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From the Rangers:

December 21, 2009 – New York Rangers 3, Carolina Hurricanes 1 (Game #36, Road #19)
• The Blueshirts defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, 3-1, tonight at the RBC Center to improve to 17-16-3 (37 pts.) overall and 10-7-2 (22 pts.) on the road.
• Henrik Lundqvist made 32 saves, including 13 in the third period, to close out the victory; Lundqvist has held opponents to two or fewer goals in eight of his last nine games.
• Marian Gaborik notched a goal and two assists; Gaborik has now had 15 multiple points games and has scored six goals and seven assists in his last 10 games.
• Brandon Dubisnky scored the game-winning goal and notched an assist;  Dubinsky tied for the lead among all skaters with a plus-3 rating.
• Marc Staal tallied a goal and logged a team-high 24:47 of icetime; Staal tied for the lead among all skaters with a plus-3 rating.
• Michal Rozsival recorded an assist and had a plus-two rating for the game; Rozsival logged 24:31 of ice time and led all skaters with 4 blocked shots.
• The Blueshirts’ practice for tomorrow, December 22, is scheduled for 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
• The Rangers return to action on Wednesday, December 23, when they will face-off against the Florida Panthers at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.); the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. All you guys from the end of the last thread, I’m going to have to ask you all to step out of the car, put your finger on your nose and walk a straight line.

  2. Linda is a clutch baker on


    grabby, are you gonna be able to make it to NY in May when I’m visiting??? we’re planning a bonehead festival

  3. im carped while im gettin carped!! ok linda and friends. i really should get some sleep. i’ll hate myself in the moining but i’ll klaugh about it . i;ll be there in may dont worry linda.

  4. we should copy and paste that stuff from the last thread. get around the carping. we got our carps carped

  5. anyways. gotta put pillow to head. actually head to pillow. whichever hits whichever first. peace out!!!

  6. i am laughin hard! u guys are hilarius righty now. no but seriously linda i’ll be in town in march. but i’ll bethere till june. gonna take my kid up there to see family and then go to florida to disney. shes gonna love it!

  7. Linda is a clutch baker on

    thats great grabby, she’ll totally love that! you gotta make sure you get her to NY at least once every year or two, just so she knows where the ‘hoods’ at!!

  8. ok im back. linda. history has good show called pawn stars. its funny. and the whole end othe world stuff they show is gettin stupid. too much of it. its like the apocalypse channel. monsterquest is good too tougj

  9. i hope i dont have that nightmare again where drury whispers clutch into my ear until i wake up screaming again. or where wade tries to convince me that he has all that white stuff cause he likes his coffee to be really sweet

  10. Linda is a clutch baker on

    having dreams of drury whispering in your ear, or redden tryin to convince you of ANYTHING is surely a sign of an disturbed mind!!! :-)

    lmao, how many times can they do the 2012 stuff. so many people are gonna be pissed when the world doesnt end 3 years from today!!!!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!!

  11. Linda is a clutch baker on

    grabby, ya gotta love the sasquatch/yeti shows, it’s like sighting of the mythical GM of the Rangers!!!

    i just wanna clear this up now, the brown paper bag now has JETS on it! OMG they just suck. Why do i love these teams???? sigh

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    Reporting in from Carolina! I got Xmas tickets to the game.

    Spent all day yesterday motoring thru Virginia. I have about 50 pounds of Virginia road salt stuck to the car. Drove to the game during the Raleigh rush hour demolition derby. Got there just in time.

    Rangers win, although you probably knew that already. What a game! After the empty netter, you should have seen all the red shirts streaming for the exits- just like rats out of an aqueduct.

    Well, got some more beer to go through, and another 500 mile drive home tomorrow.

    Later, boneheads!

  13. its only 10??? what thw p;oop is gopin on here? it feels like 5 am. linda, u go girl. i love the one where they have the giganticus ape and the jersey devil. hers another one with the bigfoot in upstate ny. its so dumb!! buyt is funny

  14. Tr start reading at the previous thread near the end. me and mike start the wackness. i’m leaving right now

  15. Linda is a clutch baker on

    lmao @ giganticus ape and the jersey devil. did you ever see that terrible SciFi movie about the jersey devil! I watched it twice, it was so bad you just had to!!!

    yea, wheres Dru’s clutch visit, and uncle glens wrapup. I’m beginning to think Izzy is Uncle Glen

  16. Linda is a clutch baker on

    nite guys, watchin some wacky show on science channel!!

    heave ho 3 in a row… hopefully this gets to tiger like proportions!!!! Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!

  17. It feels so good to win three in a row, i hope we can start scoring more goals soon. and del zotto is gonna be so good i can’t wait. and also guys im trying to win a scholarship and i just need people to vote for me, so if you could just go to this website (copy and paste)

    and if you could just click the “vote for this picture” i would really appreciate it because im only 100 votes away from first and i could win 500 dollars please help if you could guys.LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  18. staal is a heck of a d man. he is going to be a shut down d man for the next 13 years and clowns on this site want to trade him after all he is 22……..

    his stick work is tremendous and his outlet pass is real good also.

  19. 303 section tickets to Wednesday’s Panthers game: $115 (my cost). Let me know and I can email them to you. You can’t get these cheaper and they’re great seats.

    steve at blacks4 dot com

  20. A really good effort last night. I wouldn’t worry about Higgins not scoring…he does just about everything else and is a hidden asset to this club.

    Girardi still can’t stop with his giveaways. He’s not bad otherwise.

    Way too many passes right to the opposition…can’t continue doing that. Great night for Staal and for Dubi, and even Drury, had his moments. Brashear though…I see only problems with him out there – he can’t really play
    this game, and he is due to take a penalty every time out there..and usually in a critical spot that is a momentum killer.

  21. You guys WERE hilarious last night. Eh, sorry I couldn’t be here. My dad and I were juggling two games with the Rangers and Giants both playing. I can’t honestly say that I thought they both were going to win, but they did. Ugh, i am tired tho, off to work in twenty.

  22. Hmm didn’t even put two and two together that the Giants were playing last night and thats the reason for the low turnout…oh well, very interesting night here on the blog lol

  23. Good morning! Some of the regulars will have a baaad headache this morning. Geez, folks, I hope none of you had to drive. But it was hilarious!

    PS. Congrats to Marty for breaking the SO record last night…And eff him!

  24. im not voting for u mik3!! i dont knoiw u. u only came here to plug yourself shamelessly. at least make friends first. show us your a true ranger fan and then i’ll vote for u!!!

  25. Wow… you all play a drinking game last night?? I need to come back to the blog during game time no matter what I got going on. You all are too humorous and I miss you folks!

  26. ohh that was sickening watchin brodoeus break the record. why him? couldnt it have been anybodyu else?? its funny cuz i watched the last 10 minutes of the game. it looked staged. pens shot it right at him, weak shots. no i know it wasnt staged. i mean they would do it in jersey if that was the case, but then u gotta hear bill patrick talk about marty like hes the most humble, nicest guy on earth, and how great he is for 15 minutes.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    YAWN~~~~~~~ OMG , I just woke up and MIKE IN IA was in my bed!! What A night…what did I do!!???

  28. ilb- im ok,. no hangover. of course its still early. i was home all night. no driving. was at my neighbours house, but i live in apts, so no driving. i did that once when i was a tennage driving to smith point beach and got into a bad accident. one of my friends died.wasnt a close friend but still terrible. so i will never, ever drive drunk or if i see someone do it, i get pretty pissed. its the dumbest thing to do. nope, i stay home or take a cab from mthe bar.

  29. lol greg. idk what went on last night, all i know is it started when i saw some randon post in the middle of the blog last night that started me off. this guys rob, out of nowhere posts “60th”!!!!!!!!!!! during the game. idk y it just made me laugh. it was the beer no doubt, but usually something like that wont make me laugh so hard. my stomach hurt and i ha tears comin down from laughin so hard. then i started postin dumb stuff and we had a goofy time here. hey, it happens. i actually have more fun sittin home and bs’ing with u guys than hangin out with some of these sour drunks at the bar. they get drunk, flirt with each others women, fight, just juvenile crap. and theyre grown men!! i like to just have fun. i dont drink too much, except during ranger seaosn of course.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    ~~~~ I need more sleep!!! umm Carp …I don’t think we can take 4 in a row!!?? Can we???

  31. Callahan For Captain on

    I notice the Post Game Notes are exclusively positive individual player observations. How about some objectivity and calling out players for poor effort, lack of hitting and blocking shots, stupid penalties, defensive lapses, turnovers, etc?

    Every win includes some poor effort and results by some players; every loss includes some exceptional effort and results by some players. Balance, please – forget the “fan club” fudge as somehow representing a summary of the game from the Rangers standpoint.

  32. hey ilb- no worries. the guy was a dick. wouldnt put his seatbelt on. i told him to. we all did. still no excuse for what i did. very dumb. dont worry, the 6th precinct beat my ass good. my father let them. he told them go head, and when your done hes got me to deal with. now they didnt rodney king me, but they broke my rib by slammin me to the ground and gave mea rough time. dad was friends with one of the cops there. there was about 20 of them at the scene. it definitely scared me enough not to do it ever again.

  33. lol beth, we werent playin a game, but we should make up one where everytime dru blocks a shot,makes a clutch dump in, or any other clutch moment, u must drink. chewing mouthpiece is worth 2 shots. or 2 beers back to back. we’d be useless by the first whistle after the initial

  34. callahan- carp is gettin it off the rangers website. its jim cerny. he is pretty dang positive. we all know when carp posts his day after synopsis, its always great insight and he always points out what we were bad at and who sucked who didnt.

  35. Post game notes are published by the Rangers own staff and released to the media. I doubt that unless Torts is writing them you’d see any Ranger portrayed in a negative light.

  36. actually beth, if we play” mouthpiece rules”, we might as well just have an ambulance on standby for when we need our stomachs pumped. oh thats horrible feeling. the way dru teaches that mouthpiece a lesson is terrifying!!

  37. exactly ct. obviously you didnt think carp writes the post game notes by himself. which he clearly puts “from the rangers” right above it lol.

  38. wow, after 34 games for gabby(36 for the rangers), hes already got more goals than anybody we had last year,excluding antropov who got 28 or 29 by seasons end. and he had 3 or 4 chances to score besides the 1 he got. he couldve had 28 goals after last nights game. he does suck at breakaways though. just imagine if he was just decent at them? my god hed be better than ovechkin. or about equal

  39. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    3 in a row baby!

    Good effort, Staal deserved that empty netter

    And did you guys notice that was the FIRST empty netter we’ve had all season? About time, its usually us who get the empty scored against

    Brashear is useless as someone said above.

    Hank looks more in control than he has all season. Putting re-bounds right to his own D men, love it.

  40. How much coke do you think they put in Wade’s Gatorade to get him moving last night? He was on 2x speed…which is normal speed for everyone else. There were also about 5 times I could count when he hit someone (barely in some cases) and the guy went flying. I was laughing my ass off.

    Also Rosy doin’ work? Maybe these guys are waking up? Not contract worthy, but actually physical and protecting the slot. Goals will come as we had chances to put them away last night. You can see the confidence building again.

    On the same note, it was the worst team in the league. But they played well in the 3rd period and can definitely play better, but they got the two points.

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