A win into the break


So it’s four in a row now, but this last one was different. In each of the previous three — and in pretty much every win this season, since the middle of that seven-game winning streak in October — you and I have been able to say, “Yeah, but …”

Last night there were no “Yeah, buts” unless you are a total nit-picker. You could go right down the checklist of players and plays, in all three zones, at even strength, on the power play, on the penalty kill, in goal, and player-by-player, and it would be almost impossible to be negative about any of it. Seriously, even our usual targets, like Michal Rozsival and Donald Brashear, played well.

Henrik Lundqvist was terrific again, but he didn’t steal this one. And the Panthers are a pretty good team, even though they made some plays they sure would have liked to have back.

1) The moment of the whole year, if the Rangers can maintain any of this, will have been the players-only meeting called by Lundqvist and Sean Avery, at which the King pretty much aired his Festivus grievances.

2) Avery looked rather Avery-ish in this game, again.

3) When we repeated last year’s mantra — that this team just doesn’t have any skill — well, that was when guys like Drury, Callahan and Dubinsky were doing nothing. Well, this is how it looks when three other guys start finding the net, to help the big guy, Marian Gaborik.

4) Say what you want about Sather (and I know you will, and so will I), but the Gaborik signing was a grand slam, maybe the best free agent signing since Adam Graves.

5) In the first three games of this streak, Drury scored twice, but I didn’t think he’d exactly been a force. In Game 4, he absolutely was. So was Dubinsky. I must admit, I’d written off the captain, and his inexplicable, sudden loss of game. He’d been doing nothing, and I couldn’t imagine how or why that happened. Like him or not, he’s a key cog. If he goes, this team has a chance. If not, it doesn’t.

6) That all said, I still expect a bumpy ride the rest of the way.

7) It’s going to be really hard to give Chad Johnson a game here, but it’s a necessity. Maybe in Carolina New Year’s Eve, since the two games before that are spread out.

8) Last night was the second-best Festivus ever (including rap and poetry). The best, of course, was attended by the Costanzas, Kramer, Jerry, Elaine, Kruger, Charley (“I’m a man”) and the other guy from OTB, and briefly by Gwen the two-face. Plus nobody pinned me, so this Festivus is not over.

Here are last night’s official game summary and event summary.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve.

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  1. WOW…what a way to start my Christmas!!!
    I am starting to like watching these guys again.. They finally played with some heart!

  2. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( VInny V ) on

    Gabby’s signing to date has definately been a grand slam…. i was nervous about it… but man he’s got skill, so long as he stays healthy… he’s a total beast on the ice!

    Drury scoring goals now… good to see, hopefully Higgins can hit the back of the net a bit more.

    Nice streak… need to keep it going!

  3. Callahan For Captain on

    11 games in a row for Lundqvist. Ridiculous, and it was one of the primary reasons to intensely dislike the myopic/desperate focus of Tom Renney. Now Torts follows suit. Stupid, stupid stupid. The backup goalie on all teams in the NHL should be playing 1/3rd of the games during the regular season Period. Remember, we all agreed HL would be getting more relief this year with the compressed schedule. We forgot that Rangers management is short-sighted and lives for today, and screw playoff freshness considerations, and screw dumping/demoting the washed-up Brashear’s and Redden’s of the world. Today is everything, tomorrow never comes. Well, tomorrow, when you have to pay the piper for the excessess today, does come, children.

  4. From the previous thread, thanks your boy malik.

    And CCCP, I am forever grateful. I have been immortalized in a poem!

    Good morning, Sally!

  5. Callahan For Captain on

    D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y is the correct spelling for the resident third grade drop outs, here.

  6. Brodeur…Luongo…Nabokov – They all play 70+ games usually. I’m not saying I’d like to see Henke play almost every game, but he’s still relatively young. he’ll get his breaks once the olympics come around though.

    Solid game by the Rangers. Panthers were missing 5 guys but they still produce a solid young core that plays well almost every night. That was definitely the 1st convincing win the Rangers had for awhile.

    BTW, I have no idea how Gaborik got that shot in. I mean I know, but when I saw him take off I was like “damn, he’s out of room”. But he was smart enough to know that Vokoun assumed he was going to try a high backhander (which most players do) and it opened up the legs for him to ever so slightly tap it in. Him crashing the net and actually missing the shot tricked Vokoun and got him out of position for Prospal to score. It’s amazing what going to the net without the puck and do.

  7. Carp

    I was actually going to pose the question a few days ago but forgot:

    Do you guys think Gaborik will end up being the best free agent signing/acquisition we’ve ever had? If not, who?

  8. Erik Christensen will likely be released if the Rangers look to add a seventh defenseman.

    The Rangers blueliners have struggled this season, especially veterans Wade Redden and Michal Roszival, so talk has heated up that the team will add a defender after the holiday roster freeze. If that happens, Christensen will be the most likely to go. “I don’t see him grabbing hold of that position,” coach John Tortorella said.

    Source: Newsday

  9. Also…since this came up a few days ago

    Jeff Carter and Scott Hartnell both denied a rumor about Hartnell’s wife.

    A Philadelphia blogger, Jerry Brennan, wrote that Carter had an affair with Hartnell’s wife. He goes on to say that the locker room is split because of the issue. Both Carter and Hartnell deny the rumor vehemently. Rumors also continue to circulate that the Flyers are trying to trade Carter, with Los Angeles being the most mentioned destination. Peter Luukko, president of Philadelphia’s owner, Comcast, said the team is considering a lawsuit against the blogger.

    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

  10. Continue to spread the festivus cheer all year long.
    And give zero credit to Sather for signing Gaborik. Gaborik wanted to play here — finding a pen for him to sign a contract does not require any special skill.
    But thanks to Gaborik for coming here!
    And too bad Prospal wasn’t signed here years ago to play with Jagr.
    And you’re right Carp — the team played well — as Torts said, Drury wasn’t so stiff — aptly put.

  11. Source: Philadelphia Inquirer. Is that an E5? Comes from the same land.
    During the Flyers game commentators have mentioned a tension between young (Richards) and veteran (Pronger)leadership.

    Let them chew each other, as far as I’m concerned. But I think they’ll get better.

  12. NYRGuy, he might be the best player that has ever come to the Rangers in his full prime. Yes they got a couple of good years out of Messier and obviously the Cup, but Messier was on the downside of his prime (albeit his downside being better than most players best years). At the end of his 5 year deal, Gaborik will be just about a year older than Messier was when he was first traded to NY. But for the grace of the hockey gods blessing him with good health we’ll hopefully see Gaborik average at least 45 goals and 85-90 points a year for every year. The Rangers haven’t had that sort of consistent scoring from a player since Mike Gartner.

  13. Carp, I disagree, He may have played better as the game got older, but Rozsival was absolutely terrible in the first period, blowing coverage, turnovers. It could have been Florida up 2-0 or 3-0 because of his blunders in the first.

  14. If I’m Philly any trade conversation for Jeff Carter must include one of the following players: Kopitar, Brown, Doughty. Otherwise you’re giving up a guy that will probably be a consistent 30+ goal scorer even if he’s clashing with people in what seems like a very dysfunctional locker room.

  15. Hank needs to play a lot to remain sharp. He thrives on the competition. Play him all you can now to get as many wins as possible before the stupid olympics which is simply an unnecessary disruption to the season.

  16. Let’s Go Rangers!!

    Great game to watch, heart, skill and finishing all in the same game lol

    There definitely a special connection between Gaborik, Prospal and Del Zotto.

  17. Leetchhalloffame on

    A win is a win is a win but we haven’t exactly been beating up on the NHL’s cream of the crop. If not for Henrik we’d have 10 more losses. Gaborik is great but Slats is far from it. FIRE SATHER!

  18. I’ve said it before, but you have to beat the teams beneath you to thrive in the NHL. If you can’t win against the teams you SHOULD beat, kiss the playoffs goodbye. The Rangers seem to have that part down now. Keep winning the one’s your supposed to and hang in there in the tougher games.

    We all know our team is a year or two away from any sort of discernible identity…can you imagine in two years what our team will look like?

    3 years experience for Anisimov
    3 years experience for Del Z
    3 years experience for Gilroy
    5 years experience for Cally
    5 (full) years experience for Doobs
    5 years experience for Staal

    Thats a pretty solid young core who will range in age from 22-28. Hopefully we can retain those guys…we’ll still have Gabby and Hank on our team…throw in a playmaking center or two and another dynamo winger. Maybe Redden will finally retire.

    Plus no more Drury, Roszival, Brashear, Voros….

    Can you imagine a team like that?

    Nope me neither. Sather will muck it up

  19. Haha I was feeling good about it too Blogmama…until I realized with Sather still in there who knows what will happen. Maybe we can re-sign Brashear to a long term contract extension while we still have him. Wrap him up Glenny!

  20. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Yeah but ,Its only one game
    Yeah but, they’ll make the playoffs
    yeah but, Sather is still the GM
    Yeah but, Redden ,roszival ,drury are lead weights
    yeah but, let’s see how long they last in the playoffs
    yeah but?

  21. drury his just shooting the puck and not thinking.

    before he looked like he was in slo motion. if he can contribute and be a 20 goal scorer he is still overpaid but will help a lot.

    does anyone get more scoring opptys. and do less with them then higgins???

    there D is set for years….the 4 young guys on the big club, and then you have heikanen, sanguinetti, the guy from montreal, and others……….

  22. Agree on Roszival- the weakest link. He is playing now like he is scared poopless. I think he’ll sit at some point anyways. And a couple of regulars here will have an orgasm.

    This goal by Gaborik looked strange, but I’m sure it was a very calculated move by him. The guy is a monster, folks.
    My heart, however, still stops when he gets hit or falls down. Does yours?

    Do you think Avery spent enough time sitting on top of Vokoun while discussing the matter with referees? I was LMAO. He is something.

  23. I agree with you Carp that Gaborik is a grand slam signing… so long as he stays healthy. I don’t think anybody in the league doubted his talent level, just his durability. The second he gets even the slightest injury all the naysayers on here will be all over him for being “weak” and Sather for signing a guy made of glass.

  24. stuart – Sanguinetti will be traded before his value decreases. The kid as great offensive instincts, but I don’t think he has the defensive smarts to cut it at the NHL level. I personally think we’d be better off trading him now while he’s still a prospect and getting some solid return for him. McDonagh looks good right now in college, plus he’s teammates with Stepan.

    In 2-3 years, our team will be extremely young, but also very talented.

    The NHL guys should include Dubi, Callahan, Gaborik, Anisimov, Del Zotto, Gilroy, Staal, Lundqvist, and Avery. Prospects include McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider, Bourque, Grachev, and a few other guys (I’ll even throw Nigel Williams and Pavel Valentenko in there). That’s a pretty solid young group if everyone pans out the way they are expected.

  25. Linda the clutch Christmas elf says MERRY CHRISTMAS on

    I gotta agree on Gabby. That has to be the best fa move Sather made since his reign of error began, with the Jagr deal being 2nd.

    afly, great post, even saying sather would muck it up. We gotta pray he doesnt because this team could be pretty entertaining when these horror show contracts are done with, but it also makes you wonder, what bad contracts are in the future?

    I think Aves thought Vokun had a tag from Jennifer convertibles on his back last night.

  26. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Whoever said rozi was a waste in the first was dead on too. Sorry carp, he was the only reason they started down 1-0.

  27. Carp… for number 5 are you sayingf if Drury goes as in produces the rangers have achacne? or if he goes as in is traded?

  28. Fans cheer
    December 24th, 2009 at 12:15 pm
    you were right on the chant. it was directed at an islander fan who walked around the garden slowly loving all the abuse he was getting for wearing that jersey to a ranger panther game

    December 23rd, 2009 at 10:52 pm
    speaking of “not blog-friendly”
    what were the fans cheering at the end of the 3rd?
    was it a*****e? and directed to durco or….?

  29. Linda the clutch Christmas elf says MERRY CHRISTMAS on

    lmao, anyone who looks at my Christmas tree would have NO DOUBT i am a NY Rangers fan!!! Yes, I am just decorating my tree today, never this late!!!

    Very happy that Cally has found his scoring touch lately! It’d be great if he can chip in 25 this season, and I’d like to see Dubi get 20, for Sally at least!! If Higgins could only hit the net, the guy would probably have 20 by NOW!

  30. Anybody know the exact day of the players only meeting? Was the captain involved?


    He wasn’t.

    Knock and joke me all you want with “Poor Salty”, but I (and others like True Fans) have been right about Drury since day 1 and everyone here knows it. He’s a sham.

    Of course “If Drury’s going” it will make us more competitive… but why is this even a matter of discussion? Because he’s been virtually invisible for 2.5 seasons in NY.

    It’s great to have *Big Moment Chris* producing something, but the hype surrounding this guy is simply beyond absurd, and the fact that he is still wearing the C is more a matter of NYR marketing and politics than anything else. If this was a “real team” it would have been stripped from his shoulder long ago, and if Torts was here while the C was still in question, I highly doubt it ever would have been placed on Drury in the first place.

    The fact of the matter is that Drury only started showing signs of life when he was put on the 4th line. To me that means two things.

    1. Drury belongs on the 4th line.
    2. He needs to be punished in order to be motivated to perform.

  31. Maybe when Avery was “chatting” with Duco during the game last night he told him he was a disgrace to the number 68…lol. It just looks weird seeing the number 68 on anyone other than Jagr, especially when it is a scrub like Duco. Anyone agree?

  32. Doesn’t matter if Dreary “goes” or not. This team just isn’t good enough to win the Cup. Maybe Gabby, and Hank can carry them to the playoffs, and that’s a big maybe. But they wont get past the first round. That much is obvious.

    I really wish they could just tank and get a 1st overall pick out of a year like this, and do what they can to get rid of those contracts. But it wont happen.

    It’s a shame. This is how this team is gonna be for a few more years. It will take a miracle to change things, but i just cant see it. This lineup cant get the job done.

  33. Good overall effort by a team that was long overdue to put one forth! If they play the rest of the season like that, then we will be in the playoffs. I still hope Santa brings us a big banging Dman though. Anyway, that being said last night was the first time in a while that I felt pretty good about watching this team. I hope everyone here has a good Christmas and holiday season…

  34. I agree ORR. You never are as bad as you think when you lose and you never are as good as you think when you win. That can sum up the past weeks. They are not cup contenders because of these past four games and they were not a last place team when they were losing. Keep everything in perspective…

  35. Maybe when Avery was “chatting” with Duco during the game last night he told him he was a disgrace to the number 68…lol. It just looks weird seeing the number 68 on anyone other than Jagr, especially when it is a scrub like Duco. Anyone agree?


    yes but the league has no love for the guy so they won’t “suggest” he pick another number.

    it would never happen with 66, and 20 years from now people wont be wearing 87 either.

  36. Adam – completely agree about #68; I actually made a comment to my friend at the game last night about that. Doesn’t look right on anyone but Jagr.

  37. The first FLA goal was Rozsival’s fault. If he made the correct play, there would have been no shot on goal.

    He was covering nobody when Hank made the first save, and he fanned on the puck as it was headed toward Oreskovich’s stick. Late in the game, he also flubbed the puck at the FLA blue line, allowing FLA to break out of the zone on an odd-man rush.

    Rozsival is the one Ranger that has not improved over the 4 game winning streak in my opinion. He’s an albatross around the neck of the team and he has to go. I’d rather see a rookie making the same mistakes and learning in the process, than Rozsival who is never going to improve. Bring back Heikinnen!

  38. Maybe #68 has some sort of meaning (for Douchco), just like #97 has for Gilroy. Plus, the # is available. Only 99 is off limits in the NHL.

  39. GReg, either way. Orr, of course, they aren’t good enough to win the Cup or even contend for the Cup. But do you want them to just lose every night? My point is, they need guys like the captain to produce, or they’re going to stink as they did last week and in the weeks before. Onecup … I should have known that was coming. … Salty, I’m with you. But if I’m going to run him down when he stinks, I should at least acknowledge when he’s pretty good.

    The meeting was the day of the second Islanders game, after the fiasco the night before. Probably on the Island.

    Linda, LMFAO at Jennifer convertible.

  40. The whole thing with the jersey number is that a number like 68 just sticks out. A lot of guys wear #4 (including Del Zotto) and nobody brings up Bobby Orr.

  41. Callahan was just as guilty as Rozy on that first goal (terrible job backchecking, although I think the center was Anisimov and he was nowhere to be found). But honestly, if you are going to know the guy for one play, I think that’s being pretty ridiculous. I’m not a Rozy fan and I don’t support the guy, but come on. Give the guy a break. Everytime he makes one bad pass everyone is like “OMG HE SUCKS”. Even if he played a mistake free game people would try to point something out that he may have done wrong.

    We get it, he tries hard but he sucks. No need to keep beating the guy into the ground about it on miniscule things. Now if we lost 4-1 and he clearly was terrible on all 4 goals, then I’d say ok, go for it. But it was one goal. Outside of that he played fine. There were plenty of other players who screwed up more than he did last night, just they got away with it and he didn’t.

  42. And why has nobody talked about Lisin’s performance last night? I know Joe and Sam did a ton of it already on the air, but he setup Drury’s goal by using his speed to beat out the icing, took a hit, then fed Drury for the goal. He was checking guys and skating hard yet again, but nobody talks about him. Kids got talent, hopefully he finally gets a real look for once.

  43. i would not be suprised if sanguinetti gets traded at some point. the rangers only surplus is in good young d men, they need forwards who can score………..

  44. Duco wore #14 in juniors and in the AHL, so I’d be surprised if there was some special reason for wanting #68 with the Panthers.

  45. JohnyD- agree on Lisin. Great game. Now he needs to gain more confidence and perhaps hold on to the puck a bit longer. His pass to Drury was great, but I think he still treats it like a hot potato oftentimes. But his foot has clearly improved.

  46. Linda the CLUTCH Christmas Elf says MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE on

    catch you crazies later, i gotta go brave the 30 mile an hour wind and get a few more things for tonight. Hopefully the torrential rain does not start until I get home!

    LMAO @ it’s retired already!!!

  47. Jonny D – The reason I’m harping on Rozsival’s ineptitude is because the Shills in the Booth are trying to make everyone think that he’s playing better.

    Well, he’s not. The team is playing better, period. Rozie is still getting hung out to dry every game, making all the same mistakes, except the team has started to win.

  48. CARP

    I would Peter them to lose. They need a proper rebuild. It would be nice to have a 1st overall pick In the draft. Trade a couple of players at the deadline, get some picks/prospects back.

    I’d sit through 2 or 3 years of misery just to secure a better future. Obviously wasting away years of Gabby and Hank will hurt, but sacrifices need to be made.

    It’s my opinion, and I know a lot will be against that but it seems like the perfect scenario right now.

  49. The only way this team competes for a cup after Sather screwed us on the Cap is to clear as much space as possible.So we are going to have to send something we all love to get rid of the deadwood contracts.Hank and Rosi or Redden to the Flyers for Jeff Carter,Colburn & Carsillo.Next year you send down and eat half of Rosi or Reddens deal.Lose Boyle,Donald,Higgins and pursue Kolvachuk.Forwards to be Carter,Gaby,Dubi,Cally,Avery,Artie,Carsillo,Kolvachuk,Lisin,Kotalik,Prospal,rookie SKILL & GRIT.Defense Staal,MDZ, Colburn,Gillroy,Dan G. Sangs, young but more mobile and tougher. Sign a veteran goalie and pray. Hey atleast its a real shot.

  50. Linda the CLUTCH Christmas Elf says MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE on

    Hey guys, hate to be a debbie downer, but I just found out my friends brother has been declared brain dead. Thank you for all your prayers and kind words, which I made her aware of a few days ago.

    May you all appreciate the time with family and friends over the next few days, and just let them know with stronger actions that you love them.

  51. I don’t see the big deal with the numbers thing. Like Adam said, a lot if players wear number 4. They’re just numbers.

    But then again those numbers that belong to future HOF should only be worn by stars, not scrubs.

    Speaking of Scrubs, the gut on tha my show likes EXACTLY like Cindy Crybaby.

  52. I don’t know anything about Duco or where’s from but three different Czech guys I’ve played on teams with have all worn the number 68. I don’t think any of them are/were huge Jagr fans but are following his lead on the whole Czech national pride thing. Just a possibility….

  53. Maybe he was just assigned 68? Similar to how during preseason players are assigned all these random numbers. Like Heikkenen wearing 49 or Sangs wearing 54. I remember when Dubinsky was called up a few years back he wore 54.

  54. Sorry to hear that Linda. My grandmother is actually close to passing away so it’s been tough on my mom. Mind you its different because my grandmother lived a full life. Always tough when someone dies too young.

    hedberg – you take too many pucks to the head? half of that isn’t happening and we’re not trading the centerpiece of the franchise. also Carcillo sucks and in no way do I ever want to see him playing in a Rangers jersey.

    rocket – he has been better. not as good as Sam and Joe and the rest of the MSG crew (minus Dave) have made him out to be, but he’s made better decisions in the last few games or so. either way, I think everyone here knows that Rozy isn’t all that good so you are just preaching to the choir.

    And I’m more so talking about people who go out of their way to bash Rozy. like “wow do you remember that turnover in the middle of the 2nd period where the puck hopped over his stick? WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?” That stuff pisses me off because if it happened to anyone else except Drury, Redden, and Rozsival, nobody would mention it. it’s fine to talk about his screw ups, just don’t go out of your way to do it.

    Like when MDZ stepped up for a big hit last night. It was great, but he left a 2 on 1 with just Rozy back. Florida didn’t score, but I guarantee 99% of the Ranger fan population would’ve found a way to blame Rozy instead of MDZ for stepping up on a 3 on 2 or the forward for not backchecking. Its like whenever he’s on the ice, he gets blamed for stuff that isn’t even his fault now too.

  55. Orr – he picked 17 because it was the closest he could get to 19 (Gomez had it). Same reason why Staal went with 18 since Shanny had 14.

  56. hedberg- my guess that the veteran goalie you have in mind is you. I’m praying already…

    Starting “trade Hank” gavno after the win? That’s a new one.

  57. Sorry about the trading Hank think on xmass eve,worse than Espo trading Miller and Ridley for Carpenter on new years day. I do love Hank,but there isnt anymore suckers that are going to help our cap unless Montrl. comes calling. I thought the Detroit way(lesser goalie) great 2 way players might have been our only chance. Let’s just keep booing Capt. Redden and Rosi for 5 more years. Sorry again

  58. Too true Jonny D about Rozsival. If that same play on the goal last night happened to Staal, most on this board would say “bad bounce” but if it’s Rozsival – he gets crucified. Defensemen are on the ice for goals against, bad bounces and tough plays are common to all.

    Interesting stats – even strength goals against, total even strength minutes, and minutes/goal (higher is better):

    Rozsival (21 goals, 615 mins, 29.3 min/goal)
    Redden (16 goals, 460 mins, 28.8 min/goal)
    Staal (29 goals, 679 mins, 23.4 min/goal)
    Girardi (34 goals, 635 mins, 18.7 min/goal)
    Del Zotto (33 goals, 551 mins, 16.7 min/goal)

    Safe to say that Rozsival is not playing that bad on the defensive side of the puck at even strength. You could argue that Staal and Girardi have been facing tough competition but I don’t think that could account for such a big difference between Girardi and Rozsival.

    People wonder why Rozsival hasn’t been benched and I think this might be the reason – the coaching staff is asking him to only play good defense and stay focus on that, which he is doing – where as with Redden they are expecting far more on the transition game and offensive impact.

  59. Jonny D – “And I’m more so talking about people who go out of their way to bash Rozy. like “wow do you remember that turnover in the middle of the 2nd period where the puck hopped over his stick? WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?” That stuff pisses me off because if it happened to anyone else except Drury, Redden, and Rozsival, nobody would mention it. it’s fine to talk about his screw ups, just don’t go out of your way to do it.”

    “Like when MDZ stepped up for a big hit last night. It was great, but he left a 2 on 1 with just Rozy back. Florida didn’t score, but I guarantee 99% of the Ranger fan population would’ve found a way to blame Rozy instead of MDZ for stepping up on a 3 on 2 or the forward for not backchecking. Its like whenever he’s on the ice, he gets blamed for stuff that isn’t even his fault now too.”

    These two paragraphs couldnt be more spot on about how I feel when I read this blog, you really hit the nail on the head with the puck hopping over his stick type of thing too. Anything that can possibly be called a “mistake” that happens to him gets so ridiculously magnified on this blog, and its a joke, bc like u said if it happens to anybody but those 3 then its fine with everybody. Its just really pisses me off too and Im glad someone else sees and realizes this going on. Rozsival is not brutal like peopel make him out to be, he is not the worst player in the world for a 4th defenseman, which is what I woudl call him on this team, and also the thing is, he gives a $h!t. Drury gives a $h!t too. Wade Redden does not.

  60. Anyone see that guy on the Stars pull a Patrik Stefan? Pretty funny lol…not as bad, but still funny lol.

    If it was Rozi that happened to, he wouldn’t make it out of MSG

  61. ilb, I shan’t defile the sister blog on Christmas Eve with that sofa king huge what they were chanting at the Isles fan last night :)

    All, I’m heading out….will sadly be able to join you here Saturday night, as I’ll be working :( though I suppose that will ease the pain a bit…..a great night to all and to all a good night!!


  62. Warren was good last night. The game was a lot of fun. I drank way too much and paid the price all morning. I didn’t get out of bed until 1. Mrs. Nasty was none too pleased. My brother and I had a great night though. Warren was actually pretty light last night. Not many people there. I was able to hang out with TR and Mrs. TR for a while, and met these crazy guy from Wales. Good time. Molson all night. We ended it off at some Belgian bar drinking Duval before we had to catch the last train home at 1:41. My bother got the hiccups half way home, some kid accidentally locked himself in the bathroom, and he actually was crying in there to get him out. Someone with a special key had to come get him out. I dropped my brother off, he threw up all over his front lawn, and we both got in a little bit of trouble with our wives. Ha. Merry Christmas to all.

  63. laurel

    i noticed 2 of your videos
    i could have sworn i told you about ken, glenn and ron being @ warren when they got interviewed about BOTB…
    remember? i know i told you what i called glenn (let slip).

    this is me just waking up. lol. im very fortunate to still have some 222’s (canadian asprin – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0q4oibfs9g) so in a half hr i should feel a little better. it stayed dead for the rest of the night. i found out mr and mrs aves were going to ride the ferry today so i made sure to apologize in advance for that, lol.

  64. TR, yeah man, they seemed like they had a nice time last night. Mr. was enjoying his Molsons. Scott is a cool guy. My bro and I were talking with him for a while, and while I was sitting with you guys, my brother was talking with him and the guy from Wales. Ha. I am tore up today.

  65. In case I can’t stop by tomorrow…

    I’d like to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

    I love this team and the blog and all the crazy personalities that come with it.

    Let’s Go RANGERS and Happy Holidays!

  66. I’ve always thought the Rangers were a little like the Mets. They both seem to get the “almost” players. They never get the bonafide all-star. The Mets get guys like Mo Vaughn who are past their prime. The Yankees get guys like A-Roid. The Rangers get Phil Esposito. Tim Kerr. Marcel Dionne. eric Lindros. Theo Fleury. Guy LaFleur. Pat LaFontaine. All guys who were ONCE formidable bit not so much anymore. Gaborik is the first guy they’ve actually gotten (besides Messier) who is a legitimate money in the bank type guy. I think it’s their best signing ever… IF (and that’s a big if) he stays healthy.

  67. Sounds like you guys had fun at Warren 77 last night!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t let your families drive you batty like Avery would. ;)

  68. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    salary cap aside the only way this team goes deep into the playoffs is with way more grit and toughness on d than we currently have on this roster and in the system!!

    If its true about christensen, that sucks. He wasn’t horrible by any stretch and I would rather see him in the line up than kots or lisin.

    Voros, man I feel for the guy, he deserves to be in our line up sometimes at least!

    In case I get too bombarded over the next couple of days (doubt it), Happy X-Mas and have a great Boxing day to all of you!

    best of luck with the situation!

  69. Linda the CLUTCH Christmas Elf says MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE on

    hey everyone, thanks for the words for my friends brother. It’s extremely sad. I know what it’s like to lose a family member right before Christmas. It’s times like this I wish I was back in NY.

    To Rick, Laurel and all the awesome gang on RR, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to all of you! May you have wonderful celebrations with your families and friends, and may the love and joy of the season follow you through the new year!! Love you guys!!

  70. Linda, I am so sorry. We all are, no doubt. One of my favorite uncles had a stroke and went into a coma on Christmas Eve one year, and never came out of it.

    Orr and hedberg, there’s no way this thing is going to be undone and re-done. We all know that they’ll go hell-bent for a playoff berth at the trade deadline.

    ilb, that’s sofa king disgraceful.

    Good evening, Sally!

    And to all a good night!

  71. Agree, Carp. DIsgraceful is the right word. But his name shouldn’t even be mentioned on this blog, let alone during holidays. Linda, hang in there sis.
    Nght everyone.

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Four in a row , way to go!!! … says Greg L. on

    Ilb2001 , Hahha good luck man , Spanish? Hmmmm Orr could help you out on some spanish fly….I knows no Spanish , si?
    Have a Merry X-mas .

    I got pulled over an hour ago by a cop!! He said I didnt have my headlights on…. and I didnt have my drivers on me ,or my regestration. Plus I slipped on my seatbelt as I noticed him turn around with his cherries on, Geeeze I just left my place to drop off my daughter . No ticket’s ‘cuz I told him I was stuiped for forgetting my stuff and my lights !! WHEWWWWW!! No ticket for xmas , beuty.

  73. Can we pleeeeeasssse stop saying Sanguinetti is going to suck? How is it possible to tell what this guy is going to develop into at this point?

    Other then that…Merry christmas to everyone.

    I’m going to bed. Pooped.

    I’m hoping the Rangers come out and woop the Isles on Saturday. Wait. Let me rephrase that. The Rangers NEED and should WANT to come out and dominate the Isles on Saturday.

  74. Johnny D – from earlier, Gaborik is smart. He tried that same kinda move on Cam Ward a few nights ago, but Ward had his number. I don’t know whether it was good planning by Ward knowing he needs to take that play away from Gaborik, or a mistake on vokouns part by leaving that hole open.

  75. LInda the CLUTCH Christmas Elf on


    and thanks for the kind words for my friend and her brother. They did donate his organs, so others can have a new lease on life.

    Rick, we lost my grandpa 3 days before Christmas in 1983, and it hasn’t been the same since. Hard to lose a family member ANY time, but I think at holiday time its maybe a bit harder. Johnny, my prayers to your family regarding your grandma.

  76. Merry Christmas to my Rangers family! Hope all of you have a happy, healthy, and hearty Christmas (or chinese food and a movie for my jews!) Lets keep the streak rolling boys.

  77. Ah…man I love this place…you know why? B/c no matter what’s going on around our lives or anything, we can always come here and for the few minutes we’re posting or reading something, all is forgotten, just for a little bit

  78. Hey Guy and Girls!

    I dont know if any of you are still up or have recovered from the food induced coma LOL But I wanted to jump on and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!!! You all have made watching the game and being a Rangers fan THAT much more fun. And again thank you all for the warm wishes for my father. He is doing much better. Rick & Laurel – thank you for putting your heart & soul into this blog, keeping in going so all of us have a place to enjoy, joke & cheer for the best team in the NHL ;)

    Love all ya BONEHEADS!!!!!!!!

  79. Linda I was reading past posts and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry to hear about your friend. I of course will keep you and your friends family in my thoughts and prayers. SHOOT Im so sorry. That is horrible. XOXO stay strong.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Four in a row , way to go!!! … says Greg L. on

    HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS ; CARP ,WICKY ,MIKE ,ILB2001 ,Laurel ,CCCP ,Mako ,Nasty1, Linda ,Megan Fox, And all my fellow boneheadians!!!! I love you all!!!!!

    * GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  81. My best friend for th past 25 years died on Christmas eve 5 years ago yesterday.He was only 50,no warnings.Not fair sometimes.
    Seems like 6 months.Not for his wife Sue and there son though.

  82. Linda the CLUTCH Christmas Elf says MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE on

    Good morning everyone and Merry Christmas!!! Still waiting for the man to wake up so we can open our presents, but I HAD to come here and wish all of you a joyous day with everyone you love! You guys are like friends to me, and you’ve really enhanced the Rangers hockey experience for me, especially down here in da diiiiiiiiiiiirty souf!! You’re all special to me, and I hope to meet a bunch of you in May!

    Greg, never change, you are a riot and make me crack up, and wonder what you’re smoking or drinking on a daily basis!

    Rick and Laurel, and Josh 26,thanks for keeping the blog going, and for all the work you do!!

  83. Linda, Merry Christmas! You don’t know how to wake the man in am? Give me a buzz, I’ll give you a couple of hints.

  84. merry christmas and haunaka everybody. guys, today at like 5 am i woke up suddenly, and turned on my tv. flipped through and found a game. it was the junior U.S. team vs south dakota. i wasnt gonna watch it, but i watched for a few, and i heard kreiders name,bourque and stepan. kreider got 2 goals and looked good. stepan is really quick too even though he seems like he needs to fill out cuz hes still pretty short. him and krieder were both good though. they played on the same line too. it was great watching those 2 on the top line and think they’ll be ready in maybe a year or even less. i noticed stepan had lots of swift skating and moves, and krieder was fast as hell too. dont remember anything thatstood out from bourque, but i didnt watch the whole thing. i fell back a sleep a few times but if u wanna watch it, i found it being shown again at 2 am tommorow morning. if u guys stay up that late. u should watch it. i dont know what channel is it for any of you uys, but its fscs here. im thinkin it stands for fox college south central lol. no its gotta be fozx college sports central as in central time zone. might be 3:30 ny time.

  85. Orr, yeah it’s all downhill after 20, bro…:)

    The only lesson to learn is that from now on you have to grab your own Fox. The good news about it is that the one you grab on your own tastes even sweeter! Merry Christmas!

  86. Mikey, good morning! Can you just gist me, it’s too early in am for me to go through the whole post of yours? Kidding, of course. Don’t change a thing. Happy holidays!

  87. orr- i havent got presents since i was your age too. maybe a few times i got some ciggarettes, new socks, crap like that. but my dad recently started giving me some of his old valuable family heirloom type things, i think hes goin through a midlife crisis even though hes 55, and he thinks hes gonna die soon or is worried he might die and his wife get all his valuable collector item stuff. he gave me his whole knife collection,which consisted of some Case knives issued during the vietnam war only on 1 aircraft carrier and one sitting in pearl harbor right now. bunch of other really nice knives, german swords in ww1 and other old stuff like old signed baseballs from the 60’s(yankees), umm, other stuff not worth anything monetarily, but dont worry, once u get a girl, she’ll get some nice stuff for you and christmas for me right now, is all about giving. i love watchin my kid open up all the presents i get her and no matter how many times ur mother, or sister, and especially gf or wife, say they dont want anything, they always do, and if its your gf, then u better get some nice jewelry man. what i do, is after christmas, i go out and buy myself my own present(s). its the way to go orr. u always know what u want anyway. lol

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