Sabres at Rangers


Here’s your new game thread. And here are the pregame notes.

Dubinsky will not play tonight, but maybe Monday. Lisin and Voros are expected to be prucha’d. Lundqvist in goal, backed up by Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson). Heikkinen replaces Gilroy, who’s in Hartford. Everything else remains the same.

And I didn’t title this as I had the previous few games, because CR9 thought it was bad luck. Who says we don’t aim to please here at the Festivus Blog?

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  1. is everyone else already at the bar?

    the burger there is so good. lol.
    ugh this clock is movin so slow. im dyin to leave work already.

  2. How loud will the Garden roar when one of our DMEN actually hits someone? That is if anyone is there…

  3. Alright, I finally have a free night to settle in and watch a game. Let’s see if these dopes can stop playing scared and try to win one.

  4. patrick

    when you see laurel can you please just let her know that the table is for 10:30-10:45 and that its under her name and mr and mrs tr-808?

    i cant wait to meet everyone, drink molson, and hopefully introduce you to some of my friends.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    What’s with all the Sabre ads on this blog? Since when did we shuffle off to Buffalo?

  6. Great…Giannone…I can’t wait until the NFL’s regular season is over and Sam can do Saturday nighters lol

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    Along the top just above the blog, and along the side just below the poll. The ads continually change but often they are showing Sabre jerseys. (


    Would one of you W77 wankers do mrs wicky and I a favor and have a molson67 or a kokanee for us with a wisres chaser?!


  9. Stupid MSG teasing me. Game started with the Rangers feed, and at the last second they changed to the Sabres feed.

    Now I have to listen to this buffoon.

  10. tell it, Joe. Rozsival, Staal and Drury did the exact same thing that Tortorella said the three Stooges did on the tying goal in Chicago. They were all there, all fishing for the puck.

  11. Drury stinks. He should lose the C. He got it by reputation and has done nothing to prove he deserves. Such a flailer.

    Go Callahan. Go Rangers. Please.

  12. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Thanks Carp for changing it. You are a class act. The fact that you did not ban me the other day speaks volumes to your character.

    By the way, that was not a penalty.

    That was a guy positioning himself for the puck. JOKE!

    2-1 NYR!

  13. what a downer. No way that should’ve scored. Torts needs to shorten the bench already. put the fourth line out

  14. that effin Drury. that goal was all his fault. he chickened out twice in the corner.

    when will torts quit the bs and stop defending him

    bench him and make a real statement. quit blaming the kids and start blaming the real problems, Drury and Rosival.

  15. Paging mr.drury, your jockstrap is at the front desk. I repeat, your jockstrap is at the front desk. Please come pick it up.

  16. Mike,
    Drury can’t even get it done in the defensive zone, forget that he’s got 2 goals THIS SEASON
    Much of it IS on him

  17. after being his typical soft self on the first goal, Staal seems to trying to assert himself physically in this game. is it safe to say that the PA Parenteau experiment is over.

  18. i know krn i know. he sucks but sometimes maybe someone can call out somebody else besides drury whenevr anything ever goes wrong. i know its him n rozy that are the worst. but shake it up a little. call out duby. he hasnt scored in at least a month and a half 2 months.

  19. Anybody else like JD Single Barrel?

    It’s delicious … and, more importantly, kinda makes me forget how bush-league Roszival is …

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury was at fault, why are you upset mike? Rozsival was the sucker on the first goal too. They both are responsible for all bad, no good tonight. Deal.

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kaleta ties Drury’s season output in less than two periods of play.

    What’s a kaleta?

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi-doooo where R u?!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Kaleta’s little celebration should hopefuly get him a punch in the nose. Swiss-cheese-qvist is living up to his name. I can’t believe that crap of a sabre kaleta scoring ANOTHER shortie!!! Kotageek is brutal out there.

  23. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Kaleta is Sather’s next big UFA contract… If the Rangers pay him $7 mil, that will stop him from scoring….

  24. Chris from Buffalo on

    Miami Pimp

    They make every goal sound like a GWG in triple OT in Game 7 of the Cup Finals.

  25. Rick Jeanneret is THE most annoying sportscaster in the NHL! Fortunately I have the MSG feed tonight…

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    End of the second. Good. I’ve been waiting to see the Radio City Music Hall commercial 20 more times….

  27. I love the praise on Drury for his great PK…I haven’t really been openly critical of him, but come on, the guy should NOT be praised at any point.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi-doooo where R u?!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    The annoucers I have is Sam and Joe. They really like Kaleta , hes a goood player!!!

  29. Kaleta is a carpin tool…there is nothing worse than seeing him score not one but two goals at MSG

  30. true- i wasnt upset. i was makin a joke out of it. the whole’ lets blame duby cuz he hasnt scored eithjer” thing at the end. i know dru is useless at offense. and now hes useless on d. hes really almost the worst guy on the team right ahead of rozy,brash and kotalik. i thought kots was supposed to “spark” dru? haha yeaaaa glen. great signing. 11 mill for 2 ex sabres who are still killin us. they might as well put the sabres jersey back on

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi-doooo where R u?!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Shoney’s singing was awsome!! Malonley is full of was perty dam good.

  32. Is there a specific reason they don’t throw the puck toward the front of the net from everywhere, especially since they are, you know, losing the game?

  33. It looks like the Sabers are lulling the Rangers to sleep. Torts better wake the boys up soon.

  34. Hank should have skated the puck up ice to take a shot since nobody else seems interested in doing to.

  35. The Bourne Supremacy has the best soundtrack of all time …

    Gets me pumped … and gets me thinking about how I should deck Roszival and his weaka$$

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This team will never win with Rozi and Drury. NEVER. Been saying it for years, been proving true for years.

  37. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    This team is just not good.

    Hank again with a couple that could have been stopped.

    When Hank plays out of his mind, we do not score or get scumbag referees that cheat us.

    When he is poor, we actually score a couple, but it’s not good enough.

    We must have the worst 1 goal game record in the league.

  38. Maybe they should put that Subway sign on the back glass. You should rename the team NY Gaboriks. Hey, better luck next time. Hahaha!!!! Why don’t I see any of u guys on the Devils blogs anymore? Like I saw in the first 10 games of the season. I heard Sather won GM of the Year!!! He’ll be making his press statement in an hour. Didn’t you guys just lose to the team that gave Marty his 103 shutout??? Y’all suck!!!! Haha. You’re worse than the Mets

  39. When Maloney and Joe are criticizing Tortorella at the end of the game, that’s a sign of something.
    Drury has ruined the Rangers power play since he arrived 3 years ago — why oh why does he keep going out there? He’s truly horrible.
    So sick of Tortorella benching players as “discipline”.

  40. Rangers suck.

    This team is going to RUIN Hank.
    If he doesn’t demand a trade soon, he’s gonna suck soon.

  41. Drury on the point great coaching, the guys got a pee shooter and cant keep the puck in the zone great job torts, Im glad the last time this guy was clutch was with 5 seconds left against our very own rangers but hey thats just our luck…Change it needed!!!

  42. wow, what a surprise. The rangers score 2 or less goals and lose. The only thing I’ll be waiting for is how high a draft pick the rangers get in next years draft.

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Guys, don’t challenge RickyM2’s sucking expertise. He clearly has ‘experience’ in this area.

  44. That was not a bad effort. I think Torts gets out coached most every night. He does things that just don’t make sense. Everybody shoots high glove on Hank. There is no way he can stop a puck there, playing so far back in the net.

  45. I got pretty upset when I saw Drury out there, and more upset when I saw what he did. I would say Tortorella cost us a point right there.

    This team is weak and soft. We need Dubinsky back now. For all you hockey “experts” who were talking shit about him, we are certainly a lot worse without him.

  46. When Callahan first came up, I don’t recall him having to work very hard to score goals. (Maloney on Callahan’s goal – “When you work hard, good things happen”)

  47. Drury is a total disgrace to the Ranger uniform. if they put him on Team USA it is a complete farce

    he has been worse than horrible. he has been team wrecker bad

    I was on his side when he first got here, but he has been doing nothing but cashing checks this year. he stinks

  48. Anyone hear what Butch just said!?

    Patient with a kid who is the only positive defensman who got beat after being on the ice for 2min when he cant leave because of where the rest of the players went… This organization sucks, how about stop being patient and thinking that Drury is goingto score more than 5 this year

  49. MiamiPimp, I love the JD single barrel. I had the pleasure of taking the tour of the distillery, each barrel is individually sampled by trained whiskey professionals, and the best barrels are taken out of the normal bottling line and bottled as “single barrels”. Something like 1 in every 270. Pretty cool.

    Oh yeah, and the Rangers sucked

  50. Anisimov has more points & goals than Drury and a better plus/minus, yet he never is permitted on the power play. And does Parenteau really belong here?

  51. Imagine the awesome team we’d have now if Sather had’nt screwed up the team with a “win-now” philosophy (since he gutted the team before the strike)

  52. Maybe The rags should play with cigars in heir mouths like Sather. Then they can all suck at the same time.

  53. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello from MSG, Ranger Fans!

    Another sellout! Can you believe that! The fans LOVE us! Wait a sec, until I get my cigar lit…

    Ahhhh, That’s nice! It wasn’t a win tonight but Jimmy D. says that’s OK. The Knicks won last night and he is soooo happy.

    Captain Drury is starting to worry me, though. He’s chewed through a lot of mouthpieces lately. Something must be bothering him. I think my assistant GM Messier will have to have a talk with him. You know, some of that “Captain Courageous” or “Messiah” stuff. That worked so well here in ’94.

    Where is Messier? Mess, since Buffalo is in town, go down out front and get us a couple order of Buffalo wings- and tell them no hot stuff! Last time I was gassy for days…

    Riiiiing! Just a minute fans, that’s the phone. Yellow… Jimmy! Yes, we did it again! 100%. Yes sir, Sabres couldn’t get it done. We sold out! Every seat. I know it looked empty but they were all paid for. OK. See you later for champagne and caviar.

    Well, gotta go fans, important meeting with the Owner.

    Uncle Glennie

  54. Dear Santa:
    Please chuck Rosival, Drury, Redden,… Let the young guys play full time and bring up a few Wolfpack players for the remainder of this farcical season.

  55. okay. watched the game. done with yelling at the tv
    and then arguing with everyone because i was yelling at the tv.
    (go figure!)

    pleeeeeeeeeze, when you get the opportunity
    ask Benoit Allaire why he hasn’t coached Henrik to get out of the paint ONCE IN A GD WHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    maybe the whole idea is to challenge the shooter to go high corner but it seems to be working more and more
    so he better come up with a Plan B!

    i’m glad to hear Maloney and Micheletti talk about the dumbass coaching move of NOT putting Kotalik on the ice for the power play. yeah, he probably could have done a little more when the puck bounced and Kaleta took off but, as they put it, if you got ’em to be your Howitzer on the PP point then USE HIM! it’s not as if having Drury in there is going to suddenly change it up for the better……not like he was having a great game.

    what a lame effort in the 3rd period. watched a bit of Caps/Leafs afterwards. Caps are down by 2 in the 3rd and they’re skating as if they want to tie the game…..unlike us for 19 minutes of that period.

  56. Poor Avery. Ever since the league wussified him, he’s lost the edge off his game. He’s been in the mix, but can’t find the back of the net.

  57. hey guys remember dru’s garden debut 2 years ago? remeber he had like a goal and 2 assists or something? and everybody was so happy to have him. even then, he had a bad season. and last year a worse one, but id give anything if he would have a 25 goal season like he did his first year as a ranger. anything to get him to be competetive and show some passion. the guy is nothing right now. he has nothing going for him and hes killing us. what i cant get is why is he still the captain? or why he is out on the pp on the point with 2 minutes left in a agme we need to have when he has all of 2 goals all season. torts,sather dru,rozy,redden,dolan all are full of crap. nobody really deserves the c right now but just strip him of it. do something. he cannot handle playing hockey anymore let alone leading a team.

  58. Gaborik scores, sets up goals, covers for pinching D and is usually back covering in front of the net, as well as playing pk and pp. Great. But Drury has the C. He can’t even speak coherently, much less play at a high level. Why is he the captain? Does he talk to the refs? What does he do?
    But Tortorella is to blame as well for a lot of the problems. His player management is getting offensive.

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi-doooo where R u?!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    RickyM2 …win or lose ,the Rangers are more important to the league than any old Kasan city scouts team.

  60. drury looks like hes withdrawing from heroin when hes doing an interview. how can he get the energy to play anymore? he needs to resign. guy has no pride.

  61. Crease
    a nice idea but i would think that signs
    would either get confiscated at the door or once they’re shown
    (with the excuse that it’s obstructing view…probably)
    why not just get a bunch of people to start FIRE SATHER chants.
    hearing that would be worse… early in the season and to mgt. media….

  62. Have to admire how the Devils do it year after year. Player leaves or retires…player comes up from the minors and fits right in as if he’d been there for years. Hey Slats, you see how it’s done? It’s called having a plan…building from within…having a system in place.

  63. Yummm, Single Barrel down into my belly …

    Somehow, with this Single, the Rangers, in my mind, have won tonight 3-2 … time for another celebratory drink …

    Anyone joining?

  64. Seriously, lundqvist is one of the best goalies in the league who looks like he’s losing his will to fight anymore. Rangers had the top 5 defense for a total of 6 games. That included Gilroy who was just sent down. Last time rangers won a cup it was when smith signed almost all of the oilers. I actually feel bad for you. What’s even more interesting is that the draft and free agency has nothing to offer this year.

  65. This team gets beat easily, because they don`t fool anyone anymore. They are real easy to shut down. It has been happening to them every game they play now. The opposition just wait for them, and force them to the outside. There is never anything new to their attack. Torts just keeps throwing guys out there. Or at least it looks like that to me. Well they played a good first period. These guys have to be thinking they are as bad as we think they are.

  66. Torts might as well just turn the Rangers into the Charleston Chiefs…they may not win a lot more games this years, but at least they’d be fun to watch.

  67. Hockeymon December 12th, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    This team gets beat easily, because they don`t fool anyone anymore. They are real easy to shut down. It has been happening to them every game they play now. The opposition just wait for them, and force them to the outside. There is never anything new to their attack. Torts just keeps throwing guys out there. Or at least it looks like that to me. Well they played a good first period. These guys have to be thinking they are as bad as we think they are.


    Haha these guys have to be thinking they are as bad as we think they are…

    I hope so, but at the same time, jesus, Glen Sather and Jim Dolan, burn in hell… Or worse

  68. @Greg L
    yes, rangers are important to the NHL. So are the Leafs. It’s not the team that’s important. It’s the money that the fans spend. Knicks are important to the NBA. Same reason. What’s do they do with the $$$ NOTHING. Just continue to rip off their fans by buying players. No plan to win, just wanna keep taking your money and make u watch other teams get the cup year after year. In fact the last time you won a cup with your own team there was 7 teams in he NHL. 94 was a bunch of oilers. A stolen system

  69. We never score any dirty goals. When you’re trying to come back and the opponent has clogged all the passing lanes, you have to get the puck to the net and follow up, like CHI did the other night for the tying goal. We never get ones like that because we’re too busy looking for the perfect shot or pass.


  70. well, you want to hurt sather dolan and the rest of ’em.
    you don’t buy ANYTHING this holiday season nor the rest of the year until the team turns it around.

    that’s no merch no beer or food at the game, etc.
    you let them know that you’re boycotting them and why.
    then, maybe just maybe they’ll start paying some degree of attention.

    btw, anyone here on the board now that went to the game?
    it looked on tv like there were a lot of empty seats.
    anything else to report?

  71. Ricky, oh really? The goalie that year, and the Conn Smythe Winner, they were Oilers?

    Acquiring players from other teams is an integral part of pro sports, so the whole “there were a lot of oilers” thing is weak.

    Why are Devils fans so obsessed with the Rangers?

  72. We never score any dirty goals. When you’re trying to come back and the opponent has clogged all the passing lanes, you have to get the puck to the net and follow up, like CHI did the other night for the tying goal. We never get ones like that because we’re too busy looking for the perfect shot or pass.


    I agree. Why not have Boyle in front of the net? Or Brashear? Teams have used Zdeno Chara that way. Desperate teams do unorthodox things in order to win. Why can’t we get one of our big guys up there to harass? Avery is too small to be doing that (I always see him getting tossed around).

  73. We all remember back in the old days before the cap. The Rangers could just throw money around and they could afford pretty much anyone they wanted. They did just that, and really didn`t have many winners, only one that I can remember. Now with the cap the G.M has to be real smart, as well as lucky. Sather it seems is not either. We could be waiting a long time before we see another winner.

  74. JPG, people have been saying that for how long? and believe me i wish it could happen that would be such a great thing to see a boycott to hit them where it really hurts the pockets, the sad thing is it just will never happen all it will ever be is talk and thats really sad, starting from the owner down they’re all a bunch of nitwits and i dont think i see an end in sight.

  75. OMG…MSG has Drury No.23 running right now…Fischler, Greschner, etc…are falling all over themselves on how great a captain and leader he is.

  76. Well, it’s not my interest in rangers. It’s what we call getting even. When we get posters like “a local fan” who continue to come and bash Devils on the first losin streak, we are just returning the favor. No need to shove he devils success in here. Yes, Richter was awsome in those years, but so was beezer. He couldn’t do it cause he had a weak team in front. Richter had a roster from edmonton to help out. Advise for your GM, stop trying to take Devils players. Holik and Gomez were horrible for u. They were good in a good system. Speaking of Holik, aren’t you guys still paying him on that buy out?

  77. Tortorella only plays 2 lines, and occasionally throws on the 3rd line and even more rarely the 4th. He said he went with his “gut” and thought Drury would make a big play at the end of the game on the power play. Why on earth would his gut tell him that? When was the last time Drury made a big play? Maybe 2 years ago he scored a big goal after Jagr set him up, but Drury doesn’t ever make plays. He can barely make a pass, and he certainly doesn’t make plays.

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