Game 33: Islanders-Rangers


Sorry I’m late. Had a lot of catching up to do here at MSG.

The lineup has not changed, which means Sanguinetti is not playing, and Voros and Christensen get prucha’d. Lundqvist in goal against Roloson. Fair number of Islanders fans in the building.

I’m going to be on the radio with Dave Maloney between the second and third periods, so check it out. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. OMG Carp! I was just about to post clean slate with exactly that subject line!!! But letting people know it was mama, and crediting CR9, and that I’d probably get Carp’d….phew. Gonna be too much traffic tonight, I think, to mess with the heads.

    Have a great night father…..can’t wait to read tomorrow’s story….

  2. What’s the over/under on Richard Park scoring the game-winning goal tonight? Shorthanded.

  3. Torts needs to call an early timeout, and just lay in to them. Grab a stick, baseball bat rozy in the head ala Untouchables, and make a statement. Under 500 at home already. How far under do they want to go?

  4. Outshot 10-1 after getting 50 shots on goal last game and talking as if they were close to turning this around. And down 1-0 and looking completely asleep against the Islanders at home.

    Shameful display and shame to the sweater.

    Worst team in hockey.

  5. Nasty, if this game doesn’t work out, and I pray it does, I wish I could be at warren (TR I know you’re going later!) instead of the shower…

  6. why should they be loud? rangers havent had a shot on goal. oh wait, 1. 1 big shot compared to 10 from the isles at the garden. id be ashamed if i was there right now. cmon rangrs wtf? they look like theyre tanking right now. they are. theres no way u get outshot 10-1 at home in the first against our fiercest rival. if we dont score soon im out. cant watch this crap

  7. I think the PA announcer could have said there was a minute left in the period without a microphone, and everybody still would have heard it.

  8. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    sam’s eager to see what torts does during the intermission. if he was smart, he’d walk out! (kidding)

  9. hartford Whalerpack on

    Anyone listening to this game on the radio like me? Dude is blasting the Rangers a new a-hole.

  10. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sullivan sounded pissed during the interview. Said Torts would deal with it. I bet Lisen gets benched.

    “The benchings will continue until morale improves”

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    We heard boo’s, that’s all.

    MSG probably has super high-tech microphone filters which edit out “fire sather”

  12. Someone on the last thread asked whether the game started at 7 or 7.30. I know at least 18 people who think the game starts at 8.

  13. anyone just see the interview with assistant coach Mike Sullivan?

    questioned about what’s wrong?
    he said the word “EFFORT” about a half dozen or so times.

    which brings this up CARP…

    you say that it’s a team of 2nd/3rd line players but
    our players are regularly outplayed by the other team’s 2nd/3rd and 4th line players….

    so WHY IS THAT????

    What Happens When a Player Puts On a Rangers Uniform That They Couldn’t Care Less to Put in an Honest Effort?!?!?

  14. btw, Peter Mueller is a healthy scratch tonight in Toronto for the Coyotes. just to spread the trade rumor monger a little bit.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    December 16th, 2009 at 7:46 pm
    this team sucks and your looking at the most over rated player on the team,Dubi
    Dubi looks like Gretzky compared to Drury.

  16. czechthemout!!! on

    That was some period eh? They sure look like they are trying hard don’t they? As a big Torts fan, I am shocked that he has allowed this team to tune him out so fast. But he has no one to blame but himself!! That is what happens when you pull a Tom Renney and make an example of the kids instead of shite like Drury, Blowzival, and Redden who know once again playing like crap.

  17. FYI, meant to respond to this in earlier post….as for quickness of the game and the fans maintaining their emotion….it’s TV timeouts that I HATE….in the olden days, ads appeared quick when they could during normal breaks in the game and at intermission.
    Now, it’s all about the $$$$.
    Carp, if I’m wrong correct me, but I don’t think I am.

  18. >>btw, Peter Mueller is a healthy scratch tonight in Toronto for the Coyotes. just to spread the trade rumor monger a little bit.

    And Sanguinetti was called up and not dressed. Hmm, verly interlesting!

  19. the guy just got back from 37 days out injured. he has a protective cast on his hand. what a dumb comment

  20. Someone should tell them that Blake Comeau took a dump on the Rangers logo on the carpet. It’s the last resort to get them going.

  21. Sather’s to blame for the lack of talent, size, skill, etc. and our awful cap situation…but that doesn’t explain the lack of effort by the team. I’m still trying to figure out who to blame for that. I’m leaning towards Torts as the reason why this team consistently seems to not care.

  22. yea acdc, doobs sucked, but so did gabby, so did everybody. nobody played good. hes not overrated. we all know his stats. hes at best a 20g 50 point guy who will be a solid 3rd liner/2nd liner. maybe after not having young prospects go through the system and make it for so long we value him more but yes, hes not a goal scorer. and we need them.

  23. czechthemout!!! on

    Sather needs to be relieved of his duties or nothing on this team will ever change. This a-hole has created a culture of enttitlement and no accoutability around this team and that is now underminig Torts’ authority to instill discipline and accountability with the players. Can you believe a player who is getting paid 7 million dollars a season only has 2 goals and 6 or 7 assists and is still the captain of this team?

  24. czechthemout!!! on

    I am Alex B. I’ve come back under my old handle untill they get rid of Kotalik and Blowzival!!

  25. hartford, that’s Dave Maloney, and I’m going on the radio with him next intermission. I’m sure we’re going to talk about the blog, because everybody here reads it. I’m telling you, everybody who works here reads the blog. Dave definitely does.

  26. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    Carp, looking forward to hearing you, I just went to the website and got the radio feed going!

  27. czechthemout!!! on


  28. My picture must be breaking up. It says here that the Rangers came out of that with a PP and Avery didn’t get put on death row.

    i mean wtf..its like this all the f…. time with this team..

  30. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    i saw that Laurel, was most impressed!!!

    for a rivalry game, this crowd is DEAD!!!!!! Rangers have put em to sleep

  31. cccp- how bout me n you and some of our RR subordinates go out to a game and just scream “fire sather” all night long,like lionel richie baby!! im buyin l3w3’s fire sather shirt.

  32. I would like to see Avery on the top line with Dubi and Gabby. Avery and Dubi play well together.

  33. the worst 4th line in the NHL! if afraid theyll let in a goal each time theyre on the ice…sucha e let down from last years 4th line…What is this..

  34. Chris from Buffalo on

    What makes you all think, given his drafting history, Sather would be smart enough to pick Hall if we get first overall?

  35. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    yea, i just sent him a quick email, didnt yesterday cuz i knew he’d be busy and all. Been thinking about the sharkie family, hoping everything went well!

  36. No offense. I’m in the crowd. Short of Avery this team is giving us nothing tonight. Higgins is horrendous.

  37. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    grabby, i think i’ll order BOTH of those sather shirts, the one with his melon head on fire is priceless!!!

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t build up your hopes for the #1 draft pick. I think Jessiman’s little brother is a Senior at Dartmouth this year.

    Sather is looking for another “project”.

  39. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    higgins has been stoned for practically the entire season! Scooby doobie doooo

  40. Anyone watching this game, at times would wonder if the Rangers had any kind of coaching at all

  41. the crowd is dead… why not wake the crowd up with more of “FIRE SATHER” chants?! are we too chicken to do it?

    but then again… even after Slats is gone this will still be the same squad…

  42. There hasn’t been a Prucha debate on here for a while, right? He’s just scored his 2nd goal of the game against the Leafs…

  43. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    lets all imagine capn crutch scoring 2 in a game………. hell 2 in a week!!!!!!!

  44. Linda, happy to please! And I don’t understand this deadness at all…

    Nasty. thanks for promoting my man!

    All, I gotta go….game and other stuff and all…It’s not over yet! LGR!!

  45. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    wonders if drury fires up the clutchsled for Christmas.

    Hell, is anyone on this team other than witt and weight over the age of 23???

  46. Hey guys did you see my courageous play this period. While the Islanders forechecked us to death I shoved Okposo behind the net a few times. I pointed some more like you have all grown used to and glided around.

    Did you also see that Glen Sather has the best winning percentage for a Rangers Coach against the Islanders? I bet my MSG special will play after the game too so the PR machine can make everyone feel everythings alright.

  47. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    CCCP, when slatipuss mess fires torts and goes behind the bench, you gotta sit down there with the fire sather shirt on………that’d be comedy gold!

  48. another poor effort. Hank has got to be getting tired of this every night. I know I am. This is the softest Ranger team I can remember. What a bunch of pussies.

  49. the guy that the Rangers need from Phoenix, and the USA olympic team should pick, is Keith Yandle. a young dman who can skate like Gabby and is a good all around player at both ends.

  50. Remember pre-lockout when the Rangers were lousy, but they still beat the Islanders every game that season? Barnaby, Lindros, etc. — they came to play — those games at least were great, despite the rest of the season being lousy.
    Now it’s just Drury pointing and pretending to care after he glides past his man or passes the puck to no one or does his random back pass on the breakout.

  51. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Prucha just scored his 5th and 6th goals tonight

    he’s lapped Drury TWICE…with 6 goals…think about that

    c’mon MSG, I heard those “Fire Sather” chants in the 1st period…forget the booing, I wanna hear that some more before the game’s over

  52. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    wow not ONE male at the z100 jingle ball….. adam lambert must be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiised!

  53. Torts isn’t putting these guys in the beat positions to succeed. We’ve seen Dubi with Higgins and Callahan already and Anisimov with Drury and Brashear again? C’mon!!!!

  54. Hockeymon…This IS the softest Ranger team of a very, very long time.

    Outside of Sean Avery…is there ANYONE on this team not carrying a purse on the ice?

    I blame it on a team wide lack of accountability…an Organization-wide lack of accountability.

    From an owner barely smart enough to wipe himself…to a GM who everyone in the hockey world knows is worthless…to a coach who preaches one thing loudly and practices another…to a team Captain who couldn’t lead a gerbil in a wheel…

    By and large this team just simply DOES NOT CARE. Ask yourself this…why is it that when they take the body or stick up for one another that it feels like they’re acting against their impulses?

    How come when it happens the only thought is “They must have been yelled at between periods”

    Stick checks…shying away from contact…failing to put forth anything but the minimal effort…

    This team is becoming the worst Ranger team I can remember in a long, long time.

    And thanks to Glen Sather…it will continue to be so for a very, very long time.

  55. Since I’m in Winnipeg at the moment I can’t get the Rangers, but judging from some of the posts I’m thinking it’s probably a good thing. I’m watching Phoenix at Toronto and the dessert dogs are kicking butt 4-1! Prucha scored their first two goals as well!

  56. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    i dont think Torts knows what to do. We need to rename the Line Generator because that’s pretty much what he’s using

  57. Good thing they got rid of Prucha. Scored his 5th & 6th goals tonight, but at least Tortorella can keep telling us that Drury “cares”. What does he care about exactly?

  58. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    drury cares so much he needs to be calmed down.

    after seein this pic for about the 4th time this season, should we prepare for the drury llws one?

  59. The lack of basic hockey skills (passing…backchecking…defending…shot selection) is truly astounding…

    Just what in the hell does Torts do in practice? Are they doing anything other than getting their “Jam” on?

  60. Re: coaching

    coaching? what coaching? ever watched “SuperNanny”? The British nanny who helps some parents with their misbehaving kids…so she has a thing she calls a “naughty stool” she puts the kids on it when they don’t listen or done something bad… so this is what Torts does during practice… he’s got a “naughty Torts stool” … it almost never works… but it’s a strategy! OY!

  61. Michal Roszival on

    Guys, I don’t really understand why Drury isn’t scoring during games … he ALWAYS scores against me during practice!

  62. There always bunched up on the same side of the ice!…they cycle and the punk ends up on the side with no rangers, every game this happens

  63. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    i swear, if they play this uninspired and as if they couldnt care less tomorrow night, i’m not gonna watch em until after Christmas. sheesh

  64. The only way to motivate these pu$$ies and make them “angry” is to lock them in a room and show them a tape of me railing their wives and gfs

  65. So the fact that rangers never scored any goals last year had absolutely NOTHING to do with Renney as we clearly can see….

  66. “what minute do the rangers get put out of their misery?”

    Yes, classic. I too am wondering when Roszival will make the killer coverage / checking mistake.

  67. gregm-section_403 on

    Be sure to stay tined for highlights during the Jaguar Postgame. Highlights? There are highlights?

  68. I wonder if they’ll say that they did some good things in this game. Maybe they can point them out this time, because I haven’t seen any.

  69. Lets force passes to gaborik every single chance we get, there really fooling a lot of people….Fire Sather chants nice

  70. Maybe after the game Drury will look for a positive and say “Who knows when we’re gonna need those zero points down the road.”

  71. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    awesome job by the REAL Rangers fans at the game tonight. ya think “drop dead dolan” would be too much to ask??? KIDDING KIDDING!!!!

  72. in·ept (adj.)
    1. Not apt or fitting; inappropriate.
    a. Displaying a lack of judgment, sense, or reason; foolish: an inept remark.
    b. Bungling or clumsy; incompetent

  73. If they commented on it, Joe wouldnt have been there to talk about kotaliks forearms the next game and sam wouldnt be calling “its a powerplay goal” anymore. lol.

  74. HAHA Lisin was so glad to score a goal..then he realised he shouldnt be that happy:P HAHAH thats so funny

  75. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    good for you lisin… 3 effin minutes until the 3rd period…is that an ef u to torts??? lmao

  76. Captain Clutch isn’t gonna let this loss ruin my Kazakhstan Independence Day!

    Wait a second…Kazakhstan?!? Captain Clutch’s favorite actor Borat comes from Kazakhstan!!! Check out this Borat impersonation by Captain Clutch!

    (removes mouthpiece, clears throat)

    “My name a Drury! I LIKE you! I like CLUTCH! It’s niiiiice!”


    Oh and just so you guys know, not only is Captain Clutch the ultimate winner, but Captain Clutch brings clutchness, leadership, heart, and now JAM!!! Did you guys see Captain Clutch point my finger at the Islanders??? Did you guys see Captain Clutch bang my stick on the ice so that The Orange Goblin, a.k.a. Prospal, would pass the puck to me??? Coach Lunatic Torts is gonna love all that clutch jam!

    Anyway, Captain Clutch hopes you guys aren’t letting these losses ruin your holiday season! Cause I’m sure not! Santa Dolan and his little helper Glen left Captain Clutch $7 million in his stocking this year! AND another $14 million under the tree for the next 2 seasons after this! It really is Christmas in New York!!! Ha-Ha!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  77. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, that was a minute and a half of solid effort tonight. They poured it on just as soon as it was too late to win.

  78. great shot of the captain chewing on his mouthpiece as they walked to the locker room. the MVP of mouthpiece chewing.

  79. Nice, “Blunt” Joe Micheletti pointing out that maybe the Rangers have to rethink the ice time of players.

  80. >>wtf can they possibly be talking about that they dont already know?

    EXACTLY! I personally have never seen a scripted goal.

  81. Joy to the world!

    We get to watch these guys tomorrow night.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  82. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    a minute and a half…something to build on. they did a lot of good things in that minute and a half Olga…now

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Check Captain Clutch’s post at 9:30! Just have Carp and the rest of the media read it if they’re looking for me, Captain Clutch has to go warm up the Clutchmobile!

  84. Look who showed up to play and went to the net; Lisin, Anisimov, Dubinsky, Callahan….jeez Torts, play these kids the veterans are useless.

    And he takes them off for the final shift.

    Torts get fired? He’ll use the Tom Webster ear infection excuse.

  85. *Hey guys remember I told you I wont let this 5 game losing streak ruin my Christmas on Monday? Well I was right on to number 6.

    Heave Ho!*


    Beat it imposter! There’s only one Captain Clutch!

  86. Gaborik didn’t know when he signed that he was going to be on the ice every other shift, and forced to backcheck and knock guys over in front of Lundqvist.

  87. hahahahahah, what a joke, he says “i don’t want to talk about the loss for too long” captain cr#*p.

    Drury looked like a serial killer for a sec there.

  88. This team was so boring last year, and yet I’m starting to look back with nostalgia at the witty banter of Scott Gomez.

  89. Torts is coaching himself out of a job though; he’s too stubborn and giving too many chances to these guys like Higgins, Drury and even Avery who aren’t going to score.

    Benching Kotalik every other game is not accountability or good coaching.

    I almost threw the remote at the TV when Drury and Brashear where out there with Anisimov.

    Play the younger guys like the ones who were on the ice when the goal scored tonight, call up Dale Weisse or Byers to provide some grit. Jeez, do something Torts.

  90. because of the holiday freeze, they have to do something before saturday if they want to make a trade.

  91. Gretz as GM/Keenan as coach sounds like a surefire recipe for further humiliation and sinking to new depths. Bring em on!

  92. So Lundqvist says it’s not acceptable to play like this, but Drury suggests maybe not passing up shots is the trick. Words of wisdom from our captain.

  93. When does Lundqvist get his D together and get in their faces” One more assh*le runs me and you’re dead!” When does he get his brak b/4 the olympics? Time for Ocho Cinco. Nice move by Sather to get a quality back up signed last year when every team who needed help got one.

  94. our top line is gassed by the last 10 min of games, cause torts rides them all game, torts has a very bad hockey IQ.
    Oh and poor hank, at least he said the truth, unlike drury who looks frail and broken lol.

  95. It is time for Drury to lose the “C” and give it at least to Gaborik.

    I believe the team will play better if Captain Chris is put out of his misery and either waived or bought out.

    Sather should be fired, Drury should be stripped of the “C”, because he obviously doesn’t deserve it.

    But wait, Dolan gets the text update on his phone and sees a 2-1 loss and concludes it must have been a good game.

    First the Knicks and now this, does Dolan have any shame?

  96. Even though I know his game left a lot to be desired and he would not have been a good fit for this team, Brendan Shanahan would never have allowed that kind of play to go on that long. No leadership, no heart. Messier needs to go down there and start flipping tables over.

    There is no stat for heart. Clearly Sather did not consider that when he signed these clowns.

    Prucha has 2 goals tonight

  97. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger fans, from the World’s Most Sold Out Arena!

    It was a strange crowd out there tonight, they were yelling up to my suite, “fire, Sather” , but there was no fire, it was just cigar smoke.

    I was listening during the second intermission to Dave Maloney and some guy named after a fish. I think he was an islander fan. Dave better watch who he interviews…

    Wait a second fans, I need to check in with Jimmy D- lets see, what was his cell number? Ah, here it is, 1-800-NIXSUK2. Riiiing! Jimmy? Uncle Glen here. We did it again, Another sellout! Your team won tonight, too. Captain Drury was asking if you saw his Clutchmobile anywhere. He says he accidentally parked in your spot. OK. see you soon. Bye.

    I didn’t like all the Rangers skating over the Logo on center ice. So I had Torts bench anyone that did it. That’s why he had to triple shift Higgins in the third.

    I’ve also got to cut back on some of the post game conversations. They’re very disturbing. I’m missing watching my “I Love Lucy” reruns at 10:00. I like that Ricky Ricardo.

    That gives me an idea! Mess! Messier! Send a couple Ranger scouts down to Cuba. Have them get me a couple boxes of Cubans while they’re there. Great Idea!

    Well. Gotta go. Rangers are serving up a Carp Dinner upstairs later, I saw them roughing one up in the hallway outside the broadcast booth.

    See you out on the Island tomorrow!

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Something must be done!!! … says Greg L. on

    I heard it , you all did as well ” Fire Sather” chants in the 3rd were pritty loud and clear. Kinda selfish of some fans when you have Gaborik struggling and other trying to score. Then ya hear “Fire Sather” well it was nice to voice your opinions but it was selfish to Dubinsky,Avery,Hank and Gaborik. All you fan who feel “proud” to chant shtuff to show off your displeasure by throwing off the whole team ,your all a bunch of selfish #@%%#^$ and as much as I hate our crappy players , I wont BAWL AND CRY AT A HOCKEYGAME cuz my team sucks. I blame alot of fans who can only scream in displeasure instead of incourgement….if ya really want to put it all out on the table.

    Our Captain was INVISABLE and NO Jagr , No Messier would stand for that. I want a new Captain . I want that chanted before fire sather , gawd thats dumb , oh yeah Dolan gonna get on the phone and give ol Slats a reaming…sure sure.
    Stop your $#$%^$ bu%$# #@#$ and support the team cuz right now WE HAVE ALOTTA ROOKIES and its THEM your hurting not Sather.

  99. I’d rather have Valerei Kamensky and Petr Nedved getting top 9 minutes than Chris Drury. This guy is quickly becoming my least favorite Rangers with those two and Shane Churla.

  100. fire sather now on

    that is dumb. yelling fire sather takes the pressure OFF the young players. they are not blaming them, but the stupid GM who has screwed up this team for 10 years, pal. if you think fans are going to put up with another decade of this crap, think again.

  101. don’t know if they showed it yet, or if they can, but Torts blew his top in the postgame. I’ll put the whole transcript up later, subbing the profanities with some of our favorites of course.

  102. For the love of all that is holy greg, are you serious, this guy is holding back this organization with horrible signings. Its a fact, there has been tons of articles on this matter too. the players hear what there saying, and trust me, they don’t care. If they did don’t you think they would give ONE OUNCE OF EFFORT IN THE GAME. This team needs a reboot from the top, regardless of money hungry players feelings.

  103. Since most kids get happy when their sibling is in trouble from mom and not them, it’s doubtful if NHL players feel bad if their doddering elderly GM is the subject of angry chants.

  104. Greg L., the rookies aren’t getting hurt by the Boos, they’re getting hurt by the lack of positive veteran presence to help develop their game. They’re getting hurt by having to take on more responsibility than they should have to in order to bail out the players that should be teaching them. The rookies are being hurt by the lack of leadership that should be letting them know that anything less than 100% at all times is unacceptable, and be shown it by example and not empty words.

    This state of this team rests solely on the shoulders of Sather. This is a mish-mashed roster, sorely devoid of adequate talent and heart.

  105. OK Torts, good answers. Well, are you going to sit Rozi? Are you going to sit Drury and bring up Grachev? Otherwise, we’ve seen this crap before.

  106. Shoryuken. He dropped a lot of F-bombs and S-bombs and horse-s bombs. great stuff. and he said somethign about theres gonna be a change. idk if he was referring to a trade or to veteran benchings(Maloney suggested that but he had no idea what it really meant)

  107. Michal Roszival on

    Hi gays,

    I’m poosting this while druving home from the gaime, so fargive me if I make some mustakes …

    hick of a game huh?! we almost hed them at the end, i tell yoo. If only that Icelander hadn’t plucked my shot, we could’ve have tyed the game! I know how that feels, i have punks blucked on me all de time!

    butt don’t worry, Dreary said we’d bee ready fur the Icelanders tumorrow nite … that all we hive to do is “keep plowing like we’re plowing” and iventually we’ll reach around.

    to which i said: “spooking of plowing and reaching aroond, where’s my buddy Torts?”

  108. Gaborik is the only veteran producing, with every opposing team strategizing on how to shut him down every shift. Tortorella has destroyed Kotalik’s confidence, he continues to allow Drury, Higgins, etc. to escape blame, and Tortorella will not admit any responsibility for any problems on the team. He blames the players completely. Tortorella’s anger issues were a lot more entertaining when he was Tampa’s coach.

  109. A few quick things….

    First: Did anyone just see Tort’s press conference? Is it me or does this guy some to be getting pretty close to the proverbial tipping point. A reporter (think it was Brooks) asked what he thought he (Torts) could do better. Torts had no answer whatsoever. He claims changes will be made for tomorrow’s game. One can only imagine those changes involve stripping Drury of the C, benching Rozy, and waiving Brashear, but I highly doubt it. My money is on Cally and Higgins being benched. (just a hunch)

    Two: I think this is directed at Greg L, or whoever was just complaining about the FIRE SATHER chants at the garden tonight. EAT A FRICKEN FISH! This is the only way we as fans can actually make a statement that *may* be heard by someone in upper management. We are the ones filling the seats to watch this GARBAGE, HEARTLESS, pathetic hockey.

    Three: Grachev. Why the hell is this guy still playing in Hartford? Get him on a line with Dubi & Gaborik NOW.

  110. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I was looking into the crystal ball earlier and it showed me a NYR team coming back from the olympic break without Torts behind the bench. It was unclear whether Mess or TG1 was behind the bench. Both were involved somehow.

  111. Olga Folkyerself on

    Maybe Torts will bring up the Wolfpack to play tomorrow nights game. That might send the team a message…

  112. Cally was out there at the end of the game, not his fault.

    Grachev is not ready yet as per Leslie from Don’t rush him.

    I’d like to see Gaborik with Anisimov and Lisin for a few games and Dubinsky with Propsal and Callahan.

    Get Byers or Weisse or Owens or someone up here who can throw the body a little bit.

    Waive Brashear? Fine, but he’s over 35 so that $1.4 million ain’t going anywhere.

  113. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    hell, why not freakin just give Hank the next 3 games off. I mean hell, give him a rest. It’s not like the rest of the team’ll show up and play full out for 60 minutes!

  114. Question: What exactly does stripping the “C” from Drury do?

    Seriously! Some of you seem to just love dropping that insanely intelligent comment but mysteriously don’t offer anything in the way of explaining the purpose or desired result. I hope they do just to shut some of you up once and for all.

    Kids kids kids, lottery draft, kids kids kids, Hank is the best, kids kids kids, move Drury Redden Rozi etc, kids kids kids….sheez, why do i even read the comments?

  115. Linda, not gonna lie, i backed away from the tv.You could hear him breathing very angrily, like a bull. He went off at brooksies question. someone asked if he thought the team could even turn it around as made up with the current crop of players. He dropped an f-bomb there. if there is one person that will be the first to choke you through a tv screen. it’ll be torts.

  116. I think Dave Maloney said it best when he said “When your opponent comes into your building and declares how big this game is to them…and your response is to say it’s like any other game…there’s something very wrong”

    LEADERSHIP is vacant on this team. Definitely in the form of Chris Drury who is, by far, my least favorite Ranger since Anson Carter. Drury should take a page from Markus Naslund and retire. He’s done as an NHL player and is a complete and total joke as a Captain.

    Tortorella was upset…cursing and all…and there truly was NO excuse for this team to come out so flat. THAT is on the players, especially the VETERANS and the LEADERS of the team. But Torts is also heaping unhealthy amounts of ice time on players who simply aren’t doing ANYTHING on the ice. Add to that his lack of any system whatsoever and Tortorella is looking very much like a coach whose mouth overshadows his lack of hockey sense.

    Nice threat to make something happen…but NOTHING will happen. He’ll trot out the same losers, we’ll suffer through more inane mumblings from Captain Drury after a loss, and things just won’t change.

    Hank and Staal spoke like players who could be leaders…listening to them and comparing their words to Drury…Man alive, Drury is writing the book on how to NOT be a leader.

  117. Stripping the C is a shake-up. And obviously Drury can’t handle the responsibility. But maybe the shake-up will just be that Tortorella gets suspended for the game tomorrow.

  118. Been ripping audio from Flight of the Conchords DVDs to CDs, since 8, man what an awful game… and I missed the first period!

    Sorry I couldn’t be here with all the boneheads… Tomorrow night fa sho!

  119. There’s nothing Torts can do, unless it’s strip Drury of the “C” and give it to Gabby.

    Other than that, there isn’t anyone in this farm system capable of bringing this team back from this nightmare.

    This team is SOFT, flat out. There is no size up front, there is no grit on the back end. This team is just bad.

    Every “tough guy” on this team isn’t really that tough. Boyle, Voros, Brashears hardly see the ice, Lisin, Avery, Dubinsky, Callahan scare nobody.

    Higgins, Prospal and Drury probably have 5 fights between the three of them over their careers.

    If Staal, Girardi, Redden and Rozival or any other player for that matter in this organization was a fighter capable of handing out punishment on a regular basis, they would have done it already.

    Staal is a soft player. He is 6’4″ and soft. Girardi can hit, but he’s no hitter. Redden and Rozival cashed in a long time ago.

    So what move does Torts have to make?

    I hope it’s major benchings and demotions, but how can you justify that with 50 games to go?

  120. Well, it is shower time. I don’t know if there is enough soap in the world to wash the shame and sadness off of my body.

    Goodnight all. Heave ho heave ho, hahahahahahaha.

    We have taken permanent residence in Barf Bag City.

    Sather is the Mayor

  121. It’s amusing to hear how quietly and carefully the reporters ask their questions to Torts. They should send in some of those obnoxious paparazzi who love to ask humiliated celebrities questions, like when they ask Tiger’s wife with the kids how she feels about his mistresses? It would be funny to see those paparazzi with Torts.

  122. the Sharks stripped the C off of Patrick Marleau, and he is having one of his best years scoring without the pressure.

  123. Just caught up. That was some interview! The most entertaining thing of the night. Sorry, didn’t hear Carp

  124. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    thanks for that relay 909, as much as i hate the winter weather in NY, I just might have to move back for hockey season next year if torts is still the coach. I wonder if his outburst will lead to him resigning. I hope not, because it’d be worse when slatipuss brings in Keenan. If drury is such a team guy and if he cannot handle the pressure of being captain of the team, he should do what any great team guy would do and turn in the C on his own. That’d be a shred of leadership. There is a total lack of physical AND mental toughness on this team. It’s beyond sad. We knew this would be a ‘rebuilding year; (when is it NOT a rebuilding year with the amount of turnover every season), but we all expected them to at least COMPETE!!! This is the 2nd game vs the Islanders that they didnt care enough about to step it up. I never thought I’d see that. You could always look forward to the big rivalry games as games the team stepped it up. Not this season. And, as many have said, it’s not the kids, its the freakin VETS! Embarrassing!

  125. Matt, stripping drury of the C will send a message, and at the same time i wouldn’t hand out the c right away, but wait until someone steps up enough as a leader to earn it. The “C” isn’t aboot skill, its about heart, determination, and the will to win aka Mark Messier.

  126. well in messier’s case it was skill…and heart determination and the will to win…best leader in sports history

  127. with the current cap system, the usual move is to fire the coach, like Philly did. even though it is the players who continue to be the problem in Philly, the coach walks the plank first.

  128. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    the current cap situation would fall to sather, HE should be fired, and dolan should be committed. How does ONE MAN ruin two franchises AND a network? (then again, he ran the wiz into the ground, and now owns newsday too…sheesh!)

  129. Rob of course Messier had tons of skill, but thats not why he was the best leader in sports. He was captain because the man had no fear, and was not afraid to be honest and call out anyone. Drury has no authority, no heart, and no skill. Funny thing is ive read ppl compare him to an overpaid blair betts, but he’s actually worse.

  130. Drury, the modern day Bob Nevin.

    Lisin scored tonite….he had 3 1/2 minutes of ice time…he’ll be prucha’d tomorrow nite.

    Big changes tomorrow nite will be Torts dresses 7 defensemen and only uses 2….11 forwards and only uses 6

    Ocho Cinco will make his debut

  131. Linda-that would save us a lot of anxiety. And I know a great proctologist who would help him keep one in permanently. All he’ll need to do is light ’em up!

  132. hey all

    still smarting from another sad display of professional hockey.

    as Linda mentioned, i just wish they guys would, at least, COMPETE.

    being from Ohio you can’t forget the Dolan Un-Midas Touch here. Uncle Larry owns the Indians who have been stinking up MLB parks for awhile.
    apparently, it’s a Dolan Thing.

  133. Vogs-I’ll agree that Staal is soft, when MDZ is your hardest hitting D and your most talented, we’ve got a problem. I wouldn’t panic with Staal, his game only get better, some mistakes along the way, but a great potential.

    Rangers defense:

    Staal-amazing insticts, big guy who needs to inflict punishment in front of his goalie. His pussyness might be a result of the vets that were here when he is young.

    MDZ-2nd coming of #2. Enough said. Best D on this team at 19 years old, by far.

    Girardi-amazed when he got here 3 or 4 yrs ago. Has gone back to playing like the undrafted FA that he was. #6 at best.

    Rozi-Isn’t it time for Torts to beg Sather to do something? He’s done. He was done when Sather gave him millions. Get rid of him now, trade for a pick or Hartford.

    Redden-Can’t get rid of him, can you send 2 millionaire D down at the same time? #6 D for the next year till you get the mob to give him the same treatment that Naslund got.

    Heineken-keep him and put up with his errors. Let him learn and throw the body. It’s time for a crash course.

    Sangs-Same as Heineken.


    Gabby-here to stay till we ride him to the hospital and the 120 day DL list.

    Prospal-sign him to a 2 yr deal now to make the transition.

    Cally-good 3rd line player, not 2nd.

    Dubi-reminds me of JJ, without the prolific goal scoring, as he keeps the puck in the offensive zone with pressure all over him. A Keeper.

    AA-Good 3rd line center, maybe becomes a 2nd, maybe.

    GET RID OF ALL THE REST. We’d get the same results by bringing up the WolfPack.

    That’s all folks.

  134. Linda "FIRE SATHER DAMNIT" on

    jpg, i wonder if the dolans are related to the wilpons AND the browns (bengals owners!!!)

    Please guys, just hit the ice and COMPETE tomorrow!!!

  135. Wanna shake it up…start exposing some of them to waivers and watch how none of them are claimed….start shifting salary to Hartford….bring up Sauer and Potter…if they know they need to put other teams on their ass maybe they’ll do it. Bring Gilroy up and play him at forward…he only switched to D recently anyway. All the young defensemen have more offensive skills than most of the forwards do.

  136. Why does a coach not play 4 lines when he has back to back games? Instead, he scrambles together a couple of random lines and overplays his best player.
    What is he going to do? Anything? Has Sather made himself available to the media? No. What a surprise.

  137. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp ,did MSG give you a watch or a steak dinner for appearing?Get that Dolan $$$

  138. I don’t see why so much animus is directed at Higgins…he was the ONLY one out there hitting bodies last night. And I agree with all who claim that Staal is off…I believe this is the poorest season I’ve seen from him to date. But he fits right in with the reset of them.

    Isn’t it amazing how so many of what they laughingly call “their shots” go wide of the net? And those itsy bitsy wrist shots while every one else is slamming them from all angles, still dominate on this team. I find Girardi the most annoying, because he does have some talent, but he plays a very dumb game.

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