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Just got this from the Rangers:

New York, December 27, 2009 –All four Rangers prospects participating in the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships recorded points in their respective games tonight.
In the United States’ 3-0 victory over Switzerland, Chris Kreider scored the game-winning power play goal and was named Team USA’s Player of the Game.  Team Captain Derek Stepan and Ryan Bourque both notched assists in the game.  Through two games, Stepan has recorded four points (1-3-4) and Kreider has recorded two points (1-1-2).
Roman Horak also tallied a goal for the Czech Republic in their 4-3 loss to Finland.
The United States next plays Latvia and the Czech Repbulic next plays Austria, both games being held on Tuesday, December 29th.

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  1. I like what I saw from Stepan and Kreider. Kreider had a standout game scoring once. He easily could’ve had more but the Swiss goalie was outstanding. Stepan does so many things well. He uses his size, plays all three zones and has great vision. His style is similar to Zajac.

    Bourque setup the 2nd tally. He is involved. Lots to like about our guys.

  2. My girlfriend just got me that “100 Ranger Greats” Book for my birthday, I can’t wait to get into the heart of it.

    I’ve read the first 7 people so far and it’s a good way to brush up on Ranger history since I’m way too young to really know much pre-1994. One theme I’ve noticed from the first 7 people is that all of their time with the Rangers seems to end with them being shipped off somewhere else…guess that’s been going on for awhile lol

  3. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    no worries my friend, I was just trying to help. Sorry if it came across snippy!

  4. Just finished watching “The Hangover” for like the 10th time … never gets old.

    I wish we could leave half these bums (read: Rangers players) locked in the bathroom with the tiger.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Learn to type, then communication will come easier. Try spell check, it works wonders for the intellectually challenged.

    Dubi is not Messier, but if he scores 2 goals in a game, I’m gonna give him some slack. There are a lot of other slugs to vent your frustrations on.

  6. You try typing on an iPhone and see how good you do. You probably can’t afford one since you spend all your money on Dublowski memorabilia, hahaha.

    Don’t say you’ll cut him slack when I know you wouldn’t for the other “slugs”. It just makes you sound like a moron of a fan.

    He’s worse than those “slugs” because he’s so god damn young and he’s blinded by greed instead of earning his money. Greedy, geeky, useless, and a waste of a roster spot, and from what ive been told he a prick off the ice. He needs another beat down to set his ass straight.

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR- Sounds like you’re about his age but still stuck in the trailer park you grew up in. Face it, you’ll never make his money working at McDonalds, asking people if they want fries with that…

  8. lol…you guys are cracking me up!

    i think he is earning his money…he’s been good since he came back from the injury…dont forget that his wrist exploded from that shot…it takes time but he’s been good and has been scoring goals and playing well…he is still young and one of the hardest working kids ion the team…greedy? maybe… useless? i dont think so

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s all I’m saying. Dubi is not the problem on this team. ORR’s got some bug up his ass about Dubinsky and I’m trying to show him the error of his ways. Question is, did ORR eat paint chips when he was a kid?

    I’ll try being nicer if he’ll try being smarter.

  10. Guys, do you remember the guy who loses his tooth in The Hangover?

    Does that whipped little b*tch not remind you of a Roszival?

  11. Nyrguy that book is awesome. It really helps to get a grasp on the Rangers history before 1994. The way MSG TV portrays it the Rangers didn’t exist before 1994.

    I disagree with some rankings but the Book is fantastic

    Sean Avery Has a New Girlfriend Her Name is Hilary Rhoda


  12. I don’t think Dubinsky is greedy, he just took bad advice from his agent. Which he is accountable though for.

  13. ohh man. trust me, dubinsky doesnt give a flying butt burger what any of us think of him. neither does anyone we bash or hate on from time to time. i cant see getting so worked up about duby. hes not gonna be a superstar we all know this by now, but i garauntee u hes been tainted by money just like most of them are. hes young, he wants to make as much money as he can. sather was the stupid one with all the leverage. these guys dont know if theyre careers will last, especally players like duby who doesnt need to do much to slip back to being the next prucha. coaches can make or break a players career and this will probably be dubys one big payday. i cant see him ever makin more unless he breaks the 20 goal mark a few times. but personally, i couldnt care less. drury,redden,rozy,even kots make more than him and have done about equal points wise or less. and he was out for awhile too. im with cccp and olga on that. im not getting on anybodys case here, just tryin to point out that none of these guys are worth fighting over. except maybe sather. theres no excuse for that abomination. orr, i must ask, why the hate for duby? we know hes not a pure scorer but he passes pretty well and can be a good 2nd line center one day. he;ll be ok. does his combover just piss you off to no end?? i can understand if he snubbed you if u tried getting an autograph, id probably dislike him too, but hes not that terrible a player ur makin him out to be. whats the hate for duby for? orr-youre the young brother on the blog. so dont take this to heart. we all like ya man. wait!! does your gf have a crush on duby??? right??? my ex had a crush on shanny, and i said what?? that old crooked face dinosaur? it didnt bother me i just found it wierd lol. but sometimes girls do that to make u jealous. or to mess with u. dont let her gt in your head man!! stay calm! just say, yea that(insert her ugliest friend) is pretty cute!! lol no dont do that, you’ll end up fighting with her!! haha dont listen to me.

  14. babs- that post was for u!! i dont do puncuation, i dont indent cuz i dont make paragraphs. i dont capitalize anything. but(i know ur not supooused to use but before starting a new sentencce!!), but, i dont do run on sentences and i always spell things correctly!! most of the time. sometimes my keyboard(made in IA) likes to type THE instead of the THE. i cant change now, like greg said, it wouldnt be me, and it might be an imposter

  15. Linda is becoming addicted to the ipod touch! on

    Sean Avery Has a New Girlfriend Her Name is Hilary Rhoda

    wow, she went from supposedly bumpin uglies with Mark Sanchez to now being with Aves???? These people change sex partners quicker than some people change their underwear

  16. i recorded the two USA WJC Championship games. So far it looks like Stepan has some very good vision and is very calm with the puck. he may be a real player for us in the future. irst or second line caliber center. Bourque can really fly!!!!! his skating is fantastic and he made some good plays out there though they were not converted. I didn’t notice Krieder too much in the first game but he really can skate. He is young and could be good. The futre look bright at forward

  17. Tank The Season on

    Liked Brooksie’s article, but Brashear is useless.

    The types of changes he speaks of can only be made in the offseason like in football.

    BTW for all that are interested, a Redden offseason buyout is $2.16M against the cap for the next EIGHT years.

    Fire Sather anyone?

  18. Kids look good down in the WJCs. But we knew that anyway. It’s funny that Stepan has grown now. He used to be a midget, but since he was drafted he’s grown a bit and put on some pounds, and he’s only going to get bigger. Kreider has got some wheels, but his skills with the puck need some work. Bourque is a little guy, but damn can he hit. Great hockey sense too. Shame these guys won’t be ready for another 2-3 years though but good to see them doing well at this big stage.

    Also about Dubi, he’s not even making that much. He’s making under 2 million. I don’t see how thats being greedy when Callahan is making 2.3 and has done about the same if not less than Dubi does. Dubi isn’t one of the hardest working guys though, I think that is something that is played up a bit. He works hard, yes, but not consistently. Callahan brings the same intensity every shift, Dubi does it when he feels like it/needs to. Just like Avery, they work hard in spurts and when they need to be noticed, but they also dog it/slack off for just as much time when the spotlight isn’t on them.

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    9 out of 10 points is more than any of us hoped for over the last 5 games, so I dotn know why everyone is complaining?

    And trading Dubi for Cogliano? no thanks.
    Why trade dubi now when were weak at center, and we finally have one line that stays together?

    Stupid idea, stupid trade, no thank you

    You keep Cogliano Renney, and have fun wiht your losing team in Edmonton

    And Sean avery’s girlfriend is super hot!

    Lucky basterd dating 22 year old bikin models.

  20. mama babs,dont listen to mikey, aves is your man!!! hes not really dating a supermodel. its justy a little josh thomson’ing goin on here. right guys???!!!! right?? !!! wink wink, WINK wink!! wink===

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