It’s go time.

Barring something in the warmup, Dubinsky’s in — between Higgins and Gaborik, with Prospal dropping down to the left of Drury and Callahan. All of which means Sean Avery gets fewer minutes. The one guy other than Gaborik and Higgins who’s getting anything at all done, getting shots to the net, forechecking, creating, gets fewer minutes. I don’t get that.

Lisin is back in. Voros and Christensen prucha’d. Lundqvist in goal.

Here are the pregame notes.

See yas during the game.

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  1. repost
    hey mako, what up dawg? u see who’s totally dominating in our league?? ha i know u know!! lets hear it for grabbys grunts ladies and germs!

  2. i did ilb. haha

    anyway, who cares if we dont make playoffs!! lets go rangers no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are the greatest fans on earth damnit!!! i wanna hear some beat your wife chants tonight

  3. I agree. I am not ready to run him out of town, though. I think he’s a smart guy, a good coach, with a bad roster.

    I want to get into that a bit more in the next few days, because he has definitely changed since he was an assistant, and then a head coach. Maybe it was the Cup.

  4. are these guys going to get fired for suggesting he has diminished skill and questioning his ice time?

  5. LOL Mike

    Hey buddy. Oh yeah I see….. no problem… =D
    I was nipping at your heels a week or so ago but then wicky kicked my butt. Im still there though ;)

  6. Grabby, did you see who’s NOT in last place this week??? The Rosen’s Nosens… that’s who! Yes!

    CCCP, I’m gonna pass on the boots, they’re not really good cooking attire. But I’ve got a lucky beer and I’m READY FOR THOSE 5 MILLION GOALS LITTLE MAN’S GONNA SCORE TONIGHT! Lchaim to realistic expectations!

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it seems to me that he is in over his head. He had too much of a rep for his own good; the “safe is death” and all that. Now I don’t know if it was because he had fallen in love with his own legend or because everyone was expecting something specific from him, but he just has incorrectly evaluated the pieces on his roster when deciding on teaching the Rangers the system he intended to install. And they just did not get what he was teaching them.

    But the more I watch this team, I’m not sure he understands it either.

  8. It pisses me off to see Avery get less and less time..yeah, much better to give more time to Drury…AWESOME IDEA!

  9. I think the lack of response had to do more with the current crop of players than with who got hit…if strudwick, mara, orr, hollweg, kaspar (not that one), reitz, shanny had been on the ice when it happened and saw it, there would have been a response. Same goes for later in the game, but other than redden at the end of the shift and I think voros “saying” something later in the game….nothing (still think it had a lot to do with torts and losing ice time for taking a penalty).

  10. Any why does Brashear play when Christensen can do much more valuable things for this team with his minutes?

  11. Oh Staal Wart you have no idea. One problem though: It’s Monday vs Atlanta which means nobody will be there.

  12. mako- ive been first for about a month!!! but somerset is creepin up and gatti. ur up there too. ive been lucky. even though ovie had his injuries and suspension though, and kopitar slowed down, and hejduks been injured, ive gotten contributions from some waiver pickups like bergfors, perron, and neal,horton,and my d have been good. chara is better,and i picked up yandle. hes good. backstrom and rask are doin much better too. i just picked up chris stewart, and hes playin top line so he will help too. ok, dont wanna get into a big fantasy convo. but nobody there leaves messages or anything. no chat goin on. we gotta get a little chatroom thing goin on during games.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    While Avery has done somethings well recently (forechecking), he can’t score to save his life (see: two empty net PP chances on the same shift), so I’m not crushed by Avery losing ice time, so long as it was to accommodate a good player. Chris Drury does not resemble that remark.

  14. Mike

    Yeah but you have a great team. Im lucky I’ve been doing well these last few weeks. My other team sucks. But yeah we should have some chat room….

    If everyone from the league has AOL or YAHOO IM?

  15. good point doodie

    sally- u go girl!!! i noticed that. if u want, i’ll help u out with some trades. tell me who u want. remember i gave u stafford for bufuglyen!!!

  16. From Urban Dictionary:
    – 1. Someone that is always drinking or doing drugs. Basically there life revolves around it.
    – 2. Someone who does all of the above and still goes into Madison Square Garden and demolishes the home team

  17. i got yahoo. not IM though. i dont chat anywhere but here really. i’ll get it if we can start a chatroom for the league. btw, it is called carps boneheads, so we do dedicate the league to you mr carpiniello.

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi Dooo we miss youuuu !!!!… says Greg L. on


  19. Mako

    Yep, I may not score a lot, but my PIMs are always gonna be there!!!

    I get the feeling tha some of you of the jagr ilk seem to think I think he is crap for a player and that I love drury as a captain, so let me glarify

    Jagr IS a first ballot hall of famer and one hell of an offencive hockey player.

    Drury is not a good captain for this team and is vastly overpaid!

    neither drury or jagr has brought a stanley cup to this team or has made it past the second round as a ranger, therefore both are equally inept at captaining this team (unless just getting into the playoffs with a mediaocre seeding is considered good leadership, them both are a rousing success)!

    Jagr and drury are two totally different style of players, so comparing stats seem rather ridiculous to me!

  20. From Urban Dictionary:

    noun 1. The surviving men of the west from the Tolkein’s universe. The last surviving members of the numenorean race on Middle Earth. ie. Drury was a Ranger.

    verb 2. Derived from the historical ineptitude of the New York Rangers major league hockey franchise, it is a verb meaning to suck or blow profusely. It originated as a way to describe the act of sucking or blowing on a consistent annual basis while at the same time offering empty promises of excellence and improvement. Nowadays, it is used as a phrase synonymous with suck and blow.

    ie.. 1 – Since their Stanley Cup win in 1994, the New York Rangers has exposed its fans to levels of rangering that have never before been seen in mankind’s history.

    ie. 2 – The New York Rangers have pretty much rangered since the late 90’s.

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, lets see if our sissy marys can keep the crease clear for a change.

    Fire Sather! Scream it from the Rafters!

  22. Grabby, I have really low expectations for the Nosens and I stand by them 100%. Thanks for the offer though! L’chaim means “to life”… haven’t you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof?

  23. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “neither drury or jagr has brought a stanley cup to this team or has made it past the second round as a ranger, therefore both are equally inept at captaining this team”

    If having a good Captain is all that is needed to win a Cup. then this would be true. Not winning a Cup does not make them equal as captains.

  24. wick

    yeah I understand what you’re saying about JJ. But, he was a great personality in and out of the lockeroom and was very respected on the ice. I think that too many ego’s on the team carped them the last year he was with the Rangers. Besides he basically told the media that Renney’s system screwed with his offensive ability. Unfortunately they were front loaded and they again, never received any secondary scoring and that first line of Jagr, Nylander & Straka were the only line to get ANY scoring. You cant go deep into the playoffs like that.

    Drury has NEVER carried the team on his back EVER. Maybe that one game where he had 2 goals & 1 assist. Whatever game that was. But JJ was a HORSE most nights and was unstoppable when he was on his game.

  25. ok, gotta go to avoid spoilers, DVR in effect, so thanks for the chat today wankers and chime in after I watch the game!!


    you better be at the game girl!!!

  26. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other, Sather and Dolan, and soon you'll be fallin in your graaaaaaaaves...." on

    ahoy mateys! have they chanted fire sather yet??

  27. streams to the game? streams to the game? streams to the game? streams to the game? streams to the game? streams to the game? streams to the game?

    streams to the game? anyone? :)

  28. I can’t believe tortarella has already changed lines. Dubi now with prospal and callahan, jeez. I’m really starting to think that Tortorella is part of the problem, not liking this coach.

  29. I’m starting to get annoyed with Torts as well. I went crazy from all the times Renney changed lines.. not enough time to gel.

  30. What’s up with that ref? First he speeds over to Avery and stands over and yells at him while he’s on the ground and then he tosses Dubi

  31. ATL has 11 players they need to resign with $8.5mm in cap space available….


    And ALL 3 goalies


  32. Hey guys I just wanted to make sure you watched my defensive master pieces this past period.

    I glided through the defensive zone while pointing at the two defensman, and then after me and Rosival gave our all the offense only minded Gaborik cleared the zone(pfft he got lucky).

    Hope everyone is having a great holiday season I wont let this eventual 5+ game losing streak ruin my Christmas. I got a mount for my LLWS trophy in the clutch mobile right next to my check book that I lost count of commas in.

    See you in the 2nd!

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi Dooo we miss youuuu !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky is doing rather well. Gaborik missed a huge chance and the save on Kotalik was big for Atlanta. Things will get better . Thrashers have a high octane russian squad.
    Hank …well he pulled another Hank .

    I can see Glen Sather writing up Kovalchuks greeting card to join the Ranngers right about …now.

  34. This whole “Hank gives up soft goals” thing has become a meme on this blog. Now any goal where he doesn’t get turned inside out is labeled a bad goal by someone on here. Goals like that PP goal are given up constantly by goalies all over the league. It was a hard shot, and he was screened by the Thrashers player, and it appeared at least partially by a Rangers player.

  35. Well all of the UFA’s money comes off the books…I think Atlanta is ready to give Kovy as much as he possibly wants

  36. All goals that Hank lets in are magnified since we can only score 1 or 2 a game… If we could score even 3 or 4 a game there’d be no problem letting this in.

  37. MAKO

    I didn’t … thanks for pointing it out … I truly love listening to this emmy-nominated broadcast …

  38. Wow. I’d venture to say this is the best attendance we’ve had here this season … all the usual suspects and characters present and accounted for. Or most of them, anyway.

  39. Keep cycling it in areas where you have no chance of getting a shot on goal let alone a goal.

  40. CTBlueshirt
    December 14th, 2009 at 8:04 pm
    He was trying too hard to receive the pass.

    LMAO!!! perfect CTB

  41. Way to slow the rush down Rozi with the past first instinct. Then again I guess he knows he needs extra time to get back into the play on defense.

  42. Kovy “All that speed, size and strength” Joe STFU already….

    Now Sam is starting in. He infected SAM!!!!!!

  43. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    don’t they go to ‘no moves mode’ next week for the holidays? sigh, wishing I’d wake up Christmas morning to the news rozi’s been sent to the pack.

  44. Anisimov in torts doghouse? Boyle taking his spot on the third line… Man I can’t help but think Torts is ruining some players development. Especially when Drury and Rozy get a free pass…

  45. If we don’t score in the second, I am turning this off, gathering the family, and watching my all time favorite christmas classic…….Bad Santa.

  46. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    good move nasty, I made cookies saturday instead of watching the debacle. Speaking of which, Sally, they will be on their way to your hungry lil hands soon!!

  47. Drury is pressing, I can tell … he’s gonna find his game any time now … any time now … any time now … any time now .. any time now … any time now … any time now …

  48. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    my daughter and son in law are all excited for wednesday and thursday, they figure it’s two wins! sickening!!!!

  49. And of course Micheletti is babbling about how Avery is involved with everything. Sigh……..

  50. Oh well, no seeing eye goals tonight. Looks like I’m going to make my household famous “partially full box of assorted pastas” tonight. On the menu tonight, spaghetti, rotini, penne with pancetta sauteed in olive oil with garlic and oregano.

  51. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    holy cow, will we even get to 70 points??? sad! Maybe the team malaise will be over once 2010 starts!!

  52. That should NEVER happen. They al get bamboozled by BS watching dipsey doodling – HIT THE MEATBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind Joe beating off about how great Kovalchuk was if he was wearing ranger blue… But other then that, yeah we know already Joe.

  54. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    sounds yummy CT, i just had rotini with vodka sauce. too lazy to cook tonight

    this is for you olga

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!

  55. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    hopefully i will still be after ya get ’em! actually, the cherry almond cookies got rave reviews and i was worried about em! the oatmeal scotchies are very good!!

  56. NYRGuy
    December 14th, 2009 at 7:08 pm
    What are odds Hedberg looks like the Dominator in his prime tonight?


    so far so good…

  57. Kovalchuk is not coming to the rangers next year. remember, rangers are capped strapped thanks to that cigar smoking idiot who signed Drury, Redden, Rosival to contracts like they were AV and Crosby.

  58. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    how do you NOT score on that????????????????? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!

  59. Rozi again on the PP. Nice to see that a player that is afraid of the puck AND to shoot gets PP time.

  60. Carp

    please… can you find out whats the deal between Talkorella and Lisin? is the foot still bad or is Talkorella just dont like the kid?

  61. I think imma order one of those Fire Sather shirts I’m going to 6 Ranger games (Not sure why, but instead of my Staal or Mess jersey I’d rather wear the Fire Sather T)

    Think I’ll get escorted out or what?

  62. I keep thinking and dreaming that this could be the first time the rangers could get a lottery pick next year and than I wake up and realize who our GM is for the rangers who will be in charge of making the pick.

  63. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    holy crap, where can I get one of those tshirts????? I’ll wear it to freakin Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’d be hilarious

  64. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    sam sounds amazed that they’re ‘winning battles against the boards’ thats sad

  65. CCCP

    Agreed. I dont understand why this kid is getting the Prucha treatment. How can you see his effort or lack there of if he doesnt get any quality ice time. He had 2 great scoring chances. I mean again, like Prucha, is he supposed to score every time he has the puck.


  66. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    HOLY SCHLITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A POWER PLAY GOAL!!! Methinks the Callyman has awaken!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. omg December 14th, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    I rather have the power play than have Drury try a penalty shot.


    LOL, who the hell wouldn’t

    CALLY figured out how to score on breakaway, same move he used the other night

  68. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    Kris,just so ya know, my retinas are still burning from that Rozsi picture!!!!!!! the image is seared into my optic nerve!

  69. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    I saw them yesterday CT, they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! looks like you guys had a blast! Can’t wait til May!

  70. Linda, I know… Everytime someone says his name THAT picture pops up in my mind. Not a good thing!!!

  71. Hey guys,

    Did you see me try my hardest this period? Flopping to the ice missing passes, shanking on shots and gliding by Callahan as he gets mugged behind the net?

    Boy if I keep putting in these efforts we can bank on my number being raised to the rafters right next to Messier.

    Catch you in the 3rd!

  72. i prayed to GOD that we would score 1 and as soon as i did, cally scored. i think i mightve made an enemy with my upstairs neighbour though, but who cares, we are in this game now

  73. “Cally’s last goal was just like Drury. Except for the scoring part….”

    Classic, I’m lovin’ it …

  74. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    Kris, it was the funniest picture ever, but damn, just a visual horror!

  75. Evitage,

    Do you have the link to the Fire Sather t-shirts? That would make a fine Christmas gift for anybody on my list!!

  76. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    i think Rick needs to write a book of quips from the blog. It’d be a best seller! omg did they just say Rodan????

  77. As bad as that DiPi contract is, I have a feeling he hurts the Isles less by not playing than Drury or Rozi hurt the Rangers by playing.

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi Dooo we miss youuuu !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Ole’ Del passoooooooo !!! sets up anutha beuty. Lots of shots and passion outta our boys. What a difference a Dubinsky can make.

  79. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    DiPietro, tightness in his leg……….and this is news because……..????????

  80. Michal Roszival on

    Hey guys,

    Did you see me pokin’ and checkin’ and hittin’ … wait, never mind, I didn’t do the last one … but I made some attempts!

    That’s what counts, right? I even closed my eyes and made a pass that got a thousand lucky bounces and landed on Drury’s stick … which is too bad, because unless it somehow finds it’s way to Gaborik’s stick, we know whoever receives it isn’t scoring …

    Anyways, gotta get back to the locker room to receive my intermission backrub from Torts …

    See you in overtime!

  81. most of the rangers shots have been awful. they have had at least 2 open nets with hedberg sprawling and didn’t even get the puck off the ice. gaborik has had at least 2 opportunities that he should have buried.

  82. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    DiPietro?? Big and strong? Dudes got the hips of an 85 year old woman for cryin out loud!!!

    But I do know that Michelobetti prefers Brawny paper towels, he things the Brawny lumberjack has HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE forearms!

  83. I am still watching.

    I wonder which Ranger team will show up in the third.

    I still feel like watching Bad Santa. Movie just cracks me up every time. John Ritter, Bernie Mac, Billy Bob “Carl” Thorton, man, just a great holiday classic. And to think Ritter and Mac are dead now. They will always be remember for this timeless classic. I am pouring out a bit of my beer in their memory. Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.

  84. rodan is my favorite monster!!! i hated how he and the female rodan burned in the volcano. made me cry, but i loved when he picked up godzilla and dropped him on his big but!!! then 2 baby mothras webbed godzilla and he fell into the ocean!! while 2 little girls the size of thumbelina were singing some weird song. yes linda, rodan is my favorite monster!!!

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Anyways, gotta get back to the locker room to receive my intermission backrub from Torts ”

    Rosy. if your contract was as good as Drury’s you be getting a reacharound instead….

  86. Carp, what is it going to take to get you over to Warren one night? I will buy you an Old Speckled Hen if you meet us there some time. Ha.

  87. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    I love Rodan! Lmao @ the girls singing the song! Don’t forget Gamera!!! Jason “RODAN” Blake!!!!!!! Hey Rick, where the HELL is our visit from Josh Thomson, 26???

  88. olga-gofolkyerself buddy!! im serious man, i said, dear god, just let us score 1 goal pleae!!! and not less than a few seconds later,capn crunch got the pp, then cally scored. go ahead, ask my neighbour, she’ll tell u how loud i screamed. uhh her number is 641-792-1180

  89. mike in ia

    i prayed to GOD that we would score 1 and as soon as i did, cally scored. i think i mightve made an enemy with my upstairs neighbour though, but who cares, we are in this game now


    YES…I heard your prayer Mike in Ia and I answered it!

    Now…please stop praying for the dirty things you pray for every night…you know that Sally is not that kind of girl!!

  90. Carp if you can post that link on your next blog… Dunno if you’ll get in trouble if you do though. If you would get in trouble maybe don’t do it then.

  91. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I had my head down during our goal, how did we end up with a breakaway on a power play?

  92. Olga for comment of the Blog after dark ;)

    “Rosy. if your contract was as good as Drury’s you be getting a reacharound instead….”

  93. – gamera used to blow fire out of his butt!!! remember the one where 2 kids, a japanese kid and a beaver cleaver looka like were in a ufo and gamera was flying through space and propelling him was his flaming butt!!! shooting fire farts in space!!

  94. NYRGuy you think they’ll kick you out if you wear a fire Sather shirt? Certainly the people that work at MSG want to see a winning team too no? =[

  95. Please Olga or Izzy call Mike’s neighbor LOL Im “sober as a starfish” LOL


  96. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    those movies were classic entertainment!!!!! I actually hae a Godzilla ‘action figure’ and ya press the red button on his chest and he does his blessed Godzilla roar!!!!! little things like that, and Rangers wins make me happy!

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mike in Ia – you sold your prayer SHORT, man! 1 goal?!?

    If you have an IN with God, Pray for a Cup! Or at least Sather getting fired.

  98. We gotta score two in the third. Shake that curse.

    Dubinsky. I know hockey, and I know Dubinsky. All you haters need to open your eyes.

    Lets go Rangers! We need this win very badly.

  99. Chris Says Waive Drury+Rosival

    That was me, but no way it’s better than yours … I’m only following the genius that is Captain Clutch …

  100. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    what in holy hell is constipating Hockeystreams tonight??? sheesh!!!

    whoever coined the name Talkorella, brilliant!

  101. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    sam, the offense has been missing from drurys game for 2 seasons now…i love these guys. havent had the msg crew for several games so i’ve been missing the goofest, oops i meand drufest of love!

  102. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    holy crap kris, thats outfreakinstanding! Sally, click on that link! You’re lil man got bigger than my bodybuilder!

  103. caspar – you get a demerit for the language. Please no cursing on the festivus blog


  104. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on


  105. Someone should teach the Rangers how to shoot high. They should have plenty of experience watching high shots go into their own net

  106. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    hell i wanna get a fire sather shirt for my cat! i’m gonna check on vista print and see if i can make a bumper sticker…i’ll be motorin around alabama with Fire Sather on my car!

  107. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mike in ia- ok we scored, but why couldnt we have not given them a goal????

    There’s probably a Mike in Ga that just got HIS wish.

  108. How do u guys like the 1st line, do u htink gabby miss Prospal or? i really dunno what to stick with?

  109. Redden is unmoveable.

    Rozsival MIGHT be moveable at the draft because his salary dips to 4m (cap hit is 5m, it’s a front-loaded contracted), but where to? I dunno. :(

  110. HAHA this is so typical for rangers hockey, pretty close game and trash every game with a penalty

  111. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    hank must be rollin his eyes thinking ya gotta be firetruckin kiddin me!!!!!!!! uh yea, he’s annoyed

  112. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Am I blind?

    Or was that a 2 on 0 for us?

    In which we failed miserably

  113. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    higgins drives to the net…and noone gets excited cuz ya know he’s not gonna scored..

  114. I know we are all thinking it, so I will go ahead and say it. Kovy in OT :(

    Sorry. Barf bag city!!!

    I just can’t bring myself to get my hopes up and be optimistic.

  115. Michal Roszival on

    Hi guys!

    Just a few moments to chat with you … the game’s going to OT, just like I predicted earlier and ensure by playing patty-cake at the end of regulation.

    I hope that hunk Torts doesn’t put me in for this extra session, I don’t know how long I can go without having another foot massage …

  116. Linda wondering if Drubacca is calm on

    lmao Pimp, Sather would fire Torts on the spot for making him look bad


  118. Hey guys I just wanted you to know that tonights loss wont ruin my Tuesday off. I am getting the clutch mobile polished up.

    You got to see why I am the best penalty killer in the league and worth my $8 million dollar contract.

    Someone has to pay for the clutch mobile right?

    Thanks Fans!

  119. how does gabby, the leading goal scorer in the freakin league, not score?? how does kotalik not even get a damn shot off?? and hank cannot stop a damn beachball. this team is soo damn bad. is it draft time yet??

  120. The New York Two Goals a game. What a team. If anybody is driving in Manhattan and drive by the garden and see Dolan and Sather crossing the street, step on the gas peddle and run them over, please.

  121. Bad Santa here I come.

    Don’t give up shorties and you don’t even have to go to OT.


  122. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Get rid of this skill competition, now that Hank is just beans in it.

    Hank used to be good at this, now he is a bum. In one of those 2 shootout wins, IIRC, he gave up the tying score twice after we got the shootout lead.



    What has happened to Hank?

    His defense sure could be the main reason for his game struggles.

    What is his reason for SO struggles?

  123. atlanta looked hungover most of the game, yet won, while higgins had 3 great chances and couldnt bury it. gabby scores 1 every game its almost a gaurantee and we lose. at home. wtf is wrong with these losers???

  124. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    If I ever see them, I’ll be in prison for a long long time, or I will have gotten off thanks to a very good lawyer.

  125. Another loss that should have been a win. Duby did make a differance. Another hot goaltender. The Rangers played well enough to win. Higgins could have won it alone. He had some great chances.

  126. I cannot stand this F’ing team anymore. Not only do they lose, but they do it as late as possible, to ensure maximum pain and time wasted to the poor saps that tune in.

  127. I dont know why Torts puts Gabby in there…. He said he doesnt like the shoot outs. If a player isnt comfortable and is HONEST with the coach… why would the coach go against his players better judgement?

  128. nyrguy, so what? its a breakaway dude. even shoey could score a breakaway. we are seriously missing everything a winning team needs. gabby will break jagrs record while we miss the playoffs. the irony in having the leagues best scorer and top 5 goalie and missing the playoffs. we will miss it, theres no question. just hope certain people arent traded by then, besides captain useless. redden and rozy actually have been decent lately but wish they could get rid of them anyhow. effin pathetic. i knew we were done when they showed an ahl’er had won us our only 2 shootout wins, and he is now gone lollolol.

  129. If we think this was bad tonight, how are we going to feel when the icelanders beat us in the up and coming games.

  130. Tank The Season on

    How pathetic is it that we FINALLY have a guy who is pretty much a guaranteed goal scored in every game he plays, but it’s too much to ask the ENTIRE REST OF THE ROSTER to chip in 2 more? Higgins missing a 2-on-none, Dubinsky back to missing the net, and Drury, well…..

  131. Mike in IA…forget where I read this, maybe SI? but he said he thinks too much during the shootout, can’t decide what to do and just does something stupid…different than a breakaway because you have alot more time to think about it

  132. i know in the past few years, i’ve had a concussion, probably a few high fevers, maybe even a drink or two too many…
    is it just my overactive imagination
    or wasn’t there a time when Henrik was unbeatable
    in shootouts?

    how was Dubi overall?
    sure stupid of him to hang so close to Higgins when they came in together, and making himself too close for a pass or rebound.

  133. With all the individual cancers we’ve had to bear on this team, I think the biggest one is a collective cancer – the power play. I’ve lost count of how many possible wins or tied games have been squandered over the past 3 years because the PP couldn’t get it done. And yeah, I know we had 2 today, but Cally’s breakaway doesn’t really count – it wasn’t the result of a good PP, just a good play by MDZ and bad D by Atlanta. Then we give up the SH goal for the second straight game. With a good PP we could’ve been on a 4 game winning streak instead of the other way around.

  134. im not blaming him for the loss, or the goal im about to mention, but i mean look where lundqvist is on armstrongs shorthanded goal, i mean hes in the very back of the crease, its a joke that anyone hasnt corrected him in this yet.. i guess he is just stubborn and has gotten away with it his whole life cuz how great he is and how great his reflexes are, but theres no way that puck goes in if hank is at the top corner of the crease there like he should be.. and then on the kozlov goal in the shootout, all kozlov had to do was wait for his glove to go down, if hank keeps his glove up protecting that roof shot maybe he stops it.. idk those r the 2 weakest parts of his game, back in the crease, and his glove high side, and he continues to do this shit… im NOT blaming him for the game or even on that shorty goal bc that play should not even get to that point on a PP but i mean hes gota start changing these things its killing me

  135. what a surprise, the queen outplayed yet again by a relative journeyman. A true franchise goalie finds way to win at least some these games even with an offensively challenged team in front of him. The only way out of this mess is to convince the hawks that the queen is the last piece to their puzzle and try and pry away some of that young talent. It’ll never happen because Sather doesn’t have the balls nor the foresight to make a bold move like that. You can see how 15 years of pretty horrible hockey can turn into a 54 year drought….this joke of an organization is well on the way to repeating history.

  136. well honestly hank isnt top 5 anymore. he was once. but hes average at best now. a freeakin 36 year old backup or hwatever outduels himbigtime. hes not “elite” anymore

  137. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans!
    The Garden thanks you for another full house. Ranger fans really love this team!

    Riiing! Just a minute fans, that’s the phone. Ahoy, hoy! Jimmy D! We did it again! Atlanta couldn’t stop us! Yep, 100%. No, it was another sellout. What empty seats? No, they weren’t empty, it was , uh, it was Purple Shirt night. Yeah, that’s it. They just looked like seats…

    There is a disturbance in the force tonight. I saw those Fire Sather shirts. They won’t be allowed here at the Garden. I don’t go to your work and yell for them to fire you,do I?

    Looks like my Captain pulled us through again! Leadership in a little league guy is hard to find. I gotta have them put the #23 Special on MSG network tonight. I never get tired of seeing that.

    Speaking of Captains, where’s Messier? He’s supposed to be learning from me. Mess! There you are. I have something to show you. Here! Take this. Now cut the tip off like this. Hold it up to the flame. Wait until the tip glows…. Ahhhh, another fine Cuban! Don’t inhale, just puff on it.

    Torts better get some of these guys in line. That Gaborik missed in the shootout again, so did Kotalik. Must be that -ik at the end of their name. Thank God I didn’t sign Orpik!

    Well, that’s all for now Ranger fans. Islanders are next. You know how I love to shame the New York teams!

    Love and kisses

  138. I disagree that Redden and Rosival are doing ok. a lot of your offense has to come from the dmen starting the play. and they are not doing that like Del Zotto does. Redden and rosival are not making the passes to spring forwards and get the offense started, AND they are doing nothing from the point in the offensive zone, their shots are weak and wide. and they don’t hit, or punish the opponent forwards at all . they are not being paid big bucks to just be stay at home and chip it out robots.

  139. i had to work so i missed all but the last 6 minutes of 3rd period plus OT and SO
    but i tip my hat to Rob M
    for mentioning what i’ve been saying for awhile…..

    something NEEDS to be done in regards to Henrik allowing too much shooting room and not getting out of the paint.

    please Carp find out what’s the problem with Henrik or Benoit on this……..
    so you ruffle some feathers.
    just tell ’em that Larry Brooks asked you to do it.

  140. Linda is just astounded on

    it seems almost every game, they rip out another little piece of our hearts. If Torts was smart, he’d not use Gabby in the shoot out until the later rounds. He’s made it clear he does not like it and he is not successful, so have a different starting 3,and go from there. I think that after the home and home with the Isles, I might take the next two games off. If they win, I can always watch the archive of the game. Oy vey what a mess

  141. Are some of you blaming LQ on this loss??? Kovalchuk and Kozlov scored on him!?!??! Both players who are natural snipers…. Not many goalies would have made EITHER save. Blame players like Higgins who cant score to save his life, Avery who loafed on that back hand…. MDZ made a DUMB play on the SH goal. Its not LQ’s fault.

  142. Love how MSG PR department instructed Sam to talk about how great Drury is except for his scoring. Right, Sam.

    And now can we stop criticizing Jagr for not taking a turn on the shootout? Maybe he was actually smart enough to realize he shouldn’t do it, and Renney was smart enough to listen to him. Whereas Tortorella doesn’t care what the stats say, and insists that Gaborik go. Gaborik is an unbelievable scorer, but don’t put him on the shootout!

  143. LMAO!!! @ “That Gaborik missed in the shootout again, so did Kotalik. Must be that -ik at the end of their name. Thank God I didn’t sign Orpik!”

  144. Don’t know if they showed it on TV, but Gaborik blew the game. On ATL’s SH goal, instead of skating hard out of the zone so Callahan could challenge, he dogged it and they had an easy set play to shoot the puck all the way up and got the goal. Can’t blame anyone on that until you blame Gabby. Sure he scored, but if he doesn’t dog it, they win 2-1.

  145. I turned off the game as soon as that nobody scored the winner. I’m catching up on It’s Always Sunny, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men. At least I’ll be entertained.

  146. but i hear Sather has his eyes on signing some European
    player Ikik……possibly as a 3rd or 4th line jam kind of guy.

  147. kc

    Renney still put JJ out there and the media blasted JJ about it. Torts was just desperate. Im not defending him but he tried to go to his NHL leading goal scorer…. didnt work. Hopefully, this time he will learn.

  148. id like to make it clear that i am in no way shape or form blaming hank for this loss.. and the people sayin “hank isnt what he used to be, isnt elite, “outdueled” by a journeyman, etc. i cant deal with that. How bout you blame it on the offesne for not scoring, i know we had nearly 50 shots but you know what, its about FINISHING. ive said it all year that they cant finish, we hav games where we have rebound opportunity afgter rebound opportunity and cannot bury them. its about FINISHING. hank is gettin way too much shit from you guys on here, the fact is we dont score, we have scored more than 2 goals like what 3 games in the last 20 or somethin now? hank is the franchise and he shoudl hav a C on his helmet like Luongo does bc he is the absolute leader of this team on the ice and in the lockerroom

  149. Tank The Season on

    Let’s pray the Rangers don’t start winning now, only to come up short and barely miss the playoffs (or go out in the first roung) and screw our chances of being able to draft this guy.

    By the time he’s acclamated to NHL play, some of our abysmal contracts will be off the books, and Gaborik will still have 2 years left on his.

    Still gotta fire Sather!

  150. “We’re battling out there”….thats your fn job Dubinsky….they’re like all democrats, always playing the victim card

  151. Well now that the Phillies got Halladay, I have nothing to look forward to sports-wise until Jets training camp next August.

  152. people who make posts with the title of a players name or sather are so stupid man, they r all ridiculous and a waste of time, waht is the point.. losers

  153. Johnny D – Why do you assume that Gaborik would score the 2nd goal if the SH never happened? The entire flow of events would’ve been different.

  154. na man its like the same every time, about cigars and our overpaid players and little league world series stuff liek everytime, ever hear of played out?? its weak

  155. Ted, I’m just assuming that because they were still on the Powerplay. You are right, I can’t assume that, but at least that goal wouldn’t have been given up. Point is they can score 2, but with how they’ve been playing its tougher to score 3.

    Gabby dogged it and I know they won’t talk about it on the TV. I love the guy, but that was a huge mistake that caused everyone else to get caught flatfooted. MDZ wouldve been in the right position because the clear wouldn’t have been so easy.

    LQ stood on his head when he was tested so its def not on him. Fact is instead of just shooting the puck, these guys need to pass in certain cases. This was just like last years team, 48 shots but 75% were from outside the slot. Cycle, skate, and you’ll get better quality shots from the slot. That’s what its about in the NHL, quality, not quantity.

  156. We’re on our way! Philly & Toronto both won tonight, so now we’re tied with them in points. Only Carolina left! Go Canes Go!

  157. BringBackStraka on

    Sather’s comments are great. Does he ever hangout for questions from the press?

    Other notes–you can take 100 shots on goal including slap shots from the side boards, weak wrist shots, flubber back hands and you will not score on an NHL goalie. Of course you will get breakaway goals and a fancy passing play, but over the long haul getting guys to screen the goalie and crash net to get dirty goals will get you wins in tight games. Callahan who is small and can’t really screen the goalie is the only one going to net.

    As we watched these overpaid langers do battle tonight, my fiance asked if I wanted Ranger tickets for Christmas. I told her I would rather go watch the Devils play a good team. I just can’t see lining this owner’s and these player’s wallets anymore.

  158. and anybody that would rather see us lose the rest of the year for a draft pick rather than win games should be shot, we are not even halfway thru the season..

  159. td – calling one of the few players that makes a difference on this team the Queen, and getting a political dig in? I’m guessing the td stands for total [feminine product].

  160. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi Dooo we miss youuuu !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Higgins need to play somewhere else. He has ZERO chemistry with Gaborik or anyone else for that matter. He had numerous chances to score and even on that 2 on 0 , he tried to shoot and was thwarted. He works hard and should be on t he 3rd line , NEVER the power play of 1st line!!!!

  161. in Kotalik’s defense during the shootout, on the replay you could see the puck jump and roll over his stick.
    now, would i have appreciated more of an angry reaction from him? sure.

  162. Positives-they played a pretty solid game except for the shorty. Hedberg has always played well against them going back to his PITT days and when he kept Atlanta in the 07 series in games 2 and 4.

    If they can generate that many shots against the Islanders they’ll be fine.

    I like the lines now although they should switch Lisin with Kotlik who isn’t very good 5 on 5.

    Give Anisimov some PP time already Torts. Let him screen and deflect!

  163. Torts was complaining about the “crappy cameras” at the Garden. He couldn’t tell if Hank would have been able to cut off the shoot-around on the Atlanta goal. Good stuff!

  164. Tortorella said the MSG cameras were “crap” and he can’t see what happened on the replays. Do you think maybe next game the cameras will try to get Torts in an unflattering shot? Watch for that little revenge.
    And thanks Sather for providing your wrap-up here on the blog. Very funny.

  165. Wonderful ghoulish posting … genuinely fitting for the season and impressivly damn fascinating. numerous for sharing!Possess a good evening, Brown

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