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Thursday night, I had a couple of scenarios that I thought could play out for the Rangers, but I ultimately felt, and wrote, that I thought the Rangers would have a bounce-back win.

Today? I don’t have any feel for this game at all. I have very little confidence that the motivation gained from the Wednesday loss to the Islanders, from the Tortorella tirade and then the benchings of Wade Redden and Ales Kotalik, and the demotion of captain Drury to the fourth line will turn out to be more than a one-game deal. The 2009-10 Rangers have given me (us) no reason to believe they can maintain anything on the positive side, or be consistent for any stretch of more than a day (they’ve won two in a row just once since that seven-game winning streak in October, and one of those consecutive wins was in a skills competition).

Plus, let’s face it, that was the Islanders on Thursday. Today it’s Philadelphia, which isn’t much better record-wise, and is having its own family disfunctions after being swept in a Pennsylvania home-and-home against Pittsburgh. I think the Flyers are better. I know they are nastier. I expect they’ll really be ornery coming into today anyway, and I imagine the crowd will help (they really hate the Rangers or anything New York) and Peter Laviolette can’t be in a good mood because his start as Flyers coach has been awful — plus he’s never in a good mood.

So I expect the Rangers’ mettle and courage and togetherness to be tested right from the start. We all are aware, too, of how poorly the Rangers have performed in matinee games over the years. I have no idea how they will respond today.


Let’s ease up on Chris Drury’s response to Tortorella’s moves the other night. He scored a goal and he played OK. He’s played OK before. Let’s see him get going offensively before we declare anything.


Already snowing pretty good in Philly, and we up here are supposed to get hit pretty good later on. I wonder if the Rangers will be able to get to Carolina tonight.

Hope they show the national anthem by Lauren Hart before the game.

Don’t know if you’ve seen the time-elapsed video of the Winter Classic ice rink being built in Fenway Park, but it’s pretty cool.

Here are today’s pregame notes.

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  1. That time lapse video was pretty cool…

    Regarding Drury, he played one of his more effective games of the season. And that’s not a compliment…it’s an indictment of how he’s played all season long. He took the body (rarely does that) and drove to the net as opposed to coughing up the puck and getting lost in coverage

    He also had no apparent hand in the players only meeting called by Hank and Avery.

    Was he pissed at getting demoted?

    I’m with everybody else…that one goal doomed us to another 25-30 games of ineffective play from the “captain”…no matter how much Sam and Joe read from their scripts to keep us thinking he hasn’t been useless all year long.

    As for today…I envision the Rangers getting creamed. It’s gonna be nasty, and we don’t have nearly enough stones in the room to combat it.

    Hope everybody has finished their trips to the store and are nestled home before the snow hits. I’ve got my fridge and cabinets packed for a weekend of being snowbound.

    Be safe everybody! And if you’re somewhere else where there isn’t a snow storm, don’t be jealous. :-)


    And I think we took care of the airing of grievances Wednesday night…

    I know Torts did.

    Now it’s not over until The Feats of Strength!!

    For the Seinfeld fans among us, missed out on a GREAT deal on Amazon last week. The entire series on DVD along with the Seinfeld Coffee Table book…Only 85 bucks.

    Yes, I picked one up.

  3. I am shocked and appalled! Plagiarism on the pregamer:

    December 18th, 2009 at 10:28 am
    9 minutes? That’s double what a lot of the 4th line guys get normally.
    Day game for the Rangers, never good. Flyers are angry, they just lost their home and home to the Pens and the Rangers are always a good target for them. Although the past couple of season the Rangers haven’t had as hard of a time with them as in the past. Avery tends to drive them bonkers. I’m more concerned with Pronger leveling Gaborik with an elbow that gets excused because Pronger is so tall.

  4. How many people are actually going to be at the game today with the snow?

    And they definitely won’t be getting to Carolina until tomorrow

  5. gagne will probably have a hatrick then. drury is still a bum, nobody questions that, but unlike others, i actually would like to see him be the leader and be a producer for us. hes not going anywhere soon, so id like to see him earn his ungodly contract. now if we lose today, its square one again, and this game, may even be more important than thursdays game. so torts, show us something besides talk.

  6. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I have a good feeling about our Rangers. I would like to think Coach Tortivus will celebrate around the Festivus pole with a similar approach as he clearly plays the players that play well and sits the players that don’t (as he sees it), and that is his right and his job.
    As far as the Flyers being a better team than the KCIslanders, hey as Bill P is always quoted, you are what your record says you are. And right now the Flyers and Islanders and Rangers are all about the same. (as are Florida/TB/Montreal. Right now all six teams are a game or so aroung .500. (I think of these 6 teams, we are the best, which would make us around a 7 or 8 seed for the playoffs). The Flyers have not had a premium goaltender since….Bernie Parent…and Lundqvist could easily be the difference in the game today.(or even Dos Nueve if he ever gets a spot start)

  7. It’ll be nasty. And it’s going to be a good test for the team’s heart. Let’s see what they have, so far unfortunately we haven’t seen much. They need to throw some rubber on the net. Boucher has not been playing well, and his confidence isn’t high.

  8. gagne is back today why do the stars always come back against us. Atl’s Kovultchuk, Washington’s Ovi, and now Gagne. This team has 0 luck.

  9. We’ve been waiting 2.5 years for Drury to get going offensively, Carp. How much longer do we have to wait? And why is he so special that he doesn’t get criticized? He’s supposed to be good — Rozy, Redden, Malik and others got beaten up by criticism, but they weren’t the captain of the team who was gliding around doing nothing. If Drury is too sensitive to criticize, then he shouldn’t be playing in NY. And playing lousy in New York, for that matter.

  10. im a guy that loves fights in hockey but recently when ive hoped for some fights and expected them, none happened. so right now im not expecting anything. although id love to see Hank fight. and Torts get in it with Laviollete.

  11. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    This is a perfect game for these guys right now. A VERY good test as to what this team is becoming.

    Is it a turtle and lose while getting kicked around.


    A team that can respond to the adversity that faces them.

    I have my thoughts on which it is.

  12. reeshay- i think we’ll be ok today. we may not win, but i dont think we’ll be kicked around, and i think even rozy will play harder and more physical. like i said before, i think this game is even more important than the isles game. and torts is really gonna ride them hard if they dont start out well. i have a feeling we will win today. maybe in ot, but i think we play one of our better games this season.

  13. Jeez they moved the Niners/Eagles game back to 4…that’s not fun…I really wonder how empty the stands will be for this game right now

  14. The only thing I will say about this game is that if someone takes a run at Gaborik, the Rangers better do something about it and not act like wimps. I can definitely see that happening (them going after Gaborik).

  15. I don’t even mind that goal. I like the team playing with an edge. Play with passion. If it means you give up a PP goal, so be it.

  16. In that first scrum, Boyle-Hartnell, Brashear was squared off with Pronger. Now, Pronger’s not going to fight him there, but doesn’t Brashear have to bully him a little bit? He didn’t and in the next scrum, Pronger’s roughing up Rangers. How does that work?

  17. >>Seeing Blair Betts in a Flyers orange jersey makes me wanna puke…

    I forgot about him long time ago.

  18. Was listening to game on radio (just got home) and was LMAO that Drury scored. Then, of course, I stopped laughing…..Carp, you’re at game??!!!

  19. kerry fraser is a huge flyer fan, lives in voorhees and my friends dad is good friends with him and they talk flyers hockey all the time. bs that he gets to work flyers games

  20. Is anyone gonna do anything about Carcillo constantly slashing Gaborik? Isn’t that what Brashear is for?

  21. the good news is that was a pretty even first period…doesn’t look like the Flyers have much of a clue either these days.

    Maybe it’s the holidays …or the Halladays(?)

  22. Hey Carp, loved today’s post (as usual)….

    Now heads, let mama enjoy the game and the Report without having to work :) Or a Festivus pole across the butt….

  23. Aves needs to pull a Brodeuer on Bouche, this kid is a train wreck waiting to happen one bump and its Humpty Dumpty time

  24. Blame the officials all we want, but the good guys aren’t skating hard enough to draw a powerplay.

  25. Imagine if Boyle had the hands and puck control of AA, they would be a good pair of big centers.

  26. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    aw crap i’m like 3 minutes behind you guys!!! they just scored and the feed froze! So gliding death scored again earlier?

  27. Joe M “Blair Betts is on the ice” the way he said it one might think that Betts is aboot to score 5 goals and all in one shift!

  28. Just watched the replay Gagne got his stick up on the hands of Girardi. That was a penalty for the Rangers earlier in the game, you can’t get every call your way Cryers fans.

  29. Damn, that is why you don’t take icings, especially at the end of a period, because that is when teams are things 100% shoot first from anywhere.

  30. Shite, snow has started here, and I still got outdoor things to do….I hate snow. Unless you’re skiing or under age 12, what is the point….otherwise, I’m kinda enjoying the afternoon, though if I hear icing one more time I’m gonna to bake a cake.

  31. Snow is coming down! Last chance to run to the super market and stock up on milk before Epic Blizzard 2009!!!!!111oneone

  32. I used to not care when it snowed, but I’m really glad it’s on the weekend. Hate using personal days when all you’re gonna do is sit inside

  33. Seriously though, I love how the Weather Channel goes beserk every time there’s a potential storm. Anything for ratings, right?

  34. I’ll trade our one big snowstorm for the season for the half dozen or so that take place in Buffalo…in a month.

  35. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    its almost scary how quiet this game is. those are some hardcore fans being there with all that snow going on

  36. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    CCCP, i used to live on E 31st street, across the street from the old Nostrand theater. don’t know if its still there, haven’t been back since my grandmas funeral

  37. Nice save Henrik. They need some more play in the Flyers end, this is too much like Renney hockey.

  38. LW3, good one.

    OK, now I know I’m in bizzaro world….we’re winning, Drury is scoring, and it’s snowing everywhere but Buffalo????

  39. Linda

    thats a bit up from where i am… im around east 1st

    Nostrand theater

    “The Nostrand was a second-run neighborhood house and was run by the Century Theater chain of Floral Park, NY. It had a small balcony.

    The theater, as many of the old Century chain closed in the late ’70s and reopened as a furniture store, before finding its recent function as an Empire Gym.”


  40. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    thanks for the info CCCP. I remember seeing the 10 Commandments AND a Planet of the Apes marathon saturday at that theater! Good times.

    3 minutes to go!!!!!!!

  41. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    get it outta the zone please

    lmao @ dreary hitting the post on the open net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was riotous~

  42. Henrik deserves the first cheesesteak from the post game spread and all the Yuenling he can drink.

  43. It’s not every day you see your team grind out a 2-1 win in a half-empty building. Unless you’re a Devils fan, obviously…

  44. Good road win against another struggling opponent. Too much Renney hockey in the 3rd.

    Keep it going against the Canes and we’ll extend Slats into the next millenium.

  45. Random thoughts off top of my head before I head into the icebox outside…

    1) hank is the new messiah…cripes, is he going to play the Olympics and 80 games this year?
    2) Clutch….is clutch?
    3) MDZ, Staal and all….happy holidays boys! thanks!
    4) that last call by fraser, what in holy hell!!!! never did like him.
    5) I’m no fan of flyer fans, but I do give credit to those who came and stuck out what looks like white hell in Philly. However, at a 2-1 game you sit like you’re watching a movie about death? Thhhhppt!

  46. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    ‘how hard is it for a player of this caliber’…. uh…exactly what caliber are you talking about?

  47. Duguay just complimented Drury on not “whining and crying” on getting demoted to the 4th line. Unlike another overpaid vet we know…

  48. how is Drury going to whine and cry. he would first have to take out his chewy mouthpiece. and then he would have to actually show some emotion, which is beyond his range apparently.

  49. Carolinas struggling…perfect time to pounce…then a home game with Florida and then the Isles…could it really be possible to have a 5 game win streak?

  50. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    does atdhe always show the post game? i can’t believe it hasnt been cut off yet.

  51. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello from Philadelphia Ranger Fans!

    It’s pretty clear here in Philly, the snow is clear up to my ass! I hear that Virginia got ten inches last night. Say, that would make a good porn film, wouldn’t it?

    Messier! Hey Mess! I keep seeing Leetch around the studio. I thought we traded him? Well why is he skulking around here then? doesn’t he ever go home? For a minute there I thought I needed to up my Alzheimer’s medication again.

    Did you see my Million Dollar Enforcer Brash out there tonight? He sure looked comfortable out there. Kinda like he’s played here before. Where is Brash, anyway?

    Brash! Brash! Come here. Here take my Visa card and go get me a couple of those Philly Cheesesteaks, And tell them not too much cheese this time. It clogs up my colostomy bag, and Muckler bitches like hell when he’s cleaning them.

    Well, I guess I need to get moving. gotta get down to Carolina for Monday’s game. I hope they kept the limo warmed up…

    See you next game, Ranger Fans
    Kiss Kiss
    Uncle Glen

  52. Puck, I’m with you…like Sally, who does not have snow, I gotta run errands too (have I mentioned before how I hate afternoon games)

    In the meantime, heads, take care of rcm for me, eh :)

  53. Two W’s! Now if Torts curses we can make WWF lol. (rimshot)

    What a game by Henrik, what a crap game by the officials, and what a clutch post shot by the Cap’n! He wanted to end the tension sooner and keep the clock running, that’s all! What a winner.

  54. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Hank stole this one. I’m not convinced they’ve turned any corners.

    Easy schedule tho so if they can string some wins together they could be right back in it.

  55. Sorry, Doogie, I am LMAO….fine dining and “maybe” have a beer…dude, I knew you back in the day…

    I thought Torts had an interesting post-game press conference. But shite, I gotta go…

  56. did not see the game, getting ready to watch it now. just looked at the game center stats, and Staal played 30 minutes, and was not credited with a single hit. not one hit in 30 minutes, wow.

  57. Not even a BLIZZARD can stop a Captain Clutch HOT streak!!!

    2 goals in 2 games!!! And if you go all the way back to Thursday, at this current pace, Captain Clutch is on pace to have 51 goals by the end of the season!

    Capatin Clutch is on FIRE! I’m even hitting posts from 100 feet away! What a sniper! That just shows you how DEEP this Rangers team is when you have a clutch sniper like Captain Clutch on the 4th line!

    Sorry Clutchamaniacs, no driving the Clutchmobile in this weather tonight! Not even the best seatbelt and the strongest mouthpiece would make it safe enough!

    Captain Clutch is going to relax, make some hot chocolate, put on a clutch Snuggie, and watch my favorite Three Stooges episode: “Pardon My Clutch”!!!


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