Rangers at Islanders


First things first. Sather isn’t getting fired tonight or tomorrow or any time soon. I will be flabbergasted if he does.

Next, for those just joining the Festivus universe for the first time today, Tortorella’s tough-guy action was wishy-washy at best. He is prucha-ing Redden and Kotalik tonight, and inserting Sanguinetti and Christensen.

That sends a message, but not nearly enough of a message in my opinion. Then again, if he wins with it tonight, he’s right and maybe he got their attention and maybe Redden and Kotalik play better when they come back. If he loses, then he’s got to go deeper — Drury, Rozsival — for the next game or else he has to stop this macho b.s. act.

I would have de-prucha’d Voros to give the Rangers a fourth line with some — in Tortorella’s word — jam, maybe let them have a couple of synchronized fights early in the game, establish a little “we’re not gonna take it” identity.

I think there’s a good chance the Rangers come back and win tonight, because A) the Islanders aren’t very good; B) I thought the “effort” was pretty good in four of the previous five games (good enough to win most nights); and C) bad as they were, they still could have won last night at MSG. I also think there was a fair amount of humiliation after that game, and nothing creates focus and determination better than that.

But if they don’t, then we will certainly have a lot to discuss — Dolan, Sather, Torts, Drury, Rozsival, Redden — in the coming days, won’t we?


I just watched the Yankees lose Game 5 to the Mariners in 1995 on MLB Network. Alex Rodriguez was so young that they weren’t even calling him A-Rod yet. And Jeter was just a callup on the bench.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes. Stop by early and often. Enjoy.

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  1. repost

    look as bad as they were last year in January-February I never turned on a game thinking they would lose.

    The past 3-4 weeks I turn on the game and expect that they have little to no chance of winning, even against the islanders. Even when the RAngers are good they lose to the Islandsers.

  2. what do you bet that Drury will be moved up to replace Christensen before the game is half over. if that happens, then Torts is more bs and all bark

  3. Player only meeting today…held by lundqvist and avery…not by drury, nice to see the captain doing his job…also got to love avery stepping up like that.

  4. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    wow I got tons to catch up on, but Drury to the 4th line? He’s still getting minutes???? I’m wondering if he’ll ever get prucha’d. I’d rather see Voros than brastrap too.

  5. Carp, I posted this last night. I did not see your response (sorry if I missed it), but can you comment on what I asked yesterday:

    Carp, I heard your interview with Dave on 1050 between periods, nice job. Just curious…Does Dave say anything negative about the team/players and how they are performing when you guys are not on air? Obviously, if he does I do not expect you to say what he exactly says because that remains private, but I just wanted to know if he said stuff about the team off air. I am wondering because I can see him doing such a thing.

  6. “well, drury on the fourth line is at least a bit of a statement to the captain and the team, isn’t it?”


    yeah…that’s a 8 mil dollars statement to be exact…

  7. I dont think carp will comment on that but by just hearing the things Dave says on the air im sure he has a lot more to say off the air. Dave is one of the only guys around this team and organization that tells it like it is year in and year out. I love him for that

  8. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    I heard from Mako earlier today. There were some complications and they wound up not doing the surgery. His dad IS stable and, from what he said earlier, doing fine. He also said to tell you guys hi and thanks for thinking of him and his family.

  9. I can’t stop laughing every time I hear last night’s post-game conference. Tortorella definitely had a lot of JAM in that session.

    Anyway, I do not expect a win tonight. Yeah, Rangers will try to play hard in the first five minutes, but they’ll revert to old habits very quickly. Besides, it really isn’t a lack of effort that’s killing this team; it’s a lack of grit and offensive talent.

  10. wow i work a double today and missed alot of news!! sathers still here. forever baby!!! dru on 4th line? ha!! yea for the first shift. then christensen gets demoted. we’ll see. any, lets go rangers!!!! do it for the stogeyslats!!

  11. Adam, I am obviously not going to get Dave Maloney in trouble … let’s just say he’s honest … more honest than he is on the air. And I think he takes it pretty far on the air, too.

  12. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    14-16-3,thats just baaaaaaaad! oh debs hair looks cool.

    why is redden sitting and not rozsival??? how does rozi continue to get minutes when he’s just a horror show on ice! Rozsival and drury are tim burtons idea of hockey players, DREADFUL!

  13. If a players only meeting was called by Avery and Henrik…and NOT by Captain Drury…Well, that should tell anybody all they need to know about the complete and utter LACK of leadership from Millionaire Mercenary Man Chris Drury.

  14. I got to go finish some work stuff. I’ll be behind by an hour. Have fun. Darn, love blooding during the game. Anyway, Fishsticks are going down. Bad. Brash and Aves with fights. Everything is kosher tomorrow in the Rangers universe.

  15. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    Carp, I will send your regards to sharkie. He also said he misses everyone and LETS GO RANGERS!

  16. so, if they win tonight, credit Aves and Hank, because they took it upon themselves to hold the players meeting, not Dreary. Torts barking is irrelevant, it is the players who must respond for each other, not the coach.

  17. Drury on the 4th line?


    “You stickin it to me?! STICKIN IT!!!”

  18. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    what exactly does drury do as captain? get the best tables at restaurants and bring cookies from the dreary wife? How doe HE not call a meeting???? Mess would be pulling out his hair if he had any!!!

  19. Riche’ – “You stickin it to me?! STICKIN IT!”

    Catch the 6pm Seinfeld on TBS, too? LOL!!

    What does Drury do as Captain? What does he do as an NHL player???

    Man alive, I can’t believe a players only meeting had to be called by someone other than the man that has been given the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of being Captain of the Rangers.

    Drury is writing the book on how to NOT be a captain. I mean, you’d think he was going out of his way to figure out how best NOT to lead.

  20. Anyone have a LINK to the game? channelsurfing.net’s link requires a password for whomever’s streaming it via justin.tv. If someone could post a link so I can watch this trainwreck of a team, I’d greatly appreciate it…thanks!! ;)

  21. password* just want to wanr you though its an islander feed so you will hear how the announcers think they are great

  22. Tank The Season on

    Who’s worse: Chris Drury, or Kirk Muller from the time he was on the Islanders until the end of his career?

    Drury reminds me so much of Muller its not even funny.

  23. Uninspired hockey this period.. yet again.. first goal is so huge bc if we let it up its gona be that “here we go again” attitude for the players.. if they get on the board first then maybe just maybe they will actually get INTO the game..

  24. Salty – the penalties always mess up the flow of lines, have to see a few mins of even strength in a row to see if he got promoted off of the 4th line yet or not

  25. WHAT AN UGLY GOAL, but who cares we needed it… gaborik should have shot it originally he had the whole right side of the net, on a bad angle but still its gaborik.. glad we got one out of it though

  26. Anisimov 12 seconds of regular strength time, 54 seconds of penalty killing time…

    What’d this kid do to deserve no ice time?

  27. this is like one of those frustrating games in the video game NHL 09, ur outshooting the computer 11-2 but the computer has a goal on one of those 2 shots and you have none.. oh well, no sympathy for the isles from me

  28. yea i agree this is BS with anisimov not getting playing time what did he do, hes one of the few guys that is always skating hard and actually making plays in the offensive zone.. ridiculous

  29. Chuck – I’m with you. I keep thinking Detlef Schrempf too. And I always hear Blake Comb-Over in my head.

    1-0 lead aside (and a type of goal “that we don’t get”), the fact that a better level of effort still leads to being outshot 10-1 after 10 minutes doesn’t bode well.

  30. hahaha Rob M, didn’t play 09, but in 08, I’d outshoot opponents 40-15 some games and lose 5 – 1…

  31. Now that is CLUTCH!!! And also the worst thing that can happen to us! He just bought himself another 25 games of doing nothing.

  32. never thought i’d say I DIDNT want Captain crotch to score…. that just means more icetime…ugggh

  33. if he missed that one that would have called for a decaptaincy, benching, scratching, and waive all in one

  34. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    December 17th, 2009 at 7:39 pm
    Now that is CLUTCH!!! And also the worst thing that can happen to us! He just bought himself another 25 games of doing nothing.


    so sad, and sooooooooooooo true.

  35. Drurys in the locker room first. he wants to look in the mirror and wink at himself saying “thats for you glennie.”

  36. Hank kept them in it. the start looked like last night. and then they begin to get a little confidence.

  37. Drurys in the locker room first. he wants to look in the mirror and wink at himself saying “thats for you glennie.”

    HA HA

  38. Drury always scores on Long Island. I don’t know why. It was the one thing we didn’t need to happen tonight and it did. Drury scoring just killed the Rangers season.

  39. *Well I guess that absolves Drury for another 20 games.*


    Another 20 games??? No-movement clause + $35 million = Captain Clutch is absolved for another 2 1/2 seasons! What are they gonna do? Bench me??? Ha-Ha!

    What a CLUTCH goal by Captain Clutch!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it so much! Captain Clutch always comes up BIG vs. elite teams like the Islanders!

    Captain Clutch can see the post-game headlines now:

    “Drury scores CLUTCH goal, turns Rangers season around!”

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

    Captain Clutch can see the post-game headlines now!

  40. Drury didn’t last long on the fourth line. Didn’t even see him out there with Boyle and Brash once.

  41. Del Zotto is amazing. Plays a solid first period, then throws a wig on and does the intermission report on MSG +. This guys the real deal.

  42. Try and put Captain Clutch on the 4th line!!! See what happens! What a winner! Now Coach Lunatic Torts has an excuse to keep me off the 4th line!!! Captain Clutch knows that depresses you guys! See you guys in the Top 6 again! Ha-Ha!

  43. It’s getting chilly down here…

    Who scored for the Rangers?

    Not Drury!? Sheesh… better get out my parka.

  44. Nancy Dru will probably ride this one goal to Team USA captaincy too. they are all fooled, and suckers for his phony rep from years gone by.

    the media will fawn all over him.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sweet Revenge??!!! … says Greg L. on

    Drury is playing with some fire tonight!!! Big hit on that one guy , knocked his head into the boards. Great PK killing and scores a goal on the Rangers 3rd shot. If Drury can keep it up…he can save this season for the Rangers and himself. Gaborik scored alot to win our hearts and Drury will have to do the same. If he doesn’t score 35-40 goals this year , he will easily become the most hated Ranger of all time . Right after Holleweg .

  46. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “And also the worst thing that can happen to us! Drury just bought himself another 25 games of doing nothing.”


    these were my exact thoughts…I’d rather have a 1-0 lead without Drury scoring…putting Captain Worthless on the 4th line was the best in-game coaching move Torts has made all year, now it will be back to things as usual because Dury scored his 3rd goal of the SEASON on Dec. 17th

  47. Nancy Dru will probably ride this one goal to Team USA captaincy too. they are all fooled, and suckers for his phony rep from years gone by.

    the media will fawn all over him.


    It’s already started in the intermission.

    I can say with complete honesty Drury scoring that goal is more upsetting than 7.7

  48. goooo drury!!!! captain clutch baby!!!! lol. hes just cemented his legacy as most underrated 4th liner in hockey history!! u get ’em dru. u show betts whos boss!!

  49. *Did Drury just leave the locker room and travel to a local library just to make that post ?*


    Captain Clutch is posting from his Clutchberry! This is much more fun than listening to Coach Lunatic yell and rant between periods!

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sweet Revenge??!!! … says Greg L. on

    If you guys are hopping Drury doesn’t score and goes even further in the dog house is flat out retarded. As much as I don’t like ’em either..I want him to score and be usefull . He can’t be traded and you can’t send down a $7million player. Some of you guys are rediculas. Drury scoring is the best thing , we need his goals …all 3 of ’em.

  51. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY!!!!! my boy has finally come to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. *Mark my words, Drury’s goal will wind up being the game winner. Guaranteed.*


    Now there’s a CLUTCH prediction!

  53. LOL, Cally again, Cally with the hat trick tonight on the PP, and Lundqvist with the shutout? And then a terrible game against Philly on Saturday.

  54. salty- are u really mad that dru scored? would u like him to never score again? if hes makin that much money, i want him to freakin earn it. lets hope he gets a whole bunch more. i dont like the guy but cmon. nobody is fawning over him. its better than him being in the lineup and costing us goals. at least he pout 1 in. its still pathetic, 3 goals but still. id rather have him doing something than nothing.

  55. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    That was a stupid play by Dubinsky by slowing down when he had a clear break. He should be trying to consider himself a scoring threat at least a little bit.

  56. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Have you all just seen an organized transition 3 on 2 breakout for more than one play, or was that just me?

  57. How is Dreary’s goal worse than 7.7 ? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s not like if Dreary didn’t score tonight, he would be gone tomorrow. Or he would get scratched or sent to Hartford.

    Dreary is here to stay, and unless Slats gets fired, he’ll finish out his contract.

    And I hate Brashit !

  58. salty- are u really mad that dru scored?


    yup. I’ve never loathed a player more than this guy. I don’t even hate brodeur this much.

  59. “Gaborik, who has two assists:” Expected

    “Roszival, who also has two assists:” ????????

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sweet Revenge??!!! … says Greg L. on

    Thats the funniest thing ive seen in awhile….ahhh feels great!!!

  61. Drury scores every 15 games — woo hoo! And then he stands around looking like he cares and lets the Islanders back in to the game. Thanks Captain.

  62. damn, they keep tellin me that i need a proaccount coz theyve reached the max of streams to my country…Sweden sux

  63. It’s not like if Dreary didn’t score tonight, he would be gone tomorrow. Or he would get scratched or sent to Hartford.


    I dont expect you to understand it. He was damn near scratched. That one little goal literally takes him off the hook for another 20 or so games. WE HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE.

  64. I know Slats had a bottle of champagne, and is ordering up New York’s top prostitute so ge can have a nice celebration.


    Isn’t that the way they got Isiah canned? Hmmm.

  65. yeah, Kris tried it, and thats the 1 i use to watch..they use to ask me for proaccount but no it come up all the time..

  66. Instead of the regular skills competition, they should have Nate Thompson and Chris Higgins skate in from center ice with no goalie to face. First one to score wins the game. It’d last longer than the Malik shootout.

  67. That was a classic Cpt. Clutch fist pump when he scored, right? If you just saw only that part you’d have thought it was like his 30th, not his 3rd. They’ll show that on MSG promos for months to come.

  68. What a wacky concept — the Islanders play until the buzzer. Usually the Rangers hold the puck behind the net for the 15 seconds until the buzzer sounds.

  69. evitagen, Believe me, Lundqvist has had a propensity for letting in backbreaking 3rd period goals this season, but tonight, he’s playing strong. And the Islanders are not the Penguins or the Caps.

  70. Anisimov one shift in the third with less than a minute to go or what? Man, can’t help but think Torts is ruining him… Guy was top of AHL scoring 2 years in a row, top 10 2 years in a row… At least get him to score close to 50 points in the NHL… We could use any sort of scoring at this point…

  71. someone on hockeystreams wrote- ” del zotto is so good. he even puts a wig on and does the intermission show”(reffering obviously to deb kaufman). placey, whatever.

  72. Agreed, so far not impressed with Tortorella’s treatment of Anisimov or Lisin. He throws out Del Zotto all the time, although he has no choice, but his treatment of forwards in general is crazy. Kotalik started out great, and then Tortorella punished him for every mistake, which has obviously only led to him playing worse. This random, tough discipline agenda of Tortorella doesn’t seem to have too many positive results.

  73. *No one ever has anything to say when the Rangers are winning :-P*


    Oh Captain Clutch will have plenty to say after this game is over!

    /posting from Clutchberry between periods while ignoring another Coach Lunatic rant…jam this, jam that, blah blah blah

  74. Talkorella does not like Russian (or European) players… Z, Lisin, AA (Kotalik) all being mismanaged (mistreated) by Talkorella

  75. Good to hear the Rangers winning one! I’m still stuck in Winnipeg so no soup for me! SNIFF SNIFF!!! Rozsival and Drury going on a MAD scoring streak too!!! I actually hoped they’d be riding the wooden pony with Kotalik and Redden…

  76. Who lit a fire under Rosy’s ass? Seriously, he’s been hitting and clearing people from the front.

  77. the islander fans in the background at LI always crack me up. the haircuts are either 15 years old or it looks like a lobotomy convention.

  78. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    lmao @ lobotomy convention!

    its the dreaded…………..i wont finish the sentence

  79. Rozy having a great game and plenty of ice time… Who wants to be they’re trying to “Showcase Rozy” to trade him hahahaha

  80. Now can they continue to score is the question.

    Notice, where all the goals were from. Center of the ice. with most being from the slot. When you skate, you open the slot, you get better chances.

  81. So Cally gets the GWG, good sign

    Any reason why Torts plays Gaborik in the third with a 5 – 1 lead, now 5 – 2 obviously… But give the guy some rest?

  82. Hey guys did you see my excellent performance tonight? Boy I hit a home run with that goal, kind of clutch like my LLWS wins. Im on pace for 8 goals instead of 6 now, sure wont be too long before my name is in the rafters next to Messier.

    Gotta run, Sathers warming up the Clutch Mobile for me.

  83. Some interesting ice-time numbers from tonight:

    Anisimov – 8:19
    Sanguinetti – 8:46
    Lisin – 9:27
    Christensen – 10:20
    Avery 12:18
    Heikkinen – 12:35
    Drury – 14:58
    Rozsival – 26:37

    So what changed, exactly?


    Hey Coach Torts! How about you take that 4th line center spot and “JAM” it up where the sun don’t shine! Ha-Ha!

    Add this latest HEROIC Captain Clutch performance to my “#23: Chris Drury” Rangers MSG profile right NOW!!! Did you see that CLUTCH fist-pump after Captain Clutch scored the game-winning goal??? He cares so much!!! What a leader!

    Carp, tell your LoHud editors to run this headline on the front page tomorrow:

    *Drury scores CLUTCH goal, LEADS Rangers to victory, saves Rangers season!*

    And yes, Captain Clutch wants “CLUTCH” and “LEADS” capitalized! Don’t forget the exclamation point too!

    This is the most excited Captain Clutch has been since they started making flavored mouthpieces! Clutch Cherry is my favorite! And is there any doubt that Captain Clutch would score in such a BIG GAME vs. an elite team like the Islanders??? Now those losers know how Taiwan felt when Lil’ Cap’n Clutch took the mound for Trumbull in 1989!

    Anyway, Captain Clutch isn’t gonna let all these negative comments ruin my Bhutan National Day! Have fun reading those Rangers articles tomorrow praising the clutchness, heart and leadership of Captain Clutch! Ha-Ha!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile…but to where??? Man, this Nassau Coliseum is in the middle of nowhere!

  85. LW3H – Rozsival actually played pretty damn good. He was physical, clearing the front of the net, and made simple but quick passes. He’s scared.

    Drury was playing over 16 minutes before. I’ll admit he played too much, but he scored so they could’nt just bench him.

  86. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans!

    Another big win tonight! I’m so proud of these boys! I’ve just GOT to call Jimmy D… Jimmy! Glen here! Your team won! No, not the Blue and Orange team, the Red White and Blue team. No, that’s in basketball. Yeah, I’m sure. How ARE the Knicks doing tonight against the Bulls? Now, don’t start crying again… (click)

    I see Torts took my advice finally. You’ve got to be firm with these players sometimes. I was always infirm behind the bench. So was Muckler.

    Mess? Messier? Where is that boy? ah, there you are. Where did you go? Getting another haircut? Jeez, it’s short enough now! Last time I saw a haircut like that, they executed the guy…

    Well, got to go fans. See you in Philly.
    Uncle Glennie

  87. Hey, I’ve got no problem with Rozsival playing well (and I think he’s more capable than most do). I do think the numbers expose Torts’ ranting as mostly bluster though, aside from Redden and Kotalik sitting for however long they do.

    Running 4 or 5 defensemen into the ground and barely using Anisimov, Lisin and Avery doesn’t smell like a recipe for success in the long run.

  88. Nice to see Cally with the scoring touch again. He’s been getting the production to match his effort lately. Gabby good as always.

    Still need to fire Sather.

  89. In the joy of a rare victory, let’s not forget that the Rangers are still under .500. And the Islanders stink, but still had plenty of chances to win. Lundqvist’s and Gaborik’s skill gave the Rangers the win.

  90. Nice to see they found the net, but almost 40 shots against is unacceptable. Try that against the Flyers and it’s a 7-5 game.

  91. Vandelay Float Co. on

    A Mr Clutch just called with an order for Clutchtchmobile float. He said “spare no expense”.

  92. Linda "FIRE SATHER " on

    sorry puck drops, i havent seen agravaine in a long while. I think she may have posted a few weeks ago. Maybe Nasty has heard from her.

  93. Sadly I have not heard from her in a while either. The last time I talked to her, she sold me two tix to a game that she and her sis couldn’t make it to. I wonder if she was there tonight?

  94. they actually skated pretty much the whole game. I don’t think i’ve seen that from this team before. Well I’m happy til next game. Nite folks. Have a great Festive holiday Banj

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Sweet Revenge!!! … says Greg L. on

    HEY !!! THEY STOLE MY HEADLINE at NYR .com website!!! I said sweet Revenge first!! Where’s my cut???

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