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I am not going to be too analytical today because, 1) it’s late in the day already; 2) I didn’t see the game live, only caught Rangers in 60 and the Marty Lovefest on the Hockey Night show; and 3) there’s not much that really needs to be analyzed.

This is what you get. This is what this team is. It is an on-the-bubble team that some nights will beat very good teams, some nights will beat bad teams, some nights will get annihilated by very good teams and some nights will be beaten by very bad teams. I know that’s simple, but what else can you say? It’s a team that is right in the pile of slop that resides between sixth and 13th place in the Leastern Conference. To say they played down to the Islanders might be accurate, but it’s not like the Islanders are that much worse. They may turn out to be better.

And when you look at the four-game winning streak that preceded the OT loss last night, which ones were convincing? The one against Florida. They could have lost the other three. Just as they could have won the two games they lost before the streak. This is what they are.

In terms of analysis, the Islanders goalie was better than the Rangers goalie on this night; the Islanders jumped on some pucks better than the Rangers did (until that tying goal, at least); and the Rangers made more mistakes.

I will say this about Ales Kotalik. If you’re going to have a forward play the point, then you, the coaches, have to drill him on being a defensemen, or having to defend, against odd-man rushes. The forward on the point isn’t going to face short-handed defensive-zone play. He’s going to face odd-man rushes only. So  if I’m the coach, I have him practice those over and over and over again. What’s the harm in that? You have him somewhat prepared to handle a 2-on-1, or even a 1-on-1. You school him on what happens when a teammate goes for the puck along the wall and doesn’t get it. On what to do when the opponent comes across the offensive zone to the middle of the ice. What would it take, an extra hour of practice every week, just him and an assistant coach? Can’t fit in an extra hour for $3 mill a year? And if he can’t handle those, then he can’t play the point. (and we all know, if he can’t play the point, then he can’t play).

But I am definitely not dumping the blame for this game on Kotalik, who surely will be prucha’d next game.

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  1. CC

    You play any more Club games ? We beat a top 20 ranked team the other night. Right now we’re on a 3 game winning streak.

    BTW – On that shorthanded goal, that defensive play Del Z made, they didn’t call a penalty, but one Aves does that same exact thing, they call him for interference.

    The officials cant even try to hide the fact that they’ll call Aves for everything, including looking cross eyed.

    Ugh, and what the fugg was with Boyle spitting on the ice during that family skate thing. This isn’t a hockey rink, there’s kid on the ice that are gonna be falling down. Gross !!

  2. Michal Rozsival on

    I just love giving up short-handed breaks on the PP and then hussling back and showing coach Torts what I can do on defense …

  3. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Repost of my most recent carping (I can’t even get a holiday break from the guy…sheesh):

    Hey, thanks. I really appreciate your answer!

    I agree, like I said before, unless we add a couple of tough crease clearing d men, we go nowhere in the post season.

    godd morning!

    how did the rest of your holiday turn out?

  4. its time for heikkinen to play the point.

    my friend was autographing some photos and then gave me the remaining 3. ill send you one. just email me your work/home address. i dont need the other 2 but im sure we could figure something fun to do w/ em.

  5. Definitey. My connections been sofa king annoying lately, completely out of the blue, but hopefully it’s fixed today.

    And don’t forget, once you play 20 games, and have at least a B average i think, you get to edit your attributes. Agility, Acceleration, Balance, Slap Shot Power, and Wrist Shot Power are some of the most important.

  6. Carp, good post. One thing about Kotalik. I’m afraid he isn’t fast enough skater and doesn’t pivot well to catch up if faced 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 while skating backwards. No matter how much you practice.

    In terms of rest of it. We know what team we have, it is what it is. Looking from a different perspective- 9 points out of 10 I’ll take any time.

  7. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    bro, you always buy alot of stuff… looking to adopt anytime soon??

  8. Wicky, you are more than welcome to come move in. You can be my Manny. Ha. Are you good with kids and giant cats?

  9. I agree with Brooks on his take … this team is bush-league. Seriously.

    His twitter is funny … he comments last night on how atrocious the referee was.

    God, I wish I was an NHL referee … you can perform whichever way you want, with no fear of anything happening to you in terms of job security.

    Q: Does anyone here feel bad when a ref gets hit by a puck or accidentally pounded against the boards during a game … anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Personally, when I see the vendetta each has against Avery (who has paid for his transgressions), I cheers when the morons get hit … they’re all bush-league.

  10. ORR

    You mean 20 games online club or just any club games…

    i bought a “boost” package… isn’t that the upgrade? i got golden skates and gloves! Lol

  11. Just watched the game this morning…you summed it up well Carp.

    Rozi has certainly been better though, 5 assist and +5 in the last 5

  12. Rick

    EXCELLENT point about coaches teaching Kots Defense. Actually, I think ALL of the forwards should be taught how to play defense. In case a Dman get caught pinching and there is a break out and the forwards has to play D. I dont know what goes on during their practices…. But they should all be taught how to play D. Even Rozi LOL

  13. So we are off for four days again? And then 17 games in January? Is Mike Milbury involved in NHL schedule, Carp?

  14. DAMMIT! They don’t have my size in that hat. Figures.


    Blame your blessed head full with nice hair for this! See…if you were bold like me…!! lol

  15. wicky

    you want one?
    ill mail you one as well just send laurel your address and she’ll hopefully forward it to me. i figured the ladies of the blog would be more interested.

    that last one is really nice. shame they dont have it in your size.

  16. TR, which? The one they don’t have in my size? Did you ever see that St. Pats one that I sent you the link for?

    I am addicted to sneakers and hats, I can’t help it. And watches.

  17. nasty
    yes i did see the green st. pats hat. i might get it. i need some green hats. ive been tryin to get some jays hats from “stolen riches” in toronto but they never update the shopping area of the site.

    im still tryin to pick a site and buy 3 hats for free shipping. but i can never find that 3rd hat. i dont want to settle on something.

  18. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    sent you a tweet!!

    kids and dogs…yes, cats..ummm!!!

    I tried to order the st pats hat from nhl and it was sold out…is there another one???

  19. You Giants fans are getting what Jets have gotten forever haha…too bad I can’t really talk being a Raiders fan

  20. great post Carp!

    you may have caught the game in 60
    but your analysis is spot on.

    for a team on the bubble, i think the most
    that fans want each night is a level of
    passion and for the players to compete.
    they did that in spots last night, definitely in the

    and, i and others, wish to the hockey gods that someone would bear down on Torts or Benoit or Henrik and find out why some of the little things aren’t being worked on this year. again, if wasn’t so deep in net the ot goal would likely not happen. same with other goals this season.
    just don’t get it!

  21. Carp …good point about Kotaliks play or coaching on that situation..when the Isle (okposo ?) got through Del Z’s check Kotalik went take him ..i dont know the protocol I guess was he supposed to let Henrik play him and take the other guy ..Del Z was cleary beat ..should he not have helped out there ? …i guess not since it left the scorer open for the pass ?

  22. Carp…percentage wise, what do you think are the odds of Cally making the U.S. team? I can’t imagine they are good odds

  23. If any of you guys are interested in talking hockey – blame this loss on one guy – Higgins! How a professional misses a wide open net I have no idea. Game should have been over at that point!

  24. orr- get ready for the attack of the grabachev coming soon to a ps3 near you, special sneak preview january 30th. get ready for the most brutal,merciless, most lethal glitch wraparound goal scorer this side of the mississippi and this side of the misouri rivers!! mr grabachev himself!!

    p.s. i will even destroy you with the clanky ps controller!! have they made them any better since the ps2? maybe its me, but i love the xbox controls much better.

  25. lobster- my sentiments exactly!! i said this last 2 posts, he freakin sucks!! how many missed shots, open nets, and flat out getting robbed from point blank till this guy just decides to hang em up and become a janitor or something. im sure he could dustmop a floor like nobody’s business!!

  26. cccp- thats a team to be proud of!! now an all ny team would be quite interesting! we got cally,mr 500 shots 4 goals chris higgins, patty kane, matt “golden” moulson, and a slew of other hard workin hometown boys. is parise from ny? i know theres some other good players from ny. but i garauntee higgins wouldnt even make the all ny team!!

  27. cally, higgy bear,…. hmm, wasnt brash born and raised in central park zoo? along with boyle?? werent they rock mates? and wasnt drury assembled in a factory in the tri-state area?

  28. Ha Drury grew up in good ol’ CT where he began his clutchness with the Little League World Championship. Although it may have began when he had to go the bathroom really bad and instead of pooping his diaper, he ran to the bathroom and potty trained himself

  29. and carp- i dug the post. you nailed it. its just that with an all star goalie, the goal scoring leader in the league, and some really hard workin youngsters like cally,duby,AA,dz, aves(not quite a youngster), i thought we’d be a tad better. even maybe top 6 before the season started. were not far off from being totally bad and were not far off from being a top 3 in the conference. so much depends on so many inconsistent players. we all know they are more than capable of being a great team. you add a top line center for gabby, and 1 big mean crease clearer d man, we could easily fill the holes in between to get us over the hump of being a bubble team. guys like kots, higgins,dru, lisin,boyle,brash are just fillers.rozy and redden and maybe girardi sometimes are all killin us. i hope they trade girardi and higgins at the dealine. but still, hes only here this season. i think hed be good for a team nedding a good checker and a guy who can create chances, even though he cannot finish them. even a low pick would be fine. get grachev up here in his spot next season. i also wonder how far along stepan is. hes a center but kinda small. kreider is probably 2 years off. i think as soon as rozys contract is up, or if he can possibly be moved, it can give us that spcace needed for the big bad d man we need. if theres any free agents signed by slats next year, i hope its just for that big hitting d man. thats it. and maybe a backup goalie incase johnson sucks. or isnt ready yet. we have the offense in the system to bring up and let take over the team so the future doesnt look so bad. and alot of this depends on who we get in teh draft this year. i really want someone who can step in and help out asap. maybe push some of these 3rd liners down and have a legit 1st line for gabby. damn im rambling again ilb and carp. lol

  30. If the US gets bounced, I would be hard pressed to choose between Sweden & Russia. Hmmmmmmmm I’d love to see LQ get another Gold medal but I’d love to see that high powered Russian offense dominate every single team. *sigh* choices choices.

  31. 9 points in 5 games is not bad, any which way you slice it.

    everyone, relax. the mood swings on this board are worse than my girlfriend’s.

  32. Kotalik may have a heavy shot but he also has heavy feet. He does not belong on the point period. Left slot,please.

    Am I the only one who feels that Del Zotto is a big problem for the Rangers. He has coughed up the puck too many times in too many games.What is he now ,minus 15 for the season. It may be 30 before the season is out. As an opposing coach, I would use a big strong puck carrying forward directly against him all the way to the right corner. Then I would have the 2 forwards camped out in front of the goalie. In 4 tries during a game,you should be able to get 1. The Sharks and Devils do this fairly well.

  33. Anything less than gold will be very very disappointing for team Russia and their fans!

    I also hope for team USA to do well…it’ll be good for US hockey!
    And of course ill be rooting for Hank!


  34. YEAH… what’s up that?? all these imposters lately… I think its time to bring back the troll busting “Iron Fist”!

    what do you think, Carp? :)

  35. Wicky, you should definitely get that hat, TR too. It is a unique one that pretty much nobody else is going to have. Unless you guys both wear it to Warren one night. You would have to have a danceoff to see who would have to take it off, ha.

  36. Carp-did the Rangers in 60 show you Higgins missing “another” miss at a wide open net? Mayybe he should follow advice Adam Grave’s mom gave him when he was having the same issue…just close your eyes when you shoot…obviously worked out for Gravey!!!

  37. Good afternoon all!

    I can vouch for Nasty’s head of hair….seen it.

    All, I have the best sweatshirt I got for a gift years ago, because I’m a hockey fan, and a beloved now deceased cat I had was named Zamboni. On the back, it says Original Six and it has 6 Zamboni machines with the team’s names and logos. It’s also really soft and comfy! Go get one!

    I find it really odd the people who the trolls are imitating…I mean, really, ilb and beth?? I think we all know here when you’re real and when you’re not.

    Special post for TR next….

  38. Tank The Season on

    As far as a big defenseman goes, we will probably be getting Sheldon Souray from Edmonton by the deadline.

  39. TR!!!!! On the one hand, I’m beyond thankful and happy. On the other, though, I admit, I’m bummed cause I should have been there!!!!!! Effing work….

    But thank you, thank you, thank you. I’d come down Wednesday but my Mom will be in town so probably best not to come crawling home in the wee hours :) Soon, tho, very soon.

    I’ll e-mail you my home address. Don’t trust the office mail with this package! wicky, don’t get greedy! You don’t get two, mama does….but props for figuring it out :)

    I have to go frame shopping now….:)

  40. Souray is a mean SOB who has a great shot, but he has been injury prone the last few years and his price tag is kind of steep too. We would have to send a contract back. Unless Dubi catches fire, I can see Slats doing Dubi and Rozi for Cogs and Souray. I am not as down on Dubi as some are, so I don’t know how I really would feel about that trade.

  41. I don’t think it would be smart at all to deal Dubi to get Souray…that won’t help us at all. I get giving up Dubi with Rozsival or Redden in order to get rid of a big contract, but not to get Souray in return

  42. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    No one imitates wicky because he would cross check them into the fetal position……..or he never says anything coherent….wait that’s me….DAMN!!!!

  43. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    my piss poor spelling/typos apparently know no bounds…here…twitter…sheesh. I am amazed I was able to get a couple of college degrees!

  44. Nasty1- I’m not sold on that trade. In trading Dubinsky for Cogliano we give up a fair amount of size, something we don’t have on this team, let alone in the middle. Souray has been shying away from physical part a bit since his rash of injuries. He makes pretty much what Rozi does.

  45. wicky, we’re good…:) e-mailed you back.

    mike in ia…paragraphs dude! all you have to do is hit the return key every now and then…..

  46. “Wicky, you should definitely get that hat, TR too. It is a unique one that pretty much nobody else is going to have. Unless you guys both wear it to Warren one night. You would have to have a danceoff to see who would have to take it off, ha.”

    Oh, so not a good idea!

    hey nasty, I took care of 3:18….can’t always, but since I’m here….

  47. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I agree a lot with what ilb says about the trade, but I do feel souray is a major upgrade over rozy. We lose some physicality up front, but we get it on the back end. If dubi was playing with more bite….i would be more on the fence with it! If we do trade dubi (sorry sally) expect to see a serious push for vinny or richards by the deadline (cap dollars not withstanding)

  48. I don’t see the point in swapping Rozi/Dubi to get Souray…Souray and Rozi’s contract are identical and I don’t see the point in dealing Dubi just to upgrade from Rozi to Souray. If we’re gonna get a defenseman it has to be a physical one, not an injury prone one that is starting to shy away from contact.

  49. And Cogliano would put us in the same situation we were in with Dubi because he’s an RFA after the year…don’t see the point

  50. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I KNOW you are not questioning my dance skills!!!!

    I’ve been known to cut a little rug in my day!

  51. NYRGuy, I’m with you.

    CCCP and ilb, you should read Carp. Every now and then he comes up with something interesting :)

    BTW all, I think I’ve asked this before…can we call Brooks something other than LB for short? That’s my handle in fleshy life :)

    Mama signing off now. Long time til next game, sigh…..

  52. Aw shite, wicky made me laurel…..

    wicky, that I’d like to see, seriously! but I doubt TR would like a warren face off….and they do ask that people be quiet outside….in a residential area and all….:)

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Im a profesional blogger!!! … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Mama , Mike can’t use paragraphs , it would n’t be him!!! How would we ever tell it was him? If he did it I would never see his post from a far!! Mike is Mike and as bad as he writes ( no offense) it works for him. I say don’t change a thing and if ya could make yer posts a little longer then it would be cool too. Don’t mind ILB , hes always busting my chops too haha , we’ll get him one day…we’ll get ’em!!

  54. Like I said, I wouldn’t cy if Dubi got traded for Souray. But some teams look at Dubi like he can be a superstar, like the Murray from the Sens.

    It would be sweet f we can make a package for Spezza, and give Gabby a real center.

    What are the odds though, right ?

    Personally I think we should sign Charlie Sheens wife. This team needs some jam, and any mother who vicously attacks there husband in a drunken rage on Christmas morning is someone with balls of steel. Sign her, along with Tiger Woods’ wife, and they can be our crease clearing d men/women.

    I don’t know if they’ll use cups, or steel tampons, but that’s something the equipment staff will have to figure out.

  55. Greg, you’re right. I’m just breaking your chops, but I do like you the way you are. And Mike. Your post wouldn’t be authentic if, for example you spelled professional with two S. I’d know right away that it’s an imposter. :)

  56. Lol, you can just see the guilt on Carters face. If they get a top 3 pick in the draft that wouldn’t be good. Also if the rumors are true aboot Carter an Hartnell. If they trade Carter, who knows, they might get a really good return that would complete their team, then they go out and throw the bank at Kovalchuk.

    One horrible year for them, both on and off the ice can potentially turn their whole future around. That scares me. I hope they get it together and miss the playoffs by a point.

  57. Tank The Season on

    Kovalchuk will probably be dealt to the Kings as a rental. I can see them paying a high price if they’re gonna gun for it this year.

  58. I could be wrong, but on the replay of the open net that Higgins missed, didn’t it show the puck coming towards him on the wrong side? He’s a left-handed shot and I could swear the puck was either on his right side or between his skates. Either way, I remember thinking at the time, that there was no way he could have gotten to it to shoot it in.

  59. Eddie
    Tough making excuses for Higgins. He doesn’t finish. Never. Period. I hope he proves us all wrong, but the missed opportunities up to this point have been mind boggling.

  60. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    yep, seems to me the only one on that list that even remotely can live up to the salary is richards!

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    MAKO- re:Cough-Cough

    If the list went to five salaries, Redden would be there. That would give Sather a Trifecta.

    Fire Sather.
    Stop the madness.

  62. Olga

    You’re absolutely right. I hope anticipating seeing Gomez, Drury and Redden on there. I was mildly amused when I heard Gomez score his 5th goal the other night. I think its an unwritten truth that Redden’s contract is just as horrible.


    you’re right… i agree

  63. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    I just love how some players go to some teams and their whole personna changes….j bo to calgary and all of a sudden he becomes this tough crease clearing guy that plays with an edge. He has probably had more cross checking penalties this season than ulfie did his whole career!

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    I was just wondering where the Cup went that Sather promised when he got to spend all the money the Rangers had. Well, it’s at least a quarter billion dollars later…

    That F***er promised he could win one with the Rangers money. Where is it Glen? I’m waiting to see Bettman say “Chris Drury, come get the Stanley Cup!”

    Wow. Do you realize how absolutely stupid that last sentence sounds?

  65. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    wow…flames fans still being loud even though they are losing….guess that’s what happens when most of the arena isn’t CORPORATE tickets!

  66. Olga, you forgot to mention that another quarter billion went into Dolan’s pockets. That’s cup to him.

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wicky- He used to talk when he was with Edmonton. Now he’s President-GM of the Rangers. He can either pay people to talk for him to just puff his stogy and send smoke signals.

    I wonder what the smoke signal was for “Draft Jessiman”?

    Two short puffs and a wet fart?

  68. Wicky

    Can you imagine how loud the Garden would be if the same type of people that sat in the 3’s and 4’s sat in the lower sections also

  69. Olga Folkyerself on

    Blogmama, once you realize that ORR’s brain is in his pants, then his statements start to make sense from his perspective.

  70. Scanned through most of the posts on today’s thread. Kinda surprised there are no comments on part the Ranger’s future (U.S. teammates Derek Stepan, Chris Kreider and Ryan Borque) that is playing in the World Juniors and being broadcast on NHL-TV. Maybe everyone is waiting for the matchup against Canada.
    I like, to a point, the fact that Stepan is captain (aka character, leadership)but his on-ice performance folks reminds me of Blair Betts (pro – PKer, smart, with a solid frame, con – seems a step behind). Borque would be considered a ‘smurf’ 25 years ago – He’s on the PK here, has got speed and directed energy, but doesn’t seem in the first few games to have a nose for the net. . .we’ll see. Kreider seems to be making quite an impression on the US coaching staff. He’s being used on the PP as the low sniper, getting lot’s of ice time and is involved in some nice plays/goals. He’s real quick. They made a comment on NHLTV that the BU coach said he might be the fastest skater is has had. Watching him, it;s believeable
    Bottom line is it’s real early in the tournament and actually in their careers to judge whether they’ll make it but I like the upside.

  71. I’ve been at NYR fan since 1980 and love them dearly. Very dissapointed lately – not that it has not happened before.

    Aren’t we paying a really good goalie coach to hone the skills of our #1 goalie? Although I never played hockey, I played almost everything else including soccer goalie and wonder why Henrik is always on his knees and – it looks so lazy to me, flopping down. Richter would get down and pop up right away, not basically take a nap and flounder…and allow easy almost open net goals – the 1st goal of the Islanders the other night caused me to turn off the TV… I was looking foward to some rivalry and got bumbed out from the get go. What will we do without a steadfast goalie? Is it time to put in the kid from Hartford yet?

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