Prospal has knee surgery


Sorry this is late, but I’m sure you’re aware we’ve had some tech problems today.

I think the Rangers sabotaged us.

I’m kidding.

Here’s the official word from the Rangers on Prospal:

Procedure Performed This Morning at Phelps Memorial Hospital

New York, December 28, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Vinny Prospal underwent arthroscopic knee surgery this morning to repair a lateral meniscus tear, and will be sidelined 10 days to three weeks.  The injury was sustained during Saturday’s game against the Islanders at Madison Square Garden.
The procedure was performed this morning at Phelps Memorial Hospital in Westchester by Dr. Anthony Maddalo.
Prospal, 34, has registered eight goals and 24 assists for 32 points, along with 22 penalty minutes in 38 games this season.  He currently leads the Rangers and is tied for 19th in the NHL in assists.  He also ranks second on the team in points and third in goals.  Prospal has recorded seven multi-point performances this season, including a three-point performance (two goals and one assist) on the night he tallied his 200th career NHL goal on October 14 against Los Angeles.  In addition, the 15-year veteran registered his 600th career NHL point with a goal in his Garden debut on October 3 vs. Ottawa, and skated in his 900th career game on November 28 at Pittsburgh.

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  1. And this one … I’m open to suggestions for discussion on future slow news days with four days between games? sorry you thought it was stupid.

    Or I could just not post that day, like the other blogs do. Geez.

  2. Orrsie….dont make me sign into my PS3 to kick ur arse in nhl ’10.

    I have been a wrecking crew since the power move in nhl 92

  3. haha orr, i could imagine dreary laying down with the covers pulled up to his nose shivering and whispering ” I see clutch people” ahh. bam.

  4. carp
    you rock, don’t listen to the haters!!!

    repost from my psuedo carping:

    mrs wicky sends her much appreciated thanks!!!!

    no worries

    Some of us are working and don’t have time to just google all day…..sheeesh!!! (wink wink)

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Sorry, didn’t mean to press a sensitive button. But I will take you up on your offer to think of some interesting alternatives to slow days during breaks in the schedule.

    Vinny P : We wish you a full and speedy recovery.

    Christensen, PA, Corey Locke, whoever gets the opportuntity created by this injury, please take advantage!

    In the meantime, how about a Festivus gift certificate to the bonehead that can correctly guess the date of Dos Nueve’s debut?

    One more thought..even though he is a long shot a best, I hope Cally makes the Olympic team. A team of all skill and finesse, and no grinders, will not win. When I see the posted rosters of Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, etc, it looks like the USA has no chznce to medal.

  6. I hope Cally doesn’t make the team. Last thing we need is for him to get tired/injured playing in the Olympics. I really wish they’d just give it to amateurs again.

  7. Also I can’t believe some people would rather have Korpikoski over Lisin. Lisin’s skill owns Korpedo’s game (and I love Lauri).

  8. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Trade Official: Washington trades Clark and Jurcina to Columbus for Chimera. another deal still being discussed

  9. mama, if only we could get an hour off.

    no prob, And this one. I await your suggestions. I think there’s no doubt Dos Nueve starts New Year’s Eve in Raleigh. Especially if NYR win Wednesday.

    wicky, no.

  10. i think christensen should get the first chance to play in prospals spot. then maybe grachev? PA maybe? no thanks to Locke, he is a career minor leaguer, too small(5’9′ 185) and not that young (25).

  11. Carp – For slow days, how about like player profiles? Maybe a little bio info on a particular Ranger (esp. those who are newer to the team), and a review of their season as a Ranger so far. We can then all debate what a bad signing/drafting/trade Sather did to get that player.

    Or, previews of upcoming games / opponents. What players are hot to look out for. What lesser-known players might play a role. Stuff like that. Gives us something to look forward to for the next gameday, and maybe some background info on the future opponent (ie. we all know the Devils, Pens, Flyers key players, but not so much Columbus Or Nashville).

  12. LIQUID

    What’s your PSN ID ? Do i already have it ? I cant remember.

    And OMG !!!! Hacklund from Hockeybust actually got something right for a change !!! He said Craps, and Blue Jerkoffs were making a trade. Although he said it had to do with Alzner and Filitov. But i think he got his rumors from that fat guy McKenzie.


    If you do a video chat, don’t forget to bring Jane back in !

  13. The Washington Capitals have dealt Milan Jurcina and Chris Clark to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jason Chimera.

  14. Clark played like 25 games the last 3 years…ok maybe not that few, but he was always hurt. It’s a good move for the Caps. They just freed up money to re-sign Backstrom long term so they’ll have Ovi, Nick, and Semin back next year. When the cap hopefully goes up in another year, they can lock Semin up for a few more years. It’s a cap clearing move and helps free up space. Now the scary part is they’ll have both Alzner and Green on the ice at the same time on D.

  15. CCCP – yes he was their captain. He got it by default pretty much a few years ago when Jagr left.

  16. A captain that willingly played a 3rd or 4th line role as well. He was part of the dwindling groups of veterans on the Caps teams the past few years.

  17. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    No Prb NYRGuy

    But why woudl they trade away there captain, when there in first place? he asnt playing bad?

    There’s something else goign to happen from this trade

    Wonder what ole Crazy Uncle Glen is goign to do with three days, no games, and the trade freeze over??

  18. Let’s try this again. Repost:
    Carp, I have a post-festivus grievance. I was watching the Jets postgame interview with Sanchez, a reporter said to Sanchez something like: “Talk about your revievers”. To me that’s lazy. Ask a question. Sanchez should have said something like, “They were so good I’m speechless”. Do you notice alot of that happening when you do post game interviews? I’d like your thoughts.

  19. CCCP and others – You beat me to it. Too bad Drury has that pesky full NMC. Is Ovechkin going to finally be named captain, with the *C* should have been wearing for the whole time that Clark was out with injuries?

    Any other thoughts on the Islanders’ shorthanded goal by Comeau and who was more at fault for coverage, Kotalik or Del Zotto? I blame Kotalik.

  20. Onecup – that’s an insult. At least the Giants have been in 4 Superbowls in the last 23 years, have won 3 and have been strong contenders in many other years. The Rangers haven’t come close to that.

  21. BANJ,
    Yes, it’s laziness and inexperience. There’s a lot more media now, and many of them are questionable, and lots go from sport to sport and have little or no expertise. So they are assigned a sidebar, for example, on the receivers, and so that is the type of question they come up with. Also, the TV reporters’ population has just exploded, and most of them are hairdo’s who have no idea, even the ones who spend time around the team they cover (I won’t mention any names). The other popular lazy questions are “How important was that home run, how important was that double play, how important was that strikeout, how important was this win, how important was that foul ball?”
    But you are right. Ask a question.
    Most people who ask questions in press conferences just want to hear their own voices. Sometimes they will ask the exact same question that was just answered. Again, this is especially true with the TV foofs.

  22. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    thanks and you doubly rock!!!

    Ok slats, time to jump on the trade train!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. True fans bleed RW&B on

    You’ve obviously forgotten parenteau and brashear?! They clearly belong on Sather’s god squad.

  24. NYRGuy – he was decent in LA a few years ago helping out the young kids. Not great, but he had a solid 3/4th line role.

    Mikey – he was only their captain because they had nobody else who could take it. Jagr and Bondra were gone and they had all young kids. He became captain by default. There is nothing else coming from this trade. Jurcina sucks and was an extra d-man so they go rid of him to free up space for Alzner to play every day. Pretty much this was Clark for Chimera and cap space.

    Like I said, this guarantees they’ll keep Backstrom, Ovi, and Semin and gives them space to make a move at the deadline if they feel they need anything short term.

    Also Clark was only willing to play 3rd and 4th line minutes because thats all he was, a 3rd or 4th line player. When they had nobody he was a 2nd line guy but on any team in the league he’s nothing better than 3rd or 4th line. He’s a decent NHL grinder, that’s all. As much as I hate Drury, Clark is about 1/4 the player Drury is.

  25. Guys, Prospal being out is really going to suck hard for us. He has been one of the two consistent players for us this year. Not good at all.

  26. Carp, “hairdos,” I am LMAO. Boy, you nailed that answer.

    TR, you’re killing me. And here I thought we were pals. I’m gonna have to chat with Jess next time I see her. That’s show you!!

  27. Nasty

    Someone will have to step up…I really think Christensen should get a shot…what do they have to lose?

    I think Avery would fit great with Dubi and Gaborik, but the line with Dru and Lisin looks pretty good. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind trying Voros with Dubi and Gaborik. He’s played with both and hustles his butt off. Plus, the way Carcillo was slashing Gaborik the whole game last time, might not be a bad idea

  28. True fans bleed RW&B

    at least parenteau and brashear are playing!

    Nasty 1

    dont worry…we have plenty on NHL players on our team… COUGH COUGH…OUCH OUCH!

  29. LOL, NHL players, haha. I agree with putting Avery with Gabby and Dubi, or giving Voros a shot. Voros has done nothing wrong IMO this year other than getting in to great shape in the off season, and he has not taken any dumb penalties when he has played.

  30. Dubi probably can’t fight with his hand right now…it’s a shame, he hasn’t dropped them in quite a bit

  31. A couple of things: The Giants have been pretty consistent since the early 80s. After the Miracle at The Meadowlands Debacle they rebuilt. B+ to A- drafting, and usually good coaches and GMs. If the Rangers can get to the level of the Giants I’d be happy.

    Put Avery with Dubi and Gaborik and see how that works. 3 weeks out for Prospal is bad but better than 3 months.

    Cally has a good shot to make the team. Burke really liked him. You put him and Bfuglieyn together for a grinding evergy line.

    Korpedo wanted out of NY. He wanted $1.5 million dollars and threatened to jump to the KHL hence the trade and what he told European Papers. Lisin wanted out of Phoenix and did the same to them.

    Finally, as per Carps last post, I like the D youngsters now and what’s done is done, but the D would have looked something like this in an alternate x-men Rangers reality;

    Kloucek (never gets injured thanks to Ron Low and is still around)-Schneider (traded for Karpotsev)

    Staal would not have been here, Gilroy who knows, and Sangs, the Flyers wanted him and would have taken him in my mirror universe.

  32. ok…ill post again!

    CBC HNIC Moments Of The Decade 2000-2009

    cool video… also, notice at the end of it when Pittsburgh wins the cup the commentator says “Cindy Crosby and the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup”

    Cindy and Penguins? i dont think i’ve ever heard “Mark Messeir and the Rangers have won the Stanley Cup” or “Steve Yzerman and the Wing”

    this freaking league is lame like that.

  33. From Burnside’s chat…love it haha..

    With Vinny Prospal out anywhere from 10 to 3 weeks period, do you see Rangers going for a trade?
    Scott Burnside
    (4:39 PM)

    Sergey; Not unless they can find some sucker, er, partner to take on a contract like Wade Redden’s albatross or the millstone that is Michal Rozsival’s.

  34. Also from the chat:

    Mike (Vermont)

    Scott: You’ve taken over for the over-tenured Glen Sather. You inherit Mr. Redden, whose contract virtually paralyzes your ability to improve your new club, and whose play is wholly unremarkable. Other GMs have not gotten dumber as a result of your hiring. There must be a way to clear him out that will ultimately benefit the team. What on God’s earth do you do with him?
    Scott Burnside
    (4:56 PM)

    Mike; It’s called Hartford. The problem you have in burying him in the minors is that it remains a constant reminder of how foolish the organization has been and lots of owners don’t like to make those admissions. But it’s the only way to free up the cap room.

  35. Oh my, don’t get me worked up like that…I would love to see what happens with Aves on a line with Gabby….Torts, try it, please, please….what can it hurt!

  36. yea i miss orr. brash is garbage. he did have that 1 good game when playin on the 2nd line or 3rd line with dru and cally. but unless hes fighting, hes just as useless as orr. hes still a better skater and hes 10 yeasr older. but for 1.4 m per season its a joke. he has like 1 shot on goal the whole season. the 4th line does need to be used more. put voros,byers and boyle on it. put lisin on the first while prospal is out. see if he can get some goals. hes been alright lately. put higgins on a guerney and roll him in controlled substance detox facility. maybe throw wade in there too.

  37. It’s too bad that Prospal just broke out of his slump, too, but maybe this was related to it.

    I have to brag about being in first for a few weeks and by a few points in the #1 RR fantasy league ;) even with S. Mason, Vokoun, and Rask as my goalies for the whole season.

  38. VinnyV- he broke his nose twice during the same fight. I have to say- the best right since Joey Kocur?

  39. hey spider- memba i was gonna join your league? i missed out but i joined makos and ive been in first for about 2 months. i got rask and backstrom as goalies. but i do have ovie,kopitar,hejduk,neal,chara,okposo,bergfors,voracek,langkow,raymond,horton,b meester,yandle,neidermayer,perron,and franzen. its a damn good lookin roster!! lol oh and chris stewart whos rockin it on the avs as well as hejduk

  40. For anyone here who does Fantasy-I’m convinced that Jason Pominville is the Rodney Dangerfield of fantasy hockey. Dude puts up solid numbers every year and usually goes undrafted in every league I’ve done.

    Anze had a great start. Poor guy doesn’t get the press that OV, Crosby, or heck, even Nik Backstrom gets, but he’s a pretty reliable fantasy guy.

  41. ilb- when are me,u,wick,n greg gonna go crash the xcel center or wherever were goin. pepsi center? i gotta admit, my sister gave me a framed photo and newsday front page of the rangers winning teh cup, and she also found my tony amonte rookie card so she framed that. its still in mint condition, but she also got me a new jersey. she found my old one while she was moving recently. it was an amonte jersey too. i had him,garts, and graves back then. so i’ll wear my graves one. or maybe gartner. i wish he wouldve been kept for the cup run. i bet we still wouldve won it, and probably in less games. but it wouldnt be the same. theres no way id wish it was any different now. just imagine gartner with his shot ohh man. who did we get for him anyway? larmer and noonan? noo, who was it? anderson and mactavish? i cannot remembr at all

  42. I always finish at the top of my leagues but this season my team has been terrible.

    Cam Ward, Eric Staal, Setoguchi…all disappointments. Ribiero is not what I thought he would be this year either. At least I got a few gems like Prospal, Bergfors, Perry and Simmonds

  43. Morph, you’re right, I know. My exuberance just got the best of my accuracy. mama apologizes, but all this talk of his, um, friend today, got me frazzled :)
    Believe me, I’m thrilled to see him on any decent line when he can be Aves, which he has been lately, thank lord (penalties fair or unfair notwithstanding, not gonna go there….)

    we good?

  44. Haha, cool. I don’t know how I’m doing it since I don’t have too many big names but must have balance, and at least half of the people are still active. *Nasty 1* hasn’t been on for a week, though! I have Derek Roy, Tavares, Jordan Staal, Mikko Koivu, Brunette, Ray Whitney, Daniel Sedin, Fleischmann, Perry, Erat, Chris Stewart, Selanne, Lupul, Phaneuf, Bieksa, Timonen, and Quincey at the moment. Selanne and Lupul are both on IR. :(

    Shhh, we might get in trouble for this fantasy talk, but it’s probably a low traffic time anyway.

  45. Weight for Tik in 92-93.

    Larmer in a 3-way with HFD and Chi. Rangers got Kypreos too and HFD got the underrated James Patrick and Turcotte.

    Garnter for Anderson.

    Mac T for Todd Marchantt.

    Amonte for Noonan and David Tyree….I mean Matteau. :)P

  46. hey babs!!! its gonna be ok. i promise. u just need a few days off. go to disney or something. i love the pirates of the carribean and mr toads wild ride!!! they make me feel like a kid again! im bringin my daughter there soon. next year or 2. im gonna plan it when the rangers are in florida. hey ilb,wick, greg, when we meet up, lets take a trip south k!! its freakin freezin up here!

  47. And from what I remember:

    Gartner had a reputation of being too finesse and not producing in the playoffs which was greatly exaggerated. He was on some high seed teams that were supposed to go further like Wash in 86 and Rangers in 91 that got knocked out early (not his fault), so that carried with him when Keenan was here.

    Keenan also viewed Turcotte and Patrick as soft and not able to compete in the trenches so he got grinders for them.

    Finally, Keenan HATED Amonte. He bullied him and treated him like crap. There was an interview with ESPN in 2002 where Amonte said Keenan called him into his office and wrote out all of the Rangers fowards and his name was at the bottom. He said “tell me why they’re more important than you?”

    It took Tony a year and a half to recover in Chicago.

  48. whitney and d sedin are doin great, so is stewart, which i have too. lots of guys who are in their 2nd or 3rd years are doing great. guys like voracek,raymond,bergfors(rookie),stewart,etc… are really contributing. whatever happened to the young guys on phoenix like turris,boedkker,hanzal,mueller?? havent heard anything too good out of there. edmonton too. cogliano,gagner who i had up until recently,grebeshkov, and they are alot of minus players. im relying on some vets like hejduk,langkow,neidermayer, for some balance to these young kids. i was thinkin about getting simmonds now thats hes back. ok thats it!! we have to get a chat for fantas stuff!! carps gonna carp us like hes never carped before!!!

  49. mike A- dude were the same age yet you remember sooo much more than me!!! i hate that lol. my sis remebers everything too. well, i mean i wasnt a diehard fan though until 92 or so. i mean i followed every single game. i remember stupid stuff like when richter and beezer both had that awful game on new years eve in buffalo. they allowed like 6 goals each or somethin. it was like valliquette in dallas!! but that was the year before richter became the number 1 i think. i also remember domi and kocur!! those 2 kicked serious butt!! i do remember the final seasons of kissio,nicholls,sandstrom,erixon,pear juice,ridley i think was gone by then, uhhh miller? baby leetch. nemchinov of course.

  50. holy crap mike. keenan was ruthless!! amonte ended up being a great player for usa man. what a dick kennan is. hes so boring as an analyst though. carp was right, he was boring for those few games he was on between periods. but really, he doesnt know the team well, hes not a broadcaster so idk, stupid idea from msg unless they want him to be a coach if torts cant cut it. recreate the magic of 94. lmao!!! that would be funny and sad if slats hired him as a last resort to try to get a cup run in before he retires .

  51. Morph, I once made my brother very scared and upset on the Toad a long long time ago…careful, it’s not as benign as it seems. Have a great time! Don’t miss pirates and it’s a small world….classic.

  52. Linda is becoming addicted to the ipod touch! on

    i have much to catch up on, but this news about Fankist is the 2nd worst news I got today, the worst is that I lost my job. Happy New Year, lmao! Now i need to find that job that allows me to be online all day long cuz i’d be awesome at that!!

  53. ohh babs, i saw your heartthrobs twin brother today. i went to see avatar. it was a great effects movie especially watching in 3-d. anybody else see it? was really pretty cool. kinda cartoonish at times, but all in all a great popcorn movie.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Im a profesional blogger!!! … says Greg L. on

    Morph if your poor and live at home with your mom…then i’d get the ps3. Its for kids who can’t affrod a real system…xbox 360.

  55. ohh babs, i hated its a small world, but teh song is so catchy and unforgettable to this day. i hear they really upgraded epcot and mgm, so im hoping for some more thrill rides. love the tower of teror, but space mountain and thunder mountain are slow!!! hopefully the himalaya ride at animal kingdom is good. and linda, our fave gm is the star attraction. the yeti!! lol. supposedly theres an abominable snow satherpuss that is incorporated into the roller coaster somehow!

  56. Morpheus-

    PS3 online is free

    Any chance we’ll see a Grachev call-up or is he hurt or something?

  57. awww very sory linda. thats bad news indeed. hope u get another one soon.

    greg, sorry but the xbox is sooo defective bro. my cousins on his 3rd one and so am i. in fact if i got a new one, id be on my 4th. and i dont use it constantly. i play games on it and thats it. maybe 2-3 times a week i would play nhl or cod4, or id rent a game. i am sooo damn tired of the xbox. i will not get a wii, o ps3 is from what ive heard,very reliable, and its pretty affordable now. and no, i dont live at home. i flew the coop awhile ago!! although i live in the same town!! so maybe i didnt fly, maybe i hopped over the chicken

  58. XBOX-360 is great if you like paying for online play and replacing your system every couple months

  59. WOW late to the Fankist news. That really sucks. Its been a insane day, but know its going to be dead all week. Interesting news about that Caps trade. Hmmmm wonder who will be named “C”aptain LOL

  60. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    vinny v
    did you watch the video of carkner dropping orr with one punch a couple of weeks ago??

  61. X Box 360 is good if you like watching your system explode and set your house on fire.

    I’ve played the box and the 360, but I prefer the PS controls. Microsoft just flat ou sucks. I’m on my 3rd Zune, and ONCE AGAIN I’m having problems with that.

    Avoid Microsoft, unless you’re rich.

  62. Linda is becoming addicted to the ipod touch! on

    wicky you guys could never get me in trouble! My fiancee still loves me even though I spend more time here, and that’s all that matters! LMAO

    More bad news, to all who were wanting cookies. Will you guys take a rain check until I’m working again? Once I find another job, then I’ll be able to send them out. This is making me mad too, because I was gonna bake this weekend and mail em out on monday. grrrrrrrrrrr

  63. CRIMENY LINDA!!!!!! Im so sorry to hear that!!!!


    Finally got signed on! ARGH! My id is MAKO0680 got to get a few more games under my belt.

  64. Linda, sorry to hear that. People have no heart. Around holidays? Geez… Did you tell your ex-boss to go and … take a careful look at Olga’s last name?

  65. my name is wade momma just got me a new blade
    use it to snort and inhale, face goin pale,#6 jersey up fo sale. face hollow and frail when i’m on da ice i play snail.
    uh oh gotta go its time. Gotta get me the good stuff to feel sublime, new flava its lemon lime. Explosion in my nostrils, u’ll be signing my paycheck till i go fossil.

  66. my name is roszival, pp time gimme gas.
    coach tells me to shoot and i past
    Wind up and blast, screw voros i’m the everlast, forever fast
    forever in NY’s heart, don’t start, don’t fret, i’m be playing here till my diapers are wet, so get set, get ready
    feet are gonna get heavy.

  67. my name is brashear, haha, u tell me to fight but not now
    i’m playin cashier, sticking up for teammates is so last year
    remember blair betts haha didnt think that would get me this kinda cash, haha. gimme the blue sash i’m mvp, but don’t envy me, every 5 minutes i gotta get up an pee. i’m too old for hockey and denis potvin, but this heavy wallet keeps me from stoppin, i’m moppin up the floor, leaving some # 2’s on the logo as i walk out the door. coach thinks its voros, thats why he aint playin, he’s forsaken.. haha. ranger fans money is mine for the takin

  68. Linda is becoming addicted to the ipod touch! on

    they were spectacular 909 thanks! and thanks to all of you! You are truly the awesomest gang evah!!!!!

  69. Linda

    don’t post as much on the next job as you did on the current job. better chance to keep the new job, once you get it. good luck in your search.

  70. Linda,

    Sorry about the job … can’t believe they’d do that at this time of the year.

    Don’t worry, the economy is bouncing back … you’ll get another one in no time.

  71. Suggestion
    May I suggest next time you come up with another bright idea, include your name. Better yet, keep your suggestions in wherever you just crawled from.

  72. i only made 2 lines though. i thought carp would get pissed if i wrote a whole thing. it would get pretty vulgar. lol

  73. orr. here it is. 2 lines of what would be a great one if i finished it. lol. the next line would contain sustainable, if you know what i mean ;). lol.
    Where is Orr, that kids a warrior, no other man possibly be hornier. Adorable, debatable megan fox inflatable.

  74. Morph

    I’m on my 4th 360. I don’t even touch it anymore, I only use PS3…it’s awesome…and I was always against getting one

  75. So can we discuss how the Capitals dumped their captain and the Rangers organization keeps defending captain do nothing and his 8million dollar contract?

    Or how the rangers wont deal with no lettered veterans like Rosival and Redden for their consistent sucking

  76. Mouth right on. First mistake of Sather’s tenure. Snub Schneider and give big $ to Malakhov who blew out his knee in the first ever game in Atlanta and stopped showing up the year after following the Olympics.

    Firehose-Great name, I’m a big Mike Watt/Minutemen/Firehose fan. Great stuff.

    Mike in IA-I’m a huge dork LOL. I started watching in 89 and have been hooked ever since. My dad was always (and still does) yell at me for how I can remember the junior team every player played on but couldn’t balance elements on the periodic table.

    I remember when Kocur first got there and they went on this horrible losing streak and I was pissed and wanted Miller and Dennis Vial back.

    Watching the Islanders the other night made me remember Corey Millen scoring a breakaway goal to beat the Islanders during the 90-91 season. He was kinda like Nigel Dawes back in those days.

  77. Linda is becoming addicted to the ipod touch! on

    lmao @ suggestion…i didnt post much during working hours, especially since the person i worked with was let go in June! But I’ll take that under advisement, thanks!

    NYRGuy, awesome post about aves takin sanchez’ sloppy 2nds!

    thanks Pimp, its kinda bushleague but I hope to find something different in the next few weeks. Huntsville is actually NOT a hotbed of jobs unless you’re a rocket scientist or an engineer, and I’m absolutely NOT joking about that!

    ilb, i THINK mr. suggestion was being funny in a way, at least that’s how I took it. Trying to look on the bright side of everything right now cuz i really dont feel like crying!

    Wicky, Glennie’s gonna sign me for wednesday game vs. the flyers, I AM THE HARD HITTING CREASE CLEARING Dwoman you’ve all been waiting for!!!!!!!!

  78. Orr…I’m Freburg lol

    And thanks Linda and sorry about the job. Could be a good thing though, could find something better!

  79. What went on in this Calgary Edmonton game?? Four fights, one early on with Cogliano and Boyd…and then Ladislav Smid fought Iginla? Why would Smid do that?

  80. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    finally, serious bite on the blueline…and no worries on the cookies! It was the thought that counted!!!!

    love the flames’ grit for sure!!!

    Trading the caps captain is alot easier than trading ours for a couple of reasons…salary and NTC. I have a friend (just one) that is a huge caps fan and he said they are all pissed that they traded jurcina because the biggest team need is defencive d men and they just gave up one of their more physical ones! I still think the only place dru waives his NTC to go is LA (if he is ever asked to) and we will have to take a significant salary back for them to do it!

  81. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I would love to have carkner on this team, I wonder if we could get him and the russian hammer in a package deal? I would give up almost anyone on the roster to get those two!

    Does anyone think owen nolan would be a good fit as a forward on this team? Just curious!

    here’s a link for everyone but orr (soryy buddy, nothing personal):

    Down goes frazier..down goes frazier…not smiling this time, just bleeding.

  82. the van damme movies were great success. saw nowhere to run, and death warrant. peace out guys

  83. I just watched “Body of Lies” … should have been a movie about Roszival, not war and the Middle East …

  84. Prucha scored 7th goal of the season today…that would tie him with AA for fourth on the Rangders in goals…

    im just sayin.

  85. Montreal got their 20,000th goal tonight, the first team to do so.

    I tried looking online, but can’t find it…how many do the Rangers have then?

  86. yea its me grabachev, aka mike in ia(made in ny, but keyboard was made in ia).

    babs- i heard the name “babs” on a movie or show long time ago, but i said this to u a few months back. i called u babs and u were so surprised that i was the first to ever call u that on here. u forgot already!! ha. dont like mama. sry. i rather call u babs. is that ok?

  87. i wonder who scored the 15,000th for us? it was probably vlad vorobiev or some nobody! or kamensky. he was so good wasnt he? lol. why did we always and still do get players who were once good or great when they were on other teams years before?? gabby and jagr are the only 2 who were /are still good evenm thoughjags was not in his prime.

  88. morph, mike, whoever… would I know it was you? I’m not that smart….:)

    New rule today. If anybody posts anything about a certain someone, I’m gonna have to take serious action.

    Good morning all!

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