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From the Rangers:

    December 14, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Atlanta Thrashers 3 SO (Game #32, Home #16)
    The Rangers were defeated by the Atlanta Thrashers, 3-2, in a shootout in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden; the Blueshirts are now 14-15-3 (31 pts.) on the season, including a 7-8-1 mark at home.
    New York have sold out 172 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 186 games.
    The Rangers tallied two power play goals in five opportunities to improve to 30.0% (18-60) at MSG this season; each of the Rangers last four goals have come on the power play dating back to Saturday’s contest against Buffalo.
    Ryan Callahan tallied two points on the power play (one goal and one assist) and delivered a game-high six hits; he has notched a goal in each of the last two games, and has four points (three goals and one assist) in the last five.
    Marian Gaborik notched one power play goal in a game-high 28:19 of icetime, and has recorded four points (two goals and two assists) in the last four games; he has tallied a power play goal in each of the last two games to increase his league-leading total to 11 with the man advantage.
    Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto tallied two power play assists in 21:19 of icetime; he has now recorded three assists in the last two games.
    Henrik Lundqvist stopped 25 of 27 shots in the contest, including 13 saves in the second period.
    Chris Drury led all skaters with 16 faceoff wins, and finished with a 62% (16-27) success rate in the faceoff circle; Sean Avery registered a game-high seven shots.
    Brandon Dubinsky logged 24:06 of icetime in his return to the lineup after missing the previous 13 games due to injury.
    The Rangers practice schedule for tomorrow, Dec. 15, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
    The Rangers return to action on Monday, Dec. 16, when they will face-off against the New York Islanders at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a home-and-home set; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
    John Tortorella on tonight’s game…
    “Other than six or seven minutes at the beginning of that second period, I thought we played a good hockey game.  We just have to keep on trying to build on it.  We have to get over the hump of that second goal.  We had our chances to score our third one but we didn’t get it done.  We have a lot of good things to build off of.”
    Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “I don’t think it matters who we are playing right now.  We have to see every game as an opportunity for us to turn this around.  We have to keep pushing each other to have the energy that you need to win a hockey game.  You can’t walk around and feel sorry for yourself.  All of the guys have to work together.”
    Chris Drury on tonight’s game… “We’ve got to keep doing the right things, keep playing like we’re playing.  48 shots and I think we got 38 last game – if we keep getting over 30 shots something’s going to give here.”

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. What leadership from Drury. “Keep playing like we’re playing”. Umm, that hasn’t really worked in the last 6 weeks.

  2. repost in regards to Kotalik:

    in Kotalik’s defense during the shootout, on the replay you could see the puck jump and roll over his stick.

    now, would i have appreciated more of an angry reaction from him? sure.

  3. I agree with you, Carp. But the whole team seems to be snake-bitten right now (except for Gaborik). How many open nets has this team missed in the last 3 games? Also, think about how few goals they’ve been scoring lately. Don’t you think that a goaltender comes into a game against these Rangers thinking that no matter what the Rangers throw at him, he’s going to have a Brodeur-like game? Confidence can go a long way towards performing well. Hedberg wasn’t exactly turning away 46 easy shots from the outside. The Rangers had a lot of good chances that he turned aside.

  4. kotalik should have slashed hedberg in the face with his stick after losing the puck on the shootout, amirite?

  5. Effing hell….meant to do this in one post….did you notice in the post-game release they have the Isles game on Monday, December 16? Now that would be an interesting trick.

  6. Crappy cameras? Yeah MSG isn’t what it was in the early 90s but they’re still better than 99% of the league in production. Torts is just having a hissy fit.

    Higgins for Robert Lang anyone? Move Drury to the wing, sheessh.

  7. Sather's WrapUp on

    Carp- just reading the blog. This thing practically writes itself…

    Hello Ranger Fans!
    The Garden thanks you for another full house. Ranger fans really love this team!

    Riiing! Just a minute fans, that’s the phone. Ahoy, hoy! Jimmy D! We did it again! Atlanta couldn’t stop us! Yep, 100%. No, it was another sellout. What empty seats? No, they weren’t empty, it was , uh, it was Purple Shirt night. Yeah, that’s it. They just looked like seats…

    There is a disturbance in the force tonight. I saw those Fire Sather shirts. They won’t be allowed here at the Garden. I don’t go to your work and yell for them to fire you,do I?

    Looks like my Captain pulled us through again! Leadership in a little league guy is hard to find. I gotta have them put the #23 Special on MSG network tonight. I never get tired of seeing that.

    Speaking of Captains, where’s Messier? He’s supposed to be learning from me. Mess! There you are. I have something to show you. Here! Take this. Now cut the tip off like this. Hold it up to the flame. Wait until the tip glows…. Ahhhh, another fine Cuban! Don’t inhale, just puff on it.

    Torts better get some of these guys in line. That Gaborik missed in the shootout again, so did Kotalik. Must be that -ik at the end of their name. Thank God I didn’t sign Orpik!

    Well, that’s all for now Ranger fans. Islanders are next. You know how I love to shame the New York teams!

    Love and kisses

  8. Sather's WrapUp on

    Rob M- Just skip on down, brother. And get that sand out of your snootch, or I won’t get you that new third line center that you’ve been wanting for Xmas.

    The trading freeze is coming up, that’s the only time I’ve never made any mistakes.

  9. losers they did play well. if they could hit the net on a few breakaways or not assume del zotto is going to handle the puck off the wall they played a really good game.

    sorry that is not fashionable to say but they played much better then the thrashers and dubinsky even though he has bricks for hands is a real positive for the team…

    whiners have at it with your pathetic whines for the next 48 hrs or so……

  10. Michal Roszival on

    Hi gays,

    I’m poosting this while druving home from the gaime, so fargive me if I make some mustakes …

    hick of a game huh?! we almost hed them, i tell yoo. If only Kotaleak hadn’t had the bad furtone of that bouncy puck, we could’ve have finilly scored tree! I know how she feels, i have punks bounce on me all de time!

    butt don’t worry, Dreary said we’d bee ready fur the Icelanders … that all we hive to do is “keep plowing like we’re plowing”.

    to which i said: “spooking of plowing, where’s my buddy Torts?”

  11. thank u stuart.. they outplayed their opponent by far the last 2 games… about to sweep the isles and get back on track, watch

  12. As I said in the other post, Gaborik dogging it out of the zone on a delayed offside blew the game. I know he scored to tie it, but he dogged it out, Callahan had to wait at the blueline, ATL had a set play to take a slapshot around the boards and they scored their 2nd goal.

    Hate on Higgins all you want, but the guy at least creates chances. The first line did a solid job all night holding the puck and creating good chances. The other 2 top lines did nothing but shoot from the outside. THAT is why we don’t have secondary scoring. Its not that we don’t have the personnel, its that they don’t skate hard, cycle, and possess the puck.

    Sometimes its better to pass up a shitty angle shot for a pass or hold it and wait for another guy. they are too predictable. The goalie never has to leave his line and makes an easy save. If they got the puck moving across and around, they goalie would more likely be off his line and the chances of scoring (especially from the slot) would be greater.

    But no, the MSG faithful scream shoot when the shot is clearly going to A) be blocked or B) be taken from a horrible angle. Its about quality, not quantity, and these guys don’t work hard enough to get themselves quality chances from the slot.

  13. is there a way to work on making high gloves saves more consistently?

    i can’t think of another goalie in the league where scouting reports point to one glaring weak spot

  14. Sather's WrapUp on

    Rob M. That’s just what I do to the Rangers, Rob ’em. They Robbed me blind when they built the team that won the Cup in ’94. I’m just exacting my revenge for getting fleeced by Neil Smith.

  15. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’m really noticing how much the loser point is mattering more and more each year. The loser point (the point for a lost game in OT or a SO) is ridiculous. The fact that teams with 15 and 14 wins are under teams with 13 wins is really ridiculous. I dont think it really matters much, if your team cant do it, why do you get rewarded? I think this makes a much more interesting regular season race for the playoffs, but possibly once playoffs come there are going to be some real flops against powerhouses?

    11-12-9 Tampa
    14-15-3 Rangers

    Same points, but 3 less wins, and simply because TB got to the overtime, they’re in the same position. Seems kind of stupid now that i think about it..

  16. Stuart – I agree they played well. They need to calm it down with the puck and not be shot happy. Just because you get in the zone doesn’t mean you have to shoot right away. They are working harder, but they need to be patient and make better scoring chances, not necessarily more of them.

  17. This team gets harder and harder to watch. 48 shots and only 2 goals ?? They SUCK !!

    Then that stupi frat boy looking idiot Chris Piggins, with his 50 breakaways that he can’t score on. How horrible can this guy be.

    It was a 2 on 0, and instead of passing to Dublowski, he just takes the shot himself. Ugh I can’t stand these losers. Every game it’s either horrible goaltending, or nobody backing Softqvist up.

    We should get paid to watch this team.

    I can’t take much more of this garbage. You can’t take anything out of these losses.

    But, I’m sure this loss won’t ruin the nights for them. They’ll go out and spend their well earned money.

    BTW – If that was Nicky Z that puck would be on net, don’t know if it would go in but it go on net. I knew Kotalgeek would be a waste, he ha a surprisngly great start but he’s playing exactly how I imagined. He is a useless over paid loser just like everyone else.

  18. If the season were to end today, the 6th place Colorado Avalanche would be hosting the 25th place New York Rangers. Bring ’em on!!!

  19. Leetchhalloffame on

    DelZ was awesome tonight, but most on this roster couldn’t score if their grandmother was the opposing goalie. Fire Sather!

  20. play Drury and Rosival 30 mins a game. that will guarantee losses and help tank the season for a high draft pick

  21. we definitely deserved better than a point tonight… it just sux to see that the guys cant get rewarded for playing a good game…i’m looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday games… should be a thriller!

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Some logic says we can get farther ahead by tanking the season. If we had done that a few years ago, we could be the new Pittsburgh Penguins. Maybe… Don’t forget we still have Sather and his usual gang of idiots doing the drafting for this team. Tanking the season is a losing proposition, as long as it’s still Sather and Co. doing the drafting.

    There is no solution that doesn’t begin with Fire Sather! Scouts bad? Coaching bad? Prospects bad? Draft picks bad? Farm team bad? Rangers bad? Future bad?


  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi Dooo we miss youuuu !!!!… says Greg L. on

    Yeah Orr , your right on about Piggins missing the 2 on 0 . The guy is stuggling and his selfish playing is ruining our 1st line production. He should never be on the 1st line .
    Dubinsky , well he is great…I forgot how good he can be. He rags the puck and creates space so Piggins can miss open nets. You see it’s the Piggins line and Gaborik has to wait untill Piggins gets his useless shots in. Dubinsky was again , great and Piggins benifited because of it. He actually didn’t cuz all his shots never went in but im sure glad we got Dubinsky back cuz Piggins has more scoring chances now.

  24. Tank The Season on

    Like that guy said, keep trotting out Drury and Rozsival whenever the game is on the line, and Taylor Hall is as good as ours.

    Taylor Hall = worth tanking for.

  25. We should buy those great “Fire Sather” t-shirts and gather a group of aboot 15 to 20 people… go to one of the upcoming games at the Garden wearing those t-shirts and make our presence felt around the Garden! It has to start somewhere!! Who’s with me?

  26. Kevin Weekes on NHL on the Fly just called Hedberg’s performance a “Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan like performance at the MSG with 46 saves”

    well…too bad Kevin that most of your Garden performances were more like Shaq in “Kazaam!” or Michael Jordan in “Space Jam”! HORRIBLE! lol

  27. CCCP,
    We should do a group order of “fire Sather” tees.

    Carp can you make that happen? Stamp Lohud Blogs, Rangers Report on it. Carp rocks!
    Whatever, as long as fire Sather is on it!

  28. I am being absolutely serious aboot “Fire Sather” t-shirts! Whats the worst the can happen? they’ll kick us out of the Garden…and so what?! If we can get the crowd on board with “Fire Sather” chants, then our job is done! All it takes is one time…one time only…and then more will follow after that!

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m not going to make it to MSG anytime soon, but I’m getting a “Fire Sather” shirt ASAP.

    They’re marvelous!

  30. But what do u do if you bring the shirts and somehow Rangers win 4-0 that night??? You’ll get booed then booted, maybe even get Tort Squirt and ruin the shirts.

  31. how come this team has to be at complete rock bottom before ownership will do anything about it? even if the rangers some how make it into the playoffs, sather should still be fired for ruining the farm system and locking horrible contracts to mediocre players.

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    IF the Rangers win 4-0 does that change anything? They will still stink, the farm system will still stink, the coaching will still stink, and Sather still needs to go.


  33. Local fan? Me? No shot. I’m not and never was posing as a fan of any team except the NJ Devils. I’m posting here cause it’s interesting to see how fast you guys turn on your team. No faith no patience. You complain about your GM but your all just as impatient as he is, except you don’t have to bare the brunt of it. Calling for everyone to be traded or sent down. If he did that and it didn’t work out, you’d all blame him. I see a bunch of front runners here. There are few changes from this year and last. I didn’t hear anyone crying about sather when you were up 3-1 vs Washington. Sather is an extension of the fans. You want quick fixes, tank a season, and if u got everything u asked for you’d still all cry. Like I said “bunch of front runners”

  34. Another thing is, you guys come up with some comical posts. Ive laughed from a lot of them. Including that last one. I just got annoyed to be compared to that snake “A Local Fan” I guess he comes here and pretends to be a genius here too. Even called for Lou to be fired. While our farm team is stacked to the gills with unknown names who are making names for themselves filling in for all our injured top guys.

  35. i realize this team is far from great but they are about 4 points out of the playoffs with about 45 games to go.

    higgins does generate tons of good chances but he cannot shoot the puck like about 5 other rangers.

    the only thing i will agree with the whiners on is Drury looks like a mess, he is a glorified blair betts but needs to therefore get less minutes.

  36. Sorry folks, couldn’t go back and read all the posts. Waaaay too many. Just got done watching the dvr’d game!

    Here we go… the hell does avery not get any shifts in the OT? I agree with Dubi, sucks to lose in a stupid skills competition! How is drury not on the 3rd line? How is avery only on the 3rd line? I’ve been saying it all year we need hedberg as our back up goalie. Wouldn’t mind vlabik on our team or armstrong! I think hank played well, but he looked bad in the skills competition (The shortie was a little weak also). Ilkka needs more time on ice, ridiculous!!! Rozy sucks! Higgy needs to learn how to pass the frakking puck instead of taking weak assed backhanded shots! Like the way hedberg plays out of his net and cuts angles and challenges shooters! Lisin needs to be traded like 6 weeks ago!

    Obviously you WERE NOT at this game either!!!!

    Did anyone see orr (not our orr) get his ass handed to him by carkner??

    Just an FYI, someone earlier today said jagr gave us the stick salute, I’m pretty sure that was kaspar’s idea, not jagr’s!

    Have a hard hitting crease clearing physical d man night to all!!!

  37. wicky229

    you really really really dont like Jagr! :)

    and how r u so sure that Kaspar gave us the “stick salute”?

    im pretty sure it was Jagr’s idea… :)


    After every Rangers home win, the team gathers at center ice and raise their sticks in the air to salute the Rangers supporters. The salute (the idea of defenseman Darius Kasparaitis) began in the early part of the 2005–06 season, and has proved extremely popular with both the players and fans alike. Specifically, after the Rangers defeated the Washington Capitals in the longest shootout game in its short history in the NHL (thanks to the circus-like goal by Marek Malík), the team gathered at center ice to salute their fans.

  39. This team stinks. Tied for last with the Isles but they spend no money and have mostly kids. The opposite of Sather’s squad but the same results. How much is spent here again?

  40. Good morning all
    Not a bad loss, a good loss really. They played pretty good, did a lot of good things. Torts said he was going to build on it.

  41. Why did he seat Ericksen instead of someone else and keep him on the bench for shoot out if nothing else? ( Non thinking here.) Why does he give SO MUCH ICE TIME to Roszival?

    Why does Mike A think Drury should be on the wing after he won a ton of faceoffs last night?

    Why wasn’t Del Zotto among the shooters?

    Why does Gaborik always go for the 5 hole instead of top shelf now and then on SO’s?

    Now a bit on Gaborik…some players are good on shoot outs because they are adaptable. They change their modus operandi from time to time.

    Gaborik is a silent assassin rather than a charging bull.

    That’s why one on one, the goalie knows when he is coming and where he’ll likely go. In games the Goalie hasn’t the time to determine this.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You guys remember one game in November where Joe said: “Wow, wouldn’t team USA be pretty lucky to have a line of Higgins, Drury, Callahan? That would be something.”

    Yes Joe, that would be something… haha.

  43. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I am begining to see what some of you other bloggers have been talking about we are only a mediocre team. Even if we come out of the slump we are only mediocre team. So for how many years in a row will this be, we will be fighting to actually get in the playoffs and then loose in the first round. At this rate we will NEVER be a dominate team in this league. Oh well I am having fun watching the young bucks play a decent game. We really have to get rid of Drury and Redden and get our moneys worth somehow. I don’t care what Drury does behind the scenes he is still not worth what we pay him. I really hate to say this but we may finish under the fish sticks this year. And if we do that we WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. But I can’t see owners doing anything about it when they continue to have sold out attendance. OK that’s my bitching this morning HOPEFULLY WE CAN BEAT THE ISLANDERS WEDNESDAY NIGHT,

  44. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Today’s NY post blames Gaborik’s missed shootout attempt as a reason for last night’s loss.

    Last night Hank played well, a rookie made a great pass, Callahan converted a breakaway into a goal and their star forward tied the game and leads the league in goals.

    The team can’t rely on Hank and Gaborik winning every game, its time for the others to step up.

    I really do think that they should consider moving Drury, they’ll get crap in return but he’s dead weight.

  45. From Brooks:

    Marian Gaborik, who may have the most gifted hands in the NHL, scored his league-leading 23rd goal in last night’s third period, but despite receiving a salary of $7.5 million, he cannot buy one in the shootout.

    Is he serious?

  46. It’s frustrating, but shouldn’t not be discouraging. It was our two points and we didn’t take it. There is a good, solid effort over the last few games, with the team playing close to what they looked at the begiining of the year. I liked their battle level, their passes, now they need to finish. If they keep playing that way, they’ll get their points.

  47. In fact, if I’m an Atlanta fan, I’d be worried. They got outclassed, outbattled and outshot. The goalie won it for them, but they can count on him all the time.

  48. Bwahaha, knocking Gaborik for not scoring in the shoot out? When it’s shown that’s one area where he doesn’t excel?

    Leading the league and goals and being the true definition of a Hart Trophy winner (player most valuable to HIS TEAM) isn’t enough. Oh jeez Uncle Larry.

  49. And here is the MOST IMPORTANT part of that summary…

    New York have sold out 172 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 186 games.

  50. A question:

    Was Dubi that good, or was the rest of the Rangers so bad that Dubi looked great by comparison?

    I can’t decide.

  51. RickD- Hank shouldn’t be facing that shot on PP to begin with. And if it wasn’t for him on that 5 on 3 we wouldn’t even get a point.

  52. i think rozy is being played alot because maybe hes being showcased and shown that he can play top pair minutes. not saying its a good idea, but honestly, why else would torts have rozy out there sooo much? he hasnt been the total disgrace he was earlier but hes still pretty damn bad. but i think a team needing a vet d may take his salary since its lower than reddens and has 2 years left with decreasing hit or total salary. idk but u know slats is trying to work some moves and maybe rozy(who hasnt been as bad lately) and playing top minutes could be dealt somehow. and who cares even if we get a low pick and another bad contract with less of a cap hit.

  53. Thanks for telling us what we already know THN. Did you just pick up on Sather’s ineptitude with the Rangers yesterday?

    And it’s debatable as to whether the Rangers are the most direction-less of the Orig 6. Last time I checked only Detroit has even reached a Cup finals in the past 15 years.

    Just because the Hawks have the face of NHL10 and the Bruins overachieved in the regular season and flopped in the playoffs last year doesn’t mean they’re suddenly model franchises. How about the power struggle that got Tallon booted in Chicago or that they recently started televising home games?

    Or Montreal’s major fall from grace during their centennial celebration year and the fact that the only GM dumber than Slats is the one that takes on one of his cap killer contracts (Gainey).

    And Brian Burke building a team like it’s 1996 surely puts the Maple Weeps on the fast track to ending what’s approaching a 50 year Cup drought.

  54. ilb- yourright, it was a good effort and i think pretty much everyone except prospal and kotalgeek, and rozy too but he wasnt as bad as usual. prospal and kots have been in a serious drought here and they were brought in for more than 6 goals in 3o something games. especially kotalik who should be getting pp goals like crazy with that hard shot. prospal has been adding assist so its not like he isnt contributing at all, but hes been taking more penalties,and hasnt scored a goal in a while. higgins, while being a former 20+ goal scorer is just downright awful when he has a chance to score, but still works hard. i havent seen kotalik,or anisimov get many offensive chances lately. we need AA to step up, prospal to score a few here n there. and kots has to do his part on the pp. dru,aves and cally are grunts and only lately cally has been getting into the scoresheet lately. i think lisin should be played more and AA too, on the pp. drury shouldnt see any pp time ever!! and higgins either. he cant score!! give the kids a shot torts.

  55. No one is helping Slats out anymore with trades that open up cap space unless it’s a poison pill to go along with the Rangers 1st round draft pick and Del Zotto. Especially not after he completely hosed Gainey on the Gomez deal (not because Higgins has been great but the cap relief got him Gaborik).

    A player’s cap hit does not go down unless they’re claimed on re-entry waivers. The lowering of the contract cost becomes relevant once you start talking about contract buy outs.

  56. Great quote from the Hockey News article:
    “Sather keeps swinging and missing like a blindfolded kid at a piñata party in a wind tunnel”.

    I’m starting to think that a buyout and a cap hit of $1.66m for the next 4 years is better than 2 more of Roszival in a blue shirt, either that or a stint in Hartford which would be more cap friendly but a lot less permanent. Drury will be here next year as his contract pays him $8m and then $5m in his final year, which would make him a lot easier to trade at that point. As for Redden a buy-out would cost us $2.16m for 8 years against the cap so only demotion or waiver claim seems they way he will leave.

    All this and Staal needs a new deal this summer as does Dan Girardi. No doubt we will need to throw some money at MDZ to ward off any unwanted offer sheets too.

  57. The way we are playing at the moment we have a better shot at the #1 pick than 8th spot in the standings.

    Anyone looked at potential top picks for next years draft?

  58. “Anyone looked at potential top picks for next years draft?”

    Taylor Hall
    Tyler Seguin
    Cam Fowler
    Kirilli Kabanov
    John McFarland

    The Rangers could use either one of these players. Especially the top 2.

  59. uk- all i know is hall and kabanov. its not supposed to be a very deep draft. so if we are going to tank, which is still too early to do that, we still have way too many games to even think about it yet, we would have to pick top ten to really get anybody ready for nhl next season or a year from then. still, tanking or not, i am worried about slats being a buyer if we even have a small chance to make the playoffs. and i know anything can happen in the playoffs, so it really shouldnt be anybodys plan to tank, but if gabby goes down this year and we are really in the bottom of the standings by late february, then if i was sather id tank it because theres no reason then not to. sell off higgins or prospal and try to get rid of rozy somehow too. get picks back and hopefully by draft time, slats doesnt trade his picks for players. just stockpile more youth. build around gabby

  60. I still wouldn’t do anything drastic in terms of trades at the moment. You are trading from a weak point. If they continue their effort, they’ll get the points.Then you look what’s available.

  61. anonymous- if we keep going at this pace we will get a top 5 no doubt. and i cant see sather blowing a top 5. i just cant see his staff making another jessiman mistake. and not just that, but who knows if kreider is gonna be any good. hes fast, athletic, but how far off is he from nhl?? 2-3 years? way too much for a 1st rounder. hes in college i think. and his only competition so far is high school. dz was a great pick so going on last few drafts, id think sather could not screw up a top 5. but hey, its sather and hes wowed us many times before. but you know what, other teams still get great nhl’ers with late picks. so u never know. look, its way too early to even think about tanking,and i do not wanna see us lose, i hate it. so im not hoping for us to tank, but if we are still way out of the playoff hunt by deadline day, i hope slats plans for the draft and gets some picks back.

  62. You can’t go wrong with either Hall or Seguin. The only issue some have with Hall is they say he plays with a lot of offensive talent while Seguin is doing it by himself.
    I say who cares. All you have to do is look at Hall’s talent and know he’s going to be very good.

  63. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Getting lost in the shuffle was Heikinen:

    I thoguht he had a solid game last ngiht, threw some hits, had some shots on goal. I hope they keep him up here. We NEED a Dman like him for when one of the other regualrs are sucking it.

    SO MANY CHANCES! But honeslty the whole team played way better last night. 48 Shots tongiht, 38 the other night.

    OF course the loss sucks, but only two things are goign to happen from now until the end of the season.: The team starts playing better together and turns it around slowly, game by game, OR they don’t and tank.

    Drury AT LEAST looked like he was trying last night.
    But he’s still on my shit list. How about getting a goal before the new year Chris?

    And for Dubi, after being out 13 games, he looked pretty solid. Give him a game or two to get his hands back and feeling better. But I remember why we called him JAgr Light. (Not sayin h e’s as good) but he can definitely rag that puck into the O zone better than almost everyone on our team.

    I still question Torts on these points:

    1 NOT dressing Christensen (why did we get him if your not gonna play him?)
    2 DRESSING Brashear, he is utterly useless
    3. Using Gabby in the shootout. He’s never been good at it so why keep using him?
    4. Artie – I think he needs to be utilized better

    And Joe Mithceletti must die. I mean I think if he could of actually gone down to the ice last night and blown Hegberg he would have. For christ’ at least root for the team your covering. The guy is a total hack.

  64. The only thing that gets anyones attention is $$$ = DON’T SHOW UP AT THE GAMES = They will still anounce a sell out, but the true effect would be visible = we all keep complaining about the contracts of R & R & Drury it’s not the contracts [ Ido admit thats what keeps them here ] but guys & gals they wouldn’t be any better at amount of dollars = the decisions Tort’s makes coaching this team, needs some kind of an explanation = Tort’s doesn’t feel thats necessary . Folks if you don’t want or like something DON’T BUY IT

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