Parenteau clears waivers


The Rangers just announced what everybody knew yesterday … that P.A. Parenteau was assigned to Hartford (AHL).

Too bad he wasn’t in uniform for the skills competition last night — he has the winners in both of the Rangers’ slow-motion, practice-breakaway contest (a/k/a shootout) wins this season.

Anyway, apparently, P.A.P. had to clear waivers and he did so at noon today. Kind of gives you an idea what the league thinks of him. I mean, here’s a young guy who was lighting it up in the AHL before he was called up. He was free for the taking by any NHL team today. Nobody took him.

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  1. Carp – any insight as to why the rest of the League thinks that Pap was not worth taking a risk (seems to be a low one at that)?

  2. Carp,

    I just read the Espo autobio… great book btw for those who want a hockey book and easy read… Were you around when he was in charge and if so… what’s the real deal with the proposed Messier deal in the mid 80’s and any other good “almost deals” made that were shot down?

  3. Henrik … he can’t skate at this level, apparently. And with cap considerations, etc., any team claiming him would probably have to expose and demote a player to make room for him.

    Jason, I was around for the Espo regime. I don’t recall the near-Messier deal, but Espo pretty much did try to trade for every player in the league at some point. He was nuts with the trades. I’ll look it up later. I know I kept track.

  4. Carp,

    I “think” I remember him saying it was Beezer, Sandstrom and another player or two plus $5 mil. Ownership didn’t want to ship out the $5 mil. It was essentially the same deal he stated he offered for Gretzky a few years later, minus the extra $25 mil.

    “Nightmare on 33rd St” is being shipped to me today!

  5. Carp-

    Whats going on with Mathieu Dandenault? Any idea how he is doing in Hartford? Can’t really find anything about him or his status.

  6. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Golly Gee Carp, it’s the holiday season and you’re bashing the ineptitude of the NYR system.
    Maybe the other NHL GM’s want the rangers to succeed or maybe Dolan paid hush money under the table to protect PAP.

    I bet if another team waived a PAP type ,Sather would’ve wasted no time in scooping up another gem.

  7. In typical Ranger fashion the talent ( or lack there of ) has again been overstated and overhyped. There was a rumor that Sather offred Sangs to the Oytes for Mueller and Maloney who drafted Sangs turned it down. He wanted Dubi instead. I personaly would have sent Dubi packing along with any other piece of gagbage like Rozi, Drury and Redden.
    Right now with the way this team is constructed I wouldn’t make ANYONE and I mean ANYONE untouchable that includes ” The King ” who so far is playing more like a ” Prom Queen “.
    I’d rather get rid of all the veterans and start from the bottom up. At this point there is nothing to lose, we can only gain prospects and draft picks because this group in the highway to hell.

  8. PAP is a solid hockey player, but like Jason Krog, he’s an AHL guy. Too small and not necessarily quick enough to keep up at the NHL level. He’d be a solid NHL player, just wouldn’t perform in the way that he does in the minor league.

    Also for the record, out top two lines could’ve looked like this right now if Sather wasn’t so clueless.

    Zherdev – Dubinsky/Anisimov – Jagr
    Higgins/Prospal – Prospal/Dubinsky – Gaborik

    Say what you want about Jagr, but him being helped with that kind of talent means he wouldn’t have to do everything all the time. But no, Glen didn’t want to pay Jagr is 7.5 million, instead he wasted 11.5 on Redden and Rosy, let alone with 7.5 and 7 he wasted on Gomez and Drury.

  9. Re; PA Parenteau…unless the Rangers bring him bnck as an injury replacement P A would have to clear re-entry at half the price…at that point he’d be claimed and a bargain.
    P A has more potential than the brass realize

  10. jason, I apologize in advance for the editing of that book. it was atrocious and embarrassing.

    roc, i have no idea.

    onecup, great point. if another club had waived Parenteau, the Rangers would have claimed him. And he’d play tomorrow.

    Salty, I didn’t delete anything. Please try again.

  11. “Nightmare on 33rd Street” is a great read…but sadly tragic and horrifying when you read the quotes told at the time about how Sather wasn’t just coming to the Rangers to win a Stanley Cup…He was coming to build a DYNASTY!!

    That was 10 years ago….A decade….Half a score…

    Carp did a great job of showing just how clueless and arrogant Sather was when he arrived. How he assumed all that came before him was garbage (Like the interim coach…Tortellini, Sather called him), how players like John MacLean needed to be banished to bar leagues for daring not take Glen’s offer of a buyout at less than value, how he would refuse to speak with NY press, and near the end of the book how Sather completely blew the chance to get Jagr when he was traded to the Caps.

    As Carp points out, the misconception was that Glen was asleep at the wheel and playing golf when told how little the Caps offered for Jagr. Not true!

    Glen was in the car on the way to play golf.

    Great book

  12. does anyone know why we have christiansen?

    he was never given a chance by the team to show what he can do (and i did like a few of the things he did when he was given 4th line minutes with useless wastes of space)

  13. fire sather's mistakes on

    the Rangers homegrown players are ok. I know that because other teams want them

    what holds back the rangers is the waste of cap space on 3 guys who could and should be replaced by 6 younger guys with grit, speed, desire and some skill. for that $18+ mill wasted on those 3 pieces of garbage you could easily have 6 good solid younger players who could join with the homegrown Rangers to form the nucleus of a decent young team.

    Drury, Rosival and Redden are killing this team with their contracts and their subpar performance.

  14. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Being in the hole 9 million for a few more years is forseeably better than being in the hole 18 million for 3 pylons. People would kill to play in New York. If we scrapped the 3 death contracts, we could bring up Gilroy and sign a FA defenseman at the season’s end. As for anybody who needs to be re-signed, mainly Marc Staal, he’ll get his pay and we’ll all be happy we fired a guy with 2 goals and the C on his shirt.

  15. As far as PAP goes, he is not too small for the NHL. I think Boyle beats him out though, overall. Christiansen apparently leads the NHL is shootout percentage at 58%, but was he even on last night’s list? (we only saw Garborik who is now 1 for 16 in NHL shootouts)and Kotalik (whoops!)

  16. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hey Carp:

    When was the last time, if ever, you saw Sather and or DOlan at a home Rnager Game?

    Is it the norm for him to attend alot of or any home games?

    Last time I saw his face at a game was the Toronto game where they showed him with Bruke.

    And i assume you guys NEVER ever get a chance to ask him any questions right?

  17. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Scotty Nieds, Kovalchuk, Chara, Rivet, Iginla, Brind’Amour, Toews, Foote, Nash, Morrow, Moreau, McCabe, Brown, Koivu, Arnott, Langenbrunner, Alfredsson, Richards, Doan, Crosby, Blake, Brewer, Lecavalier, Clark

    The only 3 captains with less pointage than Drury are Rivet (0g 8a), Foote (0g 4a) and Brewer (1g, 2a)

    The only other captain in the entire league with less points than Drury is Brind’Amour and he’s actively being shopped in the last year of his contract. They’re old, and they suck. It’s over. Strip Drury of the letter. It’s getting annoying.

  18. I thought Patrick just felt like being a douche to Jagr so he sent him to Washington since he knew he wanted to go to NY?

  19. Patrick hated Sather, that’s why he sent Jagr to Washington. Sather is not a popular person in the NHL. In fact, he is a considered a joke of a GM.

  20. Is it illegal to put gaborik on the left side? With callahan on the right and dubinksy in the middle? Then put ani centering the second line with captain clutch on the right and higgins on the left. Then christianson centering Avery and kotalik. Why are we paying for kotlik if he can’t play above te 4th line. Boyle can play with brash*t and voros. That 4th line was half decnt together

  21. I didn’t even use prospal. We got a half decent team if we do the right thing and make a nice first line like that.

  22. The sad thing about PAP is that despite him clearly being an AHL player, on some nights he looked OK comparing to the clowns he played with.

  23. I have a feeling that in the next month or two, if things don’t change. Gretzky is gonna be the new coach.

    I feel bad for Torts. He’s making some questionable decisions, but to put the blame on him is just flat out wrong. This is ALL Slats’ doing. The freedom he promised Torts was BS. That’s the excuse im going with, i truly believe that. I mentioned it the other day, you cant expect this team to be as good as most of the teams in the conference. They just suck on paper.

    It’s gonna be a tough couple of years. Unless we get a new GM who makes some amazing moves, and tricks to turn this team into a contender soon. But right now, this team doesn’t have a shot at doing anything.

    It’s brutal to be a Rangers fan these days. Heartbreaking, depressing, annoying, and embarrassing. Those are the words i think of when i hear the two words “Rangers fan”.

  24. IIB

    No, but in NHL10 Club hockey, sometimes there’s a guy named Megan that’s on my team, or the opposing team. Very strange.

    There’s a lot of hilarious names people come up with on PSN in NHL Club. I cant say any because they go against the rules, but they’re hilarious.

  25. Wholly busy day at work, quick break here!!

    yep, that is the kind of blueline I’m talking about!!

    I DO NOT hate jagr. I just find it funny that alot of people slurp jagr like he was responsible for every single thing good post lockout and no one else had anything to do with it!! Sliced bread…all jagr, indoor plumbing…all jagr, pockets…..all jagr, megan fox….all jagr. Everything jagr jagr jagr, all good things were jagr! It is a joke. Everyone is like the stick salute…all jagr, ha typical, it wasn’t jagr it was kaspar. Jagr was an important offencive part of the post lockout team. That was it,he was pouty, only played one zone of the ice and that was when he felt like it…lousy captain!! Great offencive player, lousy captain! Important offencive part of the team absolutely, first ballot hall of famer, hell yes!! Just as bad a captain as drury is now, but for different reasons. Again, I do not hate the guy, but a bad captain. This isn’t baseball or basketball folks, high scorer isn’t always and shouldn’t always be the captain! Hockey is a collision sport of emotion and your visible leaders (i.e. the guys wearing the letters) should show both qualities. Exactly the reason why I think both jagr and drury are inadequate captains (it is a bonus if athe captain can show both qualities and score a lot)!


    Thanks for the back up on the stick salute thing bro!!

  26. Mikey, Sather is always there. I’ve seen Dolan a couple of times this season (and I haven’t been there much, as you know). So they do go to games. And, no, they don’t make themselves available. Occasionally Sather will chat at morning skates on the road. But I’m never on the road anymore.

  27. I didn’t know Carp wrote a book, I’ll keep my eyes peeled at Barnes and Noble next time. Or maybe Carp can get all the Boneheads a Christmas gift lol.

    Ever read The Game by Ken Dryden? Deep guy. I felt like I was in English class again at times. Great book though.

  28. I got tickets to tomorrow night’s game as a birthday present. It’s sad, I’m not even remotely excited to go. It’s more of a ‘go through an ordeal just to be angry disappointed’

  29. wicky – I think you need to rewatch the 06-07 and 07-08 season because you clearly don’t remember what Jagr did on the ice. Was he blocking a ton of shots and diving in the way of passes? No, but he sucked at it anyway. He did backcheck plenty hard and played solid defensively because of his position. I don’t know why he gets a bad rep for his defensive play when if you actually look back, even in his Pittsburgh days, he was quite solid defensively. He wasn’t winning any Selke trophys or anything like that, but he wasn’t a liability.

    Plus the whole trying thing I touched on before. The guy was 37, he couldn’t bring it every night and was honest about that. Shanahan didn’t say it, but the same applied to him. At their ages, its nearly impossible to be 100% for every game, especially back to backs. He didn’t dog it when he new he had to step up, and that is what is important. I hope people aren’t dumb enough to think that at 37 years old, a 17 year vet is as effective as he was when he was 27. I give him credit for at least being honest with that fact unlike some guys who say they are fine when its blatently obvious they aren’t able to bring it every shift.

    Plus the guy cared. He was offered the captaincy the 1st year after the lockout and refused it, saying he hadn’t done enough as a Ranger to warrent it yet. Then he goes out, scored 54 and was 2nd in scoring (half of the year with a torn shoulder) and finally accepted it after asking the team to bring in a veteran alternate (Shanahan). He wasn’t given the captaincy by default like Drury was, he actually earned it and cared/respected it enough to try to carry the team when he wore it. You can’t say the same about Drury.

  30. Mikey – Sather is at every game. He’s all the way up top though. If you look above the banners on the side the Rangers shoot at, I’m pretty sure Sather and the benched Rangers all stay up there for most of the game. It’s above the double level skyboxes. I saw him there a bunch of times since I was actually wondering the same thing (I’m there every game and finally looked up).

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Sorry Drury ,it's time you stepped down "… says Greg L. on

    Wicky ,nice take on the Jagr ordeal. I understand yer take in this a little better. I do think Jagr was an excellent captain for this team at the time. We had a coach (Renney) who had no clue with offense…insert Jagr , at vet, Stanley Cup winner,gold medalist,art ross,Hart trophy winner. Dominate guy and he leads. He really does lead. Mario taught Jagr alot and Jagr was teaching Dubinsky. Jagr was teaching Cherapanov…no he wasn’t teaching them to be spoiled and to not backcheck or go in a shoot out. Sure Jagr had his problems but the guy ooozes Captain and for you to say he was as bad as Drury , Wickey!!?? Come on now , Jagr told Rennney what to do and Jagr has all his posse with him..Jagr was running the show and he DESERVED to be captain. Jagr tried so hard and he made believers outta us again..Jagr was more Penguin then Ranger..but when he was here..It was his team and im proud to say Jagr was on “my” team.

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Sorry Drury ,it's time you stepped down "… says Greg L. on

    Very well said Jonny D about Jagr refusing the Captaincy. Total Class if Drury would be classy like Naslund and give up his “c” to Gaborik .

  33. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    You’se guys are all complaining now, when they go on a winning streak you’ll clamor “hurray’ and will be quick to dismiss the naysayers.
    But this team just doesn’t have the horses ,its has ponies.

    The team doesn’t have direction , there is no positive year followed by another positive year,IE 1 st round,next year 2nd round ,etc.
    They don’t dominate any team when it counts.
    They are bogged down under Sather and Dolan, so it’s going to be a long , long time.

  34. TR

    Yup, i like Iginla, but that’s the only thing stopping me from having full respect for the guy. I get the fact that it’s for safety issues, but you cant play the “tough guy” style, if you’re gonna wear a visor. It’s classless.

    If you fight with a visor, you should automatically be suspended.


    I agree with you 100%. Jagr was a great Ranger, and i wish he could have been a little longer. He’s the role model that these guys need. He was a great Captain, and a great player for us, specifically in the playoffs. I took him for granted in his final year, and bad mouthed him for not playing 100% through the whole year, but i realized it was all worth it, cause he always took his game to the next level when it mattered. But unfortunately, he didn’t have the teammates who can step up, and back him up.

    He’ll always be my favorite player of all time. I cant wait to see him play for Czech Rep in the Olympics. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and he’ll officially tell Blowzival to STOP PASSING HIM THE FUGGIN PUCK CAUSE HE”S NOT ON THE FUGGIN TEAM ANYMORE !!!!!

  35. Where's Pavelich? on

    well said jonny D.. jagr played like he cared, which is why he became a superstar, after his first couiple of years- he had the skill and played with passion and respect

    so far, I feel similarly about Gaborik (althoughm not age 37).. there have been some negative talk about his defense, but I dont view him as a liability – he hustles, plays in good position and even time on the PK

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Drury ,it's time you stepped down "… says Greg L. on

    Sather and Dolan , Bahhhhhh humbug. The team is run by Sargent Torts “Mario” Andrettieli and has a midjet as a Captain , sorry to all you midjits out there , no offense..sorry about the bad spelling on mi-d-jet? I dunno , no time to google .

    Sather and Dolan are not the reason we suck , its because we let in too many goals. We let in tooo many goals and at times , we dont score enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blaming managment is an EASY way out , hell i blamed the ice a few weeks ago….. the bottom line is yeah 3 underachievers are on this team…call it a cancer? I dunno but Rozi,Redden,Drury are not guys we need to build around. Everything is going well if we dump those guys and play thr kids and maybe we make the playoff or we dont. Im loving this year cuz i see Staalsie grow, Dubinsky alot older , Gaborik scoring and Delzotto playing his first year!!!! This year is fusterating but yet kinda cool. I think all should just hope this team keep the puck out and puts the puck in..that all. Its not rocket science here , Is it?

  37. Where's Pavelich? on

    Mgmt is blamed b/c they to pay Rosie, Dru and Redden ~40% of the salary cap and none of them are on the top two lines of their respective positions (and tied in for the next 2-3 years)

  38. ONECUP

    I wont. For the first time in my life, im accepting this team for what they are.

    I know im a bad fan for saying this, but id rather sit through 1 or 2, maybe even 3 years of misery, if it meant getting top 3 picks in the draft each year, and rebuilding.

    It sucks for Gabby, and Hank, but that’s the way it has to be. Maybe Del Z, Sangs, Artie, Grach, and other prospects will fill some roles, and turn this team into a young competitive team like the Isles, and other teams, and we can draft the potential superstars, and start over the right way. NO long term big money contracts, unless it’s for someone who can ACTUALLY help. Or if we’re trying to re-sign youth.

    That’s the only way this team changed. What’s worse, going through an 82 game season, and making the playoffs, with a bitter end with no reward, or going through an 82 game season with no playoffs, and a bitter end, but knowing you’re getting rewarded for a horrible year ?

    The answer is obvious.

    We should all pull a Celtic Pride. But instead of kidnapping a teams best player, we should kidnap Slats, and hide him for a few years, until someone takes his job, and does such a great job, that Slats cant get his job back, and the Oiler will feel so bad for him that they’ll hire him.

    That would be beautiful. Ranger Pride !! The Motion Picture !

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Drury ,it's time you stepped down "… says Greg L. on

    Yeah Pav , I know but when those guys were signed , they were SUPOSE to deliver. If guys you pay don’t work like they are supose it the guy who hired them at fault? So if you hired someone who ended up stealing off you and you had to fire them, is it your fault they did that? NO WAY . If GM’s had crystal balls then every team would have winning seasons and you know we can’t have that.

    Redden ,Rozi and Drury were all quality guys untill they showed up in NY , Redden was having a bad yer in Ottawa but he was something we did not have. A hitting ,defensive guy with experience to help out the young guys like Staalsie.
    Sather tried to do right but as the world turned these guys started to suck bad!! Blame the players not the game.

  40. the rangers never won on my b day im sad to say.

    wick- i see your point of view and yea,jagr wasnt a typical captain here, but hes leagues above drury. just no comparison. when u saw jagr on teh ice you saw a man who commanded respect. gaborik is just as offensive and probably is even more gifted at scoring than jagr was, but u do not see the type of person who can take a team on his back and win like jagr did. it wasnt just jagrs offensive ability. there was a confidence in him and he made us all think we can win with this guy. now drury doesnt ooze confidence at all. he is boring as hell, and is basically useless now. maybe one time in his career he couldve been a good or decent captain but not here for this team, not the rangers. maybe the coyotes. i know if he was producing goals and points, he would be much more tolerated, but even still, he has neither the skill or the personality to be a captain. he has neither quality. i think he would be a good role player and maybe someone who can wipe slats butt after he diahreas himself, and read slats bedtime stories and help put ole boy to bed. in fact, i wouldnt be surprised if dru thought his no movement clause meant he should stand still on the ice.

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Drury ,it's time you stepped down "… says Greg L. on

    All I say is if people want to start blaming Management and go on a tirade , The I will start bringing up my “bad ice at MSG” campain, cuz if ya really wanna bit*h at something..Im going at the ice.

  42. Shoreyuken, I’d be happy to get the Boneheads copies of the books (I did two of them) but there aren’t many around. The publisher of the first merged with the publisher of the second, and then they went bankrupt. So I’m not even making any money off of either of them.
    fIREHOSE, Happy Birthday. Or did we already celebrate it?

  43. no greg, you are right to a point, but sather paid wayyyyy too much for every one of those guys. redden didnt come off a 15g 60 point season. i understand he was “needed” but we were drafting young puck moving offensive d men. he couldve gotten streit for cheaper. then he signs rozy too. after having a bad season to much more than he had earned. he really only needed 1 of drury or gomez. not both. drury just came off a great season. his best ever, with 37 goals. so i can see signing him but if u look at the trends, he had never done that before until that season, so sather was expecting him to produce like that for 5 more years?? gomez was a good player but not nearly worth 7 million. i know slats wanted to hand the team over to them, but they werent stars. they were good complimentary players who benefitted from playing on good teams and good linemates. i’ll admit, i was happy when we first signed dru n gomer, but when i saw how much, i said holy crap thats alot for 2 guys who arent gamebreakers. it wouldnt have been so bad if he hadnt have signed redden and rozy the year after. he had just signed hank to a huge amount too. he really thought gomez and drury were gonna be the scoring stars to lead this team?? cmon. he probably thought the cap would go up alot too, but he couldve helped his situation by not giving all of them no trade clauses!! and he never learns as he gave kotalik 1 too

  44. greg- you are a freakin riot dude!! lmao. youre right though the ice screwed kotalik up bad last night. maybe thats why they cant score much at home. the puck doesnt settle down right sometimes. or maybe higgins and duby and aves just have stone hands. im gonna go with 10% bad ice, 90% stone hand drury syndrome. it looks contagious. i think gabby got vaccinated thank god.

  45. hey tr!! saw the pics from warren, you look like my good buddy back on long island. same clothing style, back tilted hat, i said damn thats my boy doug! lol. nasty looks like a cool dude too. wish i was back home. but one of these days im pickin wicky n greg up and we are goin to warrens and to some games. right guys??

  46. Jonny and others

    I liked the guy as an offencive superstar, but not a captain. I do not feel he did the things (in my opinion) that a captain should do and that he needed to do! Obviously certain players play certain ways and that is just how they are, fine. Jagr played a certain way and that way made him an offencive superstar (notice no one ever refers to jagr as a defencive stalwart, because he wasn’t, does not mean he wasn’t adequate at playing d, just not great at it). Point is we have a difference in opinion and that is all it is. I saw jagr playing like he cared some times, others times he was indifferent, not captain like to me, I have the same issue with drury (well, that and his salary). We all have our opinions and they are just that, opinions. There is quite honestly no way to prove either position, so maybe we should all just agree to disagree. I would rather have a captain like iggy, richards, brown, doan, etc over jagr or drury any day!

  47. grabby

    I say you, me, and zzzz find a mid point between the 3 of us and meet up, find the closest sports bar are tear the mother up!!!! Course who the hell knows where the equidistant point would be between Iowa, Montana, and Samskwatch!

  48. grabby

    Either way, I’m in bro!!! Definite yes on the ladies, even though sally is jinxing our team right now by not going to all the games!!

  49. Carp is just saying that there aren’t many of his books around so we can go and get our copy asap!!

    i kid i kid!

    RE: Jagr

    that lousy captain got everyone to listen to him INCLUDING the COACH! As Jonny D mentioned…JJ refused the captaincy the first year because he understood that he didn’t deserve it…only to go on to have a record(s) breaking year in New York…who will be next one to break those records… i bet it wont be Drury!

    I think Jagr and Sanny are the only two players (excluding Gretz and Mess, Leetch and Kaspar) who actually gave a damn aboot wearing a Ranger Jersey in a really really long time! I just don’t know what else to add that wasn’t added already aboot Jagr…I guess we just have different opinions..

    Ulf Samuelsson and Drury over Zubov and Jagr

    Right wicky? :P

  50. Why does anyone care how Jagr played defense? Remember when Jagr’s line actually used to control the puck in the offensive zone for entire shifts? How often does that happen anymore?
    Let’s allow offensive players to be offensive stars. It’s nice when Gaborik backchecks, but it’s not that important. The Rangers already have plenty of non-scoring, defensive forwards — let them backcheck. Who complains about Crosby’s, Kovalchuk’s or Ovechkin’s defensive lapses — they make up for that by scoring. Maybe if Lundqvist could make that last save more often, people wouldn’t be complaining about Gaborik on the backcheck.

  51. Mike, wicky and Greg- you might be better off meeting in NY ’cause the midpoint between the three of you most likely won’t have any bars lol

  52. CCCP

    Great, now zubov! The only 2 players on D at that time I would have traded zubov for were ulfie and konstantinov. So yes, Iulfie over zubov. jagr vs drury as players, i’ll take jagr over drury no question, as captains………………

  53. miked

    Look at it this way, without a cap to worry about, it’s smart to have someone like him who can kill penalties. Especially when you play teams like Canada and Russia who will be deadly on the PP. USA isn’t gonna outskill anybody, they need guys like Drury who can fill roles. He’d be a good 3rd-4th line center for them.

    Fill roles. Can’t believe I’m saying that about our $8m or whatever captain.

  54. Carp,

    I use to be a newspaper editor in college so I’m sure I’ve seen much much worse.

    I’m just looking forward to the content which I’m sure will be as interesting as it is both sad and frustrating.

    Let me know what you find out about that Messier/Espo deal I mentioned before when you get a chance. The trades that “almost” happened are always more interesting than the ones that do.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz Drury !! Give Gaborik yer "C" … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , Great point KC . Bure did say , what do ya want …a goal scorer or a backchecker ? I can’t do both. Actually a person can. I play OTP alot online and its my character who gets graded. I find as a left wing , if I backcheck more ..I can get control of the puck and take it out myself. I get fusterated cuz really it the defensemans job but sometimes it take a skilled forward to come into his own zone to get that puck!! We have delzotto so things look good in the future, Actually the future looks great. Our Ranger lifes are dependant on 1 player and 1 player only to make or break this’s Hank ,live by the sword and die by the sword.

    Yo wicks , yeah Mike and I will meet in Montanna and go up to maybe somewhere aroung you , I never seen a Ranger game live so this could be perty dam coolsky!!! It not call saskakatwatch but perty close , haha.

    The garden ice is the reason Kotalik flubed up , if ya wanna win games ya need 5 things :

    #1 Good ice , can’t skate on slush N mud and think yer gonna get any speed.

    #2 Players who care .

    #3 A Good goalie .

    #4 Grit and toughness.

    #5 scoring , can’t win if ya don’t score. bottom line. Unless yer the usless NJ devils. Boring.

  56. The best defense is a good offense. Rangers offense is horrible, to say the least. So Tortorella has to find something to criticize Gaborik for, so he whines about a poor backcheck. On a perfect team, it’s fine to criticize a missed backcheck. But this team is far, far from perfect. How long can he deflect criticism from the horror that is Drury?

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz Drury !! Give Gaborik yer "C" … says Greg L. on

    So actually these are the 5 reasons we are losing alot of games.

    #1 Ice is horible ( see kotalik)
    #2 No one cares exept for Gabby and prospal. Drury never lets things ruin his day.
    #3 A times our goaltending is weak.
    #4 Players are playing like pansies and fans see our lack in toughness and grit.
    #5 We can’t score, only Gaborik and a pug hog – freaking out-mr panick in Christjust score Piggins have mustered anything.

  58. ZZZZ

    excellent, when we meet up i’ll be wearing my fave ranger jersey. It is the away white with a “C” on the front and number 68 on the back with the name drury!!

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz Drury !! Give Gaborik yer "C" … says Greg L. on

    LW3H , the shirts look cool I have to admit BUT …

    BUT …

    BUT …

    The more we whinne and complain about Sather , the foolish we are all looking . We have to take our lumps and not tell the whole world that we have these feelings.

    Those shirts are tacky and classless , New Yorker are better than that.

  60. the guys on Versus (for what that’s worth) were just discussing the U.S. team after speaking with Brian Burke. Drury wasn’t even on their on-the-bubble list.

  61. Boys, the ladies are coming to NY sometime in the spring, so get ready! (of course, I’m already here, but you know who I mean).

    Before I was the blogmama, and commandeered the great respect of the blogfather :)….I was a lowly Ranger fan who worked in the office and bowed before father’s fabulousness. He was kind enough to autograph his book as a Christmas gift for my brother. I will always remember that, though dad might not.

    This week is only two days old and is fargin hell already. If we don’t win tomorrow, I may crawl into a ball in the shower…

  62. Greg, I gotta agree about the shirts. Besides, if I had that kind of money, my new screen name for the holidays would be “also blueshirt in Paris” or “blueshirt on Caribbean beach”

    P.S. For those who care, Spike update on sister blog.

  63. Never said I’d wear one (Milbury just won’t release his valuable image rights anyway, however many times I ask…) – but as a non-New Yorker, I guess I can do tacky and classless.

    Aren’t we at least nine years too late in trying to hide the fact that Sather might be a touch unpopular though?

  64. Greg, you are blaming the Garden ice over Sather?

    Newsflash. The other team? Yea they play on the same ice as the rangers.

    I love when people whine about the MSG ice. It stops the rangers from scoring but apparently enables the other team to dominate the byfuglien out of us.

    It’s sather. It’s bad management. And it’s the overpaid trio. Those are the reasons we suck. And let’s call a spade a spade. We suck.

    And really…grammar check a bit for the rest of us will ya? Lol

  65. Yes Chris, and you had that clutch dump in rather than shooting at the empty net in that game at the end of the season. Another example of how you sacrifice personal stats for wins. That’s why you make the big bucks. People just don’t understand the game like you, Torts, and Cigar-Face do.

  66. Wow Leighton just got claimed on re-entry waivers by the Flyers. Were the Rangers interested? Hmmmm….great, another backup goalie who is gonna look like Ken Dryden come Saturday.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz Drury !! Give Gaborik yer "C" … says Greg L. on

    Thanks Blogmomma , glad we agree on the shirts.

    LW3H , Yeah im not a New Yorker either , haha . We still don’t do tacky and classless either.

    Yo Jive , My Grama aint that great , so what ..I aint on here to win a spelling Bee or a good grammar award am I?
    Least I capitilize things and use proper spelling most of the time , not like Mike in Ia . ( no offense mikey )
    Garden ice works so well for other teams….you say , Yeah nice try dude. Im Canadian and Ive been on good ice ,bad ice and slushy ice ,hard ice and Ive even made my own ice and I even worked as a zamboni driver who had to make the ice and put the lines in. Our building had 2 rinks so I even had to Zamboni a surface as a game was going on..they stopped the game so I could cross,, I accedentally lifted the snow dump leaver and dumped the snow on the ice in the middle of everyone waiting for me to cross…horible. Yeah Ice is important . Other team love our slow ice…its different. It nice once in a while but not all the time. That is why other teams have no problems at all.

    Sather still sucks but if your thinking he is why this team can’t score or stop a puck …try blaming the coach . Sure the players are crap because of Sather but you have to realize we are the New York Rangers , Don’t make Sather bigger then he already is. Just win baby or lose. Its the only thing we can do.

  68. I think we would all appreciate Drury’s play a little more if MSG had better camera angles.

  69. Mama always lies, doesn’t she…hey Greg, just had to say, good job :) “…you have to realize we are the New York Rangers. Don’t make Sather bigger then he already is. Just win baby or lose. Its the only thing we can do.”

    OK, I edited down the part I liked, but you get my gist….

  70. kc
    Pronger did play an awfull game. So did Boucher. But it was a fun game to watch. High paced and spirited. Three fights back- to- back- to- back. Pens’ three centers scored most of their goals. And their #3 would become our #1 center instantly.

  71. Don’t bother watching the BORING TEAM USA cause there will be an entire squad consisting of current BORING DEVILS and guys who learned to play hockey from that same BORING DEVILS Jamie Langenbrunner, Zach Parise, Paul Martin, Brian Rafalski, and Scott Gomez… Oh, and dont bother looking at tean Canada either, cause that BORING DEVILS goalie and some BORING DEVILS coach named Jacques Lemaire… Oh and someone warn your boy Lundqvust, cause he’s gunna have a BORING DEVILS defenseman named Jonny Oduya… So, enjoy watching that HIGH INTENSIT, Safe Is Death sport of CURLING

  72. I was at the Nassau Coliseum recently and let me tell you they added some bars downstairs that make the place look like Medieval Times!

    Team USA won’t be all Devils-The Hawks will be represented with Kane and Bfugylien, Miller should start in goal, and Dustin Brown of course. Cally’s been picking it up lately, if he can get to 11-12 goals by month’s end, he might make it as a 4th liner/energy guy/PKer.

  73. Proteau of the Hockey News chronicles the 10 years of failure that have been Glen Sather’s tenure as GM. 14 playoff game victories in his entire Ranger GM career, which began in 2000. Alas, there is zero accountability demanded of this “GM for life.” He has made the Rangers a laughingstock, spending to an absurd payroll before the lockout and missing the playoffs, then awarding idiotic contracts to Holik, Gomez, Redden, Drury and Rozsival. So here we are…….on the escalator down and just about to pass the Islanders on the way.

  74. Drury couldn’t make the special Olympic team. There is no way he makes the US Olympic team. No Way.

  75. I wouldn’t be bothered about the 3 contracts if Dru was bagging 30 goals a games, Redden was a top pair D and PP quarterback and Roszi was his partner logging 25 mins a night a shutting down the opponents top players but non of those players can live up to their salaries. I don’t blame them for taking the money, but in all 3 cases you have to blame Slats for offering it. He’s got lucky with Gainey taking Gomer’s bloated contract off him and managing to snag Vinny P for a bargain (although i would credit Torts with most of that) and Gabby is showing he is worth the $$ but all his other moves suck (especially Voros and Brashear too).

  76. I did get him…in NHL10. He’s a beast in that game. Leading scorer for my team in Be A GM Mode season 1. Just knocked off the Canes in the conference finals in 6 games after sweeping Tampa and Toronto in the first two rounds.

    I play Nashville in the finals to which animated Gary Bettman will consider it a rousing success that a Sun Belt team made it to the finals.

  77. Dream? I’m living the dream! All those nights of staying up until 2 AM and telling the wife “5 more mins”, the instantly rebuilt Rangers are 4 win away from delivering the Holy Grail!

  78. I sim’ed ahead (and didn’t save the progress) a little while ago to see what some of the UFAs sign for the next season. Kovi stays on ATL and takes LESS $ than he was making the season before, there’s still a lot of contract logic that needs to be built up in that game.

  79. 30 goals a game??? lol UK I know u meant 30 goals a season but still, thats funny. There Greg are you happy I capitalized for you?? j/k, thats the last time i caps anything. hey, at least you can read my posts, sometimes your posts give me a buzz. i swore i went on a little acid trip trying to read one of them!!

    i actually like the sather shirts. like the milbury one better though.

    rickym2- do u really like wasting your time coming here and talking about the devils? nobody cares. its almost like the boy at the kiddie table who wants to sit at the adult table and keeps trying, but nobody listens to him. the devils are soo good right now. why do u come here? is there not enough fans to talk about devils with? theyre goalie is gonna be breaking another huge record and theyre in for another excellent season while losing some good players in the offseason. congratulations ok. our team sucks right now. why do u feel the need to defend the devils here??? we got our own problems here nobody cares who was a great devil, or what the devils are doing, or if they even exist right now.

  80. My NHL 10 Be-a-GM mode roster is unstoppable.. of course I removed the cap, because caps are STUPID.. but I won the cup with my first team and after making offseason trades, I have something like this:

    Lucic – Getzlaf – Gaborik
    Prospal – Savard – Sharp
    Antropov – Dubinsky – Penner
    Lisin – Anisimov – Duchene

    Niedermeyer – Pronger
    Staal – Volchenkov
    Exelby/Gill – Del Zotto

    In the first season, Philly offered me Pronger and some prospect for Drury + Cote.. I was like.. durrrrrr ok!

    I injure at least 3 players on the opposing team, PER GAME.
    Crease clearing and board destroying!


    Are you the Hammerhead from NHL10 ??

    And forget Vinny, and Kovy. You gotta go with the Staal bros. I usually have all 3 in my lineup, an pretend that the Canes GM was banging Mrs. Staal so he wanted a trade, and Jordan is worried aboot him so he wants to go to the same team, cause he thinks Marc doesn’t understand him.

    Makes for a good Canadian made for tv movie. I think I’d call it “Wrist Shot”

  82. guys i have a big problem here. i havent been able to play nhl 10 for 2 months now. my xbox doesnt have the red ring of death, but it wont read any of the games or movies i try playing. the startup screen comes on, with all the settings and options to go to, but once i put a disc in its says disc is unreadable. now, im plannin on buying myself a ps3 in january. but is my xbox on its way out or can it be fixed? if so i wont get the ps3. my buddy who works at gamestop said it could be leading up to the red ring, but i think it just could be a small problem and dont want to send it in for another 2 months to get fixed

  83. mike,

    Join an xbox forum (there’s a bunch, just google it) and ask your question there. Chances are there are people in your area that can fix it for you cheap, or can refer you to DIY.

  84. I kept the cap on for my team. Gotta keep some resemblance to reality.



    Drafted goalie

  85. orr- u have some imagination lol. orr help me out man. im not good with electronics. and dont tell me to junk the x box for ps either!! unless theres a problem thats unfixable. lol.

  86. ok pwoz!! thanks. i might just ask my friend at gamestop to help me out. i love the xbox. so i dont wanna junk it and get ps3 for no good reason. is assassins creed on ps3? if so i’ll buy it. if they have alot of the xbox games available for ps i might just buy it anyway.

  87. mike in ia…get the PS3…i was completely against PS3s and was never going to buy one until I had to get my 4th 360…now I have my PS3 and don’t even touch my 360.

  88. I like how everyone has traded Drury on their teams.

    I traded him to the Ducks on draft day to get Christensen and Lupul who I then flipped for Byfuglien. At the trade deadline he was part of a deal that sent Datsyuk to Anaheim!!! Even the computer overrates his talent.

  89. Hm, guess I’ve been lucky. Had my Xbox for 2 years and play it constantly. But I always make sure to shut it off. I used to let my PS2 run for days and it lasted a long time.

  90. I agree Mike. You should go on forums. I don’t know much aboot the 360. All i know is Microsoft is a fuggin headache. NYRguy is on his 4th 360, and im on my 3rd Zune. That should tell you that the 360 just isn’t worth as much as everyone thinks.

    Fun to play, but a headache to deal with.

    Cant say it enough. Sony is the bees knees.

  91. I ahve a few words to say about Jaqgr, inasmmuch as many of you have nostalgic and recollections of the masterful things that he did, but how quickly is forgotten the disruption to the overall performance of the team beyond his stardom.

    It’sike taking a fioghter bomber and ignoring the weight and Balance factor mis load the A/C and instead of allowing the
    pilot to direct an overwhelming attack, he is flustered by the misplaced center of Gravity and fights merely to keep the plane in theair.

    That’s just about what Jagr brought to the team.When he came on ice he sucked up all the oxygen, and the remainder of his teammates in wondrous awe oif this God like figure were incapable of playing their natural game. Their one thought was to look for JJ, “where is he” How can I get the puck to him?” “Is he coming off the ice now?”( he routinely overstayed his shifts and to exhaustion and had little energy to move quickly to get off the ice, often holding up his replacement and causing his team to literally play a man short. Rozi is the most outstanding example of a player who was mesmerized by him, and he is fouled up to this day.

  92. comments on Jagr are equally appropriate for Gaborik. Maybe Gabo should not be on the team ?
    I happen to enjoy watching the skills of some of these “super players”
    Rozi plays as good a game as Morris etc. Your just quibbling over salary. Besides,as good as DelZotto is ,he has cost games. You need a veteran to back up Delzotto

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