Another dark day-after


You just can’t have this kind of stuff when you can’t buy goals.

On Wednesday in Chicago, Matt Gilroy, Wade Redden and Brian Boyle stood around like the Three Stooges, fishing for the puck with their sticks as two Blackhawks scored the tying third-period goal in what would be a 2-1 overtime Chicago win. Gilroy was sent to Hartford — for developmental purposes — and absolved in part as John Tortorella said the other two were “picking their butts.”

So two nights later, and two Buffalo Sabres are surrounded by three blueshirts — Michal Rozsival, Marc Staal and Chris Drury — who did the exact same butt-picking, nobody was touched, never-mind put in their back, and the Sabres scored the first goal of the game. Well, at least Rozsival was able to retrieve the puck from the net nicely after the goal, as usual.

Where is the accountability? Staal played an otherwise strong game. Drury did nothing. Rozsival … well, you know.

1) If the Rangers have so many third-line players, shouldn’t they have a good third line?  Should they get outplayed every night by the opposition’s third line? In truth, you don’t even know which line is the Rangers’ second line and which is their third line. And the fourth line … Good god, I don’t think they got on the other side of the red line all night. Wasn’t Donald Brashear supposed to bring some forecheck? Last time I checked, you can’t forecheck in your own end. And if he can’t get more than seven shifts in a game where you need a forecheck, then why is he on the team?

2) And why is Ales Kotalik on the team if you’re not going to put him on the ice for a third-period power play — after the Rangers scored two first-period PPGs? OK, he was burned for a short-hander that wasn’t his fault. But he has one purpose at this point, and that is to play the point on the PP. And if it isn’t him, how is it Drury?

3) Drury? Hooo, boy. What the firetruck  happened to him? He’s just a penalty killer now. And it’s starting to look like he’s part of the problem with linemates Ryan Callahan and Sean Avery.

4) How does that clown Kaleta get away with that taunting and excessive celebration at MSG?

5) Brandon Dubinsky is going to look like a superstar when he rejoins this lineup.

6) Sounds like the MSG voices got the green light to go after the coach. And by the way, when it starts to pile up on the coach, then all arms of the media don’t mind going after him because he treats so many of them so poorly.

7) I love it when the Rangers players and coach talk about crashing the net and getting some ugly, dirty goals. How many of those do you think they’ve scored this season?

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  1. Team is awful and will continue to be awful for the next 2 years at least due to mismanagement. Nothing more to say. Let me know when Sather is gone.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp, great post.
    I wonder if someone wants Torts gone and, thus, gave the announcers a green light. Something’s up in Ranger land.

    Drury is holding anyone back who plays with him. Higgins finally looks half way decent, and not that I expect 25 goals from him, but if he can play a good two-way game and finish with close to 20, it won’t be a complete loss (well, only because 3million for one year isn’t 7 million for 5 years).

    Speaking of which, Drury and Rozsival are not only cash sieves, they are now hurting this team. Responsible for goals 1 and 2 against. Neither produces. Neither sparks the team. If you read Rodent’s post a few days ago, he even points to Drury as a liability during the PK because he goes down hurt so often and makes it a 5-on-3 until he can hobble off the ice. And this byfuglien guy still wears the C?! TORTS! I don’t care who you’ve pissed off in the Rangers organization, do something, please do something.

    …and now, I hope, many of you see why several of us have hated Drury for YEARS.

  3. Maybe us Boneheads should just send 1 million letters to Tort’s office with all of our thoughts LOL

  4. Hey look,

    The bandwagon fans have now jumped ship. Now it’s bash the coach, bash the captain, bash everyone.

    Go root for the Isles. No one wants you here. Thanks.

  5. you know what???? Why even bother posting, it is the same thing over and over again. This team needs to be overhauled and it starts with Sather’s removal.

    I blame Torts on some of the things, but I hope we can keep him. He just does not have the players he needs for his system to work.

    Please do not tell me that Torts had a say in all the bad transactions. He wasn’t here when we signed Rozsival, Drury, Redden, etc, etc.

  6. I don’t think Torts will get canned, but if he does, who wants to bet that Keenan will be behind the bench faster than I can say Byfuglien.

  7. Carp
    Great post, I sure wish Tort’s would explain exactly what it is that he’s trying to do . I don’t think he really knows

  8. CT, if you read this, what brand is that hat you had on last night. I might have to get that for myself.

  9. Good post Carp!

    The Rangers:
    -too soft
    -no heart
    -no grit
    -no hustle
    -no intimidation
    -no talent
    -no future

    But this is clear to all of us – why isn’t it clear to Ranger’s management? If it is,why are they not doing anything about it? Because they still have customers willing to pay for this crap, that’s why!

  10. it is going to take a lot of guts for Sather to do what needs to be done with this team. I am not sure he has them. The obvious, dump Rozsiva,l Drury, Redden, and Higgins. The hard, see what the market is for Hank, Staal, Dubi,and Cally. Trading Hank or Staal may be the fastest, and best way to retool this team and fill the many holes on it.

  11. Higgins doesn’t really need to be dumped Bull Dog, he is a FA after the year…but he has played much better of late. He’d be a great 3rd liner, but he won’t come with 3rd liner money. And I don’t think trading Staal/Hank is the answer…those are players we need to surround with great talent, not get rid of to get more talent

  12. Unless you are sure, DAMN sure, that you have a goalie that is half of what Hank is, you don’t deal the guy. I am sorry. I know you can get a lot for him, but you need goaltending to do anything. Look how many times we talk about other teams that are so good, but have weak goalies. They never win. Look at the Flyers for so many years.

  13. why can’t the media types ask torts the tough questions?

    why is roszival still on the team?

    what happened to the speed and forecheck we saw in october?

    why can’t the defense clear the front of the net?

    if we are gong to criticize the coach and management here why not ask the questions we all want?

  14. Carp, good point about noone from the Rangers not doing anything about Kaleta… especially after his 2nd goal. What a moron, if none of the players chose to do anything about it, isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to send someone to deliver a message to this fool.

  15. Tank The Season on

    Write it off at this point, we have an inferior NHL team. 2-3 years of picking in the top 5 / waiting for the abysmal contracts to expire and come off the cap (and waiting for Crosby and Malkin to become UFA’s) is the only way out. Still gotta fire Sather.

  16. Rick,

    Great post-drury is horrid…he is barely a penalty killer i dont even consider him a top 4 penalty killer on this team…i would feel more comfortable with callahan, dubi, boyle and prospal on the PK….the C must be stripped IT HAS TO HAPPEN….everyone boos roszival everytime he touches the puck well everytime the captain touches the puck you are going to be hearing the BOOING because starting tomorrow night ill be screaming from section 309-this GUY IS HORRIBLE….doesnt ever want the puck-watch him closely everytime he gets the puck he shoots right away or passes the puck right away-just DISGUSTED right now and on top of it KALETA burns us for 2 goals-JEEZ!

    on one bright note from last night i was able to speak to dubinsky for a bit as he was sitting above section 309 where they tape the game…..he signed my jersey for me and you can tell when the game ended he looked heated-this kid cares he should be the next captain DO NOT TRADE DUBINSKY

  17. Tank The Season…there is no point to wait for the contracts to come off the books b/c Sather will just do the same thing again with different players

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Torts is lost. There’s no question. The team is just not oing what it wants. I think the experiment is looking more and more like a failure.

    I think this team is very similar in construction to the 05-06 team. Which sadly means that I think Tom Renney would have them winning a lot more than Torts has.

    Either way, it all goes back to Glen Sather.

  19. Doodie…if that’s the case, then the Captain needs to step up and make sure the players are doing what they are supposed to be doing

  20. Well, I can get both at the same price. So that is not the problem. I think the TAG, as beautiful watch as it is, is a style that has changed so much over the years. The Omega, has such a history behind it and is such a respected brand. The Omega will hold it’s value for years and the TAG, who knows. I own a TAG, the Monaco, which is their flagship watch, and don’t own any Omegas. I really like the look of the TAG, but the classic aspect of that Omega might be the deal breaker for me. Thank you for your opinion. I am just trying to see what people say.

  21. tank the season makes sense…why try to make the playoffs? its just going to put the team in a bad draft position and make sather look good in dolans eyes cause he got 2 home playoff games. firesale at trade dealine and move on to next season. only problem is we won’t be able to move the 3 contracts at the deadline.

  22. Had fun last night at Warren didn’t let the Rangers loss ruin my post game
    festivities. Thanks again to TR for setting that up. Nice meeting Nasty, Laurel and Patrick as well. Sort of feeling the aftert effects this morning but such is the price of admission.

    Nasty, that hat’s brand is Mitchell&Ness. Only place I’ve seen them sold is in the NHL
    store. Don’t go to cookouts but do go to Warren.

    As for the game, best part was the first 15 minutes or so but then the battle level went way down and I’m not even too shocked about the SHG, Buffaslugs figured out if you pressure the points you can nullify the PP since there’s no other good puck movers up front that open up the ice. And Kaleta reads scouting reports, snapped it where Lundqvist hides his weakness.

    Rode the subway down with a few Sabs fans, Drury got mentioned and I told them they could have it back along with Kotalik. They even had the temerity to say “wait until you get into the playoffs then you’ll be glad you have him”. I told them, “yeah because we’ve won all those Cups since he’s been here, he’s the biggest myth that exists in the league” and I should have added that Drury led them to a bunch of Cups up there.

  23. Tank The Season on


    We gotta fire Sather immediately first.

    If we’re going to make a Hail Mary trade for Lecavalier to salvage the season, Hank would have to be going the other way to Tampa to make it work cap-wise because they aint taking Drury, Redden, or Blowzsival.

  24. longtimerangersfan on

    I haven’t posted here in over a year and you know what? Things are exactly the same as then. In the immortal words of Bill Murray…it just doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter!!!!!

  25. NYR13…because every team is basically fighting for a spot…if we have a run of 8 wins in 10 games…we move ahead of that pack…it’s a long season…saying we should tank the season in December is ridiculous

  26. Very frustrating loss to say the least. I think the most odd quote of the night coming from the coach via the Rangers announcers was that Gilroy was sent down because he wasn’t providing enough “JAM”

    His demotion was because the Ranger brain trust felt a player named Ikka Heikennen who had played all but two games w/ The Rangers would provide more said “JAM” that the rangers needed in their zone.

    On most nights 3 defenseman (Staal, Girardi, MDZ) provide JAM and the rest play like Schmuckers jelly.

    Yet Gilroy is singled out. If you carried 7 defenseman like every other team in the NHL their wouldn’t be a reason to send a Gilroy down.

    Gilroy was sent down for some reason. but Torts blatantly isn’t being honest w/ the media and the fans, all out of stubborness, arrogance or ignorance.

    In My opinion it a trifecta.

  27. Hank would never be traded for Lecavalier…ever…Tampa will take back Rozi/Redden/Drury because their contracts runs out soon while Vinny’s is in 10 years. We give them prospects/picks and a bad contract…Hank would NEVER EVER be traded to TB for Vinny

  28. Dave Maloney has always seemed to be more honest about the problems. He is the only MSG voice who ever said last season that the Rangers missed Jagr. When Renney was fired, he also finally said losing Jagr was a big mistake. This year Maloney has been very critical of Tortorella’s handling of players — good for him.
    Veteran leadership is a big problem. Drury obviously has no leadership skills. Penguins have Guerin, Islanders have Weight, Devils have Rolston, Red Wings have Lidstrom. Rangers? They didn’t need a first ballot hall of famer like Jagr, when they could overpay an incoherent, mumbling, unskilled little leaguer. Thanks Slats.

  29. Great post Carp. I think we all hoped that the hiring of Tortorella would bring a new level of accountability. It has not. This team is a mess of parts that don’t fit together. What is it about this franchise that, for years, opponents have been permitted to run the goalie, stand around the net without taking players out, etc.? I was ranting at the TV as they let Kaleta make fools of them with his goofy celebrations, but then no one went after Glencross when he KO’d Drury either. Is this a team? Looks more like a collection of selfish clowns who refuse to stick up for each other. Of course, all of this falls at the doorstep of our GM for Life, who has accomplished nothing for more than 10 years.

  30. NYR guy,

    what benefit is it to make the playoffs and loose to the caps or pens in the first round? better off in 10th place than 8th or 7th. if the NYR makes the playoffs sather and torts get thumbs up from management and they continue on the same losing path. miss the playoffs and MAYBE somebody wakes up in front office and decides things have to change. this team has nowhere near the talent of toughness to compete.

    cally was another in the long line of overrated minor leaguers we have i this organization. when is anisimov going to start producing? girardi? why hasn’t grachev been given a shot? he has got to be better than parrenteau.

    the only players worth their salt is hank, gabby, staal, MDZ and maybe prospal cause he is cheap. the rest can go

  31. Carp,

    Great post!

    I know you praised Torts when the Rangers hired him what do you think of him now? I know the lineup is flawed, but he does not seem to be making any of the right moves. He plays some players too much and others not enough. Christensen is not getting a look. Parenteau should probably go to Hartford. What is he going to do with Lisin? Kotalik has to be out there for that last PP. Rangers generate so little offense 5 on 5. They never get a dirty goal. Don’t agree with you that they will be in the playoff hunt till the end.

  32. The Sabres, btw, didn’t have their A game. In fact, they looked tired during some stretches. And the Rangers looked like a better team after the first 2-3 shifts. And then they started to get discouraged by not scoring, letting some goals in, etc. The mental fragility is on the coach and the leaders. It’s a long season, but it’s becoming a trend. And Torts’ personnel decision is perplexing.

  33. I believe that those are the tumbrils rolling that we all hear. Tortorella’s days are numbered, but that won’t resolve the problem – by a long shot. This entire coaching staff has to disappear completely. The biggest problem that Torts has however, I believe is his obstinacy’ He continues to give Roszival much more ice time than he earns, but it doesn;t seem to connect with Torts. The other night he had the most ice time than anyone else on the team. Possibly Torts sees
    a reincarnation of Bobby Orr there?

  34. Nasty – I think Tiger woods has a Tag so it may help you pick up women…(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    Great Post Carp. I saw what little of torts press conference on HNL last night and he looks like he does not have a clue or does not care. I am not getting on him but I thought he was a little more angry before. Has he switched to decaf?

  35. CARP

    I disagree. I think Dublowski will take a bunch of shifts off to count his money, and fix his comb over, so he looks extra geeky for his girlfriend.

    This team is sickening. The last 3 Ranger teams, ive hated so many players on the team, but this is the worst cause im really cant stand some of the youth on the team.

    I miss the 06-07 team. Full of fogies who actually stepped it up in the playoffs.

    Give my Jagr, or give death !

    Or give me Megan Fox, or death.

  36. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    I dont even know what to say or where to begin today.

    Carp: your post was perfect.

    I agree with everyone, nothign will change with Sather here, and he’ll jsut never be fired. Still hoping for the early retirement or early heart attack

    But I’m sorry Torts is at fault last night too. Drury shoul dhave been NO WHERE near the PP last night, regardless of how many shots he finally decided to try and put on net.

    Its time for him to lose the “C”. he’s not freaking leading anyway, so its not like he’ll even give a shit.

    2 goals in 27 games? And forget about how much he’s getting paid, he’s on the secon dline, two goals? Not good enough.

    we are now 1-2-1 for the month of Dec. with 9 games left, an under 500 home record and not more than 2 goal scored since Nov 26th.

    9 more game to turn it around. They wont be able to after the new year if were still sucking it, mark my words.

    Here comes Uncle Glen’s idiotic moves

  37. Im realy begining to believe that neil smith sold his soul to the devil in 94,and part of the punishment was getting stuck with glen sather for eternity!!!

  38. Tank The Season on

    If Tampa takes Drury rather than Hank in a deal for Lecavalier then I almost don’t care who else we give them.

  39. I think Slats is forcing Torts to leave Dreary alone. If he takes the “C” away from him, or makes an example out of him, he’ll be fired.

    He probably doesn’t want to be any more embarrassed for his pathetic signings.

    But i wont let this ruin my session of NHL Online Team Play. If anybody hasn’t tried it, you should, cause it’s super fun, and addictive.

  40. nyr13…If they want to shed bad contracts for picks and prospects, by all means, go ahead. But I will never say that they should tank. Sather didn’t go anywhere when we sucked, why should it be any different now? He’s there for life…and it sucks

  41. That actually brings up a good point Orr…we really have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes…maybe Torts doesn’t want to play Drury and he’s being forced to

  42. YAWWWWWNNNNNN…..Good Morning!

    In case TR doesn’t go through last night’s posts….Had a great time last night meeting everyone and TR & Mrs TR-Thanks for the ride back to S.I!!!!

    I have just aboot lost ALL hope for this team….Nothing left to say….


  43. Isn’t Kaleta the guy who gave Mara the cheap shot that broke his face? Why wouldn’t he come to MSG and dance around? He knows nobody will do anything about it.

    Great post Carp! We’ve finally found something Rozi is good at, digging the puck out of the net after a goal.

  44. Carp, your #6 is interesting. Who do you think gave them a green light? And either way, I don’t think that’s very helpful in terms of the current team’s situation.

  45. Funny that Torts didn’t want Mara back and now he’s complaining about a lack of jam…I get he didn’t fit the system well…but he sure as hell would be better playing 12 a night than Rozsival and stick up for any one of his teammates…I miss that..

  46. I’m glad you guys had a good time at W77. It almost seems like the loss is better absorbed if you’re with your fellow boneheads.

  47. Orr, I played it on xbox. I hate it. there isnt any gameplay. the people just start fights the whole time. its pretty annoying

  48. I do not see how we can really judge Tortorella much because the talent on this team is simply inferior. In this salary cap era, a coach’s hands are tied, and that makes it difficult to have accountability, particularly when that would be most directed at players whose salary is very high and management likely won’t dispatch those hefty paychecks to Hartford. I can’t remember a time when I would sit down to watch a game with so little confidence that the Rangers would actually win it. I can live with the development of young defensemen, but there is nothing up front to be excited about.

  49. Torts has a lot more to worry about than taking the C from Drury. Although that may be part of it, but his main worry is the train wreck called the New York Rangers. Torts must think we are still in radio days, “I thought we defended well” who is he kidding? Torts is desperate he is playing hunches, hopeing to things somehow just turn out good. Lets face it this team is not loaded with talent. So I don’t think most of us expect them to win every night. This team is however consistant, they have gotten consistantly worse every game. The also consistantly make the same stupid blunders game in and game out. Torts make the same stupid mistakes throwing guys out there, making up lines on the fly. Playing guys on the power play that are absoultely useless. Its Tort’s job to coach this team, and that means to give this team the best chance to win possible, each and every night. He does not do that. Maybe he does not know how to do that, or maybe he is just to arrogant to admit that the system he decided to play, this team is not able to play.

  50. Carp
    was it you that brought up that Torts first season in Tampa was under .500 because it took a year to get the players into his system and to get the right players??

    i mean, we may as well as admit that this is going to be a season of growing pains
    but the BIG PROBLEM is not the previous view that the rookies would be what would make the season difficult but it’s the veterans.

    again, how is it that NOBODY bothers to pay attention to a player coming up for the rebound. that happened TWICE again to the Blueshirts. i rarely see that happen to other teams.

    i really liked your point about how bad our 3rd line plays because we just don’t show any fight, any sense of competitive spirit that other teams have. yeah, i know confidence can play a part but even Toronto has turned it around to at least be hard to play against from its awful start.

  51. December 13th, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    You are so correct. The only thing unique about last night’s game was the clear message from the announcers-Torts is the scape goat. The Sather CYA mode is in full swing. A total disgrace that this franchise is allowed to be such a joke. The only really good news is maybe we may actually get a top 5 draft choice this year-and even Sather wont be stupid enough to trade it.

  52. i’ve got to bring this up again because i have not heard or read a satisfactory answer
    what is happening with our goalie coach and our number one goalie??

    yes, i know that players get a better feel for a goalie after awhile
    but Henrik was King when it came to breakaways and shootouts.
    so, the Safe Is Death didn’t seem to be much of a problem since we had him to back us up.

    has Henrik stopped any breakaways this season? if so, it has to be a couple versus giving up a handful of goals.
    and part of it has to do with staying in the paint and leaving the top area open!!!
    look at how far Miller came out during one Rangers rush to cut off the angle (i think it midway through second period)

  53. back to work soon
    but one last comment…

    nothing against the classiness of Sam Rosen
    but it seemed as if the announcers were noticeably
    different last night with Sam not there.
    there were more comments in regards to what players
    were doing wrong and in regards to coaching tactics
    that seemed to be missing prior to this.
    (i know you mentioned it Carp!)

  54. Still Gotta Fire Sather on


    as Rangers fans, we are currently in The No Hope Era…hear me out:

    Teflon Sather, arguably the worst GM in the NHL, is now our GM For Life…he has completely destroyed our cap situation with the 3 toxic Drury/Rozsival/Redden contracts, and now we literally have no hope at contending OR rebuilding for YEARS


    we have Gaborik/Lundqvist in their primes and some decent (but overrated by Rangers fans) youth, but as long as the 3 toxic contracts/Sather are still here, we will be a mediocre-to-bad team that’s hard to watch for years to come…and there’s just no hope for anything else

    Dolan = Owner For Life
    Sather = GM For Life
    Drury = this year, plus 2 MORE years at $7 million per year
    Redden = this year, plus 4 MORE years at $6.5 million per year
    Rozsival = this year, plus 2 MORE years at $5 million per year

    look at that list! you guys think it’s bad now, it’s only gonna get worse

  55. RANGER909

    You should start a club with some friends. It’s better to play with people you know. Also you have to make sure you’re using the “Ice” camera angle. Ive been playing with “action” and it was really annoying.

    Super fun, it’s exactly like playing online, just with teammates, it’s more real.


    That must be it. I don’t think Torts is this dumb. It makes sense. But as for Mara, a part of me misses him, but another part of me remembers all his soft penalties.

  56. Cheer up guys! Captain Clutch had to make a SPECIAL holiday appearance because everyone is so depressed in here! What a leader!!!

    After last night, is there any doubt that Captain Clutch is the BEST penalty-killer in the league??? After our power play scored 2 goals, Coach Lunatic benched Kotalik, put Captain Clutch on the point, and the Rangers power play came to a complete halt! Our power play had no chance to score! Nobody can kill a power play like Captain Clutch!!! Ha-Ha!

    Now Captain Clutch knows he was a -2 again last night and was horrible in the defensive zone as usual, but you guys only remember that because Captain Clutch forgot to break out his new go-to move tonight! The “Block A Shot And Act Like I Just GOT Shot”! MSG shows replays of Captain Clutch’s blocked shots like 100 times! And when Captain Clutch goes down, Joe Micheletti talks about what a “warrior” I am and how much “heart” I have for the next 20 minutes! By the time the game is over you forgot Captain Clutch even did anything wrong!

    Anyway, Captain Clutch hopes you guys aren’t letting these losses ruin your holiday season! Cause I’m sure not! Not only that, but Santa Dolan and his little helper Glen left Captain Clutch $7 million in his stocking this year! AND another $14 million under the tree for the next 2 seasons after this! It really is Christmas in New York!!! Ha-Ha!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  57. Orr…that’s true…but it’s better to watch Mara in the penalty box than watching Rozsival actually play

  58. If you are a conspiracy theorist, during Saturday night’s broadcast, Jim Schoenfeld was highlighted, along with his musical “talent”, Sather’s wife was shown at a charity event, and Tortorella was criticized by the announcers.

  59. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Thanks a whole helluva lot!

    Allaire needs to be canned, the guy that “provides some jam” might need to actually be on the ice to do it,christensen needs to be given a shot on the 2nd line as center, dru really needs to be on the wing of the 3rd line!

  60. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Go tag!

    I can’t decide on a watch either…..should I go with the timex for $9.95 or the casio for 11.95 (it has a calculator). I’ve been saving up for three months for one of these. If I get the timex I can pick up an energy drink by the checkout with the extra $2, so I’m leaning that way! What do you guys think?

  61. awesome post carp, maybe your best of the year. real classy.

    i’ve been saying it for a couple weeks now, this team needs to tank. i’m not a band wagon fan, I’m just sick of not seeing any organizational progress. there’s no plan in place. no window of opportunity now and not even on the horizon. There’s no offense in the system and this organization’s scouts can’t identify scoring talent unless its a clueless top 5 pick. that’s a problem considering sather always buys at the deadline.

    i’m sick of sather taking flyers on guys like lisin and zherdev that have a high upside and are still pretty young but never seem to reach their ceiling. would it surprise any of you if sather traded for the trouble kostisten brother out of montreal? i certainly wouldn’t be shocked. mueller? cogliano? cmon. the problem is he can’t manage to draft any superstars and he refuses to give up the necessary parts in trade to land any of them. this is why we keep ending up with guys like lisin and zherdev. the guys with a high upside but can never get it together. players like this come a lot cheeper in trades but all sather is trying to do is put a band aid on a massive wound; his inability to draft talent. what he can’t manage to draft and develop, he looks for in free agency and pays handsomely for. drury, redden, gomez, etc, etc, etc. not a single one of these players has worked out. predicting sather’s moves is almost too easy. for every one good contract he signs, he adds 4 or 5 terrible ones.

    why this team hasn’t stripped drury of the captaincy is beyond me. he brings absolutely nothing to the table and he’s been completely worthless. this guy should be sent to hartford. he’s been playing so bad i doubt anyone would even pick him up off waivers and if he does get snatched, good riddance. he’s a prime time candidate for worst ranger captain in history. its funny because at this point, i could live with redden’s terrible contract if sather got off his ass and managed to do something with rozsival and drury.

    bottom line, i hope the canes start winning some hockey games and the rangers plummet to the bottom of the standings.

    no more band aids. this team and this franchise need open heart surgery.

    would anyone give a damn if torts was fired? i certainly wouldn’t.

    here’s to taylor hall.

  62. oh yeah, chris drury is currently -15 in his career as a ranger. how low can he go?!

    if you go all the way back to 2005-2006 he’s a -26.

    what a joke.

  63. Drury has a NMC clause, he would have to approve a move to Hartford….ain’t gonna happen. He HAS to be bought out at the end of the season, but the odds of that happening are probably zero

  64. oh and good morning all
    i really hope everyone had a great time last night
    it was awesome getting to put faces to peoples names.
    hopefully we can do that again sometime in the future.

  65. There’s no need to officially ‘tank the season’. Why? Because the Rangers are doing that on their own. They have 2 excellent players (Gabbie and the King) and some promising youth on the backline. That’s it. Minimal offensive talent (both on the club and in the system), no physical presence and zero leadership. In addition, they have 3 players (Captain Dreary and the hoRRor twins) accomplishing very little yet eating up nearly 1/3 of the salary cap, making them basically untradeable. Furthermore, the team’s capped out, giving the incompetent man who’s running the show (and ultimately the person most to blame for this mess) no room to try to address any of the 4 significant roster holes (minimal offensive talent, no big powerful winger with skill, no punishing defenseman and no backup goalie). Finally, the man behind the bench talks a big tale, especially when it comes to accountability, but that’s all it is – talk. He puts into action little of what he says and in terms of accountability, which arguably is the most important of a team’s success and chemistry, farming out Gilroy and rotating the likes of Voros and Lisin in and out the pressbox while the overpaid veterans all allowed to underachieve unmolested, is proving to be ineffective and in this corner, is coming across as cowardly. Hardly an effective coaching style. This team now sits 12th in the east and 27th overall in the league. It’s finding it’s own place naturally – hence there is no need to officially tank anything.

  66. I vote Timex. They take a licking and keep on ticking. I am not a wealthy person by any means, but I just love collecting watches. And they hold value very well, and I can pass them on when my son gets older.

  67. TR, I am off from work from the 18th until the 4th. So let’s try and do something during that stretch.

  68. Good post Carp. I’d like to address your points one-by-one.

    1 – The Rangers could have an excellent 3rd line if they took players off their top line and 2nd line. As much as I love the guy, Avery is not a first line player, though I think he has been the best option thus far with Dubi out. Realistically, the 3rd line should be between Avery and Callahan. Anisimov could center it. Higgins is a 3rd liner playing 2nd line minutes. Also, I don’t buy the whole “he can play center or wing”. Bull. Players are predisposed to positions based on their shot (left or right), and what they were coached at. I realized this this year when my team captain switched me from right wing to center. I’ve only recently gotten better at faceoffs, but the defensive positioning is so much different. Vinny Prospal has done an admirable job filling in at center, but has anyone else noticed that his production has plummeted since he moved to center from wing? Brashear is a total waste of space. The guy can’t fight anymore, and he could never play hockey. Dead weight.

    2 – Kotalik is like Rozsival as a forward. Soft, too many lazy penalties, and has a one dimensional game that isn’t even that good. That said, Drury doesn’t even have a big shot as a forward, and he has no place on the point. Kotalik misses the net too much. He’d be better off shooting into the screen and injuring the opposing player that blocks the shot, so they’re forced to defend the PP down a half a man more.

    3 – Drury is 100% of the problem on that line. Avery has been outstanding lately. I definitely think he should get back to his antics, as it seems to pump him and his teammates up. He’s also by far, the strongest Ranger on the boards. Lots of times he is able to win battles in the corner and get the puck to a teammate, who then has no idea of what to do with it. Avery is about the only Ranger who can make a quick centering pass, and does so regularly.

    4 – Kaleta gets away with celebration like that because the Rangers have nobody who will stick up for the team. Much respect to Paul Mara who cleaned Kaleta’s clock after he came back into the lineup. Mara took an extra penalty, but I’d rather kill a 2 minute instigator over one of Rozsival’s stick infractions any day. Stuff like that sends a message; Homey don’t play that.

    5 – This team misses Dubinsky’s physical presence and another legit center. We will improve when he’s back in the lineup.

    6 – Torts will make no friends in the NY Media. But Renney got a free pass. If Torts was the coach of the 05-06 Rangers we might have done some real damage in the playoffs. It’s not Tort’s fault the team he has are a bunch of sissies.

    7 – I literally can’t think of a Ranger goal that came off of a scrum in front of the net this season. No grit, no determination. It starts with the top and trickles down.

  69. I would not be surprised if Dubinsky is back on Monday. Hopefully they will move Drury of the second line or move him to wing.

  70. As for the ugly dirty goals, every goaltender in the league knows Rangers will shoot low or scrap low for the puck. Higgins last two goals and Callahan’s last 3 goals where all on high shots. The only other guy who shoots high is Gaborik. When Chicago tied the game, Toews lifted the puck over Lundqvist. No Ranger player is able to do that not Higgins or Callahan or Avery.

  71. This team effing sucks! god how much we miss scott gomez and Jaromir Jagr……..wait not to mentio Tortorella( what a ppiece of shit by the way) he is a terrible coach…bring back renney.

  72. that should be the next poll then, lol.
    the next warren meetup!
    saturday the 26th the rangers play the islanders. so that saturday or monday is cool w/ me.

    i know some people cant do mondays so i figured id throw both days out there.

  73. wicky, where is this news on my little man’s return? Andrew Gross says still no word. ALL I want for Chanukkah is for Dubinsky to come back and score 5 million goals. I also want Linda to send me chocolate chip cookies. It’s not too much to ask, people!

  74. what a waste of time it was to have called up PAP. he is just a good AHL player. could have spent the time taking a look at Grachev, maybe catch lightning in a bottle.

  75. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    You looking to adopt? I could use a tag watch!

    Could we please quit slurping jagr here, I do not think drury has distinguished himself at all as captain, but jagr really wasn’t any better as a captain at all (he was a definite offencive upgrade). And no way would I trade gabby for jagr. Jagr as captain=no cups, drury as captain=no cups. If you want to talk about good captains, talk about iggy in calgary or chara in boston. Players that lead physically in a physical sport.

  76. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I was just speculating that PAP being sent down was to clear cap space to fit dubi back in! Just a guess, didn’t mean to get your boots all amped up!!

  77. I am the real Chris.

    and fake Chris, ripping apart a team that does nothing outside of 4-5 players and pointing out that Drury has solidified his place as the worst Ranger captain does not make me a bandwagon fan

  78. nothing has/will change

    this team sux

    fire the coach

    fire Sather

    Dump Drury/Rozi/Redden/

    Bloomberg MUST force Dolan to sell NYR (i dont care aboot knicks)

    Bring back Jagr

    Lower ticket prices

    Fishler must retire

    Bring back JD

    Crosby sux

    Josh Thomson for head coach…he is still young at 26

    Dubinsky wont save us

    lets see… umm.. oh..Gaborik’s goal was sick

    and Nasty 1…i wish i had your problems…but go with Omega

  79. Nasty, to answer your question from much earlier, I bought the hat around the start of the season. I was in the store the other day, probably a week and a half ago and they were still selling them.

    I’m uploading the pics from last night. Patrick, I have your email. Nasty and TR, click on the link in my name and it should direct you to my facebook profile if you want to see them.

  80. Volunteer to be GM? Hell, I’d sleep in the press box until I got this team right. But since I’ll never be GM…..

    I wish we had a GM that could make this team make the 70s Flyers look like a bunch if Buddhist Monks.

  81. Oh, what was the comments by the TV crew about Torts last night that’s referred to in the post?

    We were talking last night about how even though it looks like Torts hasn’t done the best and he seemed to not make a lot of changes when their slump started, I figured that they had their hot start and then their cold streak. Based on that you have to figure out what team you really have, the 7-1-0 team or sadly the one we’re currently seeing night after night. I don’t know if even Scotty Bowman could get this team playing that well.

  82. Good afternoon all! No, I’m not just getting up, just finally get motivated to move….
    Some quick thoughts:
    •Blogfather, we public transported, so don’t worry dad!
    •CT, TR, Mrs TR, Nasty and Patrick, what a great time last night! Or, where Patrick and the TRs are concerned, morning too I guess! Blogmama is too far away from 26 for that :)
    • Nasty, I swear if you buy one of those watches, you are so picking up my tab next time!
    • Isn’t Kaleta a kind of olive? Without the obnoxious showboating?
    • I have to fargin work on the 26th at night and doubt I can get out of it. Might be able to swing the 28th? Votes anyone?

    Happy Hanukkah and Festivus to all!

  83. Who knew that Drury’s goal in Game 5 of the Eastern Semis in 2007 would not only end drive the stake into the heart of the Rangers that season but for the next 6 after that?

    That goal has set back this franchise big time. Amazing.

  84. Sather is calling Obama for a bailout. We had the same problems last year with Rolston White Zubrus Mottau and Pandolfo. We lost Madden Clemmensen Gionta Rupp in FA. Then in he first few weeks we lost Elias Martin Neidermeyer Clarkson Oduya, then when Pandolfo Zubrus Mottau Rolston were finally playing well, we lost Zubrus Pandolfo and Mottau. All to injuries. We brought up a few 20+ yr old kids like Zharkov, Halischuk Corrente and Ekcford they played well. It’s all in the coaches prep. Torts can’t seem to get it going. Could be his handcuffs that Mr Sather put on him. We didn’t have Lemaire last year to have a say in the new players. It’s coaching. Plain and simple. Rangers turned in to a corporation instead of a team. Stop giving them money and they’ll be forced to get hinge done. Here are tons of Drury jerseys at The Rock when we play u guys. He seems to be a fan favorite. They ain’t gunna let him go. He sells jerseys. Next time, buy your rangers gear on canal st. This way you don’t support sathers cigar habbit

  85. This team will not perform for Tortorella. I know we’re not really very good talent-wise but were not this bad.

  86. CARP- I’ve been reading, but not posting lately, but I wanted to give you props for being the ONLY beat writer to mention the fact that the punk Kaleta was able to celebrate like he was at a home game and nobody did anything to him after a little shoving in the first period. I hate that guy more than any other player in the NHL and I was thrilled when Ovechkin gave him a taste of his own medicine a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard that he actually fought with Mara, but I’m glad Mara hasn’t forgotten about this idiot. Of course we make him look like the second coming of Gordie Howe.

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