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That’s what tonight’s game is. About Wade. It’s all about Wade Redden, because this is the first game of the rest of his Rangers career. And that career could be a long time.

The question is, does the Rangers front office and coaching staff have the onions to actually banish him to Hartford if he doesn’t get his stuff together? The contract isn’t going away, and it sure isn’t move-able. But the player can be sent up the road and down to the minors and forgotten by all but those who have to sign those mega checks for the next four and a half years.

I suspect Redden will play with some fire and emotion tonight. What other choice does he have? He can quit on this coach and his team, but that dooms his career. At 31 he’s too young to do that. For all those millions of dollars, no 31-year-old with any pride at all wants to go collect it while riding buses and playing minor hockey.

Actually, I should adjust that thought. Any of us, or all of us, would take $6.5 million a year to do pretty much anything, anywhere, with anyone for the next four and a half years. I would have a hard time thinking of something I wouldn’t do for that kind of cash (though I certainly wouldn’t leave this blog for any amount of money).

But a former NHL all-star would take NHL over AHL any day, if all it meant was playing with a little care, a little pride, and a little responsibility.

It’s up to Redden now. And then it will be up to John Tortorella and Glen Sather and Jim Dolan to decide if they are going to hold him accountable to play better and harder, not just tonight and in the next few weeks, but for the next four and a half years? Or if they are going to have the courage to admit an awful mistake and bury it in Hartford.

And, by the way, Redden sure hasn’t been their worst defenseman this year. But the Rangers sure have a right to expect a lot more than he’s given them for their bucks.


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  1. I love this blog. And I would quit in less than a second for $6.5 mil a year….hell, for $4.5 mil a year :)

    mike in ia, it is a fact of life that dogs have owners and cats have staff.

  2. Awful contract? you bet… especially because he’s been a wimp, and mostly invisible.

    If he doesn’t come out with fire and try to kill someone tonight, i’ll be shocked…. then angry.

    Bury him in Hartford, and free up money to get a guy who WANTS TO PLAY EVERY NIGHT.

  3. Where's Pavelich? on

    if the Rangers agree to pay a majority of the contract someone would trade something for him, right?

  4. carp- i also think that they were expecting way more production offensively after his awful season last year. he cant just be solid enough to stay in the lineup. hes not the type of d man to play nasty or clear the crease, so hes gotta work to his strengths, which is a steady vet presence in the d zone and to be able to get the rush started from the back end. his passing hasnt been too great and thats what hes known for. hes also got a pretty good shot. his first game when torts took over he blasted a point shot on the pp and it was a great shot. hes just gotta work on his skating because right now, hes not fast enough to get back in the play if he gets caught pinching, and it happens alot with him. thats why he isnt on the pp.

  5. I love the fact that Torts will sit an underperforming veteran, unlike the last 5 or so Ranger coaches. Redden certainly earned his benching. Drury certainly earned his demotion to 4th line. Kudos to Tortorella for changing the culture around here.

    That said, until Rozsival rides the pine after one of his atrocious games, I agree with Redden that he’s being singled out. Why is Rozsival immune to benchings when he’s had some games that are disgustingly bad?

    Rozsival has been horrible for most of the last 3 seasons, yet he never gets mentioned by the coach(es) as being a culprit. He’s the Teflon Pylon.

    So yes, it’s great that veterans are being held accountable, but not so great that they are playing favorites. Be fair and staple Rozie’s keister to the bench for a couple of games, then I’ll give give Torts his props.

  6. Carp, is our aliminum pole reday for 23rd?

    I have no doubts Wade will come out playing with more fire. But the real question will be if he still can be a top defenseman in the NHL. I hope he can for our team’s sake. I’m not so sure, though. I think at best he can be #3-4. It’s too much money for a second pair.

  7. Mama, I’m very disturbed that you would quit this blog for some measley $4.5 mil. Very, very disapointed….Sigh.

  8. so even if delz and gilroy provide more offense from the d, redden has to either become the puck moving offensive d man and help contribute that way or hes gotta be way tougher and meaner in his end. hopefuly he comes out with a chip on his shoulder and starts doling out soem punishing hits or gets some pep in his step and starts leading the rush to get offense goin. he looks too content to just not make mistakes. so yea im lookin for a real good performance from him tonight and no more free rides for him.

  9. ilb2001, he hasn’t been a top defensemen in the NHL for about 3 or 4 years now. This isn’t something that is going to be rectified by a benching. Redden has dropped off in his effectives for the past 4 years. From the start of the ’02-03 thru the ’06 season he hit his peak of production and has been a shell of that player ever since.
    At best you’ll get a decently solid D-man like you said, but nothing more.

  10. babs!!! hopw could u???? i wouldnt quit this blog if they payed me 10 million!!! i couldnt live with myself. the guilt!! i wouldnt flatleave you. ever!!! lol remeber when we were kids and if u were hangin out with your buddies, and someone left u called them a flatleaver!! lol kids take things to heart so much. no, honestly i would quit the blog if they payed me in cake!!! not just any cake!! id do it for spongecake and meatballs!!

  11. What us fans want out of our D men is simple.
    What the coaches want…well i’m sure that’s more complex.

    I can’t tell you how many goals Jeff Beukeboom scored…. heck, i don’t know if he EVER scored a goal in his life…. but i know he used to RUN PEOPLE OVER, and bang his body around as needed. Fight? no problem…. big hit to clear the front of the net? yep he did that too.

    A gritty nasty d-man will ALWAYS be a fan favorite in NY. If you put a goal or two in here and there than kudos…. but get nasty and put the fear of God in the other team.

    Soft teams do not do well in the NHL. It starts at the top, and rolls all the way down.

    I hope from a fan’s point of view… that Redden plays tonight PO’d… and lays people out. For $6.5 mil a year he put himself in the spotlight/crosshairs. I don’t pity him. But i do expect him to play up to his money.

  12. OK, OK, I’d stay…..but I’d be laurel’ing from a laptop in various warm and lovely places. Certainly not from head headquarters :)

    and I’ve never heard the phrase flatleaver until just now.

  13. You can’t pay for contracts like MLB, that would in some ways defeat the purpose of the cap. The “best” you could do is waive him and then recall him on re-entry waivers and then still be stuck with half the tab for the rest of his contract.

    Or, waive him, hope he retires and then be in the clear at least in terms of cap hit.

    Buying out doesn’t work because they’d be stuck with a portion of his cap hit until 2017!

  14. afly- its not likely we will see a brand new d man from these benchings. i agree. but if he can play good enough to be as solid defensively as staal or get his offense goin with some gret passes and show some effort out there, i can live with that. i think we can all give players clean slates and be able to cheer for them if they just put in the effort. but yea hes never gonna be the d man he was 4-5 years ago. which is why sather cant win with this scenario. he’ll nevr be able to get even half his moneys worth out of him, and if he dumps him,hes basically admitting hes lost his judgement and credibility, which everyone knows anyway. but for him to have the nards to waive him then at least other potential FA will not come here thinkin they can get away with the entitlement vets got before. im down with givin redds another chance, but if he doesnt play his a$$ off, sather has to swallow his pride and do the right thing for the team. take one for the team glen!! have a slice of humble pie will ya??

  15. Redden will never play up to his contract, he is not a superstar. I applaud him and his agent for getting such a sweet deal. The fault belongs to the GM, Mr. Sather, who is smart enough to get paid like a super star GM despite being rather ordinary. I wish I had the problems of an over paid employee.

    Be thankful for God, family and friends and always have a good measure of love to spread around.

  16. I’d take 6.5mil for utilizing my fine outlet passes up in Hartford…..wasn’t that what Glennie touted as his best attribute….fine….outlet….passes.

    Just a thought for the New Year-you think Old Sean has January 6th circled on his calendar?

  17. I would hope so ilb, but given that the league only hands out slaps on the wrists for hits to the head I think they’re taking their sweet time to look into the matter.

    Not a surprise though, a lot of NFL players aside from the physical problems they develop from playing (i.e. 40-50 year old men in wheelchairs) a punishing game, also have severe mental trauma as well.

    Looking beyond the missed playing time these injuries like Drury has suffered and David Booth, not to mention LaFontaine and Lindros, are going to have severe repercussions down the road.

  18. LOL, TSN is reporting that Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwear are engaged. Sicne when did TSN turn into TMZ ?

    Lucky SOB though. She’s a babe. Have to put her on mute, but she’s a babe.

    One of these loser Rangers needs to bring a famous babe to the Garden. Im sick of seeing Lindsey Lohan’s at the Garden, cause she leaves behind a trail of cocaine.

    And instead of seeing Susan Sarandon, i wanna see Eva Amurri, her super hot daughter with big real gonzagas !!!

    Anyway, go Rangers. And i didn’t even realize that the Blues were last place in the West. Wow, what the hell happened to them ?

  19. have a slice of spongecake will ya glenny??

    babs- the term flatleaver was prolly after your time. i know we kids in the late 80’s early 90’s used to say “dont be a flatleaver dude”!!!

    orr- spongecake rocks bro i was just joshin ya. i was just josh thomson’ing ya

  20. @Where’s Pavelich?

    Unlike other sports, in the NHL you can’t trade a player and have the trading team pay cash or part of the salary.

    A buyout would save the Rangers (against the cap) $4.5mm in 10/11 and 11/12, and $3.08mm in 12/13 and 13/14. But it would cost them $1.9mm for each of the 4 seasons after that.
    In effect, the team saves a bunch now, and pays a bunch later. (Formula = 2/3rds the salary due over two times the years remaining. Subtract that amount from the actual cap hit that was supposed to happen).

    If someone were to claim him off re-entry waivers, the Rangers would be responsible for $11.5mm until the end of the 13/14 season – but would save $3.25mm off the cap in each of those 4 years.

    Either of those, I suspect, would be more tolerable to management than paying his full salary to play in the AHL….

  21. orr- gonzagas? isnt that the name of an mma fighter? gabriel gonzaga? lol. im partial to the line from dumb n dumber when harry says to lloyd-“look at the funbags on that hosehound”!!

  22. the farrelly bros are awesome. that movie was great, and the bowling movie kingpin. somethin bout mary was pretty good too. like in kingpin where bill murray(big ern) tells munson to go eat his cereal outside. lol that whole movie was ridiculous. the part where munson milks the bull and drinks it, and when hes punchin vanessa angel in the funbags

  23. ORR –

    Eva Amurri has one helluva body…and that’s an EXTREMELY healthy pair up top.

    Anyone who missed Season Three of Californication missed out on quite a few nice shots.

    Damn that David Duchovny. LOL! Love that show!

  24. Where's Pavelich? on

    CT and DB – yeah, I shlda realized that (about paying his salary after I wrote it)..

    Orr/Mike in IA – I met a girl who hooked up withg MDZ’ brother..but havent seen her at the garden..yet – does that count? Cant Avery bring a model in or something?

  25. Lol Duchovny is recovering from sex addiction, and just getting his marriage fixed up, and what do the writers do to the poor guy ?? They have him getting lap dances from Eva Amurri.

    I don’t want to know what he was doing during his time alone. Probably not healthy though.

    Too bad she wont be back next season, but im glad they left us with that skinny dip scene with her. Oh baby !

  26. Redden may play better tonight. And he may play better for a few games – so what.

    He must develop an edge like Mara (not possible) and he must be a veteran leader on the ice (not possible). So – what does a few games do? Nothing!

    If he plays like a leader and plays with an edge for the rest of this seaason, he could actually justify that contract. Does anyone think it is even a remote possibility?

  27. PAV

    He doesn’t even know what a model is. When he goes to these fashion shows, all he notices are clothes. The Devil could be walking around in those clothes, and he would never notice.

    Sens got Carrie Underwear

    Oilers got Hilary Doofus

    Flames got Elisha Cuthbert

    LA Kings get everyone

    Unfair !!

  28. JAY

    He’ll never justify that contract unless he puts up the points. But it would be nice if he can add that edge to his game.

    Remember last year during the big scrum against the Avs, and Lapperiere was trying to go after Dubi, who was wrestling around with McLeod, and Dredden wasn’t even grabbing him, and trying to take him off Dubi.

    Total puss move.

  29. Anyone Interested on

    Anyone interested in going to Wed’s game against Fl?

    I am unable to attent the game due to family visitors. I am just asking for face value……….2 seats $37.00 each (400’s)

  30. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    REdden plays better when he has facial hair
    its a fact

    the last 3-4 years, he’ gone clean shaven

    He shoudl come back to the line up tonight with the makings of a burly beard. HE looks nastier too


    I dont knwo though, I doubt they waive or dmeote him to hartford for the season, Sather cant admit he f’d up.

    And honeslty he hasnt played that bad this year, ROsi has def been worse

    we shall see hwo he comes out tonight

    LETS GO RANGERS< 3 in a row!!

  31. Carp, good call.

    I can’t believe, mike, that you just used the words “after your time” when referring to me…..

    some of the rest of you need to take your own gonzagas out into the snow and chill…..

  32. Orr – The skinny dip was one thing, but the pole dance was something else.

    If I remember his line when she brought him back to her apartment and took her top off…He reached out for those beautiful breastesses and said “This is so not fair”

    That girl is something else. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be back next season. Not like Hank has Karen or Becca anymore.

    Great show. BEAUTIFUL women in it.

    And the one who played the Dean’s wife happens to be the girl from Army of Darkness.

    So, yes…She’s boinked both Bruce Campbell and Fox Mulder.

  33. Nice, we should meet up for a drink. I am going in to the city right after my daughters xmas concert at 3. Going to the NHL store to get the same hat that CT has, going to the game, then going to Warren after. Make a nice little day out of it.

  34. Rosy is the next to sit. I think he’s had a wake up call because he’s played very well the last 3 games or so. But if he screws up, he’ll be the next to ride the pine (after the roster freeze). Trust me, Torts isn’t giving him a free pass, it was just easier to sit Redden after his terrible game against the Isles.

  35. If Sather had done his homework he would have known that Redden was not the defenceman he once was. He had a couple of so so years in Ottawa, before he came to NewYork. He is not and will never be a hard hitting big time scoring defenceman. With that said he has not been bad, he has been playing heads above last year. This year he has been one of their best Dmen. All the talk of sending him to Hartford is just plain stupid. His play is not even close to his pay we all know that , but thats Sathers problem. Who in Hartford is better than this guy right now? I can tell you no one. If Redden gets sent to Hartford. It would tell me that neither Torts or Sather have any idea what they are doing. Unless there is some other reason we don’t know about.

  36. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like they would really demote Redden to Hartford. (rolls eyes) Where have we heard this idle threat before? Give me a break. If they do something that drastic I’ll be shocked.

  37. did anyone see brooks’ article?

    brooks thinks that if wade craps his pants tonight he’s being sent to hartford…
    Honestly, do any of you think that after benching wade for a single game he’s going to come out with fire and play his ass off? i sure don’t.. and i feel sick every time i think of how many years are still left on his contract.

    if brooks is right, i hope wade craps his pants and i hope he looks like the clown he really is tonight. burying him in hartford comes with a big price tag but what else can they do if they can’t trade him?

    personally, i don’t think he’s going anywhere but i’d love to see him demoted to the pack.

  38. They still have the hat Nasty?

    I’m tempted to go but I was so angry after the Isles game and have a personal 4 or 5 game losing streak again I don’t know if I’m going to trouble myself.

  39. Maybe Redden is being “singled out” for this reason:

    Of the three albatross contracts around the Rangers’ necks (Redden, Rozi, Drury), is it possible that Redden is the most capable of picking up his game?

    Rozi is a weak-minded cripple on the ice. He’s all but done.

    Drury’s “skills” have diminished to put him where he belongs: 4th line center with spot PK duty.

    Maybe Redden is the one most capable of being salvaged?

    Just a thought…slow day at work today.

    And for those curious about Eva Amurri…check out the vid below. Not for minors, please. :-)


  40. I disagree.

    I think Redden has been the Ranger’s worst defenseman, this season and last season.

    He is fundamentally terrible, plays games like they are pickup men’s league games, and adds NOTHING offensively.

    Who is worse than him?

  41. Drury is the expensive Blair Betts — they have to figure out something he is capable of doing, and Betts’ job seems to be it.
    Rozy and Redden are interchangeable with the defensemen Sather has brought in the last ten years — Ulanov, Mironov, Aaron Ward, Karpa, Lefebvre, etc. — Sather has never known what to look for in a defenseman.

  42. Bury Redden in Hartford and then bury Sather in the ground.

    haha giggle snort!!! i giggled and snorted when i read that!! quote of the hour. fo sho.

    babs/mama/laurel- i was just josh thomson’ing you. i dont think its after your time. lol. what i shouldve said, its more of a phrase u heard around 12 year old boys. girls never said that back when i was a kid. it has nothing to do with your age lol.

  43. smashmark – offensively he moves the puck out of the zone and eats hits that other d-men aren’t willing to take to get the puck cleared. He hasn’t done that the last few games and his game has suffered because of it. It’s actually been since he came back from the shoulder injury, almost like he was afraid to get hit and hurt himself again. Fact is he’s the only d-man that is willing to take a hit to clear the puck. Even Staal and DZ do little moves to get out of the way and sometimes they work, other times they don’t. But Redden consistently takes hits from forwards to move the puck or at least hold it so he doesn’t lose it. It’s a skill that is actually more valuable than most people think…not 6.5 million worth though.

  44. to be fair, Quintal and Lefebvre were Neil Smith’s guys. And Lefebvre would be top three on this team. Or definitely top five.

  45. Sather has less than a retarded monkey’s ability to evaluate the talent of defensemen.

    If I may call out to Carp’s book “A Nightmare on 33rd Street”, shortly after Sather arrived in NY he signed VLADIMIR MALAKHOV to a 4 year $14 million contract prior to the 2000-2001 season.

    NOBODY in the league thought he was worth anything near that, certainly not for 4 years. And Malakhov wrecked his knee right at the start of the season.

    It’s Sather’s pattern…dumb moves made by a man who either doesn’t know how to evaluate (something he maybe never could do…and with senility no longer can do) or simply doesn’t care to spend the time necessary to investigate.

    Wanna hear something more ludicrous? At the time, Sather referred to Malakhov as his best defenseman.

    His BEST defenseman.

    On a team with Brian Leetch.

    ‘Nuff Said

  46. I’m hoping all the guys play well tonight, not just Redden.
    I’m going to the game & really want to see a good, honest game.
    LET’S GO RANGERS, give me something to scream about

  47. Didn’t he let Mathieu Schneider walk in order to sign Malakhov too? The same Mathieu Schneider who’s still in the league now after making a significant contribution to better teams than the Rangers over the last decade…

  48. LW3H- yup, Schneider was left unprotected in the 2000 NHL Expansion Draft. Larry Brooks was livid, I remember. The guy wanted to be in NY, btw.

  49. The same Mathieu Schneider who was willing to come back for less money because he loved playing in NY?

    Yes, those were the earliest signs that Sather didn’t have a friggin’ clue what he was doing. And those were his first moves!!

    A decade of ineptitude…coming off nearly a decade of ineptitude in Edmonton after their run to the semis in 1992.

    That’s 18 years…

    Pretty damn sad…

  50. Wow, Sally with the Pauly Shore-Encino Man reference. Getting too used to Buffalo looking like the ice age (sans this weekend)?

  51. Carp,
    I totally understand the business/salary cap aspects of sending Redden to the AHL or exposing him to waivers. Do you think the lambasting of Redden in the media by Tortella and Sather is a little underhanded? Ie. shifting the blame.

    I don’t know that I can agree with Tortorella’s assessment that “Wade Redden hasn’t played well enough to be in the lineup.”. Has he played well enough to earn his oversized paycheck, no – it’s impossible he will ever earn it at this point. Has he played or can play like a one of the six defenseman in the nightly lineup, I would argue yes.

    So as a follow up, Carp or anyone else – how would you rank the defensemen to date?

    My rank would be 1. Staal, 2. Del Zotto, 3. Redden, 4. Girardi, 5. Rozsival, 6. Gilroy, 7. Tie (Sanguenetti,Heikkenen)

  52. CTB, I’m not a geek, I’m a unique weasel.

    It’s snowing now but there’s just a dusting. So pretty!

    I gotta miss the game tonight cause I’m going to wedding, but I’m really curious to see how Redden reacts. I can’t even imagine him giving 100% so we’ll see…

  53. Leetchhalloffame on

    Redden certainly has stunk up the ice, but it’s amazing to me that he’s being made the example instead of Rozsival. Slats doesn’t have a clue – FIRE SATHER!

  54. If Scott Gomez can be traded then I’m still holding out hope that there is a GM dumb enough to take on Reddens contract.

  55. Yeah usually GMs get fired for Redden like contracts or learn to never give one of those out again.

  56. ROB

    Blowmez seemed like a semi decent option for the Habs. They signed a goal scorer, and they needed a playmaker. So Blowmez fit the bill.

    Still a dumb move. So we’re stuck with Dredden for a while.

    As for Dreary. I still think a team like LA would consider trading for him, and i think Dreary wouldn’t be against going there. At all.

    Make it happen !

  57. rocketnyr- Rozy was indeed benched for almost two periods early in the season and got called to the carpet in the press. I agree thathe has been our worst d-man since the beginning of the season, but he has played much better the last few games.

    JJP: I’d rank them: 1. Staal, 2. Del Zotto, 3. Girardi, 4. Redden, 5. Gilroy, 6. Rozsival.

    I think Girardi has been pretty effective after a slow start and he is pretty reliable back there. I’d like to see him be a little more nasty. Like I said, Rozy has played adequately these past three games, but he’s made horrific mistakes that lead to goals. Redden hasn’t bothered me as much this year as last year. The problem is, as much as you don’t want to use his salary as any kind of measuring stick (agree he will never earn his contract), the fact is his salary impacts the cap, which impacts the team. Del Zotto is making fewer mistakes, but his vision is like nothing we’ve had since Leetch. Gilroy wasn’t as bad as Torts made him out to be. I think his skating ability makes him a great investment. Staal is a little inconsistent, but he is our most well-rounded D-man who can handle big minutes.

  58. CT Blueshirt- Perry Pern (or was it Pelino) was fired with Renney, a convenient scapegoat for the Redden contract. I’m sure Glen convinced Dolan that he was going on Pern’s advice for that contract. The ironic thing is the day before July 1 that year, redden was quoted as saying he was prepared to get offers for less than he was making, because he had a few bad years. Somehow Sather missed that (to be fair, I think Dallas got us into a bidding war and sather thought that Redden would fix our power play. Laughable as that is!)

  59. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think that there is finally rumblings from the top -Dolan, to get sathers act together, so they sought out Drury and redden and rightly so.
    Drury responds with a couple of goals but how does redden respond? With a goal or a couple assists? improving his plus /minus stats?

    I think its harder for a d man to show improvement (unless he obviously gives the pick away)he’s got a partner, forwards have to forecheck /backcheck and the goalie has to stop the puck, so even if he plays well his game may look weak because of the other players on the ice.

    The next GM should have a performance clause, the team does well you get X amount ,the team tanks you get paid this.

    and enough of these long contracts atleast for the rangers.

  60. There are few things that I could think of that I would NOT do even for 6.5mil! I guess I’m not as open minded as Rick Carpiniello! :P

    I hope Redden gets kasparaitis’ed! Even if he plays well tonight and the next night and the night after he is still a waste! Can he play like he “wants it” all through 2013-2014 season!! 2014!! I got dizzy just by thinking how long more we’ll have to tolerate Wade. Can you even imagine how many players we wont be able to bring in to better this team because of him and Drury? But I bet that aint gonna spoil their perpetual NYC party life!

    Speaking of Darius Kasparaitis… many people on here are constantly crying for hard hitting, crease clearing dman… but not many of those people cried when Kasparatis was unjustly buried in Hartford… Darius for a great Ranger who always played hard and was a +22 in his 3 and a quarter years in NY

  61. CCCP, I always liked Kaspar…He played his heart out every night. He was even trying at the end to get his weight down to increase his speed as the game was getting faster.

    I’ll admit I enjoyed watching him manhandle Mario in the ’93 playoffs.

    As for a GM Performance Clause, perhaps I’ll let Carp explain how Sather is paid at least 4 times as much as ANY GM in the NHL.

  62. Prior to the game they’re playing the Chris Drury Pro Files at 6 pm on MSG…

    Hype machine in full gear, I take it. LOL

  63. boneheads cookbook? That could be interesting…i could contribute few recipes

    for example… coat-check salmon in brighton beach sauce! :P

  64. I think if Redden steps his play up we could see the same treatment follow for Roszi. The good news with Roszi is if he doesn’t react positively his contract is shorter and if we couldn’t trade him (he has a cap hit of $5m per but salaries of $4m and $3m in the last 2 years) we could buy him out at the end of the season at $1.66m each year for 4 years.

    Contracts like these should be a big reason why GM’s only dish out 2-3 year deals, unless the guy is the conrnerstone of your franchise or your Vezina quality goalie (like we hope Gabby and Hank to continue to be).

  65. good posts everyone. agree with mostly everything from sather always shifting the blame, to the contracts,to the performance and low standards held. jjp, i think on any given night, all of our d men are capable of being an absolute horrorshow. if i grade them based on performance, id have to give redden an advantage over rozy,gilroy,even girardi and staal at times. as far as consistency,up until his injury. from then on, him n rozy looked like sh@# crawlin up a tree in february. rozy has been pretty good last 2 or 3 games. but from overall performance id give del zotto the lead. yes staal is more well rounded, and does make some really great plays in his own end, hes also looked much better when playing his game and not rushing up ice ala leetch. but for a 19 yr old to get in there and have the responsibility of being pp qb while playing a decent physical game in his own end. hes made about the same or maybe even less mistakes than rozy. doesnt take many penalties. and has contributed offensively very well. his passing is amazing. for staals 3rd year, i thought wed be seeing more. but hes still damn good. if he can just learn when to pich,and to anticipate the play a little better, he can be pretty good offensively. hes shown on occasion he can get in behind the net,hold it,make a nice pass or shot attempt. the goal in pitts was a nice example. i really think redden has had his moments this year, but hes being outplayed by kids and even though hes been better than last season, hes gotta do more. what happened to his passing? he was known as a good first passer and good at starting a breakout. hes gotta work on his skating more too because he gets caught pinching sometimes and cant get back. and sometimes he doesnt look like hes trying hard enough to get back. it would eb ok if once in awhile his play contribute to a goal, but more times than not, they dont, just like rozy,and girardi. girardi imo is the one along with staal who need to become the physical hitting d men. theyre both pretty big guys and have shown that they can hit. they just dont do it enough and if they do, they dont hit hard enough. rozy and redden are just finding themselves behind the 8 ball and the kids are showing some promise. if anything, i hope they both can at least give their best effort out there. give the kids a good example to follow. guys like sangs and dz need some good leadership back there.

  66. Hey Laurel! Um… maybe it’s a welding-themed wedding? All I know is the wedding’s at a bar and then the party’s at another bar. I <3 Buffalo.

  67. man thats a long post. ilb- im catching up on ALL those little pathetic weenie hut jr’s type posts. man im pooped writing that. p.o.o.p.- people order our patty’s (slogan for the fast food place in town)

  68. UKRanger…I think Sather gives out deals based on how long he’s waiting to play a next round of golf. Instead of actually negotiating he just throws numbers and years and NTC out so the contract is signed and he can go enjoy his paid retirement.

    During his Rangers’ tenure, think of all the players he’s brought in and handed millions for little return.

    Then think of all the players he nickel and dimed (usually having already proven their worth)

    Glen Sather…Legend in his own mind.

  69. ohh poop!! gotta pick up the 16 lb prime rib roast for christmas dinner!! no freezer space!!! although i could probably leave it on my porch or in my trunk and it would be ok. guys, the thing is the beef equivalent of capn clutch contract!!! its clutchin huge!! hey wicky or greg, or colorado mark, any u guys in the midwest are welcome to christmas dinner. i’ll make some bronto burgers out of it!

  70. Mama, Mike’s writing is largely influenced by Gabriel García Márquez’s “Autumn of the Patriarch”.

  71. The question isn’t which of the,how many d-man do we have on the roster right now,7?
    The question is which one or two of them will be traded before the holiday freeze?what day is that..midnight wed,night ?

    I’m guessing a trade by then,the ones that play tonight are the ones that or on display.I have a feeling that Gilroy and Girarda are on the block,along with a forward maybe Kotalik,or lisen.

  72. CJP

    CCCP, I always liked Kaspar…He played his heart out every night. He was even trying at the end to get his weight down to increase his speed as the game was getting faster.


    Exactly! And right after Kaspar completely recovered from his knee injury, lost weight and got in a good physical shape, Slats demoted him! I swear…if i saw Slats somewhere outside or whatever, i would jump in his throat with my teeth!! and i dont care aboot the consequences!

    P.S. is Kotalik back in or what?

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    mmmmmmmm did someone say bronto burgersssss!!!!

  74. Sather has never appreciated the ‘gritty’ players on the Rangers… they always got shafted. The Joey Kocurs/Tie Domis/Sean Averys of the world got crapped on… i’m happy they brought Aves back for round two though.

    I think being an all-star at some point in your career means Sather ups the contract by 2 years and 2 mil/per season. He’s out of his mind…. I wish my boss handed out money like he does!!

    We’re not a good team right now… and may not be in the forseeable future… our farm team is average at best, and only have one bonafide top 6 forward(though i think Artie will ge good)

    Our D is soft, we have little to no secondary scoring, and cap issues over the next few years. Let’s be honest with ourselves… the Rangers may be decent… maybe make the playoffs… but we’re not in the elite. Not by a longshot.

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    Oh Gift of Gaborik , you should practice what you quote yer name as…Gaborik is elite and when you have an elite goalie and a elite forward ,there is always a chance…always.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    I’ll be very honest here , Rangers rule and dogs drool !!!(like that one Mamma?)

    3 in a row baby!!! Hell yeah sounds grooooveyyy!!!

  77. ZzZz…

    a chance…. yes.

    But you can’t escape the odds. We do have an elite forward. ONE ELITE FORWARD. And yes Hank is stellar in net. But there is a HUGE hole between those two.
    We’ll get lucky and beat some good teams here and there… but top to bottom this roster has not proven worthy of being competitive with the elite teams. Not yet anyway…

  78. according to gross, drury is off the fourth line. crap, does that mean he’s going to not score for 19 more games until he’s on the hot seat again?

  79. Vinny – Sather didn’t crap on Avery. He wasn’t paying him 4 million that Avery wanted, and I don’t blame him. I love Sean on the team and I think he’s great in NY, but he is nowhere near worth that he’s making right now. We lucked out in the sense that we pay him just under 2 million, which is closer to what he’s actually worth. But for 4 million per year, he had to be kidding himself.

  80. It doesn’t matter about Redden’s desire no matter how bad that sounds, his skills are done and he was limited to begin with. Play him a game or two then send him down and bury him in Hartford in the new year. Trade either Drury or Rozi as the deadline approaches with one of our young desirables for a 1 yr bad contract, get rid of Sather and let Schonfield have some room to work with next year. BTW play the rookies until they drop we are not going anywhere with this LOFT group. Does any NHL team have more 3rd line players than us?

  81. the biggest problem with the rangers,over the years, is that they have been owned by some corporate giant.paramount,g and w, cablevision…a team owned by an individual,especally a high profile team like the rangers,would most likely thrive because an individual would demand accountability, not just big profits….

  82. we cannot trade drury. he has an ultra clutch NO MOVEMENT CLAUSE. we all know this by now.

    ok, new paragraph. Crap, i forgot to indent!! lol yes laurekl, i know what a paragraph is!!i guest posted before and carp didnt have to edit any spelling or sentence structure. i dont think anyway ;)

  83. Jonny D,

    ‘Worth’ in hockey is nowadays a highly convoluted term.
    A vast percentage of hockey players earn more than they are worth. There are the few exceptions aside from the obvious superstars…. but Free agency, RFA rules and offer sheets often inflate a players contract.

    I know Sather isn’t the only one who makes bad contracts, and i know it’s magnified because this is our team and we see all of them.

    A player is ‘worth’ what a team is willing to pay. Sather didn’t want to give Avery a hefty raise, but Dallas was willing to pay him $4 million. Look at the Rangers record with and without Avery… and tell me again he’s not worth it.

    I wish the rest of the roster had half of his heart and desire. he WANTS to be here, wants to play for the Rangers, and wants to win.

  84. Mike, don’t change a thing. I like your posts the way they are now. Besides, I can’t imagine the length of them if you start using the paragraphs:)

  85. We’re talking about the guy who let Zherdev walk over $400k!! AND ZHERDEV LED THE TEAM IN SCORING!
    We all know about his flaky desire…. but the guy had talent… imagine him with Gabby, would have looked alot better than what he have going now. Zherdev-Dubi-Gaborik would have been a nice line. Hell Z-Artie-Gabby would have been great too.

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    booooo to Sather for letting Z go for just $400 grand!!!

  87. “________-game winning goal…what’s new”. “He was such a competitor, such a team player.” “______ has had success in the NHL”. “He was prepared as far as skill was concerned”. “He was one of those guys who success follows around.” He was a major contributer on the ice. Wherever _____ goes, success follows”. “.because _______ is a winner”. “It took little time for the rangers to notice how good —was”. “He gets all the things needed to be done in —-.” “The rangers were in need of leadership and they turned to ____ to find it.” “He is the ultimate teammate.”

    who could MSG be talking about? 5 points to the first person that guesses

  88. vinny v- i like where ya heads at. i wouldve loved to see a 1-2 punch with gabby on 1st line and Z on 2nd. theyre both rw so i dont know how often theyd play together except on the pp, plus you need to spread the talent around and with Z we wouldnt have kots or prospal, so u know theyd be better off on separate lines. but its all academic now mr roy batty. and greg, actually, i am pretty sure after Z’s arb hearing was rejectede by sather, i dont think he was eligible to play for us. i think his agent goofed up or something cuz unless he was picked up by another team and traded back he couldnt be eligible to play, opr so thats what was being said at the time. idk if thats quite accurate but whatever, he still wasnt worth what he got and if he wanted to stay on the team, he shouldve showed up for the playoffs. i still wish he wouldve got his act together though cuz hes a true talent. wouldve been good to see him break out and have a good career here with the kinda talent he has

  89. ilb- lol i almost said “was” at the end of my last post aboot zherdev. he still is a good player. i almost said he was a good player, like he was retired. people do that alot though. i dont think they mean as dead though!! haha

  90. hey, if guys can get a “clean slate” after a bad game or two, then surely fans can use the same attitude about a good game or two.

    iow, I am no happier about Drury and Rosival’s past 2 games than I am about Redden’s poor play. all 3 have a clean slate with me. iow, they all continue to be on my fecal list and I hope they all eventually end up in Hartford.

  91. ohhh cccp and ilb. cmon you know drury has a 2 game goal scoring streak right??? hey guys what gives? gee wiz hes the best in the biz!and it dont take a whiz to see the star he is!!

  92. what the heck, i dont like having to go puke before a game. chris drury. 5 points! gonna go buy me that clutchmobile i’ve been saving my points for

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    Haikanen gota hankerin for heinikan, Haikkeannen hankering hank , Heinkan got a hank in his hinney…yeash it is hard to do Mike!!

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    yo Ranger90201 hows it gowanggg? You should do OTP when ya play , well be on the same team , im super duper speeedy.

  95. What the hell is torts wearing?? Looks like he’s just r-u-n-n-o-f-t from a chain gang or something.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    Gaborik gets 2 goals and 2 assists. Great game , ahhh I can see it now!!

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I want a good team for x-mas!!! … says Greg L. on

    no problem my bro , give ya the old bro handshake…goes into the bro-bot , and explodes!!!!

  98. oh damn u guys watch pawn stars on history? freakin funny show. gotta see how some of these people get ripped off bigtime. and some of the junk they try to sell

  99. I agree wit jonny on redden.

    Quintal was atleast physical and I remember when he fought cairns when we played the fishies and then they were yelling at each other and you kinda felt one of them was going to go over the glass of the penalty box to get at the other one.

    Malakov was physical at times. I remember when he dropped horton I think from the panthers in a fight and after the game mess said, he didn’t fight a lot but that was because most guys didn’t want to fight him.

    schneider I liked when he was here, I remember him beating alfie from the sens and leaving him bloodied!

    Man we need some physical guys on the back end!!

    I hope they bury rozy in hartford or send him to omsk!!

    Time to finish work and watch the dvr’d rangers later!


  100. great stickcheck by Rozsival on Ruutu to stop a chance for them, cant believe gaborik didnt jsut fire that as soon as he got it

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