Bye-bye, P.A.


According to Arthur Staple, filling in over at Zipay’s blog, P.A. Parenteau has been reassigned to Hartford. In truth, he hadn’t done much, if anything, the last couple of weeks. Brandon Dubinsky is just about ready to return … although Staple reports he may not play tomorrow. So Lisin or Voros can get un-prucha’d if Dubinsky sits out one more.

Also, Chad Johnson is likely to start one of the games against the Islanders this week.


See the entry below for today’s post-debacle rant.


OK, OK! Carp, and all, you asked for it, you got it….here are the legendary Warren pics for the Festivus blog! But guess what all, you’re gonna have to see them after the DREADED JUMP!!!! Ha!….Photos and identification by screen name below..

And so we begin, from left, the lovely Claire, who works there, Mama, Patrick, TR, Mrs. TR, CT’s friend, CT, Nasty:attachment-1

Same group, but Mama is blocked by Claire (fine by me, I can’t believe I’m posting pics of me!)


Lastly, same group, but now joined by the lovely Christina (jeez, hope I spelled your name right)….yes, as you can see, we had amusements :)… Happy now? :)attachment-4

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  1. Does anyone think that Dubinsky’s return is going to make any difference whatsoever in this team’s performance???

  2. Argh! Carp’d! Repost….

    Good afternoon all! No, I’m not just getting up, just finally get motivated to move….
    Some quick thoughts:
    •Blogfather, we public transported, so don’t worry dad!
    •CT, TR, Mrs TR, Nasty and Patrick, what a great time last night! Or, where Patrick and the TRs are concerned, morning too I guess! Blogmama is too far away from 26 for that :)
    • Nasty, I swear if you buy one of those watches, you are so picking up my tab next time!
    • Isn’t Kaleta a kind of olive? Without the obnoxious showboating?
    • I have to fargin work on the 26th at night and doubt I can get out of it. Might be able to swing the 28th? Votes anyone?

    Happy Hanukkah and Festivus to all!

  3. That’s too bad. I know he hasn’t done much, but there are so many others who should still be sent down, forwards included.

  4. TR, put the pics up on Warren’s f/b page. I don’t have anyone on f/b friends list so I can tag myself and my friend that were there last night, feel free to tag anyone else that was in the pic though.

  5. Parenteau won 2 games with his shootout skills, but since the Rangers can’t manage to achieve even a tie, Parenteau hasn’t done much else. Tortorella only plays 2 lines anyway.

  6. CT, got them, thanks…..the reply is cause I’ve been off all week and it allegedly reminds people to send work e-mails to a co-editor of mine. You don’t have to do that though!

  7. Henrik Rules
    December 13th, 2009 at 4:06 pm
    Does anyone think that Dubinsky’s return is going to make any difference whatsoever in this team’s performance???

    I hope so, God do I hope so !

  8. Well, he is a guy who could potentially be a second-liner … which would kick a third-liner back to the, you know, third line. He might even be better than two of the three guys on the first line … but he would have to be better than he was before he broke his hand.

  9. Am I the only one that hopes this team becomes a lottery team for a few years? I read an excellent comment on hf boards:

    “Ranger fans are sick and tired of watching the same ******** scenario every year. This team squeaks into the playoffs only to lose in the first or second round to more talented teams. With our salary cap situation, the only way to dramatically increase the talent level of this team is with young elite talent. The only way to acquire such talent is through the draft lottery. If you are content watching mediocrity every year, that is your business. I would like to win another cup in my lifetime.”

    The Sather system is unsustainable in a cap era. You can’t try to buy teams anymore…. unless the cap goes to $70m when Crosby/Malkin are UFAs.

  10. Carp, I showed up to read today.
    I’m speechless otherwise…other than
    I was wondering this last night…
    Is Drury playing with prosthetic arms?
    Wasn’t he a good or at least decent stickhandler with Colorado and Buffalo? What happened? Every time he touches the puck he spazzes out and has to hurry to get rid of it. It’s amazing!!

  11. Dubi is the number 1 center (not a number 1 center) so of course he is going to help. they missed him. I know everybody’s judgment is clouded because he held out for more money, but he is a solid hockey player who was sorely missed.

  12. Dubinsky has wheels, heart, he hits, and he passes, his hands are decent too. He just doesn’t have that vision.

    I know Dubi will make a big difference. How much difference can one man make on this team? Probably not enough.

  13. Pavel,
    I am also hoping for the lottery.
    I don’t want to say I like the freefall, but honestly I don’t have clue as to what the genius behind Torts system is. I don’t understand what he expects from the players, and I can’t understand the moves or decisions he makes. We play the exact system he talked about…pursuit. That is exactly what we watch every game. This team follows the puck around the entire game. They don’t dictate anything. There is no pressure, very little grit and no leadership…
    When is this ‘the captain’ going to say
    something… anything. I don’t hear leadership and I certainly don’t see leadership…anywhere.
    I am all for Torts, but I am quietly chuckling at the “fire Renney” crowd of last season, because the entire problem begins and ends with Sather. There is no coach out there that could do a better job with this roster…it ain’t happenin! And until a change is made in the front office of this organization, I will not and can’t not take this team seriously. Sather has literally killed this franchise. Last summer he got lucky and escaped from under 1 of the 4 massive contracts he dished out. However, I’m hoping that the remaining three end his career.

  14. Mama, was that the largest heads gathering at W77 so far? Sounds it. Any chance of getting some pics emailed? Can’t wait to get there with you, guys.

  15. No, we behaved enough Carp. Luckily my wife works for a beverage company and we have plenty of supplies on hand in hangover cure kit so I was functioning fine this morning.

    ilb, in the last post I have my facebook profile linked in my name at 3:48 PM. There are pics from the game and Warren posted.

  16. Porcelain free, dad, porcelain free :) We are a respectably bunch…please!

    ilb, yes, I believe it was.

    Carp, if people find the pics, great, if not….also OK!! If you can’t find, I’ll share tomorrow.

  17. my head is still buzzing from that girl Sandy’s yelling and drunken comments. and the scene that she created at the end of the game was truly embarassing. as one fellow bystander said: “Her face isnt even attractive! This girl has got to get her sh!t together and get the F outta here”

  18. Oh jeez, I mean, we are a respectable bunch….criminey!!

    funny story, and a hint for new warren visitors:
    the only person I really didn’t have a way of identifying was nasty. I know TR, had Patrick’s pic, and CT told me what jersey he’d be wearing, plus he figured out who I was…

    so, as I’m waiting for the game and arrivals, I see this guy walk in…orders a beer next to me, but looks a tad lost…so I say, “are you from the Report?” And lo and behold, he says yes and the connection is made! It’s Nasty!

    There is your key to the castle my friends :)

  19. The thing with Torts system working in Tampa is he had Vinny L, St. Louis, Richards, and everyone’s favorite underrated player Cory Stillman and it took a few years implement.

    Most of those guys were young but weren’t rookies.

    The Rangers have one elite guy and a bunch of kids who are in their early 20s learning this thing so it’s not going to be perfected this year.

  20. Repost from earlier
    This team does not seem to be performing for Tortorella. I know we’re not really very good talent-wise but were not this bad. They’re just not talented enough to play his system. Look at the Islanders over-achieving. The timing of the home and home series is not good. There needs to be some change in a hurry.

  21. o ye, from last night, we sat right below Dancing Larry (not going to use the derrogative term for fears of being banished into the wilderness by Carp). that too was more exciting than the game itself.

  22. Go above to Carp’s post for update on photos…..I only accommodated your requests because CT put them out on the interweb anyway…..argh!

    Lev, Larry showed up at warren after the game. CT has a photo. So funny that you mentioned him.

  23. CCCP, I was wondering the same thing. I dunno….doesn’t start that way. Maybe it’s cause we want to really emphasize our thoughts!

  24. haha that must of been cool! looks like you guys had a great time. btw, it appeared like Larry added a new dimension to his dance.

  25. Carp

    are you gonna come to one of these blog conventions in a future? i’d love to tell in your face how i feel aboot you!

    i kid – i kid!

    but seriously…how cool would it be to meet you in person! I’ll bring my copy of “Nightmare on 33rd Street: A Long Season With the New York Rangers” for you to sign :P

  26. CCCP and all, mama is the blog rep at warren….but she always sends Carp your love :)

    Mama is in her happy jammies place now and is signing off. Plus, Stanley just recently lost her kibble at my feet…yay!
    Tomorrow is another day! I have jury duty (double yay) so I’ll catch you when I can. TA!

  27. I just watched the Wolf Pack play the River Rats. The Wolf pack lost in a shootout. Gilroy played real well carried the puck with confidence, set up a nice goal. His defensive play was good also. I really don’t know what he’s doing in Hartford. He’s heads above Rozy. Johnson played pretty good, but I don’t think he’s ready for the big league, but I guess we are going to find out. Gratchev is a long way from being able to play in the NHL. Sanguinetti played well.

  28. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Thanks for asking the italics question, thought I was losing it!!

    I hope the w77 crew saw and honoured the request mrs wicky and I submitted!!!

  29. I am so laurel’ing….Hockmon, I’ve never seen the Hartford team, and Patrick and I talked about that last night….I sense a Connecticut Report outpost meeting someday :)

  30. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    big sky only has a couple of additional inches since the last report I gave you, but lost trail (my personal fave to poach) just got 8 more inches. We got 7 inches of freah pow here at the house!!

  31. Wicky, I believe we did :)….happy now, I’ve laurel’d 3 times…

    CT, LMAO..

    Hey all, I assume, hope, the italic issue will be taken care of at some point soon. In the meantime, read with your head (knuckle and bone) slanted right…:)

  32. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    thanks, you laureling little thing….that is how my other post should have looked!!

  33. I thought I was going crazy with the italics…good thing I actually read your posts before I said anything

  34. yes, whatever font you used in the post carries down into the comments and all the other stuff beneath the post. i just un-italicized (is that a word, or two words, or acceptable in any language) the last word of your post. Abracadabara.

  35. Thanks Carp! BTW…I was very surprised to hear Micheletti and Maloney carrying on a conversation mid-game about why they have Christensen but refuse to give him any sort if ice time…are attitudes around MSG starting to change as Carp suggested?

  36. Gross also said that Torts may finally split up Prospal/Gaborik when Dubi is back. I wouldn’t mind seeing Avery-Dubi-Gaborik and Higgins-Prospal-Callahan

  37. Mea Culpa!!!! Italicized mama is going to say goodbye before she causes more trouble…..Carp, I’ll be more careful when I add to your posts. Who knew…but I do create some fun :)

  38. Whatever you wish Carp, I mean I just thought of it right before I posted it, you probably had it in your head all day haha.

  39. agree, Carp, it looks like the announcers have been given the ok to criticize Torts. which means that Sather wants to take no responsibility for his own blunders

    and the only reason Keenan is around is to look over Torts shoulder and be a fallback for Sather to cya his own ridiculous personnel moves.

    the fact that Drury gets away with little official team blame or scorn is beyond conprehension. this guy is poison to this team. he is a multi-millionaire Betts with less leadership displayed.

    and I do give a certain amount of blame Torts for defending Drury and Brashear and blaming the kids. also for a system that will not work with this personnel.

  40. dubinsky will not hurt. he can’t score like the rest of the offensively inept, but he is faster, bigger, and plays hard.

  41. Nice pics. I’ll make sure I’m there next time.

    Wicky, keep rubbing it in with the snow. I’m starting to wish next time you drive in am that muffin gets frozen up to your butt!

    Dubinsky on the first and Psospal on second makes our second line more like a uhm.. real second line.

  42. Drury’s goal with 7.7 seconds left in Game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Semis not only marked the eventual end of the Rangers season, but would turn out to set back the entire franchise that signed him months later for years.

  43. the Rangers have scored 86 goals and have 30 pts

    Buffalo has only scored 81 goals, less than the Rangers, but have 40 pts

    the reason is Buff has allowed only 65, while the Rangers have given up 93

    same thing with NJ, who have 45 pts. they have only scored 5 more than NYR, but have given up only 68

    so, the obvious answer is NOT that the Rangers need more scoring, but that they need better team defense, more consistent goaltending, and a better system that allows fewer goals and scoring chances.

    does that sound like Renney hockey? no, I am not advocating that neutral zone shinny. but I am saying that the team game plan should be to forecheck carefully, not recklessly, pinch only when it is 100% certain, and try to win every game 2-1, because they are only going to get 2 goals most of the time, thus they need to hold down the opponents to win, a la Sabres and Devils.

  44. Laurel,

    If it’s a poll I vote for Monday the 28th!

    I have my kids out in PA that Saturday to visit the grandparents and Monday would be perfect!

    Nice pics!!!!

  45. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    yep, once gradkowski went out, the team looked deflated!

    I agree about splitting gabby and prosspal. One good d pairing and our offence is done. We’ve had all our eggs in one basket too long!

    Good stats. Like I said before, until this team gets a couple of hammers on D, nothing else will matter!

    LMFFBO=Laugh My Frakking Frozen Biscuit Off!!

  46. Taylor Hall!!! This team is deep in the crapper… I hope they tank and get that 1st round pick cause they will not win Stanley Cup this year, and if this is the case then it is better to tank it and get the 1st line center that they need in the draft.

  47. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Anyone see the iggy fight vs mcleod? That is a captain of a hockey team!

  48. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t forget that we have Messier also lurking in the bushes. Once the Garden turns on Stogypuss, he’s going to throw Torts under the bus and trot out a Keenan-Messier tandem to finish the season.

    It will be a shameless diversion by the 94 Cup connection, fans will be busy fawning all over Keenan and Messier, thus saving Sather’s wrinkled old ass for another year or two.

    I can see it coming a mile away…

  49. I started yelling Fire Sather last night as we were leaving the game. No one else seemed to be yelling anything.

    I’m going again to the game vs the Isles on Wednesday. I have a 3 game losing streak going, hope they break it. As entertaining as it is to see Gaborik score every game I go to, I’d really like them to win this time.

  50. Gravey,

    I’m sure cigar face did make the offer for the washed up AARP rep!
    Glad it was turned down!

  51. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    you are probably right!

    Might have been us, sad part is chelios is probably better at 48 than a third of our top six D!!

    What I do not understand here at all is the availability of some d men that have what we need. Now I understand that some teams will not make moves until closer to the deadline, but the serious lack of physical rough play from our d men should be the #1 priority for bringing people in. Now I do not think chelios is the answer there, but he would be able to “teach” some things. Burke is a trading machine, get exelby, it wouldn’t take a ton to get him! It wouldn’t cost anything to get Gauthier. He would atleast add a dimension to our blueline we do not have, and no way he is anywhere as bad as rozy.

  52. btw, did folks notice that Ruff had the sabres trapping like crazy in the entire 3rd period. they were just sitting back in the neutral zone, and the one man they did send in was only going in halfway into the attacking zone.

  53. Dexter is FANTASTIC!

    Please DO NOT post spoilers for tonight’s show; some of us have not seen it yet.

  54. Dexter is one of the best shows on tv…

    And tonight’s season finale had the kind of gut punch that few shows have EVER had.

    For those who don’t watch it, won’t matter. For those who do…That ending was like a shot right to the gut.

    And if only Dexter could get Drury, Rozi, Sather and Dolan on his table…

    And I’d be willing to throw Torts on that table, too. In very fast order he’s shown himself to be little more than a loud prick who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  55. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I have never seen a dexter episode either!

    personally, i like big bang theory the best!

  56. I am not sure which is worst right now, being a Ranger fan or Giant fan!!!

    I’ve also never watched an episode of Dexter.

    BTW, Wicky did you throw a Big Bang Theory viewing party?

  57. Great post Jim 8:04 “so, the obvious answer is NOT that the Rangers need more scoring, but that they need better team defense, more consistent goaltending, and a better system that allows fewer goals and scoring chances.” With few talented players we need to play smart defensive low risk hockey.

  58. family guy
    peter takes over lois’ fathers business and forces him to go around and invite everyone to his big bang theory viewing party

    i watched a great show tonight Shatners Raw Nerve w/ Henry Winkler. i love shatner, yes, sue me.

  59. Anyone here know about GPS’s?
    I’m thinking about getting one but I don’t want to over pay since there so damn many out there!
    Are there ones that will update you on traffic or get you around traffic without a monthly subscription?

  60. Ughhh Good Morning…if you could say that. It’s game day, at least that I have to be happy today. Looks like I wont catch the game tonight. Might be at my brothers and he doesn’t have the center ice package. Oh well, it is probably just another Ranger loss anyway, although I do have hope they can win tonight.

    Miami Pimp- I don’t think we should make one of those websites for Rozsival, but maybe for Sather. How about a, “Fire Sather HE SUCKS” website?

  61. I agree. Tighten up defensively but the Rangers still need to score more. In the first 7 or 8 games they were averaging close to 4 goals a game. Since then they have averaged less than 2.5

  62. Yes TR, that was on last night.

    Sorry Wicky, thought you were making a reference to the Family Guy episode.

  63. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Was just reading the supposed rumor that it was us that looked into Chelios coming on board. Though I am not sure this is the answer I will say again that I am VERY concerned with the development of out back-line. Who is teaching these kids? Redded? Rosival? I would hope not! What about the coaches? As far as I know the only ex-defenseman on the payroll is Schonfeld but does he really have the time to stay a few hours after practice to work with these kids when is ALSO running the WolfPack?

    I am all for taking our lumps with having such a young defense corps at the hope they will become something of a force in the future but I am a bit worried. Stall has taken a step back this year, we all know what happened to Gilroy, is MDZ next?

  64. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    HAppy Monday Morning All!

    I dont think we have less talented palyers than last year, to be honest, I think we have more (Gabby, Prospal, Del Z, etc etc) its jsut hat certain parts are still not in the right pegs

    But some PEgs are imovable and no matter where you put them they suck

    So lets hope there not rushing Dubi back, some lines are put together and STAY together and we can try for a friggin win tongiht

    But again, I am employning NAsty1’s method for watching games from now on:

    Expect to lose, be suprised if we win

    lets go rangers

  65. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Blueshirt in PAris:

    Woldnt you think, by now, SAther woudl at least hire LEech as a consultant to just work with the Dmen after practices?

    I mean the guy is always around MSG.

    How great would that be for all of there development?

  66. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well to be fair I think its hard from the outside to know who would be a good coach. Some players have talent coming out of their a$$ and the saying goes you cant teach talent. That being said I cant imagine Brian being a worse choice then what we have. Though I still think having someone on the ice showing these kids what to do is the best option.

    The most promising group of d-men that we have since I can remember and we are going to blow it.

  67. CCCP
    Sufferers? No way. Enjoying every morning. In fact, the current Rangers’ situation makes our life more exciting. Imagine us being 20 games above .500? The regular season wouldn’t be relevant. We would stil be talking about this team flawed roster and them not winning the cup anyway because our defense is too young, and we need to move a few of them to get someone with experience or maybe get Vinny for half of our young talent. And we would be saying that they can’t win it with Torts and Sather and blah, blah.
    Would be the same story, but the regular season would make no difference. So, enjoy every moment. LGR.

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