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As we said last night … it became official today. I was at a family Christmas party all day and away from the laptop. Sorry.

Here’s the word from the NYR:

New York, December 20, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Matt Gilroy has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Gilroy, 25, has recorded four assists in five games with Hartford this season.  He made his AHL debut on December 11 against Portland.  Gilroy returns to the Rangers where he has skated in 30 games this season, tallying four goals and six points, along with 19 penalty minutes.  He ranked second in the NHL among rookie defensemen in goals and was tied for seventh in points at the time of his assignment to Hartford on December 10.  He made his NHL debut on October 2 at Pittsburgh, and tallied his first career point with the game-winning goal on October 5 at New Jersey.
The North Bellmore, New York native was originally signed by the Rangers as a free agent on April 17, 2009.
The Blueshirts return to action tomorrow, December 21, when they will face off against the Carolina Hurricanes at RBC Center (7:00 p.m.), to close out their three game road trip.  Prior to the game, the team’s morning s kate is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at RBC Center.  This is the first of four meetings with Carolina this season.  The Rangers have tallied seven power play goals in their last five games for a 33.3% (7-21) success rate.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. Pretty anti-climatic if you ask me, sort of like hitting the post on an empty net. I’ll take it though.

  2. Happy Holidays by the way Carp. Wish you did Varsity hockey back in my prime. Sam and Josh (who was 26 at the time) were responsible for interviewing me after all my shutouts.

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Where’s the captain? We could use a clutch post right about now, and I don’t mean the 100foot sniper shot he had yesterday.

  4. I was really under the weather yesterday, saw the replay after work, then passed out. Spent all day diggin out today.

    The only thing that comes to mind, without cathing up on previous posts, is, is this the beginning of the end for Redden? Will Sather actually send him to Hartford and clear all of that cap money? I wasn’t sure if he was playing yesterday but I counted the same 6 D as the Icelanders win. Why bring up Gilroy when you have Redden or Heineken to be #7?

  5. I really can’t see Sather sending Redden to Hartford. It would not look good on him at all. After all he did sign him to that big contract. Maybe Redden got the message for a few games. I expect him to play well for a couple of games. Gilroy may play better also, although the last game I watched him play he didn’t play that good.

  6. I was in the pool!! on

    You could paint Redden as not being a team player (after the verbal blowout). This would appear to take sather off the hook somewhat if you send him down.(probably won’t happen though).

  7. i think redden had slacked off a little and as the team goes, he goes, or so its been known with him. he supposedly is good when the team plays good, but if the team sucks, so does he. dosnt sound too inspiring, but id rather have him playing with a grudge than sitting on his ass getting payed to do nothing. 22- i highly doubt he will send redden to hartford anytime soon. but i think it is much more of a possibility now than ever before. seeing as how drury sort of rebounded after that last loss and subsequent benchings/demotions, i think they might be more vulnerable to this treatment and worse if they dont pick up their games. since its already been a step in that direction it does look like slats is on board with it all, but i think they’ll give him every chance to (reddeem) himself. that was lame lol. but in the end, only if this team continues on the path they were on, id say its more likely the guys like redden, rozy(who’s been just good enough to stay up),gilly will play either just good enough to stay, or not be so bad that they are waived etc.. but guys like dru an kots have no mov/trade clauses so the only thing they could conceivably do to punish them is what they have done so far. either demotion or a benching for a few games. theres ways to get players to be moved if slats is willing to do it, but does anybody really think they’ll be as easy as naslund? maybe brash will retire, but redds,dru are both early 30’s and still have few years left. if anything happens major i’d think it would be after seasons over.

  8. I’d like to see this team start making some intelligent passing plays and for a few pass receivers actually to receive the past instead of it bouncing off their sticks.

    It’s maddening to constantly watch passes hit a guy’s skates or arrive a foot off the ice (this ain’t badminton guys),
    or behind him.

    I’d like to see some guys hang out in the crease area ( a/la Moulson) on a regular basis when the puck is in the attack zone’

    You watch other teams…..they often have 2 – 3 guys in the crease when their shooter has the puck. Where are Rangers? Dawdling over in a corner, or along the side boards. This is attack hockey? Come on coaches let,s get into the reality of this game.

  9. sure pool, i think it shows that redden is a dick, and selfish, but i think it might be just a combo of benching, demotions until maybe they get their act together and start playing good. but reden wasnt that bad this season. i think he was doing just ok. not sayin he was anything vastly improved, but he was more of a calming influence back there than rozy. i think he just has to put more into it than he has in the past. hes not a spring chicken anymore and cant just get by on savvy play. hes not fast enough or skilled enough to play the way he wants. the game changed and u see guys like him who cant handle the speed game of today. i hope soon it gets sorted. either he admits he cannot play at the level torts wants, or hes gonna be going through these benchings more often until sather is forced to do something whether he likes it or not. he wanted to turn the team into a youth movement, but i think you saw some of that earlier when gomez was traded. no matter how big his ego is, hemust realize that by letting this trend to continue will hurt him worse in the long run. he should just purge these contracts, as many as he can and take the lumps now, then kill this team and slow its development for the future. im sure he doesnt wanna leave shoney or mess with a mess lol. riiiiggghhhttttt. who knows, i think it just could be a distraction to get heat off him for a while, but its puttin him into a corner nonetheless, so get ‘er done slatipuss. or leave the mess to mess

  10. flynn- watch for cally,dru or higgy to be doin that more often. even AA, my fave prospect, is drivin the net and being rewarded. havent seen a weak goal in a few games now. most are from hard work. but keep dru on the 4th. he might just build up a streak goin. 2 games doesnt make up for almost 30 of uselessness

  11. As I stated early, get rid of the underachieving veteran general manager first. Look in the mirror Slats.

  12. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Redden’s been just fine, better than rozi, girardi all year and better than staal up until few games ago. Sather is either trying to move rozi or redden or torts thinks redden should be the best dman on this team and that’s why he’s getting harsher treatment, but its not been because he’s the worst defenseman this year.

  13. Torts is taking a big risk here, these changes could very well blow up in his face. The team is still the same team, and we all know its not very good. He can’t afford to play Johnson because he can’t afford to lose, and Johnson is not ready for the NHL. As far as Redden goes he had a bad last game he played, and he pissed Torts off, same with Drury and all them for that matter. Torts is showing who’s boss. Its a thin veil though to cover a poorly assembled team, that has way to many weaknesses. WE all know Redden and Drury along with a lot of others have not played up to par or even close for that matter, but to pick out a guy and say he is the problem on this outfit is just plain stupid. If they think anyone is going to believe it they are living on another planet. Hopefully the entire team responds to the BS that Torts is handing out now, and I think they will for a short time, But when all is done I believe Torts will have to share the blame with Sather for this train wreck. I guess time will tell.

  14. ilb- well, i mean yes thats what reddens getting, another chance and i really cant imagine him playing worse than any other d men besides staal. and like truefans said, redden has not been the worst d man. staal was bad for quite a while there, costing us more games than anybody with horrible turnovers. hes back to being good again, but redden has cut down alot of mistakes from last year and is playing with more of an edge to his game. girardi too has been better lately, but he was just as bad as gilroy or dz with his mistakes, and hes not a rookie. but even still redden has been the most consistent by far this season. not saying hes been great, but he maintained a decent level of play for most of the games. but they are expecting some points from him i guess. and some nastier play. with his salary, theyre not satisfied with him being “just solid enough” to stay on the roster. sangs doesnt look so comfortable from what ive seen. he was ok but nothing wowed me. illka was better and has looked good in both ends and will hit. gilroy was just not doing enough on the pp and his offense was almost non existent for awhile. he played better in his own end but i think theyre trying to really see some competition bewtween these kids and also get them some nhl experience. redden may be the od man out not because hes been bad but because hes just not done enough, and im sure theyre lookin to get him goin offensively because thats what he was brought here for in the first place. i forgot but doesnt he have a ntc or limited ntc? so hes gonna be waived if anything. cuz it doesnt look like he’ll just retire like nazzy did.

  15. but i still dont get why rozy wasnt benched instead of wade. i mean he was worse up until the last few games. rozy may be being showcased because look at all his minutes lately. over 20 a game. hes been pretty decent too. if they can get him to keep playin top pair minutes and get some points he may be a rental for a team with some injuries on d and also hes been on the pp lately and not screwing up too. hes looked much better on the point. isnt his cap hit much less next year too?

  16. wow! I never really look ahead in the schedule, but Carp, you are right. The next 6 or so games are against some horrible teams and the Rangers need to get every point possible out of this stretch.

  17. I’ll tell you folks, when Gilroy came here it was due to his rep as a charging D man in an offensive capacity. I really believe that this was stifled when he saw the speed of the game here, and the fact that he was deficient in defensive posture. So he stayed at home, and didn;t take any rink length dashes, and played it safe. Problem was he was still in a learning mode from a purely NHL deeeeefense posture. In short his offensive prowess was put in the “lock box” for a while – but he began second guessing himself. I think a few end to end rushes on his part could electrify this crowd even if he does get caught uphill.
    ( after all that’s what Torts stated at the beginning of the season…”go for it!”)

    …………before he was how pathetic their defense really was……

  18. after snowfilled weekend, I’m back. Good to see Matty back and hope that Wade got the message. If he doesn’t, well Ilkka and Bobby will be back to take his place.

    The team didn’t play great against the Isles or Flyers, but they won. I just hope they use that as motivation to play a little better and get some more convincing wins. Either way 2 points it 2 points and I hope they can string together a couple wins here.

  19. i wish we had a good chance at contending this year. i mean as much as i want them to make the PO, i just dont see them winning even 1 round. im conflicted but if they can start really puttin some streaks together and maybe pick up some big bangin d man and get a top center for gabby, im all for a run. i just dont wanna see them win 1 lose 1, win 2 lose 3, and barely get in or just miss. we have to establish where this team is headed really quick. i dont wanna see slats be a buyer at the deadline if he thinks we can get in.

  20. Mike- I saw Chicago making Detroit look bad last night. Even worse than they made us look. It’s a young team (Chicago) and it’ll be a powerhouse for years. We are far away. We need to grow with our youth. If e make playoffs along the way, great. If not, we need to be patient. Buy only something that doesn’t require mortgaging the future.

  21. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Drury with two goals in two games in a row ont he fourth line

    And I’ll say it again, keep him there for the rest of the month, and if he gets a goal and or an assist in every game until the end of Dec, thats the ONLY way you take him off the fourth line

    PROVE your worth not playing there

    Other than that, a win, is a win, is a win.

    Now we need to get points in at least 3 of the last 5 in december


  22. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    amd off topic, but who do you guys and gals think are a better team right now?
    Shittsburhg or the DEbbies?

    DEbbies have more point sin less games, but there playing tonight.

    I HATE, with a passion, both teams, but I got to say SHittsburgh

  23. Hey all… it’s been awhile since my last post but i found my way here again!!

    Been a very odd up and down season…. now about the only thing interesting to talk about over the next few days is the evolving Kovalchuk situation.

    Carp… do you see any avenue open that the Rangers could seriously pursue adding Kovalchuk? Him and Gabby would be a dynamic 1-2 punch.

    Also… i’ll be at the Garden 12/30 in sec. 304 for the Flyers game, see some of you there!!

  24. jonny- i think they def. werent that great in the last 2 wins, but the secondary scoring was there and hank was great. we pretty much played great solid 40 mintute road game in philly and even though teh 3rd they dominated, we still played decnt. if the secondary scoring continues, and gabby keeps lightin it up, and hank continues to be great or even just solid, we can be one of the better teams in the league. our biggest problem right now is still offense though. against a better goalie would we score 2 goals in philly? we scored 5 on the island, but roly is old and isnt that good anymore. we still dont forecheck as hard as other teams do to us. if we can do that consistently, the d and goalie wont need to be perfect and hank wont have to make 30+ saves a night. duby,avery,dru,even prospal arent lightin the lamp up. dru got 2 kinda easy ones but hes got 4,higgins has 4,lisin has 3 or 4,aves has 4,duby has 3,and prospal has 6. these guys all have to start scoring soon or were gonna have 1 guy with 45-50 goals, and the rest with 15-20. maybe cally gets over 20.

  25. If Drury only performs on the fourth line, what does that say about him and his leadership abilities? Maybe he is actually more comfortable with the pressure off.

  26. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Hawks will be good for a while but they really shot themselves in the foot with having to re-sign their RFAs as essentially UFAs (whether that was really Tallon’s doing or a set up to force him out remains to be seen).

    However they still don’t have the best goaltending in a tough conference, although Vancouver proved that the better goalie doesn’t always equal the advantage, and they’re set to lose a bunch of good secondary players after the big contracts they gave to Kane/Toews/Keith kick in next year.

    Contenders yes, favorites, not always. Still I’d rather have their window of opportunity than what the Rangers have now.

  27. I think Torts shuffles the deck too much. Constantly tinkering with lines and switching people around. There’s a line between trying to spark your team, and totally ruining any chemistry that may develop.

    Guys need to know who they are playing with well in advance so they can gel in practice, and gel in games.

    Over coaching is just as bad, if not worse, than being passive.

  28. True fans bleed RW&B on

    If drury produces a point a game on the 4th line then keep him there! Its good for the team, his linemates and even himself and personal stats. Would be silly to break up something that works that well.

  29. Drury was going to score some goals anyway. It didn’t matter what line he is on. He was due to score. He was having his problems, but sooner or later he was bound to put up some points. Chris Higgins is in the same boat, both these guys are going to score, maybe not what we expected at the first of the season, but respectable numbers I bet before it’s all said and done.

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