Panthers at Rangers


Not much news: Boyle is in for Christensen, who joins Voros on the prucha list. Lundqvist in goal again.

I forgot to mention … Adam Rotter at the SNY Rangers blog kick-started my old memory the other day, but it didn’t stick to my burned-out cells and gray matter …

But tonight is not only Festivus, it is also the 30th anniversary of the Boston Bruins visiting the Rangers’ fans in the stands, good old Mad Mike Milbury taking a shoe to one guy, and clowns Terry O’Reilly and Peter McNab leading the charge over the glass. I was there that night, and scared like heck that it would turn into a riot that might never end. I’m still pretty amazed that there weren’t more serious fights and injuries, if not deaths, under those circumstances.

Anyway, the Times did a memory-lane piece on that night which, if you ever watch the video on Raucous Rangers or YouTube or anywhere else, began with Phil Esposito on a breakaway. Espo was hit in the ass with a tennis ball thrown from the blue seats on his way in against Gerry Cheevers. Then JD took exception to a few things, I think, that John Wensink did late in the game, and it was his yapping that escalated into some pushing and shoving and eventually the fan taking O’Reilly’s stick, and the parade into the seats while the Rangers stood, mouths agape, watching.


You probably saw earlier today that Rangers prospects Chris Kreider, Ryan Bourque and Derek Stepan were all chosen to play for Team USA in the World Junior Championship in Saskatchewan Dec. 26-Jan. 5.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes.

The Festivus pole requires no decorating. I find tinsel distracting.


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  1. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    well, to use a national lampoons christmas vacation line…”later dudes”!!!!


  2. CCCP Another Festivus miricle. When I arrived at the comments I had never seen an empty reply screen. Would you beleive I hadn’t commented in so long I had to enter my name and e-mail and First. That took me over 2 minutes talk about chokin. Happy Mike “the shoe” Milbury Date.

  3. btw, Florida’s been playing good hockey…so if the Rangers gets their butts kicked, please don’t start hanging yourself…

  4. If the Rangers go 1-0 down after 5 minutes, there’ll be more posts on here by the 10-minute mark than there were for the entire past three games combined.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!?????? THE GAME ISN’T BEING SHOWN ON CENTER ICE!!!???????????????????????




  6. Linda is a clutch baker on

    i was just cursing hockeystreams and then i realized we went from the panthers feed to the Rangers feed! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ITS A FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

  7. Linda is a clutch baker on

    December 23rd, 2009 at 7:04 pm
    If the Rangers go 1-0 down after 5 minutes, there’ll be more posts on here by the 10-minute mark than there were for the entire past three games combined.

    WOW JUST WOW! Nostradamus LW!!!

  8. Hey Ladies and Gents!

    Thank you all for sending your best wishes for me and my family. You all made getting through this difficult situation a little easier with some laughs and concern. So really from the bottom of my heart thank you. And ilb, Im working on a reply. Its been an exhausting week on every level. And as I was typing this… there were two goals scored LOL

    WTF was Roszival thinking when MDZ covered his man and WHAT A CLUTCH GOAL!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on


  10. I didn’t see yet another Drury goal coming though. Who would?

    Does anyone know what Joe M thinks of Oreskovich? Maybe if he was just wearing a T-shirt?

  11. Linda is a clutch baker on

    MAKO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back Sharkie!! How’s papa Jaws doing today? now all we need is a victory and Festivus is complete!!!!

    And Sally, thank you soooooooooooooooo much for my gift!!!

  12. Oh yes! HAPPY FESTIVUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LINDA!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been? Thank you again for all of your emails and passing along info LOL BIGGGG HUGGGGS FOR YOU!

    Papa shark is doing ok LOL. Recovery has been slow & got some staples out today. He got some blood work done as well. Slowly but surely he’s healing….

  13. Linda is a clutch baker on

    so happy to hear big daddy sharkie is getting better! and its great to have you back!

  14. i wonder… how the flock you have to smoke to smoke off half of your fingers?? was she smoking fingers instead of cigarettes?

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    Falling asleep with a lit cigarette between your fingers?

    If you do it a lot, pretty soon you start to run out of fingers…

  16. Linda is a clutch baker on

    Rozi and benched, it is NOT possible!

    in honor of Mako’s return, and his dad getting better, FANKIST will score a goal!! OO troutface with MDZ! wocka wocka

  17. LOL WOCKA WOCKA!!! he hasnt had one in quite some time now. Chewy is getting all of the limelight LOLOLOL

  18. Hey guys, could it be playing on an alternate radio statio (other than 1050 ESPN)?

    On my iPhone, 1050 is having some football show …

    Thanks for any insight.

  19. Linda is a clutch baker on

    did joe actually say ANDREW Lisin? or am i hearing things??

    wocka wocka, omg as teenagers, we had what we called the ‘wocka scale’ of hotness for guys! As you can see, i have not grown up!

  20. Last time I tried to tune in 1050 at night it came in loud and clear. The Toronto 1050 station that is.

  21. anybody see the wade redden commercial? cmon if ur a ranger fan ur gonna laugh at that!! almost as much as a drury commercial. at least if they want us to laugh, put lisin(andy kaufman) and AA battery on a commercial together. i know theyre tryin to make wade earn his check anyway they can now!! including doing commercials. tryi to give him a personality too at the same time.

  22. Hey did anyone know what happened between Dubi & flava explosion? If someone explained it, Im sorry for asking again….

  23. Linda is a clutch baker on

    dubi put store brand nacho chips in tbones doritos bag and the flavah explosion was not only unclutch but missing

  24. 3 different pastas? IT MACARONI!!!!!!!!! AND… 7 different fish!?!? What kinda EYE-Talian is he???? lol

  25. Linda is a clutch baker on

    heck, i’m just having a lil lobster bisque, some scallops, some flounder, a lil linguinie with clam sauce and some shrimp tomorrow, i’m gonna be short 2.

  26. Linda is a clutch baker on


  27. Linda is a clutch baker on

    i’m still waitin for Hank to make the butt save i predicted earlier!

    I still think Lisin gets a goal tonight

  28. Linda is a clutch baker on

    i’m hopin my mom and dad were in rocky point buyin lottery tickets yesterday!!!


  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    Go RANGERSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I can’t watch it….how gay. Can I say gay…

  30. Linda is a clutch baker on

    he keeps stressing how BIG he is. its scary to think whats buried on his computer

  31. HIYA RICK!!!!!!!!

    Thank you. So Happy to be back and thank you for your best wishes for my father. I really appreciate it! HAPPY FESTIVUS!!!!!!!

  32. Linda is a clutch baker on

    avery needs to pop one in too, and i mean the puck in the net, not some 2 bit ‘starlet’

  33. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Please any body but drury..

    I guess drury’s worth the 7 mill per yr.

    Roszival is sleep walking

  34. Linda is a clutch baker on

    YES!!! i’d love to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with one of those guys!!!!!! if you’re gonna jump, jump with a pro!

  35. why do people want drury to NOT score? what sense does that make? he scores, he ultimately helps us win right? or at least get some help for gabby at the least. oh yea, i forgot, lets all complain about him some more. even when the guy is doin somethin good, you see complaining. hah j/k little festivus joke. keep on whining!!!!!

  36. Linda is a clutch baker on

    lmao Rick! hey, i got a Sally Original in the mail today!! She sent me the flow chart! She’s just awesome!

  37. im with carp. i will never skydive but i’ll go on the craziest roller coasters and bungie jump rides at six flags. go figure.

    no linda, no nogg for me tonight. i cant do it like i used to. i need at least a few days of recovery time between drinkin lol

  38. FANKIST X 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINDA YOU’RE MY HERO TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! PAPA SHARK THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!

  39. Linda is a clutch baker on


  40. lmao 909!!! dru almost had another one there too. hes gettin the dirty areas. hey, its better than what he did for the first 30 games or so. not happy it took a demotion but whatever. hope he keeps scoring. help the team out.

  41. Del zotto, Del zotto, he’s so hotto(according to al trautwig)
    Del Zotto, Del Zotto, thats our motto

  42. Linda is a clutch baker on

    Cally Cally you’re my boy
    When you score you bring me joy

    Sean Avery he’s a pest
    Everyone should have his zest

  43. Linda is a clutch baker on

    i honestly think we will see gaborik score a goal from the boards behind the opposing goalie one of these nights

  44. did you just see that.

    Cally does the best pking job i’ve ever seen, leads to Gabby shorty.

    ::rewinds with DVR::

    lol an actual “good play by Drury” with nothing from Sam or Joe

  45. it’s fun having a player who just scores. imagine if we had any other pure offensive players.

  46. And Sam earlier in the PK said “good play by Drury” after Cally was skating all over the ice breaking up passing plays, blocking shots, and moving the puck out of the zone lol

    Love Sam tho!

  47. It’s a true Festivus miracle!

    Carp, Maloney and Anderson were talking about the Boston deal on the radio after the second…I also learned Anderson spent two months figure skating….you read that right….for Battle of the Blades in Canada. Now that’s a video I have to find.

  48. Linda is a clutch baker on

    what in the holy hell is up with hockeystreams all of a sudden…damnit,ruining the festivus joy in alabama right now you bastages@!

  49. Linda is a clutch baker on

    now THAT is why i absolutely LOVE Ryan Callahan, that and his awesome hockey nose

  50. 909s on a roll tonight. sorry bro id be doin my stand up routine with ya but im still shot from monday night dude. i had enough booze to fill a bathtub with.

    gooo aves!!! hes ben awesome tonight

  51. Linda is a clutch baker on

    the flow chart will have a place of honor on the wall!!! its so awesome! thanks hugely!!!

  52. Linda is a clutch baker on

    to hell with Frampton

    CALLAHAN COMES ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! He’s been playing awesome lately! LOVE HIM!!!

  53. Linda is a clutch baker on

    now that game gets me excited because they seem to really have gotten their act together, and Hank has been a rock lately!

  54. LQ has been phenomenal the last few games. You guys who were entertaining the thought of trading him a week & a half ago still feel the same way ;) LOL

    Great game by our boys in blue!!! Great night to be back here at RR!!!! I missed ya all!

  55. It’s good to be back on the blog for a four-game winning streak! Happy Festivus everyone. I will be missing Saturday’s game. though. :( What a few games it has been! Great work like the beginning of the season, in the two games that I have been able to watch.

    Did people ever end up getting together at Warren 77?

    I missed you boneheads!

  56. aight. i think a good tradition to start after a win streak is just saying stuff that doesnt make much sense. I’ll start us off. ummm….. marmolaide whipped cream sunday. breakfast of clutch

  57. That felt like one of the wins from that early win streak. Solid D, timely scoring, GREAT hank. I like the direction this is headed. Start stacking up some more wins boys.

  58. YAA-HOOOOO! Hank looked just a wee bit happy don’t ya think. And my Aves! Vinny, Cally, Gabby…even Clutch?! Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore….I’ll catch up on what I missed tomorrow. Happy Festivus to all and to all a goodnight!

    (TR, I am sick, sick, that I’m not at warren night.)

  59. sally, all i got from that was “I dont speak (the language)? of whatever kibush is. lol.FIDDLA ON THE ROOF. LETS DANCE. i’m blue and red abadiabadai if i was orange and white i would die.

  60. Linda is a clutch baker on

    get on an awesome roll from now to the olympics, tighten up, heads in the game, move up in the standings, and come back from the break and just keep on truckin!! it’s good to see drury showing signs of life! as mike said, we really DO need him to contribute if the teams gonna be successful.

  61. loks like hanks december slump is non existant. he had it early in the year thank god. hes been the best goalie i think this month in teh whole leagu. him and miller both.

  62. Linda is a clutch baker on

    ecstatic to be getting the post game show so far! Heres our man Mako!!!! he’s lookin a bit pale, he needs to hit the tanning booth!

  63. ima make a rap:
    mike in ia, take the low road, or take the high way
    we do things my way, no work just play, I pray
    Rangers pull me outa my seat, too drunk to use my feet,
    High glove side, I won’t be beat

  64. hey mike. Did you see that goal by Drury? I missed it. Tell me all about it. You think he is gonna break that 5-goal plateau very soon?

  65. Linda is a clutch baker on

    damnit missin nekid gabby! they just cut off the post game show after the fankist interview!!

    Fankist needs an oompah loompah intervention right now! He’s too damned white!

  66. lol tomb- i swear i didnt know u posted. thats some weird stuff man. i havent seen u here in days and i saw ur post on HS so i figured id say somethin here. talk about a coinkydink

  67. Drury, don’t want to see his fists o’ fury
    put you out o’ your mis-ory, palms sweaty, fingas oily
    clutch up, clutch down, back up opposing goalies,
    you da clown!

  68. tomb- he slapped it like he did in the philly game except no spin-o-rama. hes got his 5th already man!! cmon!! he broke that huge milestone tonight lol

  69. matzoh ball, matzoh ball, they call me mr. impossible
    i’m tan and i’m fresh, u know i’m da best
    oompa loompa me, oompa loompa you.
    I aint going back to the big house, zig-zag
    2 goals: u can put em in the bag cuz they call me VP,
    2 goals to the easy, just to please me, they call me lil weezy

  70. it was all cuz lisin made a great play and stopped an icing, ot the puck, got it right to dru like 20-25 feet out and a he slapped it home. it was the most clutch first period game tying goal ive ever seeen!!!! ever ever!!!!!

  71. in regards to the 30th anniversary of the Bruins going into the stands
    i’m kind of surprised that MSG didn’t find the guy who got pummeled and have him on during intermission.

    anyone else notice that no other Blueshirt fan in the stands was helping the guy out? quite unlike that basketball melee from a year or two ago.

  72. I didn’t see anything you posted to me here. I got home late today. these people in Denver cant drive in the snow for shit.

  73. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    Yep, you guys were right earlier today rozy is just great……he SUCKS, end of story!!!!!

  74. i jst had posted what i said to u right after u had asked me about teh drury goal, but i hadnt refreshed so i didnt see ur post. i was gonna ask where u been but i saw u at HS so i figured u were probably gonna be here soon or were already here. havent seen u post in awhile though thats why i asked

  75. My name is mikal roszival, grab dolan dollas just to fall
    It’s money in the bank, money in my pocket
    Come meet my boy, Sean avery the rocket
    Can’t stop it, cant top it, 3 more years till my ass hits the open market! sign me, cha-ching, all that bling don’t weight me down, you pray i fail, instead i look like i chase my tail
    i’ma posta child, u ask me about alzheimers, doctors say its mild

  76. okay
    now that i see that my attempt to
    diet and exercise myself into some
    better semblance of shape
    is going straight to hell over
    the next week with Xmas Eve, Xmas, family party,
    leftovers and NYE upcoming
    i just gotta say

  77. I heard the guy in the shoe incident suffered brain damage and has been ranting incoherently and making bizarre decisions ever since. No idea what happened to the guy Milbury was hitting though…

  78. damn i just got high reading that last post to u over again tomb!! im all discomboobulated. yea, anytime any of u heads are in iowa, stop by, i’ll share some spirits and some shits n giggles!! dont be shy, im just a regular dude. i have hineys stocked in the fridge. hineys on me everyone!!

  79. Names Wade, when i blaze, you cant taze me, torts talk dont phase me, I’m crazy. Wax on, wax off, once the game starts i blast off. flags at half mass cause my minds lost. scuze me, gotta go home and snort jack frost

  80. lol 909. right on. we did have some weird funny vibes flowin through teh whole blog monday night. it must be this crazy winning streak got us all goin bonkers. im stoked just seein capn crunch get his record breakin 5th of the season tonight!! actually, mr clutch has been damn good lately. im proud of him. he took his demotion like a man. lol

  81. mike which raps the best. i might like the redden one just cuz of the last line. i was like “oh damn” when i thought of it

  82. holy crap tomb!

    i was just about to say that i don’t know what it is about Clutch……
    whether he’s regularly eating his Wheaties
    or getting acupuncture for all the pains earned by blocked shots
    or got hypnotized
    or he’s hanging around with Tiger Woods
    and is, ahem, more relaxed
    whatever it is
    he should keep it up and keep doing it
    because he looks like a completely different player
    than the past couple years.

  83. i dont think Tavaras gets enough press. He is a damn good player.

    Betts with 2 goals tonight. BEAT THAT CHEWY!!!

  84. 909- the redden one was def. the best. u started gettin better as u went on. yea u went yard on that one!! teddy williams hit it right to lansdown street!! lol.

  85. Linda is a clutch baker on

    lmao @ 909 and LW, and always @ Mike!

    Pavel, that was classic!

    cookies = i need addresses, I’m not nostradamus donchaknow!

  86. put ya hands up in da air and wave em like ya just dont care yeah yeah.
    Names Brashear, they call me miss butterworth cuz ima milk glen sather for what he’s worth. I live rich or die tryin, once i start playin, you know i’m lying. check me for brass knuckles, when i drop the gloves, the other guys chuckle, I muck em up. Ranger fans, when i bend down, u betta pucker up

  87. mako- good for betts we kinda do miss him on the pk. even though weve been good, we get caught in our end for some long stretches. i had a good feelin whenever i saw betts man the high slot. dude was a team player. and only made 7 or 800k. if drury doesnt keep scorin and playin this way, hes basically blair betts. glad to se it finally though. if betts ever could get some offense goin, work on his shot, stickhandling, hed be a great guy to have especially in teh playoffs. hes already got defense down good. just needs to put up some better numbers. wish we kept him.

  88. Another great effort, Played hard for three three periods. There were times when they got caught up in their own end, Hank was really good, he made some great saves. I think, and I’m sure Torts has the same opinion, that they took to many penalties. Their game has improved big time. Flordia is a good team.

  89. Names voros, footworks like zoro. ride that horse to the press box. heavy weights don’t phase me, i’m tough as fort knox. you’re goldy lock. u call me everlast, my family call me tupac. new kid on the block, I’m king of the crop, i start and i stop, I flip and i flop, yet i’m still at the top. H/o. i gotta go. breakfast at the i-hop!

  90. This year Drury can actually enjoy his Christmas instead of not letting another loss ruin it. Woo hoo, he’s playing decent!
    Prospal and Gaborik are the best.
    Merry Christmas!

  91. missed the first period
    but based on the last two periods
    does Kotalik look as if he may sit again
    same with what little i witnessed from Redden.
    neither added all that much……….jam!!!!!!!!!!
    (and chestnuts!!….gonna keep me all my post holiday-like from now on)

  92. They call me glen, Glen to the Satha, i deal cash like its anti-matta. Eat donuts and cigars cuz cant get any fatta. what don’t kill me only makes me stronger. Ima G, and a slatipuss, got ranger fans kickin like i’m W. Bush. I smoke and i smush, I kick and i push, got this job till my brain looks like mush. Gimme them ticket sales, you gimme ur money and the chips are stale. leave it all on the ice, your tears will suffice. Got this team running into the ground. Cant stop Big G, i sting like a bloodhound, keep quiet or you’ll get pound. oh Brash. SOLO REMIX TWISTA. Rinse and repeat, got glen sather sniffin and lickin my feet, i play the same way in rain or in sleet, glen gimme a new beat

  93. jpg – I missed the first period too.

    Kotalik did some decent back checking that I saw, but not much else. For $3 million, Sather won’t let Torts sit him for long. I’ve seen this dude Sather operate for ten years, I have given up all hope of him becoming anything but an egotistical moron with lots of power.

  94. I’m a yetti, ticket sales drop like confetti. I’m ready.
    Voros be everlast, my rhythm be twice as fast. I’m in high gear, I write checks and rangers fans wipe my ***, its twice as fast. New cast same story, give no guts, get no glory. Get fast cash when they fight brash, straight cash monay millonaire, i strike first and laugh last.

  95. the one that gets me laughin everytime is the last line of the brashear rap. i’m crackin up right now.

  96. Linda is a clutch baker on

    Carp, you TRULY need to write a book of all the crazy stuff we post in here. It’d be a best seller of mythic proportions, you can title it BONEHEADS OF CLUTCH

  97. ya know tomb

    that’s the thing i can’t understand.
    why doesn’t Sather just head off to the sunset and retire?
    he’ll still get overwhelmingly media coverage due to his Oilers years
    and if he thinks that he’s sticking around here so he can go out on a high note
    then he’s just GOT to change course and cut off the rotted branches from the tree. it’s just impeded any sense of progress.

    i just hope that if Messier moves up to the GM spot that he’ll be a bit more savvy in the office than he was on the ice (i.e. view of Zubov, view of himself during his second tour of duty….)

  98. Carp, saw your post the other night. haha

    Just wanted you to know that I did not blame you or anything for the Gamer headers.

    I try anything to get good luck.

    Also, sorry I have not been on. I figured maybe my negativity was making the Rangers play like bums, so I have stayed away, and will continue to stay away after midnight tonight eastern time.

    Merry Christmas to all and Have a great holiday season.

    Enjoy the 4 game win streak. LGR!!!!

    I will be back soon, during the next short Ranger break.

  99. speaking of “not blog-friendly”
    what were the fans cheering at the end of the 3rd?
    was it a*****e? and directed to durco or….?

  100. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I’m just baxck home from the game
    Awesome atmosphere, game had it all, PPG, SHG, goaltending, great crowd, all good

    Hey CCCP, my prediction, as usual, almost right on, yours off.

    Carp, need my props! Me and the blueshirts on a serious roll.

  101. Linda is a clutch baker on

    LMAO!!! makin more cheese than Polly-O!!!

    only cheese i use to make lasagna and baked ziti!

  102. ilb, just read the raps above and all will be well. good ranger game. hard fought win except for like first 5 min of the first period, we dominated.

  103. wicky229 (gabby, just get 29 more!!) on

    my wife thought that was directed at rozy, she said they were booing him as well….just speculating though!

  104. I’ll tell, that PK defined the game. 2 min in our zone, blocked shots. I knew after that one they’d win the game. Mrs ilb said I had a pretty dumb smile on my face after that PK. Tough to explain. Too bad I coudn’t blog.

  105. By the way, that shoe stuff was the best move Milbury made over the last 30 years. At least it had a purpose.

  106. Linda is a clutch baker on

    909 the ORR rap, it must be shared!

    hey, where’s Uncle Glennies wrap up and the ClutchPost of the night????

  107. “I think,therefore I am”.—Rousseu
    question: if thinking means your living, whats sather doing. is he a zombie, cause that would explain a lot of his moves and you can’t technically blame a zombie for doing something stupid cuz zombies don’t have a brain.

  108. sorry,
    but if the chant was directed at
    Rozy that’s wrong.
    he didn’t have a fantastic night
    but he’s played much better than past games.
    maybe the prucha-ing of Redden and Kotalik
    put the Fear in him.

    which is fine by me.

  109. Rozy was the weakest link, at lest at the beginning. And I agree, he looks like he is playing scared. Not a bad thing.

  110. i’ll drop a line.
    Where is Orr, that kids a warrior, no other man possibly be hornier. Adorable, debatable megan fox inflatable.

  111. yeah. i’m gna bounce.gna lay in bed and watch an episode of psych. i love me some sean and gus. best show

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Center ice sucks bigtime!!! … says Greg L. on

    Gweat Wrappin Ranger90210, sweeet . Here a Gaborik one fer ya!!!

    My name is Gab-orik ;
    I like to use my stick slick ;
    If you try to take me down ill make your coach sick.

    I m so – good I should be in holly-wood ;
    That’s is true cuz I am so goooood.
    Im fast and ya aint gonna catch me ;
    Maybe on the nintendo wii.

  113. I’m seriously considering emailng you my address. Sally has been awfully quiet since she tried ’em. I wonder…

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Center ice sucks bigtime!!! … says Greg L. on

    Tanks Ranger909 and Linda , I was insired by Rangers kiss my butt /Brashear rap.

    I never miss Ranger games , ever…kinda sad , I scrambled…flipped through the channels a million times , no luck. I pay $200 to watch all the games , this game was the only one that didnt have a listing. I even shelled out $19 for that Oiler PPV that I coudnt watch and was forced to pay. I’ll pull a Drury and wont let this ruin my xmas.
    Drury had a great game tonight it seemed as I watched NHL Network (barf)

    Ok…do I push submit…!!!?????? Is a Carping in session right now as I type???? Ok wish me luck ,hope I dont have ta repost.

  115. You know down here in sunny FLA the Panthers have the msg feed blocked, but I could pick up the game on the Cats broadcast, and all those announcers could do was gush over Lundqvist. I believe that his name came up about every 3d or 4th sentence by these two guys.

    And well deserved I might add.

  116. you were right on the chant. it was directed at an islander fan who walked around the garden slowly loving all the abuse he was getting for wearing that jersey to a ranger panther game

    December 23rd, 2009 at 10:52 pm
    speaking of “not blog-friendly”
    what were the fans cheering at the end of the 3rd?
    was it a*****e? and directed to durco or….?

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