Post-game tirade, notes


As promised, here’s the Tortorella transcript from his f- and s-bomb-laden post-game press conference:
First question was whether the first period was unacceptable:
“Absolutely (unacceptable).
More similar questions: “I have no explanation for how we started. I wish I could give you one.”

I asked him about the Islanders getting the dirty goal to start the game, the point I was getting at was that the Rangers don’t get goals like that. But I never finished the question.
“That we don’t get,” Tortorella said. “It’s horse(poop) coverage around the corners. He just brings it aroudn the net and it’s a fluky goal, but we don’t get them.”
So what do they need to do?
“Play (firetruckin’) harder.”

Man blogs are great.

So what can he do?
“That’ll be something we’ll decide before tomorrow’s game,” Tortorella said.
“I’ll tell you right now, the thing that’s unacceptable about tonight’s game — and we’re trying to stay positive around here, trying to work out way through it — but when we play like (poop) like that for 20 minutes, in a game like this, in a back-to-back situation, it’s unacceptable . .. it is simply unacceptable. And there has to be something done. We’ll see, along the way here, before tomorrow night’s game, where we go with it. It’s simply unacceptable how we start that game. I wish I could give you a (firetruckin’) explanation for it. I can’t.”
With that he stormed out, nearly knocking a chair off the podium platform.

Henrik Lundqvist, along the same line of questions:
“They played exactly the way we thought they would play. No surprise. No excuse there. They played iwth a lot of energy and they got the job done.
“It’s not acceptable. We’re in a really tough spot here and we have to realize that. To play like that, the first period, not acceptable. We all have to look in the mirror right now and see what we have to do better to help the team. We’re not doing enough right now.”


From the Rangers:
December 16, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, New York Islanders 2 (Game #33, Home #17)

•    The Rangers were defeated by the New York Islanders, 2-1, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden.
•    New York have sold out 173 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 187 games.
•    The Blueshirts are now 14-16-3 (31 pts.) on the season, including a 7-9-1 mark at home.
•    The Rangers won 31 of 51 faceoffs for a 61% success rate; Vinny Prospal led all skaters with 11 faceoff wins and went 11-16 (69%) in the faceoff circle.
•    Enver Lisin tallied one goal and two shots in 9:14 of icetime; he now has two points (one goal and one assist) in four career games against the Islanders.
•    Brandon Dubinsky recorded one assist and won 10 of 17 faceoffs (59%); he also logged a season-high 24:28 of icetime.
•    Henrik Lundqvist made 26 saves while starting in his seventh straight game, which ties his season-high.
•    Dan Girardi notched an assist on Lisin’s third period goal and recorded three shots in 22:57 of icetime.
•    Marian Gaborik led all skaters with six shots and 26:51 of icetime; Christopher Higgins led the team and tied for the game-high with five hits.
•    The Rangers return to action tomorrow, Dec. 17, when they will face-off against the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of a home-and-home set and the Rangers fourth game in six days; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
•    Prior to the game, the Rangers pre-game skate is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at Nassau Coliseum.

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  1. Captain Clutch isn’t gonna let this loss ruin my Kazakhstan Independence Day!

    Wait a second…Kazakhstan?!? Captain Clutch’s favorite actor Borat comes from Kazakhstan!!! Check out this Borat impersonation by Captain Clutch!

    (removes mouthpiece, clears throat)

    “My name a Drury! I LIKE you! I like CLUTCH! It’s niiiiice!”


    Oh and just so you guys know, not only is Captain Clutch the ultimate winner, but Captain Clutch brings clutchness, leadership, heart, and now JAM!!! Did you guys see Captain Clutch point my finger at the Islanders??? Did you guys see Captain Clutch bang my stick on the ice so that The Orange Goblin, a.k.a. Prospal, would pass the puck to me??? Coach Lunatic Torts is gonna love all that clutch jam!

    Anyway, Captain Clutch hopes you guys aren’t letting these losses ruin your holiday season! Cause I’m sure not! Santa Dolan and his little helper Glen left Captain Clutch $7 million in his stocking this year! AND another $14 million under the tree for the next 2 seasons after this! It really is Christmas in New York!!! Ha-Ha!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  2. bob mckenzie just said that the league will probably fine Torts for the swearing. he said they are cracking down on that lately.

  3. C’mon guys, we’re up to 9,800+ page views. We haven’t hit 10,000 all season. Let’s go. Work harder than your Rangers.

  4. Such a disgrace.

    I said the other day to a friend that if I found the wife two timing me with the mailman, the cableman and the one time only lawn service guy I’d still feel it was a better decision to marry her than be a Rangers and Mets fan.

  5. See, at this point, it is no longer about “this year’s Rangers” or this particular team. Because really, there isn’t a single thing that can be done to make this team better or a contender or even a playoff team. At this point it is about the sweater. Something needs to be done to preserve the integrity of the sweater. Whatever that is, no, it certainly won’t help the team make the playoffs or win more games, because they suck and are hogtied by the cap. But the sweater needs to be respected.

  6. Sather's WrapUp on

    I just washed out Tort’s mouth with soap. There WILL be changes tomorrow. I’m having my suite re-done in knotty pine.

    Hello Ranger fans, from the World’s Most Sold Out Arena!

    It was a strange crowd out there tonight, they were yelling up to my suite, “fire, Sather” , but there was no fire, it was just cigar smoke.

    I was listening during the second intermission to Dave Maloney and some guy named after a fish. I think he was an islander fan. Dave better watch who he interviews…

    Wait a second fans, I need to check in with Jimmy D- lets see, what was his cell number? Ah, here it is, 1-800-NIXSUK2. Riiiing! Jimmy? Uncle Glen here. We did it again, Another sellout! Your team won tonight, too. Captain Drury was asking if you saw his Clutchmobile anywhere. He says he accidentally parked in your spot. OK. see you soon. Bye.

    I didn’t like all the Rangers skating over the Logo on center ice. So I had Torts bench anyone that did it. That’s why he had to triple shift Higgins in the third.

    I’ve also got to cut back on some of the post game conversations. They’re very disturbing. I’m missing watching my “I Love Lucy” reruns at 10:00. I like that Ricky Ricardo.

    That gives me an idea! Mess! Messier! Send a couple Ranger scouts down to Cuba. Have them get me a couple boxes of Cubans while they’re there. Great Idea!

    Well. Gotta go. Rangers are serving up a Carp Dinner upstairs later, I saw them roughing one up in the hallway outside the broadcast booth.

    See you out on the Island tomorrow!

  7. peter,

    good post, but i think the great rangers sweater was headed for ruin the minute dolan/sather took over. it worked its way to disgrace when #2 was traded and now we are just realizing we have hit rock bottom…actually we hit rock bottom a long time ago just we were in denial.

    only way to go is up

  8. They need to start by takin Drury’s “C” away, because you got to think the team is starting to take his nonchalant attitude.

    When does it become a problem that the Rangers just aren’t listening to Torts anymore? Are we there yet?

    My dad was saying tonight that he thinks they already turned him off. Is that possible? And if so, what now? Or more importantly, who now? Mike Keenan?

  9. Enough with reporting the sell-out record…it’s insulting to the fans! They may as well say “this team is (poop) and played like (poop) but we are still making money hand over fist.”

  10. hey CARP
    MANY thanks for putting that up.

    so, while no real money will exchange hands
    how about a poll
    as to what Torts will do?
    from benching a vet to benching a young one to…

    i’m going with
    Torts won’t bench anyone and play the exact same players in tomorrow night’s game
    even though the result will be the same (or Henrik plays his rear off again and we somehow get at least a point)
    Torts gives the reasoning as “thinking about it and allowing the guys who made the mistake the opportunity to fix it, to show me something…”

    any other thoughts as to what he’ll actually do
    because i highly doubt he’ll do anything close to what those of us on the board would like.

  11. CT, You’re killing me over here! LMAO.

    Monty Hall, thanks for the video. At least someone in a Rangers jersey looks happy to be on the ice at MSG.

    Another thought; this team must have real crap for confidence right now. They must have past up about 5 or 6 good shot opportunities to try to dish the puck to Gaborik. Just because he’s the only one burying the pill, doesn’t mean he’s the only one who can. Typical of the Rangers mental attitude…”I don’t want the responsibility, so I’m going to let someone else shoulder it”…the sissy way out

  12. jpg he’ll sit kotalik and put voros in on the fourth line. That will definitely solve the problem…

  13. jpg
    I’m afraid Torts’ hands may be tied up.. Could be wrong, but he hasn’t made some decision that he used to make in Tampa.

  14. mouthguard chewer on

    they weren’t yelling boo. they were yelling “Dru”. they love me.

    and they love my pointing, chewing, shot blocking, mumbling cliches, LL pitching, and clutch performance.

    the C stands for clutch

    Dru for hall of fame

  15. hmmm, I remember when Tom Renney used to tell the players that the Rangers fans deserved a hard effort from the players every game, and they actually took him seriously. Remember the stick salute was all about the players playing hard and the fans cheering in approval. It was respect both ways. Seems like a long time ago now.

  16. i think:

    christensen is in
    voros is in
    grachev up from hfd and in
    sanguinetti is in

    boyle is out
    avery is in
    kotalik is out
    and…dare i say…i think i am jus hoping here….roszival is out.

  17. Carp, I heard your interview with Dave on 1050 between periods, nice job. Just curious…Does Dave say anything negative about the team/players and how they are performing when you guys are not on air? Obviously, if he does I do not expect you to say what he exactly says because that remains private, but I just wanted to know if he said stuff about the team off air. I am wondering because I can see him doing such a thing.

  18. Carp, when I do see a Torts press conference, I know your voice and I yell out ” Carp!”

    Like I posted before, let’s see what changes are coming. Rozi sittin? Grachev? New C? Ocho Cinco? Too many ??? for a good hockey team.

  19. I seriously fell asleep watching this game.

    That’s how boring it was. No life, no passion, no fundamentals, no heart.

    The only guys that gave any sort of real effort tonight were Henrik, Avery, Gabby, and Lisin.

    It just seemed that the defense was entirely on coast. Nobody was rushing to pick up the loose puck in our own end, nobody was shooting from the point with any sort of conviction (I saw harder wrist shots from that group of 12 year olds on during the intermission report) and worst of all, it feels like the team’s given up.

    Drury is not putting forth a captain-like response to this lull. Matter of fact, looks an awful lot like he’s part of it. Henrik, on the other hand, you could tell was ready to bubble over with frustration.

    Shake up the letters on this team, start telling the defense to play like they want to actually have a plus/minus on the positive side.

  20. That was a classic press conference! Combine that with the anger that Sullivan showed in the interview after the first period and you cannot say the coaches lack passion. The players, that, unfortunately, is another story in its entirety. The passion from the players is sorely lacking and it seems that no player or players step forward to demand the passion from the other players.

  21. Well, I guess the positive from Tortorella’s press conference was that he did not tell Brooksie to get the F outta here, lol. Whenever, I hear Brooks ask Tortorella a question when he is in a terrible mood I just think of that press conference in the Lightning/Devils series.

    We know what we did…We know what we did…I don’t coach Brodeur. LOL, anybody else think of that when they heard his press conference tonight when Brooks asked him a tough question?

  22. That was the 2nd worst Rangers performance I’ve ever seen live at the Garden, and I’ve been to almost every game since after the lockout. No heart, no passion, and only 5 guys were trying (Avery, Boyle, Callahan, Lisin, and Lundqvist). Some guys like Gabby and Higgins were decent, but most just plain sucked.

    I’m so done watching them not skate. The only line that was solid together was Boyle, Arty, and Lisin because they actually skated hard. It was an embarrassment. We know what this team can do when they try, but holy crap that’s the hard part.

    It’s not even hard to see why they can’t score…um they don’t skate. They don’t cycle the puck, they don’t move, so they don’t get chances in the slot. Even when they shoot, its all from the outside with hopes of the puck going in.

  23. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I think we have to go all out.
    I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.

    We’re just the guys to do it.

  24. hey Carp. since Torts called Brooks “Brooksie”, maybe he will start calling you “Carpsie”

    we can all call Drury “Lousy”

  25. Mike –

    I agree about Henrik. He looks like he is about to explode. I hope he gets tomorrow night off. He probably needs it mentally. It must be wearing knowing that you have almost no margin for error.

  26. HIRE MESSIER! He is going to be the GM for the Canadian World championship team this summer. Could that be a move in the direction of GM of the NY Rangers? Or is he just going to turn into another Don Maloney…leaving for bigger and better things. Well, okay, Phoenix isn’t necessarily better…but, you get the picture.

  27. Torts pisses me off… Sure I’d be pissed to but it sucks that you can’t ask the guy anything, and all his answers suck!

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Fire Sather” chants at the Garden is really the best way to go. It’s not going to end until he’s gone. When so much is wrong, it’s not just the coach, or the players, or the bad ice, or the draft picks, or the farm system, or the free agents, or the scouts, or the Cap restrictions.

    It’s a combination of all the above, and more. And who is running (ruining?) this franchise? Who is to blame?


  29. evitage – The guy is emotional, give him a break. His team just laid another big fat stinker and he can’t figure out why, in the name of all that is holy, the players can’t play with any damn heart.

    And to be honest it beats me too. Drury is effin lifeless!

  30. Good thing I didn’t have the wherewithal to go to see you Carp, I may have looked reasonable jovial in the W77 pic, but as you can tell I have enough Rangers angst to fill the tiny state of CT…you can’t spell Ranger without ANGER!!!

  31. Messier-GM. I now am part of it. How much worse can Mess do? He got rid of players as a player, imagine what he could do as a GM. And that A-hole Dolan will go for the name. He’d probably convince Sather To step aside from the GM duties and give him a raise to be a major scout.

    Of course, the last time we had a C as a GM, it was Espo-trader Phil.

  32. except for the year after the lockout when we were completely counted out and Jagr played an MVP season (stolen from him by Canadian press!)
    sure, we overachieved but we played with some degree of passion.

    we haven’t shown that degree since. even with Shanny in the lineup there were many moments where we were barely “in the moment.”

    don’t know if a new coat of pain in the dressing room is causing a lack of oxygen or what but we’ve been talking about how the team shows a lack of passion for years.

  33. Messier isn’t going to do shit, but at least he’s a new fresh mind. He might be terrible, but nobody expects him to do anything special anyway. He’ll never be booed.

    Also do you guys watch MSG Online Videos? Joe and Dave pretty much ripped Sather and ripped the team for not trying. Joe talked about how while Roli played well, he didn’t face any tough shots. Dave said they are 33 games in and this is pretty much what they have because they can’t move anyone, they have no cap space, and nobody in Hartford is going to come up and be a difference maker.

    Any video of Torts’ press conference? They don’t have it online.

  34. # One Ranger Love December 16th, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    evitage – The guy is emotional, give him a break. His team just laid another big fat stinker and he can’t figure out why, in the name of all that is holy, the players can’t play with any damn heart.

    And to be honest it beats me too. Drury is effin lifeless!


    Sure, but every bad game this guy is gonna whine and cry, and flip out on reporters?

  35. just got back from the garden. when you watch rozsival suck in person you get to witness the magic first hand. it’s like he’s still looking around for #68 to dump it off to. what happened to torts preaching accountability? why was gilroy sent down as opposed to rozi? because sather cant admit he made a giant mistake signing that oaf. things are bad in rangerland friends. we are not going anywhere with those 3 albatross contracts of rozi, redden and capt america. i hate those guys. the lone highlight of the night was the “fire sather” chant that got going around the 3rd. that and the ranch 1 fries/chicken fingers combo.

    i know..preaching to the choir here. good night friends. may tomorrow be a bit more pleasant

  36. Olga Folkyerself on


  37. jpg – the 2nd year after the lockout we had more passion. It wasn’t until we got Gomez and Drury that they went missing.

    That series against Buffalo we had them on the edge because while Buffalo was trying 50%, Cullen and Ortmeyer and all those guys were trying 150%.

    Also back on those teams, everyone stood up for everyone. That’s one thing about Jagr as captain, when somebody got run, he paid the price (Gauthier and Fedoruk in particular). There was a sense of passion and a sense of togetherness that this team doesn’t have.

  38. It was painful to watch – Boston College would have whupped them tonight.

    -No effort
    -No hustle
    -No desire
    -No pride
    -No determination
    -No motivation
    -No intimidation
    -No playoffs
    -No future

    Why? That’s easy – for Dolan, Sather, Drury, Redden, Roszival, and others, they don’t need any of the above because the money is already in the bank!

  39. i stand corrected Jonny D
    (at tip of the hat to you and a drink or two to forget this night for me)

    had a feeling that my may have had some rare burst of passion in the recent past but it all seems like such ancient history right now after the past couple of years.

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    How can you have a TEAM, when you replace half the roster every year? There’s no chemistry on this squad. It’s not a team, its twenty-some guys that dress alike…

  41. anyone see Drury’s postgame? wow, he looks like a zombie who could care less. that is his new nickname, “Captain Care Less”. I don’t care what Torts says about how Drury tries/cares he does not show it on the ice at all.

  42. ducks brought up a kid named Dan Sexton, not expecting much from a small AHL type guy. and he has been a revelation, giving them some 2nd line scoring, doing better than Selanne was.

    so, what would it hurt to give Cory Locke a chance. if he bombs out, so what. he can’t do worse than we saw tonight.

    knock PAP. but he won 2 games for the Rangers in the SO

  43. i am not sure why love for avery really he stinks. i cannot tell you how many times he does not the puck out of the zone, cannot handle a on stick pass, goes backwards with the biscuit, wtc.

    he stinks, drury has disappeared, kotalik has a big shot fro mthe point and that is it and higgins is iron hands. this team offensively is pathetic and the rebound on the 2nd goal by the king was bad.

    lose but play hard and tough and I can deal with it but this performance ouch.. maybe they can get a top 5 pick…..

    i also am not that impressed with Torts not fire him unimpressed but how about coaching the team. coaching means make the team better and that has not happened yet. why do the usual stooges(roszival, redden, drury) still play as much as they do when they are simply placeholders they do very little positive….

  44. Thursday’s lines should be:

    Gaborik- Dubinsky-Avery

    staal-del zotto
    heikenen- redden

  45. If Torts wants to send a statement, do what the Sharks did with Marleau last year and bench Drury. Mind you Marleau is 8 billion times the hockey player Drury is, but that woke up the team when they went in a lull. If they win, keep benching him. I don’t care if he’s paid to sit up in the pressbox, it’ll send a message to everyone else.

    Also Dave Maloney had a great point, they need to actually stop trying. Not play soft, but stop trying to play the “system” and just go out there and play like its a pickup game when you were a kid. They aren’t scoring because they are thinking too much. Everything is a second late when they should just be playing hockey.

  46. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes of MSG. Torts probably has to report to cigar-a-hole after every game. Maybe he says, ” Glen, lets sit Rozi and Drury and bring up Potter and Grachev.” Of course, cigar-a-hole responds,” Torts, we can’t do that. Play Rozi, he’s our #1 defenseman and play our Captain, hold on, boy, I’ll take another scotch, ok Torts, you got that?”

    I always hated the Dolans for f-ing up cable on Long Island, then they had to go and buy the only team that really grabs my heart.

    FIRE SATHER !! !!!

    next chant, in the tone of beat your wife Potvin, beat your wife!
    Kill your self Dolan, kill yourself!

  47. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Rangers are now 4 points out of a playoff spot. To get to the playoffs they have to beat out Florida, Islanders, Montreal, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, and Toronto. Kind of a tall order eh?

  48. Well, just finished watching the game.

    I was excited to go to the game tomorrow.

    I’m not excited anymore.


  49. Time for a leadership change, boys:

    Paint a C on Lundqvist’s helmet.
    Callahan – A
    Prospal – A
    Gaborik – A

  50. He only had 5 shifts in the 3rd period.

    Redden also only played 12 minutes. Which is funny because he should’ve probably played the 24 that Rosy played and Rosy should’ve had 12.

  51. MSG’S poll results of the question “who will have a better career” had Moulson get 11% to Dubi’s 9%…interesting

  52. “Obviously, the good thing is we do play them tomorrow,” Rangers captain Chris Drury said. “We don’t have to wait around here for days to think about it or talk about it.”


  53. So Chris Higgins brother said he got this text from Chris tonight after the game:

    “Torts was on the bus before we left MSG. ‘There will be changes coming. You **** on the organization tonight.'”

    Take it for what it’s worth…

  54. anyone have season tix?
    someone needs to bring a big sather doll in a rangers jersey to every home game and put a noose around its neck, like Oilers fans did to Peter Pokcington when Gretzky was traded

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    That was my guess. They DID sort of poop on the organization tonight. But I don’t see Torts as one of the early settlers, if you know what I mean…

  56. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on


    HAHAHAHA, your slurping is a riot!!!

    Gabby between periods on the phone with slatipuss “Trade me right frakking now”

    Hank on the phone with slatipuss after the game, “Trade me right frakking now”

    I love it when people want boyle benched when he is one of the few guys giving 100% effort.

    Bad play by avery on the 2nd goal by the fishies!


    Great question to torts, and good post at the top!

    This team would play a lot tougher with renney as coach!!

  57. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    maybe we should have the mess and his jr rangers play the fishies tomorrow night!

    Anyone that thinks a team with jagr on it is tougher because of him really needs to stop smoking whatever they are smoking!!!

  58. Didn’t know Moulson was a former Cornell player. Graduated the year before I transferred there. Gotta root him on now, blech.

  59. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    i mean seriously, I saw him go out a lay out people on the other team with bone jarring hits and dropping the gloves all the time in defence of teammates, WOW, jagr was one tough hombre! He definitely lived by the frontier justice mantra!!! HAHAHAH, my wife can’t even stop laughing at that one!!

  60. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    I didn’t get to read any of the last thread’s posts, did anyone use the beer match up??

  61. Was at the game tonight…anyone have clips of Torts press conference and/or Sully interview?

    Fire Sather chants were great to hear…

    Give Gab the C..

  62. Duker, I don’t think Gaborik would be an effective Captain for this team. He’s a “Leetchie” type captain. I want someone outspoken and demanding who’s going to change the personality of this team. Paint a C on Lundqvist’s helmet and give Gaborik the third A.

  63. Tank The Season on

    This team should honestly rotate the captaincy on a monthly basis.

    Oh, and tank the season.

  64. I know what you mean, but I feel like Gaborik is one of those players that just “does it himself.”

    The team can’t score and he just goes out and does it himself. I really like that.

    I’m also all for giving Hank the C.

  65. You know what, I lied.

    I want Hank to have the C. I can’t think of anybody on the team who deserves it more.

  66. Jagr didnt have to drop his gloves.. his presence on the team alone gave other players confidence even when he (Jagr) didnt give all 100%… and btw, even at 50% Jagr is better than most of the players in the league…even at age of 37

    anyone that thinks that the team with Jagr on it isnt tougher just because of his (Jagr) presence need to smoke some and get with the program. :)

  67. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    I really don’t think this team has a guy that I see as perfect for the captain. I mean at one point last season I thought dubi would be a good captain, but the way he has played this season (injury aside) I don’t think so anymore. Cally is too vanilla. Prospal not physical enough. Avery, he’s certainly not vanilla, might be too much for the NHL to take, (he’d still be a good A, I think. None of the d men are physical or vocal enough. Hank actually might be the best choice (although personally I’m not for goalies having the C).

    Good point about gabby would be the same kind of captain as leetch was crease!

  68. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Long Live JAGR!!!

    This team is truly pathetic.

    Gaborik really made a mistake going from one loser team to the Rangers, another loser team.

    This is pathetic.

    Hank plays great, we do not score goals.

    We score goals, Hank gives up just 1 more goal than we score.

    We score a goal with a minute remaining to tie it up, oh wait, we gave up the 2nd and putaway goal a few minutes earlier.

    How this team finds new ways to lose each and every game is disgusting.

    It’s time for the death of ‘safe is death’

    It’s time for Roszival to be kicked out to pasture, where he can sit under the mango tree.

    He made what could have been a crucial error, then gets back to lift the guy’s stick and prevent a goal, and MSG makes it sound like he did something special.

    His stupidity and/or laziness put him in the bad position in the first place.

    Roszival is a disgrace to Czechs and to Jaromir Jagr, and everything Jaromir stood for.

    Like CCCP said, I’ll go a bit further.

    I’d rather have Jaromir Jagr at 10% than most of this team at 100%.


    I cannot seem to figure out the right luck to get this team going.

    Is there even luck that can help this team?

  69. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    my favorite jagr moment had to be with the pens (i can’t remember who they were playing), but i think someone whacked mario or something and a scrum ensued and somehow a player (I think it was jagr) started swinging his stick at a guy like a club. I wish I could remember who they were playing, it was great though!

    My second favorite jagr moment was when he left for the khl….I’M KIDDING!!!!

  70. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Because of my man crush for Jaromir, I went out and found some people with the entire 91 and 92 playoffs of the Penguins.

    Great Stuff.

  71. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    Of the 12 forwards for the rangers tonight I would rather have jagr than about 8 or 9 of them!!

    Rozy is a disgrace regardless of nationality or to all nationalities!

  72. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on


    do you remember the stick swinging incident?? I would love to see a vid of that again!

    Anyone else remember that incident?

  73. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on

    right now I think I would rather see dale purinton or eric cairns on our blueline than half the guys we have!

  74. This team should honestly rotate the captaincy on a monthly basis.


    All that does is solidify the point that there is no real leadership.

    Drury will be stripped his captaincy soon though. Wasn’t he playing with Brshear and Anisimov ot times tonight?

    He looked like a little boy in trouble in his post game interview tonight. Boy do I hate that ***k.

    What are the chances Drury doesn’t make the olympic team? I can’t see how they can take him.

  75. Can’t see how Torts could put Drury on the Olympic team with a straight face. He doesn’t have enough marmalade for a short tournament.

  76. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Do not remember it. Have not watched the Pens playoffs yet, but will get time eventually.

    I could watch each game in place of Rangers games for the rest of this season, as this season is proving game after game to be a waste.

    We might as well sit Hank, play Chad Johnson, maybe get him some trade value, let Hank be healthy for the Olympics, let him win another Gold, come back next year fresh.

  77. That loud bang was the team hitting rock bottom.

    Tony from AZ lost his positivity….its dunnzo.

    this is a more talented team than last year,but head to head renneys guys would beat torts guys 2-1,ten outa ten.

  78. Forechecking, backchecking, hitting, clearing the net and luck – these are the 5 things this Ranger team is not doing or getting right now.

    Sim’s goal was a lucky deflection but if Redden was clearing in front then it wouldn’t have happened, the second goal was pure laziness by Avery, he’s got to get in front of the guy and if he can’t he’s got to have stick to stick contact, even if its a slash to prevent that goal, at least them we’d maybe snatch a point.

    Other than that it was a game where only one team knew it was a local rivalry – if only the Blueshirts would play with that level of effort every night then we might get some of the bounces and we might beat opposition players to pucks……

  79. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    After which sather and his entourage went for a great dinner, drinks and a ceegar,
    Sather thinking to himself “ahh NY, if this was Edmonton I’d be dead, hehe”

  80. The Post-Game Notes from the Rangers are always accurate in that there is a sell-out for every game at the Garden…only it’s the Rangers that sell out the fans.

  81. you suck rangers and I want my money back. yeah, “safe is death” but at least under Renney we had defense. We don’t have ANYTHING now. It’s such a freaking mess. I don’t want to go to more games so there are more tickets for sale if anyone is interested.

  82. oh, and they HAVE to change the song that the Rangers come out onto the ice on. I don’t know if it’s U2 or Coldplay but it’s not motivating, energizing or anything other than blah, meh and “what is this, a figure skating event?”

    Put on something with a backbone that charges up the players and the fans.

    finally, “throw some peanuts!”

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Deep trouble a brewing!!! … says Greg L. on

    The Ranger Chant was appropriate cuz it does send a clear message that alot of fan are unhappy. Can’t feed the kids Pork N beans and expect them to think its steak N potatoes. We the fans feel embarrased and hulmiliated by losing to the lowly azzlanderz. No one is mad at them(the winning team) . Usually when we lose to the azzlanders , we have a ” I hate long island” rant..but no…its fire the GM and kill the captain. Rightfully so but didn’t alot of peeps want Renney gone…no wait was Sather all along. The Renney haters are also Sather haters …so if Sather moves up to Club president and Messier runs the trades and draft ,does Sather still get harrased? He’ll never go , go if ya know what I if we give him the power of no power , then who will be to blame? I say the players are accountable and its up to the coach to make it work.

    Strip Drury and give him his “new” role. 3rd line center, Powerplay and PK duties…oh wait , thats what he does already. So just strip him and look to shop him at all times. If Glen can ditch Gomez , He can ditch drury…..and hide up in manangment even further. Fans chased Sather from the bench and will now chase him from his GM duties. He will hide as president soon and all Im saying is …whats is next?

  84. From a swedish blog:
    Even King Henrik had to question his teammates after the first period.
    – first twenty was unacceptual, he mumbles and throw a piece of tape hard in to the wall. – So during the first intermission I had to ask if they did not realize what kind of situaton we are in.


    Nothing like winning at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum West in front of an announced sellout with thousands of Islander fans and Knick corporate fans cheering on the real home team.

    Without the Islander fans there would not have been 10,000 at the joke Garden.

    Keep selling Dolan propaganda releases Carpinello, maybe a Drury book deal will pay the grocery bills.

  86. Good morning all, Merry Christmas Banj
    You gotta wonder why the Islanders are so much better than the Rangers, and they don`t just think their better They are better. The Rangers got out skated, out checked, out everything except goaltending, Hank was solid. He has to so sick and tired of this. He will be even more tired of it if they happen to win tonight with Johnson. Although I will be suprised if Torts plays Johnson tonight, given the situation they are in . They need a win bad real bad. They have to stop this free fall, and Johnson is not NHL ready, thats my opinion, but Torts does not call me for advise. On the other hand maybe Torts will think thats just what they need, someone between the pipes that is not proven NHL ready to tighten up the defence.

  87. I know this is not so valid BUT…

    On Carton & Boomer, Carton said if the Rangers lose tonight Sather will be fired. Boomer was like WTF but then Carton told him his source off air and Boomer said that is source is EXTREMELY reputable!

  88. I heard that too. . . . .Carton knows nothing about hockey, but he is usually right when these inside things come up.

  89. I don’t know what to do if it’s true…I’m going to the game tonight…do I root for the Isles???

    Na, I can’t, if that’s the report than he will get fired soon enough…IF IT’S TRUE I WILL CRY LIKE A BABY OUT OF HAPPINESS!

  90. Brooksie’s article from this morning titled “Torts Must Lay Down the Law” is SPOT ON!

    I don’t always agree with Brooks, but this time he is exactly right!

  91. If a loss tonight means we can finally bid goodbye to Sather….


    Which means the Rangers will somehow win and it’ll be moot.

    I don’t believe it, but if true it shows just how retarded the Rangers organization is.

    “Glen…they lose tonight, you’re FIRED! If they win, enjoy your holidays!”

    If Sather should be fired after one more loss…WHY WAIT?

  92. Only is Dolan-land does an incompetent GM who has accomplished nothing in 10 years get to keep his job. The loyal fans of this team don’t deserve this. Enough is enough.

  93. I heard the Boomer/Carton story. Believe it when I see it but it would be welcomed news….

    My wife said to me last night after the game, “Why aren’t you more bummed out about the Rangers?”

    I think its a combination of (a) my expectations being already in the basement and (b) I want to see Sather’s head roll. Believe it or not, I was kind of hoping for a shutout and another goal against.

    Drury is done. Useless. Redden got benched for not being physical on the first goal. Roszival looks horrible. Kotalik has no passion.

    Higgins plays well when he is physical.

    Please, for the love of God, fire f-ing Sather.

  94. How can you not LOVE Brooks?

    I wonder what will happen today in Rangerland! Could Drury be stripped of his C finally? Will R&R be relieved of their duties?

    Very exciting.

    *(Drury will come around though)*

  95. What I would like to see is Torts taking some responsibility. If your team doesn’t come out flying when they play an important, maybe season defining game,it’s on the coach. He needs to say:” My fault. I’ll deal with it” Has he taken any responsibilty yet? Or it’s all “not about me” mantra?

  96. uk- avery was the only player that knew it wa a rivalry. he caused some commotion and played ok but he is not a 1st or 2nd line guy. none of them are. but i think u give aves a letter, take the C away altogether until someone proves they can handle it,m or give it to hank in just a ceremonial position. he seems to be the only one capable of feeling emotion and showing it besides aves. drury is gonna be gone soon. i have a feeling hes done and the hit by glencross just cemented his career for all intents and purposes. hes just going through the motions. if they dont get rid of rozy or dru, we will be picking top 5 very soon. maybe slats can get him to retire early. but hed still be paid or will he be like naslund? shirley theres something we can do here besides waiving him.

    about “sathers supposed firing”. cmon guys. u really think that will happen? its not like he doesnt deserve it fully, but idk. will believe it when i see it. and mess better not be replacing him. shoney better get it. let mess learn it first.

  97. ilb2001…When a team comes out as flat and emotionless as the Rangers did, I put the onus on the coaches AND the “leaders” of the team.

    However, while Sullivan looked like he wanted to kill someone after the first period the Rangers looked pretty disinterested.

    Torts hasn’t done much as coach…but he’s also saddled with the worst “leadership” of any Rangers team I’ve ever seen in my 30+ years as a fan.

    Not to beat the old Mess drum…but does anyone remember the video of Messier and Gretzky in the dressing room with the Oilers? Before the game they were sitting and Mess was calling out each player by name while Gretzky was saying “Give up nothing…win every shift”

    Anybody want to bet the Rangers’ locker room is stone silent before a game? With Rozi popping his artificial hip into place…Redden wiping the powder from his nose…and Drury drooling in the corner playing with blocks?

    Sather MUST go…Drury, Redden and Rozi MUST go…Tortorella I’m just about done with but I’m willing to see what he might be able to do if he wasn’t saddled with such dead weight.

  98. Nasty

    It would make us happier about the situation we are in knowing that the chances of Drury-like and Redden-like contracts won’t happen again.

    It will certainly raise my morale!

  99. stevetrac- its the wussy group coldplay. i hate that song too. very masculine stuff to get the primal rage and ready to kill attitude

    One Ranger Love
    December 17th, 2009 at 12:03 am
    New shirt Idea.

    Front: You’ve Been Carped!


    Front: Ranger fans unite

    Back: FIRE SATHER!

    Mass produce em!


  100. NASTY- AGREED, BUT IT WILL BE FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS TEAM. nobody thinks were doing anything this year anyway, but with him gone, we can at least look to a brighter future.

  101. My personal comments about the game in which I had stellar tickets all the way down being the 7th Ave Goal…

    What a (firetruck) waste of money!

  102. Breaking News:

    TSN reports that Rangers GM Glen Sather has traded forward Chris Drury to the Montreal Canadiens for forward Scott Gomez.


  103. I just want to say…I heard the “Fire Sather” chant through the TV last night. Brought a nice grin to my face.
    So proud of the fans. I want to hear it every night until he is either fired or dead, whichever comes first.

  104. staal- i heard it too. amazing how much influence this blog has on ranger fans. i knew some people here would try to get a chant going, but that was some freakin chant baby!! sam n joe were “ignoring it” and were probably grinning and tryin not to piss themselves while broadcasting. this blog is becoming huge around the ranger community. i wanna hear a “Carpy’s Boneheads” chant next time!!

  105. I’m confused as to why people want Boyle benched? Guy gives his heart and soul every game in the limited ice time he gets and works his tail off. Plus he’s a big guy with skill who throws the body when he needs to and will stick up for players (even if he’s the only one).

    Also on that 1st goal, I pin that on both Redden and Dubinsky. Redden half assed it to the puck then when it came back around and Hillen picked it up, Higgins pushed him deep so that Dubi could pick him up, and instead Dubi just turned up and went to the point. Higgins was literally like “wtf?” because Dubinsky pretty much ran into him instead of going after Hillen. I’d give Dubi a pass if it was something where he just had to get back into the game since he’s been missing for awhile, but thats a simple play. He was the center, center should always drop down low to help out the D and instead he just ran to the point because Higgins dropped down to help him.

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wow. Things don’t look any better in the cold light of day, than during last nights alcoholic haze.

    Will Tortorella actually DO something, or is he “just a lot of talk and a badge?”

  107. NYRGuy – I’m in the same boat as you – going tonight and not sure what to root for. I don’t want to suffer through a humiliating loss at the Mausoleum, but if a loss means Sather getting the boot …

    Obviously dumping Slats at this point isn’t going to save this season. He’s created such a mess with these contracts and square pegs brought in to fit into round holes that it’s beyond fixing at this point.

    If he goes, who takes his place? I doubt Mess is ready yet.

  108. The team needs an overhaul starting with management.There is no toughness, no in the face hitting. The team has no purpose. Just dump in the puck and see if ther can get there first. That worked for the first few games until it was figured out.Other teams changed their style but not the Rangers. If you are going to lose then show something for it.

  109. Ray of hope:

    According to Carton, per a soucre that Boomer is calling “very reliable”, if the Rangers lose tonight to the Islanders, they will fire their GM Glen Sather.

  110. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Yeah Congrats to all my Buleshirt Brothers and Sisters who Chanted FIRE SATHER last night

    I really cant remember it ever getting so loud that the announcers actually addressed it (ON MSG plus that is)

    I jsut feel so bad for Hank. YOu could see in his face last night, that he’s sick of this team. HE plays his ass off, makes great save and NO ONE helps him out.

    And honestly, as bad as Redden was last year, I’d keep him over ROsi and Dru. At least he plays somewhat of a decent game, this year especially.

    And Kudos to Dave Maloney, he really was honest in the post game. No Bullshit, no cover up liek Sam & Joe usally do. Honest assesment. We sucked.

    And I love how he said In “his time” the captain would have been throwing stuff and shoing everyone how pissed they were

    Drury is just not a leader.

  111. If Glen Sathers job is on the line we will not see Johnson in the goal tonight for sure. If that rumer has any teeth it puts Torts in a do or die position. Sather looses his job, I wouldn’t think Torts would keep his long. Man I would not want to have my job depending on this group of over paid bums.

  112. Good morning, Carp!

    I didn’t get around to starting the logo yesterday and tonight is Latke Party Night. Did I mention that my new guy pal runs a print shop? Makes printing t-shirts pretty convenient. But we’d probably have to order at least 25. Something to think about…

  113. According to Carton, per a soucre that Boomer is calling “very reliable”, if the Rangers lose tonight to the Islanders, they will fire their GM Glen Sather.

    This makes me laugh. As if winning or losing tonights game changes anything in regards to Sather.

    If Sather’s job is on the line, it’s on the line. Pinching out a win against the NYI will not absolve him of anything.

    Carp, comments? Would/Could an ultimatum such as this one ever be a real situation?

    Attention is finally on Sather, as it should be. But does that really change after tonight if we get a win? It just isn’t logical that such a big problem can be decided on something so menial in the bigger picture.

  114. I dont think it means if they win today, he keeps his job. I just think it means (if it’s true) that lose today, and youre fired. Win and you get a stay of execution.

    Either way, this season will only be saved by a miracle.

  115. Why should Sather’s job depend on what happens in one game? So what if they win 20-0? That doesn’t change the last 10 years or what we face in the future.

  116. That is why I for one, do not beleive it. I am just afraid he fires Torts to get the spotlight off him and on a new coach.

    Typical Sather fashion.

    I hope they win 20-0, but realisticly, if they win, it would be 1-0, or they lose.

  117. Sally, I started the whole T-shirt bonehead logo thing. You work on the logo, we’ll talk about ordering.

  118. Crease –

    Then you must also be aware of former Big Red captain Byron Bitz skating with the top line in Boston.

    Also, Ryan O’Byrne in Montreal.

  119. I don’t think Sather can get away with firing the coach this time. He’s gone to that well too many times. It would put him into the firestorm even more. The last thing he wants is attention right now.

  120. I was at the game last night. As a 43 yr old dude who has watched and played hockey all my life, I can say without a doubt, that was the worst hockey game I have EVER seen bar none!!

    That said, I really think something else is going on with this team. Something in the locker room? Something with Torts? Bickering among players??? Don’t know what it is but, something changed this team from looking like a pretty good squad earlier in the season, to a bunch of guys who look like they don’t want to be there. They better find the problem and nip it. I’m not worried about not making the playoffs. I’m more worried about Gaborik. Will he still want to play here? Will it affect his future effort? This could be a huge problem. You have to keep your All-Stars happy!! If Gaborik and Lundqvist don’t want to be here than where are we??

  121. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    The best part about Chris Drury is, if and when he goes to another team, he will be good again.

    It will be the sickest thing in the world to see, but that earnest but painfully ineffective overpaid mercenary will be good again.

    I like Torts, but the problem that I have with him is his hypocrisy.

    If he stuck by his values and benched anyone and everyone who was a detriment to this team, even so much as playing with 16 men and basically throwing away a game, then he would be fine.

    But the fact that Drury gets a free pass is disgusting.

    Oh well, he’s a Yankees fan!

    Then again, we do not know what injuries he has, or how hard he is trying on the ice.

    For all we know, Drury is trying his hardest, but is just not that good.

    If that is the case, then that would fit Torts’ values. He does not bench players for not being good, he benches them for lack of effort.

  122. wicky229 (it's not about skill, it's about will) on


    I agree 100% with what you said about boyle!!! If sather is canned (i’ll believe it when I see it) I give the new guy about 33 minutes to send rozy packing to hartford!!!

    We really have to win tonight if anyone in that room has any pride left!!!

    Here’s to keeping the faith…LGR!!!!!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!! Off to the slat mines and a DVR’d game!!

  123. My wife asked what is wrong with me last night as I screamed at the TV..

    She is right-what is wrong with me?

  124. How does carton get this inside info and not Carp/Gross. They’ve been silent so far this morning????

  125. One Ranger…now that’s a shirt I’d pay for!

    Sure wish I’d watched that Torts press conference.

    I also want to meet the person who writes up the post-game news releases….I love the consistent positive spin even after a game like last night. Compare to to Torts’ comments……firetruckin hysterical.

  126. Nasty and CT – YOU GOT YOU GOT WHAT I NEED!!!

    CR9 – That’s because Drury will go to a team where he isn’t expected to carry them. The only other time he was a crappy player was in Calgary, and he wasn’t this bad. But they hated him in Calgary because of the same reasons we hate Chris, except he wasn’t their captain.

    When they realized the mistake they made, they quickly ditched him and he went to Buffalo, where he was surrounded by some of the best young talent in the league (Briere, Dumont, Vanek, Roy, Pominville, Hecht, Connolly when healthy, Afinogenov, and Kotalik…who actually played well with real guys around him). He didn’t have to do anything but crash the net and take slapshots from the point through traffic. That’s why Buffalo wasn’t giving him the money he wanted, because they knew with a few guys leaving, Drury wouldn’t put up the same numbers.

  127. CR9
    I honestly believe that Torts’ hands are tied up. I really want him to get a fair chance to do with the team what he’d like to.

    It’s all set bro, Big Sky first week of March!

    My wife asked me last night the same. She mentioned that I was more upset than usual, and yet it wasn’t the first time they lost. So I did explain. I used about 25-30 words. It’s a good thing she doesn’t understand Russian.


    Was at the game last night. It’s unbelievable how flat they are. Last year the team got a lot of crap for being vanilla…this years team doesn’t even come close…last night was the most bland, uninspired, “vanilla” performance I’ve seen from this team in years.

  129. Torts and many of you can bench whomever you want, and it’s not going to make the least bit of difference. This game is more on Torts for improper preparation, unless it’s a case where he has lost the team, and they just didn;’t listen. However, Torts post-game interviews suggest he is at a total loss. Torts didn;’t say for instance, “I told them to do x against the aggressive forecheck, but they F!$^!^ didn’t to it. We looked exactly as we did in the first game vs the Islander, which also happened to be the first game this season that the opposition figured out how to sink our club, with sustained aggressive forechecking. It was the same thing all over again, and despite the seeming lack of effort, I kept asking “What is that effort supposed to be doing to win?” In short, we didn’t seem know what proper tactics there were to get a better result.

  130. Is there an imposter Chris Drury posting on here? One doesn’t peel out in his Clutch Mobile or go ha-ha! For one, that is not at all clutch, and two, why would anyone want to impersonate Chris Drury?

  131. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    IF Sather’s job is REALLY on the line, tonight has nothing to do with it.
    Maybe Dolan Actually heard the FIRE SATHER chants last night?

    All I know is, the team does not look like a TEAM anymore.

    And I really think if Torts tells Hank he’s starting tonight, Hank tells him ” No I’m not”

    The poor guy needs a break. Playing his ass of is not motivating the crap players in front of him.

    I honeslty would tell the whole team. Go try and play a game with a rookie and see how you do cause Im not killing myself out there for your lazy asses anymore.

    We could really have a solid core of players to build around if ONLY we could get rid of everyone else

    Hank, Gabby, Del Z, Staal, Gilroy, Dubi, Cally, Avery, Boyle, Artie & Prospal.

    But of course, everyone else are players NO ONE wants.

    Unless they can magically turn this around with who they have, 1st overall here we come!!

  132. Gerry D
    Well said. I have been wondering what changed with this team so quickly. There is definately somthing wrong. What ever it is Torts does not seem to have any idea what it is. When Gilroy went down I wondered if maybe he was part of the problem. Torts sits some guys for things that are not totally their mistakes, and he sits only a few guys. The so called stars are never punished. That has to be part of the problem. I know Torts is in a bad situation right now, but it is past time he damed the torpedos, and made some good decisions, as far as the way some of these guys playing and addresses the problem or problems. That is including having a look at himself and his coaching staff. The coaching staff and the players are professionals, and in his own words this is unacceptable

  133. Good morning Hockeymon. I think Sather deserves spoiled eggnog. And Drury should get hot coal in his jock for Christmas. Do we have a chance tonite? Not a snowballs chance in hell. Oh and good morning Dave Maloney!

  134. Rags fans cheer up.
    At least you didn’t have to watch Gomez at the Rock last night.
    The Devils won but phew it was a stinker of a game.
    Montreal is atrocious and the D’s played down to the competition.
    See you on 1/22
    Say 6-1 Devils?

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