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Oz has spoken! Glen Sather was caught being quoted in the Post this morning, in Larry Brooks’ column, in which Brooks also correctly called out Wade Redden for complaining that he was singled out as a healthy scratch (a prucha, as we like to call it here) last night. Although, I must admit, I didn’t know Redden had emotions until then.

So John Tortorella’s moves worked. They worked in part because the goalie was great again and because his guys finally decided to do some work near the opposition’s net, and because one of the guys I thought should have definitely been scratched finally scored a goal. Since his last goal on Oct. 19 against San Jose, Capt. Chris Drury had one even-strength assist and two power-play assists in 19 games, and a concussion that cost him five games.

1) The alternate captain is sure picking it up, and he absolutely has to be the player he’s been in the last five or six games. It isn’t enough for Ryan Callahan to work hard and be a leader and a top hitter. He’s like young Adam Graves in that regard now. He is expected to produce, too.

2) Lundqvist, as good as he has been, looked like Patrick Roy that one time at the Garden, flying out in a race for the puck and falling right on his facemask … or JD against Bobby Nystrom. Fortunately there was no harm, and Lundqvist was able to laugh about it later.

3) Is it me, or has Sean Avery suddenly become awful in his own zone?

4) Have to say Michal Rozsival played a pretty good game. Maybe he felt the flame nearing his fanny next.

5) Did I hear the Rangers’ goal song being sang in the stands after that Anisimov goal?

6) Up next: The Flyers, who may not be very good, but they’re a lot better than the Isles, and they are very, very nasty opponent. I expect the Rangers’ boys, ahem, guts to be royally tested tomorrow. They could get run right out of the building. Especially the first meeting of the season. I’d be very surprised and impressed if they aren’t.

7) I imagine Tortorella goes with the same lineup tomorrow. But I wonder if he thinks about putting Redden back in. Or if Chad Johnson gets a start? Or if Aaron Voros gets a chance to play in a game that should be pretty physical.


Here are last night’s official game summary and event summary.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    “3) Is it me, or has Sean Avery suddenly become awful in his own zone?”

    It is you. There was nothing sudden about it. He has always been terrible in his own zone and a turnover machine elsewhere.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    “5) Did I hear the Rangers’ goal song being sang in the stands after that Anisimov goal?”

    I heard it too.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I wanted to make two quick posts so that I could avoid ten posts about who got to post when.

  4. Was at the game last night….We sang the goal song after all the ranger goals. It was just easier to hear for the later goals since most of the isles fans left.

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime December 17th, 2009 at 5:58 pm e

    Cool, I like predictions.
    The Rangers will play great and win 5-1.

    They will go on a nice roll from here on out.

  6. Carp, I was at the game in the 300s and us Rangers fans were singing the goal song the entire night.

    Save Johnson for Carolina.

  7. a glimmer of hope in a sea of darkness.

    With out Lundqvist standing on his head, we lose this game as well. the story line should be without an early lead and several power plays, this team is in trouble. I hope this game gives our scorers some confidence. I am happy for the win, but still dont feel like any corner has been turned. maybe if they string 3 or 10 wins together i will belive theyhave arrived, until then though, we lack defence. Stahl was awesome. He made his linemate look good to.

  8. Where's Pavelich? on

    I think, Avery is inconsitent in his own zone, when he focus he keeps it simple, when he doesnt think he get lazy or tries something too fancy..

    A lot less stick checking last night, helped a lot – altoiugh the Isles still dominated play in the first..Giradi looked a lot better..The Isles do play hard out there

    I have been dreading the first Flyers game all season

  9. Carp, give Callahan his due but the “hits” stat is meaningless. It is totally subjective rink to rink, inflated at the Garden and not surprisingly the Rangers had four players in the top 25 last season (Callahan, Dubinsky, Girardi, Staal).

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Philly is going to POUND this soft team. Lundqvist is going to get run once, if not twice, guaranteed.

    Who is going to stand up to them? Brashear? Voros? Slow, useless punching bags, the both of them.

    Why didn’t we resign Colton Orr again?

  11. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Rosy must have been told the scouts were looking at him… he’s played like he wants out in the worst way—until last night that is. And that’s not saying much since he wasn’t even particularly good last night.

  12. Sat in 338 last night. Goal song, Potvin, we want fishsticks, fire Sather – it all got sung/chanted throughout the night. Isles fans emptied out in the 3rd, so that’s probably why it was so audible when AA scored.

  13. JJP, I agree the hits stat is useless, but all you need to do is use your eyes to know this guy is a physical factor every night.

    Doodie, that’s what I’ve been saying since July 1.

  14. Torts’ moves worked to an extend. They played an inferior team…

    Callahan will do fine. He may not be as effective, however, against the team with meaner dmen( Flyers)

    Hank, please buddy stay in the net, will you.

    Carp, agree with Doodie-it’s you. I’ve been saying for months, every time Avery touches the puck near the far boards in our zone, I get chest pains.

    Everyone noticed AA goal, and it’s not the first time he makes that move. But have you noticed how effectively he backchecks? Twice he moved to the space where the puck will eventually arrive- great anticipation.

    Flyers are next. Won’t be easy, but Boucher is playing without any confidence. If they throw enough rubber at the net, they’ll be fine.

  15. Doodie, what I mean is that they should have kept Orr instead of Brashear, but I’d still rather have both Brashear and Voros handle the inevitable fighting stuff tomorrow than, say, Callahan and Dubinsky.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t have been so upset with letting Orr go in favor of another enforcer because Orr was getting too rich of an offer from Toronto. But to then turn around and give MORE money to Brashear?

    What’s worse, he’s clearly a fourth liner, and anybody that has ever seen Torts coach knows that he uses the 4th line sparingly. Why spend so much cap space on a guy that will play MAYBE 9 minutes a night?

  17. 9 minutes? That’s double what a lot of the 4th line guys get normally.

    Day game for the Rangers, never good. Flyers are angry, they just lost their home and home to the Pens and the Rangers are always a good target for them. Although the past couple of season the Rangers haven’t had as hard of a time with them as in the past. Avery tends to drive them bonkers. I’m more concerned with Pronger leveling Gaborik with an elbow that gets excused because Pronger is so tall.

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Christensen should def stay in the line-up

    AA shoudl be getting mroe ice time. If he has moves like that, which he has used before, he shoudl see 10 min plus every night

    Brashear, will actually be NEEDED tomorrow ngiht.
    But I be others get into fights besides the heavyweights

    And Sather Speaks!! Yeah no panic.
    Just retire you old cigar face

  19. I think Voros-Brashear-Boyle should be the 4th line tom’w. For sure. We need that size in there.

    So the most emotion Dredden showed all year is yelling at Torts when he was benched? Do we think that makes him any tougher or more aggressive on the ice? Not so sure. I would sit Sangs and play Redden and basically tell him, “You don’t show emotion or play physically, and you will be Prucha’d again.”

    AA is a great two-way player. If he would just keep his head up more to avoid getting his clock cleaned, he would be even better.

    The guys need to hit hard tom’w. Notice last night that had nearly 2x the hits that the Isles had. Philly will not be as soft as the Isles.

    And yes, Gabby has to watch Pronger’s cheap shots. To be honest, Brash should get close to Pronger early and warn him furiously.

    One game means nothing. Last night we got outshot and Hank saved our bacon. We need to win about 4 of the next 6 games to get me even remotely encouraged.

  20. So you guys would have given Orr a 4 year contract? I would love to hear what you’d be saying about Sather right now if he had done that.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem with our enforcers are they can’t enforce. Say Pronger takes a run at Gaborik, or Richards runs Lundqvist (GUARANTEED). What will the retaliation be? Brashear fighting Pronger? Voros fighting Richards? Big deal.

    To really send a message, you need to hurt them. Someone needs to run Boucher. Someone needs to cripple Briere. You need to send a message that if you hurt us, we hurt you.

    Our enforcers are all too slow to ever put a hit on any star player and too clumsy to run a goaltender without suspension. Maybe they should take a suspension every now and then to get the other teams’ attention. Honestly, what does Voros have to lose by tomahawking Briere in the knee?

    I used to (and still) hate Hollweg for being so reckless with his checks. But man, at least the guy was fast enough that he could actually HIT somebody (and probably board them). If only he did it at the right times instead of boarding a defenseman away from the puck in the offenzive zone, he might’ve served some purpose. Certainly more than Voros.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Tom, I’m not saying Orr’s 4 year deal is a good one, but I’d take that over the deal they gave Brashear. They gave Voros the same deal except for 3 years instead of four! I’d GLADLY take Orr for four years than Voros for three minutes.

  23. Doodie – “Honestly, what does Voros have to lose by tomahawking Briere in the knee?”

    That’s just ridiculous…

  24. I agree with you on Voros. He’s useless. The Brashear signing has not worked out, no question. But at least he showed some skill in the past. I still think he can be moved at the deadline. Orr is totally one dimensional. If he were still here, we would all be criticizing another signing of a no talent who can’t score. Since he’s not here, we all love him because he’s a good fighter.

  25. Orr who is 27 for four years is a better deal than a 37 year old Brashaer. At 1 million too? Voros earns a million to hang out with Gaborik and Lundquvist and Kotalik earns 3 millino because he does a lot of bicep lifting.

    They’ll be fine tomorrow if they stick up for each other. Staal, Del Z, Cally, Avery and even our new favorite Finn Illka are perfectly capable of providing enough “jam” and if the Flyers wanna get dirty, just go on the PP all afternoon like how the late 70s Rangers used to beat them.

  26. Where's Pavelich? on

    it seems Brashear hasnt been incorporated well into the team – maybe his past history against the Rangers, sepcifically, the Betts’ hit, maybe just that fact he is 37 yrs old and just signed on as the sole tough guy on a soift teambut his 1.4mil.yr job is to enforce… maybe tomorrow, he will do something..

    btw, did anyone notice Drury’s hit on Hillen last nite? ..that desrevd some retaliation, I tght it was pretty dirty…

  27. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I never thought I would say this in a million years but…the Islander announcers are better the ours. Can we get Howie back when Sam retires?

  28. Where's Pavelich? on

    I always liked Rose, who was the other guy (I assume a former player), I tght he was really good, as well..

  29. Yeah, Pronger will be so scared of Brashear. Brash is totally useless, and will do nothing to curtail any physicality from the Flyers.

  30. Paris,

    I agree with you. Howie Rose is the best of the 3 play by play guys in this area & he’ll bring some real emotion back to the Rangers TV broadcasts.

  31. Billy Jaffe is the color dude for the Islanders; he was previously with the Thrashers.

    I still don’t get all the Sam hate. Yeah he’s a little long in the tooth but the guy is a staple. Listening to him is like watching a Rangers game with a friend. He’s warm and entertaining. Joe’s pretty good too and ditto for Maloney when he’s on the air.

    No one will ever be JD but Joe’s been damn good.

  32. The Brooks article was great… both of them.

    Loved the crybaby line re: Redden

    I now think the “C” should be taken from Drury more than I ever have…

    From the article it sounds like giving it to someone else would only help the team and Drury. He can’t handle the pressure. That’s not a horrible thing, some can’t. But since he can’t it’s time to give it to someone else and save the team and Drury.

  33. Anisimov should be getter 12 minutes a night or more the kid is awesome, he gets better every month. By April he’s the best centre on the Rangers.

  34. Where's Pavelich? on

    No hate on Sam, he is legendary – he is almost at the status where he shld have his position as long as he wants it.. I didnt like Joe at first, but he has become more opinioned of late (imo).. making for better coverage..

    listing to Chico and Danyeko is like fingernails on a blackboard

  35. Ok, watched the game on dvr last night late, couldn’t catch up on all the posts so just jumping in…. I was impressed with the fact that the two rangers that spoke in the players only were hank and aves. To me aves really should have an “A” despite a “couple ” of bad own zone plays recently!

    I really hope lisin is a scratch and voros is in vs flyers!

    ilkka got more ice time and looked pretty godd, be interesting to see him in a really nasty game to see what he brings.

    On the WWTD post, those quotes from hooray and myself were from the madagascar cartoons!!


    If I missed any of your posts re big sky, sorry! Awesome that you are coming out! You should pick up ZZZ and grabby on the way, then it would get real interesting!!

  36. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Yeah no hate on Sam at all. But he cant pull the whole thing solo and I don’t think Joe compliments him well. Howie can be a 1man show but the other guy was petty good actually. They both had great understanding of the game, very fair and honest in their view….and entertaining. I just dont find Sam and Joe very entertaining.

    As yes there will only be one JD and he is still missed.

    What are the chances he comes back as GM with Mark assistant?

  37. You would be hard pressed to find any forward that is worse in their own end than Avery has been all along. He turns the puck over way to often, and he stands around and watches his check do what ever. Rozy did play a fairly good game last night, but could he be any softer? I saw him push a couple of guys last night but thats it. How do you play as long as he has, and be so passive?

  38. I hope Dreary doesn’t keep his head up for tomorrow’s game. Along with Blowzy.

    And i hope Cote knocks Brash*t out. That would make my month.

    But we’re gonna get so bullied tomorrow. Pronger, Cote, Asham, Carcillo, etc. Who do we have to protect us ?? Avery ? Brash*t ?? Dubinsky ??? Callahan ???

    So weak.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    “What are the chances he comes back as GM with Mark assistant?”

    About the same as the Rangers winning the Cup every year for the next decade.

  40. Just want to make it abundantly clear, I have nothing but great things to say about Sam Rosen. The guy is legendary, a super-professional, still does an amazing job, plus he’s a great guy. I think the job should be his for as long as he wants it, or forever, whichever comes first.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree with you Carp.

    My only complaint about him is that his eyes are starting to go a little bit. But, that’s life.

  42. I like Sam and Joe they are like a comedy act, I’m not sure which ones the straight guy though. I get a kick out of them when they just start rambling on about something that has nothing to do with the anything, while the game is going on. The main thing for me is they are not real bad homers, they will give credit to the other team, and they call the game as it is, not one sided.

  43. @wicky229

    Brashear Prospal Gaborik
    Interesting possibilities there. Certainly sends the message that you’re not going to tolerate crap aimed at your top forward….

    Yesterday I posted elsewhere that the ice-time for the 1st three lines needed some leveling – and that I would have moved Anisimov up to 2nd line center (and scratched Drury).
    Although Drury wasn’t scratched – being moved ‘officially’ in the lineup to 4th line may have been just as effective – he played with more grit than I think he has since the concussion.

    Redden should play tomorrow and Sangs watch from the press box. Let’s see if that benching really had any effect and if he can “man-up” and play the way he should. If not – bench him again.

    The most telling moment for me – subtle as it was – happened when Witt ‘bumped’ Hank (@ 3:12 of the 3rd) – and Rozsival actually came in and knocked him out of the crease.
    It wasn’t a knockdown like many of us wishes it were – but it’s the first time I can remember him actually showing some “heart” in coming to the keeper’s defense.

    Having said all that, I deep down doubt that there will be any significant change in Redden (as much as I might wish for it) and I doubt that Rozsival can sustain the ‘edge’ he had last night over an extended period. Until the Rangers acquire a serious, physical, crease-clearing, “don’t come in here if you value your life” defenseman, the problems will continue. They may be abated somewhat (and Heikkinen appears to be part of that, but not the ultimate answer at this point in his career) – but they will not be solved.

  44. Mama-Aves bashing? He’s been one of our best players for weeks! It’s just that he gets very tentative in his own zone.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe if Avery could either bash a few more pucks into the net, people would do a little less Avery bashing.

  46. We are yet to see if Redden move works. I tend to think it will. He’ll come out in a bad mood and play physical. I hope. We’ll need it tomorrow.

    I liked that Hank was in last night. I bet you he asked Torts to dress him instead of Johnson. He was peed off and wanted to win.

    Is anyone else concerned about how many minutes Gaborik is asked to play?

  47. ORR, it’s ok, let Brash just wait at the red line all the time. The action will catch him up eventually.

  48. Wicky- if Mike and Greg can meet me at Bozeman airport, I’ll be happy to give them a lift. I’ll be there on 2/27 in am, staying through 3/7. Lets try to connect. I’ll have my laptop connected to the Slingbox. Worked perfectly last year.

  49. Witt freight-trained DZ during a crease scrum, and DZ took it out on every Isle he saw after that. I think this may have been the long awaited wake up call, that playing with and edge is ok.

  50. Sather should be fired for signing Brashear, and Torts should be fired for playing him. I don’t know what Sather was thinking, and as far as torts goes why was he playing him, the guy can’t play, the guy can’t even fight any more, he’s like a dancing bear out there.

  51. re the witt/rozy/mdz incident. orr is correct. Rozy went after someone in the crease, witt came in a blasted mdz, then went into the scrum and mdz got back up and jumped on him in the scrum!

    bashing!?!?!, I think he should have an “A”

    So how wa NY city? On the train to philly yet?

    definitely, here’s my email ni_chad@hotmail.com Feel free to drop a line and let me know the status of things along the way and we will def get together!

    I agree, the absolute #1 priority on this team should be getting atleast one, preferably two, hard hitting crease clearing physical d men if we are going to succeed at all this season and make any playoff noise!!

  52. Good afternoon, Sally!

    ilb, Brashear just standing at the red line would be like the proverbial stopped watch, which is right twice a day.

    Mama’s gettin’ upset.

  53. I don’t fully get the Brashear bashing. Sure, he’s an a-hole, but so is Avery and we love him. Brashear does his job as well as most, if not all, enforcers (yes, I know he is overpaid, but that’s the pricetag for a guy with his reputation). Asking for an enforcer that can put fear into opponents’ star players by being able to skate with and hit them on a regular shift AND fight and beat the heavyweights is unrealistic. Brashear can’t do both, and neither can Orr. I do think this team is sorely missing someone like Chris Neil who can hit like crazy, but we also need someone who can fight anyone who comes calling, and Brashear can.

  54. Carp, the goal song was being sung all night after the Rangers’ goals, sometimes louder than others

  55. nessier
    becareful, positive comments about brash here are strongly frowned upon by the masses!!

  56. I really wouldn’t be opposed to having Voros on Gaborik’s line tomorrow. He hustles and has played with him before and will certainly get to the net. It’s not like anything else works, so why not?

  57. NYR
    I agree.

    If hank gets run into tomorrow, I think he should go all rikki tikki tavi on who ever runs him!!

  58. I don’t really know how I feel about the win last night against the Icelanders. On one hand it’s nice to not want to throw things at my television set at around 9:30pm. On the other hand I guess I had higher expectations for this team and beating a team like the Icelanders doesn’t do much to make me feel better. I mean, sure, a win is a win. I get that. Had they beaten a Chicago I would have felt more optimistic. This was like two bottom-feeders splitting a home and home series. Whoopidie Dooooo. It’s hard to say they showed promise against a sub par team.

    I guess, in retrospect, what’s most important are 1) wins and 2) momentum. If they can start beating some of the poorer teams (Philly, Carolina, etc) perhaps they can start believing in themselves again and get some much needed points in the standings. You gotta start somewhere, right?

    This was one small step. Can they take two or three? We shall soon see.

  59. The question is…if Voros plays, who sits? Certainly he won’t bench Brashear, Lisin has been better.

    Is it really fair to bench Christensen again/

  60. I’m aware wicky. Sometimes a man has to make a stand for what he believes in even if his belief is unpopular :)

  61. Can you imagine if the Isles wouldve just kept Luongo and drafted Heatley, as espn.com suggests…could’ve changed so many things in the past

  62. nessier
    Atta boy, I kinda know how you feel occasionally!

    Lisin is the obvious first choice, from there, not so sure. I wouldn’t sit christensen. I would actaully have voros in instead of lisin all along, but that’s me. For this game I might actually sit AA as well and bring up weise or soryal. But def sit lisin for voros!

  63. We will need all the fists we have tomorrow. In fact Brash, Aves and Voros should all play on separate lines.

    Linda, if you are around give MAKO my Email ilb2001@nyp.org. I can help with certain things within medical community.

  64. Carp, remember that Cally has had to play most of the season with Dreary as his center. when you have a center who cannot carry the puck, who cannot make good passes very often, who is slow and behind the play, who is trying to be Blair Betts, well then your wingers are not going to get very good scoring chances unless they create them themselves.

    so, Cally is at a big disadvantage in that regard. if he played with someone who could set up his wingers he would have more goals.

  65. DLB…that reminds me…Betts is back in the lineup tomorrow…I really hope he goes after Brashear, Ranger or not.

  66. Just want to add that it’s a bit upsetting to see some people were actually upset about Drury scoring. Really, guys? Why wouldn’t you want to see your captain finally coming alive? I hope he keeps producing to warrant that C on his chest.

  67. he did not “come alive”. he did not even call the players only meeting. he says he wants “even keel” fans, and sees no reason to get excited about all the losses. EXCEPT that he was demoted to the 4th line to start the game. THAT is what got his attention. for SELFISH REASONS, he got a bit more interested in the game. but even then, it was a juicy rebound handed him by Roloson that gave him his goal.

  68. GUYS-

    I am all for BASHING DRURY, but when the guy does well give him his deserved credit.

    I am not saying all is good, clean slate treatment, but he is the Captain of the NY RANGERS, and this is a RANGERS BLOG.

    If we as fans root for our captain to fail, then we arent good fans.

    I for one hope DRU can play off yesterdays high and get a couple of more goals/points to help his play………

    Lets GO RANGERS!

  69. Carp – Avery has never been all that great defensively. I think it was said before but when he focuses on it, he’s fine, but he has a ton of mental lapses back there. Not many noticed it because he was getting points and pissing off the other team, but he’s always been kind of weak there. Not saying he’s a bad player, because he’s not, just sometimes he doesn’t cover the way he should.

    Also Voros has to be in tomorrow. We need two guys who can fight. Brash does still intimidate people. Numerous times this year he’s challenged people and they backed down. Point is while Orr was a great fighter, he was terrible offensively and with Torts, that doesn’t fly. Brashear, hate him or love him, has much better hands and vision. Will he score a ton? Probably not. but he can hold the puck, something I don’t think I’ve ever seen Orr do in this 3 years here. Plus he’s got hands of stone and can’t catch passes. I love Orr, I’d love to have him, but he wouldn’t do anything in this system.

  70. “I don’t fully get the Brashear bashing. Sure, he’s an a-hole, but so is Avery and we love him. Brashear does his job as well as most, if not all, enforcers (yes, I know he is overpaid, but that’s the pricetag for a guy with his reputation). Asking for an enforcer that can put fear into opponents’ star players by being able to skate with and hit them on a regular shift AND fight and beat the heavyweights is unrealistic. Brashear can’t do both, and neither can Orr. I do think this team is sorely missing someone like Chris Neil who can hit like crazy, but we also need someone who can fight anyone who comes calling, and Brashear can.”

    Are you fuggin serious ?? When was the last time this ugly piece of sh*t got into a fight ? Wasn’t it when he got dropped after two BODY SHOTS !!! I think he got his ass kicked on back to back night. He doesn’t do d*ck when someone goes after one of our guys, he doesn’t stick up for his teammates, he barely ever fights, he takes STUPID SELFISH PENALTIES (like last night), and he’s garbage defensively. Everyone brags aboot his skating ability, hhahaahaha, yeah, sure. He’s as slow as Orr, if not slower. He cant keep up with any 4th liner, let alone a star player. He doesn’t strike fear into any star player, because those star players are either too fast for him, or they have someone who will beat the living sh*t out of him.

    Donald Brash*t = Waste of space, waste of money, and an all around scum bag loser who is a disgrace to this team. It sickens me that he puts on a Blueshirt each night.

    I hated Slats before, but this was the final dagger. It’s one thing to make stupid signings, but to overpay a goon, who has been a dirty prick to this team over the last few years, throwing cheap shots, along with other classless incidents, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

    This is by far the worst Ranger team over the laast few years. Gabby, Prospal, Del Z, Artie, Aves, Cally, and Gilroy are the only bright spots on the team. Hank, im on the fence with, cause he’s been pissing me off a lot. Besides the last game, he was really good. But the soft goals have been frustrating. Especially giving up that same high glove side goal almost every game, and having that “look” that he has after each goal, as if it’s the first time he has ever gave up a high glove side goal.

    Any way, long post longer, i hate Brash*t, and hope he gets his season ended in the next game. That would make me soooo happy !

  71. The Messiah
    Don’t let the comments fool you. Everybody gets a clean slate. The team gets it every year, every game. Each player gets a clean slate from us every game and every shift. Even if people on this blog do not admit it, we want them to do better every time. It’s very simple, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

  72. no, fans want the TEAM to do well. not individuals who crap on the fans, a guy who could care less about losses, who does NOT do his job as captain and call the p.o. meeting .

    hey, when Dreary starts CARING about the team, then I will start caring about him.

  73. If not said already, why haven’t we seen Voros with Gaborik? Didn’t Voros play on his line for a bit in Minn.? I recall some success…was even a selling point when Voros came to teh Rangers.

    Lemaire thought enough of him to do it….

  74. yeah, I am going to post some of it here, because it is so important. let’s see if they stick to it, great if they do


    from Gross’ blog…

    As if John Tortorella hasn’t put his team on notice already by benching veterans Wade Redden and Ales Kotalik, he upped the ante today by declaring there will be no more sense of entitlement around the team and that his coaching staff and general manager Glen Sather will no longer continue to play underachieving veterans, preferring, instead, to go through “bumps in the road” from young players, possibly players who will soon be called up from Hartford (AHL).

    “This isn’t to make an example out of Wade Redden, Wade Redden hasn’t played well enough to be in the lineup,” Tortorella said. “I’m not interested in making examples out of people. A coach’s responsibility is to put the best lineup on the ice. I felt I did that last night. It will be the same lineup going into Philly (tomorrow afternoon). For 25-30 games we tried to stay with him, we tried to bring confidence in with him and go about it that way and it hasn’t worked. It’s still trying to gain confidence but there’s going to be no entitlement around here. I think it kind of stinks of that around here. We’ve got kids and this coaching staff and manager want to infuse some kids into our lineup becase we feel that’s going to be the best way to build it. We’ll go through some bumps in the road with kids but not with underachieving veterans. I just don’t buy it and it’s not going to work that way.”

  75. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Im actually kind of shocked by Torts statements today
    Coaching staf AND the GM are willign to live with bumps in the road by playing MORE AHl players.
    Vets will be benched ?
    No more free rides?

    Pretty tough talk, Carp did you hear anythign about Sather being at any of the practices? OR speaking with Redden and or Kotalik or anyone else?

    I do feel bad for Redden, if anyone should have been singeld out it should have been Drury or Rosi, but without benching Redden, Rosi doesnt play nearly as hard last night and in the end get two assists and show some balls.

    Plus I hated on Redden all last season, and to start this season too. But he has played better, (Def better than ROsival) so the guy, whose played 900+ NHl games, been an all star, been to the cup finals, rightly showed he wasnt happy about it.

    Maybe it will make him nasty now when he does return, and start playing with a real edge. We can only hope.

    And i’m happy Drury had a good game. Im HAPPIER that Torts is keeping him on the 4th line tomorrow. Get goals in the next three games, then maybe you can go back to the 2nd or 3rd line again.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!

  76. “but there’s going to be no entitlement around here. I think it kind of stinks of that around here.”

    now that is the Torts-speak we love to hear. no one ever called out the poisonous culture of entitlement around the Rangers in such blunt terms before. JD hinted at it at times.

  77. I give him credit for having the guts to say what we all know. But actions will speak louder than words.

  78. @orr @wicky

    Yeah – after reviewing it, I think it was Franz Nielsen that Rozi cleared out – Witt hit MDZ who went back after him.

    My point really was – when was the last time you can remember “Run-away Rozi” hitting someone in the crease to defend his keeper?

  79. $6 mil babysitter… Ouch.

    Do they not realize they’ve been going through “some bumps” already anyway?

  80. good for the fans who don’t fall in love with the entitlement of Dreary and his big contract companions

    no, those players are THE PROBLEM. we know it, and now Torts admits it. let’s hope he follows through and keeps his word. I think he wants to, but Sather is another matter. in the long run, will Sather allow him free reign to keep guys benched if necessary? that is a tougher issue.

  81. wicky, you put way too much pressure on me! You know, I was actually gonna go to Philly this weekend, but it fell through.

    I’m sure you were all wondering… the vegan latkes were a HUGE success!

  82. ORR, since you quoted me I’ll respond…I respect your opinion but I really think you’re looking back on Orr’s glory moments over many seasons and forgetting the not so glorious moments, like the six times he lost to Brashear (not including the time he lost to him this season), and many other less than impressive performances. And you’re also forgetting all the fights Brashear has won over the years. And if you wanna bring up Brash’s last fight, where he got winded (and I suspect a rib or two broken) by some unexpected body shots from an enormous fighter (Steve McIntyre), then why don’t you also bring up Orr’s last fight, where he got his eye swollen shut from Matt Carkner? Point is, every fighter has his high moments and low moments, and Brashear has had enough high moments to warrant his lengthy career and league-wide reputation.

    I love Orr, and if he resigned I was all set to get his jersey during the offseason, but to say that Brash can’t win a fight is just uninformed and/or ignorant imo. He wasn’t playing the night Glencross hit Drury, and he tried to enforce when Cooke hit Anisimov but the linesmen stepped in. What do you want him to do, drop his gloves and attack every player who goes near Henrik? Then you’d be complaining that we lost a game because of dumb penalties by him. The way the game is now, he’s gotta pick his moments.

    I understand your hatred for him as an opponent, but he’s a Ranger now and I don’t think he has done anything to deserve your hatred while wearing blue.

  83. I fail to see any reason for putting Voros out there, other than letting him go out and get his face rearranged one more time, while accomplishing nothing at all.

    I’m still amazed that he is carried on this roster.

  84. Brash is having trouble winning fights and being productive with the puck. It’s not his fault, mother time has caught up to him. Sather gave him too much $$$.

    An enforcer who can strike fear, pop in an occasional clutch goal, and skate with the other teams top players; Nick Fotiu.

  85. I wish it was Sam and Dave in the Box. Dave Rocks in every way and is the second coming of JD. He was ripping the rangers during the first period of the MSG game on the radio. Dave Maloney shoud be the color guy. Joe is just too goofy and doesn’t have the right voice


    Saying that the day after benching the crybaby and demoting the captain to the 4th, tells this team in no uncertain terms where they stand.

    Party’s over girls!!! It’s put up or shut up time.

  87. MikeA I agree that Brashear is overpaid, but he’s done fine this year fighting-wise taking into account whatever injury he was battling earlier. He’s definitely on the decline, and knowing such Sather shouldn’t have thrown so much money at him, but that’s done and the difference between what he should be paid and what he is getting paid isn’t making a dent in our cap situation.

    And Nick Fotiu played in a different era when players were smaller, more people were willing to fight, and it was easier to enforce. I don’t know how long he would’ve lasted as an enforcer in today’s game.

  88. wow. good for torts. happy to hear that. and so wade the blade will be benched again tommorow?

    wick- u cant prucha AA tommorow!!! nooo man. hes big, can get to the damn net and scores a sweet goal last night. u cant bench him. he needs to play more actually. hes a big dude who can help get secondary scoring cuz were not likely to see dru score again so soon lol. idk but that goal last night was just what type of goals we need to score. let him get some confidence. btw, whats goin on with ilb pickin me and greg up? where we goin lol? i’ll def go meet for a game somewhere. id like to go to the garden. havent been there since 02. but we’ll figure it out

  89. Aren’t you all surprised Torts didn’t do it before? Don’t you think it should’ve been done a month ago?

  90. The Wild’s equipment truck caught on fire outside Ottawa’s Arena… Many players skates, sticks, etc. burned and will have to buy new ones before their game tomorrow. Also all of Nick Backstrom’s equipment was destroyed…..

    Can that happen to Rozi, and Drury’s equipment?

  91. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    It was for his own head down protection!!


    the enforcer you described earlier is Chris Simon, he could score, scared the hell out of people, could play on any line, and rarely lost a fight!!

  92. Brash!t sux, and no amount of excuses will cut it. totally agree with Orr about him.

    and he is -7 in very limited minutes. iow, if he played fulltime, he would be minus 25 already. he is pathetic, and the fans are sour about him rightly so.

    he can’t play, he’s “sore”. no, we’re sour on him

  93. Tie Domi scored 20 once, I believe. If not more.

    Sally, are you sending some of those latkes to blog HQ?

    Is this finally the real arrival of Torts? … I’ll say this: Keenan didn’t wait, not one single game. In fact, he was kicking people out during the summer. If Redden is being benched for his entire body of work, then it should have been sooner. And the Captain should have been with him.

  94. I agree Torts should have done this a lot sooner, he had been called on this a while ago. Maybe thats why he didn’t do it. I don’t think Torts like to get advise from the press, and I think it was Brooks called him on it.

  95. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Simon defenitely had some good seasons (when his hair was still 14′ long) but towards the end he was a basketcase.

  96. Back in the old days the tough guys played a regular shift. Most of them were pretty good players.

  97. it is possible Carp that Torts did not get the ok from Sather to do this until now. Torts said that he gave it the keep-it-positive approach for the first 25-30 games, but it was not working.

  98. Read the hockey rodent. Why did it take Drury being moved to the 4th line for him to react and play decently? He just figured it out yesterday? What kind of lousy leadership is that? When it finally affected him, he decided he should step it up? That doesn’t speak well of Drury.
    And if Tortorella says the veterans aren’t playing well enough, well Sather brought in this team. That just demonstrates what a lousy job he has done as well. Again.

  99. The things have gotten bad enough for Sather to let Torts loose. Maybe even he sensed some insecurity. Just a theory.

    Domi could really throw ’em. And his center of gravity was in uhm…middle lower body!

    LMAO at SO MUCH sour cream…

  100. Carp

    Domi had 15 in 02-03
    13 in 00-01
    11 in 96-97

    Those were the only double digit years

    Not bad though for someone who was the toughest guy in the arena every night

  101. John Freguson scored 29 goal and had over 20 assists one year with the Habs. That was likely mid sixtys, He was allways a fairly good scorer, but I think 29 was his best.

  102. NESSIER

    Im not saying i want Orr back. With the cap trouble this team is in, we cant afford to pay a goon a million bucks or more. It just cant happen, and it’s not worth it.

    Yeah, Brash*t had some good fights in the past, until he got knocked out by Wade Belak. Now he doesn’t go looking for fights, even when the team is down. And like the pu$$y he is, when the team is down, instead of being a man and fighting the other teams goon, he takes a run at one of their smaller guys, and ignores the goon. Pathetic.

    No balls, no guts. He looks like a homemade smurf creation gone way wrong.

    Don’t get me started on that facial hair. He looks like a homeless guy that was ttying to eat pudding with no hands.

  103. Good thing we don’t have a back to back this weekend…probably not leaving Philly till Sunday lol

  104. Orr, Gordie Howe had more than 20 fights I think. The one was famous when he took apart this guy Fontinato

  105. Gordie Howe put Lou Fontinato in the hospital after Lou suckered him a couple of times. Howe broke his cheek then his nose and he opened up a big cut on his face. No one ever challenged Howe again.

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Redden finally seeing red!!! … says Greg L. on

    Gordie Howe usually scored a goal…had an assist and then knocked someones block off , thus making it the “Hordie Howe Hatrick”. A little past my time mind you but Gordie And I did attend the same elemenary school where I did him proud and had many fights on them playgrounds.


    We finally understand whats going on. Torts has always wanted to “whip” the Rangers into shape ,outta thier spoiledness and stop the pansie playing …well the Vets are the first to have to adjust ( a rookie adjusts easier)because of them being use to a different senerio. Torts had to come in and INSTILL the confedence back into the vets and playing them alot , he gets a good look. He gave them time to “adjust” . Wade Redden can not adjust.He is too old school and for Torts to play his system ..only young rookies will adapt where a guy like Redden falls outta sync.
    The Ranger have become the youngest team in the NHL . We gave our vets “time” and now we do what Torts wanted to do all along…Mold new clay not try to make an old sculpter reformed into a new one. Dubinsky,Cally,Staalsie and Girardi are prime guys in a Tortarelli world.

    Our team is set to become a fixture where Core guys like Hank,Dubinsky,Staalsie,Gaborik and delzotto will always be apart of our playoff runs..other guys will be replaced so the club still is fresh and yes , The youngest team in the NHL..I LOVE THE RANGERS. Don’t be so bitter some of you cuz I see ther future looking bright.

  107. That is one of the great pictures when Lou is skating off bloodied, and you can see his nose is flattened,

  108. Guys,
    Please keep my mom in your thoughts. She was rushed to the hospital at 4 this morning running a 104.5 fever and they still are not 100% sure what is wrong with her. I am exhausted and drained, but I am going back to the hospital right now.

  109. whoa…someone plz, pinch me! Is Torts finally getting a green light to do his thing?! “no entitlement”? its aboot time someone said it out loud.

    i like your theory Ilb2001… i think its getting bad for Slats, and he’s just trying to cover his old butt as much as possible by letting Torts off the leash..if there ever was one.

    And how do you like Wade Redden…he is upset that Torts is making an example out of him? Guess what Wade…YOU ARE SOFA KING EXAMPLE! you freaking suck! Please wade, if you’re so upset DEMAND to be released from the team…i’m bagging you!!

  110. As far as Redden goes… I’m torn.

    I just don’t think he’s the most bench-worthy guy right now. He was at a point, but not right now, and this move is simply incongruent with whats going on.

    I’m glad to see a big money man shown some discipline, but I think there are players who much more deserve it right now than Wade.

    I’ll also tell you this: if/when Drury “picks it up” due to this demotion, it would only be a further testament to the FACT that that he needs to have his captaincy removed, if he needs to be punished in order to get motivated. Bastard.

  111. Maybe Redden didn’t deserve it as much as someone else (cough: Rozsival) but it’s not like we were winning with him.

    Also, Torts alluded to guys having a sense of entitlement because of who they are and how much they make and for all we know, maybe Redden acted like that and just pissed Torts off

  112. I wondered about that Redden has not been great lately, but Rozy has been terrible. Why is redden not playing? Rozy should be sitting before Redden.

  113. It wasn’t a perfect game, but they FINALLY won! Henrik was incredible…minus his little OOPS moment lol. Gabby, Vinny, Calley, AA were incredible too!

    I was REALLY surprised by Drury’s hit. It almost looked like he got an elbow in there. I’m just glad he woke up. As much as I love Dru, its time for him to give up the C. I think Prospal is a much better fit. Maybe it will help his game. I just don’t understand what happened.

    I agree with most…Brash is pretty useless. I hope Henrik and Gabby r somehow protected tomorrow!

    Lets hope this is a start to better things because it has been down right PAINFUL!

  114. beth
    December 18th, 2009 at 6:35 pm
    anyone see the pictures of the Wild’s equipment that caught fire somehow? Man what a charred mess

    beth- its very weird, but its been known on occasion for laundry or any clothing or even equipment like jerseys to spontaneously combust when thrown together in a big bag if the clothes had any chemicals on them. ive heard that some restaurants got metal containers to put their dirty rags in instead of a big duffel bag cuz the chemicals on them and grease could just go up in flames if the conditions are right. it actually happened at a restaurant i worked for years ago. dont know if its anyway related but could be an explanation. hmmmm

    nasty- my prayers are with you man

  115. Maybe you guys should watch the Devils game now, they’re getting killed out there. I think someone gave them the left over equipment from the Wild’s bus. That will heal your sadness. Enjoy :(

  116. I’ve watched Philly a few games this year. They have their problems, goaltending is one. They can get pretty loose at times. For sure they play a lot more physical than the Rangers. They take a lot of penaltys though, that might help. They will be tough on the fore check, and they are bound to run Hank. It will be quite a test for a team that has been as soft as the Rangers.

  117. Wow…great line from someone commenting on that cuckhold story…

    Rod Brind’Amour was traded to Carolina after Eric Lindros slept with his woman.

    In Lindros’s defense, he was unconscious when that happened.

  118. Rangers would notice, it would be one less team in a playoff slot for them. Might squeeze them in the playoffs, cause the way they are playing, they’ll need something like that.

  119. yes it was a good win last night, but lets not start snarfing each others johnsons just yet. a better team wouldve scored a ton on us in those first 2 periods. we prob wouldve gotten to ot and who knows then. especially after hank had his fun little excursion. anybody else wouldve scored and its laughable now but it made me think that hank has gotten so scared of breakaways now hed do anything to NOT face one lol. and his plan worked!! go hank. never again but whatever. we were outshot and outchanced but just getting the goals and the win could very well get us on a streak. i think drury got some heat besides the demotion too because he looked way better and so did rozy. and if dru actually needed this to get going, he certainly has no place leading the team. he will hopefully start earning a little of his contract now, but i cant see him breaking more than 12-15g. also, maybe AA will get more ice, he will be at least a decent 2nd line center one day. im sure hoping so. but also, the whole brashear thing is kinda weird cuz u knew orr wasnt gonna fit this system. yea he could fight, but he wasnt doin anything else. only problem is brash hasnt been close to the player i’d thought hed be. but i dont hate him. but 1.4 mill? he should retire after this year and i think he will. he just cant do it anymore. but id rather him here than nobody just for games like tommorow. next year we should get soryal and byers back up. get rid of voros along with brash. too much money for them both. it seems hes more popular now than last year, when he actually scored a few. i admit, hes been ok at times and has won or broke even on some fights but hes gotta be able to chip in some goals once in awhile too.

    p.s. ilb- i promise i wont talk this much when you pick me,greg n wicky up for our boneheads (midwestern branch) gathering

  120. Whether Torts should have done this a while ago or not is somewhat debatable.

    I’m sure coming into this season he gave a speach about no-one having a secure spot on the team… blah blah blah

    He gave them time after a good start to rebound. They didn’t. Benches Crybaby and demotes the “C” to the 4th.

    Team wins.

    Torts reiterates:

    “We’ll tolerate the bunmps in the road from rookies but not the vets”

    Any questions?

  121. wicky-Simon was great for a few years. I was in DC when he was at his best and the guy was playing on a line and the PP with Adam Oates who could feed him the puck. He scored 29 goals in 99-00.

    The difference with Keenan giving tough love right away was that the Rangers were the best team in the league at that point, everyone knew it. The prior season was an asterisk because the team mutinied Roger Neilson.

  122. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on


    You were close, gordie howe only had one gordie howe hat trick in his career. Avery has had three or four with the rangers I think. They should rename it the avery hat trick!!!

    Shanny slept with janney’s (sp?) wife when they were on the blues together and janney got traded!


    I said I was sorry…sheeesh!!


    Best of luck to you and your mum bro!!

  123. Mike, I’m actually glad you’re back. The last couple of weeks I was starting to worry because your posts were getting shorter and shorter. Welcome back, bro.

  124. first of all, where is this number of Gordie Howe fights coming from? I cannot believe he didn’t have way more than 25 fights in his career. The guy’s whole rep is that he was the top scorer in the game and he’d beat the crap out of all the tough guys, too. (his elbows are legendary).

    Second, did Kocur or Probert ever score 20?

    Cuckhold? Does that go against the terms of service?

    On a serious note, Nasty, we’re thinking of you. You know you have a whole lot of praying going on at this place.

  125. Nasty I am praying for her too. Mom’s are the best. Just lost my Dad in February. Mom is 85, I know we can’t live forever, but that doesn’t make it hurt less.

  126. I say the should send Voros down to Hartford and bring up Hoffman, He’s a big tough guy that looks like he’s worth a look.

  127. Carp, The information on Gordie Howe fights came from NHLFights.drop your gloves. I believe Probert scored 29 goas the year he played with Yzerman.

  128. According to wikipedia, Shanahan has the most Gordie Howe hat tricks with 17. Impressive. Too bad we got him at the tail end of his career.

  129. Wade Belak has 33 points and is -35 in his career lol…how’s that for a trivia question? What NHL player has a lower +/- than career points?

  130. looks like a snow day tomorrow boys. times like these i like living in a building. shoving is left to the illegal immigrant super. going to bed now hopefully will be up by 12 tomorrow to chatter up with you guys! sofa king tired from this week.

  131. wicky, you are absolutely forgiven. And feel free to send me airfare/hockey tickets to any Rangers games ever and I will be there… and they will win… because I am lucky.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Redden finally seeing red!!! … says Greg L. on

    Mike , yeah you’ll be talking alright. Ya don’t fool us !!!!HAHA!!

    Nasty1 , take care of her.

  133. just came back from the movies… James Cameron is sofa king genius… Avatar was absolutely AMAZING! nothing like you’ve ever seen in your life b4…watch it in IMAX 3D…

  134. It amazes me to read where someone actually suggest playing Voros. This fellow belongs in much lower hockey.

    He has very few skills, and his most vaunted one, fighting, is laughable to behold. He usually starts by fiercely grabbing the other guy’s shirt and the rest of it usually winds up by beating the other guys’ fists with his face.And to think that he has made a career of this for the past several years, without being sent down at all.

  135. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    Nasty, thoughts and prayers out to you and your family for mom! Hope she gets well soon!!

    CCCP, i want to see that movie (mostly because Avery’s twin is in it) but the man has no interest. I just might go alone.

    Is there confirmation that Capn Crutch is still on the 4th line for this afternoons shenanigans?

  136. Olga Folkyerself on

    I always remembered a Gordie Howe Hat Trick to be- a goal, an assist and an elbowing penalty. I’ll bet Gordie had a lot more of these….

    How this morphed into a goal, assist and fight, I don’t know. But since he only had two of these, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. But knowing fans and the media, it doesn’t necessarily have to.

  137. Good morning Boneheads! We got about 3-4 inches already in Philadelphia! I am off to the local Melrose Diner and then to the tailgate (Or snowgate, which ever). Let’s go rangers!

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