What will Tortorella do?Senators Rangers Hockey

What can he do?

Well, he can go the easy route and bench Ales Kotalik, who again made a dreadful play on the power play point (and got bailed out by Henrik Lundqvist) but who, if he can’t play the point, really doesn’t have a job here. He can bench Enver Lisin, who is the Rangers’ hottest goal scorer with a one-game streak. He can do all that dumb, weak-ass stuff that he and other coaches have been doing around here for years, like sub Bobby Sanguinetti for Ilkka Heikkinen.

But none of that matters.

Nope, tonight he should make a major statement. Here’s what I’d do: Put Chris Drury and Michal Rozsival in the pressbox. Maybe one other, too.

And I’d think about starting Chad Johnson in goal, except that might not be good for the kid, to debut in a desperate situation such as this.

I know we have a lot of fun at Drury’s expense here, and I know there’s a lot of anger at his monotone personality. But he does care. He also cannot play anymore. So maybe taking a seat would actually be good for him. He played only 12:31 last night and still managed to be on the ice for the winning goal. And Rozsival certainly wasn’t the only culprit last night (Redden and Girardi mucked up the first goal, about which Tortorella was furious), but he was one of them, and it’s time age and tenure and experience and paycheck are completely forgotten, and accountability is finally demanded.

Something relatively drastic has to happen tonight, because let’s face it, the options are limited. They can’t make a big trade because most of the guys they’d like to shed can’t be moved, because they don’t have the cap room to add a player another team is willing to trade, and because any team will now want to rip off the Rangers by taking their prospects or taking Dubinsky or Callahan or one of those devalued types for not much return.

So to throw a grenade in the room — and for this tough-guy coach to finally make a point by doing something other than raising his voice — some marquee names need to find their way onto the scratched (or prucha’d) list at Nassau Coliseum tonight.

On this night, the coach is being tested.


Here are the official game summary and event summary from last night. And here is my column from The Journal News and LoHud.com today.

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  1. I agree Carp. Have them take a seat. He needs to actually do what he said he was going to do before the season started.

  2. Send a big name to Hartford. Thats what u do. Rosival is number one on my list. He is horrible and Trots keep putting him out there. He sucks more then words can discribe. He can’t hit, he can’t get a shoot through to the net and he can’t keep the puck in at the blue line. He played the third most of any ranger last night. Are u kidding me Trots!! What does this guy have over this team. TRade him,Demote him or release him. As long as this guy is not the team we won’t win. He plays scared and he can’t have that as a veretan defenseman on a team that lacks depth.

  3. Bravo, Carp. This might be one of your best blog posts ever. Glad to see someone has the courage to finally call Tortorella out.

  4. Not much to say, Carp – other than “EXACTLY!”

    Bench Drury and Rozsival.

    Put Avery back on the top line with Dubinsky and Gaborik.
    Move Anisimov up to 2nd line with Prospal and Callahan.
    Play Higgins with Chrisensen and Lisin on the third.
    Brashear – Boyle – Voros round it out.

    Guess that means Kotalik sits too. Pity. /sarcasm

    If Gilroy were still up, I’d bench Redden too.

    “Toss a hand grenade…” Good line – I like it.

  5. Strip the “C”.

    Now that’s a statement.
    Ya he cares but is his leadership affecting anyone?
    That’d be more of a wake up call to me then benching a veteran. Big deal. Benched. I’ll be back next game.

  6. Carp, love the emotions! And the language! Screw Terms of Service! It’s time to step up. If he doesn’t do it, the only plausible explanation would be- he isn’t allowed. And that would be very sad..


    The man has been a disgrace to this organization since he first put on the sweater.

    And NO, he will not “come alive” with another team. He has sucked since he got booted from COL. Then he got booted from CAL. Then he got shown the door by BUF. And then he got wise and said “no moves” when he realized his metabolism had slowed down to almost nothing.

  8. anyone hear craig carton and boomer this morning? apparently craig said sather gets fired tonight if they lose. take it w/ a grain of salt. boomer said the source craig has is reputable but i would find it hard to believe dolan fires his “boy”.

  9. Carp, your post is 100% spot-on. Let’s see if Torts can break from the tradition of protecting the aging, expensive, and talentless veterans that has all too often been the culture around thee parts.

  10. I got some ice cream I got some ice cream…and you don’t got one cause you’s on the welfare.

  11. well, grachev certainly isn’t the answer… i don’t even think he could be part of the solution right now…

    Evgeny Grachev LW 30 7 10 17 -6

    30 games in and he’s got a whoppin 7 goals and is sitting at -6. what the hell happened to him? doesn’t seem like he’s the same player that dropped 80 pts for brampton last year…

    we’re all pointing blame in every direction. there’s no quick fix. it’s going to be a few years before this team manages to do anything again. they need to get the ball rolling but thanks to our pal glen and his ridiculous contracts we’re pretty much screwed for years to come. if the rangers had to play a 7 game series against the wolfpack, they’d lose. i bet this team would lose to most ahl teams.

    i’d take the captaincy from drury right now and bury him on the 4th line. i’d send rozi to hartford and let him rot there. if he doesn’t like it, fine. he can leave for the khl.

    donald brashear. chris drury. wade redden. michal rozsival. ales kotalik. over 20 million in GARBAGE.

    also, what’s the point of playing hank anymore than you absolutely have to? especially when he’s already packed it in and is clearly only focused on the olympics. he’s been a shell of his former self this entire year. the defense has been dreadful in front of him and he’s been lousy as well.

    what a joke.

    outside of gaborik and maybe del zotto, everyone on this team deserves an f.

    i can’t wait until this year is over.

  12. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Here’s what I would do:

    Play Johnson -Deserved or not, this would be Hanks what, 8th game in a row? And the mental part is weighing on him too much. F@*& the team. Lets see how they play without Hank Bailing them out of 5 goals that would have gone in with any other goalie.

    Bench- Drury AND strip him of the “C”. No Captain, just Prospal and Cally as the A’s. I’d even go as far as to send Drury to Hartford on a re-conditioning assignment. You really think anyone will pick him up on the recall?

    Demote Rosival – Right to Hartford, and keep him there.

    Sit Brashear: waste of space, money and lack of ability

    Bring Gilroy Back up

    Make these your D-Pairs:
    Staal-Del Z
    Girardi 7th Dman subbing in where needed

    Prospal-Dubi-Gabby: get them back together
    Avery-Artie-Lisin : they all desrve the ice time

    and of course:

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!

  13. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Spot on post Carp.

    Fire Sather!

    Unfortunately, that loser Jim Dolan would rather insult George Steinbrenner, a guy committed to winning, than help his own teams win.

  14. Good morning Hockeymon. I think Sather deserves spoiled eggnog. And Drury should get hot coal in his jock for Christmas. Do we have a chance tonite? Not a snowballs chance in hell. Oh and good morning Dave Maloney!

  15. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Dreary needs the C stripped care or not. If you can’t play (or even attempt to play) like a leader then you can’t be a leader. I’d put him and Redden in the press box for tonight. I’d waive Roszival and Brashear since they’re both utterly useless. Hell, why not go all out and prucha Boyle and Girardi too. Plays Sangs and call up Gilroy?

  16. Did anyone see the post game with Hank? He caught himself from ripping in to the team. Anyone else catch that. He paused, and you could see it in his face and eyes what he wanted to say.

  17. Long time since I’ve been back- but Carp you still love that Kotalik signing? I got ripped here for the comment that it was as bad as the Gabby signing was good- just wondering if that has changed? I know I’ll be enjoying that clown and his no trade clause for the next 2.5 years!

  18. I Was DuGuay's Top Button on

    I agree with the Real Mikey about starting Johnson tonight; Hank needs a break and quite honestly, this team doesn’t deserve the goaltending he’s been providing. I also agree that Drury should lose the “C” and sit tonight, along with half a dozen other guys.

    Why is this franchise allergic to success?

  19. nasty – That IS hilarious. I am waiting for him to start calling out his players. Gotta hand it to him, he didn’t throw anyone under the bus, but he could have. It wasn’t HIS fault they came out and played such a lackluster first period.

  20. craig carton doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. mark my words, when the rangers lose tonight, glen will still have his job. main reason being who replaces him? WHO?

    like one game over the isles will decide the fate of glen. cmon.. if he was getting fired he would’ve been fired long ago. and if the rangers win tonight? who gives a crap? this team continually puts band aids on gaping wounds. a win tonight solves nothing.

  21. i hope something really drastic happens tonight.


    A. A massive amount of people sit.
    B. The people who should sit play 50 or so minutes and make them cry!

  22. Great post Rick!!!

    Does he have the guts to bench Drury and Rozsival? I’d piss my pants if Drury was prucha’d tonight! I can’t wait to go home and watch the posted link to the press conference! Then watch what could be yet another dreadful game?

    Drury may care deeply, but it certainly doesnt show on the ice. It may be time for him to reevaluate his skills and realize they have diminished and to pull a Naslund and retire!! Rozsi too.

    Whats with all the cross outs???

  23. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    Didn’t see it mentioned that the first of Prucha’s tallies last night was on the power play. That’s 6 at $1.1M to Drury’s 2 at $8M

  24. Reginald Dunlop on

    sign Joey Kocur and let him go around the room and beat the living heck out of the zombies in the Rangers sweaters

  25. nyrcc –

    While lots of ignoranus-es would say “Messier for GM”, the smart move would be to promote Schoenfeld. Knows the players, the organization, and the prospects. And something tells me he’s a hell of a lot smarter than the current occupant….

  26. The Messiah –

    how about we root for them to play with fire and emotion – regardless of the outcome? Show some effort, for pete’s sake….

  27. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well there has been some interesting suggestions.

    But Carp do you know the ramifications of sending a vet to Hartford? I assume he has to pass through waivers which is ok but its the recall where we would get screwed…so this person can never come back.

    I know there is a limit of how many contracted players a team can have..not sure if we are up against that.

    Then there are the intangibles. A future free-agent might think twice about signing here cuz they dont want to be banished to the AHL as a future possibility.

    Also there would be some hostility from the players union. And I would even say the owners/other GM’s. Rangers jack the price up for a players only to bury them since they can afford it. not many teams have that luxury.


  28. I say strip the Captain of his “C” scratch him and Rozi. The moment Redden does something stupid… bench him.

    Heikinen was fine. Took a solid shot or two on net… used his body.

    Call up Grachev, and Gilroy. What does it matter if we play every rookie? We may loose I guess… just like the past 5 games.


  29. Did anyone see the post game with Hank? He caught himself from ripping in to the team. Anyone else catch that. He paused, and you could see it in his face and eyes what he wanted to say.


    Absolutely. Right after that the announcers all pretty much commended him for keeping his cool and remaining tactful.

    I’m looking forward to tonight. It could be the most satisfying day since Tom Renney was shown the door.

  30. People, People, People….STOP with the sending Drury and Rozy to Hartford until Sunday!!!!
    I’m bringing my kids up there Saturday night for a game and DON’T want any of these Rangers Ass Clowns showing up on the ice in Hartford until AFTER the game!!!


  31. I assume he has to pass through waivers which is ok but its the recall where we would get screwed…so this person can never come back.



  32. Rick (No, not that one) on

    In the legendary words of long ago NY Knick Michael Ray Richardson:
    The Ship Be Sinkin’

    I hope Mr. Dolan was watching last night……

  33. if you get rid of sather you have to get rid of a lot of sather cronies in the organization. arent a majority of other members in the NYR management structure all hires from sather or have some ties to him? his former friend, former agent, former guy who washed his car in EDM, all have jobs in the NYR. all insulated b/c of sather and the power he has.

    if they get rid of him, they need to CLEAN HOUSE. get rid of all the sather connections. PLEASE START OVER and START ANEW!

    will dolan do it? who knows…probably not. he will probably consult with sather on who is to be his replacement and we will be stuck with a similar jerk.

  34. here’s my prediction:

    torts doesn’t do anything. drury, rozi, and the rest of the funky bunch will all play tonight.

    the rangers will lose and glen will still have his job. the nightmare continues.

  35. Salty – On the recall anyone that claims him can get him with the Rangers picking up half the bill. I believe there is also a prolonged cap-hit from this as well, similar to a buyout doubling the length of the cap hit. Anyone know more about this?

  36. gregm_section403 on

    RE: The Messiah
    So do we root for them to win, or do we root for them to lose tonight………

    If Torts makes major moves and benches dreary, blowsival and 1 or 2 others, we root for a WIN.

    If its more of the same BS moves, we root for a major ass whooping of the blueshirts by the fishsticks.

  37. I think if torts sits drury or rosafault tonight i might poop my pants. I dont think he has the guts to do it.
    i also agree that Drury should lose the C. This team needs a captain and he def is not a captain. If we had a real captain like Mess this team would not have lost the past 30 games. Where is the players only meeting? Where is the captain cursing up a storm and demanding more from players and himself? Where is the pride to wear that sweater and play on that ice? Take the C away.

  38. The rangers are so predictable in the offensive zone, no imagination. They need to be more instinctive, their thinking too much. Coach needs to calm down, eliminate the fire truckin and the poop and speak english. Maybe for medicinal purposes he can get some rolled up funny smelling stuff and smoke it, or my choice eat a lot of chocolate

  39. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Thats exactly what I meant Alfy; Why send them down, to recall them later and run this risk of loosing them but still on the hook for 1/2 salary…same situation as Avery.

    At that point you might be better off buying them out…but there is still a cap hit for that…ex. Prospal

  40. I think tonight we’ll see what kind of a coach we have.
    He needs to do something – benching some of the vets will make a statement.
    Come on Torts, do it !

  41. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    WHo cares if Rosi or Drury would get claimed

    Half of there salary is better than all of with them still being on the team

    I’d gladly accept paying a total 6-7 mil to have them both gone.

    And who really cares about the players union ramifications?PLease, same old crap. So what, we have the right to demote them and or send them down.

    What’s the end result, someone who may want to sign here in two or three years is afraid of being demoted? Please

    This team is in a total state of F@CKED!!!

    All I have to say is Torts better do something and something drastic for tonight.

  42. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    As I mentioned before, this is the same old poop. If they lose tonight, so and so will get fired. So what if they win tonight? Why is it always if they lose tonight, we will react.

    They will win two in a row and everything will be fine in Rangerland.

    Sather needs to go no matter what happens tonight.

    If Sather goes, this is what most likely will happen. Schoenfeld will be tagged Interim GM for the remainder of the season. Messier will be named the new G.M. and Schoenfeld will return as Special Assistant or whatever his title is now. Torts most likely will be let go and replaced by a former ’94 Stanley Cup champion player or the great one.

  43. Higgins was standing in front of the net and Redden got there to late on the 1st goal ..i guess they were trying to get to thier spots but Higgins is skating away instead of putting the guy in front on his azz

  44. Blueshirt in Paris on

    The Real, its math issue. So not only do you have half the contract still on the books, now you have to go get a body to fill that space and put that contract on the books. i know its easier to just say well who cares, even if we end up paying the same amount of money but get a different person..there are still ramifications. The new person might have a longer term contract. MDZ, for example, contract might be up by then but now we still don’t have cap space, etc…

  45. This team is a joke. I am getting tired of watching htis team. And another thing, who cares about the consecutive sell outs. Look at how many corporate seats are empty…. Enough with this crap!!

  46. Blueshirt in Paris on

    and about the other points, like it or not they factor in the real world. I offer you 7 million to go work somewhere that have a great rep of treating their employees well… and another company offer you the same but they fired your good friend for what you feel was unfair.

    Its simplifying it yes. But you need to understand the lengths these teams go through recruit FA…just look what we did with Gabby.

    And it is one this for us to point out someone’s mistakes….it is easy. But not many people would point out their own mistakes in such a public forum. Sather being the egomaniac he is, I cant see him ever doing something like this; If he does, then it is not of his own doing, he is being told.

  47. Coyotes have 42 points. THE COYOTES HAVE 42 POINTS.
    And Prucha got 2 goals last night.
    I live in Phx & I’m taking a lot of crap from the 100 hockey fans here.
    Come on Rangers , wake up !

  48. Either way though, that doesn’t satisfy me one bit, and it certainly is not going to make people talk. Damn, pathetic.

  49. WHAT A FIRETRUCKIN JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Organization is PATHETIC.

    I want my $5000 back. What a disgrace.

  50. like i mentioned last night
    Torts does nothing
    with the excuse being that after thinking about it and cooling down he’s got to give the guys in the room the opportunity to “turn this thing around.”

    which, of course, is a complete truckload of $%*@*@#@# because Torts needs to the coach who FINALLY shows these vets that they need to step it up or step out of the way.

    now, i’m not saying that someone like Redden needs to play with the same ability of his 23 year old self but at least play with some degree of common sense that should be built up after many years in the league.

    so, i’ll guess we’ll see if Torts is all bark and no bite.

    i hope that you CARP or even Uncle Larry Brooks dares to ask him where is all the action, all the accountability because at this point punching bag Voros deserves to play more than these highly paid vets.

  51. why the hell is redden scratched over rozi? does torts even watch his team?

    why the hell is drury in the line up tonight?


  52. Redden scratches his tush while getting burned on the goal.

    Voros is our savior?

    My suggestion is you start drinking heavily. You better listen to me, I was pre-med.

  53. Perfect.

    Kotalik and Redden.

    Unless Torts is going to leave Drury and Rozi out by the curb with the rest of the garbage…


  54. Redden has been just as bad as Blowzi lately. Can’t scratch them both. No reason Drury is in. Hopefully he only sees 4th line minutes.

  55. I HATE to defend Redden but BLOZSIVAL should sit… To hell sending him to Hartford, send him to Charlotte!



    And whoever said you can’t bench all your crappy players at once I say bullsheet!!!


  57. Redden and Kotalik out…

    Jeez, way to make the tough decisions. Rozi in over Redden? Makes no sense to me. Drury still allowed to skate on the ice and disgrace the sweater?

    Way to go, Torts. Way to take charge.

    I’m not watching tonight. Got better things to do.

  58. As long as Sather is still here, Torts wont be benching Drury.

    Period. End of story.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Captain Mouthguard only got 7 mins of ice time tonight…..

  59. Let’s go Islandorks !!!

    If those rumors are true, then this is a game we have to lose. But then again it doesn’t make sense. Why this game ? Why not the last game, or the one before ? I don’t know, but either way, I hope it’s true.

  60. Wow…I was hoping to not see Drury tonight…oh well

    Gotat be kidding me that Redden is scratched over Rozi. GREAT DRASTIC CHANGES TORTS!

  61. Guys, 2 things.

    A) Rosy can go to Hartford and does have a limited No Trade Clause, however he would have to pass through waivers to go down. That isn’t a problem. The problem is if we ever called him back up, he’d have to go through re-entry waivers and we’d owe half his salary for the life of the contract (what Dallas is doing for Avery, which is why we only pay half his salary). At the end of the season he automatically is placed on the Rangers roster for training camp and isn’t subject to re-entry waivers. He’d have to clear waivers again next year.

    B) Drury CANNOT go to Hartford…unless he OKs the move. He has a full No Movement Clause where he cannot be traded or sent anywhere without him and his agent approving it. So you can forget about seeing Chris in a Pack jersey ever.

  62. The only plausible explanation for Rozi not being scratched is that they’re actively trying to trade him, a goal that would be hindered if he was a healthy scratch.

    Or, it’s simply a sick joke.

  63. Hammerhead – Dubinsky was at fault on the 1st goal, not Higgins. Higgins dropped down to fill in his spot. Dubinsky skated down low like he was going to take Hillen so Higgins stopped to not hit him, then Dubi turned back up ice to get the point when he should’ve let Higgins do that.

  64. i would tell drury he is never playing another game as a ranger so he can either watch every game from the press box or be sent down to hartford, once there if i were the rangers I would try and recall him and hope someone claims him. I would gladly see the team pay only $3.5M a yr for the next two years to get rid of him. (Do the same for Kotalik)

    I would immediately waive Redden and Roszival. Demoting them will not deter any player worth having from coming to the Rangers. Hell we already did the same thing with Kasper and Redden had no problem signing his fat contract. These players, in almost every case, will go to the team who pays them the most. Do you think Gaborik came here b/c he really thought we were close to winning a cup? No, we offered him the most money for the longest amount of time. It’s a business to every party involved

  65. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Nice Statement Torts!!

    Freaking pathetic

    OK we cant senbd Drury down, but AT LEAST bench his ass for a game.

    And Kotlaik? What was he on the ice for 5 minutes last night?

    Like Carp said, this is the same, chicken Shit status quoe move as int he past.

    If Torts had ANY Balls Dru & rosi would be sitting, as wella s Brashear tonight

    AND Johnson would be starting

    How Hank has agreed to start is beyond me. I woudl have TOLD Torts, GO F yourself, Im nto playing in front of this garbage again until you straighten it out

  66. I truly think Torts doesnt have a word here. He is just playing by the rules set by someone way above him!

  67. Tank The Season on

    Drury should admit that he is suffering from PCS and retire.

    He was never great for us, but he’s never been as worthless as he is right now. I gotta believe he’s hurt and can’t admit to himself that he can’t play anymore.

  68. I was thinking that too TR, in the penalty he took in the ATL game he got his shoulder tweaked a little holding onto the guy.

  69. According to Gross’ twitter, our favorite defesenmen isn’t happy about being singled out & scratched….


  70. Dayum…we need to keep some kinda hope. These guys are pros, they need to come out and give it to the Isles tonight. Just to prove it to themselves they can be a contender.

  71. AGrossRecord

    #NYRangers D Wade Redden “not pleased” about being “singled out” by being a healthy scratch.

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    Please delete the Patrick or Messiah posts at 11:05am and 11:07am… one of them generated code to strike through everything (when reading in internet explorer).

  73. Problem with Sather is that he is known for what he did with the Oilers. Which to me, is complete garbage. Guy ruined his image, and made us the laughing stock of the NHL. If we were all remembered for things we did earlier in life, we would all be so wonderful wouldn’t we? I won the 5th grade spelling bee, and the pine wood derby in cub scouts. Does that make me the smartest person in the world, or the next nascar champion? Nope, definitely not. FIRE SATHER, and FIRE him yesterday!

  74. proof that Dreary and Blowzy have photos of Torts. how else do they keep getting preferential treatment when they should be called out by Torts and sat out by Torts. even the game where Blowzy was so awful he deserved to be tarred and feathered, he was benched for 2 periods, and then Torts gives him a “clean slate”. like the Good housekeeping seal of approval.

    no, this is no shakeup. I agree with sitting Totalgeek and Dredden, but it does not go far enough. Dreary getting no blame is sickening. he is the captain, and he allows his team to come out totally flat against a hated rival. you know, flat like Dreary’s personality and leadership

    strip his C, bench him, bury him in the stands, humiliate him, and force him to demand a trade or demotion.

  75. This team is an f’ing joke … Clutchmobile and Rosz(no)balls aren’t scratched?

    na na na na, na na na na …hey, heyyyy … Sather? GOODBYE

  76. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well I can safely say I am glad a bunch of you are not the GM or the coach. things could actually be worse.

    He might not be producing on the ice but You nor I have any idea what Drury is like in the dressing room. From all accounts though he is well liked. You want to humiliate him? You think this would have the desired effect? If your boss humiliated you or a good friends of yours at work then asked you to work extra hard over the weekend because he is getting heat from his boss…what would you do? If Torts has not lost the team yet, this would seal that deal.

  77. I understand your point BinP, but how much respect do they have for Drury if no one stepped up when he was blindsided? And the excuse of no one on the ice saw it was weak. How about the people on the bench?

    And I’d be ticked if I was someone like Lisin who while rough around the edges has managed to produce more than Drury.

  78. they could not possibly give less effort at home than last night.

    Colby Armstrong was a very well liked player on the Pens. he was Crosby’s favorite, and he was reportedly the most well liked guy in their dressing room. but the team went on to win the cup without him. so, removing a friend from the room does not damage things in the long run

    and in this case, removing Dreary from the team would be addition by subtraction in a big way. in all aspects

  79. Blueshirt in Paris:

    This team has lost it’s right to give a crap about their well liked captain or anything else for that matter.


    Play or don’t. UR CHOICE!!! You play like crap, you sit. Simple and to the point.

    Humiliate him?


    Why not? The whole team humilliates themselves night after sad, pathetic night.

  80. So ESPN.COM is reporting what Carton did this morning?? Oh man….how can I root against them when I’m actually at Nassau? ahh

  81. I’m sure Drury is very well-liked in the dressing room…much the same way as Corky was well-liked at his school.

    As George Carlin said “It’s bad luck to pick on a fool”

    On the ice, ON THE ICE, WHERE HIS JOB IS LOCATED, he has been nothing short of a complete and total disaster. His monotone interviews that we’ve been forced to sit through since Day One…His disinterest in what’s going on around him as he chews his mouthpiece…His blank stares…His sloppy work in both zones…

    Guy is making a damn fortune based on lies about his “clutch” abilities and he hasn’t produced one iota. And he’s got a coach who, for some reason, still thinks he’s elite.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were plenty of people in that locker room wondering why he’s so immune from criticism.

    I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and say he’s got brain damage from concussions. That’s why he looks so dead eyed. And if that’s the case…do the right thing and hang up your skates. Markus Naslund did it and he had alot more to offer than Chris “Don’t you know I’m a proven winner” Drury.

    Then again, Drury is like Sather in alot of ways. Reputation built on successes far in the past that they didn’t have nearly as much to do with as they claim.

    Sather got lucky with the Oilers…Drury got lucky with his Little League trophy and a Cup on a stacked team.

    What have you done for me lately?

  82. From Zipay:

    So sayeth the Rangers captain this morning, after the optional skate (six forwards, four D, one goalie, Chad Johnson) here at Nassau Coliseum.

    Did you really expect anything else after a careless 2-1 loss to the Islanders at the Garden?

    “We certainly could have been hungrier….I think we’ll see a different start tonight.”


    “I believe in our guys in here and what we can do.” said Drury. “One thing we can control is how hard we play…I just think every individual has to play as hard as he possibly can.”

  83. Sorry Dru, but shouldn’t everyone be playing as hard as they possibly can all the time?? And isn’t that why you’re the cpatain, to make sure of that??

  84. Reginald Dunlop on

    zzzzzz….gotta love that demand for accountability from the captain???? hurts to use that word

  85. Does anyone in the media ask Torts about Drury and his lack of production or lack of anything at this point? It doesn’t seem like it. I don’t remember hearing Torts address this issue. Drury seems to have the media in his pocket as well. All we here from them is that he’s a “nice guy, he “cares”, and he “tries hard”.

  86. Yeah, I never understand quotes like that. We can play harder. Everyone needs to play harder. Damn, what a BS excuse. You are a pro athlete. You make all this money. PLAY HARD EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!

    You know what happens if I don’t teach hard? I get fired.

    You know what happens ro the guy who operates the ferris wheel at Bowcraft when he doesn’t work hard, and he jerks the lever too abruptly and a child falls out? He gets fired.


  87. “We could have been hungrier…I think we’ll see a different start tonight.”

    Not quite the St. Crispins Day speech…

    What an ass clown…Please let him take another shot to the head so we’ll be done with him.

  88. I absolutely lost my cool last night. I was all fired up for the first period and a half and then just completely gave up. I think I went through all the stages of addiction. Now I need a 12 step program to rid myself of this Rangers “problem” that I have.

  89. So Drury didn’t think we’d see a different start the other games? Once I would just like to see him throw a chair in the locker room or deck an opponent and get suspended

  90. In slight fairness to Torts, he doesn’t give Drury ice time like he’s an elite player. He hasn’t bashed him in the press but he also doesn’t reward him with top minutes either.

    I can just picture Nasty going Torts on his students…”learn faster fools, you read the books, you take tests. Get it through your not quite developed skulls that you need to learn the quadratic formula!!!”

  91. Man its cold out, gotta tough it out and start drinking in the Nassau parking lot before the game lol

  92. Doodie Machetto on


    -The first goal was so bad that even Joe Micheletti was allowed to talk for 2 minutes about it with slow-motion replay and got to say how awful the defensive play was. If he’s not Marv’d (I think you know what this means), then that’s a bad sign for Tortorella’s chances of finishing the season here.

    Also, just what the low traffic on your blog needed: awful play from the Rangers.


  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, anyone else have everything from The Messiah’s post down crossed out?

    And God I hope that Sather gets fired.

  94. Carp great post.
    Nasty I agree that it looked like Hank was ready to tee off on his teammates.

    I hated the boring play last year under Renney and now I see no defense and no offense.
    What in firetruckin holy hell is going on?

    Wake up already or did we die from the safe is death type of hockey?

  95. Observations from last night’s game…

    1) Redden ABSOLUTELY deserves to be benched. He played the worst game I’ve seen him play in a long while. Could the guy be ANY softer on the puck?!?! Our defense is SOOOOO weak! Did you see when he vacated the front of the net to join his defensive partner in the corner, leaving the Islanders a wide open lane? Again, I think Lundqvist bailed us out of that one. He just skates around like a scarecrow out there. He doesn’t take the body AT ALL. If he isn’t 100% then he shouldn’t play; and if he plays like that healthy he shouldn’t play. Either way he shouldn’t play.

    2) Again, Gaborik can not do it all by himself and I am getting the sense that he is trying to. He’s taking little garbage shots when he has the chance because he is being forced to do so. He knows that nobody else can put the biscuit in the basket so he’d rather take a low percentage shot than try to pass it to his talentless linemates.

    3a) Can these guys GO TO THE MIDDLE?!? PLEASE?!? They do the same thing every game. They come down the wing and lose the puck on the boards or behind the net. Come down the wing and get the puck to the MIDDLE!!! Someone, of course, needs to be driving to the net in order for this to happen, but STILL!

    3b) Did anyone ever watch Gretzky? Dumb question, I know. What would he do when he entered the zone? He would come in at full speed and CIRCLE back towards the point to open up some ice with which he could either shoot, pass, or skate to a different area. why do the Rangers feel the need to keep going down the sideboards? All they do is lose the puck! Give yourself and your linemates some options out there.

    4) I think Lundqvist needs a break for his own sanity. He’s playing well but I could see some serious burnout coming if the team keeps playing in front of him like this.

    5) I LOVED how fired up Mike Sullivan was at the end of the 1st period. They should suit him up! John Giannone definitely cut that interview a little short. I think he was scared.

    6) At this point you can see the frustration on Torts’ face with almost every shift. There is only so much you can do as a coach. He simply does not have the personnel to carry out his game plan. It’s not like he tells these guys to play like wusses in practice yet they continue to make the same boneheaded mistakes over and over and over again. what’s a coach to do?

    which leads me to…


  96. Doodie, I was thinking the same thing. I was shocked at how honest and critical everyone on MSG was on the postgame show.Especially that shill Trautwig. It makes me think something is up.

  97. Want proof that we Ranger fans are sick? How many of you (us) continue to read all the comments, even through the stricken text? Can’t shake this Rangers disease.

  98. TONY

    You might be right, bu he asked a question that Sully thought was great, so it calmed him down, and stopped Giannone’s piss from reaching his socks.

    I hope Torts doesn’t get fired, but If he does, then I hope that Sully doesn’t get fired as well.

  99. agree that the media is soft on Drury. look at today’s column by Brooks. he lambastes Torts, Redden and Rosival, and rightly so. but he says Drury is “earnest but ineffective” and talks about reducing his minutes, not benching his ass, or stripping his C

    and nothing about Sather, the devil incarnate

  100. Replace Sather with Schoenfeld. Aside from Gaborik and Lundqvist, the Rangers are a team full of role players. Sather blew it when he signed Redden and resigned Rozsival. Both players are absolutely useless. He should have kept Gomez and dumped Drury. The kiddie korps of Staal, Girardi, and Del Zotto are fine, but the rest of the defense should be monsters like Beck, Huber, and Beukeboom were. The Rangers have gotten away from the big defensemen philosophy that earned them respect in the ’80s after getting pushed around during the ’70s. Nobody clears the front of the net or plays the body. Nobody keeps their sticks on the ice either, so opponents make plays through lanes with impunity. Nobody weaves through lanes in the middle on offense, etc., etc. Sather lost his touch for evaluating chemistry a long time ago, if he ever had it. Maybe the Oilers were just a happy accident for him. Fire Sather now, Dolan!

  101. I think, without a shadow of a doubt, that Giannone had to change his shorts after that Sullivan interview. Hopefully some of the Rangers had to change theirs as well after he got into that locker room.

    It doesn’t matter, though. How many times can you be read the riot act? When does it lose it’s effectiveness? At this point I think only change can right this sinking ship. These players can not carry out the game plan no matter how hard they try (or don’t try).

  102. Blogmama – I’m still seeing all the strikeouts in the posts as well as all the other text on the page…

  103. Shake it up:

    1. Waive, then send to Hartford 2 from this list:
    You need cap space to make moves.

    2. The 3 not going to Hartford need to watch from upstairs for awhile.

    3. Bring up Gilroy, Sauer, Potter..the young guys need to start pushing the guys who are here and feel threatened.

    4. Try Gilroy up front….he’s got the skill and has played there. Sauer and Potter will play tougher if that’s their instruction and they want to stay.

    5. Play Chritensen….by his own admission this could be his last chance….you’ll get effort from him…but he has to play more than 5 minutes for the game.

    6. Use Boyle on the PP to stand in front of the net and give Gaborik and MDZ room to operate. If Torts isn’t going to use Kotalik then give Heikennen a shot on the point.

    7. Replace Sather with Schoenfeld….he is on the ice with the players at practice and will get their attention when he is the man.

  104. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Umm I disagree

    These benchings are falling on Torts Lack of balls

    ohh bench Kotalik. HE played 5 MINUTES last night!!!

    Im not impressed with this pansified coach, for all of his tough words last night, he does NOTHING.

    How are the boys gonna play tongiht? “I have no idea”

    SHut the F up and put your money where your mouth is.

    And Hank should absolutely NOT PLAY TONIGHT

    YEah burn him out with 8 straight games so you can have a 1% chance of winning 1 Game in your last 8

    IT is absolutely pathetic that the people responsible for horrible play are still playing tonight

    Rosival on the top pair with Staal?
    Drury still in the lineup?

    And BRashear? what purpose is it dressing him tonight? to not fight, not hit, and play 3 minutes?

    Im sorry for this Carp, But this is a fucking disgrace


    I do hope we lsoe tonight, then maybe SAther will have a heart attack AND DIE ALREADY

  105. I agree with playing Gilroy on the wing. he would be more effective than most of their current wingers. he can skate and handle the puck like few forwards they have.

  106. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Thats all that can be said

    Torts is pathetic for these bogus BENCHINGS
    PAthetic Sather is still alive DIE ALREADY
    PAthetic DRURY & tgo subject Hank to another game in front of these worthless losers to try and squeak out a win


    I hope we lose tonight, then maybe some heads will roll

  107. Torts should spend less time punishing individual players and more time doing his job–come up with a scheme to beat the Isles forecheck! As the man who should be captain said, They played the exact same game as the first match of the season. Torts post game interview said it all. He ‘doesn’t have an explanation.” We do–coach your damn team and stop cursing and demoting players.
    Of course Redden deserved to be benched, along with half the team. Thsi will do nothing except alienate his players from him and the team which has little chemistry in the first place aside from Gaborik and Prospal As for Kotalik, I don’t think Torts has any idea how to motivate European, let alone Russian players. This move is going to smother Kotalik and he’s going to turn into another head case like Zherdev. How can he scratch Kotalik and not Drury, or at least Rosy? Rosy looks like he doesn’t even belong in the NHL, let alone the starting defenseman’s job he has. Screw his no trade clause. Dump this guy. He has no legs. No aggressiveness. Never takes the body. Always gets penalized for stick fouls. Because he can no longer skate. He’s so flatfooted he’d be rejected as an Army recruit.

  108. Playing Gilroy on the wing does nothing for Gilroy’s progress as a defenseman. They need to let him develop AS a defenseman. The last thing the Rangers need is another band-aid in their lineup. What they DO need is a legitimate scoring threat on TWO lines. They need a trade- plain and simple. I’m tired of the Rangers getting players to plug holes. You keep trying to plug holes and eventually the whole thing breaks. This is what we’re seeing. COLLAPSE! Get some LEGITIMATE guys with LEGITIMATE talent. Enough small, “nice” little players who can play on the 4th line. They need a major overhaul. Unfortunately, I think sather has backed himself into a corner in regards to salary cap space and overpaid, untalented veterans. It’s seeming pretty damn hopeless if you ask me.

  109. -Christensen has/had a huge shot, I would like to see him playing a few more minutes with a line that can open him up a bit of room.- He has been with us for a while now and I dont recall seeing him in any meaningful situations. I dont know the coaches evaluation process, but I would guess it would involve more than a brief shift.

  110. Their contracts are guaranteed. They’ll get paid no matter what happens. They’re not worried. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, some of them even want to win.

  111. Gilroy is not physical enough to play D here. that showed as his biggest problem back there. the Rangers need more jam from their Dmen, and you can’t make Gilroy into a tough guy, but you can use him to his best assets, which is his skating and offense, and also he was always a forward before he simply volunteered to play D in college because that is where that team was weak.

  112. More Ranger futility: On offense, weave, drop, shoot, weave, drop, shoot is what they don’t do. Nor do they shoot unexpectedly on goalies to get rebounds and caroms. How many times have we seen the Rangers overpass to the point of taking themselves out of the play? What this team doesn’t realize is that mayhem produces goals, too. As for defense, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit. These mama’s boys don’t understand that they have to get inside their opponents heads with the fear that every time opponents cross the blue line or go near the boards, they’ll expect to be crunched. Just look at Redden’s play last night: the worst game I’ve ever seen a defenseman play. And Rozsival always gets beaten to the puck when he’s ahead of his pursuer because he always pulls up at the last second as he looks around instead of digging for the puck. He’s more concerned with avoiding the hit. Watch him retreat to the slot while backchecking instead of stepping up to the attacker and pushing him outside. He’s a real weenie…the type of defenseman Sather loves.

  113. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    So what if they win tonight, all will be forgiven?
    The season will be saved?
    “yada yada yada”,(thanks Elaine)

  114. Really sad about the WR on the Bengals.

    Willie Huber wasn’t physical at all. Big but not physical.

    Buy out Kotalik after this year. $1 million for four years. They already waste a million dollars buy keeping Voros on the roster so he can hang out with Gaborik.

    Bought out Kotalik + let Higgins walk + get rid of Rozi=Kovalchuk. Q.E.D.

  115. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Come on now…to all my blueshirt fanatical brethren and sisteren….after we win tonight, we will be right back where we were before last nights debacle. Basically, we have reached what will hopefully be the low point of a great season that can still be sitting right in front of us.

    I am a huge supported in Coach. In Torts I trust. His passion in last night’s post game is just one of many reasons I like him and his style.

    Hoefully we will find a way to purge ouselves of Rozival and Redden, put in both Sanguinetti and Gilroy. Play all the kids…Staal, DZ, Heikkenen, Sanguinetti, Gilroy,
    get rid of Drury and Avery…put Dubie back between Gabby and Vinny….Let Cally, Higgins and Lisin be the second line, let AA, Kotalik and Christensen be the third line, who cares about the 4th line as Coach T doesn’t like to play 4 lines anyway (Boyle/Brashear/Voros/whatever)

    Come on boys, lets rally on the Island tonight and start to get on a roll…..

  116. Tony – I agree 100% with them not going to the middle. I said that once they started to slide that they looked like last years team, just shooting from the outside and hoping stuff went in.

    Also the problem with this team isn’t the scoring. Its the fact that they don’t have anybody to setup the scorers. Higgins is a skilled player, probably the 2nd best winger on the team, but he is trying to carry the puck too much because he naturally is a scorer. If you give the guy a real center who can setup plays, hold the puck, and make quality passes, he’d have 10-15 goals by now.

    We can’t score because we don’t have centers that are natural playmakers. If we trade for a pass first guy or two (which we can’t because we don’t have the pieces), the difference in how the team played would be amazing.

  117. Hey, has anybody noticed the similarities between the Rangers’ season and the Giants’ season? Fast start, fast fade. The Rangers are far more effective when they get out of their own end fast (no waiting behind the net), just as Eli Manning is more effective running a two-minute offense. Nothing concentrates the mind like speed and pressure. Sometimes you have to manage people by not letting them have time to think – just react. And if you have personnel that thrives under those kinds of conditions, you also have the advantage of keeping your opponents back on their heels. No rocket science here.

  118. Sorry for the Kotalik error, CCCP. My bad. I was too upset writing it. I still say he doesn’t get European players at all, Russian’s included. Doesn’t get their demeanor or how to motivate them. Negative reinforecemnt doesn’t work. When have his Draconian tactics ever worked? And I like Kotalik’s game, even though like everyone, he makes mindless unforced errors at times.
    Good post by Jean Ratelle. When our forwards skate across the circle, if you can’t shoot it, pass it. If you can’t do that, dump it in. Or you can always CIRCLE BACK TO THE POINT and see if anything else develops! That’s something TORTS has obviously never instructed them to do. Watch Gretsky, yes!

  119. Also to go along with my previous post, a guy like Gomez would actually be decent on this team. Not great, but he’d be able to setup guys like Gaborik and Higgins.

    Last year we probably had too many pass first guys, this year we have too many shoot first guys. We need a balance of the two, which is why our early teams post lockout scored so much.

  120. The “moment of the week” on rangers.com this week was Gaborik’s 1st period goal against Buffalo, when the Sabres won 3-2.

    Candidates for next week:

    a) Dubinsky wins a faceoff against the Islanders
    b) Lundqvist stops a shot from the point against Atlanta
    c) Rangers get two shots on goal during a power play

  121. FLY line, it appears I was wrong for the first time (or maybe the second time … today).

    Reg, I’d be up for Kocur coming back in any capacity.

    Banj, Ha Ha. Zip, zip, it is done.

    Doodie, and the feats of strength.

    Tony, no.

    Now, on to the Sather rumor. Please. PLEASE! We’re going to believe Craig Carton, who does nothing but bathroom humor, is an insider? And that anybody — ANYBODY — knows what Dolan is thinking? PLEASE. I could turn out to be totally wrong, but I think Sather is in no danger at all, at least until after the season.

    And I’ll weigh in on the weak-ass decision to scratch Redden and Kotalik later. Might as well show them tape of last night’s game and say, “Atta boy, you guys did just fine last night.”

  122. It’s a good thing was busy at work. This blog went nuts today. If the team had shown half of the emotions we’ve produced today, we’d be talking the Cup.

  123. fIREHOSE –

    “Candidates for next week:
    a) Dubinsky wins a faceoff against the Islanders
    b) Lundqvist stops a shot from the point against Atlanta
    c) Rangers get two shots on goal during a power play”

    literally laughing out loud at the office!!! Absolutely priceless…….

  124. These two moves by Torts just confirm that his hands are tied up. Too bad, we may never find out what he can actually do for this team. He was never given a fair chance first time around, and now it appears to be even more frustrating for him.

  125. Carp – if you get the chance, can you ask someone if the lack of scoring is due to the team not having a true playmaker? I only say that because I feel both fans and the team think they just don’t have guys that can score when I honestly think its the fact that they don’t have guys who can hold the puck and setup other players with it.

    You see it in the offensive zone because they rarely have a couple tape to tape passes in a row because they lack that guy who sets up plays by possessing and getting it to the scorers in scoring positions in the slot.

  126. I think the funniest thing about all this is that we all bleed blue every day and actually indirectly pay the salaries of Sather, Torts, etc. Here we are trying our best to fix THEIR problems. I mean, being a critic is easy but some of the things we all point out are fairly rudimentary. You’d think they could get SOME things right once in a while. God, these guys are clueless. Could Redden and Roszival’s play be any clearer? I mean, what does it take to bench these guys? Is it THAT hard? Is it that much of a Where’s Waldo to see that Drury needs a reduction in ice time? What do these guys do every day? If sather spent as much time on this team as he does picking out his cigars we might not end up in the basement of the standings!

  127. Where's Pavelich? on

    Nasty – I totally caught Hank hold himself up – I have to believe that was b/c Shanny said something to him a couple years back, when they were going throiugh a similar slump.. Hank is press-savvy and know who to listen to..do ya think Drury has that same sort of presence???

    …benching Kotalik hurts the PP – and he already has been benched .. yeah, the puck jumnped over his stick, but he is key on the PP at 3mil with his shot he shld play.. bench Drury/Brash/Boyle – they provide zero offense

  128. I was at the game last night with my dad and we couldnt believe how often torts was changing the lines up. It felt like w/ every shift there was a new combo out there– oh and btw i am so glad we decided to sign brashear not orr.. job well done sather– you putz.

  129. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Tony from AZ – I HATE the Islanders, but if a loss will get Drury benched, so be it. It HAS TO HAPPEN OR he HAS TO be stripped of the “C”, period.

    Carp; PLease ask Torts tonight in the post game why Drury is immune from being benched?

    I knwo Torts will prob rip your head off, but you can try right?

    And after reading the last line of your post, Torts has ALREADY FAILED!!

    How hard is it, if we , as fans, with limited to amateur hoceky knowledge know and for the most part agree, on who should be benched, and yet the coaching staff refuses to, or is nto allowed to make the appropriate moves?

    I’ll say it again, PATHETIC

  130. To add to an insult: Torts’ effing tie was pretty bad too. Again. Wait a second, maybe it’s a tie? So the worse is his tie, the worse they play? I’m sure there are some fashion designers on RR. Hello? Guys, girls? HELP!!!

  131. Jonny D-

    I see your point about playmakers and guys who can carry the puck. I do. But the Rangers don’t have any true snipers sans Gaborik. I actually mentioned in an earlier post that they would have been better off with Gomez than Drury because Gomez can actually carry the puck into the zone and he is no doubt a great passer. Yeah, the Rangers need set-up guys but they also need guys who can hit the twine. No one has that true scoring touch that Gaborik has. Higgins in normally a 20 goal scorer. That’s not exactly a sniper, per se. There are plenty of 20 goal scorers out there. They need a 30-40 goal scorer that plays on the 2nd line so that the opposing team can’t throw their top line against him on every shift.

    Hell, they need a lot of things. Things they haven’t got. Things they can’t afford. But the thing they need more than anything is a little more heart.

  132. Guys, much as I’d love them to do it, I can’t see them scratching the captain. Can anyone remember a time when a captain got healthy scratched? They’ll strip him first, and I can’t see that either.

    I would love for Sather to be fired, but I can’t root for them to lose. Sorry. And those calling for tanking the season, forget it. You’re delusional if you think Dolan will allow that (which means in all likelihood empty seats and lower season subscription renewal rate next year), and one player isn’t gonna turn this around. The Red Wings have done just fine drafting late, so you don’t need #1 picks all the time.

  133. no, Christensen and Sangs are in. but why is Voros not in to replace useless huggy. the Isles have no goon,so why dress huggy. at least Voros will go in the corners and get in front of the net. he can’t skate, he can’t fight, but at least he gives an honest effort, which is what was lacking last night.

    of course, Drury and rosival should also be benched and Sather should be fired . but all that goes without saying.

  134. Johnny D
    I don’t think it’s a lack of a play maker. Absent last night, they’ve had enough opportunities. It’s a lack of play “finishers”. How many opportunities does Higgins need? Avery? Kotalik?
    Nothing illustrates that more than the loss against the Thrashers. Gaborik gets a sweet pass from Del Z and buries it with a perfect shot, just inside the post,even as the goalie is sliding over to defend. Contrast that with Kotalik who had a wide open net, and put the puck along the ice in the only place the goalie COULD have (and did) made the save. There’s your difference between an elite sniper and just another player taking a shot. We’ve had enough shots. We just don’t have enough “finishers”.

  135. Jonny, it’s called skill. They don’t have passers or scorers or puck-handlers or puck-carriers … that’s why I keep it simple and say they have one first-line player and whole slew of third-liners, some of whom should be good enough to play on the second line, but aren’t playing well enough to play at all.

    NYR, Redden is being sat down because of his dreadful play on the first goal. It was awful. I still don’t think he should be the scapegoat.

  136. Carp just said “weak ass”…. I like the (firetruck) emotion, now only if our (pooping) hockey team had any!

  137. Shoryuken on Wade Redden – sorry pal but you’re clueless.

    the red wings have scouts capable of finding talent in the later rounds of the drafts.

    the rangers have a hard enough time finding talent in the first round.

    the dolan’s have no control over whether this team tanks or not. the team that sather assembled can’t win games. period. the dolan’s have no control over winning or losing. they’re stuck with the team sather has put together and its beyond repair. wake up, they’re already tanking. you can cheer em on all you want but if you keep putting your money in the dolan’s wallet, you’re part of the problem.

  138. RealMikey, I won’t be there to ask that question tonight … but I wouldn’t ask it anyway because he wouldn’t answer it.

    Just do you guys know … last night was the first time this season we went over 10,000 page views. Today already, with a game to go tonight, we’re at around 9,500!! So bad there means good here, I guess.

    But it also shows what I always knew, about how much you Boneheads really care. And need a place to vent.

  139. Calling Scotty Gomez to ask if this could be considered as “rock bottom”

    “Hola, this is Scotty… sorry, but I cannot answer you call at the moment… im at the bank depositing my pay-check… but you can always call back later! Ciao!”

    …aight…i will try again later :)

  140. Torts has put so many people in the doghouse that the whole team soon may tune him out.
    On Kotalik,I used to see him make the same mistakes on the power play when he was with Buffalo. But they were smarter. They put him down at the left slot. He would have a backup for most of the time.
    Torts should watch more of what other teams do. Right now I think he is too frustrated. Another month of this and we may see Mark Messier to the rescue.

  141. no to mess as gm. definitely no to gretz as coach.

    i think sather retires before he ever gets fired because i don’t think the dolan’s ever get off their asses and try to fix the mess they’ve created by keeping him here as long as they have.

    it always starts at the top. they’re the problem. no dolans = no sather. no sather = no redden, rozi, kotalik, voros, drury, gomez. maybe even a better draft record.

    we’re living in a nightmare.

  142. Carp – I agree to a certain point. But at the same time, when you have a team that just rushes into the zone and shoots from the boards, the chances of those shots going in are so slim. The goalie never leaves his line, the defense doesn’t have to really “defend”, and because they shoot from the outside, the chances of the shots missing the net and flying around the boards lead to an easier breakout for the other team.

    If they possess the puck, hold onto it instead of shooting, and make a couple quick passes while cycling to open up room to go to the slot, the chances those guys you call 3rd liners will be much better. When they were scoring all those goals, they were actually shooting less, especially from the outside. Instead they skated around the outside and kept the d-men and goalie moving to free up slot space. Once they got it they fired a pass there and scored. Kind of like the Isles first goal, sure it was a fluke and a bad play by Redden and Dubi, but the puck was fired from one side to the other (because Sim went to the crease) and Hillen picked it up and skated behind the net and around. Mind you it was a terrible goal, but they had movement and created lanes to pass.

    Right now it just seems like nobody wants to hold the puck. They are letting off crappy shots from the boards that will never go in. They pass it back to the D and they float shots in at waist level, 75% of which get blocked (mostly because they have such little time to shoot since there is no movement down low forcing opposing wingers to be on their toes). Overall they aren’t moving enough in the zone to keep goalies and defenses honest.

  143. I really dont know if I want them to win anymore…

    I’m really torn. I feel like losing will help in the long run.

    I’ll say this, for the first time in my life I’m not angry or sad or surprised when they lose. Is that bad?


    I was working on a crossword puzzle in the paper on the train the other day. The clue was “clutch”. Naturally, I thought of Dreary. Guess what sports fans? He didn’t fit there either! Let them all take public transporation to the game tonight. See who really wants to play!

  145. Someone please tell Chris Drury actions speak louder than words. You can say I care so much all you want off ice, but it doesn’t matter if your not doing anything. I swear we should be booing his *ss too. Who cares if he cries.

  146. That’s why I said they don’t have a playmaker. A guy like Savard or Thornton would hold the puck, move around a bit and get guys focused on him. His teammates would help him cycle, and the second he saw someone rotating to the slot, the puck would be on his stick as he enters that area. I know those are 2 of the best playmakers in the league, but there are so many pass first guys that can do that and don’t cost nearly as much. We seem to have 0 of them (maybe Arty but thats about it).

  147. Carp
    they are not playing as the second line players because their confidence is shot. They can’t even accept the pass. They get the puck and treat like a hot potato.

    And all of you who believe in that BS Carton- get your heads checked. Sather isn’t going anywhere. All he’ll do is maybe allow Torts more leverage, but as long as it isn’t to an extend as to send his big contracts to AHL.

    And if you think Dolan is paying any attention, think again. I’m not so sure he remembers he owns this team…

  148. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    This is why Im so down on our team right now.
    And I’ve said it before, if by end of Jan were below 500, we aint making the playoffs

    13 games in Dec
    6 games played so far
    7 games left
    Dec Record: 1-3-2
    # of Players who have scored goals in December:
    Gaborik, Callahan, Lisin
    Max Goals scored per game in Dec: 2
    Players with a minus rating: 15
    Players with a plus/even rating: 6
    Players with more than 20 Goals: 1
    Players with more than 10 Goals: 1
    Players with 5 or more Goals: 5
    Losses in a row: 5

    And of course, our Captain’s stats:
    Goals 2/Assists 7/ Plus-Minus: -9

    THese are the facts
    This is why I am depressed

    lets go rangers (if I could type this in a smaller font i would)

    See you all tomorrow

  149. johnny d – yea. we don’t have a playmaker but just adding one playmaker to this team doesn’t fix it. there’s gaping holes everywhere.

    has anyone thought about how ugly this gets if gabby gets hurt and has to sit out for an extended period of time?


  150. slat-a-potamus on

    don’t forget. Sather was not fired in ’04 when things were real bad, instead Dolan said he loved him and would never fire him. and Sather was so hated he could not even show his face at Ranger charity events.

    and Sather is president and GM. so no, the only way he moves is upstairs. he will appoint his own puppet as GM and move upstairs as president only, and he will still call the shots and pull the strings from up there.

    so this franchise is doomed unless a miracle happens.

  151. If Gabby goes down for more than 10 games we might as well start talking about the draft, they way we’re going we’re going to have a high pick anyway!

  152. Where's Pavelich? on

    patrick – decent read.. I am hesitent to call locke, or even Grach, future “stars” at this point, but I get the idea…

    yes, get Sather OUT, but a new GM can only effect changes if he is allowed to waive the “cap eaters”.. otherwise, maybe we get into the lottery, no wait, Gaborik will keep keep from doing that.. DANG! Slats screwed us again!

  153. @ slat-a-potamus – yepp. doom and gloom, my friend. doom and gloom.

    we need a new owner in order to properly fix this organization… that ain’t happening.

  154. Where's Pavelich? on

    wasnt ther talk a while back about Cablevision spinning off MSG and its related properties? What ever happened to that.. or was it just a nice dream i was having??

  155. playmaking’s one thing missing from this team, so is scoring, hitting, forechecking and whole load of other things…..

    I’m shocked – i didn’t realise we could stink so quickly. I know the team has holes but with effort you can plug a few of them for a while and buy some time for a trade or something, but when you don’t try your faults become even more apparent.

  156. Mess GM, Gretzky coach has to be a bad idea…

    I say let Schoeny finish the year as interim GM and then next year try to get Detroit’s assistant GM Jim Nill!

  157. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    I’ll say it again, Torts to TSN and Mike Keenan to replace him behind the bench. Wait for it.

  158. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    I agree about how rozy isn’t benched, even if they are showcasing him who would want him at this point is beyond me, can we “loan” him to the KHL?). Maybe torts thinks benching wade will make him mad and he will play better, and with rozy it would not make a difference either way!

    We didn’t call up a crease clearer because WE DON”T HAVE ONE!!!!

    Hank, finding out he is starting again tonight, on the phone with slatipuss “trade me right frakking now”!!

    Love the posts and comments, thanks!!!

    AWESOME!! We will have to coordinate some things!!

    This team just needs some spit and grit and spti and sticktuitiveness!!! (sorry, two small kids so I get to watch a lot of madagascar over and over and over again)!

  159. The problem is that our only scorer is also our only playmaker. He can’t pass to himself, so we’re S.O.L.

  160. No coach could get this team to execute a game plan. They do what they want. They play lazy hockey and they don’t have the talent to get to the puck, pass the puck, shoot the puck or put the puck in the net. They lack on all fronts. That recipe is not call for a new coach. It’s a cry for new players.

  161. the rangers have gone from couch potatoes to sofa king bad

    and that bad stirred Drury is sofa king awful

  162. Pavelich – you are right, Cablevision spinning off MSG is supposed to happen Q1 2010, which was pushed back from Q4 2009 (think that’s the latest). However, from http://topnews.us/content/26352-cablevision-spin-madison-square-garden-separate-company:

    The control of the new, separate Garden entity will be retained by the Dolan family that controls Cablevision by way of a special class of shares. Moreover, the separate company will continue to be managed by James L. Dolan and Hank Ratner – the Cablevision executives who presently oversee the Garden business.

    It is being assumed that the Cablevision decision to spin-off MSG apparently results from its objective to showcase its robust cable system, telecommunications and programming assets disjointedly from the Garden’s less-valuable businesses.

  163. nyrcc

    OK well let’s tank 6 seasons in a row, because that’s how many it will take to fix all the holes. I can’t wait! It sounds fun!

    You don’t “tank.” You call up kids to play. If you get high draft picks, cool. But you don’t throw in the towel with high-paid vets here.

    And maybe we should fire scouts then, if ours suck.

  164. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    wicky229: Captain’s Log: Embarking into hostile environment. Kowalski! We’ll need to win the hearts and the minds of the natives. Rico! We’ll need special tactical equipment. We’re gonna face extreme peril. Private probably won’t survive.

  165. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Do you ever see any penguins running free around New York City? Of course you don’t. We don’t belong here. It’s just not natural. This is all some kind of wacked out conspiracy. We’re going to the wide open spaces of Antarctica!

  166. It’s not the scout’s fault, it’s Sathers. He’s had ONE top 5 pick, and that was Brendl, in 1999. The rest of the time, this team was patched to either barely make the playoffs or miss it enough to not be a lottery team. Let it take its course naturally, like gov’t should’ve done without bailing out failing companies.


  167. Shoryuken…

    Scouting is one department Sather completely retooled when he came here in 2000 (Because anything pre-Sather had to be bad) so if after a decade the Rangers STILL can’t find quality players maybe they don’t know how to look.

    And I’ll take a moment to mention that Glen Sather’s SON is employed by the Rangers as a coach.

    I’m all for creating offices and titles for alumni (Graves, Leetch, Messier, etc)…But why does the GM’s son get one?

    Don’t know anything about the guy, but that always struck me as somewhat odd.

  168. Where's Pavelich? on

    Thanks Henrik, when I saw the article, I resisted reading the deatails until it got further along, as not to destroy my hopes.. hearing Dolan will still be involved really hurts

    btw, Torts good post and good job knowing what to ask Torts, so he actually says something

  169. Pavel, Brendl was Neil Smith’s pick. Sather got here in 2000.

    Hooray, I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about, but I like it.


    the rangers need to find a way to either get rid of a coach who does not have a “real” system, or they need to finally realize that sather is not a winning gm. he was a coach of pure magic, and in this opinion, has nothing to do with the winning years in edmonton. i mean, come on, really, if that team didn’t win, there was something wrong. that team could have won wearing sneakers on the ice. at any rate, i think you are dead on with benching drury. i don’t care if this guy is a good guy, or if he actually cares. he doesn’t play like it. he just is not good anymore, and i personally never thought he was. the fact that he got the C over a guy like shanny was amazing. this guy should be in hartford, not ny. he isn’t the only one either. there are plenty others. i can only hope that they clean house, get mess as gm, keenan ad coach and some players that are paid less, and care more…until then, i won’t be buying tix.

  171. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Sir, we may be out of fuel. What makes you think that? We’ve lost engine one, and engine two is no longer on fire.

  172. JFK-“ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    MLK-“I have a dream.”

    FDR-“the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

    Glen Sather-“Anybody can win with that payroll.”

  173. Wow Carp –
    great Piece and you were right on:

    Redden and Kotalik are healthy scratches tonight.

    Can you write something about the price of beer at the games?

  174. hooray, why do you think keenan has been hanging around for the post game shows and everything else MSG? you know what he is waiting for!!!! hahaha nice!

  175. I said it yesterday and I will say it again……. If you don’t put your players in a position to score, they wont. So Unless Torts explains fundamental hockey to his players, they will continue to keep 3 guys in 1 corner and nobody in front of the net and therefore…. no goals. It’s simple and you can analyze everything you want but it all comes down to fundamentals. We didn’t lose last night because Redden was out of position as always…. we lost because we barely mustered 1 goal. If Torts reads this… please….. win the battles in the crease and you win the game !!!!!! If you can’t win the corners 1 on 1 then you need to get new players !

  176. I hear Redden and Torts had words and Redden is miffed over getting benched.
    Perhaps this works out for the best.
    If Redden gets mad enough, maybe he’ll waive his no movement clause.

    of Course, whether anyone would take him is another story.

  177. MSG is finally in HD too by me, and the Rangers been so un fun to watch it doesn’t even make a difference!

  178. Carp: But it also shows what I always knew, about how much you Boneheads really care. And need a place to vent.

    Thanks for letting us vent here Carp. You are a class act. Keep up the great work.

  179. Somebody nailed it last week-the Rangers play like a pee wee club, every player on the ice chases the puck. They are always out of position. What happened to the great conditioning of the players? We’re getting killed in the 3rd period.

    When does Lundqvist get his defensemen together and hand their balls to them about leaving him by himself? Clearing the crease is basic hockey. Every forward knows if you’re going to park in the crease, your back will be abused. Unless you play the Rangers.

    This team doesn’t stand up for each other. Except fot Cally and Voros, who throws their body around? Higgie-alittle bit. If they do impede anybody, it’s like,”excuse me.” I have to work 2 nite and will miss the game. I don’t know if that’s good or not.

  180. I don’t think any of the players are going to the front of the net because they are wussies, they don’t want to take a little abuse. The only player I sometimes see in front is callahan.

  181. ThisYearsModel on

    The nexy time Lundqvist gets run he needs to slash one of his defensemen in the onions. That’ll wake them all up.

  182. Ah my bad, I thought Slats came in the late 90s for some reason… actually.. to spin this to make myself look better… Slats tried too many short-term solutions, just so Dolan could get his two playoff home-game money.

    A HA!

  183. Carp, I think a record may be set today for pre-game posts, and by the end of the night, oh boy…..!

    All, I’ll be out watching the game tonight, which makes me sofa king sad cause I’d sure like to be here, but I’ll check in after.

    I gotta say it…LGR!!!!!!

  184. Shoryuken on Wade Redden – i’m not suggesting they tank for 6 straight years to fix their problems. i’m not even suggesting they tank right now because i don’t have to. the team is doing it on their own. all i’m saying is this would be a better team with kabanov or hall in the line up next year. there’s no way to fix this team with trades or signing free agents. they need to draft better and they need some talent so that our top 6 isn’t filled with bottom 6 guys who are supposed to produce but can’t because they aren’t in a position to succeed.

  185. Rob E – Wade doesn’t have a No Movement Clause. He only has a Partial No Trade (I think a handful of teams he gets to pick he doesn’t want to go to). We can send him to Hartford as long as he clears waivers.

  186. 300th!

    same draft as Lundmark. A lot of GMs thought Brendl was going to be something special. A few thought he would be a bust.

    to repeat: new post.

  187. Linda, even though, i’m a guy, days of our lives is one of my all time favorites. Recently i havent liked it though. they’ve been getting rid of all the good actors and replacing them with corny “teenagers”

  188. Just a thought . Take up a collection from that fledging newspaper of yours so you can see and understand hockey by watching the NHL package. I’d be glad to to put in a contribution to get accountable sports writing. You sound quite like Russ and Sarah.

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