These things have a funny way of working out. Sometimes a move like benching Redden will work out. Sometimes it’s the tirade from the night before. Sometimes there is no hope. Sometimes no matter what you did or what you said, all is lost.

So given last night’s embarrassment, Tortorella’s tirade, the decision to bench Redden, and everything surrounding the Rangers (including the ridiculous rumor that Sather’s job hangs in the balance — I personally think I have a better chance of getting fired tonight than Sather), what do you think will happen tonight?

Do you think the Rangers will rally around the turbulence and whup up on the Islanders tonight? Will they be physical and emotional and focused and win and make everything alright until, well, Saturday?

Or will they go down like wimps again?

Gotta tell you honestly, though, I thought that effort was not a problem in the previous five games (well, maybe in Chicago).

Be back with a new thread pregame.

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  1. So Redden & Kotalik out, Sangs & Christensen in…

    At least he benched a veteran along with one of his usual scapegoats, personally i would have benched Roszival and Drury.

  2. Honestly, i hope they lose just to see if theres some truth to the rumblings that Sather gets fired (highly unlikely, i know)

  3. Carp- they all look like they are skating with some sandpaper up in their butts… Not sure they need extra.

    Who is a new champ? You think you are better than us?

  4. im going to go along thinking with the rumor of sather’s firing. i want the rangers to obviously win tonight. but i dont want a grinding 2-1 win. i want a 5-0 slaughter. if not then i want rangers to lose, and to lose BAD. really really really bad. this way Sather will be gone.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Pains me to say, but these moves are wimpy and should not produce much. Benchings are bogus……waivers are what is necessary. Say what you will about Redden…..Rozy has been far worse. Kotalik was a dumb signing unless you have an extra spot for a PP specialist, and even then your goalie had better be able to stop breakaways. He has been useless at ES for years, and was another terrible signing. The best thing that could happen (although I can’t bring myself to root for it) is an Islander blowout and the firing of Sather.

  6. $1m is some expensive sandpaper – shame he can’t find where his hands disappeared to last November..!!

  7. i honestly think if we lose tonight, sather is gone, gretzky was in the bldg last week, his turn. Mess isnt ready.

  8. It doesn’t matter who they bench. Redden, Drury, Rosi, Kotalik, Prucha, Sylvain LeFebvre, Pavel Brendl.

    They have the talent to win. I don’t think the early season success was a fluke.

    The Rangers’ emotions and guts are the only healthy scratches that matter, and they’ve been in the pressbox since week 4 of the season. No pride. Just a bunch of whimps.

    Also, another thing I’ve noticed. Don’t hear too much these days about the Rangers’ record with Sean Avery in the lineup. Regression to the mean, or has the real Sean Avery not shown up this year?

  9. nyrcc

    Are Hall/Kabanov NHL-ready right now? Is there any way to tell definitively? The point is, relying on untested young guys is risky, just as risky as signing FAs. Remember Alexander Daigle? Pavel Brendl? Rick DiPietro? You’re taking a risk either way. You just have to decide which will pay off.

  10. Rangers win 4-1. We’ll see a bounce back effort but only because the Isles are genuinely inferior. I disagree with Carp… Their 3 kids of Bailey, Tavares and Okposo aside they dont have our talent upfront. Sometimes talent has to come through, no?! i do wish we had Streit rather than Redden/Roszival though

    Im not overly positive for the year overall though. Redden shouldnt have been benched but maybe its a start…

  11. They brought up Sanguinetti 2 days ago with the plans of sitting a defenseman — Redden’s shoulder is probably hurting, and Kotalik barely plays anyway. Not much of a statement by the coaching staff.
    If the Rangers win by a lot tonight, that might take the heat off a bit, but if they scrape by with a win or tie or lose, then someone will be fired and/or waived. Hopefully it’s Sather first to go, but he’ll probably push the women and children off the cliff first. Sather is as classless as they come.

  12. Calling Scotty Gomez (AGAIN) to ask if this could be considered as “rock bottom”


    “Hola, this is Scotty… sorry, but I cannot answer you call at the moment… I’m rehearsing for my stand-up comedy gig at some Mexican comedy club here in Montreal … but you can always call back later! Ciao!”

    Damnit!! Will we ever know if this is rock bottom??

  13. We should have had Streit, Orpik and $3m more cap space but Slats signed the wrong guys (again) – although from further reading the Orpik thing was his choice to take less money and stay with a winner.

  14. Carp, Pavel- Smith gave up Cloutier and picks to move up to 4th and got Brendl. Brilliant!

    Wasn’t it the same year he also gave up Marc Savard and first to get Hlavac and Lundmark? Sofa King that management!

  15. KC – Great points, there! Benching Redden a statement? Classless, smug-Sather – the living proof of that is the treatment to one of the best, truest Ranger ever – Brian Leetch! Not only do they not sign him, he has to find out from someone else – pure spineless!

  16. Linda, even though, i’m a guy, days of our lives is one of my all time favorites. Recently i havent liked it though. they’ve been getting rid of all the good actors and replacing them with corny “teenagers”. That last line applies to our team too, except the corny teenagers are rosy and others. they can’t even act like they can play hockey.

  17. yup. it sure was.

    Sofa king bad draft.

    Just so youse know, we’ve already blown past the season record for page views in one day … with a whole game night still in front of us. You guys are going to bring this abdelkader thing down.

  18. Anyone who thinks the Ranger will win this has got their head up their ass! Captain Clueless can’t lead this team

  19. SHOR

    Rookies usually have that 10 game limit. So it wouldn’t matter, as long as he’s not forced into a role he’s not ready for.

    I’m hoping we get the 1st overall pick. We need someone to build around.

    Bu imagine we get the 1st pick, and he turns out to be the Jessiwoman of the draft. Fans would be suicidal.

  20. I’d say 2:1 odds we get embarrassed tonight. Gotta figure the Islanders, who always play up when playing us, will be even more up for this game knowing how much it means to the Rangers and will come out strong. And judging by past performances, this team won’t be able to match it.

  21. I’d bet on us to win tonight, it would be typical after the slating they’ve been getting today. In fact if i were captain i’d print out all the stories and put them on the noticeboard in the dressing room and read them out to the players in an attempt to get a reaction.

    Hopefully Redden’s benching will light a fire under his a$$ and when Torts benches Roszy and replaces him with Redden in the next game we will see something closer to the $6.5m man.

  22. The shipping out of Brian Leetch on his birthday with a brief phone call from Sather was a disgrace — that act alone should have been enough to earn Sather the eternal enmity of Rangers fans.
    And the refusal to even negotiate with Jagr as Sather rushed to sign Naslund or to acknowledge that Jagr brought respectability to the Rangers was outrageous as well. The announcers were not even allowed to mention Jagr’s absence last year in their analysis. Finally Renney admitted the team missed him after Renney was fired. And Dave Maloney wasn’t afraid to say the Rangers missed Jagr.
    Sather’s arrogance and incompetence have tortured this organization for too long. And the current atmosphere with the pitifully weak Chris Drury and irrational Tortorella is a joke.

  23. Carp when you said you would have put in Voros, do you mean as Kotaliks replacement, or scratching Brashear for Voros?.. The latter is what I think they should do/should have done

  24. My predictions for tonight…

    Softqvist will give up soft goals, and he’ll blame Tiger Woods for his pathetic goaltending, because he doesn’t understand how someone as ugly as Woods can cheat on someone so hot as Ellin Nord-a-what ever, who is a fellow Swede.

    Also Dreary will chew his mouth piece extra hard because he’s fighting off a sneeze all night long, which gives him an extra goofy look on his face.

    And lastly, Voros will NOT fall down, because he’s too busy trying to pin down Dredden, cause he’s trying to get to a bag of cocaine on the other side of the room. He then pulls out a bag of powder, and gives it to him, pretending it’s cocaine. Dredden is so emotional over being scratched, he cant tell the difference. When Kotalgeek asks why he carries powder on him, Voros replies “I put it on my skin, so when i fall down, my skin doesn’t bruise”, then immediately after he says this, he falls down.


  25. I have more of a chance of resurrecting and coming back to earth tonight than the Rangers have of winning anything tonight.



  26. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Cool, I like predictions.
    The Rangers will play great and win 5-1.

    They will go on a nice roll from here on out.

  27. Carp is right. there is zero chance Sather gets fired. Dolan loves him and has said so. he will eventually move upstairs and still control things from there. so there is no hope for years to come.

  28. I have nothing but negative thoughts about tonights game – they will lose, and will make us feel more like a-holes for supporting these losers!

  29. Carp I agree that Voros should be in, and that Brashear also should be in. I don’t blame Brashear (or the fourth line for that matter) for the Rangers current state considering they play for 5 minutes a night. And last night, for example, Witt was pushing people around after the whistle a few times, and then Brashear pushed him and said something, and I didn’t see any more of Witt pushing people around after that. I think, while overpaid, Brashear does have value to this team.

  30. Orr, I really don’t understand where you get off pinning blame on Hank. His play has been strong, and his GAA is going down as the team continues to struggle to score. He kept the Rangers in the game last night as long as he could. 2 goals against is hardly a bad game, especially in light of how bad the team in front of him was. If you can’t muster 2 measly goals, you deserve to lose.

  31. He didn`t bench Redden, Redden`s hurt anyway. As long as the Islanders put pressure on them, the system will break down just like it does every other night they get any pressure. I will be pleasantly surprised if it`s any differant. Oh yea Have a great Holiday Banj!

  32. Rangers come out strong and try to sit on 1-0 lead even after the score is 3-1 Isles. They add and empty netter.

    4-1 Isles final.

    Redden plays against Philly. The losing streak persists.

  33. if rangers win, then it will be more of the mediocre same, hang around the bubble, try to scramble to play .500 hockey, and rinse and repeat next season

  34. If the Sather getting fired rumors are true, which don’t make sense, hopefully we lose, though in all honesty, I hope we win and he still gets fired, because we all know he deserves it, get it done jimmy boy you useless POS

  35. Drury will never be the player he was in Buffalo. He came to the Sabres as an outsider with a group of core players that came through the minors together. He came in with a ring and experience and those guys followed him. When he went to NY he is in a situation with alot of experienced high priced vets that have no reason to look up to him or to listen to what he has to say. On top of that his game has fallen off dramatically. We would have loved to see him stay but he went for the money…can’t blame him.
    I sadly think he is done, nice while it lasted in Buffalo though, gave me some great memories.

  36. Dreary should be the one benched. Benching Redden is the least bold thing Torts could do. What a b—s–t artist. Safe is death my butt. Dolan is death.

  37. look as bad as they were last year in January-February I never turned on a game thinking they would lose.

    The past 3-4 weeks I turn on the game and expect that they have little to no chance of winning, even against the islanders. Even when the RAngers are good they lose to the Islandsers.

  38. so, Redden is mad. too bad. how does he think the fans feel about his overall play since the beginning of last season, and the outlandish money he is being paid to be a top dman, pp point man, not a stay at home, hit no one, pokechecking, no outlet pass, chip it out, useless journeyman

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