeah, Sather is trying to get rid of Kotalik and his $3 million 3 year contract. Good luck, dumbass.

  85. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    4everanger I had my first heart attack last year after I was laid off and after I couldn’t afford my COBRA. 3 days in the hospital STENT put in, all for a sweet $100,000. No job, no insurance, no problems, yea bankruptcy. Just celebrated my 2nd year of unemployment; F#$%^*! economy. But looking forward to the Stooges!

  86. Sigh, why do I feel I need to take classes in Russian to participate here fully. We’re being taken over Carp!

    wicky, say something in French Canadian, that’ll show em!

  87. Nasty,

    Go get MW2 now!! By far the sickest game I have ever played. I have ps3 but I cant imagine 360 is any different. Too many cool things to explain, but an amazing 1 player, or co-op or on-line game. cant go wrong with mw2.

    have you played gta4? I was playing that until i got mw2 for christmas.

    i have, but haven’t played infamous and arkham asylum. I have two kids who dominate the tv, so i can only play after they are in bed.

  88. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Here’s some French Canadian for ya:
    High-sticking happen when the guy take the stick, you know, and he go like that
    [high-sticks Jim Carr]
    Denis Lemieux: you know. You don’t do that.
    Jim Carr: You don’t do that?
    Denis Lemieux: Oh no, never, never.
    Jim Carr: Why not?
    Denis Lemieux: Against the rules. You know, you’re stupid when you do that. Just some English pig with no brains, you know.

  89. Hooray 4 the Chiefs!
    Almost same here. After Ist time they put stents, few month later 100% clogged.
    North Shore/LIJ in Manhasett.Wonderful doc.-God blesses him!
    Yeah, realisticaly speaking I would’t count on that.

  90. Laurel

    Excuse our Russian! :P

    Speaking of Russian language lessons… i remember a while back I gave a few good Russian lessons to this lady…she was very satisfied! She even recommended me to some of her friends!

    I KID I KID!! :p

    …OR NOT

  91. Juniors question

    what ranger draftees are playing that will be on team Canada and team USA ?

    New years eve on NHL channel.

    Stepan ours? I know Borque is.
    Team Canada??


  92. Jonny LaRue
    Can’t someone be smart for a change and put on an SCTV marathon? I mean between yourself, Guy Calalero, Peenie Scleroso, Sid Dithers, Edith Prickly, Bill Needle, the MacKenzie Brothers, etc. you had a heck of an LMAO run in the Great White North. . .Koo-ruk-Ka-koo-ka-ruk-ku-ku
    Until that time it’s the Stooges all the way with Avery and Curley, Hartnell as Larry and, if he dyed his hair, Glen (Bernie) Sather as Moe.

  93. winston, scroll down a couple of posts. the rangers sent out something Sunday and we posted it below. will probably update us tonight/tomorrow after today’s games.

  94. scottysny51, don’t forgot Floyd Robertson, Earl Cammembert and Count Floyd.

    I don’t know who owns SCTV but they should definitely be taken out from under lock and key so we can see a marathon. Uncle Floyd and Fernwood 2nite would also be great to see again.

  95. Johnny Larue,
    As well as “The Days Of The Week”.
    I have yet to see the classic ‘Joe DiMaggio’ skit. It was hard in NY staying up to see the entire show on Friday night starting at 1 AM after watching ‘Friday’s’ (with of all people, Larry (Mr. Doody) David).

  96. Starting 7am Thursday morning (Dec. 31st), it runs until 6am New Years Day, on AMC. (Times are Eastern. Don’t know if AMC has a second feed for the West Coast.)

    Twenty three hours of slaps, nose pulling, sanding of heads, etc.

    Entertainment at its best.

  97. Off to play hockey at the Icehouse in Hackensack (with my home from school son who I have a perosnal services contract to play with us old men to keep us from totally enmbarassing ourselves in Div 7). GITLERS GORILLAS RULE !!!!!
    As long as I can play I can put the Rangers roller coaster season in perspective. Not having Sather around to screw it up more would make it even better.

  98. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Curly: I used to be a pilot in a bakery.
    Moe: A pilot?
    Curly: Yeah! I would take bread from here and pile it over there.

  99. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Blackhawks on Versus. A team that’s going somewhere for a change, after old man Wirtz finally died…

    Drop dead Sather. Help the Rangers.

  100. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Disorder in the Court

    Judge: [To Curly] Take off your hat. Now raise your right hand. Now place your left hand here. [in order to do so, the hat goes back on his head] Take off your hat. Raise your right hand. Now put your left hand here. [Hat back on head] Please take off your hat. Raise your right hand! Now put your left hand here! Will you please take off your hat! Raise your right hand! Now put your left hand here! Take off your hat! Raise your right hand! Would you get rid of that hat!

  101. Doodie Machetto
    December 29th, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    My roommate in college ordered so much Domino’s that he used to have the delivery guy stop at a deli and get him beer and cigarettes too.

    doodie- same with me. i usede to order pizza from alfredo’s in ridge almost everyday for lunch at work, then on a saturday me n my co-worker buddy ordered a pizza,extra cheese and told the guy to pick me up a 6 pack of hineys. the guy did it too!! i was amazed. so from then on whenever i called and placed an order, hed joke and say “would you like anything to eat to go with your order!!”. one time i just ordered a 12 pack lol. the gas station was next door so he was cool about it. ahh ny. only in ny!!

  102. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Huet was sleeping on that wrap around. Dal 2-1 now.

    Curly: I’m trying to think but nothing happens.

  103. izzy, where is everybody?? is it just me n u stringbean?? im watchin canada vs baby gaboriks(slovakia) its already 3-0. even though i wish the olympics were held after or before hockey season, its still great to wqtch. besides us who u rootin for

  104. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    sorry it’s late, but here you go…..le rocher Three Stooges

  105. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Don’t know where they went 3M.

    Slovaks are my team. Perpetual underdogs, like the Rangers.

    Chicago scores again. Fraser. 3-1 Chi

  106. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Getting ready to watch canucks/coyotes and flipping with canada/slovakia while we eat, then it’s the wife abusing me in some wii game!

    where did your fellow minnesotans go??

  107. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Chicago 21 shots on goal in the first. Turco’s getting more shots on him than Butch and Sundance in Bolivia.

  108. 3m!!! i like that izzy!! u clever dog u!

    wick, huh? minnesotans? anyway, i proposed a trade for u. im in first, so if i were u id jump on any deal i threw at ya! no but lets team up against mako and somerset. theyre tryin to dethrone me. lets make some deals to strengthen each others teams weaknesses

  109. LOL Mike I called ya Batpoop for that trade offer. J-bo NOOOOOOOOOOOOO offense. Campbell will start to heat up and Green is always a stud. I had to fill in the other two D spots…. Haisey was doing didley squat for me.

  110. engblom just called nashville, nassville lol. hes such a geek!! whats with older retired hockey players and their 80’s hairdo’s??? i mean duguay prime example. who he think he is, bon jovi?? with the earring that looks so fem

  111. mako- i said jaybo is just a starting point. i was willing to part with chara,neidarmayer, or yandle who is really rackin up points in phoenix!. dude, im the best in the league for how long now?? u probably should want some of my players!!! goin on 2 and haf months on top now somethings gotta be right in grabby land!! hah batpoop!! i did try to pull a fast oen on ya though didnt i? lol

  112. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Duguay look like an old wrinkled $100 bill. (It’s still better than a crisp new single though…)

  113. M3

    LOL I was hosed on draft day… started 12th lost miserably the first 2 weeks and climbed up the bonehead ladder ;) Now Im nipping at your ankles. I smell blood….. MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAH I wish I could get Gaborik from my other team onto this one LOL

  114. I( recall Ed Norton (
    Art Carney). He lived a couple miles down the road from me when I was still in CT..he had a home in Westbrookon the shoreline, and lived very quietly..well liked by the town folk, who just r=treated him casually like one of them..no fan adoration orAm I was going into the little convenience store in Westbrook, and when I was coming in he was goping out and I didn’t see him opening the door and bumped into it. I apoligzed and he quietly apologized and tell the truth I knew he looked familiar, but couldn’t plalce him because for one thing it never occurred to me he might be a local.

    Later on now and then I’d see him around town and no one paid much attention to him. I found out that he often played chess with the son of one of my daughter in laws, who also had a summer home on the beach, and he was just another Westbrooker to us by then. That’s the way it was also with Catherine Hepburn who lived in the next township Old Saybrook and she lived for years and years. Treated just the same. Quiet stars. No splash and dash, no crudities, no problems. Don’t make many like that any more.

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