Dubinsky to return?


It’s still officially going to be a gametime decision, but according to Andrew Gross, Brandon Dubinsky will skate in the pregame warmup tonight, and he did practice this morning with a protective cast, and all signs now point to his return tonight.

Enver Lisin is expected to be de-prucha’d … in other words he’ll play … with Aaron Voros and Erik Christensen getting the prucha treatment.

More later.

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  1. Bring up Sanguinetti and let him play wing haha.

    Why is EC being prucha’d He’s been a solid player for us so far, showing signs of having some talent, even though he’s played with crap players. What a waste of a waiver pickup if we’re not even going to play him.

  2. Higgins Dubi Gabby
    Avery Prospal Cally
    Grachev AA Gilroy
    Drury Boyle Kotalik

    HAHA, now I am just bored.

  3. Nasty,
    That’s a great idea. If this were a playoff team, I would dress Gilroy as a winger, and in the event of injury, he could just drop back.
    I don’t know if anyone saw Spector this am, but an Edmonton paper reported that Vinny L is getting interest from the NYR. Seems nearly impossible, but could the NYR be at rope’s end with Rozi and Drury? I mean it’s obvious that this team is dead. Eat the $$$ now, and hope you make it back with playoff revenue?

  4. Oh, and Gilroy is better than all but a few current forwards anyway, so what’s the big deal.
    Also, HNIC Coaches Corner had a segment recently that highlighted Deuchene from Colorado. And Moulson from the Isles. Those teams have handed the positions over to the kids, and are playing better hockey than the NYR. . . . . . . .

    Just a thought.

  5. Did any players stop by Warren after the game? I would have loved to see the looks on your faces if Sather came in. He may not of made it out alive that night.

  6. On a team with not much speed from the forwards, why not put Gilroy there. I don’t see why not give it a chance. He is probably one of the fastest and best skaters in the league.

  7. “Duby is back! Cool…at least something to look forward to”

    Yeah, im looking forward to him taking shifts off to count the money he doesn’t deserve, and bragging aboot it with Dreary, Dredden, and Blowzy, and making Del Z, Artie, and everyone else so jealous, that when they are RFA’s/UFA’s they will demand as much money as them.

    And that is how it will be for the next few years, unless Slats chokes on his cigars.

  8. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Chicago’s Dustin Byfuglien started off as a D man right? They moved him to forward and this season he has more goals than every Ranger save for Gaborik.

  9. someone should make up “mock” names for all the players we don’t like… that would be hilarious and never get old

    who will do this?

  10. We need to get Orr out at one of the W77 gatherings. I know you’re not of age, but I can only imagine your thoughts on the Rangers after a few cold ones.

    Not to make excuses for players like Dubi and Cally but as has been repeated over and over, it’s a business. Any one of us would be selling our services to the highest bidder. The only leverage Dubi had was to hold out. Blame Sather for not only giving him way more than what people had estimated, but also for building a roster so thin at center that Dubi could take him out to the woodshed despite negotiating from a position of minimal strength.

  11. Leetchhalloffame on

    Salty that is the best post of the year. It reminds me why I end every post with “FIRE SATHER!”

  12. I’ve had this magazine saved obviously for a few years now… It’s been hard to not post it before now through all the low points… but I couldn’t resist anymore.

    When Prucha has more goals than Drury, and Gomez isn’t even around anymore… this just needs to be brought back up

  13. At least Blowez is doing nothing in Montreal as well. 4 goals 12 assists. I had a feeling he would become a scoring machine once he left here.

  14. Yeah I figured the fast ice up there plus he was re-united with his midget friend Gio. At least the Habs are having as bad a go of it as most of the other original 6 teams now, save Chicago.

  15. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    If there was any year to go on a signing spree it was this year. We should have picked up Cammalleri and then tanked the next few years. Then we would have time to draft positionally sound centers and defenseman to back up great scoring guys like Gaborik and Cammalleri.

    But we went ape sh/t on the year they had 2 small centers that were niche players.

  16. From now on we Rangers fans should no longer say “benched” or “healthy scratch” or “in the dog house/chateau bow-wow”…the new expression is “getting Prucha’d”. I like that.

    Too bad that Prucha is no longer with the team. He would have done much better under Tortorella than Renney.

  17. Carp

    Thanks sooooo much yet again, ya wanker!!!

    I got carped again, but leighton was put on re entry waivers, I wonder if slats wants a goalie bad??

    Lisin should be scratched and EC needs a shot on the 3rd line. How the hell does cally get a 2nd line slot and avery a third?? Avery needs to be on the second line. Guess avery rules are in effect on his own team…stupid!!!

  18. salty- that one pic was enough to make me spew my morning coffee through my nose and laugh for a good 5 minutes straight and then cry soon after. if it wasnt the post of the year i dont know what is.

    nasty- i like your idea of gilroy playin fwd. hes got the skill and hes played it before i believe. i mean, we have the luxury of having hartford so close so its not a big deal if we need a 7th d man on the fly to come down but still, it would give some of these fwds a kick in the pants to see their spot go to a d-man and a rookie at that. torts has to pull his mind games on guys like lisin and voros, and now christensen, but the way dru and rozy has been playin, its so obvious hes being told not to bench or scratch them. the season began good in spite of them, but now it needs to be taken care of because its not helping torts at all. sather and him are probably at odds and you know damn well torts wouldve benched them by now if it wasnt for slats. i wouldnt be surprised if torts isnt here after this season and not from being fired.

  19. Dubinsky helps. But the team needs to come out with purpose and Hank has to be superb. The only way out of this slide.

    Someone mentioned Aaron Ward- he is 37 and his cap hit is $2.5 mil.

  20. I hear MSG is gonna keep running video of that coin toss he won with Gomez for # 23…

    “Chris Drury – PROVEN WINNER!”

    That was about the last time he did anything of consequence in a Rangers jersey

  21. Yeah… that picture posted by Salty is funny and sad at the same time… raise your hand (i just raised mine) if you didn’t think that we were Cup favorite once “Bozo the clown” and “captain whatever” joined the team… I sure thought so…

    We shoul’ve never let JJ go…

  22. drury has a prosthetic heart, but who says he plays? he hasnt played a good game since his return from his concussion. 1 game. but in his defense, he probably shouldnt be playing right now. u can tell by his interview and his play on the ice, he is not right. he looks kinda confused, and doesnt seem like hes really in the games. he cant stickhandle or make a play because hes just recovered from his 3rd concussion and should be takin it easy right now and not blocking shots and getting hurt even worse. well, i dont wish harm on the guy, but it would help us alot if he was on ltir. imo he isnt at all the player he shouldve been to start the season but hes definitely been worse since the hit in calgary.

  23. Mike, I happen to agree with you. I think he returned too early. But I also believe that he is afraid to carry the puck because he is afraid to get hit again. Not a good situation.

  24. I for one (and in the minority)am glad the “captain” jagr is gone!! We will never be cup contenders until we get a couple of bangers on D!!!

  25. mike

    is the kool-aid that good in IA? c’mon bro…Drury hasn’t been good for the second straight season… concussion or not the guy is done…finished…terminado…finito…zakonchenyi

    its too bad we don’t play Tampa like 6 games in a row… cuz most of Drury’s points last season came against pretty horrible Tampa team of last year… Though Tampa is a much better team this year

  26. Luke Wilson would be a better 2nd line center than Drury, and Sather wouldn’t even know the difference.

  27. wicky229

    We all know your position on Jagr… :)

    I still think Jagr was the best thing that happened to this franchise in the last 10 years or so…

  28. The other day, I was looking up some Gretzky stats, and wanted to find a gamelog for some of his ridiculous scoring seasons (like 1981-82), to see how a 200-point season adds up game-by-game. Anybody know where to find such a thing online? As far as I could tell, Hockey Reference just has season totals, and not a game-by-game log.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Dubinsky should center Callahan and Avery. We don’t need to waste him with Gaborik. Gaborik is already good for a point a game, so leave him with Prospal and give him someone that is struggling to score, like Higgins. Let Dubinsky try and get Callahan and Avery going.

    Although, to be fair, I don’t think Avery is that good of a player and I have repeatedly said so ever since people started glorifying him as some sort of savior. Number of years in the NHL? 8. Number of 20 goal seasons? 0.

    I’d actually like to see Dubinsky on the left wing with Anisimov centering him and Callahan. Drury and Avery could both move down to the third.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    SCX, I think everyone would know the difference because Wilson would probably score more goals.

  31. SCX, no clue, only site I know of that’s any good is hockeydb.com but I don’t think they have it on there.

  32. Mike…Drury’s been this confused and zombie-like his entire time here in NY. I think he’s still in shock that so many people around the league believe he’s a good player…and is even MORE shocked that they bought his line of bullshit about always wanting to be a Ranger…So much so that he needed a NTC on top of the millions he’s not worth.

    If another shot to the head can rid us of this albatross…I say we sign Mike Keane for a game and tell him to pull a LaFontaine on Drury.

  33. I just think Luke Wilson has been stoned since the 3rd grade…I’ve got a friend with the exact same look and speech…Just not quite firing on all cylinders.

  34. I agree with grabby on the concussion issue. I think it does and has made a difference (not a huge inflated contract worth difference).

    Jagr was a great offencive player, just a crappy captain. I just do not miss jagr “the captain”!!! He was fine as an offencive player for us, just pure shiite as a captain!

  35. cccp

    This blog was the best thing to happen to the rangers the last 10 years or so.

    Every single good thing that has happened to the rangers, I.E. good player acquisitions or whatever, ends of getting traded or something, so this blog is the best thing for sure!!

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t know… at times Jagr definitely dogged it, but he definitely earned the C with his performance in 05-06, and I’m not just saying because he scored a lot. He put the team on his back and dragged it to the playoffs.

    As for having it, he may have taken shifts off during the regular season, but he was an absolute beast in the playoffs.

  37. just about as bad in my book, hits a bit more (not often, fights once every 3 years), plays all three zones occasionally instead of only one when he feels like it….that’s about it!!!

  38. BTW, Nasty, regarding your earlier post…”I loved the beginning of the year. Went to bed with a huge grin on my face and felt proud. Now I ball up naked in the shower and just cry as the water pounds down on me. It is some sad dark times right about now.

    Now that I’ve met you, gee, thanks for the image……

  39. I believe gabby carries this team on his back points wise (understatement of the year so far), but that does not mean he should be captain.

  40. cccp- i never said he was any good before the concussion. i said”he still wasnt the player he shouldve been to start the season”. i still think he has to go. im just saying he obviously was rushed or rushed himself back into the lineup early. i wasnt even talking about his performance from the past 2 years. im just talkin directly about his concussion. i know he was and is a big dissappointment for us.

  41. nobody on this team “deserves” to be a captain based on leadership or the other things that go into it. but based solely on performance gabby is that guy.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    wicky, it wasn’t just about points. He turned 5 mediocre players into stars/acceptable NHL players (Straka, Nylander, Prucha, Rozsival, and Malik). That team, I dare say, was even more devoid of talent than our current squad. But Jagr tried hard, pushed hard, and got them to say “hey, he’s buying into what this coach is saying, let’s go out there and do it too.”

    I have yet to see any semblance of a team mentality with Drury as captain. He doesn’t lead by speaking, he doesn’t lead by example. The guy just doesn’t lead, except he leads the league in undeserved salary. Yes, even ahead of Redden.

  43. Gabby carries this team points wise but we still can’t win games… with Jagr…we won games

    and plz…name one player not named Callahan on this team that does not take shifts off… c’mon
    Total bullcarp…

  44. Rozi doesn’t take shifts off, although we all wish he did. It’s too bad you notice him for the wrong reasons when he’s on the ice :(

  45. i no everyones pissed at chris drury right now but give the guy a break i mean i no his contract is terrible for the way hes playing but i want u to watch him closely he is one of the best defensive forwards in the game so everyone watch that and i no his scoring will probably never come back but even if he finishes this year with at least over 12-14 ill be happy with him.

  46. also, drury wasnt soo horribly bad his first season here. he had his average point total which was 25g-26 or 27a. he definitely wasnt that bad. he sucked in the playoffs though each of the past 2 years and thats where hes supposed to be”clutch” and get us some big goals. he has been downright awful this year and very disappointing last year. he obviously cant even play solid defensively anymore either, and even if he wasnt that great before, he shouldve taken more time off before coming back into the lineup. im not defending him, but i can see the difference in him and his play since the hit. thats all im getting at.

  47. Doodie Machetto December 14th, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    I don’t know… at times Jagr definitely dogged it, but he definitely earned the C with his performance in 05-06, and I’m not just saying because he scored a lot. He put the team on his back and dragged it to the playoffs.

    As for having it, he may have taken shifts off during the regular season, but he was an absolute beast in the playoffs.


    How bout his last year on NYR, he was a beast in those playoffs

  48. Thank you Doodie…excellent point

    * Doodie Machetto
    December 14th, 2009 at 3:49 pm
    wicky, it wasn’t just about points. He turned 5 mediocre players into stars/acceptable NHL players (Straka, Nylander, Prucha, Rozsival, and Malik). That team, I dare say, was even more devoid of talent than our current squad. But Jagr tried hard, pushed hard, and got them to say “hey, he’s buying into what this coach is saying, let’s go out there and do it too.”

    I have yet to see any semblance of a team mentality with Drury as captain. He doesn’t lead by speaking, he doesn’t lead by example. The guy just doesn’t lead, except he leads the league in undeserved salary. Yes, even ahead of Redden.

  49. yeah, get V. LeCavalier. He has like 5 goals this year on the 3rd line. That would be a typical NY Rangers trade–he’s 37 or something!
    Prucha is one thing, but even Dawes has at least 8 or 9 goals this year, more than anyone on our team except Gabby. And yes, Torts has no clue what to do anymore. At leasat Parenteau had size and more checks than anyone else on the 4th line. Him, Boyle, Callhan Avery and the new Fin are the only other ones. What a depressing lot we have to contend with the rest of the year. Softies.

  50. hardly anybody on this team earns their money besides gaborik and hank. drury just happens to be human like the rest of us and said”hell yea glen, thanks for the money”!!!

  51. It’s just crazy that, in terms of salary (not cap hit), the top 5 highest paid players in the league this year are, in order: Vinny, Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, and Drury. Which of those doesn’t belong?

    To think, we could get Heatley, Spezza, Zetterberg, Kovalchuk, Marleau, Hossa, Thornton, the Sedins, Stastny, Kopitar, etc. and SAVE money over Clutch.

    That’s the killer, to me. I don’t blame him for taking the money if Sather was dumb enough to pay it. But man, that’s a bad contract.

  52. V. LeCavalier has 6 goals this year–but at least he’s under 30. Prucha is one thing, but even Dawes has at least 8 or 9 goals this year, more than anyone on our team except Gabby. Can’t believe we sent Parens down too. Parenteau had size and more checks than anyone else on the 4th line. Him, Boyle, Callhan, Avery (thouhg he’s usually the one who gets knocked down in the process)and the new Fin are the only other ones who seem to understand the concept of finishing a check. What a depressing lot we have to contend with the rest of the year. IIf I see Rosi give a reaching stick-check one more time this year! Softies.

  53. pap had size?? hes 5’9 dude. and vinny is 29 or 30. not 37, but i get your point. hes the worst option money wise and they would not take dru or rozy back.

  54. Looking at this season in a different perspective and not focusing on the urgency of winning, Tortorella may deserve some leeway with some of these decisions of late. Like not sending Kotalik out on a PP down by one goal late in the third period against Buffalo. Or starting Valiquette over Lundqvist against Pittsburgh. The constant line juggling. Like demoting Gilroy to Hartford. Like putting Brashear out on any line other than the 4th.

    But my observations lately point to the pressure gauge rising quickly for Tortorella. And like I said, “some leeway”. It’s not like this kind of seemingly impulsive path can continue. How many times can lines be re-tooled? The Renney line generator seems to more of a NYR line generator. When Tom Renney left NY did actually say to Tortorella, “John…here, you’re gonna need this”. It is one thing to try an get someone going who needs a boost. Higgins is an example of this. And a good example because he got off to a slow start. He was used in a few different situations and it seems to have paid off. He worked hard and the goals are starting to come. That is no small task on this team as of late. It is entirely another thing to give Drury that same boost and have it fail misrably and drag his linemates down also. At some point he must realize that Drury is no longer the player he was in Buffalo. He is by defualt a third line center. Or a second center you put on the ice deep in your zone in the event the primary center is chased.

    So how long will Gilroy be stuck in the AHL? How many times will we see Drury at the point on the PP? How long will it be until we see the type of accountability that makes a difference? (Not the Gilroy accountability.) I, as a fan, am not happy that my team is dropping like a stone. It seems as though we were all fooled (again) that there would be progress this year. Tortorella’s questionable decisions now seem out of touch with how fast this team has gone from number one in the league after a great start to number 27. All in just 8 weeks.

    I’m not optimistic that Tortorella and Sather combined can pull off the necessary moves to either save this season or build for the next two or three. Just looking at their personalities is cause for concern. They would be an unlikely pair to achieve success together. Add to that the daunting salary cap restrictions and the plausibility diminishes further. This will continue for the next 3-4 years when some of these large contracts are finally moved AND will only improve if no new contracts are signed that prove to be as crippling.

  55. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    CCP: Id say Gabby, Cally, Boyle and DEl Z. Any of them, if you follow them through a game, never look like there just coasting.

    Here’s my Prose for the evening, see you all tomorrow:

    Well its almost time,
    a few hours away
    What we will see on the ice,
    none of us can say

    Fight, and grit, and blood and bones?
    Or Fear, and confusion with undisciplined play in every zone?

    For this our current roster, is inconsistent at best
    With Gabby leading in goals, and everyone else a mess

    Oh where oh where has our captain gone?
    If he will not lead on the ice, then he should be gone.

    But ALAS! all fault should not lie on our boys in Blue.
    Its Sather, the ole Cigar face, and Dolan too.

    For will we EVER get too see a team play as one?
    with balanced scoring, Grit on D, and a Goalie bar none?

    But this is the plight of every Ranger fan
    For it will never change, until the old man is hanged!

    SO brothers and Sisters, I say unto you
    Can we still chant LETS GO Rangers, with our hearts and hopes so blue…

  56. Mike O’Gara

    yeah…the BEST defensive forward in the game that only had 2 plus seasons since 2001-02 (+1 and +8)last year in COL and first season in BUF… that’s it

    i dont think you watching Drury very closely yourself… because if you did…you would notice that Drury is on the ice for almost every freaking goal against!

  57. Mike O’Gara…

    You might be needing HD to watch the games more clearly. I’ve watched almost every single game that Drury’s played as a Ranger…and this year in particular I see a man who hasn’t a clue what to do with the puck and certainly looks lost without it. How many times does he make a poor pass? Fail to pick up his man? Not hustle on the backcheck?

    CCCP is right…look at the goals scored against this year…in the background of the opponents celebrating scoring you’ll see Captain Oblivious staring at his mouthpiece as he drifts slowly to the bench.

    How many times has there been a scrum on the ice…or guys running into Hank…and Drury isn’t only the last Ranger in, sometimes he just floats back to the bench oblivious to what’s going on around him.

    The myth of Drury’s defensive prowess is eclipsed only by the myth of his “PROVEN WINNER CLUTCH ABILITIES!” LOL!!

  58. Tortorella NEEDS TO GO

    I really am sorry to say this, but we are going to ruin his career. Let the man go and coach another team, or be a TV analyst.

    We destroy peoples career’s here in NY……….

    Root Cause = DOLAN (That PEICE OF CRAP)

  59. Messier, wants to win another cup right? That’s why I think despite him being an awful choice for GM, he’d be better than Sather… He may trade away some fan favorites, but I think he has a much better eye for talent than Sather… At this point at least. Plus if it means Sather will be gone, man that’s all I really want to happen now.

  60. O’Gara,
    come on! Really, the best? He has been terrible…wait…no really beyond terrible. Even if his contract was half of what it is…he is still terrible.
    If I was the GM, I would get rid of Drury for anything,
    Wait…I would give Drury up plus a 3rd round pick for nothing!

  61. About Jagr, he also played the 2nd half of the 05-06 season with his shoulder completely destroyed from the Ruutu hit. He never complained about it even after he destroyed it for good by trying to punch Gomez in the playoffs. Also if you remember, when Jagr got hit by Ruutu, the next time they played against him in the NHL games, the Rangers players went after him (no moment is funnier than Straka jumping on his back and trying to beat the carp out of him in the olympics).

    He got a bad rap because he told the media and the fans what most other players will never admit…he was 37 and couldn’t bring it every shift. Of course the media (who hated Jagr) ran with that as “JAGR DOESN’T TRY HARD ALL THE TIME”, but the reality was he was old and his body couldn’t physically go out there and give it 100% every shift. He knew to be effective, he had to pick and choose when he went all out, and he saved it up for the playoffs.

    That isn’t not trying, that is knowing your limits and trying your best to overcome them while doing what is best for the team. He knew we needed him in the playoffs, so he made sure he could be at his best for them. Shanny did the same damn thing, but because he had a leg injury and said he wasn’t ever a great skater (and mostly because he was North American) people let him off the hook. But Jagr is honest and people try to rip him for it. I’d take half of Jagr over the POS captain we have right now.

  62. O’Gara – if you want to see top defensive forwards, see Rod Brind’Amour over the last decade or Datsyuk and Zetterberg the last few years. John Madden from the Blackhawks is a shut down type of forward. All those guys are 20x better than Drury defensively…and none of them get paid 7 million dollars, not even Zetterberg or Datsyuk.

  63. Won't you be my Drury on

    Don’t worry guys, Drury isn’t going to let this freefall spoil his holiday’s

  64. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Sorry to dip in and out of the conversation here, but at work! Straka was a constant professional and would have played the same way no matter where he was. As far as the others go nylander’s style fit jagr, we have all said that, no shocker there. The rest were jagr’s buddies and so I really do not think the comparison is equal. The post lock out team, especially the first year or two were built around jagr with the style of players he wanted more or less. Last I checked, drury came into the remnants of a “jagr style” team and other than kotalik, nothing has really been built for drury. He just has a hodge podge of soft, offencively and grit challenged players with a few exceptions!

    Again, I am not saying drury is anywhere close to the offencive player jagr was, he isn’t. I am also not saying jagr was a bad player at all, he was a great offencive player. I just think they are BOTH lacking as captains. Drury is waaaaaayyy overpaid, we all know that!! The slurping of jagr as a “captain” on here is a joke!!! If you want to slurp away at his offencive gifts, go right ahead, he was one hell of a point getter. But no where near a good captain, no bettter than drury in that capacity. His friend and buddy filled roster brought us 0 cups, just like drury’s stranger filled one has.

  65. Tonight’s game is really going to say alot about this Ranger team…if past games haven’t already…

    Atlanta beat us at home earlier this year and if that isn’t motivation enough to come out flying, then I doubt a home/home with the Isles will be either.

  66. LeCavalier is a year younger than Messier was when the Rangers traded for him. PAP is a minor leaguer, thats it. It was a waste of time having called him up, should have taken a look at Grachev.

  67. Duby`s return will make a differance. I can`t say how much of a differance, but he`s a good center that will free up guys that were taking the slack. It has to give Torts more options. As far as the score sheet goes its hard to say, but it has to be a good thing. I also think Gilroy should be back up with the Rangers. I have watched him play two games in Hartford. ( a team that plays softer than the Rangers) if you can believe that. In hartford Gilroy looked like Bobby Orr, he carries the puck well, made nice plays, showed lots of confidence. The guy looks great down there. I say bring him back up the kids got jam. Johnson on the other hand I am not so sure he`s ready. He moves well and has a good glove, he also handles the puck pretty good, but my opinion, and I really hope i`m wrong is he`s not ready.

  68. wick- the thing with drury though is he doesnt have the ability to carry a team offensively like jagr could. jagr wasnt a typical captain for us. he didnt partake in shootouts, he wasnt a leader lik mess was and wasnt a big personality. but when the team really needed him he came through. theyre both 2 totally different players and personalities, but id rathet have jagr as captain. just his presence commanded respect from players and officials that was mainly due to his ability, and because he could at any time, take over a game by himself. maybe in terms of locker-room speeches or vocal leadership, neither him or drury are that guy, but he was still a leader on the ice and i cant say teh same for dru. yes, he blocks shots, wins faceoffs, but hes just not the guy to be captain especially in ny city. when u need wins, your captain can motivate by producing or doing other things like making big plays, big hits, and motivating his team in any way possible. dru is limited in the ways he can do that, and even if he doesnt score that much, id like to see some inspired play from him. maybe call himself out and tell us he knows he hasnt done what he needs to. hes not helping his situation by being a quiet guy. he needs to either speak up and take responsibilty and play harder, or give his c away and face reality so he can do whats best for the team. either start playing like a captain should, or retire. he doesnt look like he has it in him anymore. but we all know that wont happen. i’ll tell ya drury doesnt even get respect from his own teammates. after that hit, nobody went after glencross.

  69. Bull dog
    Grachev could not play in the NHL right now he is a long way from it. I hate to say this but Voros would be more help than Grachev right now.

  70. Wicky – Jagr got us on the map though. The goal wasn’t to win a cup after missing 7 years of playoff hockey. It was to get the team to the next step, which was the playoffs. Everyone doubted the team, he said “you watch” and he was right. Then he got them to the 2nd round. Then he was the only one to show up against Pittsburgh and kept them in every game. He wanted to come back to finish what he started, but Sather said no.

    If anything it shows the lack of direction that Sather has. You DON’T spend 7 million on a guy who isn’t the focal point of the franchise, Sather did that with 2 guys. I’ll give Gomez more of a pass because he was the focal point last year (mind you he clicked with exactly 0 players on the team), but what was the point in spending 7 million on 2 guys that weren’t going to be your teams main focus? Glen probably thought the cap was going to keep increasing, so he’d have all this cap space and it wouldn’t matter…but it didn’t.

    Fact is Gaborik deserves 7 million because he’s our go to guy, the face of the franchise, and the guy who can carry the team (even though he doesn’t carry them like Jagr did). Drury is an above average role player. He can score 55+ points when put in the right position, but he can’t captain the ship. Say what you want that Jagr didn’t speak up or sometimes he saved it when he could’ve done more, but the guy helped bring in key pieces to our team to make us relevant again. Jagr wanted Nylander and Straka and all his Czech buddies, then when he felt the NA guys were left out, he pushed Sather to go after Shanahan so they had a North American “captain”. Jagr and Shanny complimented each other so perfectly that while Jagr would be the Captain in the locker room and by showing it on the ice, Shanny was his assistant that would talk to the media and the refs since neither liked Jagr that much for whatever reason. But the point is Jagr knew what was needed, pushed for it and kept the locker room together with those decisions.

    I don’t see Drury and Prospal chatting it up like Shanny and Jagr did. I don’t see Drury sitting on the bench showing guys where to be or what to do in a certain situation. I see maybe 3 or 4 do that in Prospal, Gaborik, Redden and surprisingly Boyle (or at least he goes up to the vets to ask them where to be). I’ve only seen a few times Drury tell someone where to be, but for the most part he just sits there doing nothing.

  71. No need to rush Evgeny G, he’s only 19. Let him develop.

    I don’t expect Dubi to score a hat trick but his energy, speed, and forchecking will be very positive.

    I like Prospal with Cally and Drury; those two have played well with Straka and Naslund and Prospal is in that vein.

    On a side note, very sad to hear that John left the Chili Peppers again for all you fans but his replacement is a little clone of him.

  72. I wonder what the guys think of Drury, Torts seems to love the guy. Maybe because Sather told him to love him. I really don`t think Mr. Sather is one to admit mistakes. Torts isn`t either as far as that goes. I don`t usually say much about Drury. I have always liked him in the past. He has always been the guy that quietly goes about his business. This season he has performed very poorly to say the least. There has to be something wrong, he seems completely lost. Hopefully he will come out of this, because right now he`s a third liner at best, and we need some scoring.

  73. Jagr was a big presence — Renney admitted losing Jagr & Shanahan was a big mistake.
    Jagr personally mentored Dubinsky into a strong center at the age of 20. Opposing teams planned their game strategy around defending Jagr, and he talked about how he tried to devise ways to get around them. Shanahan was also important on the ice as part of a strong 2nd line, but also as someone who spoke to officials and teammates. Shanahan pulled aside Lundqvist and told him to stop criticizing the forwards and defense. Shanahan and Jagr both did a lot more than just be scoring leaders on this team.
    When was the last time you heard Drury say something interesting? He mumbles through his cliches when asked a question. He never offers any insight. He sits vacantly on the bench. Does he help young players? Does he help the first line by providing a strong 2nd or 3rd line? Does he give credit to other players or take responsibility? Tortorella says he “cares”. Whoopee. How about if he leads?
    And if nothing else, Jagr brought respectability and the playoffs back to this team, as well as the stick salute, MSG’s favorite marketing tool, which we haven’t seen much of this year.

  74. “BTW, Nasty, regarding your earlier post…”I loved the beginning of the year. Went to bed with a huge grin on my face and felt proud. Now I ball up naked in the shower and just cry as the water pounds down on me. It is some sad dark times right about now.

    Now that I’ve met you, gee, thanks for the image……”

    Blogmamma, I couldn’t tell if that was a compliment or jokey insult earlier. HAHA.

  75. and what is wrong with building around guys like Jagr? Isn’t that the idea? Why blame him (Jagr)for bringing all his buddies on board so this team could be competitive? So if we don’t build around “Captain Pay-Day” that’s why he is so bad? So then i guess because we didnt build around Rosi he is having another horrible season? ok…

  76. CCCP, didn’t we build around captain pay day? We brought in Forearms who really showed he’s useless at 5 on 5… He should only get paid when he’s on the PP…

  77. kc…
    nice post.
    on another topic, I just talked to my friend who is a season ticket holder…he basically says he’s ready to start rooting for the draft lottery.

  78. Nice, positive attitude on the blog over the last few hours. Even a bit nostalgic. Ready for the game?

  79. evitageN

    well… we did bring Kotalik to play with Drury and try to spark him up…but…how many shifts exactly did Kotalik play with Drury? Talkorella doesnt even use Kotalik on PP where he is most productive…

  80. MAMA
    I know, tell me about it!

    jagr, hank, and renney’s system put us back on the map so to speak. And i quite honeslty think without the other two, I do not see jagr getting it done!! I am not trying to be disrespectful here, but you apparently have much more “inside” info on jagr and shanny in the lockerroom and things of that nature, so whatever!

    I have seen articles in the past and reports that jagr was not always thought of as a “team” player in some lockerrooms (don’t know if this is true or not), and I have never heard or seen that about drury. Again not saying he is a great captain either, he isn’t. But he is not any worse AS AN NHL CAPTAIN than jagr was!! His team success to this point is NO WORSE than jagr’s was.

    As far as the calgary incident goes the lack of response has to do with the coach and “benchings” and the other players on the ice not who was actually hit with the “cheap shot”!

  81. Pavel

    hahah from aggressive music like this Drury might pop a vein in his forehead and then use it as another excuse why he’s not playing well…


    get them sassy bootz out..Dubi’s coming home!

  82. If we go on the assumption that no one responded for drury because no one likes him or he is a crappy leader/captain (again I DO NOT THINK HE IS A GOOD CAPTAIN), then a game or two later when cally got hit (i do not remember the player or the team) and no one jumped in for cally, he fought the guy himself after he got up, no one likes cally either and he is a crappy representative for the “A”.

  83. i think i may have just puked from the garbage that torts just spewed. haha. if he was trying too hard, he wouldnt have so many missed coverages

  84. wick- its just a weak team concept. it starts from the coach on down. but no matter if u fear a benching or not, i highly doubt torts would bench u for defending your captain. if dru had any friends they wouldve gotten glencross later on no matter what torts said.

  85. Hey Ladies and Gents.

    Its been an insane last few days in my neck of the woods. Im so glad I have a chance to watch the game with you all.

    BTW did Kaleta give the crowd the finger after he scored his first goal?

    I absolutely believe that Drury is poison to this team – He is supposed to lead, score a big goal – Rally the team. He has done NOTHING. I know you probably all have said this a ton of times this past weekend. But the coaching staff is delusional if they think he means anything to this team. And that is my two cents.

  86. if my buddy gets hit like that, i go nuts and try to kill the sorry sob who hit him. eff the coaches benching crap. maybe thats why they kicked me off the team lol.

  87. there goes Torts again defending Drury in the pregame, saying he is trying too hard.

    what a disgrace. the only thing he tries hard at is to chew on his mouthpiece and try not to let all these losses ruin his holidays.

    zero goals in 17 games. he is a laughingstock, just like the guy who signed him, Sather.

  88. Mike

    Yep. They knew about the Glencross hit in the lockeroom bc a few players saw it like Staal and they told him about what happened. So yeah… something isnt right. I dont think it has been right since Jagr has been gone (sorry wick)….

    I really wish they had JJ back. Can you imagine Gaborik and JJ together?

  89. goon with the wind on

    Christensen benched while huggy crapface is dressed. they aren’t even trying to get scoring on the bottom lines with that kind of nonsense.

  90. are these guys going to get fired for suggesting he has diminished skill and questioning his ice time?

  91. Do guys actually think the other guys don’t like Drury. Is there any reason other than fact no one did any thing after the glencrosse hit. I have to say I wasn’t suprised that no one did anything with this team. I miss Orr. Orr while not a great skater would dance with anyone any time. You NY City guys hear any rumors that Drury is not liked by his team mates?

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