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From the NYR:

December 19, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Philadelphia Flyers 1 (Game #35, Road #18)

• The Blueshirts defeated the Philadelphia Flyers, 2-1, today at the Wachovia Center to improve to 16-16-3 (35 pts.) overall and 9-7-2 (18 pts.) on the road.
• The Rangers improve to 14-2-1 (29 pts.) in their last 17 games at Philadelphia dating back to a 3-1 win on Mar. 27, 2004.
• Henrik Lundqvist made 36 saves, including 34 straight following Philadelphia’s first period goal, to close out the victory and improve to 7-1-0 at the Wachovia Center since the 2005-06 season; Lundqvist has held opponents to two or fewer goals in seven of his last eight games.
• Rangers Captain Chris Drury opened the game’s scoring with an unassisted goal at 5:16 of the first period; Drury has now tallied a goal in each of the last two contests.
• Rookie Artem Anisimov notched the game-winning goal, his second goal in two games, at 4:46 of the second period; Anisimov also won five of seven (71%) faceoffs.
• Ryan Callahan recorded an assist on Anisimov’s game-winning goal, and has now registered eight points (four goals and four assists) in the last five games.
• Defenseman Dan Girardi tallied one assist and logged 23:32 of icetime; Girardi has now recorded one assist in each of the last three contests.
• Marc Staal logged a Rangers season-high, 30:45 of icetime.
• Christopher Higgins tied for the game-high with three blocked shots; Sean Avery led all skaters with a plus-two rating, and tied for the game-high with four hits.
• The Rangers return to action on Monday, December 21, when they will face-off against the Carolina Hurricanes at RBC Center (7:00 p.m.), to close out their three-game road trip; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.


EVENING UPDATE, 8:30 p.m.: Here’s the official word on the transactions. Matt Gilroy is expected to be recalled following tonight’s Wolf Pack game. So he and Redden will play in Carolina most likely. The transactions have something to do with the Christmas roster freeze.

New York, December 19, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defensemen Bobby Sanguinetti and Ilkka Heikkinen have been assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

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  1. Lundqvist has stepped up big time. He fought the puck all day but wouldn’t allow the Flyers to tie it. He is the real captain. Good work from Aves, Artie and Cally and our D all played well. Lots to like incl. huge game from Staal.

    Keep it intact.

  2. Thanks Derek, in my post-game notes I forgot Cally, Artie and…shame on mama…Aves!

    Off for the night. No snow here anymore…yay! I’m sure I’ll wake up to hell though…but warm and happy for now. Ta!

  3. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    LMFAOPIMP @ Pardon My Clutch! Amazingly Clutch post by the Clutchmeister himself!

  4. Sather's WrapUp on


    Hello from Philadelphia Ranger Fans!

    It’s pretty clear here in Philly, the snow is clear up to my ass! I hear that Virginia got ten inches last night. Say, that would make a good porn film, wouldn’t it?

    Messier! Hey Mess! I keep seeing Leetch around the studio. I thought we traded him? Well why is he skulking around here then? doesn’t he ever go home? For a minute there I thought I needed to up my Alzheimer’s medication again.

    Did you see my Million Dollar Enforcer Brash out there tonight? He sure looked comfortable out there. Kinda like he’s played here before. Where is Brash, anyway?

    Brash! Brash! Come here. Here take my Visa card and go get me a couple of those Philly Cheesesteaks, And tell them not too much cheese this time. It clogs up my colostomy bag, and Muckler bitches like hell when he’s cleaning them.

    Well, I guess I need to get moving. gotta get down to Carolina for Monday’s game. I hope they kept the limo warmed up…

    See you next game, Ranger Fans

    Kiss Kiss
    Uncle Glen

  5. Gross says that Gilroy and Redden will probably be back in next game. Sangs and Heikk were sent down

  6. Not even a BLIZZARD can stop a Captain Clutch HOT streak!!!

    2 goals in 2 games!!! And if you go all the way back to Thursday, at this current pace, Captain Clutch is on pace to have 51 goals by the end of the season!

    Capatin Clutch is on FIRE! I’m even hitting posts from 100 feet away! What a sniper! That just shows you how DEEP this Rangers team is when you have a clutch sniper like Captain Clutch on the 4th line!

    Sorry Clutchamaniacs, no driving the Clutchmobile in this weather tonight! Not even the best seatbelt and the strongest mouthpiece would make it safe enough!

    Captain Clutch is going to relax, make some hot chocolate, put on a clutch Snuggie, and watch my favorite Three Stooges episode: “Pardon My Clutch”!!!

  7. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    Pavel, do you listen to Mark Levin also??

    Hmmm, Gilroy back up and Redden back in the lineup for Monday. Trading out 2 kids for one and a the ‘experiment’ over?

  8. Orr- was on of the top backups is right.
    If they had as many shots as Flyers, it would’ve been 4-1.
    Flyers know exactly what they have in goal, they cover the slot area very well.

  9. Sanguinetti and Heikinen to Hartford means they have five defensemen. Did they trade Redden for two defensemen?

  10. what tha………?!?!?!?

    i see no reason why Heikinen should be sent down right now.

    is it a matter that Torts feels that Redden got his punishment so now it’s time to put up or shut up?

    granted, i tried to keep an eye on him today and didn’t see anything very wrong. Sangs still looks a little slow but still a better option than Redden or Rozy right now.

  11. wow, i’m surprised other people know about the global warming fraud. congrats. are u talking about michael savage?

  12. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Drury did score a nice goal albeit a lucky one.

    I guess the worst is over for the rangers , no one will be traded or fired.

  13. i am puzzled as to why the rangers would send down 2 dmen who have been as good if not better than the two being brought back to the lineup? i know gilroy has alot of potential. but, heikkinen looked better than redden ever did in the rangers jersey and sanguinetti wasn’t that bad.

    im a little confused somebody please help me out here

  14. As per Larry Brooks Twitter:

    “Sanguinetti, Heikinnen to Hartford prior to NHL midnight roster freeze. Can be recalled tomorrow for Mon game vs Canes. Or perhaps Gilroy.”

    So if I’m interpreting this correctly, if they were still on the roster, they couldn’t be sent down, but they can now be sent down and recalled.

  15. Broad Street BLUESHIRT on

    about them being sent down: it has to do with the annual NHL roster freeze occuring at midnight. they can both be recalled tomorrow or monday for the game against carolina. so it doesn’t mean redden is back in the lineup neccessarily or that heikkenen and sangs are down for good. no trades will be happening until after christmas if nothings done in before midnight either. i expect at least heikkenen to be back up for the game, i mean they kind of have to call him up, only 5 d-men on the team right now.

  16. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    thanks for the clarification on the moves guys.forgot about the midnight freeze

    909, dont you mean “man made climate change”?!! the natural course of things ;-)

    i am in the midst of reading the book, all i can say so far is WOW.

  17. what book? the sad thing is, that climategate email came out and people are still pushing for global warming reforms

  18. btw, you have to see this movie by ben stein. called expelled:no intelligence allowed. good stuff

  19. I’ve said it before…poor Sangs, up down up down…does he deserve to to do down? thoughts…..? post, but i won’t respond til tomorrow…

  20. I think they need to create boots for deep snow that keeps the snow OUT OF THE BOOTS!

    Several parts of my yard the snow went up to my knee’s and now the boots are soaked inside!

  21. its been super busy @ work. and then i get home early cause of the snow expectin to have a great night and go figure i find out ilkka is sent down. never really finished my convo w/ him. i cant really figure out a way to word the convo w/o giving away my whole life story.

  22. look i don’t want to the board to turn into some
    heated political debate
    but people
    the climate gate is a man-made farce of
    google the AP story on it
    and you’ll find that there are emails of
    scientists to each other discussing matters
    but it’s not as if they are disowning the view of
    global warming

    just because areas of the country are experiencing what normally occurs in the latter part of a year — winter-like temperatures and snowstorms
    doesn’t mean that all is well……..
    in fact, Thomas Friedman spoke of it as more correctly being called Global Anomalies or something like that since weather patterns are doing weird things in parts of the world.

  23. Linda does NOT miss snow on

    you guys are just amazing. a little bit of everything here. I agree to not get all political, but it’s interesting to see others views on things going on outside of the world of hockey. Good job

  24. some don't get it on

    Chris Says Waive Drury+Rosival+Redden
    December 19th, 2009 at 9:35 pm
    Still gotta fire Sather, still gotta waive/trade Drury, Redden, Rosival


    and drury has one

  25. Whoooooweeeee what’s up with that? What’s up with that? Whooooweee what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

    Was just on SNL. Mike Tyson was a part of it. Pretty funny.

  26. Tonight on hockey night in Canada Pierre LeBrun announced that Charles Wang has had enough with trying to get a new arena for his team(islanders) and they would move.

  27. Funny how the habs fans outnumbered the isles fans and to add more insult to injury they were chanting toward the end of the game” na,na,na,hey,hey,hey, goodbye”!

  28. The real question of the day is why am I still up? where did the night go…TA! and I look forward to your Sunday analysis and pre-Monday thoughts. I am so going to bed.

  29. Has anyone else noticed that Anisimov has looked a little like Jagr in these past 2 games? The power moves hes made to the net and how hes controlled the puck with his body, kid really needs more ice time.

  30. Calad I was thinking Anisimov looked more like malkin. Malkin shifts his body to protect the puck very well.

  31. Hi Everyone!
    I read on Ranger Rants that Henrik is now expected to play the next two games. I guess they can’t afford to rest him now, but I hope he doesn’t fall apart towards the end of the season. I believe part of the Rangers’ plan was to rest him more than they did last year.

  32. Drury is the biggest disappointment in my recent memory. He was really good in Buffalo and once he hit NYC he seems to have become more like a ghost out there. A Captain should be leading by example not just wearing a C on his sweater. If I was Torts I would strip that letter immediately and give it to Gaborik!! Another interesting note is my 15 year old daughter commented during the Loss to the Islanders that the Rangers “are playing like they were when Tom Renney got fired”

  33. Amusing that Tortorella claims Sather is now believes underachieving veteran players shouldn’t play. Apparently the New York Rangers only believe in underachieving veteran General Managers. Sather loves to blame everyone else for his mistakes. Millions of dollars as healthy scratches — that’s the way to run a business.

  34. They can’t rest Henrik, they don’t have a back up that is capable. Johnson who is going to be a real good goaltender in the future, is not NHL ready. Vally had a pretty good game the other night, but I think torts may have given up on him. They may be have to bring him back up though, they are in a though spot.

  35. Torts is just awful,a total bust. His latest gem, “I’m just beginning to understand this team.” Even after his locker room tirade, the Rangers still came out and got completely punked by the Islanders in the first period. Fortunately Rolleson (sp?) was in the other net. Same scenario yesterday… outplayed but redeemed by HL.

    After two wins Torts wants to get back to losing ways so he sends Sangs and Heik back to Hartford. Heik made the mistake of blasting someone every chance he got as well as selling out to block shots. If only he turned the puck over at every opportunity like golden boy Stahl, maybe he’d still be here. If they sent Redden to Hartford, maybe he’d retire or redo his contract or something, but instead he’s back. Torts has a gift for taking the home crowd out of the game.

    Torts needs to have lunch with D’Antoni. He sat Nate and they started winning. When they won a few, he didn’t reinsert him.

  36. Lowell I think it’s very early to call Torts a complete bust. I think he is just now being given some room to flex some muscle in the locker room and shoot down players who have been “entitled” under Sather.

    It’s a huge deal to scratch Redden for 2 games. It’s a huge deal to demote your captain to the 4th line. If you dig deep there have even been implications that he wanted to scratch more players, but administratively it’s just completely unrealistic.

    Drury, the dopey eyed stooge, has suddenly started to seem a little more interested around the net. As pathetic as it is that our “CAPTAIN” needed this kind of motivation to get something going, you can’t deny that it seems Torts has knocked something loose for the time being. I’d love to see Drury on the 4th line for another month at least.

    Redden seems pissed. GOOD. I think Redden will get another chance and then I think he will have some serious problems if he doesn’t start producing.

    and Kotalik, well it’s ridiculous that a $3M player could seem so inconsequential, but when compared to the other three _Today Sponges_ we have absorbing up our salary cap, Kotalik doesn’t even realy concern me at this point. But that is more a testament to how flat out disappointing the big time money guys have been.

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