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From the Rangers:

December 26, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, New York Islanders 3 OT (Game #38, Home #19)

The Rangers were defeated by the New York Islanders, 3-2, in overtime, ending their winning streak at four games; the four-game streak was the Blueshirts longest since winning seven consecutive games from Oct. 3 vs. Ottawa to Oct. 17 at Toronto.
The Blueshirts are now 18-16-4 (40 pts.) on the season, including an 8-9-2 mark at home.
The Rangers have recorded points in each of their last five games (4-0-1).
Brandon Dubinsky tallied two goals, including the game-tying goal with 47 seconds remaining in regulation time and won a game-high 12 faceoffs in 16 attempts for a 75% success rate; he now has three-game point-scoring streak (three goals and two assists).
Chris Drury notched one assist and recorded a plus-one rating in 17:48 of icetime; he has now recorded five points (three goals and two assists) in the last four games.
Michal Rozsival recorded two assists in 19:56 of icetime; he now has tallied five assists in the last five games.
Ryan Callahan notched one assist and delivered four hits in 20:02 of icetime; he has tallied seven points (two goals and five assists) in the last five games.
Henrik Lundqvist made 19 saves on 22 shots in his 12th consecutive start; he has stopped 155 of 163 (.950%) shots over the last five games.
Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto delivered a team-high five hits in 23:39 of icetime; entering tonight’s contest, Del Zotto ranked third among all first-year players with 82 hits.
Marian Gaborik logged a team-high 25:04 of icetime and tied for the game-high with five shots
Two Rangers prospects tallied points for Team USA in tonight’s 7-3 victory over Slovakia in their opening game of the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships; Captain Derek Stepan recorded one goal and two assists for three points and Chris Kreider notched a power play assist on the game-winning goal. Team USA next plays on Sunday, Dec. 27 vs. Switzerland.
The Rangers practice schedule for tomorrow, Dec. 27, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
The Rangers return to action on Dec. 30, when they will face-off against the Philadelphia Flyers at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their first game of three in four nights; the Blueshirts defeated the Flyers, 2-1, in their first meeting of the season on Dec. 19. The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “I thought we played hard.  I thought we developed a lot of scoring chances, we couldn’t score but we stayed with it.  We will take the point and try to find some good stuff out of it.  I thought we played really hard to get back into it in the third period.”
Brandon Dubinsky on the tying goal… “I was just trying to be there, ready. Time is winding down there, we know things are going to go to the net to try and get some traffic and some sticks there and I think Cally (Ryan Callahan) made a great play. I feel like he shot for my stick and I was standing there ready for it and I made the play.”
Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “They got a goal on our power play – that is always tough.  The PK (penalty kill) was really good.  I think if we tied the game a little earlier, I think we would have had them.  They played pretty solid in their own end, kept us on the outside.  We at least tied the game and got a point out of it.”

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  1. REPOST (after a soggy carping)

    I’d take Cog and Soray for Dubi straight up.

    And Kunis is a major YAY. She’s in my top 10. I has amazing dreams of a 4-some with Megan Fox, Mila Kunis, and Olivia Wilde. WOW !!


    It’s not an idiotic statement. It’s a god damn fact. Watch some games every now and then, most goalies are able to stop semi redirected pucks, but it seems Hank can’t.
    I still think Benoit Allaire needs to get fired, he failed with Vally, but more importantly he can’t fix Hanks flaws. Bring someone in who isn’t interested in being his friend and bakig him god damn brownies when he has a good practice, and let him know what he needs to do to be the best goalie in the NHL.

  2. Good night, Carp!

    Orr, you know I love you… but EAT YOUR WORDS!!! DUBLOWSKI MY BUTT!!! DUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! Eat your words!!!

    Linda, you know me so well! I was having fun with real live fleshy people & watching the Sabres lose. We toasted to Lil Man twice though :)

  3. Sather's WrapUp on


    Hi RANGER FANS! Happy Chrishanukkwanzaa! That should cover just about everybody.

    You know, I can’t figure out how all those empty seats can chant “Fire Sather” so loudly.

    Riiiing! Hello Dere, Jimmy! (It’s the Boss!)We did it again Jimmy! Yep, sold every seat again. We Win!! Listen, you’ve got to stop rooting for the Blue and Orange team. YOUR hockey team is dressed in Red-White-Blue. Well, how can it be a habit when your other Blue-Orange team never wins a game? (Jeez, there he goes again. Cryin’ like a baby.) Gotta go Jimmy. (click).

    Now, where were we? Where’s my protege, Messier? Mess! How about running down and getting us a couple dozen of those Sabrett hot dogs? Good boy! I’ll teach you some more important stuff when you get back. Like how to draft rookies. When you get the weiners, check and see if there are any more green ones. I thought they were just colored for the holidays. I ate one yesterday and everything in my bowels liquefied. Yep. Shat through a screen door and never touched a wire. Give the green ones to Muckler. I owe him one…

    So we lost in overtime. So what!? It sure was exciting! That’s what keeps the fans happy, AND buying tickets and jerseys. And keeping El Presidente in stogies and scotch. (Boy, if they ever catch on, I’ll be back in Edmonton shining Pocklington’s shoes.)

    Well, see you all at the flyer game. And buy some more jerseys will ya? I’m starting to run out of old veterans to put on the team.

    Nighty Nite!
    Uncle Glennie

  4. SALLY

    I won’t !!! I’m glad he tied it up, but it doesn’t chnage the way I feel aboot him. If Blowzy, Dreary, or Dredden score those two goals would it change the way you feel aboot them ?

    He’s still Dublowski in my eyes. He’s everything a young Ranger shouldn’t be. Hopefully Staal doesn’t do the same to us this summer, and Del Z after his contract ends.

  5. laurel
    i wish you were here too. along w/ everyone else. lol. i will remember your auto this time im certain.

  6. TR, thanks buddy!!! and say hi to Jess.

    ilb, til 12, but i’m about to sign off and get outta here. mama is pooped, and not even from any fun. enjoyed being on blog in real time though and not just during breaks!

    Good night all!

  7. We got 1 point out of that game. The Hurricanes would kill to be in our position in the standings.
    I’m not going to let that loss ruin my boxing day….

  8. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Saw the game on rangers in 60, which in my opinion is the best way to watch these creeps, you only waste an hour instead of 3 and see less commercials.

    Another game of downward mobility , playing down to the competition

  9. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    speaking of the world juniors and international hockey, i’m kinda shocked that norway doesn’t have a bigger number of nhl players. I can only think of tollefsen and knutsen (who I don’t think plays anymore after the puck killed that girl).

    I see the russian hammer was named to their olympic team!

    I do not understand why avery doesn’t see any shifts in OT!!!

    I understand hank can’t stop everything, but does anyone else think he should have stopped two of the three goals the fishies scored?

    I will not lose any sleep if rozy, kots, and lisin never ever see antoher shift as a ranger!

  10. Freeken Higgens makes me sick. Had an open net & could have won the game. When Henrik is exceptional we’ll win a majority of games; when he’s not we’ll lose the same.

  11. wicky… Hockey really not a big sport here i Norway. Instead of building hockeyrinks we build indoorsoccer halls with fake grass so we can stay indoors both during summer and winter. :-) Knutsen is now a coach here in Norway, Tollefsen with flyers. Use to have Patrick Thoresen in the NHL too, now he is in Russia. But we do have some talents playing in Sweden, with Foppa and Naaslund.

  12. The Piles Roloson played pretty well and thier d was good .
    The shorty and game winner were stoppable ..Hank probably wanted at least the last one back…
    Rangers didnt play bad ..
    Brooks was talking on FAN like they were bieng out played ..
    coming back two goals was nice too bad they didnt get the 3rd one..

  13. Michal Roszival on

    Hi again guys,

    I know it’s late, but I’m sitting here by my fireplace … cup of peppermint tea in hand … a piece of fruitcake on the side … all tucked-in and warm with my snuggie … and I’m reminiscing about how well we played tonight, how it was wonderful to be able to rally back and get a crucial point at home against a top-notch squad like the Islanders …

    For those of you wondering about Chris Drury … he had a bit of an accident while driving home in his Clutch-mobile … apparently he forgot that you have to put premium, unleaded gas in the tank, and not regular, leaded. Weird, this has happened to him many -a-time during this season …

    Anyhow, this really is a wonderful time of the yeah, is it not? Yesterday, Santa brought me this terrific-looking, dark, rare rock (I took a photo of it to share with you guys: It was even tied with a ribbon … good ol’ St. Nick, always with an eye for detail.

    Just like me and my eye for detail on the coverages and positioning of my stick. It’s unfortunate that I sometimes get bad bounces, like the one that resulted in Florida’s goal on Wednesday. But I know you guys forgive me as a result of all my other hussle plays and contributions on offense …

    Until soon adoring fans … now I’m off to my bunk-bed to dream of the point we’ll steal from the Flyers on Wednesday …

  14. Why was Kotalik on the PP? Why was he on the ice? Why was in in the game? HIs mind certainly wasn’t. He played like he was in a trance. And Girardi! Who does he think he is? Kramer?

    HOw did you like the overall play of Roszival? Notice how cleverly he manages to hit Islander sticks with his pass outs?
    That takes real talent.

    Notice that Islanders pass HARD…and they stick. Notice how Islanders shoot HARD.

    But for some inexplicable reason this team is loaded with wristers. Soft shots and passes easily intercepted.

  15. Kotalik’s confidence is shut. He is afraid to be on the point. They should try to use him differently on the PP. Maybe halfboards. And keep one dman behind him. Until he gets his confidence back.

    I liked the way they came back. Didn’t like the fact that they still don’t come out with the puck after the battle low down. 2 fishsticks, 2 or 3 Rangers and they still lose the puck.

  16. disappointing end last night. oh well figures they go on a 4 game win streak right before I’m supposed to go to a game. Had to break sometime..

  17. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Dubinski’s two goals were nice,but not great.
    He celebrates like he won the cup..
    Concentrate on winning not celebrating.

  18. The Rangers were beaten to the puck for most of the game.

    The reason was obvious – the Islanders skated hard after the puck, while the Rangers seemed to take a few steps and then glide, particularly in the defensive zone. Afraid of contact? Lack of hustle? Lack of desire? Too tired due to too-long shifts? All of the above?

    If you get a chance to see a replay, look for it – you will clearly see what I’m talking about.

    How you cure that I don’t know, but Torts is being paid to fix it, and so-far he doesn’t seem able to do it.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dubinsky scores the only Ranger goals of the game, and still gets the bums rush from the resident adolescent. Go find something real to spaz out on. I hear global warming and the economy are hot topics now.

    Or did you just start typing when you got tired of thinking?

  20. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    WOW two goals being outplayed by the sticks… lets celebrate tying the game up..yippeeeee

    two goals :act like you dodged an arrow..they lost anyway

  21. Balcony Bob. you have hit it square on! This is a phenomenon that has been going on with this team for YEARS! The gliders. Watch the D men go back for a puck..they lally gag, they don’;t bust back for it.

    I simply cannot imagine how the coaches can waqtch this stuff and do apparently nothing about it. It goes onand on and on, and new guys pick,itk up from the older ones like habits.

    But that’s just another of the short comings with this coachbing staff.

  22. Good Morning All…

    ilb I just read that LB article – I dont think they played as bad as he is making it out to seem. To some people the first period was boring but if you appreciate and know hockey it was a well fought period and that first goal was just good passing.

    I said last season the Islanders were going to be a good team and now they are. I’ll get flack for this but Im glad they are, they were so bad for so long – its nice to see them keep the Rangers errr “honest” with some good play.

    The biggest problem last night was their D NOT stepping up and playing physical. Granted Okposo is a BIG kid and MDZ needs to put on some quality muscle but that hit needs to me made and he needs to get nailed to the boards. Even on the OT goal. They just watched the Islanders skate through the Neutral zone & easily into the offensive zone UNTOUCHED. That should NEVER happen. Unfortunately, until there is some money available to go out and get a banging Dman we’re stuck with what we have.

  23. I happened to like the game. The Fishsticks treat every game against us as a Cup finals. They seemingly leave everything on the ice and I agree, they have now a couple of good kids. Tavares will be a star, Okposo is turning into a real power forward. Of course, they may just trade them away to KHL for Yashin, but that’s a different story. That brilliant trade of the decade, btw is described in Brooksie’s Slap Shots(link above)

    In terms of hitting Okposo, I agree, but the Islanders have two big dmen(Witt, Sutton) and yet Dubinski was left untouched in front of the net on both goals. That’s just hockey.

  24. Broad Street BLUESHIRT on

    whoever said kotalik is in a trance and his confidence is shut, you are absolutely right. at the start of one of the rangers’ pp, don’t remeber what period, they panned to the bench with the unit stepping onto the ice. kotalik just stayed on the bench, and then torts barked and glared frustratingly at him, and kots jumped up like a frightened puppy. i knew that pp he was gonna be bad (he was). it seems like kots it soft to begin with and torts has just killed him.

  25. Broad Street BLUESHIRT on

    i think torts was mad to begin with, and when Kots didnt even know that he was supposed to be out there, torts got even madder. just shows kots is in his own little world out there.

  26. the quote of the decade (or more) to summarize our beloved team…

    2. Bobby Holik’s “I believe fundamentally we are the worst team in the National Hockey League,” following the Rangers’ 9-1 loss in Ottawa on Jan. 24, 2004 in Jagr’s first game with the team.

    take 3 years that Jagr was here away and nothing has really changed…

  27. Broad Street- I did. But I truly believe that he still should be used on PP. In a different position. Say, left halfboards, with Dman on the bluline. He is just afraid to lose the puck and be the last man. Hence, his shot is off and he is just grabbing his stick too tight. You can’t deny it, we haven’t had that type of a howitzer for years.

  28. “what is wrong with you?”

    Try being specific.


    Yeah, i guess if Blowzy, Dredden, Kotalgeek, Piggins, Brashit, or Dreary scored hat tricks, all would be forgiven, right ???

    NO ! Fugg Dubi. He’s a waste of space, a total disappointment, and like i said before, he’s everything a young Ranger shouldn’t be. He makes me sick.

    He has two lucky goals and now im supposed to think he’s back on the path to “super stardom” ? No.

    Trade him now, before he turns into a Prucha / Montoya.

    And i agree aboot Kotalgeek, he shouldn’t even be on the ice on the PP. His “big slap shot” that the MSG retards are all crazy over, he doesn’t even use. Like someone said, he’s scared.

    And for the love of god, put Voros in. I don’t care what anyone says aboot the guy, he bring more than Brashit. So what if the guy takes a beat down every now and then. At least he has the balls to take one, instead of Brashit who gets paid millions of dollars, and doesn’t do his job. Sickening.

    And start Ocho Cinco the next game. Playing Hank 12 straight games is beyond dumb.

  29. Yeah, Kotalik always Rozys the puck at the blueline. He needs to be on the half boards, I agree. It is like he is scared of getting the puck now and plays hot potato with it and loses it.

    He needs to gain some confidence. We know he CAN make good plays, but we don’t have the luxury of being in a good spot in the standings to take chance after chance with him. Oh well. Just makes me laugh a bit though, because in the beginning of the season, we had to listen to Torts praise, and I mean PRAISE this guy for being such a PRO, and all that BS. If you are a PRO, you play like a PRO, and snap out of your funk. When a team figures out how to set up against your PP, you have to have a plan B. Do we need to give Perry Pearn a call?

    HAHA, I joke, I joke.

  30. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Hey, thanks. I really appreciate your answer!

    I agree, like I said before, unless we add a couple of tough crease clearing d men, we go nowhere in the post season.

    godd orning!

    how did the rest of your holiday turn out?

  31. hey mako- and dont i feel stupid for benching okposo on my fantasy roster. damnit i always do that and then the guy will have his best game. ugh well, im still in first!! goin on 2 months now. when u gonna catch up? i will give u backstrom and chara for hank and any of ur lower tier fwds. ok!! ok thats it for me from fantasy land. we gotta get a chat goin on there soon.

    i can only say that we lost due to being neutered choirboys in the d zone. how many times did our d back up and let the isles take shots on hank from the slot without even a push or shove? they need to get tougher back there. and they have horrible puck handling skills. we look like were on the pk sometimes with the way we get caught in our end. also saw alot of bad coverage. 2 guys go for the same guy alot, leaving wide open players to take shots.etc.. and the biggest one is mr chris higgins. my god does he have muscle spasms or what when hes tryin to score. he never scores!! no matter how many shots, how many empty nets, this guy is so bad. i wonder if his teammates have a little chris higgins calender up and strike a line thru the date when he doesnt score. they must give him so much crap. give colton orr the chances hes had and he has 10 goals by now. is he on freakin drugs cuz he looks burnt. like hes so damn nervous to be in nyc playin in his hometown and he needs serious tranquilizers to cope

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR- Trade Dubinsky and put Voros in?

    If your brains weren’t in your pants all the time, they might just get enough oxygen to function.

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