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From the Rangers:

December 12, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Buffalo Sabres 3 (Game #31, Home #15)
The Rangers were defeated by the Buffalo Sabres, 3-2, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden, and are now 14-15-1 (29 pts.) on the season and 7-8-0 at home.
New York have sold out 171 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 185 games.
The Rangers tallied two power play goals in six opportunities to improve to 27.6% (16-58) at MSG this season.
Marian Gaborik tallied one power play goal and added an assist to record his 13th multi-point game of the season; he has now registered a point in 25 of 29 games this season.
Ryan Callahan notched one goal, on the power play, and registered four shots in 20:06 of icetime; he has tallied a goal in each meeting with Buffalo this season.
Vinny Prospal collected one assist and won a game-high 15 faceoffs in 26 attempts (58%); he also tied a game-high with four hits in the contest.
Henrik Lundqvist made 29 saves in the contest, and has now stopped 132 of 142 shots (.930%) over the last four games.
Ales Kotalik and Michael Del Zotto each recorded one power play assist apiece in the contest.
Chris Drury won 13 of 20 faceoffs (65%) and recorded five shots in 21:28 of icetime; Christopher Higgins registered a game-high seven shots.
The Rangers practice schedule for tomorrow, Dec. 13, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
The Rangers return to action on Monday, Dec. 14, when they will face-off against the Atlanta Thrashers at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the second game of their three-game homestand; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game…
“Well, we just need to make one play, an offensive play.  I thought at times we had chances.  They defend pretty well.  Our last power play, we threw it away a couple of times there and that hurt us a little bit.  Again, it is just getting over that hump in making another big offensive play or maybe a goal go in off you, getting a shot through at the point, having it deflect off you.”
Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “Bottom line, we know we have to win.  We are doing a lot of good things and the work ethic is definitely there.  We work really hard.  We just come up short a lot of nights.  I don’t know what else to say.  We just have to keep battling and hopefully it will turn around.”
Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “Obviously we need to crash the net more, get pucks into the paint, and get an ugly one there late in the period or even in the second (period).  I thought we were forechecking well and we had the puck in their end and controlling them.  It’s just a matter of getting the pucks to the net, getting a guy there and getting an extra crack at it.”

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “And I didn’t title this as I had the previous few games, because CR9 thought it was bad luck.”

    CR9 aren’t you tired of being right all the time?

  2. Chris from ALbany on

    Blah blah blah blah blah..Here is the official post-game quote from the Albany, NY contingent…wait..I need to clear my throat and get my statement in order..Ok..I’m ready..

    “THEY STINK!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Thank you.

  3. i know the players have to say the “right” things after the game and i’m sure that despite the big paychecks, losing has to affect them as well
    but i am SICK of hearing the usual “We have to….”
    JUST DO IT!!

  4. Cheer up guys! Captain Clutch had to make a SPECIAL holiday appearance because everyone is so depressed in here! What a leader!!!

    After tonight, is there any doubt that Captain Clutch is the BEST penalty-killer in the league??? After our power play scored 2 goals, Coach Lunatic benched Kotalik, put Captain Clutch on the point, and the Rangers power play came to a complete halt! Our power play had no chance to score! Nobody can kill a power play like Captain Clutch!!! Ha-Ha!

    Now Captain Clutch knows he was a -2 again tonight and was horrible in the defensive zone as usual, but you guys only remember that because Captain Clutch forgot to break out his new go-to move tonight! The “Block A Shot And Act Like I Just GOT Shot”! MSG shows replays of Captain Clutch’s blocked shots like 100 times! And when Captain Clutch goes down, Joe Micheletti talks about what a “warrior” I am and how much “heart” I have for the next 20 minutes! By the time the game is over you forgot Captain Clutch even did anything wrong!

    Anyway, Captain Clutch hopes you guys aren’t letting these losses ruin your holiday season! Cause I’m sure not! Not only that, but Santa Dolan and his little helper Glen left Captain Clutch $7 million in his stocking this year! AND another $14 million under the tree for the next 2 seasons after this! It really is Christmas in New York!!! Ha-Ha!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  5. Tortorellas post game press conferences just seem so blah, hes saying the same things after every game, I dont watch them because i cant stand to keep msg on any longer then i have to after a lose, so maybe im missing something? Wheres this guys fire that everyone gushed over when we first hired him? I dunno hes not winning me over with his moves or his talks at all.

  6. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello from MSG, Ranger Fans!

    Another sellout! Can you believe that! The fans LOVE us! Wait a sec, until I get my cigar lit…

    Ahhhh, That’s nice! It wasn’t a win tonight but Jimmy D. says that’s OK. The Knicks won last night and he is soooo happy.

    Captain Drury is starting to worry me, though. He’s chewed through a lot of mouthpieces lately. Something must be bothering him. I think my assistant GM Messier will have to have a talk with him. You know, some of that “Captain Courageous” or “Messiah” stuff. That worked so well here in ‘94.

    Where is Messier? Mess, since Buffalo is in town, go down out front and get us a couple order of Buffalo wings- and tell them no hot stuff! Last time I was gassy for days…

    Riiiiing! Just a minute fans, that’s the phone. Yellow… Jimmy! Yes, we did it again! 100%. Yes sir, Sabres couldn’t get it done. We sold out! Every seat. I know it looked empty but they were all paid for. OK. See you later for champagne and caviar.

    Well, gotta go fans, important meeting with the Owner.

    Uncle Glennie

  7. I love when they say, “we did a lot of things well…”. They’re professionals. Every NHL team does a lot of things well.

  8. a dreary team, a dreary captain, and a dreary future

    thanks, Sather. have another piece of cake, dummy.

  9. Haha wow that was Drury who said that right? “not letting these losses ruin our holiday” some leader…what a joke.

  10. Ilcat, how about when the announcers add, “They worked really hard tonight”…well, aren’t they supposed to do that to make sure they have a chance at winning? Lame excuse.

  11. Captain Clutch arrives @ Warren on

    I’m not going to let tonites game ruin my Saturday night. Drinks are on me Boneheads!

  12. Maybe I’m wrong. But why do u guys keep slamming torts a d drury? They’re the only 2 people on that bench with championship rings. Torts with Tampa and Drury with Colorado

  13. Phoenix Coyotes. bankrupt. being sold. no one in the stands

    BUT, they have a better record than the Rangers with the former asst GM, Maloney, and former players Prucha and Korpikoski

    they just beat the sharks and are 10 points above the Rangers

  14. what does something that happened many years ago and by different teams have to do with today’s Rangers in the here and now? cup rings mean squat when you are not performing NOW

    that is like saying the rangers won the cup in ’94, therefore they are beyond criticism now

  15. RickyM2. Your Devils are successful year after year. They have a GM who has a plan – a system that produces good players who fit right into the team after other players leave or retire. It also drafts players that fit that system. We get it, we get it…but Sather doesn’t seem to get it. As for Drury, he’s obviously on the downside of his career. He was a good player. Now he’s more of a 3rd line, defensive checking center. For the money he’s being paid, we’d be better off with a Jan Erixon type of player.

  16. Drury was good when he had a good team around him, when he won that cup in Colorado he didnt lead that team, Hes a role player thats all…surround him with good players and he can do his little things…ask him to lead a team? and this is what you get, and the Rangers should have known that.

  17. Questionable coaching moves tonite…..Kotalik not on the point for the last two PP’s…Drury doesn’t scare anyone from the point. Christensen, Boyle and Parenteau buried on the bench as well….they are no worse than anyone on the 2nd or 3rd line….but they never sit.
    Gilroy sent to the minors and his replacement hardly plays.
    We face other teams with only 3/4 of a team most nights lately. Rosival getting a lot more ice time…really shows how ineffective he is. Ugh!

  18. back from the game. some drunk ass chick named Sandy ruined the entire night though. dumb broad who messed up staal for roszival, said the F word in every sentence, didnt shut her trap, drank 7 beers. she ended up running to the bathroom with 5 minutes left in 3rd. as she climbed over the railing she flashed the entire section (pretty nice i might add). few minutes later she comes running back, sits down and then throws up all over the section. everyone leaves the area, she’s bent over, her “man” is acting like a pimp. security is called, they get a doctor there who tried to get her attention but she tried to run away but was subdued. my friend and i stayed stayed to watch after the game how they took care of her until we were kicked out. overall, a disgusting game, summed up by the last powerplay which was horrendous. oh, and there were way too many Sabres fans today. WAY TOO MANY!

  19. Captain Crutch’s interview between 2nd and 3rd period was fiery and inspiring just like his performance.

  20. I guess it’s not so hard to walk on water WHEN ITS FROZEN… Anyway, Devils spanked Flyers!! Let’s just hope the air in NJ is against Philly tomorrow as well. Giants have a HUGE game against those basteges tomorrow night.

  21. oh, and there were way too many Sabres fans today. WAY TOO MANY!

    Have to agree with you there, Lev. When Koleta scored his second goal of the game, I wasn’t sure if there were more Buffalo fans than normal, or disgusted Ranger fans “cheering” the opposition.

  22. All is OK in Rangerland. It is the holidays and people will be buying merchandise and tickets for their loved ones. Don’t worry about the product on the ice, i’m sure team will work its way out of it. They always do right?

  23. This team blows chunks. Indifference is beginning to set in. Too bad all the tickets are sold.

  24. that breakaway shorthanded goal was unacceptable. i had the drunk chick behind me cursing on that goal while on her 4th beer. i had sabres fans to the left of me clapping. 4 Swedes talking nonstop in swedish and half of the section in front of me 209 i believe clapping and waving buffalo flags. it was a weird feeling.

  25. desertdogs dont fool yourself Prucha sucks and has sucked for the past 3years. Korpikoski is a 4th line penalty killer.

    Dawes never got a fair chance here and will bite us in the ass one day…..

    Is Sather fired and Drury waived yet?

    We need to boo him and Rosival out of the damn building.

  26. Fla ranger- I agree on Boyle and Christiensen.

    Boyle has heart, something 3/4 the team doesnt have. and Christensen had a good shift(his only) in the 3rd and never saw the ice again.

    Higgins hasnt been horrendous lately, he is actually playing well for his role.

  27. its pathetic that we cant score unless gaborik is on the ice, and im sooooo glad kotalik has a 3 year contract getting paid 3 mill a year for the 3rd line

  28. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Torts likes ilkka jam soooo much he played him like 6 minutes tonight, rozy of course got many minutes!

    need to put christensen on the 2nd line as center and move dru to the 3rd.

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    Where’s the rest of the Warren crew? How can you have a good time when the Rangers dropped another one?


    They announced that as a sellout with a straight face? Half the crowd were Sabre fans and there were empty seats everywhere.

    Carpinello must have another book to write for a kickback so he has to sell RAG hockey. Mr softie Flukeqvist talks such a good game, he’ll be good for three of four softies on Wednesday.


  31. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Your assessment of dru sound exactly like our last captain before him as well!

  32. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Ranger fans Hearts are being held hostage by Sather and Dolan.
    Fight back!!
    Send texts, emails and letters to MSG!
    Make their lives miserable!

  33. Chris from Buffalo on

    That postgame notes thing is wrong. We aren’t 14-15-1 with 29 pts, we are 14-15-2 with 30 pts.

  34. Man my Festivus is going to be ruined, and the Rangers’ Festivus too, if we don’t win all three of our games this week. We desperately need a three game win streak.

    Maybe those clowns in Rangers jerseys named Drury, Kotalik, Higgins, and maybe I DON’T know…Redden, Rozsival? SCORE.

    Hopeless…I know…

    God save the Rangers from this misery.

    Who dat said dey gonna beat dem Rangers?

    Right now, everyone.

  35. wicky229, you mean jagr? at least he lead the team with goals and he was a good quote…took players like prucha and dubinsky under his wing and could single handedly win us a game, drury doesn’t do any of those.

  36. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    And at the end of the day jagr got us the same number of cups drury has………ZERO! Jagr was always a good wingman (see Pit with mario) but never a good big fish (see Pitt without mario, washington, and NYR)!

    If you want goals and comedy, I suggest looking at gretzky and a kevin smith movie, because those two combined have taken the rangers deeper into the playoffs than jagr ever has (well, gretz has)!

  37. I don’t get it…we boo Rozsival…we boo Redden…but no Fire Sather chants are ever heard and Drury never gets booed?

  38. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    as Rangers fans, we are currently in The No Hope Era…hear me out:

    Teflon Sather, arguably the worst GM in the NHL, is now our GM For Life…he has completely destroyed our cap situation with the 3 toxic Drury/Rozsival/Redden contracts, and now we literally have no hope at contending OR rebuilding for YEARS


    we have Gaborik/Lundqvist in their primes and some decent (but overrated by Rangers fans) youth, but as long as the 3 toxic contracts/Sather are still here, we will be a mediocre-to-bad team that’s hard to watch for years to come…and there’s just no hope for anything else

    Dolan = Owner For Life
    Sather = GM For Life
    Drury = this year, plus 2 MORE years at $7 million per year
    Redden = this year, plus 4 MORE years at $6.5 million per year
    Rozsival = this year, plus 2 MORE years at $5 million per year

    look at that list! you guys think it’s bad now, it’s only gonna get worse

  39. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “I don’t get it…we boo Rozsival…we boo Redden…but no Fire Sather chants are ever heard and Drury never gets booed?”


    great point…after going down 3-2 (or even after that last atrocious PP) I thought for SURE we’d hear some “Fire Sathers”, and that Drury would get booed when he touched the puck (especially since Captain Worthless was a big reason for 2 of the 3 goals against)

    then again at the start of the game I had a friend at MSG text me, he said it seemed like half of MSG was Buffalo fans…and unless Buffalo did something, the crowd seemed dead on TV anyway

    anger/disappointment is finally turning into apathy/hopelessness for this fanbase

  40. Still Gotta Fire Sather, when you write it out like that its unbelievable how many more years we have these thevies signed for its scary…wicky229, trust me i know what your saying, im just saying i rather have jagr as a leader of this team any day over drury.

  41. Just out of curiousity, I wonder what our won-loss record’s been since Dubinsky been injured??????

  42. Drury never gets booed. Why this right of passage.??? Little League World Series victory was quite some time ago.

  43. the rangers have lost 9 of the last 13 games. i dont know if i have the date correct but i believe dubbie got hurt around nov 11th

    it is 3:30 and i was at warren so….

  44. Just got in 5 minutes ago….WHAT a FUN NIGHT!!!!

    Thanks again Mr & Mrs TR for the ride & a helluva fun night!!!!

    Lookin forward to next time already….and maybe some pregame festivities!!! LOL

    Night all….Hopefully I’ll be up by 1pm for some Saints WHO DAT!!!

  45. 31 games in and frankly, I don’t care to watch anymore. . .

    These guys are terrible.

    I am not a Sather basher. BUT.

    What is Jay Feaster doing right now. . . . .

  46. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The rangers could pay ME half of what drury gets paid and the results would be the same.
    Its nice to know some pro’s suck as bad those who play in men’s league.

  47. Good morning all
    I wonder of Torts gets tired of getting out coached. He must think he has everyone fooled. He says basically the same old stuff after every stupid loss. I suppose what else is he going to say. I really put together a stupid line there didn’t I? I guess I should have put so in so back on the point. He doesn’t do that though. while he’s sending his personal punishment messages, for something that happened in the second period, everyone including the fans are paying for it by the end of the third. I am hopeing that maybe if someone gets the chance, he might hint to Mr Torts that his on the fly decision making is Flawed, and making him look like an idiot grasping at straws. Maybe he is, grasping at straws I mean.

  48. I remember when sather cleared out allot of dead salary knowing there was going to be a lockout. When the nhl came back and the rangers made the playoffs when all hockey experts thought they would be one of the worse teams in the nhl I thought to myself, Finally, sather is going young and maybe there is hope after all. What a fool I was to think otherwise. Sather than goes out and signs ridiculous contracts to Gomez, Drury, redden and rosival. It’s been ten years of this same crap. Sather (this old fart) has to go. There is no other solution to the Rangers problem. This idiot has to go, case closed.

  49. This is starting to feel like that dreaded scretch from 97-04. Who is next to be ship to Hartford Torts, perhaps the coaching staff along with Sather. Very, Very poor excuses.

  50. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I don’t think its tort’s being out coached as much as it is out played.
    His team just doesn’t have the skills.
    When I think back to sather and muckler coaching the Oilers in the glory days ,I cringe, how much success was the players? and how much the coaches?
    We get the two bozo’s Sather and Muckler and wind up with zero.

  51. RENNEY is a better coach then TORTS – he at least puts a system in place to win with the lack of talent that he had – This is disgraceful – why do other NHL teams play with grit and determination, and the rangers play like an intimidated house team of first year Bantams!

  52. Carp,

    It’s so funny how everybody called for Renney’s head and this team is no better under Torts and right now it is worse. Don’t know why you think Torts is such a good coach. His personnel moves are strange. He is playing 3/4 of his lineup each night. I was at the game last night and the Garden had no buzz. Rangers are not fast enough to win the speed game, not skilled enough to play puck possession and too soft defensively. They are allowing at least one tap in goal in front every game.

    They should Fire Sather, sell at the deadline and admit what this season is – a rebuilding year.

  53. They are booing Drury but he sits on the bench smiling thinking everyone is calling him Dru.

  54. Was at the game last night and the building was dead. Lot of Saber fans.

    Kotalik is a dog, but he still should have been out there for the last PP. Parenteau should go back to Hartford and take Roszival with him. Christensen should get more of a look as well as Heikkenen. When an opponent is front of your net, you need to put a body on him or get in front of his stick.

  55. I was at the game, tried to get a “Fire Sather” chant going but no takers. Maybe everybody feels lucky to be able to put more money in Jimmy D’s pocket. Too many Sabres fans having a wonderful Christmas time in NYC. Boy, sending Gilroy down really did the trick. This team is Lundqvist/Gabby and that’s it.

  56. Renney looked at his parts, and with them created a system. Over time, the parts became stale and unmotivated. Enter the motivator, Torts. The parts start pissing their pants and things look promising for a while. Then, they burn out. That’s where we are now. The only way this gets better is if sather starts getting the parts Torts needs. It will take 2-3 years to get rid of the deadwood.

    That’s life on Broadway.

  57. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Dolan should realize that if :

    Sather couldn’t buy the best team on the ice when there wasn’t a cap, how could he build a team with the cap?

    The scouts suck as well.

  58. I think the best thing for this team is to be in lottery. Take a look at all the young up and coming teams. Their franchise players are from the draft. Rangers aren’t going to be cup contenders unless they have 1 or 2 really lottery bad years.
    So I don’t get mad when they lose. I wouldn’t mind having Taylor Hall on the same line as Gaborik next year.

  59. The amount of Buffalo fans was nothing compared to the number of Detroit and Pittsburgh fans at last week’s games. MSG has become an embarrassment. The ineptness of this franchise has totally stripped the fans of passion. No one cares enough anymore to boo Drury or chant Fire Sather. We know it won’t change anything. Unfortunately all Dolan cares about are that the tickets are sold, not that half the crowd are fans of the other team and the other half are disgusted with the home team.

  60. Yeah there’s a lot of empty seats at the Ranger games. Ranger fans not selling out games. Makes it easy for the opposing team fans to get tickets.
    Detroit fans travel well anywhere but to have bandwagon Pitt fans and that many Sabre fans in the stands, that’s embarrassing.

  61. There is no Garden mystique anymore, that’s for sure…That’s why I’m so excited to go to the Dump on Thursday…there will be more Ranger fans making noise there than at the Garden

  62. Eddie Murphy is a musical genius! Ha. Man, has this team hit rock bottom yet? I have that feeling that I had last year when we got completely DESTROYED by the Stars. Are we there yet? Or are we, “One big play” away from being okay? Man, unreal. If I didn’t have such a fun time at Warren last night, I would have been much more annoyed, but now that I am sitting here at home, I can’t help but shake my head and wonder what is going to happen next. Hell, send down P A and bring up Grachev and give the kid a shot. Who knows what could happen? Maybe he will play better up here than he is down there. Anything is worth a try right now.

  63. Even Corey Locke Nasty…I get that some of these guys are career AHL’ers..but hell, at least they will play their carp off shift in and shift out.

  64. Exactly, and play with a sense of urgency. Maybe sustain…….I don’t know…….sustain something. It is getting old watching this team have no transition game, have not sustained pressure in the other team’s zone, never have anyone parked in front for garbage goals. BRUTAL!

  65. And I’m still utterly shocked that nobody says a word about Dru…ALTHOUGH…Torts did say that Dru was out there on the PP at the end b/c his gut told him he would make a play and he ended up not doing anything…

    Isn’t accountability great? What he SHOULD’VE said earlier in the year was that only the 3rd/4th liners would be held accountable…Come on Torts, it’s not nice to lie

  66. Carp
    You are so correct. The only thing unique about last night’s game was the clear message from the announcers-Torts is the scape goat. The Sather CYA mode is in full swing. A total disgrace that this franchise is allowed to be such a joke. The only really good news is maybe we may actually get a top 5 draft choice this year-and even Sather wont be stupid enough to trade it.

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