Happy Boxing Day! … ?


There have been plenty of years when the Rangers played a Boxing Day game (boxing up holiday gifts is supposed to be a holiday) when we have noted the irony and the other meaning of the word boxing. In other words, that day’s game was loaded with fisticuffs. Throwing hands.

I don’t know if that will be the case tonight. But remember that the Rangers and Islanders just played a home-and-home last week, each winning in the other’s building, each pretty unhappy with the home loss (especially the Rangers, whose coach explosed, whose goalie led a players-only grievances meeting; and who went out and won four in a row thereafter).

Does that familiarity breed contempt?


But Boxing Day is also a tough game to play, after two days off the ice, some of it spent gorging on holiday foods and desserts. It usually is a ragged game at the start.

I’m headed to a basketball tournament, all afternoon and night. So I will have to rely on radio and Rangers in 60 and you guys to be my eyes and ears tonight. I’ll try to put up a new thread pregame, as usual.

See youse.

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  1. I’m kind of surprised to read that Kovalev got snubbed by the Russian Olympic team and Fedorov (Sergei) got the nod.

  2. It’s a Christmas miracle !! My rocks turned into a $100 bill ! Awesome !!

    To make it complete, we need a win tonight, or at least for ilb’s sake since it’s his b-day.

    Go Rangers !

    And i agree aboot the Kovy snub. Don’t these Russians realize he was saving himself for the Olympics ??

  3. Carp, Boxing Day comes from the old tradition (in Britain) of boxing up leftovers from Christmas dinner and giving them to homeless shelters the next day. Sorry to nerd out on ya there haha.

    I wanna see some old-fashioned nastiness tonight and a nice 4-0 win, so Sam and Joe can make lame jokes about the teams not being in the Christmas spirit.

    And Kovy or no Kovy, Russia is the favorite in Vancouver.

  4. I had a wonderful holiday… hopefully all you did as well!

    My birthday was 5 days before Christmas… my fiance got me tickets to the game wed 12/30 against the Flyers, and suprised me with a home Avery jersey on Christmas to wear to the game!!
    She felt bad that the other 2 she got me (Voros,Zherdev) didn’t quite pan out so good.

    She’s a good woman!

    Hopefully Santa was good to all of you!

  5. I was thinking of getting some last minute bday tickets but no way I’m spending 150 for seats in the 400s lol..

    Amazing what a 4game winning streak can do

  6. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Happy Boxing day to all!!!

    That avery pic from the last thread sucked, he’s holding timmys, I REALLY miss timmys!!!!!

    I hope they put voros in tonight (doubt it)!

    This link is for you (post-birthday present):

  7. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    Happy Boxing Day everyone!

    Vinny, mad props to the wife! Excellent gifts!!! But, you actually have a Voros jersey?!?! I thought my Churla one took the prize!!

    MDZ scores the game winner on the PP tonight kids!

  8. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Oh the travesty of the holidays….saks coat check is full…we better send CCCP in!!!

  9. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    a Malhotra jersey? People liked him? I saw him get drafted, and saw him do nothing for many years!

  10. In fairness to her it was supposed to be a Zherdev jersey originally… but due to an error a Voros was shipped instead. Rather than return it i just kept it, it was the very beginning of the season last year and Voros had 7 goals in the first few weeks. She then purchased me the Zherdev jersey after Voros started getting Prucha’d. So the Zherdev came into play… and then he got the boot.

    Third times a charm!

  11. Happy Post Christmas day everyone!!!

    Vinny that is carpin funny. My gf got me $350 gift certificate coupons for whichever game isnt sold out LOL All the ones she asked for were sold out AND got me a home Lunqvist jersey LOL We scored the same thing well…. almost ;)

    Oh and you PS3 guys… I finally got a PS3 and NHL10 – I practiced a little last night. Look out… the SHARK is whiffing blood in the waters. MUAHAHHAHAHAH

  12. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    lmao @ “Donald Brashear’ saying his friend had a Malholtra jersey, that is just hilarious. I love this blog!

    So this is the thing….the Churla jersey was a gift from my boyfriend at the time. I had gotten him a Gretzky jersey AND a Colts Manning jersey. We broke up, and SILLY ME, did not keep the Gretz or Manning jersey. DUMBASS!!

  13. VINNY

    Did you go to the Blue Jackets game on November 23rd ? I saw somebody with a Voros jersey, and was thinking it had to be the only guy in NY with one. Lol. Tough break with those choices though I’m scared to get one ever since Ortmeyer got dumped.

    But Del Z seems like he can be a solid choice.


    Carp, are you at the Slam Dunk Challenge at the County Center? OMG. What a way to spend the day after Christmas. You could have been on line trying to return a present.

  15. Orr

    Im setting it up right now. I only got as far as the wireless settings and 1 soccer (FIFA) game and 2 NHL 10 games. Im waiting for the conformation email…

  16. I’d like to get a Gaborik home jersey too… the logic behind that is they both (LQ & Gabby) are the LEAST likely to get traded anytime soon. Um Glen please dont do anything stupid!!!!!

  17. Nothing beats a nice white Kisio jersey with the C on it. Ha. I don’t have it, but my ex step dad did. Yikes!

    I had a Larouche jersey as a kid.

  18. ORR,

    Nope wasn’t me… i guess there are at least 2 Voros jerseys in NY!!!

    The Avery jersey is great, and hopefully he’s not going anywhere for awhile. That’s the tough part about jerseys, you spend the money, and sometimes the players you like are gone in a season, sometimes less!

    At least her purchase of the Voros wasn’t intentional! I got her a Dubi jersey, and whe was fortunate enough to get it signed by him last year!

  19. HAHAHAH Nasty so did I!!!! But after that I got a Sandstrom jersey…. he was my favorite player back then. I was heartbroken that they traded him and they got Bernie Nichols. Every time he was on the ice I’d curse him but as irony would have it…. he’d score LOL

  20. I want an away MDZ to go along with my home Hank but I know as soon as I get it he will start sucking or have a sophmore slump next year.

    Anyway, I can’t see Rangers losing tonight, not after what they did at home against the fishsticks last time

  21. MAKO,

    she made a good choice, never a bad move getting Hank’s jersey. My best friend and frequent Ranger game company has a Hank jersey… so i didn’t want to duplicate. I’ve always been a fan of the more obscure less popular players. I had a Kovalev jersey in 93!


    I have a white Eddie! Eddie! jersey. LOVE IT. Ok, so I’m old. What can I tell you. The jersey is actually only a few years old. Also a blue Messier jersey. Got the Giacomin jersey at Cosby’s when it was still at the Garden. Are they still in business? Anybody know?

  23. Cosbys is still in business, they just moved. Breaks my heart to now see it there at the Garden anymore though.

    I have a Messier throwback Ranger Jersey, a Leetch jersey, a Lindros jersey, a Hank jersey, a Tkachuk Team USA jersey, and a Modano North Stars jersey. I really want a cool Neely jersey.

  24. Mako,

    that’s gotta be a sweet jersey. I had a Jagr jersey, but got it signed and it’s waiting to be framed, i have a few signed jerseys, but i don’t dare wear them!

    My favorite is a signed limited edition white Lundqvist jersey from his rookie year. It has the date of his 30th with sewn onto the 3 on the back as well as saying ’30th win’ it’s the 6th out of 30 produced. I got that 2 years ago, it’s got some historical meaning now!

  25. Nasty

    Great jerseys you have. I have OLD Larouche Jersey, white Sandstrom Jersey, white Mallette jersey, White Messier Jersey, no-name Blue jersey from 1985. Home blue Jagr jersey, black pens Jagr jersey with A, TO Maple Leaf jersey when I went to TO, Red away Red Wings Fedorov Jersey, Dyanmo Moscow Kovalev Jersey, Red Army Bure Jersey & Red Army Mogilny jersey – Yes I like European players LOL

    I do however would love to add old Chicago Jeremy Roenick jersey, Old Quebec Nordiques Forsberg Jersey & of course a home Caps Ovechkin jersey ;)

  26. Vinny

    That is AWESOME!!! My Sandstrom jersey is signed from most of the team back when they used to practice out in Rye, NY. I have it framed. My mother had a NY Rangers jersey that was signed too – but she used to wear it to the garden and used to get offers to sell it all of the time LOL

  27. Mako,

    nice collection there!

    I have/had:

    Blank white Redwings jersey, Bondra Capitals jersey, white with the eagle, White Kings Gretzky, blue Jagr, White Lundqvist, Blue Lundqvist(both signed) Blue Avery, White Kovalev, White Voros, Blue Zherdev, Black Penguins Lemieux jersey(signed and personalized!!) Red Blackhawks Belfour, Teal Sharks Hackett(from a cousin i think?)White Drury signed

    Want to get, Red Ovie jersey, White Beukeboom jersey, and a Gretzky Oilers jersey!

  28. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    ohh, I’d love the forsberg jersey as well, I only have an avery and mess and simon. I want a verbeek, graves, and ulfie one. I’d also like a konstantinov wings jersey!! this list is for santa next year right???

    Speaking of the wings, did you see sergei federov got in a fight in the KHL last night (i think last night) to avenge a hit this guy threw on fedor.

    here’s the link:

  29. hey hope everyone had a good holiday! I’ll be in 406 row C tonight. I’ll be checking in now and then from the iphone. Catch you all later!

  30. mike in ia
    December 25th, 2009 at 11:16 am

    thanks mike and right back at ya with the holiday & christmas greetings. still reading here just not posting. my computer or the newsday website does not allow me to post there either although i can read the articles and comments there.


    ps have not seen the others you’ve listed on any of the newspaper blogs i’ve read.

  31. HOLY HELL!! I forgot – I guess I was pissed off at my parents for some reason back when I was a teen and went out and bought a Flyers jersey and used to wear it when they pissed me off. It worked like a charm. WOW did I suppress that one!!! LOL

  32. Hey, folks.

    We are on a jersey mood, I see. I got a few too. Gretz signed and framed, Mess, Kovalev ( a few, signed by Alex for my son).

    Wicky, thanks, that mountain is unreal!

    Mako, happy to see you in good spirits.

    And is everyone ready to kick some sofa king Fishsticks?

  33. Vinny

    She is awesome!!! Its only 9 months we’re dating. I asked her to move in with me yesterday… baaaaaaaaby steps LOL

    Thank you :) Its nice to have some peace of mind at the moment LOL

  34. Happy post Merry Christmas all! I’m here for the duration tonight since I’m stuck at my stinkin’ desk at work….Oh well….at least I can watch and blog at the same time for the first time ever!

    hey MAKO, did she say yes?

    happy birthday ilb!


  35. Nice pic, Wicky.

    The Puck, yes, County Center … where I’ve spent every Boxing Day since I left the Rangers beat … and it beats spending that day in Buffalo or Raleigh, I must say.

    On Malhotra … If he had been picked in the third round and if they hadn’t made such a big deal out of him being the future captain and all, then forcing him into the lineup at 18, and worse, to be chewed up and spit out by Muckler, it might have been different. He’s a legit NHL player, albeit a third-liner. I still owe JD $2 that he bet me years ago, that that is what Malhotra would be. Great kid, though. Like Graves.

  36. Mama the mama of all blogs!!!

    She indeed said yes. I said “are you sure that you wanna be around me all of the time when the Rangers play…” she said “Absolutely, even when they lose” got a little choked up there LOL

    Now she has to contend with me having playstation too LOL

  37. Mako,

    That’s awesome man! congrats and best of luck! baby steps is good but sounds like you got a pretty good foundation to build off of.

    My lady said we can play the goal song at some point during our wedding…. THAT is the kind of woman i can spend a lifetime with!!

  38. I hope to see some of you guys at the Garden wed. night… anyone going? Me and my lady will be wearing our blues that night, i’ll have my new Avery, and she’ll be in her signed Dubi… so 16 and 17 will be walking around together!

  39. Hey, Mama, what an honor to have your presence during the game. What are you doing working today anyway?

    Mako, you sound like you know how to handle Russian girls pretty well. If she makes you choke up and it’s related to the Rangers, man you are on the right track.

    Carp, I hate to mention that name to you, but Muckler said it about Malhotra very early too.

    Linda, Churla jersey beats it by a wide margin. Igor Ulanov’s wasn’t available? When you send me the cookies next week, can you wrap ’em in that jersey to keep it warm?


    Carp, yes when you put it that way, the County Center looks pretty darn good.

    In the Aves picture, is he drinking Tom Horton’s coffee? I see there’s a TH on 7th Ave, betw 48th and 49th. I have to try it. Anybody have their coffee? Any good?

  41. ilb, Muckler did say it. I give him credit for being right (for once) … but he also mucked up the whole situation by treating the kid as if he was a piece of carp, and also by picking a fight with Neil Smith over that. If he really felt that way, he should have still played him up so they could trade him while he had value. But old Muck mucked it up. The coach should be smart enough to not run down an organizational asset.

  42. Vinny

    LOL that’s awesome ! She sounds amazing too!!!

    Thank you Mama & Rick ;)

    Funny Item of the day. My first goal on PS3 was scored by Redden. Is it me or does LQ look like Martin Biron? And he plays FAR out of the net LOL

    These controls are gonna take some getting used to… jeeeeeeze

  43. It’s amazing how much influence certain coaches have on certain players.

    Zherdev gets in Torts’ doghouse… then he overestimates his value and goes over to Russia.
    If Renney was still coaching, Z would probably still be here. That’s one specific circumstance… but a coach has a huge impact on a players career, and can be a positive or negative influence.

  44. LOL Mako

    My girlfriend won’t talk to me during a Ranger game if we’re not watching it together

  45. Carp, the words smart, intelligent, classy go as well with John Muckler as Frank Sinatra and rap music. But it’s funny how after all these years his name still gets your boxers in a bunch. Well, after what he said, I don’t blame you.
    Since you are next to Josh, 26, maybe you could ask him to send Pumpkin’s picture to Mama for sisterblog?

  46. Filling in for a vacationing editor and just thrilled!

    Carp, that’s is sofa king coincidental…..tell him we are still awaiting Pumpkin at sister blog…ilb even asked….

  47. Leetchhalloffame on

    My worst jersey purchase was goalie Dan Blackburn a few years ago when I thought he’d be the nest Rangers goalie after Richter. Career-ending injury equals a worthless, closet-sitting jersey.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Four in a row , way to go!!! … says Greg L. on

    Team Canada is killing in thier game right now 5 – 0 after the first period. Ahhhh Hockey in Saskatoon!!!!! Sweeet.

    How everyone doing today, Rangers tonight and it looks like Centerice is showing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , I missed the last game and im still pissed off…opps can I say that?

  49. After catching some of the Rangers in 60 marathon yesterday, I realized how much I missed the following:

    1) JD
    2) The old intro music to the Rangers MSG coverage (with a montage of old photos and video)
    3) Mike York (always loved that guy)

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Drive for 5 !!! … says Greg L. on

    I bought a Messier jersey in ’94 before they won the cup and what do ya know we won!!! Lucky jersey i’d say,so I bought another one before Drury killed us in 7.7 , geeze that didnt pan out like I thought.

  51. I was gonna buy a Higgins jersey before the season started becuase we’re both from the same town…. kinda glad i held off on that one… the guys works hard… just having a tough time finishing.

    On a side note… i’m almost positive i played against Komisarek in high school, I played for Smithtown, and he played for St. Anthony’s. I really gotta find that old roster sheet…

  52. GregL- it’s all your fault! Burn that effing last jersey now!! Maybe Drury will start killing some other teams:)

  53. Speaking of Drury… he’s got good stats against the fishsticks…. hoping for more of the same tonight! Wouldn’t mind seeing him and Gabby light it up.
    I’m feeling a hat trick tonight… something is in the air….

  54. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on


    congrats, question is does she do fantasy hockey….

    gald you liked the pic!!!!

    BURN IT!!!!!!

    OMFGs, It is the best on the planet……It sucks, we have to get it sent to us here by friends or fam….BTW we are almost out folks, someone needs to step up (PLEASE!!!!!).

    yep, def kill for it!!!

  55. I’d love to see Pailn in a cut off Rangers jersey mmmmmmmmm ;)


    LOL noooooooo Im just glad she appreciates the fact Im a lunatic when it comes to the Rangers. You would think she would like hockey since she’s from the Ukraine LOL

    Im working on my NHL 10 skills to kill the time and so I can beat Orr ;)

  56. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    lmao you guys!!! OK, my jerseys were/ are: Duguay (plaza sporting goods cheapass job), Don Maloney (with the shield and plastic iron on numbers) Dave Silk (plaza sporting goods special, my parents didnt have a clue as to jerseys but I won it in a bet with my mom. she told me if i’d sit through the movie blue lagoon, she’d get me the jersey). The ones I currently have are what used to be the Blue Away jersey, it was supposed to be Sundstrom but my brother ‘went thrifty’ (after I got him an official Ray Ferraro one, and he the was a Ranger the next season!!!!!!!!), the Churla blue from the ex, and my Liberty Graves with the 75th anniversary patch that a guy I used to chat with from Canada sent to me just for being a nice person. LMAO, it’s time i buy my own eh?? I’m afraid whoever I’d get would be traded ( i was gonna get an Ortmeyer, then slatipud stogiepuss threw a hissy fit and Ortie was a pred).

    I think I’ll keep my Churla one! Good memories of that fight on Fox!!

  57. Mako

    Good luck, it’s a hard game lol. I can’ play defense pretty well but I have a tough time scoring sometimes

  58. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    CONGRATS MAKO and GUPPY on moving in together! The man and I have been “living in sin” since 2003, I’m such a rebel! I think of it as kind of a ‘let the buyer beware’. heehee

    Hour and a half til game time…FINALLY!!!!!!!

  59. I hate not being able to watch the games live! I’ll have to catch it on my DVR late tonight or in the morning

  60. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    damn, that def leppard picture just turned my stomach! and that stupid bizeach with her tongue on the Cup, ya didnt earn it ho, put that herpes riddled thing back in yo’ mouf!!

    And as much as I love a shirtless Sean Avery pic, that one is quite old now. We need some newness from the Aves!!

  61. Repost from ilb yesterday: “Carp, thanks again from the heads to you, Laurel and all the supporting staff behind the scene for keeping this place the way we all like it!”

    Carp, we have staff??

  62. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    sorry, it was the one in the article, I should wend a twitter to him and tell him to put a differ one up just for you!!!!! Keep the churla jersey!!! I liked the liberty 3rd jerseys, forgot I had one of those!!!!

  63. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    my nhl 10 skills are eroding, but mrs wicky is getting considerably better!!!

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Drive for 5 !!! … says Greg L. on

    LAVITA is getting STOMPED by Canada 11 – 0 after the second period in Saskatoon!!! WOW talk about a slaughter.

    Let’s hope our Ranger can do the same!!!

    GO BOYSS!!!

    ILB you birthday guy you , Id never burn my only RBK jersey!!!

  65. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    lmao wicky!! dont get me wrong, it still brings a smile to my face, but those shorts are way too long, it makes him look like a “little person’.

    My next jersey might be Callahan. I’d feel a bit strange wearing and MDZ one, since I’m old enough to be his mom…wait, I’m probably old enough to be Cally’s mom too!!!

  66. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    yikes, it’s official, I AM old enough to be Cally’s mom. Sheesh, he’s only 2 years older than my daughter!

  67. Thank you Linda & All….

    LOL it is. But I’ve been taking advantage of the tutorials LOL Its a really fun game. But Im having a problem registering it. I still havent been emailed the conformation email.


    “and that stupid bizeach with her tongue on the Cup, ya didnt earn it ho, put that herpes riddled thing back in yo’ mouf!!”

  69. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    aaaaw thanks Mako, you’re too much!

    ilb, maybe he meant levitra??? i know, i know, it’s latvia!

  70. Linda getting the New Years Eve alcohol list ready! on

    i know you are ilb! i thought the levitra thing would be funny, i was WRONG!

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Drive for 5 !!! … says Greg L. on

    Ilb , yeah Lavita is weak but it was still fun to watch the Canadian Jrs win 16 – 0 !!! Sweet!! 66 – 10 in shots. Come on Rangers , you can do it!!!

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Drive for 5 !!! … says Greg L. on

    OOOOPs It’s Latvia , ok ok I was wrong again , geezee .

  73. GregL, I’m sure you meant Latvia. I guess they taught you spelling at the same level as geography at your school. No wonder Gordie Howe, who went to your school was mildly dyslexic.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Drive for 5 !!! … says Greg L. on

    Actually I can spell great but it’s my gramma thats a little shakey.

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