Sanguinetti’s back (updated)


Here’s the official word from the Rangers:

New York, December 16, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Sanguinetti, 21, has skated in three games with the Rangers this season.  He made his NHL debut on November 27 at Tampa Bay.  Sanguinetti has registered six goals and 17 assists for 23 points, along with 10 penalty minutes in 27 AHL games with Hartford this season.  The second-year player is currently tied for the AHL lead among defensemen in scoring and ranks second overall on Hartford with 23 points.  He has registered six multi-point efforts on the season, including an AHL career-high four-point performance on October 31 against Providence (two goals and two assists).  Last season, Sanguinetti led Wolf Pack defensemen in points (42) and assists (36), and set a Hartford single-season rookie record for assists by a blueliner.  He also led all Wolf Pack skaters with five points (one goal and four assists) in six AHL playoff contests.
The Trenton, New Jersey native was originally the Rangers first round selection, 21st overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.
The Blueshirts return to action tonight when they will face off against the New York Islanders at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a home-and-home set.  This is the second of six meetings with the Islanders this season, and the first at MSG.  The Rangers posted a 5-1-0 record against the Islanders last season, holding their opponent to two or fewer goals in five of their six meetings.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.



Just got the the Garden a little while ago. No word on why Sanguinetti is up, other than it’s precautionary. Perhaps Redden — who seemed to aggravate his shoulder injury the other night — is questionable. Although I saw Redden outside signing autographs and again in the elevator going to the lockerroom. So at worst he’s questionable.

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  1. It means Sanguinetti is back.

    Just to jump back to the last thread for a moment … TR said the Rangers should win nine in a row??

    How about one???

  2. I believe it means sangs is being showcased to be traded.

    it also means I’m second.

    Dateline… Bizarro World : Michal Rozsival a Hero & Chris Drury a Hot Commodity video

    Michal Rozsival’s Double OT Playoff Winner against the Sabres

  3. the next 9 games are against “horrible teams”. we play carolina 3x.
    out of the next 10 games how many should the rangers win.
    this i believe is a very important stretch for the rangers. if they win 7 out of 10 that gets them back on the right track.

    im not @ warren… yet. lol.

  4. Wouldn’t one assume that if the Rangers were able to move 1 of the 3 big contracts, that Rozy would be the one? IMO he is the one that I still consider movable. Hard to do, but movable.

  5. If they do find a way (and an idiot) to take Rozy or Redden or Drury, they’re going to have to give up one, if not two, of their top prospects – Sangs seems to be one of them, along with a pick or two. Is this smart? Not sure. I’d prefer Dolan just buy them out, or demote them to Hartford for the next 5 years. Then maybe they could play for Kovalchuk, or look for other 3-4mm/yr guys to build the depth that this team so obviously lacks.

    First timer. Appreciate the real game reviews Carp. Like the honesty and bluntness.

  6. Wed Dec 16, 2009 Islanders – Rangers (Islanders are 12-14-7)
    Thu Dec 17, 2009 Rangers – Islanders (Islanders are 12-14-7)
    Sat Dec 19, 2009 Rangers – Flyers (Flyers are 15-16-1)
    Mon Dec 21, 2009 Rangers- Hurricanes (carolina is 7-19-6)
    Wed Dec 23, 2009 Panthers – Rangers (panthers are 13-14-7)
    Sat Dec 26, 2009 Islanders – Rangers (Islanders are 12-14-7)
    Wed Dec 30, 2009 Flyers – Rangers (Flyers are 15-16-1)
    Thu Dec 31, 2009 Rangers- Hurricanes (carolina is 7-19-6)
    Sat Jan 2, 2010 Hurricanes – Rangers (carolina is 7-19-6)
    Mon Jan 4, 2010 Bruins – Rangers (bruins are 16-10-6)

    realistically i know they arent going to win all of them. but this is a very important stretch against some struggling teams and division rivals.

  7. Drury takes his no movement clause to heart…his stat sheet never moves.

    Apologizing in advance for the corniness, but I had to.

  8. NYRGuy – It wasn’t corny at all, it was brilliant.

    Score an effin goal Cap’in!

    On a side note, just put on my Messier jersey…I’m hoping the Rangers can channel his spirit tonight.

    Maybe something could get into, I don’t know, the entire team tonight.

    I’d like to see a 4 to whatever win tonight, NOT in the extra frame or the skills competition, and I’d like to see 4 different goal scores too…

    I’d also like to go sightseeing in Europe, neither of those are likely to come true any time soon.

  9. This might be coming from left field a bit and might be a little agreesive but possibly Girardi gets benched tonight….Torts way back when said he was off his game during the pre season and to be fair he really has not lit it up during the season yet at all…..and obviously the delay a game penalty with 5 odd minutes to go the other night was a PANIC play- i mean he had plenty of time and in no way needed to slap the puck hard and out of control that should have given the rangers another 1 goal loss in regulation and thus another night with ZERO points-just a shot in the dark here but maybe this will atleast make girardi aware someone is there to possibly step in

  10. NYRGuy, I found a vegan latkes recipe online. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m really skeptical, but the guy pal is vegan (what did I ever do to deserve that?) and I want to include him.

    CCCP, I have vegan sour cream and the real stuff. You’re covered. Come on over!

    ilb, I’m 1/4 of the way through with the MSW! Aren’t clinical social workers just therapists with less debt?

  11. Mouth – Just watched the video. Did that ever bring back memories. So many different faces. Wow, was that ever Rozsival’s biggest goal of his career? ha What happened to Drury? The guy used to be a beast! That man is a shell of his former self now. You wait, he will leave New York and tear the next city to shreds.

  12. lol Shoryuken, I’d take it. Ovie would be a beast in NY. ORRR a shell of his former self. lol

    Nasty – A trade? Any idea where? And with whom? I’m hoping beyond hope that Rosie gets the boot.

  13. Maybe we could make some kind of three way trade with Rosie, Drury and Redden all going to three different teams…obviously one team wouldn’t be stupid enough to take on ALL that cap. However, three separate teams might. Throw in Sangs maybe? Although, I still emphasis that they shouldn’t trade him. They should let their own prospects pan out.

  14. Paul – Only Drury has a No Movement Clause. Redden and Rozsival have partial No Trades in their contract.

    This was the funniest response I’ve heard about my thread on Sather at a hockey forum I frequently visit:

    “Glen can’t hear you. He’s got his Stanley Cup rings in his ears….
    Which are on his head…
    Which is shoved firmly up his own ass.”

  15. Pavel – That trade isn’t terrible…except for the fact that Sangs is undeveloped potential talent and Jovie is old. Aren’t we supposed to be getting younger on defense?

  16. Jonny D –

    That explains it. Clinically, I believe it’s called a “cranio-rectal inversion”.
    Or something like that.

    Like The Mouth – I smell a trade coming. Supposedly they offered Sangs straight up for Peter Mueller (PHX) – which was laughed at. Could it be Sangs plus (????) ? We’ll find out in the next couple of days, I guess.

  17. According to my sources within the Ottawa Senators organization, the Tampa Bay Lightning are willing to part with LW Ryan Malone, D Victor Hedman and a bag of pucks to obtain the services of G Pascal Leclaire. Remember, you heard it here first!

    According to my sources within the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, the Montreal Canadiens are willing to part with D Andrei Markov, C Scott Gomez, a Gary Bettman bobblehead to obtain the services of D Sergei Gonchar. Remember, you heard it here first!

  18. This sounds selfish, but the situation we are in really makes you think about Chere and wonder what if.?

  19. One Ranger Love, I agree, he deserves one more year before we trade him and he becomes a superstar or at least a solid D-man.

  20. Pavel…!

    You know that IS funny, because according to my sources within the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, the New York Rangers are willing to part with G Henrik Lundqvist, C Chris Drury and a 2nd round pick to obtain the services of C Sidney Crosby. Remember, you heard it here first!

  21. speaking of no-movement clause. there is a holiday freeze on NHL trades from dec 19 to after Christmas. call it a Santa Clause.

    thus, any trade has to be made in the next couple days, or it will be a while before anyone can be dealt.

  22. Banj – agreed. Seems like we have had one too many bags of pucks for the longest time and not enough actual players. The puck to player ratio has been thrown off for a good while. It is about time we trade some of these bags of pucks away so the ratio will be better.

  23. To be medically correct, it’s cranio-rectal insertion.

    Sally, don’t be selfish, Dubinsky is staying. Can we get latkes with Russian sour cream in exchange for Roszival instead? You can keep the vegan pal:)

  24. The problem is, nobody wants our bags of pucks. That’s why we are screwed for the next 4 years or so. That Hockey News article was really depressing. By the end of next year we’ll all be curled up in the fetal position in the shower. :(

  25. Ugh, it is like my dad said. He is 53, they won once in his lifetime and twice in my grandmothers.

    They won one while I’ve been alive, but I was three at the time. THAT SUCKS. So that means they wont win another one till I am like 40 or something. UGH. Come on RAGS, they need to win a couple in a row…OR SOMETHING. Please? Everyone’s holiday cards should read, “Happy Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Merry Christmas, happy new year, fire Sather!

  26. it makes you wonder what stogiepuss was thinking. of course, the answer is that he was not thinking, when he signed both Gomez and Drury

    he had to know that if he considered Gomez his #1 center, (I don’t think either is a #1), then Drury was the #2 center, and you don’t hand out a longterm, $7m per, contract to ANY #2 center

    add to that his lack of thinking in signing 2 washed up over the hill vet dmen coming off bad seasons to longterm multi-million contracts, and voila, you have today’s mess

    thus, stogiepuss has handcuffed this team to mediocrity for the forseeable future

  27. this is from yahoo sports.I want to know why we never do this. lol Preview:
    Tampa Bay Lightning at Nashville Predators, 8 p.m. EST. With one win their last nine games, Lightning coach Rick Tocchet is shaking things up by benching Alex Tanguay(notes) and Jeff Halpern(notes) and dressing eight defensemen. The time is now for Tocchet: “It’s a situation where it’s a shock thing for everybody or . . . I really don’t care what the message is other than the fact that we need results. We need to be able to play 60 minutes, not 30 minutes and because we are down a goal everybody does their own program. Ultimately, that falls on me so we are going to find guys who can stick with the plan.’”

  28. Banj – Yes! How could I have forgotten!

    Happy Festivus/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Fire Sather!

    YES! Mass produce those cards! On the outside could be a fat snow man smoking a cigar.

  29. ilb2001, I get suicidal in April (after hockey) December(after football) and baseball this year? Right aboot now thanks to Omar Minaya!

  30. Banj – Don’t panic man! Hopefully the Rags can get the slump turned around today and tomorrow.

    Being a Rangers, Mets and Giants fan, I feel your pain. At least the Giants won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago…that helped.

  31. …and interesting trade proposal, ilb. Rozsival to Sally in exchange for latkes? I’d give you latkes to NOT give him to me.

    NYRGuy, are you suggesting that my latkes contain vegans?

  32. jim- I’m afraid you are wrong. There is a team in NHL that is paying 8.7 for #1 center, 8.7 for #2 and 4 mil for #3 center. They also won the cup.

  33. I have nothing against Sanguinetti, I think he is going to be a real good defenceman. Gilroy however has twice the talent, I just don’t understand it. Gilroy has made a few bonehead blunders, no more than Sangs when he was up. Watching gilroy play in Hartford, showed me he has the ability to control play. He makes great plays, and his skating is heads above most if not all of the guys on the blue line for New York. I just don’t get it, maybe Torts has it in for him.

  34. no, I should add that in Pitt I consider their centers to be #1, 1a, and 1b

    that is the strength of their team. all 3 are young, and will keep that team near the top for a long time.

  35. According to my sources, the Rangers are willing to trade Hank, Gabby, Vinny and a bag of pucks for three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

  36. Sally, why don’t you create a RR bonehead logo. I’m serious. We’ll order some T-shirts with it and Carp will send it to a winner of a weekly post contest.

  37. Sally, you are the one with talent. Work on it. Could be fun. Ask boneheads for ideas. Boots, coat check, carp, bufaglien, shoshine, avery’s spleen.. A lot of stuff has gone through…

  38. Like Carp with a big beard, puffy shirt, and sassy boots, stealing someone’s coat with a spleen in the background and a speech bubble that says, “what in holy hell?” or whatever? Can we throw in a Spaceballs reference to?

    That might not look very snappy.

  39. i love “Spaceballs”!! You can do it, Sally! Especially since you are going on vacation and will have a lot of free time! you said it yourself… :)

    “big beard, puffy shirt, and sassy boots” yup… and a big gold chain over the puffy shirt with big shiny “RR” on it!

  40. anyone else think it sucks that the rangers broadcast will be on a crappy overflow channel tonight, but the islanders broadcast will be in HD on MSG+?

  41. 8 defenseman for Tampa…you know, that really isn’t a bad idea at all…especially if you only roll 3 lines anyway

  42. figure8 – I’d be completely shocked if that scenario plays out tonight. Be extremely happy if it happens, but I am certainly not expecting it.

  43. 22figure8 says

    “Any chance the Rangers come out tonight the hungry team, out skating, out hitting the Icelanders?”

    The Rangers haven’t been the hungry team against the Isles since ’94. With the exception of a chicken dance and a goalie beatdown, it seems like the Isles are ALWAYS the hungrier and more aggressive team on the ice. Especially at MSG.

    Maybe I’m a pessimist…but I don’t think I’m wrong here. It’s as if the Rangers go out of their way to treat an Isles game as if it’s a game against an out of conference team while the Isles play like it’s the playoffs.

  44. Sally, Mama- if the logo looks good, we’ll talk about the ordering part.
    Sally, skip Carp’s forearms, please…

  45. CJP – “…while the Isles play like it’s the playoffs.” Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s almost sickening to watch the difference between these two teams when they play each other latey.

  46. Tom Renney was good at two things…winning home games and winning divisional games…so far this season we suck at both!

    How big will our tears be tonight?

  47. Doesn’t matter how hungry they come out,it’s like a football team that can move the ball between the 20’s,they can’t score and never will with this team.Sure they’ll have some good games here and their,BUT they have no body from the 2nd line down that can score at all.
    Dreary,Rosie,and Dredden,has this team handcuffed for the next 2-3 years.

  48. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    Very important.

    Ever since you have done the new post, we have gotten 1 point out of games.

    Add this to your titles, if you would not mind, and we’ll get both points.

    Starting tonight, it is Game 33, so:

    Game 33: Islanders-Rangers

  49. Just got the the Garden a little while ago. No word on why Sanguinetti is up, other than it’s precautionary. Perhaps Redden — who seemed to aggravate his shoulder injury the other night — is questionable. Although I saw Redden outside signing autographs and again in the elevator going to the lockerroom. So at worst he’s questionable.

    I’ll put this up top, too.

  50. The Islanders always have more motivation, to them taking out the Big City Boys is fun. Yet, the Rangers act like they could care less about beating the Isles.

    Hopefully tonight it will be in reverse.

  51. I personally think we should trade Sanguinetti while he still has the “he was a 1st rounder” title over his head. I think he’ll be an average NHLer, but that won’t help him because his defensive positioning isn’t all that great. he proved that before during his time up. While he was great at making 1st passes and taking hits to make plays, he looked lost plenty of times when the other team was cycling around. I know its something that comes with age, but he hasn’t shown too many signs of improving over the last 3 years while a player like DZ has done so in less than 1 at the highest level.

  52. JonnyD- it’s too early to make that determination. If something comes along that’s worth a trade, yes. But we haven’t seen enough of him to say he is a bust. Dmen take longer to develop.

  53. Jonny- We’ve barely seen this guy play in the big leagues, how could there be an assumption or determination that he is just average? I don’t understand why everyone wants to trade this guy away.

    Hold onto the guy, see how he develops. How do we know?

  54. According to my sources within the Philadelphia Flyers organization, the Flyers are working on a deal to send a bag of cheesesteaks to the New York Rangers in exchange for Michal Roszival!

    UPDATE 5:42 PM: The cheesesteaks reportedly have no peppers, and Rangers GM Glen Sather will not do the deal without them. Stay tuned.

  55. Why is nobody mentioning Torts? These players aren’t that bad (aside from the do-nothing duo of 33 and 6)
    The coach needs to be a coach. Right now we don’t need fancy, we don’t need the perfect shot, we don’t need 52 minutes of Gabby on the ice (ok maybe that would be awesome), what we need is simple fundamental hockey. The kind that has won games for 100 years.
    Please coach, explain to your players that games are won in the crease. That’s both of them. The trick is that you need to insert one of your players in the opposing crease and you need to keep opposing players out of yours. The next fundamental that does not exist on this team is that when you fire a shot in from the blue line….. follow it up !!! for cryin out loud bro… we have not got to a rebound first in the past 24 games and that’s no joke !! And lastly, the center is paid to be a center, this means that he doesn’t belong in the corner with 2 wingers fighting 1 player for the puck. They win, the puck comes out in front of the net and nobody is there to do anything with it.
    I have tried to be tolerant of Torts, but it’s time to be a coach or just quit because if you abandon all that is fundamentally sound in this game, you are of no use to this team.
    End of Story…… let’s win a mother effin game already !!!

  56. I’m saying this right now and I fully mean it- I would be willing to part with anyone on the Rangers current roster except for these folks: Gaborik, Del Zotto and Lundqvist.

    I know a lot of us like Callahan and Dubinski, and for good reason, but I would be willing to trade them for a top Center like a Vinny Lecavelier any day of the week. Why? Because we have the kind of team that one or two SKILL guys can make a big difference on. Do I WANT to part with a Callahan? No, i don’t. I think he’s a good role/character guy who I would always want on my team. But would i trade him to get scoring? You bet your ass.

    You add a Vinny L. to the power play and I feel that things get much better. The PP can make a big difference in games. sure, Dubi and Cally sometimes make things happen; but are other teams really WORRIED about them? I seriously doubt it. They all worry about Gaborik. ONE PLAYER. Big deal. If other teams contain Gaborik they win the game. That is NOT the kind of team I want to go to war with. You need at least two threats so that your top guys aren’t always facing the other team’s top line and/or top defensemen.

    I’m not saying it has to be Vincent Lecavelier. Get a Staal from Carolina. Get SOMEONE who knows how to make things happen. We have too many “he’s pretty good” players. We need at least one more “this guy is money” players.

    So yeah, I said it- I’d trade any of ’em. Things need to change and they need to change quite dramatically. This team is going nowhere no matter who you call up from Hartford.

  57. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Thanks Carp.

    You da man.

    We are going to start piling up the victories starting tonight.

  58. I was in the pool!! on

    prediction:4 points in 2 days!
    A regulation win (what’s that)?
    and a shoot out win( for Carp’s enjoyment)
    You heard it hear first!

  59. Tony – That IS why I think getting Heatley would of been deadly. Of course that still would mean they don’t have a top center, but Prospal, Drury, Dubi, and Boyle could do the job. And with Heater and Gabby on the first line we would be money.

  60. Tony, no need for Vinny L cause Tampa is not going to take back any of the big contract junk and the Rangers have no cap room. Let’s build from within.

    I’ve told this to some Islanders fans: “I hope you guys do ok this year, that way you stay away from Taylor Hall and Kirill Kabanov and if you make the playoffs you get smoked by Wash or Pitt.”

    Cally’s been picking it up lately.

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

  61. NYRGuy
    December 16th, 2009 at 2:06 pm
    Drury takes his no movement clause to heart…his stat sheet never moves.

    Apologizing in advance for the corniness, but I had to.

    hey, u stole my corni-ness from yesterday when i said maybe drury thinks his nmc means he doesnt have to move on the ice!! im gonna have to watch u nryguy. u sneaky dog u! lol. naw that was a good one, not as good as mine though:)

  62. CR9, so you’re saying it’s Carp’s fault?!

    Sally, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (I think a cat’s tail should somehow be included :)

    BANJ…best Christmas show ever. ever.

  63. yea mike, id take this year off for a chance for hall or kabanov. i cant stand losing and never wanna see the rangers tank on purpose, but if they really cant get their shat together soon, they might as well be sellers at deadline and see what next year brings. a top 5 pick and a center would be great. it would give us duby,and AA to play 2nd and 3rd line and have dru center the 4th line!! lol thats funny and sad but hey, hed be perfect there. is hall a center?? at least then we might not have to buy one in the offseason. if only slats would dump redds and dru, trade rozy at the deadline with a prospect for some picks, we could get kovy possibly and a top 5 pick. imagine gabby on the top line and kovy on the 2nd? or the other way around even though id rather have gabby on the first. hes just so damn skilled. they could alternate playing top line too for certain matcups and have them both on the pp together. wow, wed be instant contenders!! until gabby gets career ending injury from kaleta or some other goon, and kovy turns into zherdev 2.0. that would be our luck

  64. Hey Orr, this should make your night.


    Heading to the Rangers game tonight, so excited!!! Did I mention that I LOVE hockey?? :)”

    That was the last post from Eva Amurri’s Twitter account.


  65. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    No way, I’d never blame Carp.

    But sometimes, you gotta change things to get the right luck.

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win , baby!!! … says Greg L. on

    The Rangers are playing today hurray!!!!

    Yeah , let’s do it~!!!

    GO GO GO GO GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Nasty 1

    isnt Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon’s daughter? Sarandon and Tim Robbins are die hard Rangers fans!

    Amurri is a babe!

  68. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    you guys are just hilarious! Too many posts to catch up on but you’re rollin here!!

    OMG in Heaven, if the freakin asshatlanders win tonight, my freakin kid’s gonna gloat… LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Yes, Eva’s mom and her stepdad are huge fans…Got something to say about that, but not now. Nobody cares at the moment.

    Game was supposed to start at 7, but it’s not. If I put up clean slate will I get Carp’d?

  70. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    Put it up like

    Game 33: Islanders-Rangers


  71. The Rangers haven’t scored an even-strength goal in 171+ minutes – almost 3 full games!! Are you kidding me?!? Somebody go to the net!!!

    Oh yeah, and Fire Sather!

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